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Money manager, expense tracker, budget, wallet

Money manager, expense tracker, budget, wallet for PC and MAC

Is a Finance game developed by Innim Mobile Exp. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Cash supervisor, expense tracker, budget, wallet: income and cost tracker, cash, finances application will help you bring your budget, money and finances in check and won’t take enough time. You won’t want to sift through your wallet or check your bank-account to be aware of your needs that are financial. With Budget: earnings and expense tracker, cash, funds app you can easily spend money while hoarding and saving up.

- Clear interface:
Budget: expenditure and earnings tracker, money, funds app is very simple to utilize: you can easily rapidly add a transaction in just a few clicks;

- Illustrative display:
The app will automatically draft current balance and produce a pictorial diagram showing your investing patterns (costs and income);

- Explications:
Check out detailed reports for every single period of time and every group of operation, sort operations by date or amount – whatever works for you;

- customization:
Use ready templates (such expenses as food, hobby, bills, etc.) or create your own categories, pick any colors and entitle them to adjust the application you get income in foreign exchange, etc.;

- Reminders:
Create and put reminders of regular repayments (gaining income from the business, credit repayments, credit as well as other charge card payments, financial obligation repayments, etc.) to make sure you don’t forget anything;

- Safety:
Set a passcode to safeguard information on your own spending plan in order for only you have got usage of this important info as you see fit and get the most from it;

