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MAE by Maybank2u

MAE by Maybank2u for PC and MAC

Is a Finance game developed by Malayan Banking Berhad. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 9 and up.
Your life's about to get even easier with the all-new MAE by Maybank2u.
Sort out your moments that are day-to-day MAE. Get all the stuff that is good more, along with your favourite Maybank2u banking features.

What can you do with MAE?

it's all win-win with Tabung whether you're saving up on your own or with a group of friends. Reach your financial goals with Tabung and get help that is extra speed things up with Boosters!

Bye, budget spreadsheets! Expenses can help you see where your money’s going with the expense tracker that is automated. Get a clear view of your money flow via easy-to-read graphs and categorisation that is clear. Key in cash transactions by adding them manually on the go.

Let us help you decide where to 'makan' around our Makan Mana wheel to your area! Just get on MAE to find the best eateries and deals to suit your fancy.

MAE Card
Live worry-free with the MAE card. Enjoy better FX rates and use your card wherever you go. Freeze & unfreeze with a tap so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your card again. Sign up for a MAE card on the MAE app now.

Not Forgetting All Your Favourite Maybank2u Features Too!
- Check your account balances on the go
- Transfer funds to anyone in a few taps
- Scan & Pay for cashless payments
- Pay bills, reload your prepaid and game credit anytime, anywhere.
- And enjoy all the conveniences of online banking in one place

The MAE app will seek permission for the following:
i. Access to your camera to enable you to scan QR code and also upload documents when you apply for a product that is new service.
ii. Access to your contact directory to give you the convenience of selecting your contacts when you make a transaction to a mobile number.
iii. Access to your location to offer you the most food that is relevant, marketing promotions or deals by our merchant partners while you are on the go.
iv. Access to your audio phone to enable you to make a call that is direct the bank's hotline.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the MAE by Maybank2u.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download MAE by Maybank2u for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Edit 20201029 Pros: 1. UI and UX vastly improved from previous app. 2. expense tracker useful, I'm more inclined to use cashless with MBB now. 3. Works with third party keyboard is Now. CONS 1. "Back" function is still the same as old app, it wants to exit instead of going back to the previous page. Should only do that at home, not everywhere. Wish I can give 3.5 stars because of the back button con, but lets be generous and round up to 4 ⭐
Great.. the only problem is tracking expense is too slow to update and the ui is to clutter.. make it simple like bigpay, apple card
Cannot add more than 1 account compare to maybank2u apps. Currently im login my SME account & personal account in 1 app(M2U), but this new app(MAE) that will replace M2U did not have that features. Other than that, the interface is clean. But the vibration is annoying when you tap certain icon. Have to force decline permission for that vibration. Hopefully the Dev team will improve this MAE apps A.S.A.P. to make better user experience.
It's interesting that I can use it to track my finance and make a tabung that auto deducts money to help with my financial goals. The problem I have is that the app is slow and hogs a lot of RAM, but worst of all is I always have to switch to the ugly default keyboard to use the app. It totally ruins the experience. Never installed an app that requires me to change to the default keyboard. There is a reason why I don't use swiftkey, gboard or the default.
App was updated few times after first review but back button on Android is still prompting user to log out. Please change this to previous action instead of logging out. Going back to old maybank2u app instead.
I love this apps so much... I can organize my expenses and set my tabung... Been using it for almost 4 months... But now I can't use it because I'm using a new phone.., Huawei... Altough I can install this apps using Phone Clones/third party installer.., QR Pay won't work... Please make this apps works with Huawei "non-google" phones and Huawei AppGallery... Please... 🙏🏽
One Tap Authorisation not working for me. Unable to receive the prompt notification to verify the transaction.
Bug: Can't get MAE card at the "Apply" section, but did it by going accounts > MAE. Plan to use this card in place of the savings account debit card. Hit by a fraud on the regular debit card once, just needed a card with more security features (freeze card) & flexibility (no branch visit). Problem is, MAE card isn't quite virtual yet as compared to GoPayz app, where a virtual card is in the app while it's optional to get a physical card. How about NFC payments? Thanks.
Why i cannot register acc, the apps keep showing 'the username is not available'. I try many username but it keep showing the same. Please fix !!!
I quite not agreed when we have logout but the appearance still showed our previous page with name and total amount of the account... This makes easier for a thief knows(sorry if my english broken). I feel unsecured. Better the Maybank2u apps more!!! This apps only better that it can creates Tabung that's all I think... Better make some more improvement of this apps for better secured of your customers. This are our money and shouldn't be 'playplayhothotchickenshit!" and we have rights for it!
Almost perfect, but it will be nice if I can modify the daily transactions limit for both e-wallet and mbb cards in the app. Cheers!
Cannot apply for physical card with passport. Edit: Tried to reach you via email and it's been 10 days still no response from your side.
Not secure. You can just open the apps then press the qr code and you are ready to scan or be scanned. Not even ask for password or pin? Means everyone can access to use your account.
A great improvement from Maybank2U in term of UI, however would be better for the app to be 'lighter'. Should not require turning on location with each use - that drains battery. Not everyone wants to receive so much marketing info, they should be allowed to only look for them when they want, not have the ads shoved down on them each time the app is opened (by requiring location so promotional stuff can be shown). That can be a turn off.
The app is great, finally a maybank app that able to calculate your expenses and track your saving plans. However the app does not update instantly such as late transaction history from maybank 2u and somehow i did not receive anymore transaction history... could it be a bug ?
