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M-PESA for Business

M-PESA for Business for PC and MAC

Is a Business game developed by Safaricom Limited located at Safaricom Limited P. O. Box 66827, 00800 Nairobi Telephone: +254 20 427 3272 / 0722 00 3272. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
The M-PESA for company application could be the method in which is easiest for M-PESA merchants to transact and monitor M-PESA selections and disbursements.

In this version, merchants will have the ability to:

Track business growth

· View your organisation’s Money-in and Money-out styles from a performance graph. Click to see built up values each day.

View Comprehensive Statements

· See all deals that have been received or built in your bank account. Use Money-in and Money-out to filter between credits and debits.

Transact Quickly pay this is certainly function lets you deliver cash to cover manufacturers, refunds or wages directly to their M-PESA.

· Withdraw cash allows merchants to move money collected in the till to proprietors’ M-PESA account, M-PESA representative or lender

· Pay Bill and Buy products allows merchants to pay their companies directly from their particular M-PESA till

Manage their account

· Multiple account help enables you to join, control and transact on multiple till figures underneath the exact same number that is selected retract enables you to press funds collected to the head office

- This application is for Safaricom Lipa Na M-PESA Business Till companies.
- The application is going to work if you are attached to Safaricom community.
- First time installation, needs mobile data on and WIFI off. You are able to switch right back on WIFI thereafter.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the M-PESA for Business.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download M-PESA for Business for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
There is an issue with operator pin reset, when pin is reset the pin sent via sms doesn't work! When paying using PayBill, the app doesn't allow for full stop character (.) in the account number
I have been unable to access my business app since morning, am told to update and directed to playstore but its not updating, what could be the problem.Am disappointed
I don't mean to be that guy but this app is wack it only logs you in for the first two weeks then after that it keeps showing "something went wrong"
Why should one try over 50 times just for a basic log in? Please improve on that as well as real time update once a customer makes a payment
After the lates updates it can not load when one inputs a pin displays a blank screen.....its so boring
I love the way the app keeps and updates all the business transactions.. And it is in real time... Only if the app could stay logged in for a longer time so I don't have to keep on entering pin and logging in again to update my transactions..
Safaricom you have got enough finances to hire even the Worlds most known best app developer. But you have stuck in fixing the logging in issue upto now despite the many updates.I think you took things quite fast. You still have got a lot to do .The whole of today I haven't managed to log in the business app and yet I updated it today. You can do better than this. Please we need this app working fast.
Good App but has problems when it comes to showing the amount received and from who. You get cash you are unable to tell where it has come from immediately. So check on this.
The app is experiencing delays especially with money in statements. Collaboration in real time is a challenge
I've installed the app on a new device and it keeps saying something about the app can't function on a rooted device
It's a good app though sometimes it's hard to log in.it just blacks out and hangs a lot...this is very frustrating especially when you want to pay for goods. Check on this
This app is good. But when you want to pay customers, there are no names in your phonebook that are displayed or can be searched. Make it fetch the names in your phone numbers like the kcb app which is fantastic. Then when paying goods you suffer dwductions that dont match the profits. In other words, its not profit Friendly.
It's good but sometimes can really be disappointing and inconviniencing, when the systems are down and at times transactions either take too long to reflect or not at all, also other times you have to log in severally for it to accept, it also takes too long to load the contacts from phone book
I loved this app in the first time and even gave it a five stars, but now, it's akhh.. Im charged on both transactions why? Incoming and outgoing transactions both charged, what business is that surely?
Very nice app. Simple, intuitive and practical 👌. Gives me all the info I need at a glance and always works 💪
Failed log in, failure to fetch recent transactions and worst case one must be using safaricom data to use the app
Very weird app....keeps giving error *something went wrong keep trying* Cnt view customers payments and details... Sucking
The idea behind the app is great, but please major improvements are needed. One has to login 3 to 4 times before it allows you to access the services. Please sort it
Congrats for coming up with this great App. Its a good tool but for now only 3 stars cos of the unfinished work. Finish the job and you get 4 stars. Add wish list 1. Export the data to Excel and CSV. 2. Auto send the funds to the designated number / bank at some set time and get 6 stars. Thanks. By the way, Is there any hope of M-Ledger ever resurfacing?
quick service,would request you also add sms notification for any payments made to till, not just payments made from Till...for faster reference
Can I get the one before the updated one,this one is just a mess. Black unresponsive screen,,unable to make transactions promptly too
There's something wrong with the up its not updating my current transactions since 24th april...kindly checks on the app
Takes long and many attempts to sign in. Doesn't display any recent transactions forcing me to request for statements manually all the time
I love it promptness...but I do not like the fact that am only obligated to use the safaricom line sometimes even over wifi the app requests you use the data of the line
Ive been trying to log in but keeps on telling something went wrong try again untill when?????? Its dissapointing give us alternative or up your game!.
