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Match Triple 3D - Match Master

Match Triple 3D - Match Master for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by LIHUHU PTE. LTD. located at 20 Collyer Quay #23-01 Singapore 049319. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Match Triple 3D - Matching Puzzle Game Brings To You Unique Gameplay With Visual Design!

No more boring like the puzzle that is usual. Match Triple 3D: Matching Tile is an extremely new and game that is different which refreshes your mind and puts a smile on your face! It may be alike but not the same if you love mahjong jigsaw games. It is a matching crush that is triple that is so easy that everyone can play it.

◈ Just tap to place the objects that are 3D the box. Three objects that are same be collected. Collect all the objects as fast as possible.
◈ When all objects are collected, you win!
◈ When there are 7 objects on the boxes, you fail!
◈ Beware with the timer, you should be crazy and tap to quickly match objects.
◈ Each object board is different and varies from one to the next, giving the game a flair that is different every level you play.

The game has tons of challenging well-designed levels to train your brain, exercise your thinking that is logical and. It is the best time killer for you!

Join and challenge how far you can go in Match Triple 3D - Puzzle Craft Matching Game

if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Match Triple 3D - Match Master.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Match Triple 3D - Match Master for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Fun match game, however, the number of ads you have to watch is absolutely ridiculous. The ads even pop up during game play. I don't mind some ads to support developers and I don't mind paying at some point to upgrade game, but this short experience has resulted in a "delete app."
Fun and challenging and you need patience to wait for the ads. I like it because I like organization.
Game is fun but when an ad for extra coins is available it won't work but they work just fine when they pop up in the middle of a level....very frustrating and aggravating!!!!!
I am really liking this game. Much more challenging than most matching games as you are racing against the clock as well as limited to how many pieces you can move away one time.
Wish there were more ways to earn points for extra time (without paying). You can watch videos for points but they are limited. Also, 2 commercial ads pop up during play, Annoying.
Fun game. I like this one better than the version where you have to drag the items vs. just clicking on them.
By level 4 u start interrupting my game with an ad in the middle. Then u make me choose to go home instead of letting me move on to 5. That way u get me to watch yet another 30 second ad. So, in 5 levels I got to watch almost 10, 30 second ads. Way too greedy for me. Ur game is not fun...pssst...u ruined it. Uninstalled, didn't even play 15 mins.
Im liking this game more and more..i gave it a 3 because there are some glitches in it ads weren't too bad I would rather see less especially right in the middle of a game cuz you're playing it like today in whether you lose or win that's the way I look at this game it really is enjoyable I hope I like it more more if I continue to play
The ads at the beginning and end of the game are expected BUT WHEN THEY POP UP IN THE MIDDLE OF PLAY IT IS AWFUL. I will get sick of it and then I'll uninstall. Right now I've left it as a in between game for another but soon it goes.
It's an enjoyable matching game, the pics are beautifully rendered. I'd like it much better if the timer was optional as I'd rather play against myself than the clock
Stopping a level, one that takes what 3 mins, to play an ad? No thanks. I get it. Ads are good for ya. Some I watch, some games I see in ads & like enough to get the game. Stopping the actual level, no. Instant uninstall.
Too hard to earn coins, with the intervals too long. It,s the only way to win levels for us elderly folks with dimming eyesite.
I wish you could shake objects so they would be easier to find. Also be able to take them out of box.
Pop up ads in the middle of a level really stop the flow of matching items. Pit them after the level is completed. PLEASE!
Fun game but 30 sec ads WHILE playing. No way to get past them. Makes them lots of $$ while I just get pi##ed.
Frequent cuts to ads, but they are short and give a break. Wish there was someway to earn more clues and extra time than every 5 advances. A stylus would help pick up items better than your finger which increases difficulty by running out of time. .
The only complaint I have is that the middle of my game gets interrupted by ads. It messes up my concentration and train of thought. Leave the ads for before or after the game play please!
Game is great fun, but once u hit a certain level u can't go any farther because it's too hard & there's no incentive to earn anything to go farther. At that point it"s very boring. If u altered it with some incentives, u would have a lot more players.
Game starts out terrific, but later, game has too many objects to for it to be enjoyable. Cut back on objects by half, and I would continue to play it.
Fun game, but way to many ads. Would be better if you could finish playing again before seeing an ads but it stops right in the middle of a game twice to play ads!!!
You game is TIMED. Then you interrupt each level and the players focus and rythm WITH MULTIPLE ADS THAT I DID NOT CLICK ON. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING. YOU CAN ONLY MAKE THIS GAME HARDER IF YOU BREAK MY FINGERS. I do not mind ads. BUT NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF A TIMED GAME THAT KEEPS RUNNING THE CLOCK DOWN. YES I WATCHED. THE COUNTER DID NOT STOP. dont bother answering, I'm uninstalling as of this minute. PS i found 2 match games WITHOUT timers
I understand the need for ads in free games, however there are far too many ads and they interrupt while playing each level. Not worth the hassle.