I can't even make an account cause I tried twice to verify my identity and both times failed. Also it takes forever to freaking scan my IC and most of the time the scanning can't even be "saved" and I have to redo. I don't have time for this I'm going to sleep.
Great app with a nice interface, i see "tabung" feature in the app that quite similar to maybank "goal" system in m2u, it would be nice if you can include way for me to view my "goal" saving so that i dont have to log in on the website to see my goal progress
Creepiest app ever, it keeps wanting access to all your contacts, record voice and video calls, access to all photos, media, storage in your phone else it takes forever to load or never connect to server. This app is the most invasive creep that violates personal data and privacy. You will never know what it will records via your camera and microphone. How does an intrusive app like this gets approved by Bank Negara and MCMC remains a mystery.
Back button not user friendly. Should support android back action using gesture. The back gesture asked to quit the app instead of back action. I do not understand the MAE account function. Why having a separate account that needs to be top-up? Should just automatically asked to use the funds in savings or other accounts instead.
About back button, yes, its true like the previous comments. Might be the apps inventor use iPhone, no back button below. I cannot setup my Tabung, it have error. "Goal total contribution amount should be equal to total goal amount". Isn't it automatic amount there. It ask weekly or monthly only, based on our goal. I tried different amounts, tried using maybank account, tried choose MAE account, still, the same error appeared. But I like the the purpose.
Nice app but please address the following: 1. How to rename/delete subcategory created by user? 2. When I made payment with MAE debit card, transaction appeared twice in the app. One from MAE debit card and the other one from MAE wallet account. It shows double spending and messed up the expenses monitoring. I am not sure if there are options available in MAE app to manage the above. Please advise.
When doing transfer, the "transfer from" account list is out of view. Should make it visible on the first screen view.
Im not sure if this is just me but i cant open the app. Why is that so? It just shows the page where it load for a long time and then i just gave up. This has happend for about a week :(
I can't add a "." As it auto delete it in the customer account number when trying to pay a bill. Some biller like U Mobile have "." In their account billing number. Another thing that I don't like is it always trying to exit the app whenever I press the back button instead of going back to the previous page. That feature seems pretty unintuitive. Please fix it soon
I love everything about this new e-wallet. The only drawback is the transactions took a day to be reflected in the app ☹
20102020: Keyboard issue havent resolve. MAE debit card should be free for existing customer. Too much commercial in the app. 11102020: "oh no! This app is not supported on third party keyboard. Please use default keyboard." OMG, Gboard by google cannot be used...
So sad that my phone cannot even login! ZenFone ASUS_Z01RD not supported? Always prompt wrong username and password. Even try out at nearest branch.
You want to introduce a lot of functionalities but they are all half-baked. Like it's not quite ready for real life usage. E.g. split bill, if want to split unevenly, the amount becomes 0 and uneditable. Split should be able to do by fraction or something. Expenses also just show things going out but not things coming in or refunds and such. This makes the report inaccurate. Again, useless in real life scenarios.
Nice clean UI with a lot of new useful and fun features, especially the budget expenses tools to track my spending habbit that connect to all my cards and accounts automatically, also able to discover nearby shop to eat with Maybank deals for more saving. Looking forward to see more features on this app!
Good apps for saving and manage your money. Just an issue with the android back feature. Can't you make android back button for previous/back and not for exiting the apps? It's a little bit inconvenience for android user to reach the top left to go back. It's maybe not an issue for ios user. Other than that, awesome apps. Keep it up 👍🏻
Overall I love the app with all the categorization of my information, it is everything I could ask for, unfortunately I unlinked my account and won't be using this app until a huge privacy issue is resolved; even after I log out my account balance is shown in the wallet section on the top right corner of the app, this is a huge privacy and security risk for me as i wouldn't want to unwittingly share this information with onlookers, 1 star for that huge security flaw, 4 starts otherwise!
Really impressed with the app! I like the fact that Maybank is stepping up the game by having a debit card that allows you to freeze the card via app instantly if in case of missing. App UI is really nice. No comment on UX for now since I've just started using it. Good job!
the app is good. But this 1 star is for the terrible way the delivery of my physical card was handled. Took 6 weeks to receive my card. I believe my house number was left out by the sender, causing the card to be delivered back to Maybank. No redelivery or whatsoever was arranged until after numerous phone calls from my side explaining the situation. Maybank kept saying the card was delivered and gave the same tracking number. This shows how unaware they are of the situation.
Previously can transfer money without credential, now when asked to create credential and yet nobody reply when call. Very annoying!
PLEASE fix because the expenses only record some of the transaction. (eg. Notification says im spending Rm17xx at Airasia but my expenses does not recorded and update automatically after that) I'm a bit disappointed but if you could fix this problem as soon as possible it will be great starting of the year 2021 for your team. Actually, It is a hassle if i have to do it manually that's all.
Can't apply for MAE account. Stated we are experiencing communication error. Please try again later. New apps updated still unable to apply account. Unable to apply for MAE card as well.
Edit 20201012: Reinstalled because currently using GBoard. Pros: 1. UI and UX vastly improved from previous app. 2. Haven't used expense tracker extensively yet, but I'm more inclined to use cashless with MBB now. CONS: 1. Ridiculous that third party keyboard is preventing from using this app. 2. "Back" function is still the same as old app, it wants to exit instead of going back to the previous page. Should only do that at home, not everywhere. I'll continue to use it and may be updating this review once I got the hang of it more. Feels like 2 steps forward 1 step back.
