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Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by DIVMOB located at Asia Square, Singapore. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Collect, evolve and battle with original monsters in just one of the essential tower that is epic game previously.

β˜… Over 20 beasts which are collectible unique abilities
β˜… Fun battles cross realms
β˜… a lot of challenges

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I.m.o I've played alot of these types of games. This is one of the best of its kind, if not the best. No pay to win b.s gets harder as it goes keeps ya on your toes.
It's a great game it's just isn't evolution is supposed to make the characters alittle bit different πŸ˜…
What a nice game i got 4 stars first i played after last monster will come i disent didtory her and i take a monkey minster and the moster diseery him
One of the best strategic games...BUT... it realy needs to improve graphic...i mean that in this game everything is high but the graphic is pretty LOW...
😑 😑 😑 Still can't get my daily reward because of the STUPID PROMOTION!! every time I log in, the promotion comes up which takes away my daily reward 😑 πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ fix this please! Also, this game is getting very boring. It's super Repetitive. We need new game modes, new characters and new abilities or something. Also, the ranking is completely messed up. For the first 3 matches or so you get fair opponents, but after that you basically may as well not play because everyone's levels are higher! 😑
Just really fun and easy to play while passing the time (I mostly play on the train while listening to music). Also has a fun pixel art style!
It links important function to ads, and I sat there for an hour pressing the watch ad button with no ad playing. With this error how could I give it more stars.
Your game won't allow you to claim the money or gold on gyms I think it sucks. Are the platforms ever going to change and they're the same ones time and time again you guys should change the platform so you can see different Adventures videos don't come up and you can't claim your prizes
Monsters x Montsters did it better, that game was deleted for some reason,it was good, it was satisfying. But DIV just had to come in and run something that was already dead, I wished there was extra additions to MxM but that will never happen because of the failure they endured, DIV u could have made it better, u could have revived something that was dead, but you proceeded to add it to the collection of your awful and greedy games, put more effort into it or watch it die again.
Game is just designed around you watching ads. Can't even beat lvl 30 without having to use boosters (acquired through ads), and I'm just not gonna sit through 3 or more ads just to beat one bloody level.
Fun game easy and hard at the same time fun stress reliving i might make diffrent comments in the future my most favioret game you should download it
Skank app because 1 you put too much data on your app to run it online to watch videos spend half my time clearing the cache to watch 1 video all my other games runs perfect with ads yours freeze up constantly whatever uninstalled
WONNA "PLAY" THE APPS - WATCH THIS "GAME". A lot of freezes, unfair random items from overprised chests.
Fun game but why this is have a little space to battle can you please turn it into big space of battle like in kingdom wars level 1 little space but in level 2 is big just like that just requestπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
I love all of the war games there is there is just always that one problem I can't download them all only because of my storage space but yeah other than that I love the game it a bit reminds me of battle cats
Insane amount of ads and the cost of removing them is 20 eur a month!!! The creators of this game are delusional.
Game is well rounded but the food growth is way too slow and soemtimes when you watch the ad to continue, it hust pauses the game and does nothing. Even the 7 day epic at tier 3 cant do too much against chapter 3 because they stack too much. You need to het more area attackers into the storyline to make some stack stages easier. If you wont increase food production at least decrease cost as sometimes the enemies kill you before ypu can send out your big guy unless you grind alot in the game,
I love the game i got the rare white.I.B or something too easy every lvl is too easy exept for lvl 50 or 100 lvls but i love the game and i likeit so thats my feedback! See ya
Im looking for heroes book and theres no hero book or list..no other campaign .. this should have a 2nd campaig where u can grind cause some stage are so difficult.. its annoying when you always need to watch adds for the price or loots but its good.. just need more developments.. im looking forward to it..
This game has potential, but there are many things that i dont like about the game. First, the information of unit is almost useless, it doesn't give any information other than stats so you can't know a unit ability without trying it. Second, you can't repeat the older stage so it is frustrating. The enemy strength increase so fast, while the money you get from stage is not enough for you to keep . Finally, the ads, of course. I suggest the dev to change the game's name to "Ads war". πŸ˜‰
Forced ads, annnd, if that's not outrageous enough, their "VIP" scam is laughable to the point I uninstalled the game immediately after checking it out.
The graphics are very cool, and the intentions were good, but that is where it stops. Unbalanced, too expensive to upgrade the units as well as our castle. The enemie should have a food amount such as ours so we don't get overwhelmed or the enemies woukd need to have less life/less damage, something like this.
Robbed me of my pvp rank winnings 5000gems. Because I was too much competition for the devs kids and they booted me out of the bracket. Dont bother with this POS.
You Can Get Awesome Troops Upgrade The Tower To Have More HP Some Troops Have The Most HP So Download Now For Free Today And Watch Them Fight
It's a really fun game, but i have a limit to watching ads. When the limit is over, I lose the chance to get a good character.
Its basically adware, theres an ad every step of the game, collecting coins makes you watch an ad and evolving units makes you watch an ad. There are mystery chests that contain new monsters to use but you need to watch an ad, evolving monsters feels unsatisfactory and ungratifying because theres no visual change.