- Multicurrency:
The app supports various currencies and show real-time exchange prices which supplies comfort of use while traveling abroad, in case.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Money manager, expense tracker, budget, wallet.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Money manager, expense tracker, budget, wallet for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This app really helps me limit my expenses because it gives me data for me to be aware of. So nice! For those who want to save money out from your income, just jot down your expenses and it will generate the percentage you allocated to different categories of your expenses! Start your financial journey right!
Great app! love it so far, but would love it even more if a few other features were added. For each day/week/month/year I'd love to see the total balance of both income and expenses calculated, not just my current total, and also separate wallets would be great to manage bank, cash, savings, business etc separately. Otherwise, works great and much more enjoyable than just writing it all down! Keep up the good work guys πŸ‘
Good, but it rounds up/down when you input amounts and although 20p might seem like nothing it ends up being several pounds wrong just because of it, really frustrating. Also be good if you could put repeat payment in for the future or input scheduled payments for the future. Otherwise its been handy but I keep having to amend the total amount of cash avaliable to be accurate which is annoying.
There should be an option to keep my preferences saved. Like I want to see my all time income and expenses. Not weekly. Every time I set the all time option, relaunching the app switches to the weekly option.
No option to customize defaults. I want per day data not per week by default. I have to click everytime. Also, no able to press enter/break line in note. There should also be field under note where option is paid via? Last but not least the chart is ugly and so are colours and logo. Rather than charts just show transaction by default or give an option.
So far so good.. I just started using it and best thing I find compared to many other apps I have used is it's simple functionality. More to see by the end of month!! Thanks
Very good free app where you can do whatever you want without paying (while other apps use the moto " you can make your budget bigger" while they ask you to pay so you can use the complete versions of their apps) keep up the good work guys. Maybe a donate button will help you a bit! P.S. Would be a good idea if we can put photos of our bills in each transaction. That way we can easily keep track of what we buy and how much cost. Maybe in the next update?
It is very easy to use and very good. Since it has different currencies, I think it will be perfect if it contains different calenders proportional to those different currencies, as well.
So far so good. Interface is simple and straightforward. Would suggest a 2 tier category/tagging so it'll be easier to keep track of entries. Example would be: credit card - grocery which will be a big help to see where the source is from. But overall great, keep it up !
terrible i put the wrong number initially it would not let me correct it yes it has edit but it does not work i could not find a dot to put amount of cents in i deleted it
I highly recommend this app. This is the best budget app. I was able to add prior expenses as well as my spending start from the day I found the app. And there is nothing better than an app that doesn't throw ads in your face while you use it!
Using this for days as far as it goes it performs well and a great ease for calculation let see on the coming days.
Just downloaded this app and it looks amazing! It is a simple layout, perfect for a person like me, who has tried budgeting, but found it too complex on my own!
So far I love the aesthetic, the click response time is very quick. I love that you can input your current balance regardless of income or outgoings.
I really love this app. Now I have very good idea about my expenses and incomes. I have one concern... Could you please give us an ordering option in the diagram. It's great if you can let us arrange the diagram according to the order, colors or categories. Also, could you please add more currencies like Sri Lankan rupees.
Im loving the interface on this app. A good amount of features while still keeping it simple. I give it 3 stars because the lack of being able to add accounts which makes it sadly unusable for me. How are you supposed to keep track of the balance of multiple bank accounts and cash on hand with this app?
Wonderful interface. Convenient reports! Great features such as listing multiple currencies and exchange rates. Would give five stars if I could attach copies of receipts. Web access would be nice too but attaching images to expenses would make this my go-to app.
Just wanted something really simple to keep track of my spending, and it's perfect for that. There's plenty included to get the whole picture of your finances though. Wish I could choose the period I'm budgeting for but otherwise it's just what I wanted. Thank you!
Amazing and fluid app for budgeting. I would easily recommend to everyone. The only thing missing would be an ability to search and to show different cash balance in different bank accounts. Keep up the good work!
This is very usefull and helpfull app and using this daily..but only problem is the output excel file is not readable and working.if developpers can solve it this will be the best ever expense tracker..thank you..
- please make the possibility to add future transactions.I mean if i know that tomorrow i'll buy smth. - the possibility to change theme into dark will be user-friendly otherwise the app is simple and clear. love it. thank you!
Great app, but I like to see more balance options not only one. I want to have different wallets. I hope to get this feature in the future. Otherwise design is great, easy to use and no ads. 5 Stars :)
The best out of several trackers I tried.πŸ‘Œ Super easy to use, logical (good set up) and FREE with no ads. Everything functions properly without glitches.
Excellent tool, easy to use format. Highly recommend for anyone looking to put some effort into personal or family budgeting.
I really like the app, just two main issues for me. 1st- you cannot use future date, if it is in the upcoming month. 2nd- once you open your app, it always shows expenses by weeks. It would be good to choose, by which category you want, for example monthly expenses for me are more suitable
Very cute and simple interface. It would be better if this app had features like linear statistics , setting initial amounts for income categories , because when users download app they have already some amount money.
πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― This app is awesome! I love it, this helps me keep track of how much money I have and I love how it instantly tells you how much money you have when you either receive money or spend!πŸ‘ πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
I download many app then delete them. But I still use this app for my pocket expenses. Its very easy to use and connected with my Gmail I'd. Thanks Doveloper
