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Mini Football - Mobile Soccer

Mini Football - Mobile Soccer for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Miniclip.com located at Miniclip SA Case Postale 2671 2001 Neuchâtel Switzerland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Put your boots on, and get ready to go onto the pitch in this brand new football game! Experience football like never before, in this easy and fresh to play football game. In Mini Football you will enjoy a casual gameplay experience, while still remaining loyal to the game that is original. It’s time for you to get the crowds roaring in the stadiums, score some amazing screamers, and build the team that is strongest that ever existed!

Pick Up and Play
Welcome to the first experience that is casual of. Mini Football has a casual pick up and play feel that still remains true to the sport that is original. No need to waste time on endless mechanics, pick it up just and jump straight into the action!

Build, Upgrade and Customize Your Team
In Mini Football you will be able to win players, from common to ones that are epic and upgrade them to turn your team into the most feared opponents on any pitch. Not only can you build your team, but you will also be able to fully customize it to more than 100 customizable options to your image from:
● Unique logos, jerseys, shorts, socks, and boots
● Over 30 unique country kits
● Personalize your gameplay experience by choosing the ball you prefer
● Name your team

Win the rarest pieces of equipment and show them off!

Play through Different Tiers
5 unique and original stadiums that will get bigger, louder, and more impressive as you progress through your football career.
Every game will feel different whether it’s on your home pitch, or in an international setting. New and more stadiums that are impressive on their way, so keep an eye out for future updates.

Rule the World
Climb up the leaderboards to win amazing prizes and always be on top of the competition. Every week you will have a chance to move up the leagues, from the Brass League to the All-Stars League, so make sure that you grab those promotion spots by the end of the week to win bigger and better prizes!


Contact us:
[email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Mini Football - Mobile Soccer.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Mini Football - Mobile Soccer for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Awesome game with great graphics and smooth controls its very addictive when u first start playing but as the difficulty gets high as we pass on levels it becomes a bit boring and takes too much time to open a pack. The major issue is u can't connect it to play games and if u uninstall it u will loose all ur progress. They should've given an option of play games, otherwise its a fantastic game
It's a good game 1 thing I have an issue with is inconsistency of fouls it seems like fouls are decided randomly because you'll do the same tackle say 5-10 times but only a few of them are called as a foul. You could make a brilliant tackle yet it's still a foul, but if an attacker is on a breakaway you can slide through the back of him and it's not a foul it just makes no sense. Also the matchmaking is awful in 53 games I've had 3 or 4 close games you either get thrashed or thrash the opponent
Quickly becomes a pain. Get to level 6 and you consistently loose every other game. Thebopponents are AI and the AI is awful in the sense there is no real tactic football and your team mates move and position themselves almost random. Football games in the early 90's are better than this. Don't waste your time
So I'm not going to give this a 1 star, but it's massively pay to win. You start out winning relatively easily, then you use your coins to upgrade players. Then, no matter what pitch you play, the games are almost impossible. Every slide challenge becomes a foul, every team you go against has way higher ranked teams than you, but you can't upgrade, because when you lose, you don't get coins, unless you buy them.
I finally got to that wall where it's impossible to win. It's one thing if teams had better players but the computer has teams rated 100 points worse than me are pulling off things a player can't do. Press defense, bicycle goals from outside the box, when the game decides its time for you to start paying money, you will not win again. Really disappointing that one of my former favorite game developers have sunk to psychological manipulation and predatory game play to get more money.
Very fun and addictive game Lots of stuff is in control of who you decide to put in or out as well as your strategies Simply a brilliant well thought out game with fantastic gameplay and loads of surprises and rewards for winning or losing as well as purchases available that are very reasonable in price. Overall a 5+ rating. Literally this game and 8ball pool both from Miniclip are the best games I've ever played on my Android device on my mobile. Ultimate golf is awesome too. Thanks. Billy
There are no humans playing in the multiplayer version. It is just the computer. Sometimes the computer plays at a hard level which is impossible to defeat. Sometimes it plays at such an easy level that you score 7 to 8 goals easily. To the makers - if you want computer to play, please keep a easy, medium and hard rounds instead of randomly pairing with any level. It is frustrating.
Man i spend £10 to get golden pack and i bought 1 first, i open lost connection ,and i didn't get anything from it,same happen to second one i bought,i was thinking maybe they will give back later so i start playing and in some win i didn't get the reward .I really enjoyed the game until today,if I don't get back i bought whit money or the reward from winning ,i will get back the 5 star i gave to the game and,i will give 1 back in stead
Became way too hard after level 6 Players don't run into space they follow the ball Defenders stand still instead moving to the attacker If your player has the ball and is near an opponent he will be tackled and lose the ball 100% of the time Can't easily choose the player you want to control Can't build up any gold to use in the game as you lose too often because of poor matching No point playing your best players as it won't increase your chance of winning. Great concept, bad execution.
Game has inconsistencies all over the place. From being unable to switch to your defensive players when getting attacked. To having half your team sit idle by the sidelines not participating. The games feel rigged as calls during these "harder games" as the refs card you for every 2nd slide tackle. Players who have higher stats at sprinting will be caught up to and tackled by a character with lower stats.