I would like to believe that this app is still a beta. Sometimes it keeps not responding on my Pixel 2XL. Great UI, great features but have to keep improving. Great one.
Installed without expecting much but the app just blew me away on my initial impression. The customization and sleek UI is definitely remarkable coming from an Android user. Functionality such as Expenses just mind blowing, I can imagine spending a few hours going through this. My suggestion for Cards highlight page (which is all blue at the moment), if the card face can be color inspired from physical card colors, it will look even better.
Great features and convenient to use. Inclusion of other investment options such as, gold, would be beneficial
Plis fix the problem of error while taking IC picture, i need to register on this apps, useless apps when i cant scan my IC, i already scan it on the highest lighting and the app not give any response
All good. Expenses tracker info really useful. My problem is:- when i log out the apps still view my profile and info of my account, all you need just key in pin number looks like not so secure. Pls do something about it. Thanks
it is very bad. I tried many times to register but the attempt still failed. failed to scan hologram.
I cannot add more than 1 account into this app, which puts it at disadvantage compared to M2U app. However, adding the Expenses tracker is a plus but not good enough to maintain above 3 star rating in my opinion.
The app is well designed but the fact that third party keyboards are not allowed to be used with the app is a rather a bad app restrictions. The developer could've implemented the restriction on input field level and present the user with the opportunity to switch their keyboard instead of closing the app before anything starts. Not all features in the app triggers keyboard and having the keyboard check at the app start is very bad especially for users who has no clue on how to switch keyboard
Goal vs Tabung. Seems like these 2 functions are not linked at all. Goal is only can be seen through online website not for MAE or Maybank apps. Hopefully, the developer able to consider it for customer convenience purpose.
I was tryin to apply for the prepaid debit card. But when the app ask me to take a snapshot of my passport it doesnt work. I uninstall and reinstalled the app several time but experiencing the same problem.
Kicked me out because i am using google keyboard. Please fix this issue. *updated* Great app. Sleek UI design, look forward to more enhancement.
I cannot transfer from personal saver account to tabung. It stated that the link is not verified. But if i switch to mae account, it transfers smoothly. I would like to use my psvr account to fund my tabung since i rarely use mae account.
I love this app so much. Love the features. But because I using third party keyboard, I cannot login into the app. I have to change back to my default keyboard to open the apps. Please solve this problem.
Love this much more than the M2U app, as it is more easier to access the MAE. Only concern there is no clear indication that if I still login in the app not. I tend to forget to logout when I was at dashboard screen.
For the add royalty card, it will be nice if the numbers of the card number can add more than 12 digits as standard card practice right now, for example, my Tecso card have 14 numbers so can't add this card at the moment. I will give 5 stars if this can be update as for me the UI for this new app is tremendously improve from old M2U app. Thanks. (Already uninstall M2U old app)
Poor compatibility of keyboard. Been using Google pinyin keyboard but it was saying that no third party keyboard is allowed. Cant even enter the app at all.
The only annoyance this app has is the inability to use Android's native back button to go back. No, I don't want to log out. I just want to go back or return to the previous page. Considering how phones are getting bigger nowadays, having to reach to the—not the right, even—but top left corner, to go back is just poor, inconsiderate, and cruel UI/UX design. Just why??
1. Back button will straight away asking to exit the app instead of getting a step back. 2. Can't find any link to apply for MAE card. But keep showing ads for it. 3. Can see balance/ or interact within the app without proper login (This is major privacy/security issues) 4. Need to topup MAE account with linked maybank account. Why bother have separate account? (Making a lot of unnecessary transaction) 5. Why bother creating different app in the first place? If this get fix. Will improve rate.
The app does not support special characters, I can't login till I change my password. Another bad experience is it always check your keyboard type (I used Android keyboard, not Samsung keyboard, so it'll always block me). I'm okay with this function, but why not you only fingerprint at first login, only detect keyboard if you want to perform any transactions (like other bank apps)...
Just installed the app and setup everything, it's ok so far but give me insecurity when u can open the app without any authorisation, though u still need to enter password when u wanna use any features, but u can straight away see the interface even without entering password is no good, not to say it display how much I got in my bank account without any authorisation. Where is the no show money in public lesson? Hope it get fixed soon.
I rate this one star because I cant login. Cant login because it says my password invalid. Then I tried the same password at m2u and it works. Tried it again, this time, one by one to make sure that I have input my password correctly, and I did. The same thing happened.
Looks clean and smooth but not without problem. Setting the biometric login a bit tricky, even if it displays fingerprint recognized, keep it pressed until it registered into the system. I only notice this after days of trying.
Always crashed after made a fund transfer and shared the receipt. Fixed deposit only available for viewing and can't do placement or uplift.
I seem to be unable to apply for the MAE card. Any reason why? Update: manage to solve this. Apparently its cause I don't have a debit card. After I made a debit card, problem was solved.
I think this app is very well done, the UI, expense function and all the important information in one place is very useful
Nicer UI and UX but same old issues. The back button prompts you if you want to close the app instead of returning to the previous page, and the Favourites in Bill Payment still doesn't sync with web M2u. The Expenses is a nice feature but the loading time is noticeable long. It's long enough to disturb the experience of using the app.