My review will just resound what Joe K is saying. Even now I cant log in to the app. Sometimes i cant log in for days. Always something went wrong. Transaction dont always update. Names dont always display.
The app is good, and working accordingly but add aspace of saving other till numbers for payment not to type. Regards
Takes long and many attempts to sign in. Doesn't display any recent transactions forcing me to request for statements manually all the time. This app DOESN'T WORK FOR ME AT ALL. DEVELOPERS TO FIX IT. LOG IN NEVER GO THROUGH AND NEVER DISPLAYS ANY TRANSACTIONS MADE. GOOD IDEA GOING TO WASTE.
It is impossible to log in in 9 out of 10 times. The transaction are not reflecting immediately. Can you remove the app until it function properly. It is very frustrating to use it.
Its what i just needed .Easy to use compared to x234# checking of balance is easy and also transacting. Atleast i dont have to call my clients asking them to send me their transaction messages.Its visible on the app. However you need to work on the transactions display should be real time.Good job edit. can you provide space for one to know how much the transaction cost per day is .
Fantastic way of managing a till. Love it. Much better than having two phones. I wish it could work for some of the old tills though
I have used the app for sometimes it really deserves 5star rating, it is updating the amount paid automatically but not automating the one paid (money in option ), in simple terms make it real time. other thing is that the hakikisha does not work though out it works well sometimes other times it doesn't at all. Other thing is that it doesn't support mobile numbers starting with 01....
It is convenient...when it works. The problem is that often i'm stuck at enter pin- something went wrong. It can get frustrating when I want to pay bills. Like now. Rating down to 2 stars
Half the time the app won't let you log in. The transactions have a long lag time before showing up on the app. When making a payment from the app, it's a 50/50 chance whether the app will show you the name of the intended recipient before sending. The line graph will sometimes reflect the correct totals but most of the times it's just an arbitrary number.
It's a good app but with lots of inconveniences.. Hangs whenever you want to pay something urgently and works when you least expect it too.. I had to Uninstall it today coz it hasn't worked for 3days now..I think when you save alot of data(till numbers and pay bills) it starts misbehaving.. Still needs work.
This app is not working on some samsung M-kopa phones (samsung a11 and samsung a01) its says it cannot run on a rooted phone or a modified phone yet the phone is new.
The app was working well until the new update. Now it just crashes too often and when login I just get a black screen which is not responsive. Fix it.
You can never know who sent the money to your till. 70% of the features aren't working. No statements, no transaction numbers, no names, no nothing. I am soooooooooo disappointed in this App I could cry.
Good app, but still need to be real time when you receive money or send money, you need to know who sent the money
Its a really helpful app.the only downsize is it takes a bit of time to open when logging in and also takes time to show payment done instantly however your balance does increase instantly when payment is made.
Can't export statements, frequent delay in seeing transaction receipts from clients. No customer support.
Has been a very reliable app up until this last update, can't and won't load after PIN input, just a black screen that doesn't respond to anything except exit.
Stupid app will never let you log in 90% of the time. When you call support they say the app is still unstable. Why release half baked products?! What's the rush??
Very useless, this app needs a lot of work! It's slow and unconvincing. If such loop holes can be fixed, this app will be great
With the current update, it crashes rigt after pin input. We can no longer log in. Why also don't you allow for the user to search for all transactions of an individual by name search?
Nevertheless, I'm using the latest version ( but still not getting today's statement on my screen, only the previous day's statements. Please fix the bug
Good app to monitor merchant transactions. However, the app is unreliable; too many sign in errors after the first successful 2 or 3. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to gain access into my account. Hope you check that.
There is a serious delay in updating the details of the clients when they pay. The chart is not accurately display and at time not displaying at all
App doesn't show transactions right away! App keeps saying "something went wrong while signing in with pin.". That's not lovely at all.
I have been using the app before update it was ok, the problem is that after update it keeps telling me something went wrong for two days now so annoying
The app just stopped updating transactions then today i could not sign in to app..it has really frustratedme
The app is a saviour when it comes to transactions tracing n tumathabu doing.. just improve on its stability,sometimes data won't update
Can you add the mpesa stk push notification. I think this will reduce chances of people sending money to wrong till or paybill because most people end up pressing the cancel button instead of replying with a number or letter to cancel transactions.