Good game. Interesting and fun. Just some logic seems to be an issue. For example during fouls, it doesnt make sense and sort of random & skewed towards certain players committing a slide tackle. They can introduce better logic for this. Also, instead package opening for every 3 hrs. Reducing the time will help more frequent playing and more willingness to spend for the game.
Terrible game. Controls are very poor. Direction control often gets stuck or players randomly go a different direction to where you are pointing and is unresponsive, and the player switching at times is a joke. Doesn't switch to the player closest to the ball and most of the time the opponent just runs through with your players running away from them. Sometimes its like watching a group of 5 year old kids as players sometimes run in the same place to get the ball. Dont waste time downloading.
Im not a big phone game type, but I love this game. It's a nice little pass time, and it gets intense. I do wish they had a quick message option while in play. Like "Good shot" "Nice play" "Great block" just a few suggestions. But 5* for sure.
I've only been playing for maybe a week, but it seems like a really good game! Although the players on your opposing team may have better stats, they can still be beaten. Controls, sounds and graphics are all fine. Team formations and uniform customizations are nice and important aspects that we can manage. I havent noticed much in the way of building a community in game (maybe i missed it), but the game is new and can still improve. it's a good game though. nice and fast.
I enjoy this game very much...I play it often⚽️ It would be nice tobe able to communicate with the opposite team and be able to challenge other's and start a club and enter into tournaments...Great Game...But it does need tobe tweeked on with control buttons,it seems tobe slipping when iam running or trying to switch players to attack the ball.
It's amazing , still needs improvements in the online multiplayer aspects , and the ability to play woth friends, online challenges and other stuff .. also the card packs opening time is not effecient and takes ages to open , which is not good .. but in general i think this could be the best football experience for mobile so far 😍
same as lot of player, it was fun for a while, up until you play on the harder level, your goalie is just a up close fan, he does nothing but watch all attempts go in, while your opponent's goalies are all world class regardless of their rating, just uninstalled the game because of that, had fun but don't spend any money to get good player
as soon as you get to level 6 you can't play anymore! beside of you play with cpu instead of other online players, you can't even track down the ball because your opponents players are super speedy! I'm not uninstalling the game and waiting for an update cause the game has great potential but at the moment its one star.
Terrible matchmaking. I spent money on this game and regret it. Don't do it... The game started off fine until I hit level 6. Once I hit level 6 I'm facing bots with 100+ better players, it's impossible to win. Even if I go back to the lower arenas I still can't win. I'm about to stop playing, but they already got my money. So who wins.....
Have been playing this for about 2 weeks (currently level 8) and haven't had to pay a cent like others have claimed. There are ads that you have to watch to get prizes, but you get used to the 30 second ads to improve your team. I'd highly recommend trying this out
It's a decent game, but the lack of multiplayer is really a turn-off for this. Also sliding tackle is insanely overpowered, the game just turns into which defensive AI left a bigger gap in their defense in order for the oponent to score a goal, as sliding tackle has huge range and it's 100% chance to take the ball back, with an ocasional faul here and there. Sliding tackle should be punished more often, maybe make it always a foul if sliding from behind and sides.
Very good game!! If you just want to play for fun, its very enjoyable game. But if u want to compete then prepare to spend a lot of money. 3 starts because can't choose specific players to train so their upgrading is based on randomness. Also, can't play against our friends or siblings via invitation or bluetooth connection. Pack openings take way too much time. 3hrs r okey but 8 hrs and 12hrs is way too much.
Great football game with intuitive controls. Good matchmaking and no need to pay to play to have fun.
Players are free to chop off legs when tackling. There's gotta be more limit to how reckless the tackles are. Half of the time when ball out of bounds from goalkeeper deflection it becomes a goal kick instead of corner. Games are won by the best tacklers not the best strategist. Teams need to have alternate jerseys when playing against similar colored ones. Long passes are mostly off direction and the recipient doesn't pick up the ball.
I played for hours building up gold coins only to have them disappear due to a "glitch". I won three games in a row I never received the winnings, now I do not have even enough gold to compete and would probably be forced to look to the store to buy more. Lame tactics. Ruined a good game.
Very nice Game But how you defend ??? I am scooring lots of Goals But when the Ball comes in the Defence zone , the Players are running in different Directions away from the Ball. Switch is not working for the Player next to the Ball Its chooses a random Player what you have to find first, in the Battle in the Box. All other Stuff is very good and very nice Animated. i would give five Stars if the Defence Problem is fixed.
This game would be great if the turnovers weren't so easy. All you have to do is run up to the guy with the ball, and it's a turnover. There's no way to dribble around a defender. Update: this game gets nearly impossible once you reach the last stadium. The computer plays a flawless game, the their goalie becomes superman. This is obviously a ploy to get you to spend money...all it does is makes me uninstall. What a shame.
Excellent game, with a lots and lots of bots; no real player and repetitive players matched. Great potential...no real players. How to identify them? 1. They are always sprinting 2. Leave the goal open, they will still pass to wings 3. All are in offside position very quickly The game does not understand 1. Fouls 2. Pressing 3. Goalkeeping 4. Corner taking. If you are very angry, or suicidal or stressed avoid this game. If people want you to be more angry, enraged and murderous, try this game.
