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MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map

MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by Map Genie located at 11 Biscayne Avenue, E14 9BE, London. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
An fan-made that is unofficial for Genshin Impact. Find all side quests and memorabilia in Teyvat with this specific digital companion!

• Over 600 areas - discover all Anemoculus, Chests, Shrines & much more!
• 70+ categories - including Quests, Seelies, Books, resources & Teleport Waypoints
• Quicksearch - only kind the name of a location to instantly find what you're searching for.
• Sync progress aided by the web site: https://mapgenie.io/genshin-impact
• Progress Tracker - mark areas as track and found the progress of the collectables.
• Take records - establishing places of interest by adding notes to the map.

NOTE: This software is still work-in-progress and we're adding more locations every day!

us know!

Disclaimer: MapGenie is within no way associated with miHoYo (the developers behind Genshin influence if you discover a bug, or have ideas for the app, be sure to use the 'Send Feedback' alternative below to allow)

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This app has been so useful to me since I downloaded it. You can choose specific things to look for and it just overall helps out a lot, whether you're looking for cor lapis or treasure hoarder camps.
It would be nice if you could type search for specific things. And it would be amazing if you could sync it to your game. I didn't know about this until weeks after starting. Now I have to check the spots where I've already gotten things one by one. Really takes away from the usefulness when I've already found 90% of the anemoculi.
Only reason giving 3 star to this App is too much lagging and time it takes to load map is huge too. An offline feature will be appreciated. Otherwise great app 5 star worthy.
It was working before but after updating it to include Dragonspine, it always crashes. I open this on my old phone so I can play freely on the other. Is it not compatible with J5 2015? :cc
Very usefull and complete map, really helps finding that chest that you left like 3 days ago and now you dont know where the f it is, really nice job with this app.
So its a great app but i have a suggestion of a feature and its the ability to link your acc on genshin or what email you used to track anything you still haven't found like you want to see where anemoculus are if you link your acc and you can see the anemoculus that you still haven't got
Bought this app because I needed to mark more than a hundred. Worth it. Stop complaining and buy it if you want to experience its full features. Been using this for 3 months now. I'm 100% in some regions already. Thanks!!!
Nice app but u missed one point shop, there is one shop in qingce village, female npc who sell silk flower, almond tofu, glaze lily, etc
good but they need to add profiling for different user for pro user, need to add profiling so i can switch to my anothet account, and so i dont need to reset all my achievement
It's a great map but the two things I installed this app for, carrots and small lantern flowers, aren't here 😅 would appreciate if you add them
Such a good guide for player. If can i hope the developer can un collect back all the resource when it been spawn again so the player can track back whether the resaurce is availble to be collected again or not. Thank you
It was good. Well, atleast at first. Yesterday, it works just fine, but today when i tried to open the app, it says could not load data or something along those lines. But yeah, this was a pretty good app. Maybe 3.5?
Overall good app. I would want though to be able to have the option in removing things ( in a group) that I have already found. Nonetheless good app
The app is very good only thing is that sometimes the markers will have an issue and not fade after pressing found
It's very easy to use and I love that pictures are provided for the location of things like Anemoculi!
Great one and often updated. If you could let it remember the filter preferences (both in app and website) then I would definitely buy the pro and call it a 5 star.
It's wonderful but I was wondering how to contact you guys to make updates on a few mistakes/updates here and there. For example an Exquisite Chest locked behind doors also spawns the light rocks after opening said chest. Which then also unlocked a precious chest once you light up the lamps. Great either way and if you've done some puzzles you'll know how to get it but just wanted everyone to get it if possible.
Good but I've noticed a few things are doubled up on the map and in the wrong general area. Sometimes seelies will show both where the spirit is and where it goes or just where it goes. Other than that it's a very useful map that has helped me find most of everything I'm missing.
I feel like you shouldn't have to pay for something that the players are making more effort towards than the app makers
Super helpful and quick. Not perfect by any means, resources are still be discovered, but it's still super useful.