The security of your account is guaranteed,user friendly interface, convenient but there is only one suggestion I would like to be considered and that's to make notification of payment real time like the simcard . This will come in handy went in any case you forget you till number phone or when you miss place the sim card.
Not bad, but if the transactions can be real time and also possible to have statements and export them it would be awesome
The app has a good concept but i don't like how any amount payed to a Till number does not reflect at the same time with the name of the sender .The wait takes very long and in a busy business like a restaurant you can't delay customers so that you wait for the name to reflect on the payments. Also if there can be a message based system that is used so that you don't have to always be online to view who sent what and when then that would be awesome.
Update: January 2021 still no one has responded to my request. Shows how poorly this app is managed. You are on your own. Sept 2020: My data is on but still can't activate the app. I am not in Kenya and my data is set on roaming. I can't activate even using WiFi.
I believe in improvement, it's good now that you have just started but it'll be better as days goes by. But please we need a real time notification via sms if you can fix that one it could really help, thank you safaricom.
After the recent update, the app is no longer working, I have reinstalled the app and I can't even log in, it brings an error when you try to enter the pin
If you don't have this app you are missing on cash. You can sell credo, get paid for other services. What are you waiting for install the app and get started now.
So far it's good am able to pay using the app to other till vendors. Confirm if I can make payments to pay bill numbers with ease.
I have enjoyed it. It's easy to use n fast. It is also good for there is a record for every transaction done. Well-done.
The app is okay, but many features still not complete, like statements. Statements are key and we should be able to pull custom statements for a specific period of time. Many atimes, login is an issue. It really irritates. Check on that.
I love the App so much because it helps me monitor what i am spending and what i am receiving. I love the fact that i can also transfer my money from the business to the normal mpesa platform for free. This App is very useful to someone who is business oriented and thus the best way to handle your money. This is one of my best Apps i have on my phone. My clients love it because they pay me for free through the buy goods option because i have the till number to facilitate them do so.
This app needs a lot of work! It's slow and inconvenient. If such loop holes can be fixed, this app will be great! More features will be very useful
It is a good app. Though if it remains un-used for a couple of hours, it lags behind time. Improve on real time basics
Super easy to use, convenient. Just takes time to reflect in other buy goods you'll end up spending alot if time at the supermarket........
I have a Samsung A11 and I'm experiencing challenges running the app it says the app is locked because of malicious were yet non existing on my phone
Not happy at all what happened to the convience and simple transparent for you theme of safaricom.Every time I try to input my pin there is always an error.
Zero rating, this has been the worst up uve developed ever. After several trials still not able to log in. It would be better we use the manual method. So disgusting app.!!!
It eases transactions,but it takes alot of time to load. Sometimes one can't access the app,can you please fix this bug.
The app is okay, but many features still not complete, like statements. Statements are key and we should be able to pull custom statements for a specific period of time. Many atimes, login is an issue. It really irritates. Check on that. App hangs immediately after login. This is after the recent update.
Very effective and good for business. Is it possible to have a running balance alongside the transaction details.
With the current update, the App has stabilised. The ability to export statements in pdf is also a big win. Hoping for bigger improvements, like summary (total) of amount transacted over the statement period. Also being able to change between light and dark modes would be a good thing.
Did you test the button placement to fit on all screens. How come the signup button is too low to let people click on it without being blocked by the other mobile phone navigation bar?? That's a big omission. Or you are using us to point out mistakes? That's not competent.
Its a smart way of life to more digital and at same time its so easy and convenient but you need to come up how one can do a reversal.
Update from February 2021. It keeps logging me out after a minute of logging in. Thought it was an update problem but it seems to be more than just the update.
Transactions take forever to reflect, summation errors... I can't imagine Safaricom can give us such a substandard app
Offers a great experience and ease of doing business. The added airtime option for selling airtime is a gem.
I would like it to have the search box where I can search the name of individuals or transactions:just like m ledger was. It was a very useful feature with the ranking bit
I love how easy it is to use but there some few things that if fixed would make it even better 1. Does not show transactions immediately money is sent. Balance reflects but the person who has sent does not show 2. Recently transferred directly from the till to pay ecitizen but the money did not reflect 3. If i create a new user, they cannot withdraw funds from the till. Only the primary user can do that Otherwise, loving the experience so far
Takes long to update. Even when you refeash some transaction are missing hours after customers message has come.
Give it 5star, this app is so good even after misplacing my till line can access via this app , now they should extend some loans to business users or overdrafts
After this January 2021 update, the app hangs when I input the password and becomes totally unusable. Using Android 9
Perfect makes payment easier. And tracking balance easier. Kindly work on reflection of payment more prompt
Guys, I really appreciate your efforts and initiatives on the mpesa for business app. However it's super annoying when I want to pay bills and can't access the app as something keeps going wrong. Kindly find that thing and deal with once and for all. It's a great nuisance not being able to log in twice or thrice in a row.