Too easy, played 16 won 16 and only getting 5 points a game. Stuck in division 3 Match making needs to be better. Good game engine and graphics Edit: Okay the game is challenging now but when you get a 2 - 1 win on level 5 and at the end of the match it wont load and wont register as a win then the whole game becomes pointless. 1 star until you sort this out
The game continuously steals your coins and does not give the prize, when you enter a game and win, the coins do not appear in your account, when you top a prize they deduct the money from your account but they do not give you the prizes, that is a robbery. It is noted that they do not have a good development to support them.
Hi guys.... a small issue... I buy the bigger pak and I open just 4 from 6 ... and I can't watch the videos for speeding the times or bonuses... I put money in this game and no benefits... I wanted to grow up fast to make a big team but even the players they have issue whit controls.... and all this happen after I updated the game ... is not fare
It was working good the first day . Now its my third match to win and game stuck at the winning screen and then not give me my money . I just win matches and lose money . Please fix this. Also need change formtion and player during match time. Otherwise game is good but pls fix the bug if winning and not receaving the gold
I love this game. It is competitive and very entertaining. But i just noticed that i bought gems to advance in uniforms and player status. When i buy thr cards from games won i get very low player status and i keep getting the same uniforms and equipment. Almost like the game is rigged in a way that it will make you buy some more gems from the app. I know that the developers have to make money from these free games somehow. But why dont you guys play fair and reward more often then not
Needed something else to do during my downtime and been on this sports app It's been great I reckon better once me broken R arm is right ... Covid-19 has been a real challenge for us all and something like this app has taken the edge off thing's been a great relaxing Passtime as I'm a competitive person this has been fun ...also a massive thankyou To all the emergency first responders in particular those in the health sector you have all been awesome I hope you guys are enjoying kick'n it.
This game is awesome. Rating from control, graphics, game play... In fact I like everything thing about this game. I gave it a 3 star just bcuz whenever I open a pack, the game stops for no reason. I have enough space and 3 gig ram. If developers can fix this problem, I'll come back and give it a cool 5 star review. Apart from that, this game is awesome 🔥🔥👏👏.
Overall game is good. But the major problem is if you pause the game or any internet issue is there, you will loose the game with 0-3 even though you are leading in goals! You will loose the coin. Need to solve it soon.
I am enjoying the game, but it is limited to 4 games a day and then I need to open up every boost pack to play another 4 matches the next day. I wish that we could discard the boost packs that we don't want it and that we could sell the players that we do not use anymore or that we don't need it. Will there be a update where we can also build our own stadiums?
I would very much enjoy the game except for the fact that you need tokens to play, when you run out of tokens, you must wait 24 to 48 hours to get enough tokens to play again. Why have a game that you can't play at your leisure? I understand earning tokens to improve your players or get different things, but tokens to play the a match? It destroys the purpose of having the game.
Fun game but get incredibly annoying when it decide you have to lose some games to even out the stats (maybe it is a bit different for paying users). Fun to play in anyway. Only doubt I have is whether you play AI or real player (because of the "i want to play again /sorry I can't play" after matches). Also, at tier 5 I noticed, quite disappointingly, that when you lose the game you do lose 25k but when you win you don't get the whole 50k (apparently 47k, so only +22k per win...) please fix!
- Updated. Since installing this game weeks ago I cant help but notice the tremendous amount of scripting and goals that just shouldn't happened after you've put in as much game time as i have and have figured the game out completely! This is so unfortunate to see the devs go through all the effort to import scripting mechanics when it could have been effort spent around matchmaking with other active players rather then the AI playing with an inactive players account. Really disappointed
This is a nice little game and easy to pick up and play.. I think the three tweaks I would make to the game, though, are: 1) Something really needs to be done about the referee being so biased towards the team you are playing. I've had one free kick now in 15 games this morning, whereas they get 5+ free kicks every game. Not to mention how many cards I get every game! 2) There needs to be a bit more to do. 3) Can we have more kits. I really need a black and white stripes shirt!!!
Really like the game. From the game play, controller settings and all. But i won 2 games in Eggshell and one in Woodfield and never received the coins, exp or packs for my winnings. Rather than winning, i noticed it charged me for the games and i ended up losing even more. I would like all or at least some of my winnings back, please. Really hope you guys can look into this and fix it before, if not already, anyone else has had this happen. Thank you
Game itself is fun. But you're not playing real people, even though they'd like you to think that. The THIRD time I won a match and the game didn't give me any of the coins that you're supposed to get for victories, I gave up. Game isn't good enough to put up with just getting randomly screwed even when you win.
This game is pretty simple, the weaker your team is, the better chance at winning, which is stupid to make some progress into it. It's not worth the time building a strong team just to meet another stronger AI in a 250g match.
frustrating, and repetitive. the controls need major working, options for custom layouts and sizing would be a plus, or possibly even an option to allow for floating joysticks. there also aren't enough perks to play... if you're making a game to solely make revenue from advertising by forcing players to watch ads so that they may compete in a generic game mode, that is sorely limited, and won't refresh for a day
The game partially is a scam. Players do not match with real people, but with AI whose strength is focused on the player to make further micro purchases to strengthen his team. Evidence is that I waited on the last "rematch request" for approximately ten minutes and then accepted the rematch, which went thorough. No human player would wait that long.It lets you win at first, gain confidence only to spike the difficulty drastically all of a sudden, giving the player a false sense of incompetence.