I literally could not ascend my characters without this. Not that I couldn't use any other site or map, but this made it almost Too easy to grind.
Very helpful for adventure hunt. I love this app as of right now. There are no ads to disrupt our item hunt. Great experience overall.
You can only mark off 100 points before you have to pay or unmark some locations which means when looking for geoculi in liyue you can't even mark all 131 off.
I don't know if I'm just stupid or what, but i can't log in using my twitter account, i play genshin from my twitter account but other then that this is a great app, 4 star?
Very easy to use and works perfectly fine. It helps a lot finding hard-to-find items on Genshin Impact.
Very very useful! Its got everything and description and maybe pic of the object. Everything can be marked as found to track progress! Very useful. I dont think I have the paid version yet, so the free version serves VERY well.
Just what you would expect a map with all the functionality you need with all there is to mark, easy options to select what you want marked and what not.
Very nice specially when youre looking for anemoculous and geoculous, specially bc they added pictures of where they are
Some features are missing, like unchecking in bulk for chests for example, and it should show which monster is marked on the map, but the application is very useful for finding oculis
Great for tracking exploration progress. Affordable, too. Some wonkiness here and there but, overall, worth the money if you're a completionist in Genshin Impact.
It was overall a good map however i didn't expect it to have limited marks but overall the app itself is great there was a few weird chest marking that i couldn't find but i haven't encounter anymore of it ... Turns out the chest was supposed to be summoned by a nearby seelie so i went to the chest first instead of the seelie so my bad there i guess but you should say that the chest needed to be unlocked using seelie tho .... I'm having fun using the app thank you for developing it
absolutely adore this app for finding items !!! only issue is the image of the map itself is the top left areas don't seem to be finished on the screen?
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING APP. Im really thankful this app exist cuz its so easy to find stuffs and i really love the way its so detailed
Does what it needs to do. Pro version just makes it easy to track everything but isn't needed the way some apps do.
Really useful, but could you add the image of the item? Cause I get mixed up which is which, but overall, really good guide, Thank you so much.
Very good app, just a bit laggy when I start it and all the icons show. I don't like the 100 marked limit, since I need to mark off anemoculus and geo and I can't pay for premium, but otherwise good!
It's good but the pro version is like $7... Just to expand how much you can label things you find as found. Come on.
Amazing app and even bought premium like 1hr into use. Only reason it isn't 5 star is because the map isn't perfect obviously so some other maps might have different spots but still very accurate!
Honestly this map is better then the other interactive map online, it shows you more locations and they are very accurate and the upgrade to pro is completely afforable and worth it. definetly reccomend
It does have a lot of the things on the map, but I wish it would update automatically. Since I have to log in to the map, I though it would auto check things off the map. It does not.
Good but could be better the yuanshen.site map feels and looks alot better plz update the map to a similar standard and this will be great
Please add a Log Out button! I literally have to uninstall everytime I want to log into a different account. Other than that, best Genshin Map app I've seen. Cheers!
Dev, please update the app base on game recent event. Hehe but its good that you already have crimson shards. Please add location of new chests at new map. Were really appreciate it. 🤗
Ngl, it's really helpful, i didn't realise that i miss a bunch of chests around the world and some areas that i haven't explore yet. Very nice, thank you.
I love the simplistic nature with this app, easy to use and it's very helpfull with it shows the hidden chests and step by step plus pictures, i do recomend an add-on for marks such as "marked found daily" so i know wich one i already found or farmed today, for example i wiah i could "marked as found" a hilichurl for today and it will reset to "not found" tomorrow, that would be really helpfull
It's perfect. Pay the money. Get the premium, have an incredibly improved gameplay experience while playing Genshin. Guess it comes down to money, but to me, well worth it.
please make the app remember what we've selected (the filter thingy) before. maybe can add this to pro version only.
So useful I purchased the pro version. :) has picture guides embedded in most points you want to discover
This has made a tremendous difference in my gameplay. I can finally sleep at night feeling confident that i found all the treasure chests in any given area that i search.