I have fun just trying to beat the time. I wish it was a bit more challenging and they would add more objects and get rid of ones as you reach certain levels. Or have a level where every object was in the pile with a challenging time to get them collected. But either way, I usually play it 2-3 times a day for fun! Keeps me sharp! Ha!
I love this game but the ads are longer than the actual play time! It takes too long to earn points too when you can't play anymore, I don't see this game lasting too long for me!
I absolutely LOVE the excitement and challenge of this game. My only problem is that I have paid $5.99 twice to get rid of the ads, and I can't find the game I paid for (twice).
Looks like fun, but I can see it getting much more difficult and I'll probably start shouting at it if I run out of time!!!
I wish there was an explanation to know how many items will be "dumped" or why the amount of time changes for each time. Otherwise, it is a fun and addictive game.
The spout keeps spitting out triple amount of items instead of just one batch at the time. Impossible to match three times as many objects in only 5 mins 30 secs on level 36.
I would like to see some kind of score/etc. When you run out of time, no idea what is left on the board. When I am staring at the items I often don't know the time or how close I was to finish clearing the board. Fun game! Challenging! I have become OCD about playing this game.
Just started, and I can already see a problem... Not with the game, with trying to stop, gonna be a minute. No kidding install it, give it a try and you won't be disappointed.👍 to the development team.
A fun & challenging game. Once I start playing ... I can't stop. Very addictive but in a good way!!😉
Would give this a much higher rating but once you get into higher levels you are unable to increase your reward by watching a video. It is grayed out.
It's a great way to pass time but the only downfall is all the ads! I totally understand playing them between levels but during actual playing time is ridiculous. It did help to put your phone in airplane mode to avoid them but then it also makes you unavailable if someone needs you 😖
I honestly wish there wasn't a timer. The timer gives a challenge, but for times I want relaxed "mind numbing" play, it would be nice to be able to turn it off or play a different mode.
I really do enjoy playing this game... yet, i have to play each level several times before I win but eventually I do get it to move on to the next...I have patience to play, lol... plus, it's easy and a cool little game to pass the time, inspite that there are ads in between, my eyes have a chance to focus... see something I missed... lol...
When you get to the higher games, its impossible to win because you need alot more time. I love playing but that is a real problem
Addictive and Challenging , pleasantly frustrating. At times it's difficult to move the peices to get to the one you want without accidently chosing the one you don't want.
Too many ads! I can understand ads after a game ends, but this game has SEVERAL ads during the game! Too bad because I really liked the game. Uninstalled!
Would be fun if it wasn't timed. Should add a way to cut off timer for those that don't want it. Yeah yeah ads ok then just show the ad at the end of every 5 min instead of a timer and let us keep going.. Sometimes people just want to relax does everything have to be a competition or a race against time?
I understand that the game needs advertising but this game has way to many and it doesn't let you throw the items around like other games do... Not good :( :(
Love it but time goes too quickly and your finger is sometimes too big to get the object behind. Then others jump in the boxes and you run out.
Just uninstalled this game. I would have quite liked it, but I have never seen a game where the ads interrupted the levels. Usually in between, but this was way too frustrating. If the developers fix that I would love to play. And I'd love to see these answers here.
Great game and I really enjoy it but ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME PLAY?? Is that really necessary? It throws you off and you lose concentration
The daily free button to continue never works. It's their but tap it over and over again and it does nothing. Hate the ads that interior the game constantly
Like the game but I've uninstalled it because it has WAY TO MANY ADS! The last puzzle I tried to do was interrupted 3 times to run ads, not even short ads.
Worst game I've played in a long time . It will tell you you are out of box when you are not so you can never win. In all the months I've played it I've won two levels only.
A fun fun game. I accumulated a lot of extra points and cheats. But I got a new phone and had to start over. Frustrating!!!
I usually don't complain about ads in free games, but the ads popping up multiple times in the middle of a level are insufferable. I have played games with similar models, and the ads were placed at the end of the level. This doesn't bother me at all! If the game changes format, I might re-download. As on right now though, I am deleting this app.
It's addicting but I wish there weren't two ads for EVERY game you play. They aren't long (like 5 seconds) but still kind of annoying. If you're going to have them can we get some variety?
Just found this game, I'm glad was getting tired of the other version where I had to drag the items to the centre. Ok so far
I had rated this game higher. Now that is not the case. As long as you buy coins you they will let you win the next few games. Then it's every 10th than 20th then none and you have to make a purchase or just keep playing to lose.
Fun Game but it is set up to make you buy help. Impossible to beat some levels without buying. It would be nice to have ongoing bonuses. Maybe add time every time you matched two or three pairs. Also to he able to scramble the items, at least once. Anything to add incentive would he nice. I'm about to delete it and move on.