This game is fun, but it is designed so that you are always matched with higher ranking players. The developer really wants you to pay and upgrade so that you get that little edge, but later on you will be up against stronger (paid) opponent who paid (to purchase items) more than you. The developer should edit so that it is fair and allow us to have some fun.
Win too many games, then you will be assigned to play with their AI full of dirty tricks, faster than your players, tackle no foul, only you will foul, sprint makes your player glitch, they can avoid your tackle 80% of the time etc... It's designed to make you mad so you will spend money to upgrade your team. Just decided to uninstall this game after experiencing the ridiculous overpowered bot that's designed to make you lose no matter what.
Game is a ton of fun but full of glitches. Example, when you pass the ball it can go in the complete opposite direction. Defensive players just sit there if you're not controlling them. You face bots who will destroy even if they are rated significantly lower than you. The matching system is flawed, sometimes facing teams that are rated over 100 points better than you. Which is almost impossible to win as every player is better than yours.
Decent concept, I don't really care for the system requiring you to use the same gold you use to upgrade players to enter matches. I also don't like how the goalie(s) quite literally decide whether you win or lose. Often they'll fail to save or not even attempt to save shots that could easily be stopped. Other times they make outright ridiculous saves on shots they shouldn't stop. As others have stated the game bogs down after about level 6. I think 3/5 is fair given the issues.
Frustrating, the game is good and well built however when you play and it freezes then shows the game has continued when it comes back to life you get angry. I have lost a couple of game like this and its annoying when you know it's no fault of mine. So do better, please.
I like the game but I find in my Samsung S10+ the graphics can be a little jittery, don't think this game is supposed to be hard in the graphics as such? Also the controls are a bit bad, sometimes I feel like players are going the wrong way to where I am pressing etc I don't like the fact that it's all made to make you feel like you are playing a real player but they are all bots which is rubbish. This also means that they can say any time decide you are going to lose the next match.
I'm pretty sure that you don't actually play real people it's just AI as when I seem to lead the opponent goes into beast mode with extremely accurate long passes and super quick sprints and feels impossible to stop a goal no matter what you do, would be 4 stars if I believed I was playing against the people in the pictures
If you like a game that is too easy to begin with and gets harder the better you make your team to the point where it's almost impossible to win without purchasing packs and better players then go ahead and waste your time. I also like the (2 rares guranteed) or 4 or whatever number when opening a pack you have waited 8 hours for the be given 1 'rare' generic black pair of shorts with a 'cool' predator animal name. Has potential but at the moment is a load of rubbish.
Nice little game, controls are OK, graphics are nice. Wish the packs opened a bit quicker but I guess that is what makes people pay money. This game can be easily played without spending a penny though.
An absolutely amazing game, however the prizes that you are awarded for are not enough for the effort it takes too win match of mini football.This game can also become a bit samey when you get through a few levels. As well as this you can get annoyed 😒 with it easily. My main problem is that I can't play multi-player with family and friends.It is only Al. If you get angry quite easily I would take this into consideration. 👎 👎 👎
It's a very good game, only it has various problems: First of all, the referee doesn't do much and the players always stop through the foul, then the players don't follow the ball like in other games, and we can add the lack of a good free kick, to be able to choose your free kick player. Lastly, it would be more interactive if there was a change in tactics and the possibility of changes during the game. Or create another team that will virtually bring you credit through games.
This game is rigged it will do anything to make you lose. The opponents are not real players but AI with fake profiles. If you win a game or two it will do anything to make you lose. It will stop you easy goals but the AI will score 5 super goals in a row. Also its so unfun to play vs AI he takes the ball whenever he wants you cant do anything its so narrow. This is a clear scam so it will ruin all the fun very shortly. Dont play this scam. This could be so much better but devs want only money.
I really don't know what kind of smoke are you guys using while making this game. The goalkeeper reacts very stupid, despite blocked the ball perfectly. I couldn't target my pass perfectly because the system you're using here sucks so bad. Also us, players don't know how a tackle was considered a foul, because it's very random. And the microtransaction, my god, one of the worst i've ever seen in mobile gaming. Such a shame that this game is pretty fun to play.
So the games quite good, but don't buy anything, I spent £14.99 on one of their packs and when I purchased the card packs they never dropped. Miniclip refused to credit me the pack that never dropped even though I could prove what had been received, shocking customer service and seems bonkers treating one of the fewer paying customers in such a manner.
Started out well but recently even when I win multiple matches, my coin decrease like in losses. Happened 5 or 6 matches in a row. And then it kept saying connection issues, despite being on wifi and every other aspect of connection (web searches, other apps and games, etc.) Showing no issues. Disappointing.
The game has a great concept. Pity the company has developed it just to push you to pay for items. I would definitely prefere to pay 3 or 4 euros to purchase the game but play a fair game rather then getting to play with bots and be "forced" to spend money on items. Should be a fun football game, instead is just irritating. After 3 games you lose , doesn't matter your opponent. This game is fixed with some algorithm like in the casinos and to be honest I don't understand why
The gameplay is quite fun but you know straight away if you are going to lose. Players all seem to run to the sideline leaving no options in attack or in the middle of the field. The biggest problem for the rpg element is you can't get enough gold without paying real money and this really hampens your chances of progressing.