Amazing app. Very helpful for farming i recommended the pro version as well. However, sometimes the location of the markers should be made better cuz they are a little off sometimes. Also, some of the descriptions of the markers are pretty bad, but most of them are good.
I bought the pro version cause i see some mark still missing, like ore positions, mushrooms, (and a simple blacksmith is only 1,while there's 2,in monstaadt and liyue) is this still Work in Progress or is this a finished product? Will it be updated too if genshin patch map in the future? I'll change the stars when i got reply, thanks Update:already replied, thanks for the fast response and good work!
Update ) For the tracked category section once I mark it as found and I have cleared all of of them I should have a unfind option for that tracked category please add this 4 qualityof life
I really love the resources that it shows. The only problem was at the start of the app, all resources are shown. That might be the reason why my phone lagging all the time. But it can be solved by pressing the Hide All button.Kind of a hassle tho but its fine. Keep up the good work!!!
Map is good but crystals are not all displaying it also shows electro crystals when I pick crystals only
Very useful app for Genshin players specially above 30th rank. Still I think they don't know all the items like one I remember luxurious chest at Bank in Liyue on 1st floor wasn't mentioned here where you'll get 200000 Mora
I highly recommend this app, I find it very helpful, I can find what I'm looking for easily.... thank you
This app is good if you're looking for something short term but if you're thinking long term it's pretty bad. You could buy something else with the pro version like primogens within the actual game. Only get this app if you wanna play the game very casually or if you're ok with an unfinished product
nice app, ive found 20% of the chests in game will continue using this. but some of the chests are wrong, for example some exquisite chests are actually just common chests in game (i already untick common chest but it still happen). the pro version is monthly or lifetime?
It's a real lifesaver! Especially if you're stuck or just need one more item. It can be a bit overwhelming at first but as soon as you get the control panel down its simple :)
Would be nice if it was possible to report stuff like chests, add image and everything, of course it would need confirmation, but maybe that would speed up things with 1.2 and future updates
100 is to little seriously anoying id rather look up a vid on yt for the locations decently helpfupl still i aint buyin just to unlimitedly mark locations for another game i coud spend that money on
It's okay even after paying for the service. It's still outdated after the last update. Please fix your app it's so annoying that it also restarts everytime you switch with other apps
I can open, interact, and load progress between devices. One problem after a week of usage arises. The map image won't load anymore, but the pinpoints are still loaded.
It works super well but was using it and had everything marked not knowing there was a pro but then reached my 100 limit. Not wanting to pay 5 dollars I now have to go back and mark everything on a new map. So if you want to use this be aware of this before you use it as your main guide.
There's a ton of reviews saying it won't let them log in or that the login feature is fishy, but I have a sneaking suspicion they're thinking it's login to their Genshin Impact account, NOT their Map Genie account. If this map actually claimed it could track found items through your Genshin Impact account, then I'd be concerned. The tracking is self-done, not automatic. And personally, I don't mind a $5, one time charge that could save me HUNDREDS on Primogems. Thanks for this app! <3
This app is good so far, this helps me mark all the anemoculus i got but one thing i want for this app is that you can use it while playing genshin so that i dont have to go back and forth opening and reopening the app to mark a location
I like the app a lot, but similarly to other users there's a few issues. The biggest to me is when you open the app it seems to reset your map filters, and it displays every icon. It would be great if the app could remember what map objects you filtered from the last time you used it. Also when you move across the map quickly or zoom out, it seems to need to reload the map image and it would be awesome if it is possible to have it cache the map in the settings.
By far the best interactive map for Genshin, it explains and shows pictures of the place. Pro is a bit expensive(30+) but it's a one time payment. So if you're an active(and an addict) player and you want to grind. This is a good map.
Extremely helpful tool. As long as they stay updated with the game I don't think anything can rival this app!
Force stop on Lenovo vibe s1. Yes it's an old phone. But hey, I use this phone for wiki's and stuffs and play games on my main phone. Hopefully the devs will fix this issue.