Please allow copy paste in the app. Sometimes we need to copy the account number instead of typing one by one to avoid error. Please bring back that feature like in the M2U App before. Thanks. Will change the rating after the implementation has been done.
Overall mostly superb 👍 but why MAE QR pay can't scan QR code from smartphone gallery? and please give more option format for user send our owned QR code. Currently in M2U application to send QR code only in pdf format . At least much have photo format so end user don't need to crop QR code in pdf to photo format. Please take action ASAP.. TQ
Wow, this app is a LIFESAVER! Without it, I wouldn't have been able to find out I still have a subscription to a service I don't even use anymore! Because let's be real, who really has time to scan thru your bank statements to find out each purchase you've made in a month.
The back button triggering quit query is annoying. A lot of double counting in Expense, misrepresenting the real expense. Spare Change Booster is not working.
I hope the app improves it's expenses tracking. Eg transfer money to another saving account shouldn't be seen as expenses. Also when I use in petrol station - 200 deducted but refund won't be reflected..
The overall design is great, much better than the design with the Maybank2U app. But the problem is that my password is much longer than the space provided. The password shows that I have enter the incorrect password, in actual fact I enter the same password through MAYBANK2U I was able to login. Kindly fixed on such matter Im looking forward of using this app Updates: No, is still no working. I think looking into your problem is more efficient.
I like the apps so much as it can auto trace all my bank and card spending. But im facing problem with some of the transfer transactions when I try to change the expenses category, it will show error message saying you can't change right now need to try again later, but even i tried on the next day still the same. Also I hope there will be a function to exclude transactions from my expenses, sometimes I just make payment on behalf, not my own expenses.
(1) SOLVED - Not supported third party keyboard? I dont want to change the setting everytime i use MAE app...waste of my time! (2) NOT SOLVED - Why is MY GOAL fund in M2U cannot be seen in MAE, the purpose is the same as TABUNG in MAE (3) NOT SOLVED - I want to manage my TaBung Haji in MAE too...why there is only ASNB can be seen under Investment, how about TH???
Good interface but cluttered with things that are not important. User should be able to hide things like Deals, Top Reads, Food Near Me, Tabung, etc if it is not important to them. Some people just want to do banking. Also there is a calculation oversight under Expenses where it counts money moved from a Maybank CDS Nominees account CASA accounts as an expense thus causing some doube-counting.
I really love the app. But i would like to suggest can you add on functional of ASB and Tabung Haji for the current MAE apps. As for the time being, if customer want to transfer fund to ASB, we only can use maybank2u apps itself not MAE.. Same goes with Tabung Haji only can be transferred through maybank2u website . Can you make it possible on MAE apps so that wr can utilise the apps. TQIA...
Excellent. I like the expenses record but I can't change the automated update of cash withdrawal. The record is redundant with my daily spending using cash. So, just don't record anything that you buy using the money you withdrew. Or can someone teach me how to do this?
The app has been improved tremendously. Thank you! However, there's a small issue where it says wrong password for M2U eventhough I typed in the correct one. I did a test on my Maybank app and I can use the same password but it doesn't work on MAE. Please help!
This is terrible. I downloaded MAE when it was first launched. Was happy using it even though I'm not Maybank customer. All of the sudden I'm block from using it. Call your customer service yet they can't resolve it saying that they can't verify my identity. And when I try to create a new account, you say that I already have access. How ridiculous!
Thanks for the update. After days of using the new app. I find that the MAE QRPAY function could not able to proceed for payment on the older Maybank QR code.. Have to use the old app to QRPAY.. Hoping for the next update
Didnt request for passcode at start. Interface is slow. The scariest part is, my full name is WRONG in GSP. This app doesnt link with your main database? How could it read my name wrong? A total different person name for my personal goal saving. That affected the first objective of this app, SECURITY! Fix it asap.
I can't use it because it says it is not supported on third party keyboard and told me to change it to default keyboard😅 I'm sorry, it's seems like a hassle from me to switch keyboards just because ONE APP DOES NOT SUPPORT IT. Hope the app makes a change soon for me to use it soon.
Ridiculously difficult app. Tried to withdraw from my Tabung and never had a successful attempt. It's like my OWN money is frozen in my OWN account for no reason AT ALL.
No sure why have this app when M2U has all the features. Bad thing abt this when ewallet linked to account, the total amount in the saving is exposed. Very bad idea on this
Cud be a useful app. But I don't like tht I don't hv option to allocate my savings into the tabungs. Instead you arbitrarily decide for me to start from zero & force me to deduct x amt/wk/mth. I want option to decide hw much i want to put in a certain tabung, & also the ability to initially fund the tabung w/ whtever amt of seed $ i want. I actually already hv sinking funds started in other app, but I'm not able to make my tabung reflect this reality. So, sad to say i won't use this vapp for nw.
I tried to login using my m2u password however it keep on failing due to character limitation on the password box itself (i counted). This has cause me to reset my actual M2U password. What a hassle. Dont release if its still buggy. Better go for other e-wallet apps that is more stable.
Slow response when I use mobile data for using this app. And worse, when connected to my home Unifi the app just doesn't start, it just continuously spin the circle around the M symbol.
Nice app however I don't like the same design as maybank2u app where the back button is always at the top left corner and I can't use my phone's back button to navigate back. I got a big phone (note 10 plus) and to tap the top left with 1 hand is very hard, please reconsider the design.
