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Lucky Winner - Happy Games

Lucky Winner - Happy Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Real Games Tech. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Fortunate Winner is a 100% no-cost activity online game to win huge rewards. No cash needed, no purchase this is certainly in-app.

Everyone else could be winner that is happy! Exactly What Are you waiting for?

✔ Coin Dozer(Coin Pusher). Push coins to win, So easy!
✔ Lucky Plinko. Touch balls to win huge incentives.
✔ 2048 Ball. Merge balls to win.
✔ Jewel Puzzle. Match to win.
✔ Lucky Dice. Easy & Fun! Roll to win.
✔ Lucky Scratch. Scratch & Match 3 to win.
✔ Happy Knife. Toss the kniveas to the logs to split all of them. Only have to pass 3 phases to win huge incentives!
✔ slot machines which are fortunate. Spin to win huge benefits Now.
✔ Daily Sign to win free bonus.

Our objective is to provide everyone else a free opportunity to have a Lucky Day because we think you really need ton’t need certainly to risk losing for the opportunity to win!

For feature requests or comments, please send us an email to: [email protected]

*This game does not cost any a real income.
*Playing this game will not indicate success that is future “Real Money Gambling”.
*Google Inc. will not sponsor, nor in every genuine means associated with happy Money and/or the sweepstakes awards.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Lucky Winner - Happy Games.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Lucky Winner - Happy Games for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
No withdrawal limit....Lies. It's a fake. Misleading Advertisement. If you want to waste your time, this is one app that will certainly promise you that, guaranteed. There are alot of games that fit this criteria, of course we all know some. Is there a game out there that actually rewards their players, we give them alot of information to warrant some kind of loyalty points...I wonder??? I rate this game a zero (0) if you expect to win from it and a 2 just for fun✌
Love the game so far however I think the tokens should amount up to more than what it does. Also I think each time you get to choose a card it should be a totally different cash amount cause people are going to be trying to get the highest paid amount.
Google needs to get this fake game and all the others and take them off because all they are doing is scamming people. Don't even try this.its fake and you can't win anything.im on Day and it's been 4 days now that on the iPhone I have 9.6 out of 10 plus the $200 Amazon card I have 190 out if 200 and everytime I spin I only get coins 8000 and there's so many adds that's ridiculous.I should not give any stars at all what a disappointing app.
I would give it negative stars if I could. Been at 105.00 for the past 4 months and keeps saying come back tomorrow. Don't waste your time on scam games.
It's a fun came... cant cash out at anytime like they say there is a minimum amount limit which sucks and it false advertisement....
SCAM!!!Was good at first but since I've reached $80.41, I only get coins no more money. I've played all the games and don't win anything. This is a scam like all the other pay pall games. You waste all your time and data to dind out it's another scam.☹
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. YOU WILL NEVER REACH THE MINIMUM USD TO WITHDRAW. The first wins give you lots of money, but after only mere cents and still have to watch many ads. Disgusting.
Very disappointed... I reached 100 dollar but I cannot withdraw them.. Every time they say try again... 5 days continue that happened.... If u people make such games make sure people get their rewards after completing the levels... Same happened to the iPhone points.. It stuck on 9.5/10...and amazon points also.. It stuck on 190/200...after that every time spin goes to coins...
5⭐ best app I've seen out of at least 100 downloaded and delete back out. Love 💓 this so much.... I downloaded on both my phone's. Lol and hubby is now playing. Definitely recommed that if you like playing games of variety ☺️ you never get tired of this one.
It's a scam. I have 82 euros in cash, and enought coins to exchange for the 20 euros needed to get to 100 euros and consequently redeem the money. But somehow, the app do not let me exchange those coins. They tell me always to come back tomorrow. Don't play this, you will never get paid for the thousands adds you do have to watch.. Google should take measures against this scams..