Sometimes it takes too long to open , download payment details...even with enough data bundles...but in general a very good app. I'm able to track all payments.
Good app.. So far. But when someone purchase goods I am not receiving sms or any notification. And if I login it's very slow to see the current customer who buy goods. Please for your total support. Thanks
It has really improved and payments start to reflect realtime. However, there was a time my graph didn't reflect the payment received. Overall experience though is good.
This app was the best but now I feel like removing it from.my.phone as mostly it doesnt work "SOMETHING WENT WRONG "that is usually the msg and I liked it as no need to copy or write numbers I'm.disappointed.i have been forced to use the long route of of *234#that I forgot safaricom do something to have this app to be trusted again please I had given you 5 stars but now I'm giving only one the app is more down than when it's actually working
Very awesome,thou few hiches here and there,make its easier for till to till payment sms quick acess ,work on the app hanging.
The app does not bring transactions it only adds the graph and says No available transactions. I think they need to code this app again then update to the new version this version isn't good.
The app has been good for a while but after the last update it has now deteriorated. It takes longer to authenticate and do other operations. I am not impressed.
It's taking a century to log in. Then why feature some functionalities that are not accessible. Deserves a 2 * rating. At the same time you blocked the access through USSD.
Not bad but at times it keeps on saying that something went wrong hence cant login into my business account i.e today it messed me up at some shopping store,also iclude loan services to us because for example i have no other finance source,thus incase you could cushion small entrepreneurs like us it would be a great honour,always a pleasure doing business with safaricom the better,best option
Excelent work, but work on how to improve real time updates, as in, update should be immediately a customer pays or i withdraw should reflect the names and transaction in time not that wait for more than 6 hrs is when it reflects.
This new update isn't working. I enter my PIN and what I get is a blank screen. It doesn't load the graph properly and it's giving the wrong figures. It's freezing a lot, and crashes too often. Quite an inconvenience. I wouldn't recommend it.
The date filter doesn't work, even when exporting statements!! Choosing the date does nothing. Can this be fixed?
I feel that this up great if given attension on some small issues like speed, immediate update of trasactions
Good apart from a few technical hitches, when the app failed to update money paid by the customer for 3days but the issue was resolved
The SIGN UP button is too low. You try to tap it but instead you keep hitting your phone's RETURN/BACK button.
Work fine . Best feature you can now pay other tills via app. now however disclaimer 1. App works only on safaricom data.App will not work on wifi other networks 2. Still can't get auto statements despite nominated email address. 3. Still can't withdraw direct to bank Overall good job 👍
This app is whack.. it is slow and updates payments after ages... You can only keep track of your balance payments appear after I dont know how long and ohh my God it keeps hanging like no mans bussiness... Resolve this safaricom
good , if possible make it in a way that the bills we pay on/ from till number we can write a description on what was paid i can not get real time transactions it takes time even after update it can take even the whole day and get the notification on the following day.
I can't log in, keeps saying something went wrong. Pls work on this. Update of payments and withdrawals is faster now.
Im happy now i can see all my transaction..but you need to advance when someone send me cash we are able to see notification on our screen
So far so good can't complain much, but I wish you could introduce some form of mshwari or lock savings account in the app. It could be useful to many of us.
Great App. Except sometimes it takes too long to verify PIN and sign in. Sometimes it doesn't sign in at all
Original app was great until the recent update, it keeps on hanging login you get black screen it's not helpful at all!
So far so good.Transactions from till to till does not reflect messages to the recipient.Assistants cannot perform any meaningful transactions.An assistant is a trusted agent of the operator,should be allowed.
Terrible. Since the update I have not been able to log in. Keeps on saying 'sorry, something has gone wrong' This app was working perfectly until the update.
This app is good but turns to be annoying when it comes to logging in. Keeps on saying something went wrong. Kindly check the issue sooner
Amazing app for business transaction, keeps u always on track and accurate. I love it . Make interest in adding more features . But I still love it . Recommend!!
It is convenient...when it works. The problem is that often i'm stuck at enter pin- something went wrong. It can get frustrating when I want to pay bills
The app is good and reliable,if you may improve in that when money is paid a notification sms is received to the till holder immediately
Good though it does not show real time updates. It will also be better if we get notified on every transaction via SMS.
The latest update sucks. The app freezes everytime you key in the password and you can't pay for any service. I have tried reinstalling multiple times.