It's a good game one thing I have an issue with is inconsistency of fouls it seems like fouls are decided randomly because you'll do the same tackle say 5 or 10 times but only a few of them are called as a foul. You could make a brilliant tackle yet it's still a foul, but if an attacker is on a breakaway you can slide through the back of him and it's not a foul it just makes no sense.
Passing the ball to the players become inaccurate sometimes. Overall the game is a gem. Great controls. Awesome graphics. Waiting go get best new updates and features in future. After so many games I found this where I can easily goal the ball...lol.😁😁
The game is an absolute fix! And it's not just me that has noticed it. There seems to be a pattern where you win 1 or 2 games then lose the next 5 or 6 in a row then win the next 1 or 2. You also dont play real people, I have played one person then went to increase the bet and I find myself playing against the same person only harder and I've found this 7 or 8 times. Absolutely dreadful.
Nice concept, good idea, but poor execution. Goalie almost never jumps to try to save a shot, sometimes just stay stalled watching the ball going into the back of the net. Once you reach the last arena, matchmaking doesn't work anymore: several times you are put to face opponents with ratings 150, sometimes even 200+, higher than yours - your eyes can't even track what is going on. Further, it seems that if the engine kind of decides it will score a goal there is no way to stop it. A real pity.
Can one of the geniuses explain to me why some tackles are fouls and others aren't (even when it's the same method and result)? Also, why is my goalie, who has higher rating than other goalies, miss the just basic shots whereas other goals save 70% of all shots regardless of how good they are? And add an extra button for slide tackle. There were countless times that I lost possession because I wanted to tackle the player but instead I got possession so my player shot the ball instead.
DO NOT PLAY , the Game itself and concept is gr8 however they have fixed the opponent profiles , so u will play the same 15-20 teams all of which have a beast mode ( in 2nd half ) this will get activated every 3 games atleast , where even if u are infront they WILL win , there players will become monsters and score on you like messi vs 8 year olds, they do this so u buy ingame gold/gems ( this will instantly help you ) for around 5 matches then beast mode comes affected again , making u spend
This game is a lof of fun to play and it's difficult to find a football game to play on your phone that is as decent as this one. Thr only issue I have is when I play against other people it seems to me that the shooting on goal technique is out of balance. When opponents have a shot on goal it seems to me they can score from pretty much anywhere and the keeper never has a chance to save it. And yet when I try to do the the same my players power of shooting on goal is nowhere near the same....
This is not truly a multiplayer game. The AI is ridiculously unfair. Players constantly block shots and tackle with no penalties.
The gameplay is so fun, But there are some issues with the game. first, the teams do not have second kits and in some games you will be confused and can't find your players. Thus you may lose the ball and recieve a goal. The next issue is that the game is not really online. Most of the accounts are fake (bots) and you may face one opponent several times in a day. Third, sometimes suddenly the players act as their own, stop and pass the ball. Of course it's so rare in the game.
Do not download this game. Its the most frustrating part of my day because unfortunately I'm a logical person and this game is filled with illogical bots. Same pictures, different names in different stadiums. The bots will pass with 100% efficacy across the field, through other players, while your passes won't. All of the bot teams defenders go after the ball, while yours only will if you control the 1. Even though your goalie is ranked much higher, the bot goalie catches every shot. UNINSTALL
Really good game play, but don't think that we are playing other people on line , its computer generated. How can you play the same people every day lol and you can't play your friends which is poor. You really need to sort this out Mini Clip, I think this would be a money maker , but at precent I feel your mugging your gamers off!!
I got an issue I lost many coins when I won a game after that the screen locked and I restart the app and it seems like I lost the game but I didn't. There is another issue with the game. In the Olympic stadium it supposed to gain 25.000 but it gaves me 20.000....I have screenshot as well...please the creator of this game to contact with me please.
Luv this. Only just starting, but 👍 from me. Recommend it big time. Very enjoyable footy game. The ads don't defract from the game either, big bonus. You want to buy into the game, your choice, though further in will tell on levels and skills available. But so far, liking it.
At beginning I was totally addicted to this game. Soon as the days were going I'm completely hating as the game is full of hackers and neither no proper rewards in 3 hours nor 8 hours packs. And there is no link between players strength and level. This made me completely frustrated that your team is irresponsible in fixing these problems. Honestly your team is responsible behind the sorrow.
I dont know how does this game understand when i slide if it is a faul or not. In dangerous position, when i slide, it says it is faul and it gives yellow card. But when the opponent slides in a dangerous position, it is ok. No faul no card. This faul thing is a huge fail. And it would be great if we can add friends in this game in order to be able to play again. And some actions can be added into this game like smiling, angry face etc.
Absolutely bonkers stupid game mechanics. Everything is a chance outcome unrelated to player input i.e. tackles, shots, passes all have a chance to be successful. As you progress, the game skews the chance of success in favor of the computer opponent. You will have to literally grind your opponent into the dust with shots to win by one goal. Be prepared to tie games with 2-3x as many shots from better angles than the computer.
It's quite good,the problem is the directional control which is not smooth,its slow and slowly destroys your left thumb because of playing often.
My previous rating was 3 but now i reduce it to 1 due to very important points that directly affect your chances of winning 1) player selection when opponents have the ball is pathetic. Distant players are selected instead of the closer ones. This allows open space for the opponent to run into and score. 2) Goalie ratings are irrelevant. Most matches they are horrible yet opponent goalies save a ton of shots. Your goalie will miss or spill most shots. Pathetic approach just to make u buy....