So freaking fake! And don't try to hide this review! I spent 3 whole weeks to play, watch ads, and get enough coins! When I finally reached the target amount, I tried buying 20 dollars in exchange of 20M coins! But then it says come back tomorrow. I've been coming back everyday trying to get my rewards but it's never giving me money! I just needed cash so bad but you're scamming innocent people to make money! That's not good! Give me my $100! I deserve it after watching thousands of ads!
It's a scam ,I tested them 3 times I had the spin wheel stop on 50 or 1000. And each time they would go to add them it would go to Coin then if it was on Coin then they wouldn't move it, don't waste your time.
Got to over $100 to cash out and now the cash out option is gone... was about to hit 10 for the iphone and now thats gone.. . Just wrote company, so far no reply. Think I just wasted alot of time on this scam game. About to uninstall.
I can't even open the app, no internet it says, that not true, with other words,the game my coins and stuff, its all gone, or wath? I dont know
Reached $80 , 190/200 for Amazon gift card ,9.8/10 for iPhone 11 Pro, keeps giving me coins only ....what a joke!!! This game is just like all the rest of em- SCAM!!!!!😡🤬UNINSTALLED!!!! Would leave a Negatuve 10 Star rating for FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! THE GAME DEVELOPERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF BEING GREEDY!!!!!!!
Would be nice to be able to change points for cash I think it's game is a con like all the others you get near cashing out then you can get the last amount the complete to cash out to claim it
Just like all the other games that claim you can win or earn money by playing. This one doesn't pay out when you get to $100. The ONLY games I've played that do pay out are the original scratchers, they just get boring fast.
More exciting game when u earn cash even if its a few cents at a time but ive reached the 100 unable to cash out. Scam
Too many adds and takes to long to cash out if it ever happens first day hella money than as soon as your close lucky to get penny's a day ....mostly the adds are annoying
Fun game but to be honest every single game I've downloaded that says you can make money from stops giving you the larger money gifts and goes from approx $4.00 to more pennies and you never reach the $ 200 needed to withdrawal. So we will see if this one is the same.
I think its a good game and fun but even tho i dont have that mutch money i will still play it you should try it i think you will like it so you should please try it its so fun and there may be a lot of ads but its still fun with the ads (ps you should rate what you think.)and i hope you have fun playing it .☺ bye🙋
Worst game... They don't give any money after playing game and earning money.. I have earned $100 but can't be withraw. On withraw option msg comes that come back tomorrow with in this much hour.. next day again after clicking on withraw option the same msg comes of come back tommorrow.. it happens 3-4 times.. they don' give any type of money after playing this game.. It's totally waste of time and ur data.. don't download this game..its totally fake game.. i will give minus stars to this game..
Good game, if these games were easy money making games everyone would be playing them, developers are mistaken for bank merchants, enjoy the game, have fun
From The Specialist I'll tell you more guys as we go along I'm going to play this game for you and I'm going to give you five stars because I see a lot of good in this game. I'll get back to you in one week on this. Recommend you download it. Played with patience look at that as a part-time job. And you'll do just fine. Clean the cookies in your phone don't do great the game or the developer and a lot of surprises will come your way from the desk of the SPECIALIST ... Good luck*****
I like this game very much,because it is very easy to play.So guys open this game and play to win more money.
Impossible to get money here considerably and then you can't get into it at all then they want to download an update on it runs 5 hours off Wi-Fi don't waste your time it's not worth it games are out of date pitiful
Do not download this game,it doesnt pay out,I got enough tokens to get £100 but it always says come back tomorrow,it also stopped land on the paypal or iPhone it always lands on the 8000 tokens.i would rate this game as 0 if I could,its just a waste of time just like most of the other lucky games
The game is pretty fun,but I fill ashamed to say this but I'm a little afraid to try the game pachinko, because it look really complicated to play and that I don't know how to play it. But apart from that it great and nice graphics too and beautiful color.