Simple to use and nice but why am i not getting a text message when i receive a payment... It should be alerting someone through a text message wen a payment is made just like wen u receive an amount in mpesa... Please check on that..
Still doesn't work. No graph, no list of the buyers. Only displaying the amount/balance in the account.
Check on very basic action like log in...No one has the time to try 10 times to login to an app. Am i ''hacking" to my account or what the hell is it doing??
I have deducted some stars due to some reasons: 1. Whenever I log in,it says something went wrong. Time consuming. 2. Error fetching latest transactions. Delays to display the recent payment in,and B2B out payment. SUGGESTION: Try to make it support mobile pop up/sound notifications, like other apps.
Great app, while making payment please add a feature which indicates the account balance similar for transaction charges
The latest update keeps rushing before it accomplishes the task. Kindly check on that issue. Its going to dark mode with nothing to display after authentication
Nice app but, you should give your clients some loan options. Likewise the "Money in" list is not instantly updated. Some more improvements and this is going to be the best platform for business.
Amazing app,managing my payments has become easy,i can save my customers and also easy search when i want to send payments. Real time payment updates.i love this app
Had given it a 5 star rating, after the update,it has a lot of glitches, signing in, my sim is the only one on my cellie, cant find the sim, try again, alot of horrendous misgivings...the first app before update was the real deal..USSD will do for me
I like this app it makes the work easier, One this to improve is the speed, sometimes it takes long to open
Not user friendly. It takes forever to validate a PIN and eventually says 'something went wrong please try again' I can't open it anymore and it gives no provision for notifications when a payment is made
There's is always an error of something went wrong please try again 90% of the time. When you input your pin.
I use app daily but needs a massive improvement logging in fails alot and I don't expect this from Safaricom so please fix this app soon or this good idea will a waste
The concept is fantastic but its always a problem logging in. 5 attempts later, it still gives the error message "something went wrong" It can be very frustrating especially if you're in a rush. Most of the time it doesnt even show you accurate data on your most recent transactions. It's a great concept but it really needs to be worked on.
The worst app i have ever used... Each and every time i want to transact or confirm if a customer has paid it keeps telling me "something went wrong".. I am Uninstalling it NOW
Very basic usage, no periodic totals, some transactions don't readily show. It still needs some more work.
Could have rated 5 star,,but I don't always see my transactions,, I don't know what the problem is, Sometimes it hungs up,,How can I get help out of this?
Simple and very easy to perform all transactions from my phone any time anywhere. I give a thousand credits.
Ideally could have given it a 5 but the downtime can be very long. Fix your downtimes and treat it like a priority
Good app so far but there seem to be a lagging on the real time statements cos I get the previous day's even after updating to the latest version. Please check on that.
It's annoying. Crashes, hangs, takes forever to process a task, black screen. Just everything negative.
The new update doesn't allow me to access the app, every time I open the app I get blank screen nothing more
It shows instant transactions but please can you improve on making an alert once a money is deposited in the account.
Many bugs have been fixed. It's good now. Can I recieve notifications when someone pays to the till please?
Its much easier to use than ussd code. I can monitor my business transactions anywhere without being present at the shop. I love it
So far it's ok. There are times l can't see transactions immediately, it takes a few hours to update. Sometimes I can't login don't know why, have to try a couple of times. Overall it's a very good app, just fix this small glitches
The fact that I can write a narration of every transaction, makes it a complete book keeping app for micro enterprises. Very content. Thank you Safaricom PLC
This app is a disgrace to Safaricom it keeps on buging, 'something went wrong' very disappointed, can't log in to the app for 3 days now. this nonsense should stop with immediate effect. that so called developer should app their game. i think i can do better. This page isn't long enough to put all my dissapointments.
Good work. It has a good means of ensuring privacy, by preventing taking a screenshot. Good continued improvement/updates.
I dont know if its me alone or there is anyone else experincing difficulties logging in mostly in late evenings btn around 7pm and 11pm...
I've installed the app on a new device and it keeps saying something about the app can't function on a rooted device Functionality is poor... Till to till payments nolonger work, tech support is zero, very disappointed
Cant login since the latest update. All i get is the error "something went wrong try again later. Fix that
I have used the app for sometimes it really deserves 5star rating, it is updating the amount paid automatically but not automating the one paid (money in option ), in simple terms make it real time. other thing is that the hakikisha does not work though out it works well sometimes other times it doesn't at all
Can we just have an app that one can log into. I have to keep trying to log in several times in a day and sometimes I go all day with denied access. It's very frustrating
I do like this app...atlst my customer's can pay any amounts without complaining about transactions cost..only u need to improve on delay updating messages instantly whenever a customer pays
I like it for making payments because it quickly gives me the name of the payee hence no chance for error. It also keeps a history of the people I pay, so I don't need to type the details next time I'm paying the same person.