Way too many ads. It interrupts you multiple times to play ads in the middle of your game. It's not worth it. Uninstalling.
Enjoy the living daylights out of this game. Love the challenge. Has a glitch where sometimes when you click the button to increase points by 3, it won't happen. I just close out apps and start again.
The time allowed to complete a level does not necessarily match up to the number of moves that need to be completed. Example: you need to complete 25 matches and the timer say 10 minutes. Then the next game you need to complete 50 matches and the timer says 4 minutes. Makes no sense.
I downloaded this because i saw an ad for it with a game that looked fun & challenging to me. Much to my disappointment, there is no game like that in this app! The only game in this app is a match 3 with a bunch of items piled. The game won't allow you to move the items around & once you click on an item, it goes to the board on the bottom & cannot be removed. Also too many ads. Deleting it immediately. I suggest you don't waste your time.
I really like the game the only thing it would be nice to "earn" a shake up of the toys so when you stuck it would help!p
Notice when playing game ads for other games pop up when I am on a roll, and I lose a minute of my game time watching that ad. Having to watch ads is pain but losing my game time during the ad is not fair which is reason for eating. Example I had 2 min 16 sec on game 12 ad came on and when it was over and game resume time left was 2 min 15 sec, I lost a minute due to ad.
Game would be much more fun without all the ad interruptions. The distraction causes a loss of time, and ultimately a loss of the game.
I love the game but there are WAY too many adds interrupting the play. The adds should come after completing the level not during the play.
Love the game, but hate the ads that run while you are in the middle of the game. You also have to be really precise or the wrong item moves into the box (as in using your fingernail!).
I love the 3D graphics. Addictive. Some of the video ads are too long but it's the price you pay for a free fun app.
Glitched almost every levels n got stuck in level 10, I have to force close the app. Tried to restart the game several times, but I just can't move on further...
Too easy but a fun game! I often finish with 2-3 minutes to go. Im at over 50 levels and I have found maybe 4 levels where I felt I was against the clock. Please make it more challenging, its fun. I dont want to get bored of it.
This game is following the horrible path started by YouTube wherein ads between levels is no longer good enough. Interrupting an actual level multiple times to force the player to watch even more ads is unethical in my book. It disrupts your thought process and is extremely annoying. I will vote this down any time possible. It is a horrible precedent to be setting. Also, most of the ads that popped up were for this same game lol. Maybe nobody wants to be associated with this dung pile.
Don't bother with this game. It has a ridiculous amount of ads. I understand an ad in between some levels or to earn points for game aids. But this game has all of that and more. They even pop up in the middle of a level. 😑
Like game but sometimes just impossible too get them all in time frame. Absolutely hate ads in middle of game. I get going good and then bam here comes an ad. It's very frustrating. Only game I play that does that.
Im not huge on reviewing games, but I had to on this one. Way too many ads. Ads before, 4-6 ads during (which interrupts game play) and ads after. Like seriously. Now I understand what people mean when I see reviews saying too many ads. Im fine with an ad or two in-between games but during?!? Very close to deleting this game.
I really enjoy playing this game for three reasons. It keeps me entertained, it doesn't have a limit of lives & I like just touching the items for them to go into the boxes. I played the other game that I had to drag the item to be dropped in the chute, but alot of times I had a hard time getting the items to drag to the chute & I would run out of time. That was aggrevating. So I'm very glad I found this game.
Fun game, but too many repeatitive ads that interrupt the game. I also noticed timer loss when returned to the game after the ad. The bonus or extra features that are given dont always work.
It's fun. I hate loosing so I play till I win. I've thought about deleting it at times but it's a good in-between game. Problem is... you can't move any of the objects to get to one's below. Sometimes you clearly touch an object and the one next to it will be chosen. Lastly there are adds that stop you from playing in the middle of the round rather than waiting until it's over. It's 6.99 to remove adds which usually doesn't seem like much but during this time & lack of work every penny counts.
One of my favorite games! There's another like this, but you have to "drag" the items to the spot and, inevitably, there would be an item already there. That means you have to get that one out before you can put the pair in. Meanwhile, the clock's ticking. Aggravating! This one you just tap on the item. It even "highlights" it so you get the one you want. Thanks for this game!
Game is pretty good but all the ads are horrible. Bad enough to have them between each level, but every few moves too? Makes me want to stop playing this game. And $7 to turn them off? Are you nuts?
It is a great game however right when you get close to winning something always goes wrong like adds or two objects will place at once.
This game is garbage! I fought off ad after ad even during the levels, and finally reached level 9, now I cant get any further because the damn thing keeps freezing right before completion! If I could give less stars I would do it with a smile on my face! UNINSTALLING! 😠
Ridiculous the amount of ads during the game, during a level play! There are 4 to 5 ads during each level. I understand having an ad or two after each level, but not during timed play! DELETED! DELETED! DELETED! It is so rude, I won't even consider buying the game! DELETED! DELETED! DELETED!