My Maybank account has no issues at all but for some reason, when I tried to log in with my M2U, it says that my "ACCOUNT IS LOCKED". What happened? I've called the customer service it says that my account has no issues and they also don't know why my account is locked. Please help me with this issue.
i want to use android back button to close the current activity. not exit the app. it is not making any sense.
This application is very stylish, fast and simplifies the day-to-day business of using online banking services. Good job Maybank. Double thumbs up!!
Before MAE I would wait for the receipt to be printed out whenever I wave my card at any card terminals in order to check if the amount charged stated on the receipt is correct. But with MAE all card expenditures will show in a super fast notification, hence I don't have to wait for the card terminal's receipt. The ability to see my spending according to the different sectors is very useful.
Wow! Im impressed. It's quite friendly. Love the interfaces. However, this app required phone default keyboard to start. Meanwhile, Im using multiling keyboard as for default since my finger is gemok and need special attention for the keyboard resize. Hope this app can be integrate with the 3rd app keyboard.
Wallet top up still requires login password when initial wallet selection already prompt for biometric login. Why do I need to key in password again? Why can't you work something like other e wallet that doesn't prompt for password. Using other ewallet I can quickly top up and pay in less than 30 seconds while using your app I have to secretly key in password, select which account to top up from, etc. How many steps to do in front of a cashier?
I think it would be useful to not only track expenses but also track income. For example, pre-auth when refueling at a petrol station, the pre-auth deduction will be returned to us but it is not registered in this app. I do find this to be a big drawback of this app. Should this feature be added, this will surely be a great app to use as we can quickly monitor our expenses and our income to find out the balance we have in our account.
I tried to login using my Maybank2u credentials. It keeps saying the password is wrong. I'm 100% sure my password was right, but now I'm locked out of Maybank2U and I need to reset my password, which is an inconvenience. UPDATE: I see that I'm having the same issue as another user who made a review - my password is longer than the space given. I've now reset my password with less characters and able to login to both Maybank2U and Mae. Please fix the Mae app to avoid inconveniencing others.
Downloaded it recently, yet still fail to register a account. Theres no problem on my side that's for sure. Been trying to register for one whole day still cant seem to work out and i saw that theres actually alot of people facing this kind of problem too. Hope to get in touch with customer service for further details regarding this issue.
Reason for 2 stars: 1. Not allowed to top up from debit or credit card 2. Not open for any simple investment or insurance i.e. FD, Stashway or any other investment tool for tabungs 3. Back button auto logout? 4. Original MBB app got MAE, what is the purpose of opening another app to confuse or make inconvinient to public without above item 1 to 3? To waste the bank money? Note: I am MBB shareholders as well, please improve your app! Or not this is just a piece of trash and wasting public fund!
Wasted my precious time with it. Why do you provide us with half bake or semi half half app to us? Big reputation but ruined by incomplete app. Tsk tsk... Seriously I never thought that you would be as good as EA company. Delighted to bring half baked ideas, install and see what happen. Then fixed bug up down left and right. Yo.. Please maintain your professionalism!
So far, this app is AMAZING!! the design, everything! its what i always wished the m2u app had!! finally ayyy!! I rated 4 stars... what could make me give a 5 star is the ability to go "back" with my devices back button... its kinda annoying to keep pressing the top left corner haha... overall, amazing for my usage 🙌
A lots of Issues I get in the tabung features, after I fund my tabung I can't withdrawal it at call. Need to call to the customer service to solve my issue for several time. No idea how does the tester of this app working on. Low quality.. troublesome!!!!
Love the app, way better than the old M2U app. All the extra features are very nicely integrated. Love the fact that you can hide your balance if you want to. My only annoyance has nothing to do with the app, it's the card, why is it so hard to activate the contactless payment for the card? I've called the hotline so many times but it's always full.
Worst scanner, never seen before. We already tried several times. Still not recognize.. Other banks scanner all user friendly but this one.... I also don't know, is there any other options to open an account..
I went to open a new account. Many times i try to my best,but its still Can't scan my passport data.automatically its go back my home screen. Why????plz upgrade app scanner.
So far so good, though sometimes the app became lagging and delayed in responding in online transaction placed in..easy accessibility n adaptability especially for first time in app user
Biometric authentication can't use. Got error when you want enable it. Can't top up account from debit/credit card. When logout the page not refresh. Still appear account information.
Great expense tracker. Save the user a lot of hassle in doing finance tracking. However it would be better if the monthly expense can be email to user email else there is no way to export the data. Also an annual expense report option will be good. I also like the Tabung where it helps to set a saving goal and automatically help you to commit to it. Only thing is hope Maybank keep our money safe. Btw, is this a replacement for the old Maybank app?
Myself being a right handed person, having to go all the way to the top left corner of the screen to go back to the previous screen every time is rather very inconvenient. Should've used Android's native BACK navigation button/gesture(n instead.
History for Petrol Expenses on debit card is not correct (I didn't use credit card for petrol) - on the existing data of my maybank2u linked accounts. Just applied for MAE debit card. The system did not count the debit and credit amount correctly for the pre authorization on petrol purchasing.
This apps is scary! But i like most of the features. I rate 5 stars because it is scarily interesting. You should try then you will get to know what i meant.