The app works well but sometimes it's slow in showing the payments. This true for those of us using smart phones. May be you should check out this and offer a solution. Must we use a tiny phone?
Sometimes the app doesnt open after putting the pin. You have to keep trying. This can be very frustrating
At last this update works well, though there's a delay in generating most recent payments both on the app and the statements.
Awesome app. But sometimes, it just refuses to login despite supplying the correct credentials. It also does not allow purchases of airtime to Safaricom numbers starting with 01...
This is a very excellentapp, very user friendly and has all essentialfeatures. The only weakness is that the totals per day as shown in the graph is different from the actual transactions. One must manual add up the transactions per day.
This app won't show recent transactions. Shows the total amount but won't highlight the transactions. Very annoying. They only reflect after 24 hours. How's that supposed to help us?
Best app for business transactions. Keeps my records of payment for accounting purposes and at the same time creates a trust bond between me and my clients. I don't have to worry about reversed payments.
Pathetic! The app does not update transactions! It's been hanging for three days even after uninstalling and re-installing! Do 👏Better👏
What if your business line is not on a smart phone. You can't get access to the app? You issue us with a new line when registering for the lipa na mpesa, then we're forced to incur the cost of buying a new handset to operate the sim card, and now I need a smart phone to access this?
The app is fairly good but it does'nt give any notification on transactions. The last transaction updated is for more than 24hrs ago. How will I tract the transactions with these kind of delays
Great app... Fix some minor bugs and it will be better.. i.e refreshing transactions sometimes fails to update money in and money out instantly..
Of late very frustrating since the Jan 26th update. Just keeps hanging and giving one a black screen. Fix it already!
Excellent experience,real time transaction update and tracking for every bit of biz cudos , I just love it .
Brilliant app. Keep up safaricom. Just make it possible for transactions to appear in the app immediately after they're successful.
Your services are instant.I like it.However in My opinion,for customers using the Business App kindly make the access to the service free . because sometimes,one may not afford bundles yet he needs to access the funds.
The experience was good untill i did an update then it refused me to sign in. I am frustrated can safaricom do something urgently
The app keeps crashing on start. I havent been able to get past sign in. All I keep getting after clicking sign in is "unfortunately, business has stopped." Report or okay. I have sent three reports so far, none of which have been responded to, addressed or a solution provided.
A good app to manage your till. More improvement needed though, on statements and breakdown more often.
The app is good but has delays sometimes which can inconvenience 😬 some one.It cannot work offline on other networks.History of transactions sometimes has delays..
It's a very efficient app to transact with, it can be excellent if you can add an offline mode option. For those with "SOMETHING WENT WRONG" error, do the following on dual SIM phones to get this app properly working 1) set default calling SIM to safaricom 2) set mobile data to safaricom
It's just amazing and awesome it reduces the multiple tasks of having several cellphone for doing transactions
The most convinient app for any business person. No need to have an extra phone all u need is the app and bundles and u are good to go.Thanks so much safaricom for making my life easier.
It's a good app improved from the previous. I'm still evaluating and I think you should improve on till to till transactions they don't reflect realtime especially when shopping in Supermarkets.
A very useful app for managing money transactions in your business. It keeps accurate record for reference at all times. Kudos Safaricom
A good application. Very helpful because am able to get my income and withdraws immediately. But kindly would request for all transactions made by individual customer as it was previously.
Great app,you can add the option of lending money to businesses with low interest rates. Also when transactions are many,it takes time before updating them
Its takes hours for transaction to reflect , your customers will claim to have paid and you have no other way of proving it such a disappointment.
Great! Just need to allow tagging of payments and receipts and Reduce the time it takes for the payment details to reflect on the app
What was the point of coming up with an app which has so many bugs yet no updates. Last update was 7th Sept.
Not reliable. Can fail to log in for hours. No RT update of payments. You have to wait even for 24 hours at times. Sometimes it has a lag and then "unsuccessful transaction" response... An issue that makes one make double payments. Duplicate payments
Unable to use the app since I have a Paybill number as opposed to a Till number, I couldn't get past the initial setup.
Extremely easy and convenient. It makes my work a lot easier. Now I'm able to see details of all payees for each transaction.