I enjoy this game a lot, even if I get stuck on a level. Once you know what items look like regardless of how they fall, you can get through a level pretty quickly...usually. I haven't figured out how the time works yet (only been playing for a couple weeks) sometimes the game gives you something like 7 minutes & a small amount of items to collect (there's 3 of each item) & other times they only give you 3 minutes & there are 3 times the amount of items. You can buy time, but I'm not gonna.
Way too many adds, don't waste your time. The are adds that interrupt every level multiple times. Great game otherwise.
Would rather gain stars / rewards by letting us play on our own time clock rather than the game dictating how much time we have. Would play all day if it were like this.
I would give this a 5 star if it had a little longer time to find almost impossible to get them all in the time but it is a blast
Addictive, my one complaint is how the ads are placed but the game has been worth the small annoyance for me.
Adds adds adds, very annoying. I usually don't complain about games and adds, but when they keep popping up in the middle of the level that is too much. You then have to wait to continue.I believe it is so you lose your momentum or have to pay to not have the adds. I will uninstall this one.
The game is addictive and challenging... but.....1) where do the coins go at the end of the level..2) if I finish with time left on the clock, it should be saved for me to use at another level..3) I won't pay to empty the piggy bank, just eliminate that worthless effort to gain $$. This could be a very popular game with millions of users if the focus wasn't on penny pinching..
I like playing this game but I'm not fond of timed games. Is there a way to shut off the timer? Also, the ad pop ups while playing levels are very annoying.
Fun and entertaining. Keeps my attention. Only wish there was no commercials, it breaks my train of thought.
Love this game, but wish you would change the up the matching pieces, getting a little bored always matching the same things, other then that enjoy it very much
This is very addictive. However it's getting boring. It would be really nice if the pieces changed up more. Have different pieces added for different levels, or holiday time. One would think that the more time you have left after matching all the pieces, the more stars you would get at the end. There is no rhyme or reason how many stars are given in a specific round.
You cheat! I try to use the "free daily" video for more time and it won't work, even after I haven't used it for several days. Furthermore, the only time I can get extra coins is every 24 hours and the cutoff time is 11PM! Come on, who after 76 stays up that late! I'm about to uninstall this game. It's too frustrating! Yet I liked it a lot at the beginning. - Donna
I like the graphics and it was an entertaining game at first. Now I'm up to level 30 and am bored of it. It's getting easier instead of more challenging. I wish they would not give you as much time or add new objects or something after awhile. Also, there are a ton of ads.
Quite a good game, but too many adverts. 2 to 3 adverts during each game then another advert when the game finishes. If you want to go to the home screen you have to watch yet another advert? Same if you pause the game. Why?
My experience was terrible I tried several times to buy this game but they insisted to use an old email address but I don't have the password for I tried to put in the email address that I always use and the system wouldn't accept it so I guess you don't want my money in all this was very frustrating if you can figure out a way to fix this I would appreciate it thank you
This is a great game but I've never played a game that stops 3 times during 1 game. It breaks your concentration!!!
Game itself is a fun diversion but the ads are horrific. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A TIMED ROUND IT JUST SWITCHES OVER TO ADS. Prior to writing this review I counted no less than three of these interpretations in a 6 minute round. I understand ads are a necessary evil BUT I've never played anything that interrupts game play like this. Put them between rounds, not between seconds in the round. I'll keep it until this becomes unbearable annoying but after that they have lost me.
I have a lot of fun playing this game but there needs to be more of an incentive to keep playing. Maybe more different kinds of objects addedevery so often and bonus rounds. Something of that sort.
To many commercials and some of the features dont work. Like the one to earn more coins don't allow you to use it. Other than that I enjoy playing.
So many of there pop ups do not have a close button so you have to close the game completely and reopen. Such a pain.
Some really tough levels but you can get through it. The ads aren't bad not a fan of pop-up ads in the middle of a level.
Great fun! Maybe too much fun... hard to put down, and I occasionally find myself dreaming up matches!
This game has tooo many objects for time allotted..game has no way to scramble objects up to get done..ADS r ridiculous..i make a match and ad comes..this pisses me off..one ad after game is ok..but these ads are of no use to me..and to many..may unload soon...not worth the hassle..
While I understand if I don't pay to have ads removed, I don't understand why ads pop up in the middle of an actual game that is timed. Place the ads at the end of each game instead of in the middle of it. We have a certain amount of time to complete a game, and the ads don't stop the clock
Enjoy the game a lot. Would be better if you were not interrupted in the middle of the game with ads. Save for between games.
I'm addicted to this game! I just wish they didn't hit you with ads every 2 min almost on the dot, whether you're in the middle of a game. BUT I'M STILL NOT GOING TO STOP PLAYING THOUGH!!