When I try to log into the app, it keeps saying incorrect login. The only way I can log in is when I click register, it then takes me to the web browser app. I was going to purchase the pro version, but won't now because of this glitch. Fix this pls.
please make the app remember the our preferences (the filter thingy). maybe can add this to pro version only.. not all pins are accurate but overall its good cuz serve its purposes. the map is updated till latest genshin impact 1.2 dragonspine update, so dont worry guys.
Really?? We should upgrade after 100 mark? Then why we still see ads at the bottom of app? Doesnt it enough for u? Greedy apps, uninstall
I like this app... The only problem i have is the log-in... Can't trust an app that asks for an email and password...
Hoping you will integrate with mihoyo genshin server so can sync with game account ad keep track each thing
Laggy like the website version, why does it need to reload every zoom in/out and panning? Since it's in app why can't it use an image file from with the app ifself
Map is not loading properly and uses damn internet which can be offline. Lots of ads that hinders the map. Can't even remember the last thing you did before closing the apps and easily reloads when you go to another app to check something.
Very helpful app! A must have for every player. Though I agree with the 100 checks cap, why must it be paywalled.
This really is a "must-have" app for genshin impact players! Literally every detail of genshin impact map is shown here. Srry for bad english <3
Bloody great app! I bought the sub on the main website so i don't see any ads, and I can track as many markers as i want. I didn't have the sub before, and it's pretty much useless without it, so a star off for "pay-to-win".
This app are good it can be also help with the genshin impact, here are the important ones that will go on your map. And this guide is complete, this is the right guide, you will put everything on the map. And also the characters of what build is just missing here, the best build of characters and team. And you can also put on Epic if there is no legendary. I suggest this App or you create apps for best build dps characters.
I just knew you can only mark 100 locations. I feel so disappointed. I searched for interactive maps for Genshin Impact. The previous one really dissapointed me because it didn't save the marked locations. Now this?! Just atleast make it free so some players wouldn't get trouble from this. I only downloaded this because I needed some mora and primogems. We came here because we we're broke that's why we downloaded this.
Very helpful for beginners and late players so many things that this helps you unlock also get the pro version on the website. Thank me later 😉
Very good app it helps me a lot in finding geoculous and precious chest and all the legendary items its 100% Accurate. Great app - 5 stars
Super useful for any genshin player. Only recommendation would to be let users submit photos for items etc.
This is the best interactive map and please update regularly because some of the resources like luminescent spine aren't available in this app.
Worth the 5$ except it would be nice if they had a reset button for individual categories so i don't have to reset every pin when they reset
This app is really great, it shows where stuff is, allows zooming without losing picture quality, has toggle options and allows you to make notes to yourself in an easy to use way, however there is one huge issue with it - this app doesn't save progress on what you have checked, meaning if you're hunting for a few resources at once you have to reset it to what resources to track every single time, which is quite annoying.
Slow loading.. We can easily download a picture from Internet instead.. Why does this app need Internet anyway.. You could make this work offline.. Also add features like screen overlay.. so that we can use this app while playing the game simultaneously..
Absolutely love this app! I do agree that it would be nice if it could save our preferences but all in all, this is a great app. I highly recommend for all you treasure hunters!
It's a great app interactive map and it even shows you pictures on where to find them in the area but it only allows you to find 100 things before you have to pay for it and I don't think that would be worth it considering there's a free interactive map on genshin impacts website
Abandoned? It's unusable if the filters keep resetting every time the app opens. Caching the map for faster loading/less data usage also seems to be a good idea.
Wish the map wasn't somewhat blurry I have slight issues seeing things close up but other then that this app is helpful
I wish the pro version would cost less or go on sale for like $2-3, idk $5 seems a lot. I wouldnt mind spending if it were cheaper. Also, i wish for the next update to continue the setting of what you left before you close the app
please, there are some chest tag were wrong, or multiple tag are the same one, please fix. I paid this app but get incorrect information, there are other websites also genshin map and more accurate, they also can mark as found.