It was super fun for awhile, then as you get better players and formations, you can't win anymore. I would have 10 shots on goal, and they are all blocked, while my opponent would only get 3 shots on goal, and all of them while weak shots, they all get in. Over and over again. It is so frustrating. I will uninstall...shame.
Fun game, but faulty on so many levels. You think you are playing other people, but they all have the same profile picture. also the opponent scores pretty much from every possible angle with every shot they take Unfortunately this takes all the fun out of the game.
It is unfair that we cannot know the details of the players we see in the shop. Many are new but we dont know how much they cost per level and what will the attribute become. Example how do i know if i should buy new player haddad and develop him... if i cannot compare him to current attackers i have ... got my point? Wish we can have these details
Just had an update and it said the match making had been fixed which is totally fabricated, I'm coming up against people who have over 100 better than me almost every game, I'm never getting put against players who have less or even round about the same as me, always more, starting to make me not want to play it anymore, there needs to be another tier aswell, why go from 5k stake to a massive 25k stake, why not 10k? Trying to grind out 5k games to get to 25k gets boring after a while!
All you've done is copy EVERYTHING from stickman football, the animation, the mechanics and layout EVERYTHING and somehow managed to make the game play worse. Stickman football is actually really fun but this is just a reskinned knock-off. And you dont even bother addressing the player's problems you just reply to them with the exact same copy and paste message. This game is such a hard cash grab
The gameplay is super fun, there are two issues keeping me from giving it 5 stars 1) There is no clear distinction between a tackle and a foul, it sends completely random when fouls are called 2) The currency that you win and use to improve your team is the same currency you need to use to even play the game. I hate this practice, it's so slimy and predatory. You inevitably get to a point where you can't play a game, or improve your team, or do anything in the game without paying real money.
All the matches are pretty much FIXED. You WILL ALWAYS LOSE if the game wants you to lose, no matter how hard you play. Don't waste your time unless you're only doing this for fun on your free time. You CANT SUB THE PLAYER/CHANGE STRATEGY in the middle of the game, which sucks. NO REAL REASON WHY YELLOW/RED CARD. The 2 stars are 1. Good concept of the game such as how to get players, 2. Good graphics. Gameplay is pretty light and basic. Other than that, its just trash
It's a fun game, I've played it for hours and hours. I do have a couple of issues though. The reverse camera angle on free kicks needs to go, it throws off the game play after it, and I always end up kicking it the wrong way. The free kick counts are so biased... at least 70% of my tackles turn into free kicks to the opposition. There is basically no way to stop a penalty goal kick. But the majority when I get to attempt one are saved. Asjusting the fairness of these would improve heaps 👌
Useless garbage. Absolutely pay to win game and bugs everywhere. This is pretty much EA work and has nothing to do with the stats. You pay, you win by only 2 shots while the person who didnt pay losses and couldn't score even if atleast 15 shots while the player who paid scores 3 goals in 4 shots. Useless pay to win game....
Nice game ... and then you level up which means you can't run anymore...impossible to pass the ball, not to mention shooting... the opponent is simply faster, stronger and knows how to drible... you don't. So forget about winning (by the way team stats are irrelevant cause you are useless, the opponent is just way much better)
Really liked the game. I was been playing it for a week now. I was saving the gems for a golden pack. I had 470 gems. One miss click - i accidentally spent it on a purple pack. Was pretty upset about it. They need to allow a confirm button before you spend the gems. Also by default the game ok put you on a higher stadium. Wish there was a default one i can select.
It's a fun game. Would like to seem some enhancements such as customize the controls (how close or far apart they can be, and change the slide, shoot, pass configuration). Would also be good if they can make the goalies controllable, it seems like the computer controlled the keeper, and finally if they added the ability to do tricks or fakes when you're running with the ball, that would be nice, oh and one last thing, ability to change length of game play (shorter or longer). Thx
It is really entertaining game. But it is better to have this option to change the Jersey No. of the players and also English commentary for each game. More over it is difficult to find out which players are epic, rare and so on. Please help us know in this regard and basically in your new upgrade, add these options.
Delete!!! Once you get to level 6 it's impossible to win no matter how good your players are or what tactic you use. The other team is always better. Your team plays bunch ball and the other team is perfectly positioned. They can slide tackle you from 20ft away but you always miss. You're not playing real people either and it becomes clear as you level up. It's sad because this game is so fun and would be awesome if they changed it up.
Poor player experience. Its obvious you're constantly playing against AI. Controls are really bad, choosing the right player to control is really difficult, after a bit it becomes just unplayable. Not worth spending time and much less, money in this game. Honestly, don't even bother.
Best game. Addictive game. Suggestions: 1) Coin awards should increase. 2) Upgradation of player cost should decrease. 3) One of the goal keeper should wear different colour. 4) Game starting takes more time. 4) Game controls should be more friendly. Thank you. *Also since download, I tried to play ads but not a single ad displayed for rewards.
At First I wanted to give it a 5 star however after playing till the last stadium I realized that I was playing with bots easy in the beginning nearly impossible at the end. As others mentioned replays, the rematch after 10 minutes, superhuman goalkeepers, all point to bots.I have not seen a single player against me lose connection or give up even if I was winning 10-0! In the las stadium it is getting impossible to score but somehow bots score goals from all angles.
