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Mr. Slice

Mr. Slice for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Playducky.com. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
It's detergent that is like but much-much much better. Reduce soap-like things of various kind and form. Become a Slicing Hero!Play now and have the satisfaction that is amazing practical cutting results, soothing sounds and various types of blades and heroes.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Mr. Slice.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Great game!? JUST KIDDING awesome game!! Barely any ads sure there's a few from time to time but it's so little you wont get annoyed from it so if you want this game get it and It literally made me play it all night because it's so good also it's so satisfying!!
Google Play should delete every game by this company, VOODOO and every other game with an ad after every level. Nothing but a waste of data to fund a company making the same style of game after game. No enjoyment in every 5 levels being the same.
The ads are SEXIST. The little pencil giy slices women's dresses, its ads should be sliding random things, not Women's dresses.
Mr. slice is a good game beacause thetes mostly no ads and Mr. slice it sounds like its satisfying and yeah its pretty amazing!
Great game, love the other things, and way less ads than I expected But mabye more upgrades on changing the knife guy on
this game is fun! I like to play it everyday theres no problems in it at all so thanks for the creators who did this game!
The game its self osnt bad its a bit laggy but the ads for this game are DISGUSTING YOU NEEED TO RESPECT WOMEN
Awesome. Turn off internet for no ads, you dont have to pay with money to get vip items, and is satisfying. Love this!
I love this app it's so satisfying when the little tiny man and his long stick it just cuts the thing and then it goes like oh so satisfying I love it I saw someoneSaying that they don't like this app but I really like it to me I love this app everybody you will not regret doing this download it now don't listen to that person what they said it's not a list of your time it's a great and fun app so download it now if you did that that'll be great and my favorite YouTuber played this app
I love your game IO in like me I'm love this cake like Benton it mutely is better than this is why this game it's my experience about they assume man chalking let each other things like I do there and asked myself hour like LA to do get to so thank you create in this game I thank you
giving this 1 star because of the ad. seriously? slicing clothes off of woman? get a grip. you're marketing sexual harassment
This game is just horrible. First off it showed a inappropriate ad that's definitely not for kids, Like who made it? They need to be banned from making ads, The game is also extremely boring since the levels are almost the same and sometimes freaking reskimned levels. I played this game until level 200 and now I see the experience. Just horrible, Do not download this game it's not worth the pain. All though it is satisfying it still needs to fixed ALOT. Game should've been published better.
Way too many adds, inappropriate adds, no feminine outfits only masculine ones, can loose all gems on bonus level be chance of hitting Γ—0, overall a boring game and more waste of time than not doing anything
While yes, it was initially satisfying to both hear and watch, the many, many ads that are loud cut down the satisfaction level to 0. Would not play. I understand that's how you make money, but i think it would be better if you sold the game for 99 cents and had zero advertisements.
Its 2 ads are so disgusting. Im a girl myself and its so gross to see a man doing inappropriate things to woman. I only downloadee it so i can report it. REPORT IT THE ADS ARE DISGUSTING.
To many ads. When you press no thanks ad. When you complete a level ad. When you want to skip can you guess what It is? If you said ad you are SUPER right. 0 stars and to laggy.
I rate this game 4 stars because I like the graphics and everything but it also has a lot of ads when u pass a level otherwise it's good it's not too inopropiate for kids but if the ads wasn't there I would've said 5 stars
This game is good.but I gave this 1 star because there are too many adds.but the add ruined the game after every round and it comes up.this is so annoying even my friend told me this stupid app🀣🀣
Very unorganized game it freezes to much always lagging I think creators should first complete their study then should try these things coz this game is Bull sh! T
I like the game I think it's really nice but a little laggy for me I don't know why but it's a great game
ads are obnoxious and misleading and honestly innapropriate. cutting doors and clothes off of girls so you can see them in there underware while the little man grunts in approval. it's weird.
This app has too many unskippable ads that last 20 seconds or longer. Not worth it, just find a better one.
The game is good but I gave it 4 stars the ad is not the same as the game,I can say it's good bc I'm level 300
let's talk about the ads. im a guy, and i STILL hated them. very inappropriate, and pretty goddamn retarded
5 Reasons Why Mr. Slice Is A Good Game. Heres Why. 1. Theres almost no ads so u dont get inturrepted. 2. But there is ads time from time but you know games that have ads EVERY level and then you get really annoyed? well this game is your lucky game! it hardly has any ads so yea. 3. people HATE ads so a smart person made this game and didnt put as much ads as the other games. 4. No ads means no interrepurted playing. 5. You can enjoy this game with no ads not every level! thats all for now! Bye!!