This Game is a Scam really..playing ads is optional but still ads play themselves automatically..i have also been trying to buy Cash for a month now and im told to come back tomorrow each and everyday
Very disappointing. I reached $100 several days ago but the game will not let me withdraw it. Even when I try to do it just after it switches from one day to another (5 am BST). It is just another scam, getting you to watch a lot of ads so the makers can earn money at your expense. Don't download unless you want to play for fun and waste your time watching ads more than playing games.
love playing games with games with real money.. big win ... come on and add more money making games to the list of these so we can have more fun making money.. playing games . they're fun , easy and relaxing.. come join the club house making the time go by ..
This is probably another scam app! It let me get up to $82.17 then stopped ANY cash winnings. Will not let me cash is coins for cash either! I'm gonna try one more day, if nothing changes in deleting it! I'll update my review then.
This game is a complete con you cannot exchange you coins for cash even at the start of the day dead on time all it says is come back tomorrow so is a con do not bother with this game Would be nice to be able to change points for cash I think it's game is a con like all the others you get near cashing out then you can get the last amount the complete to cash out to claim it
If I could give negative stars I would. I have reached the $100 cash out limit and have been trying for 5 days to get it, just keeps saying try again tomorrow, and adds a count down. As for the spin part of the game, reach 9.8 pieces for the iPhone, than it stops landing on those, and the Amazon gift card, reach 190 out of 200 and stops land on those, only lands on the coins. The developers should be ashamed of themselves, most people only play these games because they need extra money.
Now it will not let you cash out your coins for cash. Stop making it impossible to win these games. Same as all the other games only gets you so much money then completely stops your winnings. The different games are fun but not challenging enough to continue to play if you can't even win a penny.
Except for all the commercials like seems like every second or win it's been a good game so far not like the rest
Another WASTE of time. Play the game, when you get higher $$ it will only give coins. You are supposed to be able to buy cash with your coins but it always says "come back tomorrow. Emailed the the company. They said it is replenished prizes every hour and a half. BULL@#*&!!!!! No way!! I have been playing for weeks and it still won't let me buy cash with my coins. I have wasted a lot of time. You have to watch lame ads every time you move. Don't bother, they don't care about honesty.
Easy to play. But keep track of your winnings, I noticed that after a while it all went to a penny a board, then I noticed it was cheating me out of my winnings. You can have up to .03. but above that it doesn't add it to your total cash. So watch your winnings. Updated review. I was hitting five hundred on the wheel Everytime got 0 credit. They took it out when I complained. I have been at $81.96 since. I have $0.00 money even available since last review. Only there coins, no money at all.
Dont trust this apps. I got enough coin for buy cash but always fail With same answer come back again.
I like playing the games but cannot turn my coins into cash and it makes it really annoying and not want to play anymore
Still like playing games, but have played very day for almost 3 weeks and have won nothing at 9.8 on iphone and have been for a week now I keep getting coins on spins.
tbh I really don't want a lot of money out of this game I'm just looking for a game that's relaxing so this game suits my cup of tea yk
This game is rigged...spent over 6 days, watching hours of ads on the lucky spin just to win the iphone and Amazon voucher but for 6 days all I get is the 8000 coins reward...this makes me verry unhappy...if it is a bug...please fix it because I am tempted to delete this game
The required adds in this game, required to progress in making money either are not there do not load or simply load so slow that they lock up your device or just plain fail to pay you your rewards for watching them once you have managed to watch one of them.
This game is the worst you on the $500 on the spin the wheel when you spend the wheel and it moves go to a ad and it moves back to the coins you never win the money I'm trying to cash out cash coins into cash and it won't let me keep saying come back tomorrow come back tomorrow and give you a countdown. Y'all are scamming people to play these games they can play ads cuz y'all can make money it's the same and we have this here pandemic going on people trying to get money and you will not even pay
It's still so fun and good game to play.So enjoy and play this game with positif LOVING heart.evrything got to know and try than ENJOiii ya.