It's working well for me. However I have seen that you are on the speed of statements which are slow in opening. Congratulations safcom
Greatest app, but unfortunately you have to be aware that's it's more expensive to send money from till to bank, (note sending money from normal line to bank is free but here you have to pay the old charges)
Search engine is non functional. PIN entry sometimes problematic and transaction details always delay. But a good app anyway
👏👏best thing that has ever happened to me...I love this app to the moon n back I can monitor my income ,follow statements n I love the way it displays payment faster
Best app in and out transacted amount and outomatically only requires buddles for the information.only that myb its mine sometime does not respond until i go for long process its only my views
I like everything about the app. But you can do some improvements like using the biometrics to access account like the MPESA APP. Would really appreciate it.
Very convenient and fast. So far so good. I'm enjoying myself and I don't need an extra phone for the notifications since I manage the till myself.
Nice app however, payments made on till takes long to reflect making ot diffixult to know who has paid. When are you planning to do arap up on all features available its hectic you have to again go back to ussd to do some transactions.
The app is excellent. Just adjust the loading speed of the app, the mpesa app and the new safaricom app. You can't do an urgent transaction.
the app stopped working after receiving my s20 update and hasn't been fixed with them claiming a new phone has been rooted. FIX THE APP
The app is fast and indicates the transactions on the graph. But kindly let us get confirmation messages on deposits on the till. Our clients think we are ignoring them once they have made their payments
Always a problem logging in!!! You must make SEVERAL attempts before you succeed, and mind you the customer is waiting!
It is not going though. Message after putting till number- " business product is not supported yet. Please work on this glitch"
Good overall experience. Improve loading time when you input pin. Also we need better financial reporting with totals for a given range of time...
I love the app and appreciate your good work, however at times its very frustrating you can't even login when you really need to,the app just blacks out. Also it takes too long to update the " MONEY OUT" section so you need to check on that.
It's exceptional, I can do multiple activities all in one application. I can even track transactions..
There is still room for improvement..there should be notifications where there is a transaction. That has occurred
Makes work easier to transact plus has so many options on paying bills ..good job Issue is on the network sometimes it refuses to open when you urgently need something
Very frustrating. Unable to create account/log in (business product not supported); 234 is also barely working. Operating a paybill is hard work at safaricom.
It is a good app but not logging in sometimes even when i put the right credentials..keeps saying 'something went wrong try again later'. It can dissapoint you when you are in a hurry to make payment or confirm transaction
Great app, good overall. The only major issue is some business till to till/paybill transactions don't register. We have to reconcile by withdrawing to the owner's phone then paying directly
The app is great though is is very unreliable. Sometimes it fails to log in and you can not search a transaction using the clients name.
Please work on the issue where one gets a message of a wrong pin it's unconvincing so so much, also it's not up-to to date for any transaction made by a customer on your end work on it.
The transactions take long to update on the app. Its weird that the totals do update but not individual transactions. Calling customer care to raise this concern is of no use.. No help whatsoever
1.Login issue the app is good but it is very frustrating since it often doesn't log in after pin input 2.No notification of payment from customer you have to check if the customer got the message Tends to take long to update payments also
Cannot be trusted at all times. Logs in when it feels like. It just fails to log in for no reason at all and that is very frustrating! Also the statements should have totals in them. Why sens without summary of cash received via mpesa? Just a simple summation. When paying for goods bought, you click and hangs for a minute thinking whether to pay or not.
Faster guick appreciate it if you would like to sell airtime, transaction,mpesa services, easy fast. Sometime it's very slow,or sreen something went wrong
I consider the merchants app as a colonial project to businesses.. how for all can i Be charged when one sends money through the till is it assisting in anway?? Yet i will incurr costs to withdrwal the funds too.. useless app to me.. very dissapointed by this.. 2500 with a cost of ksh.13
Transactions has been so easier compares to the one used it before, one problem on this app is just a delay to show the name of a client made transaction at the moment otherwise pull it up.
Its a nice app but it should have real time updates like when someone has made a payment the cash will reflect on the total but the details of the payer&specific amounts takes a while to reflect.
Lot of inconvenience..give wrong information in terms of Money in and Money out.. It would be a good idea if the app can be upgraded.. It made me wrongly fired my cashier.. Only to realize later the app has been giving wrong information
This app when it started it was working, ok, but now days it keeps on saying wrong password..also when sending money it keeps bringing decline error, but the funds goes. You may even send the same amount several times. This error needs to be rectified.
You guys are very slow on updating this apk, keeps on bugging, creating errors and at other times you can't even login!! So unfortunate, very useless.
It's a very good app for business, but one is not able to extract a customers number automatically, either via copy paste or select then options. Including those would be great. Also revealing details of funds that have been reversed would really be great.
