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Master Grill

Master Grill for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by 株式会社ドワンゴ located at 東京都中央区銀座4-12-15 歌舞伎座タワー. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Master the grilling with gas torch!

Can you grill well to satisfy customer's request?
Be careful not to burn it!
Serve the dish after grilling is done!
Spice up the dishes with ketchup, mustard and peppers that are black make it look delicious.

1. Grill with your torch!
2. Season with sauce, peppers and more!
3. Serve to your customer.

Easy three steps!

Purchase Your torchers that are new table decorations with reward coins.
Play more stages to unlock mystery torches.
Find keys to unlock chests for new torch.
Upgrade your restaurant.

Super fun and Gas Torch Grilling that is satisfying game!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Master Grill.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Master Grill for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
If you want ads after ads after ads then play this game, you finish 1 part of a level and get hit with an add which you can exit after 10 seconds, only so you can watch another add for 10 seconds. Then complete around 15 seconds of game play and repeat the cycle...uninstall
this game is good but then its bad cause there is ad after ad after ad after ad so you only get to complete one level at a time
This game is really 👍. The thing I don't like is that you can only do one thing at a time. Anyway I love this game! For that it's a 4 🌟
Installed and uninstalled within 5 minutes. After every single thing you do there is an ad. I might have enjoyed this game if it wasn't for all the ads.
Game sucks! You have an ad after ever thing you do! What is up with that?!? I'm deleting! Dont waste your time unless you like watching ads!
Good game. But way to many ads. Like 1 ad everytime you finish something. Makes the game not fun. Please remove the ads or make less ads
Really are you mad it is so many ads this game is with one star I want to give you half in this this is so many ads and really I dont like adsssssss
I love the concept of the game.Ut is soon good!U would have given it 5 stars but there's one problem. So. Many. Adds!😩😖After you click on one thing.Boom! Adds.I have had this game for not even 10 minutes and the adds are annoying me.
Don't bother download there where 4 ads one after the other before I even got to the second customer uninstalling
So many ads you dont get to really experience the game. It is so all over with everything that goes on within the game.
Kinda glitchy, ads while playing, crashed a lot and had to reopen it and restart level :/ but pretty good gameplay wish it was more diverse and different.
There's way too many advertisements every time I click there's an advertisement I'm going to uninstall your game it's a damn shame because I was having fun until the advertisement barrage
Unacceptable amount of ads. There are games where you're like "okay, there are a lot of ads" and then there is this game. Easily 10 ads within the first minute of playing, no exaggeration. Uninstaller after less than 5 min.
So MANY ADD.ADD AFTER add after add the game is good.but you can badly play it because 90 percent of.the game is adds.
I understand the need for ads. However, it is ridiculous to play for 5 seconds completing a simple task and then watch an ad.
This game is awful. I turned off vibrations in the settings, and most of the levels still vibrare. And also there is an add after almost every level. It also gets boring really fast. Don't waste your time with this game.
TO MANY ADS!! This game was pretty cool ...... Until the attack of the ads! After every single thing you do there's an ad. Every few seconds, whether you're trying to complete your task or not, there's an ad! You really don't get to enjoy the gameplay due to this. I get that they have to generate revenue but this many ads is rediculous! I'm deleting until this problem is resolved.
Holy ads... every 2 seconds there is another ad... this game might be fun if you get to play, but this game is nothing but ads
First off, won't let you submit through game without pressing 5 stars, and every time you touch the screen there is another ad. Hate how games these days are all just billboards for all these ads. Horrible.
Seriously?? I have NEVER seen so many ads in a game in my life. I started playing and the first 5 minutes of me playing 4 minutes and 30 seconds of it was ads no joke. You play literally 5 to 7 seconds and another ad pops up. I'm uninstaling it right now. Don't waste your time unless you like non stop and extra long ads
In the game it had the option to have no vibration and no sound so I clicked them but it didn't work im so mad right now I have a headache! And the ads are ridiculous they always pop up every next round and its so unnecessary. If you don't like ads or loud sound this isn't the game for you if the vibration work i can just turn down my phone. I'm not having any fun.
Click bait. For every 10 seconds of play there are 30 seconds of Ads to sit through. Total waste of time.
I in love with this game theee best ever if their are too much ads just go out of the game and go back in the game so simple as that just add more activities to do while you are not grilling thank you-')
Its a fun game all in all, but there are WAY too many ads you can only do one round and there well be other add it gets annoying i played the game for about 5 mintures and i go annyoed and didnt want too play it anymore, maybe get rid of the ads its really annoying but in all the game can be fun.
This is the most wrorst game I've ever played, like serriaslly there way too many adds, another thing the seasoning is not even realistic it almost desen't even spread, also you cook the food with a blow torch at least take that away to make it at least kinda real, and again THERE'S WAY TO MANY AAAAADSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just plain mediocre. Graphics are eeehhhh, gameplay is meh, the vibrations it makes when you cut the vegetables is just annoying, and gameplay is just too slow with little reward.