User friendly. Love that I can add category. One thing I hope for is past date fixing option. - When I update past expenses, I have to click in the date every time. Hope there's an option to fix past date.
Overall I like the app. The colors coding is a nice way to quickly visualize each category. However, it would make it a lot easier if you could put reoccurring payments so I'm not always inputting the same bills. And on a similar note, you can't put future payments either. The calendar cannot be selected beyond the current date.
Havent used it yet, however ive opened it and the interface is nice, the concept is simple enough that much time in delving into budgeting won't seem too bad of a thing. That said, it's free...with no ads, .... 5 stars for now.
This app does exactly what I expected it to, which is kind of surprising now a days. Great way to keep track of your money!
Yes a good app to track your expenses, I tested many but this one is the best I knew, good balance amoung complexity and easy-intuitive use
Very easy to use ! I really apprecuate that we can enter differend currencies and it shows you the equivalent in your main currency.
While this app probably has good intentions, it is in dire need basic development. Expense tracking, for budgeting, requires you to date the expenses being tracked, including in the future. This app doesn't allow you to date stamp past today's date. Uninstalling.
Love this app. I've been looking for a budget app for a long time, and this one is really good. Simple design, easy to use, and no ads or in app purchases. Can't ask for more than that.
Very nice and easy app. Just log in with two phones and syncing works fine. All family money managment is very easy
Please do not use red color for DELETE, it makes us want to delete the content. Put the action button or icons "edit" and "delete" on the same area. Your ux make us confused. Over all this app is good, would be better if you could add budget feature, not just money tracking.
From the 1st day I got this it's been amazing! A free app with no ads? Jackpot! It feels like a stock app that came with my note. Also, I really appreciate how easy it is to use. It has handy reminders for forgetful people like me that just seem too busy moving from task to task I forget something in between. Most of all I like how it has a graph and breaks down your transactions.
Very handy app for keeping track of your finances, love that there are no annoying ads only complaint is that the current balance is rounded to the nearest dollar amount instead of showing actual
Good app. Responsive and does exactly what i need. To the developer: Maybe change the name. The icon shows up with the name "Money m..." under it on my home screen which looks a little funny.
Loved the app. Easy UI. Anyone using such an app for the first time can navigate and understand how it works.
Awesome free app w/no annoying ads! Suggestion: In a future update, it would be great if the user could download a conjoined expense/income excel download, instead of one or the other. Thanks for providing this wonderfully-simple, budgeting tool!
All over the app is good , please add photo upload option in comments option... so that we can add related receipts photo of expenses... And also add currency converter beside of using currency so that we can compare ... Expenses differences between two places
Fab app i got oj very quickly Nice presentation colours option One features missing which would make it perfect The search option! Then would defo earn 5stars
Good for free, but no recurring options makes it not worth my time. I don't want to have to put in my paycheck and other recurring income/expenses in manually every single time.
Absolutely love the App so far! No ads and tracks your income and expenses in a very organized wayπŸ‘πŸΎ
Nearly five stars. It gets four simply because when viewing the monthly pie chart, it rounds up to nearest full pound. Can't work out why is necessary ☹
Very good appb to control daily expenses. Everything is simple and easy to do, just if they provide more colors to dividing all the categories wouldn't be better.
You can choose from already created categories or create your own. You can also choose to budget on either a daily, weekly, monthly, etc basis. The best part is that you don't have to disclose your personal banking or credit card information.
Great, easy and very useful app. Best of all no ADS. Hope we have the option though to rearrange order of our categories.
Just began to explore the app. I love the ease if getting around & inputting items. I do have an issue that bothers me. I wish the exact amount was shown after input vs a rounded up amount.
Simple and very useful. Clean interface makes it easier to focus on its functions. Hoping it will be available for home screen widget-so we can easily enter income/expenses without opening the app. Kudos!!
New user. Cannot change dates of pmts to track due dates. Attempted log out and back in, nothing. Attempted uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing. Getting rid of this app!
I gave it 5 stars because of no adds thank you. On the app its self is hard to use for the first part but I am getting better at it after a week.
Great app, skmple,no ads mostly user friendly. Two tiny improvements would be useful: recurring expenses, and removing the total balance (I just want to track expenses and not income) One GIGANTIC bug: can't create an account using any method,please fix. Thanm you!
Easy to understand and use, maybe I'd let the users modify default categories but anyways it's a cool app
Great app, easy to use. Would/will give 5 stars after answer, but for me 1 big feature is missing. Where can i see the result of a/actual month? Like i had 100 income and 87 expenses. Where do i see the result that in that month I finished with 13 plus? I see global balance but the current stat of a month or result of past month is missing for me. Am i wrong and its there? Or i have to calculate it by clicking both side? App should do it for me i guess. Having this too i would pay for such app.
Now when I add expense I need to choose Account even if I have only one. Please make it possible to set in by default.
Good app! I would like to mention if you can improve by implementing the following: 1. By letting the user rearrange the categories in any order in the category section. 2. Put an option to get to todays date by a click! Because the date changes sometimes. 3. Let the user to export as pdf format as well! Therefore 3🌟 (if the above are implemented i will give 5🌟 Thankyou!
I have tried a number of these apps just to try and keep a handle on my small business and micro budget. This app really does everything I need it to do. Why I gave it five stars is that at a glance I can tell exactly how much I've spent on beer, on coffee at the cafe,on art supplies and I can do that for the week, the month, the year. I just realized that I spent almost as much on coffee and bagels as I did on beer in this month. Whoops! Ease up on beer! BUT, I was easily able to view this.
5 Starz for no ads thank you πŸ™. Please take care of round off issue. Example if I have 2 expenses. 6.99 + 22.54 it shows me 30 in total
If you want something simple, effective, and intuitive, this is the app for you. I have used many many apps for budgeting and so far this is my favorite- easy to use and customizable for your lifestyle.