I absolutely love this game! The only flaw I've seen is that it once in awhile it "dumps" double the amount of objects.
Love this game! When I want a place to escape and keep my mind busy. I open this game and can't stop playing!! Very addictive.
Great game other than the fact that you can't complete one game without being interrupted with ads. Very tiresome. I'm now going to delete the game.
I have never, ever seen sooo many ads in one game in all the games I've played. There constant and annoying, you cant even play through a whole game without a bunch of ads breaking in. You need to fix that big time, or your gonna loose this app with alot of gamers. Just sayin!
I love that you can just click an item without dragging it. My screen isn't very responsive, so this is awesome. Nice graphics, fun, challenging, and addictive.
Once I hot up higher, I find it takes an incredible amount of tries before I can finally win. Very frustrating, almost to the point of deleting it
It needs to be a wee bit easier so it's not so discouraging to always run out of time. Plus, why interrupt the play with ads? That's just madness!
Fun, but too many Interruptions. Can't determine how to empty piggy without paying. If no option, then worthless to earn coin??
The game is fun, but you can only get so far with it in levels without having to buy more coins so you can win. I am not a fan of ALL the ads.
Can be very intense and fun but some games are designed to be so tough you would need extra credits to continue. If you wait a day you do get an extra 100 credits. If in game ads did not exist, I would consider paying a onetime fee.
Triple match game with tapping instead of dragging the items. Beautiful graphics and nuanced movement, but you can't move anything. There are always at least 1 triple set visible at the start.
Fun game as the levels get higher... Good fun when u wanna play a nice wholesome game with no bad fights, swearing or blood like "that" well known game. Wink Wink!!!😊
Do not like the in game ads. They take away from the enjoyment of trying to beat the level. It messes with your focus.
Love the game and love playing it...EXCEPT..I feel blackmailed into paying for extra time and the priviledge of not having to watch ads. When I play Onect watching the ads are the price you pay for extra time to complet the game. If you complete the game before time runs out, you view another ad before the next. I have ordered many things from the ads on that site. I wont order ANYTHING from this one.
The ads in the middle of game play are highly annoying. It's one thing to have it after a level but to interrupt in the middle of a level is not necessary. I will get to the point where I just decide I am tired of it and stop playing.
I'm on level 120. Seeing other users comments it seems like many people wanted longer times. Well at level 120+ the game is so incredibly easy with more than enough time to finish each level. It's not challenging at all. But now I am mostly playing to relax, so not worry about the time can be nice. I just wonder why was the game harder in the beginning levels and now insanely easy in higher levels?
Really great game. Unlike similar games, this one has doable levels. Ads can be excessive if connected, but that's how most games are these days.
Like the game, but won't let me claim extra prizes by watching ads. Also, doesn't always reset with a new day to offer the free round. Can't get in to watch ads for the extra coins as well. This is very frustrating.
I enjoyed this game to level 10, but that's where the fun ended. At #11, the developers have made it so difficult, there is no way you can win without paying $7 or more & more coins. Most often only 2 of the same object is visible, with many looking like something else. Tomatoes & apples are nearly always upside down, so you cannot tell the difference. Props for sneaky design tricks, but what's the point if skill gets you nowhere & you have suffered through ads that pop up every minute or two?
Totally addictive! Good spatial exercise. I do wish you could turn the timer off but otherwise a really fun game.
This is a really great game, but the dev's need to give a lot more time. If they can beat the tme set in level 15, then I will shut up. I play to relax. There needs to be different levels like relaxed, medium & hard. They have a good thing here, because you don't have to drag it to a hole. I hope they see this, because it should be for all ages and skill levels. Oh, and take out the ads in middle of the game....seems desperate.
This game is very difficult. Border line unfair. Takes forever to earn dollars for a second try. If it is supposed to be relaxing, make it easier.
There are a lot of glitches. You can try to match the pieces but the game doesn't respond, like it stalls out
Great game I just wish there was an option to toggle between tapping the items and dragging the items. You can only tap.
Super addictive Love the game, but wish it was harder. Or that they threw in more hard games once you become familiar with all the items.
I get crazy when im winning, and alarms go off. It reads blocks out, but you cant see it. Games over and its gone. I want to see what error i made before taking everything away
It's a great relaxing game. It takes your mind off of world problems for a while. God bless the United State. Too many commercials during play time.
It started out as a good game, but then the glitches and bugs interfered with moving the objects around. In my opinion? Put in a safety net that allows your finger to move the objects around for a better time. And if you want this game to be more enjoyable? Eliminate the timer, put it on a different level and let it go after that. I think most people would enjoy it better. I know that I would.
Don't know if I'm playing wrong or not but I can't move pieces around because if you touch one 3 others are gonna fall...nerve wracking..
