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Match Triple 3D - Matching Puzzle Game

Match Triple 3D - Matching Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by LIHUHU PTE. LTD. located at 20 Collyer Quay #23-01 Singapore 049319. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Match Triple 3D - Matching Puzzle Game Brings To You Unique Gameplay With Visual Design!

No more boring like the puzzle that is usual. Match Triple 3D: Matching Tile is an extremely new and game that is different which refreshes your mind and puts a smile on your face! It may be alike but not the same if you love mahjong jigsaw games. It is a matching crush that is triple that is so easy that everyone can play it.

◈ Just tap to place the objects that are 3D the box. Three objects that are same be collected. Collect all the objects as fast as possible.
◈ When all objects are collected, you win!
◈ When there are 7 objects on the boxes, you fail!
◈ Beware with the timer, you should be crazy and tap to quickly match objects.
◈ Each object board is different and varies from one to the next, giving the game a flair that is different every level you play.

The game has tons of challenging well-designed levels to train your brain, exercise your thinking that is logical and. It is the best time killer for you!

Join and challenge how far you can go in Match Triple 3D - Puzzle Craft Matching Game

if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Match Triple 3D - Matching Puzzle Game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Match Triple 3D - Matching Puzzle Game for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Like the game, but won't let me claim extra prizes by watching ads. Also, doesn't always reset with a new day to offer the free round. Can't get in to watch ads for the extra coins as well. This is very frustrating.
Horrible! Ads during and between levels is too much! The cost to remove ads is too high as well. Stay away from this game!
Like the game but I've uninstalled it because it has WAY TO MANY ADS! The last puzzle I tried to do was interrupted 3 times to run ads, not even short ads.
Glitched almost every levels n got stuck in level 10, I have to force close the app. Tried to restart the game several times, but I just can't move on further...
Thia is my third time dowloading this game its just stop when i get to level 10 why pls do something about it
I love that you can just click an item without dragging it. My screen isn't very responsive, so this is awesome. Nice graphics, fun, challenging, and addictive.
Stopping a level, one that takes what 3 mins, to play an ad? No thanks. I get it. Ads are good for ya. Some I watch, some games I see in ads & like enough to get the game. Stopping the actual level, no. Instant uninstall.
I have never, ever seen sooo many ads in one game in all the games I've played. There constant and annoying, you cant even play through a whole game without a bunch of ads breaking in. You need to fix that big time, or your gonna loose this app with alot of gamers. Just sayin!
Would rather gain stars / rewards by letting us play on our own time clock rather than the game dictating how much time we have. Would play all day if it were like this.
Very challenging, but too much glitches. To get the app to work, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times.
Really great game but after level 12 or so it is extremely hard to beat the clock. Maybe a little more time or a few less items. Just a suggestion. Change of opinion. This game really sucks after 12th level. It's stupid hard. No longer fun but extremely aggravating. Uninstalling.
Love it but time goes too quickly and your finger is sometimes too big to get the object behind. Then others jump in the boxes and you run out.
Triple match game with tapping instead of dragging the items. Beautiful graphics and nuanced movement, but you can't move anything. There are always at least 1 triple set visible at the start.
Fun and entertaining. Keeps my attention. Only wish there was no commercials, it breaks my train of thought.
Absolutely love the game idea, but could use a few improvements. The ads in the middle of a timed round are ridiculous! Put them between rounds! Also, it really needs a shuffle button for when you're stuck.
Addictive and Challenging , pleasantly frustrating. At times it's difficult to move the peices to get to the one you want without accidently chosing the one you don't want.
No good. Uses too much cache and data. After about three levels they want you to buy stuff. Boy, bye! That's the only bye you will get!
By level 4 u start interrupting my game with an ad in the middle. Then u make me choose to go home instead of letting me move on to 5. That way u get me to watch yet another 30 second ad. So, in 5 levels I got to watch almost 10, 30 second ads. Way too greedy for me. Ur game is not fun...pssst...u ruined it. Uninstalled, didn't even play 15 mins.
I found this game to be super addictive. Some levels are harder than others... they mix them up which is refreshing. Only complaint is too many ads but probably if I paid for the game it would be better.
Im liking this game more and more..i gave it a 3 because there are some glitches in it ads weren't too bad I would rather see less especially right in the middle of a game cuz you're playing it like today in whether you lose or win that's the way I look at this game it really is enjoyable I hope I like it more more if I continue to play