This funky little game rocks. I play alot of games, and I cycle through faves, delete and add as I go... but this game has been on my phone for months. I love it. Good responsive game play, don't need to spend $$$ to win, and the stupid way the bobblehead characters dance when you score a goal just slays me. Five stars, all the way. Now make one for American football!!!
Game is good. Graphics are nice. Main problem is while defending... I.e. the opposition's striker is running at my defence. I hit switch and it always switches to the wrong person. I can be moving the joystick up and left to select a certain defender and it will pick the one down to the left, leaving a huge gap in my defence. Its very frustrating (to put it nicely) so lost a couple of stars for that! Also give the AI a bit of common sense.... why do they just stand still when under attack???
I like the game, control and graphics. I'm taking 2 stars because I dont feel its really a multi-player game. If it is a multi player, it would be more fun! Please include substitutes, change of formations before the start of match and also in between matches. Also include injuries! If texting with other players is given in options, it would be more fun. For these reasons I'm giving 3 stars.
You don't play against other people, it's all AI. This in itself isn't too much of a problem, because it's quite a fun game to play. The issue is they've implemented a fake matchmaking system using Facebook profile pictures to make it seem as though you're being put against real people. So, when a few hours in, the AI ramps up significantly in difficulty, people feel compelled to start buying things to keep up. Completely immoral.
The overall game is good just few modification could be made in controls. When opponent have ball and my player try to slide for tackle than at that point sometime my player already got the ball before sliding then pressing slide button change to shot which cause irritation sometime. Switching player could be better
If my feedback was important to you, customer support would've answered my question, instead of giving me the runaround and threatening to treat anymore questions as spam. It's simple really, are any of the games against live players or not? If you can't answer that question straight up, then what's the point? Nobody wants to feel like they're being deceived and that's what this game does. It's set up to LOOK like you're playing against live players, but you aren't, ever.
A deception. When you switch your player, it do it randomly instead of choosing the player closer to the ball. Moreover, the rival team ara always bots which difficulty is always random, even during the game. For instance they start playing as a primary school children and then they play lake messi. Waste of time.
Bad game. Not a lot of events it's almost like the producers dont care. It's a online game but it feels like you playing against bots or real players. The slide tackle mechanic is overpowered and there is no point in getting better players because they're all the same I could have 200 stars and you can have 400 but I can still beat you easily.
Perfect game for everyone who searching for a entertaining game super game play easy managing of players . Super grafical representation and also its funny to play with these characters. U could add an option to play with known ones, enable options to select opponents from sorroundings too, it will also help u guys to grow
It's a fun little game, a bit annoying when it randomly says l have no connection during a game so I have to leave. It also said I didn't have a streak when right now I'd be in over a 100 I've had to restart my streak again.
This game is fun but severely imbalanced matching and ridiculous AI make it a joke for any serious play. They will match you with people 100 points different than you. The refereeing is a total joke and the app uses bad one sided officiating to control streaks and wins. I've played hundreds of games before this review. Also the tackling system is completely out of sync with displayed graphics and makes zero sense when it comes to the way fouls are called according to angle of tackle. Broken.
It's a fun game, I've played it a lot. I do have a few issues though. The reverse camera angle on free kicks needs to go, it throws off the game play after it, losing where the ball is, and I often kick it the wrong way. The free kick counts are so biased, at least 70% of my tackles turn into free kicks to the opposition! There is basically no way to stop a penalty goal kick. My penalty kicks almost always don't go where I point them!!. Adjusting the fairness of these would improve heaps 👌
Seems that when there is a bonus for the user that will allow "free" updates, bonuses...etc. this app has a tendency to not deliver, still waiting for the "free stuff" that can be used for more options to be opened by this user, "no more movies available" which is tided to the "free" option, hasn't been "working for 2-3 days now. Why ??
Control buttons are not movable, no player to player action just Ai. This game could be so much better. The biased yellow cards are annoying, the goalies are horrible and dont even move unless they're on the computers team, and the shootout defense is pointless. There should be more options to improve players.
Love the game. Very enjoyable to play. But if anyone is reading these reviews I would like to ask some questions. Why is it that my goalie is the only goalie I've seen not react to a shot on goal??? And the other is... Why does it seem the penalties are very one sided. 7 game stretch had a 16 (me) to 3 (them) yellow/red card difference. And many more penalties....so I would love to see this be addressed. At least the goalie.
I started playing this game and really enjoyed it had a good win record. So I decided to buy Leo Nel ( supposed to be Messi) I thought him having such good pace and shooting he would be amazing it cost £14.99 he was terrible I tried to get a refund but they refused it am very angry about this after playing mini clip games for years and spending a bit of money . Game also has bots so you very rarely play a real person even tho it supposedly has 5million downloads
Could be a great game but you are not going against live players. You could have much higher stats than the opposing team but they can still be much faster than you. They can also tackle you seemingly without the possibly of getting a foul whereas one is called on you every tackle causing you to lose and to lose precious resources much too frustrating deleting
I got an issue I lost many coins when I won a game after that the screen locked and I restart the app and it seems like I lost the game but I didn't. There is another issue with the game. In the Olympic stadium it supposed to gain 25.000 but it gaves me 20.000....I have screenshot as well...please the creator of this game to contact with me please. plus some players are cheating.