Really great game but after level 12 or so it is extremely hard to beat the clock. Maybe a little more time or a few less items. Just a suggestion. Change of opinion. This game really sucks after 12th level. It's stupid hard. No longer fun but extremely aggravating. Uninstalling.
Addictive game but, way too many intrusive ads. In the middle of game play an ad pops up at least 10 times or every other few clicks. It is a challenging and fun game otherwise.
Do not pay for no adds, expected changes at some point, no!!!, the app never changes, you have 4-5 different amout of times frames to play, but is always the same objects you collect!!! boring after playing 15 minutes!!! Cant believe i paid for app first time I've ever paid for a game, learning curve!!!
I love the game but it's so frustrating, adverts play in the middle of your game. And if you lose you have to watch adverts before you can restart.
I enjoy the game, but it automatically goes to commercial while your focusing on matches and throws off your game...
I don't mind ads. I understand that was a free game you need them but your choice to put them in the middle of the game really sucks.
This is a fun game. It would be better to have more time to complete, or possibly, each time you match 3, it adds seconds to the time left. Many times it is impossible to complete in the allotted time.
This game sucks. The 1st time playing it goes to an ad in the middle of play. The 2nd time it gets stuck on the ad & the "x" never appeared in the corner & had to restart game. U still have a lot of programming to do!
I'm at level 300 at the end of the game if I watch a commercial I should receive 59 x 25 points but the game will not allow me to veiw the commercial. So I miss out on the points I plan to remove this game. Really do enjoy it except for not being able to get my points.
I really enjoy playing but every so often I am cheated from completing a level. The level doesn't have all three of an object and there's no way to correct it.
I've been playing a lot, and wish it would challenge more as you play. It's getting a little boring. I don't understand what the piggy bank is for!
I love playing the game. The only issue is that i earn coin for playing each game yet you want me to pay to get them. So in all actuality i am earning nothing. There is no gain for this. So you get bored easily.
Don't waste your time!!! You get a chance to watch a ad for 10 free coins they take that away. You have objects in the game you've earned they won't allow you to use them. Worst game on the market!!
The game might actually be fun if there wasn't so many advertisements I watch more advertisements that I do actually play in the game
This game will drive you crazy with ads and keeps hitting you for money. Find another game. It is the pits.
I understand that ads need to advertised but I dont like them during the game and this game interrupts you not once, not twice but three times during the middle of the game. Also it would be great if you could win suffles but there no winning hints or suffles. This game needs improvements.
Every time you make a match you get an ad! Way too many ads, no time to enjoy. No recommendations from me, sorry. I only gave it 1 star because it won't post with zero stars selected. So many games to choose from, so bye.
This game is very, very addicting. So far, I have hooked my wife and 2 out of 3 adult daughters hooked. I have really enjoyed playing this game. Can't get enough!+
Love the game but the time allotted is not long enough on some levels, and adds unwelcome stress on all levels because manipulating the pile of tiles is so difficult. I would be totally addicted if there was no time limit at all. Instead, I've been stuck on level 12 for days and am finally giving up. The app doesn't allow me to go back to an easier level so I'm just uninstalling. Very disappointing.
Beginning too simple, too many long ads, end nearly impossible until they force you to watch more ads to get more time.
I Love games like this, but I wish one could move objects around to uncover pieces that you can see the edge of but can't move objects covering it. Makes it very difficult to find pieces in the time frame given. Other games like this you can move or scatter pieces to uncover what is beneath the pile.
It drives me crazy that this game stops in the middle of a round to do commercials multiple times in a round. It would be a much better experience if the commercials were in between rounds.
To many ads that forces you to buy ad removal out they drive toy birds. To short of time limit so they can try and force you to buy time. Then that time it's only 2 seconds. Stop don't bother. Their prices are high compared to other games. They don't sell enough hints for the money. The game is fun but the creators seem greedy. No explanation if why it killed your game randomly and says out of box when you have time. Cheating if ask all me to get people to buy time. Won't play long.
My enjoyment of this game is lessened by the way it freezes up so often & it won't let me take advantage of the multiplier. I really like this game & would play a lot more if I wasn't so annoyed
Honestly I like the game, but putting ads in the middle of a round is something I've only experienced with this game and it's really lame. Really taking advantage. You're playing a timed round and going as fast as you can and it cuts to a 30 second ad? No. Do better.
Fun game, but absolutely overloaded with ads. Even in the middle of a timed round. No thank you. Uninstalling this.
This is a bunch of ads with a game around it. Ads interrupt gameplay on filling your 'hand' even if the last item completed a match. Ads after almost every level. Ads to double level rewards or have slow progression. Their last game was like this too. Skip this one and this developer, they most likely won't change.
Has a good entertainment point. But, advertisement in the middle of the level it's no good at all. I uninstalled it.
Frustrating after a while BUT fun and challenging... I could B spending a lot of $$$ when I am 3 or 4 matches away from clearing the board and time runs out ... so close ...