Terrible app that interrupts with ads so there's no way to complete the quicker levels. Gave up trying. Would give zero stars if possible
Add more time when it spews more items. Too many adds. When you win you should get at least 10 free coins. Needs less letters and more insects!!
The daily free button to continue never works. It's their but tap it over and over again and it does nothing. Hate the ads that interior the game constantly
Don't mind free adverts but way to many good job I really like this game. Better once you get to a certain level
I wish you could shake objects so they would be easier to find. Also be able to take them out of box.
Love this game, but wish you would change the up the matching pieces, getting a little bored always matching the same things, other then that enjoy it very much
It's a great relaxing game. It takes your mind off of world problems for a while. God bless the United State. Too many commercials during play time.
To many ads that forces you to buy ad removal out they drive toy birds. To short of time limit so they can try and force you to buy time. Then that time it's only 2 seconds. Stop don't bother. Their prices are high compared to other games. They don't sell enough hints for the money. The game is fun but the creators seem greedy. No explanation if why it killed your game randomly and says out of box when you have time. Cheating if ask all me to get people to buy time. Won't play long.
It is a great game however right when you get close to winning something always goes wrong like adds or two objects will place at once.
It needs to be a wee bit easier so it's not so discouraging to always run out of time. Plus, why interrupt the play with ads? That's just madness!
Fun game but 30 sec ads WHILE playing. No way to get past them. Makes them lots of $$ while I just get pi##ed.
Way too many ads... For a game to be on a timer, the ads pop up in middle of game. Can not get a rhythm going before an ad pops up....... Like the game but,, I will not pay to get ads out.. .. don't like it that much Will install and check back later
This game is garbage! I fought off ad after ad even during the levels, and finally reached level 9, now I cant get any further because the damn thing keeps freezing right before completion! If I could give less stars I would do it with a smile on my face! UNINSTALLING! 😠
This game is very difficult. Border line unfair. Takes forever to earn dollars for a second try. If it is supposed to be relaxing, make it easier.
I would give this a 5 star if it had a little longer time to find almost impossible to get them all in the time but it is a blast
There are glitches that needing fixing!! Cannot click on button to add to your score. Doesn't work! Also when adding time to what you've run out of..you are short changed...so you have to keep using your funds . It will time out before the added 60 seconds are up.
Just uninstalled this game. I would have quite liked it, but I have never seen a game where the ads interrupted the levels. Usually in between, but this was way too frustrating. If the developers fix that I would love to play. And I'd love to see these answers here.
I'm on level 120. Seeing other users comments it seems like many people wanted longer times. Well at level 120+ the game is so incredibly easy with more than enough time to finish each level. It's not challenging at all. But now I am mostly playing to relax, so not worry about the time can be nice. I just wonder why was the game harder in the beginning levels and now insanely easy in higher levels?
You should be allowed to at least complete a round, turn, without being bombarded by ads for other games. Fine put your ads in after your turn NOT DURING IT!!
This game has tooo many objects for time allotted..game has no way to scramble objects up to get done..ADS r ridiculous..i make a match and ad comes..this pisses me off..one ad after game is ok..but these ads are of no use to me..and to many..may unload soon...not worth the hassle..
A very challenging and enjoyable experience but I do not appreciate the ads during a game that is timed
Fun game. I like this one better than the version where you have to drag the items vs. just clicking on them.
Looks like fun, but I can see it getting much more difficult and I'll probably start shouting at it if I run out of time!!!
I have never, ever seen sooo many ads in one game in all the games I've played. There constant and annoying, you cant even play through a whole game without a bunch of ads breaking in. You need to fix that big time, or your gonna loose this app with alot of gamers. Just sayin! And you dont give enough time to complete a game, really 4 min for a huge pile that you need 3 of everything, I'm uninstalling, this game is annoying.
Once I hot up higher, I find it takes an incredible amount of tries before I can finally win. Very frustrating, almost to the point of deleting it
There are too many ads!! Plus the 1st couple of screens are fun but then it gets to be impossible to even come close to winning. The number of items are tripled when you're only given 6 minutes to complete...there are at least three 30-second ads in this 6 minutes...waste of time!!!!
I like the app it helps me to redirect in my thinking sometimes the ads are a bit much when you are interrupt ed in the stages od the games you lose interrest fast