It's fun.. but it's so pay to win.. even if ur players are better than the opponent's players (30+ rating difference) they'll make you lose if you have a winning streak. E.g. When opponent's slide me in penalty box = no foul. During sudden death one slide = yellow card = penalty. Obviously this game is programmed so that players don't win a lot
First off, there is no multiplayer. You will always play AI. At first it's easy and the games enjoyable like a mobile game should be, then out of no where the AI becomes unfairly hard and isn't worth playing. Great idea to keep people playing. Rewards are far too small for the amount of effort it takes to win. Losing is far too costly. Makes playing way to stressful and ultimately not worth your time.
Is more like a tackle game than football, they should look at the way opponents steal your ball because at the moment they go to your feet and tackle you really hard and the game continues like nothing major. Another thing is that I came across a lot of overpowered teams and I had no chance of run as fast as them.
Nice game idea anf i like the sinplicity. But i rate it 2 stars because it is a rage quiting game. U cannot play this game for 30 mins without stopping bcoz it is annoying and u easily lose. 2. U start with a pretty small team and small overall making it quite hard to win a game. No 3. It is simply not consistent in tge sense that i promise you, you will unistall this game in 1 week bcoz it is so dang annoying!! If u want a good game download Dls
Annoying. As you progress your goalkeeper has the inability to save the most simple of shots. Playing against bots, where they just whack goals in with every shot when they get the chance. Glitch in the game means sometimes 3 or 4 players run to the sideline leaving huge gaps for the opposition, which is impossible to defend. Deleted the game
Why there are so many f-kin' bots!? (BOTS) have the whole game on their hands! they can score, pass, outrun and defend anythings, everything!! even when I wanna control my players it's doesn't work cause if I score or not (BOTS) can easily thrash my team!! give it one player, it can run from miles like a flash and always score in top corners from either right, left or center!! I'm pretty good in this or other sports games..I only want to play PvP match not a match which B0tS decide. Make it F2P!
You know, it's really a shame because this could be such a great game if some of the mechanics...need work. Could be a great game if they were ironed out, but right now, things like the dribbling and foul awarding are so broken and illogical. Very frustrating.
The game is not online, you play against bot players. You can easily understand this, there is no waiting time. You skip the replay, the game starts instantly. You dont skip the replay, no problem. Your rival waits for you! But you never wait them. Miniclip is a big farm and It is not nice to fake an online game. Shame..
The game is so addictive, gameplay is awesome. If only we could substitute players during the game session. Otherwise the game is so much fun...👍👍🙌🙌😊😊
You don't play against actual players it's all AI, but when you get 200+ every opponent of mine is much better, they run alot faster which makes this game so infuriating. It was great to start but now it's actually pointless. Will be uninstalling and only had it a few days. Don't waste your time in all honesty. It's a shame because a game like this has great potential.
Fun game, simple controls but sometimes lagging. Match making is a joke, you don't play "live" but rather a ghost game from opponent. It hardly matches you with someone close to your level, it's either someone who is much better and they dominate the game or it's someone worse which poses no challenge. Also I have noticed that every time I play everyone one of the computer players will try to take the ball from me but when they have the ball none of my computer players will try to take the ball.
I really enjoy playing the game. It need improvement with the players. The more you get, they will be added to your spare players. Those player might not be playing but the daily purchase most of the time is applying to those spare players experiance. Those players could be deleted by selling them for such coins or converting their experiance to a selected player. There is a small glitch somtimes when the goal keeper does not catch the ball and goes for corner, the game does not relize it. Thx.
This is a pay to win game. Reward sistem is a joke. I see my players flying on the field but they don't give me a free kick, yet when I slide to takle the ball I get a yellow card. I find myself constantly playing with overpowered AI. 95% of the time you won't even understand which are your players because the outfits have the same colors. When you'll want to switch the players they decide to which player to switch. After reaching level 6 is granted that you'll lose every game. This is pure BS!
The game is great! But some things could improve. 1. Gameplay/controls: sometimes when you touch the "switch" button, the action goes to a completely distant player. 2. Interaction: I'd really enjoy having more interaction with real people. Here goes some suggestions: a chat; the possibility to "spy" on rivals' teams, and maybe even to negotiate players. Yet, I like it simple as it is. Also, please don't push harder on the advertising.
Well, hey there, game seems fun, but I have a little problem. It simply doesn't count the goals I score) If I score, the numbers are still 0-0. If opponent scores, it becomes 0-1, 0-2 and so on. I scored 5 times in 1 match, a hat trick, for my striker with celebrations and so on, but than, we had sudden death, so what do you think? I scored))) but it was written, that I lost)
This game is fabulous!! This is really so addictive I downloaded it last week and today I am playing it every time in my leisure it good but not the best I need miniclip to make more improvements such as free play without spending our coins in matches and please give us an option rename ourselves even with guest account logged in . Game is capable of 5 stars but its good and for me its capable of 4 stars.. Thanks.
This game is a lot of fun and could easily be 5 stars. The reason it is only 3 is because you only play against bots. PVP would make this game way better and they use shady tactics to try and get you to spend money. I would easily spend money on this game if there were PVP options.
Fun game. I really enjoy it. The controls are a bit annoying at times when the "switch" button changes "pass" and i pass the ball accidentally when I'm trying to switch control to a different player.