Its absolutely horrible do not download As per usual I've landed on 500.00 dollar win more than once and when it sends you to the video to watch , after said video is done it goes to the next slot again horrible game and have put in over 256 hours
Please keep your game fix, I need to buy cash of 20 and yet it's written as please come back tomorrow, when I try to buy cash it didn't work so please get it fix and update everything to get all the green coins to add up for my PayPal account.
These apps are scams and are fake, this again has no way of accessing money or credit. They get away with this criminal activity by renaming new apps under the same scheme. Will have to find the identities responsible and have them arrested by authorities. Alot of these apps are run by the same groups and will track them down and make them face the courts to have them sued or jailed.
Love it Lots & FUN BUT in one of the higher levels the BALLS don't burst anymore" they just keep building & then i lose the game every time
I like it,but if you are not more generous with rewarding people real money,they will end up uninstalling this app...,or stop playing the app all together. And they need their rewards to be released immediately,not days later....when it suits you, or worse,be a dick about it and not pay the ones who download with loyalty thinking your the same way,.....But turn out to be opposite. DON'T BE THAT GUY,.....BE BETTER FOR YOUR LOYAL DOWNLOADERS.......👑👑🏆🏆🏆
It is good and interesting, there are so many ways to earn It is easy and fun. After getting payout I will give another openion.
Way to many ads . You play for 20 seconds them get 30 seconds of ads and you not win big money . That is false .they pay people to lie . And show misleading ads trying to persuade you to play .
I am so disappointed for every 10 seconds you get on playing a game you spend at least 30 seconds watching ads and it's stuck on one price it will not add any more money very disappointing way too many ads
Love the game and the graphics.. waiting to see if im actually going to be able to Really Win! I Play lots of games and im honest about how true the games are.. and im not going to Sugar Coat it just so an App gets goodvRatings.. if they Earn it I will ALWAYS CHANGE THE STAR RATING AND WRITE REVIEW ON IT.. AND BE VERY HONEST ABOUT IT.. SO IM GOING TO PLAY ON THROUGH AND LETS JUST SEE HOW IT GOES.. SO ILL GIVE 3 STARS TO START FOR THE GREAT GRAPHICS AND THE GAME ITSELF AND COME BACK SOON FORMORE
It's an interesting game and there's no problem of getting cash as well as tokens. The only heart ache is to reddem them. It will ask you to try again tomorrow. It seems that tomorrow never ends. This game brings fortune to the developers through adverts but it deny the players., 😢😢
I love it but the thing is when I redeem the money to my PayPal account then it will be the best game ever
ABSOLUTE SCAM After watching 8 hours+ worth of advertisements, (even when I clicked the X for no bonus, I still had to watch ads), I am now stuck at $80.30, and cannot cash out gold coins for dollars. ALSO, I actually got the 3 gold and purple chests in plinko slot spin... DID NOT get the $1000 for it. HOW DID THIS GET ABOVE 2 STARS LET ALONE 4.5 ?????
Soon as you reach 9.5 for the phone you don't get anymore pieces and cut off at 185 for the Amazon card...really not impressed with the ads showing winners all the time but you can't advance
A lot of ads. And I don't see any options for cashing out. Players enjoy, but at your own discretion.
Same as all the other games only gets you so much money then completely stops your winnings. The different games are fun but not challenging enough to continue to play if you can't even win a penny.
Dont waste your time!!! I had enough coins to exchange for cash, but surprise surprise.....wouldnt let me. Just keeps saying come back tomorrow I even went back 1 min before the time finished and nope!! The game stops giving you cash rewards after £80. Scam!!
My experience was great I love the game cuz there's so many different ways of playing different games but my problem is it's a fake game you're not going to get nothing I'm at 98.5 for the iPhone or 9.8 and you got to get 10 to get the iPhone so I'm just a couple point away I'm an $80 got to get a hundred to cash out and I've got a hundred and ninety-two the $200 gift card now it won't give me no money no iPhone pieces no nothing I played it for 2 days and have been able to get $0.01 or one piec
It's fun. But like other cash winning games I'll probably play that hell out of it and I will never be able to cash out.