There are way too many ads also THEY ARE SO LONG I dont think this game is the best but it's not that bad.
Its a nice and relaxing Game . Turn off mobile Data or WiFi to play without Ads , so simple yet many argue . Awesome Game , Highly recommend 😎πŸ₯ΈπŸ˜Ž
See, ir I play this game by ofline it doesn't contain ads but, when I play this game by online it contains very big ads. But very nice app containing different levels and wallpapers❀❀❀
This is kida broing but good my twin plays this alot and the problem is that there's alot of ads but u enjoy the game so much gems like dude
The only reason I downloaded it is because I wanted to complain about the ad and how its sexually assaulting people. That's it.
Well this game is really sickening but you can actually put "Mr Slice for something else like slicing fruits or vegetables.
Why do you use girls in bikinis that is wrong!! Stop and use something else I'm not telling you how make your game but don't use girls for your ads please thx.
Well this app is amazing and also awsome but it laggs little too much please fix this lag so more players can play this and also I am sorry to rate it four stars because the advertisements are really inappropriate and I am 26 myself and I played this game and I started to like it and I saw many advertisements on it so.. Many other users complained about this and I saw the advertisement myself so please do not add this stuff children play this game and do not or never add this stuff in ads.
This game is very boring because you just slice and slice and slice and you can only slice colors of cubes im sorry for ratting 2 stars bye bye πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’
This game honestly sucks.Too many ads and the ads are sexist! There are many kids that do not understand that cutting off women's clothes is unacceptable! Truly disgusting. Im only putting 5 stars so the front page will see this but this ga.e is T E R R I B L E .
This was fun I like it its great and satisfying though could use some upgrades but overall a really fun experience
Actually really addictive!! It thought it was going to be pretty boring, but I keep finding myself playing it. Love it!
The game is good and all but can I say something there is a few bugs what I mean is I got stuck in the box that all the little balls fall out take the enemies
I have only been playing this game for a couple minutes but it is so laggy and has so many ads. Do not reccomend to anyone that wants something FUN to play.
I saw someone like "dont play it if you dont like it" more like if your diying then dont die and yea the ad is very uncomfortable i dont like it but i give another one star cuz the gane is fun.
Cant understand how this has the star rating that it has, its total rubbish. Boring game with ads every 30 seconds. Dont waste your time with this garbage.
I would give 5 stars, however there is one feature I don't like. Can you please get rid of the Γ—0 in the bonus level, all it does is take away all the gems you worked hard to collect in that level.
Kinda like pretty nice but i love it you can slice Something but theres no pikachu that u can slice but i rate it 5 stars cause Is Amazing
This game's ads are inapropriate for a kids rated game and it's taking all the ad space on Youtube and other games. The should get rid of that ad and it gets a 3 star from me.
This game is really fun! But I'm still giving 3 stars. 1. Because it took at least 45 mins to install it. 2. Too many adds. I barely have time to finish an level, an add comes. I request to do something for these issues.
It's so bad. You have to be an actual idiot to say the game is over one star. This is the worst game I have ever played in the entire app store and I've played some straight garbage before
Rating this one star because of the disgusting advertisement where it shows you cutting off women's clothes...that's called sexual assault
I found a bug where i was going to missions and then closed and instantly started, Then the shop, other thing s at start were stuck even if i play the game
I dont like the game at all. Its so boring. I downloaded it only to be able to write my compliment. I was bothered by the ad. It barely showed the cross button, and I couldnt continue playing my own game even after the ad was finished and had open the link
Your average time waster. I guess it isnt bad, and ads are spaced less liberally than other similar games, but it's still nothing special. The ads for the game were honest at least.
I like This game but there is too many ads, laggy, and like some ppl encounter sexist ads, please remove those types of ads, overall good app!