I have to edit expenses at least twice to make it register. Otherwise after edit it goes back to default category (finance). This is annoying
Big applause to maybank, this app really help me a lot through my spending. As I'm really a financial person. Before this I need to use 3rd party apps for tracking my account, sometimes paid apps. Really grateful for this new idea for maybank users😁 it's good tho. But hopeful this keep improving from times to times so we can see a new updates from you. So far I satisfied with it👍
I have already installed this app but it can't even set up my MAE account because it took to long to scan my ic. It's keep saying 'FAILED TU OCR IMAGE'. I try many times then it succeeded scan my ic but when i'm taking my selfie this apps can't identify me after that. Please fix this. I really need to register on this apps.
I have enabled one tab authorization but failed to transfer money to tabung. Got pop up error unable to topup. Please fix this issue..
Update: App take too long to loading. Spending/payment not instand record/capture in expenses summary. Transfer/topup mae acc from saving account need login with password. Old M2U MY is much2 better. Old apps is fast and convenient. New MAE slow, take more step to complete transaction.
Super slow app.. need to wait around 1 minutes to open it. Sometimes just load and load. Waste the time.... Better to use back the maybank2u apps.
Loading time is like waiting rocks to be soften. Hello i don't dark mode, pls fix it, make an option to set the dark mode on or off
i dislike one thing is once i have log out and close the app, another time i open then app without log in, it will direct showy name and balance wallet on the homepage. if like this without log in also can see the balance, i feel there is no privacy for me.
Beautiful design. However, I think the app is not yet fully opitmized for dark mode as some icons are not visible. My suggestion is to give the users the choice whether to use the app in light or dark mode and not depending of the user's phone current mode. Other than that, this app is a great initiative form Maybank.
Great refresh over the existing maybank2u app. Intuitive and easy to use. I wished it could enable the nfc payment sort of google pay or samsung pay for more conveniences. Also, wished i can also swipe gesture to go back to previous screen instead of using back arrow button. It bugs me since im used to swipe back gesture but here it trigger "exit the app" option instead of going back to previous screen. Apart from that i also recommend to enable password or biometric login when opening the app.
Instead of creating new application, why don't you just upgrade the old M2U MY app? Just renew the interface and make all the features available in MAE app in M2U would be great. Because this MAE app has most features provided in the M2U app already. Except the movie ticket purchase etc. I find this app a bit useless. Still prefer using the old one.
Downloaded the apps guided by MBB personnel, when comes to filling in my phone number and IC# it come out the OTP send to other phone number, this happen twice.
This app help meon making my own saving and categories it. This app also help me to tracker my expenses in midnight ( it not update on time) . This app really helping me a lot on splits my money and go for my saving. Tq maybank for making life easier
So far so good. Still yet to fully utilize the full capability of mae. I dont understand why the need to have a separate MAE acct number when you can maybe still use the old maybank acct number. That for me feels wierd because now you have two account numbers under same app. Another suggestion is to include the tabung haji account option like the old m2u app. Cant seem to find it in mae app
Same mistake from m2u app, not allow autofill for password, m2u app now allowed to autofill then now MAE app repeat same mistake. Again some people don't remember their super complicated password for security reasons they use password manager, and your app not allowed autofill do you know how much trouble for user to key in thier super complicated password alphabet by alphabet something like this -> x.jXbJ01)#1bBy
Cant log in because i have a long password. Maximum password length is 12 characters. Because of this i have to reset my password multiple times. Fix this now. Update 1st November 2020: Still cant log in using this app. It says i entered my password wrongly. But, when i use M2U app my password is correct. Still does not resolve the issue.
I raised rating from 1 to 3 stars now that I can actually login (after 3rd party keyboard fix by app). Tried it a few times sorting out expenses - good start I would say. Would like to see the feature of being able to select a few transactions and group them at the same time, instead of correcting one by one. Also wonder if the app would learn the grouping based on personal historical action, so that regular transactions would not need regrouping every month.
I feel pressure when I use these apps because I can not register a wallet account using the scan ic system, I repeatedly scanned but still failed, I used an international wallet like bitcoin wallet but their system has no problem like this, I want to comment to the party test product first really so as not to bother the user
My problem with this app is : 1. i want a dark mode for this app 2. total investment in maybank2u section not shown properly 3. cannot topup asnb in this app 4. put option to freeze my card 5. more promotion if use mae 6. use more user friendly ui 7. make transfer money ui more easier 8. can chat with agent if have problem
Like very much this app. The only think i missed is link to Tabung Haji. Well go work MAE, now i can viewed my TH balance. What about make it happens to have a transaction ie to and from own account to TH and vise versa.
Nice UI and UX. But the back button triggering quit query is annoying. The expenses classification can be improved: LAZADA and EZYPAY label for example should be classified as Shopping tag by default. Transfer within M2U accounts also should not be classified as Expenses.
quite a nice app and it's more friendly and easier to use than M2U app, and I almost uninstall M2U and just solely use MAE. But a drawback hold me off because I can't input 16 digits/characters or more on "recipient reference". 5 stars will be given if you rectify this
ive downloaded the apps, but i keep getting error message it does no support rooted device. my phone is not rooted though. now ive updated the apps to its latest version, i still cannot get in there. other e wallet apps okay, why mae apps cannot? do not ask me to pm you or email, because ive done that, and no answer to my email. ughh
Overall good, but still could not transfer directly to ASB as Maybank2U app, and also the issue with the Back button behaviour who wants to exit the app instead of move one page back
Lovin the interface and expenses feature is super useful. However it seems to have some bugs where I need to edit or label my expenses twice so it then it will be changed. And another thing is that it keeps saying that I denied permission but what permission that is I do not know. I love this app so please fix these thanks!