If any game deserves -5 stars it definately be this one,way to many f***ing ads cant enjoy games for the ads.
This game proposed that the coins earned and getting first place would yield $100. I succeeded twice, but haven't seen any of it. Their ad revenue strategy would be okay if they actually paid. Another scam app.
I used to give this game a 5 star, but I am experiencing a shady scam now. I have been trying to get this iPhone 11 for days now, but it kept landing on the coins instead of the pieces. The app told me to wait 4 hours to try again. Then I woke up and the iPhone 11 spinning mini game was gone all together. I was upset because I was literally 1 piece away from getting the phone. I honestly think this game is a scam. I only like one game out of it anyways.
Trying to play the lucky Dozer and it keeps freezing up and you don't get any money no money coins no nothing and I just started and if you just start and you get nothing then you know you will never get anything
Like everyone else has said if I could give negative stars I would. I have not been able to get past $82 for several days. I have enough coins to cash out but the game won't allow me to. If you want to play the games they are fun but don't expect any money. Total scam!
IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN!! I've been playing this game for about 2 months. I'm stuck at $81.17, and have been for over a month. I have $190 in Amazon cash and can't get anymore. It just gives me coins. And when I try to buy cash... it says "Come Back Tomorrow " They make it impossible for anyone to win. I bet it's a Chinese game, because I've found that every game that is from China is a scam. They lie, they cheat, and sit back and make their money off us watching they're dumb ads! Bastards!!!
it's possible to reach 100$ fast but impossible to cash out so I recommend to not download because you will not get anything although you are thinking that this app will pay you, NO it will not pay you anything and it's 100 percent a scam.
Dont trust this apps. I got enough coin for buy cash but always fail.. Until collect 80 cash all over..
Games are good, but can not cash my 20000000 into cash. Been trying for a month and all it says is "please try again tomorrow". Very disappointed as I could cash out if it would let me.
So far I like it.. there's just way too many ads to watch and in skeptical if it will really cash out or not
Just started playing a couple hours ago commercial got my attention when it said redeem $30 just for downloading then the app has several different games and all of them count to your pay out and with having different things and not just one game it is alot more fun and keeps your attention.come try bet you will enjoy it I've been playing almost 3 hours lol
The game was going good i reached 9.8 to get the phone and i reached 190 to get the Amazon gift card that was over a week ago and since then all i have gotten is the 8000 coins thats what the light lands on i really think theres a glitch or you dont want winners? I would rate this higher if it had continued the way it was going. Im sorry i couldnt in good will rate this game any higher.
As with the other reviews if there were negative stars this would get a -10. You will never reach the full amount and if you do. It always says error try again later. Total complete waste of time. These apps should be accountable for the advertising statements saying you can win money. They should also be investigated by th FTC and other consumer agencies to make sure the abide by the rules and regulations. They should also be sued for misleading and erroneous advertising
Great you get to the money goal quickly and it's a fun game to keeps me occupied and keeps my mind busy and it keeps the voices at Bay in my mind to thank you for creating this game
Would rate it more but it won't let me convert my coins to cash like it says. It keeps telling me to come back tomorrow. 🤦‍♀️
Utter waste of time, it is a complete scam. Stuck at 80, then unable to convert coin to cash as indicated. Won weekly contest that was supposed to pay 100 and have yet to see it in over a month. Now buttons for Cash out or conversion of coin to cash are gone.
Looks GOOD! But -- this is from the EEA (the European Economic Area), it may/may not pay you anything.
I rate 2 stars only. Keep playing but you even not get anymore money. No videos playing & we can't it play it same the first time i join, exciting but now it's horrible.