This game is very, very addicting. So far, I have hooked my wife and 2 out of 3 adult daughters hooked. I have really enjoyed playing this game. Can't get enough!+
The idea of the game is great the ads suck. I understand the need but come on. They are not just between levels, it goes to an ad WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING, AN AD FOR THE EXACT SAME GAME YOU ARE PLAYING. you get 6 minutes to play a level and in the next 6 minutes they include 2 minutes worth of ads. Corporate greed ruined it.
This is a really great game, but the dev's need to give a lot more time. If they can beat the tme set in level 15, then I will shut up. I play to relax. There needs to be different levels like relaxed, medium & hard. They have a good thing here, because you don't have to drag it to a hole. I hope they see this, because it should be for all ages and skill levels. Oh, and take out the ads in middle of the game....seems desperate.
Every time you make a match you get an ad! Way too many ads, no time to enjoy. No recommendations from me, sorry. I only gave it 1 star because it won't post with zero stars selected. So many games to choose from, so bye.
It can be quite frustrating when you are focused on certain items. Getting them uncovered then all of a sudden an add comes up and breaks your concentration. I don't like that part of the game 😕
Love the game, but hate the ads that run while you are in the middle of the game. You also have to be really precise or the wrong item moves into the box (as in using your fingernail!).
I really like your game I just think you push the ads a little hard I don't mind the ads but I just wish you would put them after the Laval instead of in the middle oh th leval
Sometimes the icons keep loading until the screen is so full I have to power off my phone. The icons are too small for a cell phone.
Well worth the few dollars to eliminate the ads. Wish there was a way to move the objects around - maybe you could earn a "broom" and sweep for a couple of seconds.
Too many ads. Right in the middle of your game...come on...really. I like the game itself, but recently I keep ending up with only pairs of several items. Hard to match 3 when there are only 2. We need some fixes
Way too many ads. It interrupts you multiple times to play ads in the middle of your game. It's not worth it. Uninstalling.
Don't know if I'm playing wrong or not but I can't move pieces around because if you touch one 3 others are gonna fall...nerve wracking..
Super addictive Love the game, but wish it was harder. Or that they threw in more hard games once you become familiar with all the items.
It started out as a good game, but then the glitches and bugs interfered with moving the objects around. In my opinion? Put in a safety net that allows your finger to move the objects around for a better time. And if you want this game to be more enjoyable? Eliminate the timer, put it on a different level and let it go after that. I think most people would enjoy it better. I know that I would.
You make it virtually impossible to clear the board in the allotted amount of time you have the game set up on...Update...I really enjoyed the game but I uninstalled it due to it being to stressful to beat the time. Makes the game not be enjoyable at all. I would never buy coins to pay for an extra 60 seconds which will not be enough to complete the game. The game is definitely not worth paying for.
Game starts out terrific, but later, game has too many objects to for it to be enjoyable. Cut back on objects by half, and I would continue to play it.
This game is ridiculous. You cannot move the pieces around. Since you are not looking at the same side of each piece it makes it nearly impossible to be sure whether you are tapping a match. I uninstalled after level 3.
I liked this game, but I was forced to uninstall it. I play games to relax. I fail to understand why you wouldn't include a time-free option. Stressing out yo beat a silly timer is absolutely NOT relaxing.
This is very addictive. However it's getting boring. It would be really nice if the pieces changed up more. Have different pieces added for different levels, or holiday time. One would think that the more time you have left after matching all the pieces, the more stars you would get at the end. There is no rhyme or reason how many stars are given in a specific round.
I enjoy this game, but my fingers are fat and often hit the wrong thing. You can't move the pieces around. I don't understand how the hints work and wish that there were more opportunities to shuffle.
I really enjoy playing but every so often I am cheated from completing a level. The level doesn't have all three of an object and there's no way to correct it.
Way too many adds, don't waste your time. The are adds that interrupt every level multiple times. Great game otherwise.
I understand the need for ads in free games, however there are far too many ads and they interrupt while playing each level. Not worth the hassle.
Game itself is a fun diversion but the ads are horrific. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A TIMED ROUND IT JUST SWITCHES OVER TO ADS. Prior to writing this review I counted no less than three of these interpretations in a 6 minute round. I understand ads are a necessary evil BUT I've never played anything that interrupts game play like this. Put them between rounds, not between seconds in the round. I'll keep it until this becomes unbearable annoying but after that they have lost me.