I don't know what is this app problem. I can log in at the website and M2U but cannot log in using this app. How can it be like that? I already change my password and same thing keep happening. I'm just done with this app.
Much more interactive more user friendly than the M2U App. Really love the design & colour templates. Can easily keep track of my daily & monthly expenses. I've also tested the app for instant transfer & it functioned perfectly. I really hope you guys add a night mode feature in the app because that would be cool...👍🏼
Update 24/10/2020 Thanks for latest update. I have changed the review scores to 5. Kudos to MAE team to upgrade the app after users feedback. (Previous review) The app does not support special characters, I can't login till I change my password. It will always check your keyboard type (I used Android keyboard, not Samsung keyboard, so it'll always block me). I'm okay with this function, but why not you just check fingerprint, then only detect keyboard if you want to perform any transaction.
Looks okay except back button and info security (can still see your balance and profile name after logging out) Update 10/10/2020 - Readjusted review to 3 stars after MAE Support team response - Can't hide username. Balance can be hidden - Please justify the need for phone call authorisation, use of camera & location
Love the design of the app, and the "Expenses" tracker is very useful. However, one issue I have is that when I press the android "back" button, it does not go back but asks me to exit the app. Same issue with the old Maybank app. I hope this can be changed to work properly as my phone is big and I would rather not have to press the top left of the screen.
When you press back button of your phone, it should be back to the previous page, not to EXIT the apps! Not necessary to move our finger all the way to the top left for back function. Please edit this function and i will give 5 stars.
1) Should be able to see CC available limit in the app. Same mistake as your old app. This information is only available on your website - why? Think of users who have been applying for Flexicash / Ezycash. 2) Can still see balance and transactions upon launching if I've logged in on the Maybank2u tab just earlier. It should be hidden the moment I log out, everytime. No time gap.
I feel like there's a real lack of privacy compared to the M2U app. Upon app launch, the wallet balance (i.e. my bank account balance) is immediately visible. This is a privacy and security risk. There isn't even an option to enable pin protection when launching the app.
Your OTP function is not responding well. By the time OTP reached my phone, time period already expired and need to request a new one. Please rectify.
Lousy Application, not user friendly, no one can help to solve my issue despite calling many times and after many emails follow up. Very frustrated, pissed.
Easy to use and a make a transaction using this app. You can get cash vouchers and know how your expenses for a month. Just a back button always ask me to quit the app that annoying me...
Not able to scan merchant's QR code during payment. This app is forcing me to use other eWallets. Device is Google Pixel 2XL, Android OS -11, MAE version 0.6.8.
Useless app. Trying to scan IC to apply for physical MAE card, it asks to me to scan IC "based on local regulations" and it can't even scan it. I've been trying over and over again, and I've been getting a "failed to ocr document" error. Already scan IC when apply why need to scan again, but wouldn't be an issue IF IT WOULD ACTUALLY SCAN. Already scan successfully when apply last year why still need to scan? Horrendous.
Cant login using the same credential which is working on M2U. Made me being locked out from my account and go trhough the trouble to reset my password!
Love the app, way better than the old M2U app. All the extra features are very nicely integrated. Love the fact that you can hide your balance if you want to. Get the app but ignore the card, it's pretty much useless, still haven't been able to activate certain features months after receiving the card & you get charged rm8 yearly for the card.
Good app that show how much spending. However need to also show cash coming in, as the expense only show money come out. Need to have:money out, money in, positive or negative cash for this month, budget allocation(and show alert if past allocation)
Improved on using third party keyboard log in. UI ok, need to optimize the app to be lighter and faster response.
17 Oct Review Good . notified for all transactions made through my credit card, savings account, wallet. . Eye pleasing design . Able to modify category of each transaction made Bad . Takes 10 million years to load the app. Not ideal if I am at cashier and paying for my food and there is a huge queue. . allow users to customise widget icons, I seldom use public transport and loyalty cards, would rather hide the widgets
This is a great app! It's just that everytime you tap the back button the "do you want to leave the app?" button appears, instead of.. going back.
Weird thing happen , i put my password correctly but the app does not recognize my password, i hope in the future update you can see or unsee the password to avoid account being detained because of the 3 times limit
Great app. only complain when Android in dark mode, the MAE will follow in dark mode and a lot of the text will be unreadable, pls fix this bug.
I like the expense tracker the most. Also the ease of navigaion is super smooth.A lot of features as compared the exising Maybank2u app. Just that the UI could be less clumsier. I did see many 1 start reviews as the app doesn't allow 3rd party keyboards. According to my understanding this limitation might be to prevent the security threat of 'key logging' this being an app financial transactions. Maybank being the largest bank in Malaysia must be concerned about protecting it's customer.
Can't login through this app eventhough id & password is correct. Tried login through browser, no problem at all. Please fix it ASAP.
This new apps seems nice and work faster but I hope you can allow us to view and download e-statement for Maybank credit card. The original Maybank apps doesn't have this feature and now the new apps also doesn't have, which is a disappointment to users. Other banks' apps could allow us to view and download e-statement. Please improve and reply me ASAP. Thanks.