Was working well upto the last update,now can load after inputting the password. Just a black screen. I need to rollback to the previous version
Please improve I updated it 5 days ago and it keeps on hanging unlike there before.after turns to dark mode for a while.its becoming a problem to me now
My propasal is that you have special data bundle dedicated to the app, to stop inconvinience whenever you want to login if you are not subscribed to any data
Come up with biometric verification, this app should be guarded by fingerprints just like other Safaricom apps. Otherwise, great job.
Am unable to give it mpre that 2 stars because over 70% of the time, this app either fails to log me in or takes forever until l have to resort to *234* which, unfortunately, doesn't give individual entries but only shows the balance. Improve on connectivity
The App has never worked for me ever since the upgrade, it can't even launch in my phone to take me to the sign in page, have not changed my phone and am just wondering what I should ever do to have it work for me!!!!
Very good app for business people. Displays customers name with payment s made. You make payments of wages and settle bills. Good
It was good but it's become unreliable. Takes forever to update transactions and it sometimes displays error when trying to log in.
Serving my business well. Only thing to improve is cash statements and the time to show when a transaction was done, 30 minutes wait is a long time to wait.
Great app. But can improve by adding favorites when fetching from contacts. Makes it a lot easier when sending to frequent numbers. 👌
The fancy graph is completely unnecessary and serves no useful purpose. Logging in is a 50/50 toss up and can be quite frustrating at critical times. Paybill option puts account number in all caps and does not allow the period character (.) which is big problem paying when some merchants. Ability to pay from the till is very useful. No support for Paybill numbers (mine?). The emailed statement does not have totals and is just a transaction list. Other than that it is a good tool to have.
The app was good at first but after the recent update it crashes everytime you log in. Maybe fix the bugs and smoothness in operations and i would easily give it 5 stars.
Perfect app for business....... Good on the fingertips services. Only sometimes it hangs for too long inconveniencing funds transfer from till/paybill.
Its a creative app...but it wount work when you really need it...you type pin...then ..it says something went wrong.....all the time....its very irritating..
You really got me going...kudos guys this is awesome. Hope more and more benefits will be introduced as we move on. Work on the search button using a customer mobile no, statements, show a summary similar to the one on the mysafaricom app...or else incorporate most of the features in my safaricom app...kudos to the progress so far...but keep improving.
Add fingerprint and an option to add permissions to send money to mobile, till or paybill when adding an operator
I wish we could get a notification when a customer makes a payment. 4 stars because of this, 5 stars otherwise
It doesn't open at times N don't show immediate transactions.with just a few adjustments would be perfect.
Hii app needs some change . Other time's you open up and it keeps saying wrong operator I'd even after it's right
This App do not give timely transaction from the till. Many times its giving error"unable to fetch latest transaction"
There is an issue with operator pin reset, when pin is reset the pin sent via sms doesn't work! When paying using PayBill, the app doesn't allow for full stop character (.) in the account number. Please fix this issue.
This app has one major bug. Access not granted no matter how many times you input the correct PIN. Making me have to use the laborious *234# which is such a long process. By now you should have fixed this.
Wish we could be notified via the app of transactions and also wish we could get real time reflection of transactions on the app
A great app. It will be better if theirs an option for adding description of the payments and be able to generate a monthly report regarding transactions.
The app is good just to keep a tab on transactions. I would love to see notification when customers pays. That's whats most crucial.
Lovely. Transactions are done with no much hitch. However, for 3 days now, I haven't received my transaction details. I have had to restart several times but nothing. Kindly check on that.
This app has been useful until 10/2/2021. After inputting password you get a black screen and the phone hangs. Is this the Safaricom we know really?
Good working experience with it ,only problem is that I have to walk with my line all the time ,as without it it can't work even when using different mobile network
You won't even log in time. This app is slow and can derail your schedule and plans especially when you want to use your own money within a specific time
I like the app's look and feel UI, however you should try and see how to solve the delay in updating paid in transaction. When I receive payment for instance, the person's details do not appear until after like 2-3 hours even after refreshing. If this is solved I think it will be a great tool for Merchants.
With this downward trend, Login will be impossible in the near future... Haven't been able to login since installing the update on 10th November 2020
Login issues Whenever your balance goes over the 100/- mark, ythe app doesn't allow you to log in so either use USSDnor you are screwed.
What happened,it's saw good but now just bad..bad date no transaction history, sometime it's not working.. @safaricom do something
Thankful for this app helping this company but help us in the statement and send monthly income in Total so that we can know our income per month
It's taking a century to log in. Then why feature some functionalities that are not accessible. Deserves a 2 * rating. At the same time you blocked the access through USSD. Payment to till is not giving notification to the receiver. Getting stranded everytime