Good app to track exploration progress. However, the app should be able to save the settings you last used so that when you open it, it immediately shows your last progress without deselecting/selecting the options over and over again. Also, I cannot seem to open it right now. If it's under maintenance or there's an issue, there should be a notice or something. Thanks.
Realy like how easy and detailed this, app is!!! Love it. If you buy the"pro" version its cheap if you consider the time they put on developing it... Big thumb 👍.
Useful app: didn't realize I had to pay for the premium to mark more than 100 locations until I'd marked my 100th, so I would've liked more of a heads up.
Laughable that after 100 notations, it forces you to pay 10 dollars CDN despite CONSTANTLY having "marking location failed" errors.
The map is okay but can you add time trial mechanic things too? I don't know the reason why u didn't, the treasure compass can't point us to those mechanic so this app needs to do the job
If I didnt have this app I would not be able to find things. If I didn't have this map I wouldn't have this map. Truly life changing. 10/10.
Can i buy the pro version on the website and login on my phone and still have pro? I don't want to have to pay an extra $2 for the same thing. Edit: Thanks for the response!
The app is very good and all, but I do believe the app had some kind of memory leak. It eats up more memory than my google chrome whenecer I use floating window. Please fix this.
Love it, very helpful and feels like it's being updated everyday, a few common chests and a seelie location or two seem to be wrong but those are very very rare and overall I'm extremely pleased with the app. The filters resetting after every startup is probably my only complaint.
The app is perfect! I just wish I could log out of the account in my phone since I bought pro in the website.
It literally made my new account farming Soo much easier. Use this app if you start a new account that way you can get a bunch of primogems. I totally recommed
Extremely useful app, but you can only "mark" up to a hundred spots without buying the premium version.
Very helpful, but it should save what categories I want hidden on startup. Also, it shouldn't require an account to use because all you add there is a "found" flag, which wouldn't take a lot of space in the device. Edit: lost one more star because it is limited to 100 checks, which means it is more useful without checking anything. You already have ads in the free version. There was no need for removing features. I'm not buying the full version until you have one payment for all of your maps.
Please update the reset tracked for specific tracked category item not all my progress you know how long it too me to filter everything back down to where it should be because it wasent hours it was days :'(
The entire background has vanished leaving only the symbols. So I am unable to find it. I paid for premium and I can't even use it now!
This app is awesome 👌 wish there was a way it would update on it's own when you find things in game though.
It is perfect for grinding everything the map has to offer, it tells location of everything there is, mission, anemocolus, chest. Perfect for all genshin player.
Ads are too big, map is unoptimzed for loading. The locations are wrong and missed one but I was able to find it.
It started out amazingly! I could use it to mark all my findings... then it only let me mark 100 or pay for more. if I wanted to only mark 100 I would use the game's map - at least that's free. glad we're getting a new system in 1.1 so apps like these don't steal from ppl...
I like the application, but there is some parts of the map that are locked to a certain characters ability to see previously unknown areas of the map. The objects are loaded in the game, but will not show up until the specified characters ability is used. It is a geo based character.
i am satisfied with the app but can you make it that you can see the item icon on item category it will help a lot
Would be good except it forces you to pay if you mark 100 locations. Funny how that fact isn't advertised. It's a free game... I'm not going to pay for a companion app.
You are halfway collecting geocculus when it tells you that you need to be pro to track more than a 100 locations...
Great map app. I bought pro so not sure about free edition tbh. Just started playing and it's helped so much.
Why it always resets when I close the app and reopen it? I want to continue where I left please fix it!
Is what it is could start default empty; with everything prepicked makes it a lil overwhelming at 1st
Not enough markers to find all Geoculi! You have to pay 5bucks to get enough markers smh... otherwise map is good with useful tips and pictures on how to find stuff. i wish it remembered what icons are hidden as everytime i start the map, all kinds of items are shown and i have to hide them again.
Its soooo helpful for looking for just about any material you may need, not a single whopperflower has gone unkilled since i got this app
Why the desktop version and the mobile version pro version price are not the same? Please check!! I bought from desktop which is 4.99 and mobile version are 7.66 which are almost 3 usd difference.