Nice app, well done! Exactly what I was looking for, and very easy to use. The only two additions that would make this app perfect: allow to add future payments, and ability to create recurring expenses/income.
Great app! You add everything manually and it doesn't ask for any personal or financial information unless you want to add it. Would recommend!
Hi support team. I am trying to log in in the app via my Google account or by creating a new account but I am always receiving an error message saying "Server error. Please contact the support team". I have tried to do so via the "contact your support team" option available in the app but I cannot send you my message. The same error appears: "Server error. Please contact the support team". Could you please have a look at the issue? Thanks.
It's an excellent app, but you must know this is just for track spending (you can't budget in here, but certainly this is the first step to make a useful budget)
I was looking forward to the app since it had such a high rating, but it was a big disappointment to see the "balance" not go down when you add expenses. So I have to manually change this when I input expenses.
I love that you don't have to link your bank account. I love how customizable the categories are and the fun icons. I love the analytic graphs and that this app has no ads. I also really love that you can set monthly reminders for your bills.
It would be nice if the developer can introduce the saving function to let you see how you you saved/overspent that week or month. Currently you can only input expenses and income. There is no other functions available.
Excellent for my daily control of finances. It provides the info I need and without those extras graphs, charts and accounting info that I don't need.
It seems that the categories are shown in the diagram without any apparent order, making it rather inconvenient for those who prefer keeping a lot of relatively narrow categories (like me). It's a pity, as the app is otherwise nice and user-friendly. Would be great if it was possible to sort them manually or to add sub-categories.
I love this app. Its easy to use. It would be great if there is 1. Income & expenditure statement 2. Reports available in pdf too Thanks a million for this app. I would pay for this if it generates helpful reports and has an accounts automator 3. More options available for category icons and nice available preset color themes Thanks!
Love that you could view the percentages of your spending, although would be nice to have some expenses and income with a repeat option.
One of the good thing about this apps is, its remind you in the evening if you forgot to update during the day. Its really good, before you have it as a habit.
The app is great! Highly customizable to your needs and simple to use. However, I would recommend the developers to allow future expenses to be set.
Was hoping for a slot to input debt or have a debt tracker but Good app overall. Im really enjoying it
Excellent app, well done people! Please add the feature of sharing so we can share it with our contacts, it's worth it
I tried 2 other apps and I love this one. It's easy to use and let's me easily create my own categories.
This tool allows me to compare my budget with my actual spending and it does that perfectly, nice looking interface, no Advertisement at all and its focused on the essentials, great app, thank you for your good work
It will be better if date can select from the date had chosen but not from today when edit transaction.
Very convenient and user-friendly. Possible to share data across different devices. Free. All in all - thank you for the great app. 5 stars :)
+4 star because it is simple yet very effective and easy to use for tracking the flow of cash on multiple accounts :) + 1 star because no ads!!! Great App!
This is the app to download if you want to track all your spending habbits. I find it much easier to use then Excel due to the simplicity.
I hate not being able to at least add my diff accounts and differentiate on expenses where the money cane from and also not having my accounts on there it is hard to track transfer
Great App, Tracking, Color coding, Super easy to use, Convenience ON SPOT. Suggestion- Add recurring payment to copy from one month to another options.
Very clear, direct display of how and where your money is spent. The only improvement I might add is some of the icons for what you have spent your money on aren't quite clear as to what they represent. That could also be a generational thing on my part. Of course you will love that this is a Free app!
Love the fact that I can add categories without the need to upgrade into a Pro account unlike the other apps. It's also simple and covenient to use.
I've used a lot of expenses tracking apps and by far, this is the one that I like the most. It's easy to use and very straightforward. And I appreciate how I can change the currency. 5 stars!
Really impressed. I am using this app to track the expenses for our horses, their care and their stable yard. Simple to setup and customise so far. Definitely recommend.
As of Tuesday, December 22, 2020, MoneyManagerApp performance has been Good. As I continue to use App, I'd love to be able to rate the App Exceptional then rate 5β˜†s.
I like this app very much, it is simple and easy to use. I wish it had subcategories though, i.e. for travelling.
No ads. Simple tracker that I can use in my 2 devices. Can even share your login with a spouse/family for a free account and it syncs with no payment required.
This app really helps me get a concrete view about the inflow and outflow of my money in my pocket. I expect more helpful feature development in the future.
Thank you for keeping this app ad free. It's so user friendly and helpful. Appreciate all that you do.
I'm able to track my spending and income easily and it's FREE! No adds and no trials. I hate when I think an app is free only to be a trial offer. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I love this app! It's easy to navigate and simple to use.Great features and user experience, I use it since this Jan and didn't see any bugs so far! Great job!
Please add categories drag&drop sorting function. And repetable income and expenses for future period. Meanwhile the App is good and simple.
Perfect app, it doesn't ask you for your bank account, that's what I wanted. An app that allows me to put it all my budget manually so i have extra time to think about it. Please just add dark mode, during the night it really burns your eyes
Very easy to use and ideal for beginners who want to budget. Simple to navigate layout and functions to minimize the tedium of having to input something as boring but necessary as our spending.
I have given three stars because it is based on 1 week of using and functionality so far. The positives; Easy to use, user friendly interface - pretty self explainitory, no ads - fantastic, good selection of icons and can create categories without limitations, works well on S10. Comments Reminders options limited - add fortnigthly or interval for num of days weeks. It would be useful to schedule direct payments in advance.
This app deserve a five stars for its easy to use interface and simplicity of all the other functions.
Good application, I like the possibility to extract the data. However I miss the ability to share budget with several accounts.