The apps is good for me. But I can't even set up my MAE account because of it take forever to scan my ic...say 'Failed to OCR image'...I have been trying so many time but doesn't seem to get through even when the lighting is good...I really need the maybank account but when I go to the branch..they recommend to used this to open new account but still I can't get it done...plus I've been searching for the help button in the apps but I can't find it..
Got a pop up indicating that I have to use system default keyboard. It says "This app is not supported on Third party keyboard. Please use default keyboard." Tapping on Okay doesnt allow to proceed further, and closes the app. If this is due to security, then mention it outirght rather than force System Default keyboard.
I already have the MAE account. But not able to login with error 'Invalid login/password'. I entered exactly the same username&password via MBB app or online web and it works fine..i am puzzled, if anyone can help, please?
I love how convenient this app is. However, please fix the 'spent so far' of my expenses because it shows wrong total of my expenses!! It bothers me so much to the point that I tried reinstalled again and again but it's still the same.
I love the tabung feature in the MAE but apparently after many transactions made activated boosters doesnt seems to work. I really look forward to the booster. Hope this can be fixed soon so that I can spend and save at the same time.
Great app. My problem only the Android back button prompt the app to exit. It should back to previous page, not exit.
Great app, really like it! Few points to improve, such as i.in monthly spend overview being able to filter out specific transactions such as investments ii.after adjusting a transaction to a different category, this change should apply to all historical and future transactions with the same details
Shittiest app for non existing user. I got no point for this app. I tot you are going to encourage new user but it seems like for existing user only. Scanned like 10 times ady still cannot submit.
I cannot set my username. I already tried several username like more than 10 names. I used upercase and alphanumeric. Still cannot. Its showing username not available.
Application fail to get start ,trying for so many times it didn't work -should make some supporting system
Why can't I launch the app? It was working for the first few weeks but now it just stuck at loading screen forever. I can't login anymore.
Sucks. Dam sucks. Slow interface. I thought creating mae wallet is to provide a more faster way to make payment? Can't even get into the app. And felt like it's really dangerous so show all the bank account avaliable and there is no way to hide or unlink those bank accounts. Users should have the choice whether to link it or not.
This apps have relatively nice UI design, but it still has lot work to be done to be considered perfect. Item to be improve: - The navigation for the phone "Back Button" should be navigate to previous page until it can't go back then only ask user if he/she want to quit the app. Not by default assumes the user want to exit. - Once I created the MAE account, and close the "Referral Dialog", it seem I have no way to get it back. MAE card should be free for existing Maybank customers.
Good App. Can use for everyone. Can pay all item , Elektrical , bill , Ultilities or what ever. good for people use bank mybank . . tQ mybank for this app. Love U 😘😘
Almost perfect, but it will be nice if I can modify the daily transactions limit for both e-wallet and mbb cards in the app. Can you also include contactless payment during card activation? Cheers!
This new app is not safe for banking details. The old m2u app automatically logs out from my Maybank account when the app is closed. This app does not do that and my banking details is still visible. Even if I logout from the app, banking information such as account balance is still displayed and the QR payment is still functional even if it is logged out and does not prompt for password or fingerprint verification. This poses a danger if I ever lost my phone. Please fix. Uninstalling for now.
Should enhance the experience of categorize the transaction, I had to manually change all the category, so that I can really clear on my spending, which I think it will be perfect if this is being enhanced. Love the app, which allow me to do bucket saving and spending.
It is delightful to have a new application with easy user interface to navigate within it. However, I have found difficulties to just make an simple instant transfer to other merchant bank and I find it really frustrating as it wouldn't be happening at all back to the days I was using the M2U app. I urge the developer to fix the app with OTA updates ASAP and if not, maybe stick with the old M2U and push more updates towards it for the sake of our user experience.
Can be improved. Almost there, a lot of useful functions (MAE has killed the e-wallet market now imo) but need to declutter the app (Maybe have a separate Banking and MAE sections). Also, why can't I access everything through the app? I cannot topup my ASB, ASB2 and self-contribution for KWSP is not available (used to be under 'Pay Bills'). It's annoying that I get the 'Account not recognized' error message when I want to topup my Tabung.
A single app to do it all. Very impressive, as it multifunctions as an expense tracker too. Good for when you have all your savings and cards from Maybank. Might eventually replace my Wallet Budgetbakers app. Edit: thanks for the response! Some helpful functions to add include Planned Payments, Budgeting, Income records from non-Maybank sources, auto Location tagging, Cashflow, Credit Score, and Category Filters.
Don't like it. It should be able to link to my Maybank account and top up automatically whenever I hit insufficient funds when making payments with my MAE card
Love the apps, especially the Tabung and Expenses Tracker. However, the QR code can't be scan by multiple merchandiser ie Sans Francisco Coffee, Starbucks and giving me a hard time to use them! Please fix it..
ui updated to reflect changes, but reduce functionality. last time after transfer fund can still view and download the receipt along with details. now only can view. why reduce the functionality? putting colorful widget is not helping if it doesn't serve banking convenience. what the hell are you guys thinking?
Hi, I love this app but the fingerprint authentication seems like doesn't work with my phone. I don't know why. But i feel insecured eventhough any transaction needs my m2u password at the first place. Please fix this. Thank you
Would have been nice if we can use back button on our phone to return back to previous screen instead of prompting " Do you want to exit the app? " really inconvenient.
Failed to login MAE. I have no issue at all with M2u but whenever i try to login with MAE it stated username and password do not match. Contacted their customer service but no response for months.