The game does not match its ad. I wanted to try the tiles sliding up version. Then, the game interrupted the level I was playing, showing me a 30 second ad.
It's a great brain exercise that keeps you sharp. It is also very accurate. There is no shortcuts in this game, know when to use your freeze time at the right time. Yes, there are ads but its a great exercise (game) to play.
This game has too many ads, even for a free game. Also, there is a glitch sometimes, when you restart a puzzle, it will give you double the amount of items to match. So, instead of 3 of each to match, there are 6 of each to match.
Love this game i have trouble concentrating and doing thing's in a timely manner this game helps me to sit still and do one thing at a time.
TONS of ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERY LEVEL! The ads aren't in between the levels, they are constant while you're in the middle of every timed level! I've never played a game that does this! You loose concentration. I know they did this to get you to pay for an ad-free game, but in my opinion it just makes people want to not even bother playing the game any longer. It's SO often! On average I'd say an ad starts after u match 3 items about 4 times...then an ad starts...over & over & over! I'm done.
I have never, ever seen sooo many ads in one game in all the games I've played. There constant and annoying, you cant even play through a whole game without a bunch of ads breaking in. You need to fix that big time, or your gonna loose this app with alot of gamers. Just sayin! And you dont give enough time to complete a game, really 4 min for a huge pile that you need 3 of everything, I'm uninstalling, this game is annoying.
Absolutely love the game idea, but could use a few improvements. The ads in the middle of a timed round are ridiculous! Put them between rounds! Also, it really needs a shuffle button for when you're stuck.
A very challenging and enjoyable experience but I do not appreciate the ads during a game that is timed
Ads between levels, I can live with as a necessary evil. Ads in the middle of levels are a deal breaker. Ads wasted no time interrupting levels. Bye!
I liked this game, but I was forced to uninstall it. I play games to relax. I fail to understand why you wouldn't include a time-free option. Stressing out yo beat a silly timer is absolutely NOT relaxing.
Don't mind free adverts but way to many good job I really like this game. Better once you get to a certain level
I really do enjoy the game, however I think it's very rude that you send advertisements while playing a timed game, I understand you got to have advertisements I do but not why you're playing a timed game. That's why I only gave you four stars it should be three but like I said I enjoy the game
It can be quite frustrating when you are focused on certain items. Getting them uncovered then all of a sudden an add comes up and breaks your concentration. I don't like that part of the game 😕
I like this game it keeps you thinking. You also have to be quick before your time runs out. You also have to concentrate,because some of the items look the same. Which makes it fun to play.
I love the game, but the ads are ridiculous every other minute & an outrageous fee to block them, at $6.99, when MANY other games charge much less. But the game itself is fun.
Horrible! Ads during and between levels is too much! The cost to remove ads is too high as well. Stay away from this game!
The game is fun, but it never allows me to watch the 10 videos to get free coins. I click it & it does nothing. Also, seriously lags during game play while still ticking off my timer. 🤔
Too many ads. Right in the middle of your game...come on...really. I like the game itself, but recently I keep ending up with only pairs of several items. Hard to match 3 when there are only 2. We need some fixes
Very challenging, but too much glitches. To get the app to work, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times.
Thia is my third time dowloading this game its just stop when i get to level 10 why pls do something about it
Yes, there are ads, but I don't personally find them that annoying. Most are short. The game is addictive and fun. I'm on level 53 and some levels are definitely harder than others, but I love the challenge of working until I can master the difficult ones. Great game. Recommend.
Sometimes the icons keep loading until the screen is so full I have to power off my phone. The icons are too small for a cell phone.
Well worth the few dollars to eliminate the ads. Wish there was a way to move the objects around - maybe you could earn a "broom" and sweep for a couple of seconds.
Deleting this game. Not near enough time. No being able to move objects around, and the biggest issue, you get 1 daily free 60 seconds, and then they find a way to take that away from you.
This game is ridiculous. You cannot move the pieces around. Since you are not looking at the same side of each piece it makes it nearly impossible to be sure whether you are tapping a match. I uninstalled after level 3.
The idea of the game is great the ads suck. I understand the need but come on. They are not just between levels, it goes to an ad WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING, AN AD FOR THE EXACT SAME GAME YOU ARE PLAYING. you get 6 minutes to play a level and in the next 6 minutes they include 2 minutes worth of ads. Corporate greed ruined it.
I enjoy this game, but my fingers are fat and often hit the wrong thing. You can't move the pieces around. I don't understand how the hints work and wish that there were more opportunities to shuffle.
This could be a good game if finding two items was the goal. But as soon as you DO find a third item, you have to watch another 30 second ad.