This has a lot to do with my level atm it helped me find all the locations for anemoculus and geoculus things for the statues
The best map for Genshin Impact! Definitely worth the money. It can be slower to update, however it works faster on Android and logs out much rarely on PC then it's analogs
Can only track 100 things without paying for premium. Im sorry, but why? Why would they limit the sole reason people download this? And why advertise it as free when it barely is? You can't even mark 2/3 of the geomunculus with the free portion.
Here's an update to my 2020 review. I can finally use this on my old phone. Thank you. My only regret is that I can only rate 5 stars. This deserves more. (Force stop on Lenovo vibe s1. Yes it's an old phone. But hey, I use this phone for wiki's and stuffs and play games on my main phone. Hopefully the devs will fix this issue.)
Nice map. I'm pleased with it. I don't have to go and open Google to search locations again and again
Sorry, the map doesn't load at all. I waited for exactly 14 mins, nothing happened. The screen was blank. It might be just me so I wouldn't say the app isn't worth your time. Download and check if it works for you. It doesn't for me so um... Meh. Let's move on
Really useful and pleasing to look at. Only complaint is I would like it if my map settings did not reset every time I exited out of the app.
Its a great app but after few days i cant open it anymore pls help I wanted to rate this 5 star but did this so you can notice me
So far so good. Works as intended. Small issue: sometimes (rarely) I select found and it will error out a few second later and un-mark it and I'll not notice till the error message pops up. The accidental back tracking was a problem, but I've just started waiting to make sure it takes.
Extremely useful for resource farming or finding that one treasure ur missing for 100% exploration. Also worth paying the money for premium account or what it's called. Absolutely love this and always use it when playing!
It does what it promises. Could use a bit of optimisation. A little slow to load up the map. And the ads, are non intrusive
Best map app, it lets you mark what items you have found, and I use it all the time. Maybe add the locations for updated things like trees and the new domain. Also maybe some of the unmarked shops? Just some suggestions but other than that it's brilliant
Great app! Been using it to farm enemies and resources late game. Would really like to see an update for tree farming in new update. Also please add the ability to keep the screen on while in the app. 5 stars with those changes.
Is it still working? I used it last night and it helped me a lot but then I tried to open it up today and it just stays on Genshin Map logo. Is there something wrong?
Why it always Failed to mark location. I paid for the pro version.. it really irritated me with this errors.. i always ended upp restarting the aps. And Hide/Unhide Again. Fix This bug please!!!!!
Great! A bit better than the map website (and only a bit because the site was already great), just even handier since I don't need to alt-tab, I can just have it on my phone 😇
Its a very good app,does what its suppose to do and very well at that. The only problem is there isnt anyway to unchecked a marker. Manually unchecking 80 markers is really not fun. Maybe you can add someway to uncheck the things you found when youre done with it.
Still some mistake, but overall is really good apps. Some point have picture to help describe location
Theres pressure plate puzzle thats not in the map. Its south of Dunyu ruin. Once you complete it, the chest will appear in front of abandon house with one guy wondering around. the house is at the top off bandits chest.
Perfect in every way, just make sure to update it as soon and as accurate as possible when the new Inazuma map comes out
It's very nice. It even has a web browser. However, it constantly shows error codes when i try to mark locations i found.
If this only offline and this is great but you need internet to aceess and login . Its either free or make this offline map choose only one.
Missing some chest like 10-15 on dragonspine. Overall a good app tho. Hopefully every update is up to date to the current version of genshin
Pretty awesome, but if have a function that allow you to keep all your setting/toggles so that you don't have to manually press/unselect so many things you're not looking for then it's 5 star to me.
It's started off good but recently on both of my phone this app have been crashing constantly. It be good for thirty seconds and then poof gone, I don't know if this is only happening to me but the last month I was straight.
Gives you no prior warning you can only mark 100 items for free. Essentially tries to hold you hostage to upgrade.