A good game but... that ad is not appropriate. I'm a boy and can't imagine how that would make a girl feel. This being a kid's game with that ad is not okay. Remove the ad and I'll make it 4 stars.
i like this games and I'm a nine years older than Rishikesh and the other day and the other day and I'm a nine years older than Rishikesh and the other day and the other day is so much better lol πŸ˜‚ I like this games and I'm a nine πŸ•€πŸ•˜ lol but it was yfjg
People say " I'm a GiRl An iM UnCoMfoRtAbLe" if you don't feel comfortable then move on or don't play it any more, so dramatic jeeze, don't pull at the makeup card mia ahaha.besides that pretty good. and it says it might not be suitable for people under the age of 16 so yeah read for once. And its never lags only when you go to slice even then it happens then it's lags for a Milsecond so shut up lairs.
I haven't even played the game yet, but I saw the ad and had to download it just to review. The ad is absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed. I am a girl and seeing that advert made me feel so uncomfortable.
πŸ‘ Mr. Slice Game Pros: πŸ’–Awesome Game Ideas πŸ’–Good Game Smoothness πŸ’–Refreshing πŸ’–Nice Game Control πŸ’–New Game Model.
The add is disgusting as a woman i feel really uncomfortable with it. Everyone involved in the making of the ad should be ashamed of themselves. I am disgusted by the fact that the people making this ad call themselves adults and that such people exist in our world. I suggest that you fire Whoever made the add right away. You also rated this game 3+, with an ad like that your game should not even exist. I hope that you come to your senses and fix it.
the add is really sexist I'm a woman my self and I find this very uncomfortable and weird and who ever made this add would be disgusted and ashamed taking women's clothing for fun is disgusting and pervertic especially for a kids game also way to many adds that you can't skip and it's laggey this is a horrible game don't download it and I only did so I could report it
This game is so satisfying I would love to turn this into 3D he also really do that because it's a pretty good game and yes I really turn it into dirty 3D or it's trash
Could be amusing but playing for about 5 minutes I watched about 3 minutes worth of forced ads and only played the actual game for about a minute. No I don't want to watch an ad oh wait you are going to force me to watch one anyways....yay....no really that makes me love this game. Fahk this game.
It's too slow!! I think if you make this game in series 2 and make it a great game, I will be install that app.
I hate that people complain about being uncomfortable and glitches its is just their device and any this game is BRILLIANT
DO NOT DOWNLAOD. 6 adds in 5 minutes and the adds the gamemakers made to advertise this are disgustingly sexualized, pure shame.
Okay I just want to talk to the people who dont think the game is inappropriate how have u not seen the ads u. Chop clothing off of people how is it not inappropriate or that was just the ad I just installed to join in bc I saw the ad it was really wierd
its nice and cool i mean like its very funny when the monster comes out and try to get us but i think it will be good for a kid 10 or 11 and up
I love this game so much its really fun I play the game but the only thing is that it can also chop girls clothes from the game so that's really weird
Its too laggy to play false advertising no kid friendly ads πŸ˜’ i had to delete some of my games for this 😑😑😑😠😠😠😀😀😀😀
ngf has a lot to do to help me understand the need to be able and to be aware that it will not work out of it is because of its n
Gameplay is kind of okay... I guess?? Ya wanna know what isn't okay? False advertising. What is less okay? Making that false advertisement about undressing people. Pros: slightly cool when you do flips I guess? Cons: Makes you agree to a ToS when you launch the game, saying you are 16+. Makes you watch ads for items. Markets with not very acceptable ads.
Its laggy and the ad that I saw for this is disgusting cutting women's clothing off is just weird and creepy
Honestly not bad of a game its is boring but u still can enjoy some parts and is filled with lots of ads but i just turn of the wifi
It's laggy even on a decent phone, ads after every level. Apart from that it is ok. But not fun enough to endure the spam. What annoys me most are the ads. The kind that pretend to be playable. So it's s no from me
I already deleted this game because the ads like what the heck I prefer to buy the most expensive item at a cinema or as Americans like to call it movie theatre and the most expensive item that would probably be just as expensive as diamonds and I'm only saying it because cuz movie theatre food are so over priced and I'm Irish
False advertised. I wanna go to space, also it makes no sense that everyone can complete the levels with ease, in appropriate ads too. Speaking of ads there are a bunch of them
i like this game and so satisfying i gave it 5 stars cause its good game and also satisfying download this
It's a good game but this is the thing that triggers me why does it have a glitch where you just have to wait?!? But still amazing
I want to give 5 star but i have 1 problem... I cant open treasure chest when it already 100% it second time happen it just keep loading.. I can Watching ads i can multiple my diamond using ads but i cant open treasure chest..