Terrible app that interrupts with ads so there's no way to complete the quicker levels. Gave up trying. Would give zero stars if possible
complete and total addiction. this damn game is wasting way too much time. hate the constant ads. sometime game goes haywire and belches out 3 full sets of 3 toys but doesn't add additional time to solve. desperately needs a shuffle option.
Addictive fun but the ads in the middle of the levels are awful. Ads between levels are too many and too long.
You should be allowed to at least complete a round, turn, without being bombarded by ads for other games. Fine put your ads in after your turn NOT DURING IT!!
I found this game to be super addictive. Some levels are harder than others... they mix them up which is refreshing. Only complaint is too many ads but probably if I paid for the game it would be better.
You make it virtually impossible to clear the board in the allotted amount of time you have the game set up on...Update...I really enjoyed the game but I uninstalled it due to it being to stressful to beat the time. Makes the game not be enjoyable at all. I would never buy coins to pay for an extra 60 seconds which will not be enough to complete the game. The game is definitely not worth paying for.
A fun games for me until it reach level 46. Its insane. I feel this game wants the user to feel addicted and then... Pushing users to buy coins ? It sucks, i decided to uninstall very soon. Too bad
Was fun til level 36, impossible now can't move ahead. I'm stuck because time is up with only half of found items at this level it should be easier or at least attainable to finish a level.
I really like your game I just think you push the ads a little hard I don't mind the ads but I just wish you would put them after the Laval instead of in the middle oh th leval
Love the game. Hate the ads that break into the levels. I don't mind ads if they are between the levels and not breaking into them.
I played the other 3D game, I like the fact that you don't have to slide the objects in order to match them, you just tap them, which makes it more convenient and more fun! I just started but I like it already! Thank you and have a Great day!😊
Really love this game but sometimes it's a bit too small to see on my phone. Have to hold it close and squint :/ BUT the one major negative is the ad right in the middle of a game. That's enough to make me uninstall it :/
There are glitches that needing fixing!! Cannot click on button to add to your score. Doesn't work! Also when adding time to what you've run out of..you are short changed...so you have to keep using your funds . It will time out before the added 60 seconds are up.
I absolutely love this game! To me it's like a stress reducer. I'm on level 220 and really would like if the items were not the same. The levels have not changed at all nor the items. After so many levels there should b different items to make it harder. And all the ads SUCK
Like the game. But annoying how the game is interrupted by the ads. Between games adds are ok, but mid game is irritating.
Add more time when it spews more items. Too many adds. When you win you should get at least 10 free coins. Needs less letters and more insects!!
I tried it again and it's just as bad as it was before with all of the annoying ads. I saw the reviews agreeing. I've seen lots of them in fact, yet no comments from developer. Not interested - uninstalled!
The game is really fun and addictive. The only thing I don't like is that you cannot sign in with Facebook or save so if you change phones. Your progress doesn't transfer over and you have to start from level 1. I was up over level 300 so its pretty frustrating
I like the app it helps me to redirect in my thinking sometimes the ads are a bit much when you are interrupt ed in the stages od the games you lose interrest fast
There are too many ads!! Plus the 1st couple of screens are fun but then it gets to be impossible to even come close to winning. The number of items are tripled when you're only given 6 minutes to complete...there are at least three 30-second ads in this 6 minutes...waste of time!!!!
Why oh why is the game interrupted to run ads????? If it's to frustrate me into buying the ad less version? Sorry too many other games. Uninstall? yes!
Way too many ads... For a game to be on a timer, the ads pop up in middle of game. Can not get a rhythm going before an ad pops up....... Like the game but,, I will not pay to get ads out.. .. don't like it that much Will install and check back later
The game would be more fun if ads only appear at the end of the level you are playing and not in the middle. I play lots of free games and have never had my game interrupted in the middle of play. I am uninstalling this game.
Very much enjoy this game. For me, its about seeing how far I can get in the time allowed. Not about clearing the level. That is the goal, just not every time.
It's a good game, except that you can't throw stuff back that you didn't mean to grab. Then you just have to pay money or restart the level. I'm not even complaining about the ads. Please update with our suggestions.
ADS ADS AND MORE ADS! Ads literally interrupt the game every 30 seconds. If you pause the game...more ads to get back in. In between every game...more ads. The piggy bank is a joke and a con! You "earn" the coins but can't use them unless you pay money! What's the point of giving coins if you have to pay to use them?! How is that different than straight out charging for something?! UNINSTALLING and will avoid other games from this company. They ALL have ads that interrupt games. Avoid them!!
I think this game could be excellent, however in between each round there is an ad, and every single round I get stopped two to three times to show another
No good. Uses too much cache and data. After about three levels they want you to buy stuff. Boy, bye! That's the only bye you will get!
I don't like that you can't move the objects around and that adds pop up while playing the game. Have the ads play after each round.
This game is fun....however, plan on spending lots of time locked into watching the same ads over and over. 1 minute of playing, then 30 seconds of ads. Don't waste your time.