It seems like it could be a fun game but I have turned the vibration setting off multiple times and it still vibrates on certain levels. Which is my only issue with it
I love it when I turn off the vibrations but then the vibrations continues vibrating melting my phone and my battery in my hands 😍😍😍 go die mindless ad waste
I was playing the game and having fun and everytime I finished something an add would pop up it was getting annoying
THE APP IS AMAZING but there is a problem in the game on every single level is ads u should fix that and ur ad there is something fake they dont talk I tried the settings but nothing worked and my game froze at level 5 I dont know what happened in my phone or the game so please fix it and make up the ad they dont yall look at my review btw my channel is kawaii UwU so please shot it out the game is really amazing and cool that's why its ☆☆☆☆☆ stars lol ik my review is long but please read it
Never install this game I am just warning, because the ads will kill us after grilling ad, after seasoning ad if we want to do a task we should watch ads. This will make us bored. THE GAMES ARE FOR GETTING ENTERTAINED BUT THIS GAME IS MAKING US BOTED for honest, I just Uninstall the game NEVER INSTALL THIS GAME!...
, you know what you think of this game it's a very annoying and I mean this are you trying to say kind words and very small ones but this time I'm staying it's very annoying cuz it has a lot of glitches you have to get out of the game then come back then I cutting stuff I just don't understand what's wrong with this condition make it a better app game I mean it by I mean it the people who want to downl and the people who want to download this game you'll have a lot of trouble the game has a lot
WoW! A game about watching ads; called "Master Grill" what a concept. Worst game of 2020 that I've played.
It is a fun game but their is WAY to many ads. After grilling something I cant even season it with out their being a ad. Do not recomend this game
The game itself isn't bad but the reason for only 3 stars is the amount of ads,I understand any free game having ads but is it really necessary to have an ad after every single little task & I mean EVERY little task?
it deserves 5 stars as concept. but placing so many ads in makes it unworthy. any click you do you have an advertisement.
Sorry but bad game. To much glitches you guys say lovefull words but you actually HATE THIS GAME IT SUCKS DIE!!¡!!!! and uh the ads are the problem problem you know what I mean.
Very good game Make a animation that the costumer is eating the food we make and keep it up 👍 you should try this EPIC game!
The game was pretty boring there was only 4 things to do and it got old after a little bit. Don't really recommend.
I loved the game but there are too many ads of all the games that won't let you go ad free. I would've actually paid to go ad free.
I love the game first of all because it has where you can get the fire and grill the chicken and stuff and I love the part when you have to give the person the money I love everything about this game if you haven't got this game yet you need to get it i😍 this game
I love the game and its contents and everything but the game is very easy. Also there are a lot of ads. After every round there is an add. Fix this please
seems like a fun game but really cant tell because every 5 seconds there's an ad so i dont recommend this game at all
I was enjoying the grilling part and even the washing dishes was satisfying but when you organize the refrigerator, the game crashes. I tried 3 times to restart and when it gets to the refrigerator and you organize it, the game awards you with 'confetti ' and doesn't move forward. Environment: Samsung S20 FE OS Android v10 Uninstalling till this bug is resolved.
Horrible, after you finish one thing an ad pops up. Finish one thing, ad, finish another, and. Horrible.
It literally has a ad like after 1 or 2 secends it is likeva movie theatre full of ads. DO NOT GET yoy will be watching ads the hole day and it's not fun.😡😡😡
The smallest amount of star available was one so i had to give this ad junk one star or else i would surely give less than a half star.it's so full of ads that you can even feel the game let alone enjoying it.don't waste your time on this at all
Too many commercials I get there supposed to be some but this one's got way too many it's like every time you move there's a commercial don't waste your time.
It would be a higher rating but way to many ads. Almost impossible to play because after every task is an ad. Maybe a few less and I'll add more stars
Forces you to give a 3 star rating in the game if i could id give this game a negative 10 stars there are more ads than game play DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
Well you gotta download out of me but you also gotta delete pretty quickly. And add after every single thing you do. Touch the screen and add, If you cough and add. You fart and add. On top of that you can't even mess up meaning, you can't overcook something you can't over Season something. I will be sure to let people know it's packed with ads. I understand profit but come on people
I hate vibrations. I turn off the vibrate feature because I cant stand my phone vibrating like that but on the second level it vibrates like crazy, really loud and really strong. Plz fix this vibrations make me really annoyed. I guess I will have to do something really bad with this game if you dont remove the vibrations from every level when you turn it off. Maybe uninstall. Or worse. I will have to think about it. Do what I say or I will uninstall this game.
This game is really super game. But what is the problem means after finishing one level ads are coming. When they show ad I thought it is too tough but after I play that game I know it is too easy game. So that I gave 5 stars🌟🌟. But ads are more and ads are finishing fast so I like this game. So I don't uninstall this Master Grill game.