This map is good for locating what you want to find and where is the location of it but the only thing that I don't like is that when I try to login to my account it keeps saying incorrect login details then how am I supposed to track what I have found and what I haven't found.
It's been great so far. My only gripe is there's no way to log out if you're using more than 2 accounts. 😔
so glad to have this as a map app, ☺️ i got this game a few months back when i was just browsing the playstation store and found genshin impact in the store out of random and i was like, what is this game? i played it and now i'm addicted to it! 😜
Great app, very useful for a genshin impact player. I just hope that the devs update the map more often as i know that there's still a lot of missing stuffs in the map. Thanks!
Lol, this app will force you to pay $4.99 after you marked 100 locations. The game is completely free and yet there's this app. It's better to use the one on google.
When logging in, make sure your genshin account is different from the account youre using in mapgenie ; they can try to phish your account this way.
Ads and limited features is ridiculous. It's annoying that you don't save which features I want hidden
overall accuracy was good, but i notice some mark points are missing on a common chest in the real game, i want to report it but its hard to contact you guys.
Great interactive tool. I don't want to create an account to mark/unmark. Maybe introduce a local account in it's place.
The best app for genshin i bought the Pro version which is so goddamn worth it i appreciate your effort of finding these that you deserve to be payed keep it up ! :) I don't know why people don't like it because it's limited , You Deserve to be payed men :)
This app, detail about every material especially oculi. Will tell everything where & how to get it. Can aid as guidebook for GI player. Unfortunately, after 100th mark you'll be prompt to pay for the app. Sigh, this app almost perfect. From 5*, remove 1 for ads, remove 3 for pay, add 2 for great app.
This is very helpful for me, the only problem is when logging in. I can't log in to help me track my progress but overall, it's a great app
This is overall a good app to use if you're trying to find certain things but there is some things missing like four Geoculus and a few others love to see an update where you have 100% completion
Makes my farming easy. No bugs in the app. Can filter out the things you need for the entire map. Also has a prgoress tracker.
Great app, absolute must buy if you're an avid Genshin player like myself. Very clean and well laid out, has been a must have for me so far in the game. One feature that I'd love to see implemented though is a respawn timer when you mark things as found (for enemies, and resources) would help so much! Apart from that it's a fantastic app and worth the money I spent on it.
So far it does what it says so it earns a 3 star how ever a lot of improvements need to be made overtime. The UI is not as smooth making user experience a little poor because it feels lagging or slow of some sort. It would be nice to add images for each and every on of the objectives we are looking for. It may help users who have not yet to memorise all the items in game. Also a brief intro on how to use the app would be nice instead of leaving users to their own ability to understand.
Cant even log in it just only say incorrect password and when going to register the website didn't load
I can't login, it says that 'Incorrect login details', although my email and password is correct, I tried logging in Genshin app and it worked, but it doesn't work in this app.
Solid map. Im looking for something that tracks what domains are available what days and look up assension materials for characters and weapons to make it easier to track but a good start
Lord Tachanka's blessings upon this app and its team Recommendation: Please add a feature to save filtering. Always have to edit what I want and don't want to see when booting web/app. This would be an amazing premium feature (honestly the premium features are pretty lame RN, only bought because I love the project)
Some of the Pin's pictograms are confusing but overall its a great app and help for genshin, I would recommend if I would have any body I could recommend it ^^" (I don't have friends who playing Genshin)
Nice app, it make to find item so easy and btw for someone who want to tag as already found item u must make the account first
After 100 markings it'll ask for money, this app is supposed to be free befause it already gives a lot of ads and on top of this you can mark limited stuff before they ask for money. Definitely made by a greedy creator. Besides the app is also very slow and buggy. And updates bring no significant change to it.
One of the better map I seen so far. It really suck that u only have 100 mark for free but if u willing to pay a little fee then it extremly useful, u can even make ur own customize mark and it also show how to get the item u need. Im not regret paying for the pro version and I still use it daily
Amazing app except for locking down the number of locations you can mark to 100 unless you pay $5+ meaning you can't use it to mark every geoculus unless you pay because there's 131 not cool