This game is plagued with adds. Want to check what a powerup does without having one? Add. Want to evolve your character? Add. Want another spin? Add. Want triple gold? Big add button right next to the normal reward button. And a random add in between. And an add for this and for that. I just want to play the bloody game, around 30% of my time was spent watching adds, whilst I clicked no to most adds. The gameplay itself was ok, but I just didn't have time to get into the game due to the adds.
I really love this game so far, I really loved the story when it was "monster x monster" my favorite character is still maraborn so cool :), but yea despite the story not being there i really like the game
Im absolutely in love with this game. Please keep doing what your doing and keep updating! And i understand you need to make money, but the vip is a liitle bit expensive i feel, like if it was cheaper i wouldnt mind buying it monthly to help support. Anyway, thanks for this awesome game! Amazing game art too and character design!
Awesome game.. it's always on my to do list, when I'm able I play. I love this game, its addictive amd it's not too confusing , love the pixilated graphics. Awesome game!!!!
I think it's fun not abusive with ads but you do have to watch them for most things. A bug I found is when you use the characters power at the end of the level the game crashes overall fun game to chill on.
The devolopers of this game practice some bad habits, leading to a loss of quality in this otherwise really good game. Here's the issues... 1. The game is pay-to-win, you'll never do as well as others unless you pay money. 2. Ad spam - They will make you watch an ad for everything (claiming rewards, evolving units, opening gifts, using power-ups.). Note: You can purchase no ads for $20, but it's only for a month In conclusion: They prioritize money and ad revenue over the player experience
Or "Bunnyspam Zergrush" as might better be titled. It took the enemy 33 levels before cleverly countering my tactic of only upgrading and deploying the cheapest units, with an enormous spam of tanks and ranged. By which time, watching ads only to Bunny-volve and nothing else, little could be done. There is some minimal reward for units killed when inevitably losing, but it is minimal. Dull, repetitive, unrewarding, slightly interactive screensaver- sorry, "game."
Another game I've had to uninstall cos of the adverts causing the game to crash too often, might be my phone but it doesn't do that on most other games...
This game is really fun to play. You can play the game without watching ads but it's better with ads because you get more things. The gameplay is addicting and fun but some heroes get stupidly overpowered. I managed to upgrade Thor to stage 3 and around level 5 and he has more that 5000 health and more than 500 damage. Game needs some balancing definitely, if you upgrade enough a little pink bunny with a tiny dagger does as much damage and has as much health as a massive yeti, doesn't make sense
Too hard to get new monsters and the gold acquired to needed is way too low. This is as close as I can get to laughing in your faces at 20 dollars a month for vip.
The game is super fun and a great way to pass time, in saying that my annoyance is that everyday you enter the game to collect your daily reward you cannot because your promotion pops up and you have to wait 30 minutes for it to go away in order to collect your reward. Why would you force that upon your players?
The issue here is that some of the rewards should come from the commercial ads and sometimes i doesn't work or eventually all the time i doesn't play its ads good enough to get its rewars or to evolve your heroes
Very fun. Nice playful diversion. It does require watching a lot of adverts to make progress. Recommended.
The Gameplay is good but it lacks Details. I suggest that you guys add information on each units on how or what are their skills. Also allow players to customize their Deploy Deck because it sucks to see unarranged Deck. And Could you give a Higher Chance of Getting Units? It's pretty hard to pass some levels without a good unit. Anyways Overall you guys are doing great but just those things that I mentioned should be given attention to. Thanks!
A good blend of team management, good design and timing, Monster War is a very fun game. The game gets better as you play and gold gets easier to acquire with effort. One of my favorite android games.
Basically an ad watching game. Grow by watching ads. To then do battle. But at least the ads are shorter than other games. Could have a better upgrade system. Ex an upgrade that reduces the individual unit timer.
Nice gameplay. But it lacks overall satisfaction. For example. It would be dope if the unit evolved actually change appearance at some point.
Fun game to waste time, not a lot of information though. There's no good way to tell what the units do (including special abilities) except for guess and check. No way to control wave clear ability either. It just activates whenever it is charged which could be right at the end of a level when you don't need it. Needs a lot of work. But it's ok for now.
I personally love the game and if you are looking through reviews I highly recommend that you check it out. P.S. if any game developers are reading PLEASE add more monsters I NEED MORE thank you.
The game is super fun and all rewards are earned though gameplay and can be tripled through watching an ad. There's no life limit so play endlessly. character designs are unique and pretty cool, it's very simple to play but finding the right strategy takes a few turns.
If you are offline you cannot claim any prizes, because the game want you to watch videos after every level. I cannot replay levels to build up coins to get upgrades;
when I use upgrades and stuff and I'm on the verge of winning then boom...my players freeze like till they die,mostly when they get hit by Santa's bombs...i think this game has potential I hope the upgrades fix the bugs.Btw the fact that I have to watch Ads to do anything at all in the game sucks but the game idea is dope. Please put a button that controls whether to attack or defend...it helps