Lucky Winner is awesome. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is cause I haven't been playing long and I haven't cashed out yet. When I do cash out I will raise it to 5 stars.
Like all games..I have recorded my game play if anyone needs proof..they claim you can win, earn, redeem fast, free, and without limit. Then you download earn win but can't redeem to you reach the limit then when you reach near or at their limit they add more limits and stipulation to redeem making it falsely advertised. Ads excesive & rewards ads unclaimable 90 out of a 100. If you download other same type apps find my review to see if it's worth it.
》》》WARNING《《《 This app does not pay anything. About the only thing it does give is a bunch of bulls**t. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Waste of ur time.
Watched so much ads only to not get rewarded.Been stuck at same amount and what's with the whole count down clock thing to cashout. Another game of lies that don't intend to pay.
Fun but no pay out i had enought coins to cash out $10 and it kerps saying come back tomorrow, and $90.52 so i could have traded coins for ten dollars which gives me $100 to cash out but it keeps saying come back tomorrow so dont count on money but the ganes were fun i tried to reinstall and it logged me in but started from the beginning so not playing anymore all these games are just for them to make money not us
Can't redeem anything - looks like another fake game.The game itself was really fun to play, but this is false advertisement
My experience6 with these so called games is that the developers of the game cheat the any players that wants to washout..... You get screwed over on the stupid Ads that is associated with PayPal and you get paid a little or not at all...
Just downloaded. Reserving judgement if there's an actual payout. Every game I've played so far has failed to pay out.
Worst game ever! You wasting your time playing this game with the false promise of payment. You just testing the game for the developer and making them rich by watching the ads they make you watch every 30 seconds. Don't waste your time or data.
Cash out option is gone. I have been at $80.21 for about the last 3+ weeks but I've been bringing in the coins and just playing along thinking I'm going to get some money too. I have been trying to cash out the coins the last 3 weeks trying the $20, $10 , & even the $1 it's been out saying "Come back tomorrow". I just updated the app like it said and now the cash out option buttons for cash and the coins Amazon re no longer there?I gave it a 3 because I like the app with all the games.
The games that are being provided by the developer is excellent but these ads are so annoying and time wasting & after playing they pay you a less amount of paypal cash.. and it will take a lot of time to complete their cashout limit.....
What a waste of time ill make more money collecting aluminium cans approximately 750 as you must watch before you reach $100 before you can cash out I have been on this game for several months now and not even reached 98 as you get say $90 it slows down dramatically and give you $0.01 per ad you need money get a job
I have hardly reached $106 but It always says come back tomorrow. Even I try the end of the countdown but the result was same, come back tomorrow. I can't believe I wasted my time playing this game. When I reached $85 it's start to pay barely few $. Google should not allow these scammer in this platform to manipulate people.
Several levels of scams. Money stops dead in its tracks before minimum withdrawal. And you get a reject message when trying to convert points to cash. Waste of time, especially since the game is sooooo boring, with constant long ads.
Have been trying to buy cash with the 20,000,000 coins i have so i can finally cash out. I still have $81 for the last month i can finally cash out but it keeps saying try again tomorrow
I would give this game 0 stars if I could. Complete waste of time and will not give you your payout. I have tried to cashout for the past 2 mo ths and keeps saying try again tomorrow. Don't believe when it gives the names of people who cashed out cuz its a lie.
Very fraud app in the world. Don't install and don't waste your valuable time. I give 0 star to this app.
Would you like to watch an ad that will do nothing for you? Well, here...Watch 87 billion ads...all the same one...just to be able to watch that ad that will do NOTHING for you. Did you know that for every9 million ads you watch...that's when your winnings allow you 0.50 cent to bank on... you need $150 To cash out- happy watching ...if your soul can take that 1 ad over and over...
I keep getting amazon vouchers on the 2048 ball merge, where do these go? As can't find anything to do with them, I get that these games can be false but just curious more than anything