I didnt play bit the advertisement made me go nope I don't like it to like dont maybe put a thing cutting girls dresses ahem ty! And I think u should take down the advertisement thank you!
Less then a min already had several ads nope i am done with games like this one every 5 mins ok two in less then a min now way not worth it u can see ads with out the hassle trust me
Way to many ads Finish a level watch an ad Wanna buy something with the points ypu won watch a ad first Everything starts and ends with a ad
wow I like it game it is game is very super first final is very very super and the first wave and the kids the way is improvement improvement
Pretty badly ad ridden, played the first level and had two unskippable ads. Deffiently not playing this anymore. You should probably save the ads for currency or maybe after 5 levels? Not 1 or when you grab a key.
This is an amazing game but the ad for it is extremely inappropriate im 22 my self and I saw the ad after I downloaded it when I saw it I started to notice that u guys did that to get little perverts to get this game its a good game though
This game is very nice but the problem is that the game glitches in between this problem needs to be fixed otherwise the game is excellent!
It suck so bad its ads are inappropriate and im a boy so i want this ad removed now! it is also looks boring so i gave it a 1 one star. Just do NOT buy it!
The game is completely different from the ad. The fact that the ad even shows someone cutting down a door to see a girl with her clothes off is very uncomfortable to me because I am a girl, I would not recommend this app.
Really boring it's one of those games that you can't get to stop watching the ad but when you download it you want to curse this game because it is really really really boring and corrupt so that's why I am giving this game a one star reviewπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ί
The add for this game is unacceptable, no one should ever be sexualised, it's disrespectful and wrong. Even if that game itself is ok I hope this gets taken off the app store.
I downloaded this explicitly to report due to inappropriate ad. I've also reported the ad itself. The entire premise of the game is to "cut" off the clothes off women. Entirely inappropriate
I just started the game but so far it seems fun I don't know how it is all the way but I would definitely give it a five star review
Great game I like how there are ads because I like ads for new games and just a fun game so 5 star game
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i let my 6 year old play this and know nothing about it the sounds infuriated me and I'm glad she's done with it burn in hell
The only thing I had trouble with was that the ads would not work. For example a "watch a vid get a random hat" the ad does not load for that other than that i am fine i like the game
Ads so many ads, one sometimes two after almost every level, an ad just to replay a level, an ad to open the "free" chest you earn.. and every couple of levels it ask you to buy the game. Annoying amount of ads and nonsense for such a subpar game, and it didn't even let me slice off women's clothing.
If you dont want ads then turn OFF YOUR WIFI. i like the game it kinda glitches but its impressive i dont know whay eveyone says its bad you should see when people got bored of all there games and have nothing to play just play this and or play roblox its fun to you know... I hope this hrlped πŸŒ·πŸΎπŸŒ·πŸΎπŸ¦‡πŸΎπŸŒ·πŸ¦‡
your commercials are disgusting and so is your game that needs more improvement on levels as such like an endless mode and bug fixes and more objects and content
The game is okay but the ad of the game is just wrong it shows women but clothes were sliced off why? To attract Guys! the game is nothing like how it shows on the ad that's why I rate it three stars
This is a game that everyone has to play, the gameplay is smooth 60fps, the audio is impeccable and overall appearance is exquisite. It has ads but they have never felt obtrusive! To this, I say "Good Job Developers!!!"
I hate the game it should not even be publish.Its just so slow.Its a complete waste if time to just see it and i cant even get in the game .Its so bad that i will download the worst game ever and like it more then this game.And dont get comfuse with the one star because its a zero star rating and its sad to make the game.The person that made the game has a sad life like his game. Have a nice time to make it better.
I only downloaded it after seeing an ad so I can review, the ad is DISGUSTING AND EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE FOR A KIDS GAME, and the fact that they used a woman made me DISGUSTED, THIS IS A KIDS GAME!!!
The add was different. It was some wire cutting before a train hits it. Sick of these fools.using misleading and lying adds
I only downloaded this ro right a review! What is this! As a women my self, I am so disgusted! Taking off girls clothes and opening their bathroom stalls. Making comments like oh yeah. This simply shouldn't have been mad and shouldn't have been allowed in the app store. Who ever made this is disgusting and I would never want a child like this.
Didn't bother playing, got this ad on YouTube and my boomer game dev ass keeps telling them their ads are cring.
This game is really fun! But i don't rate it 5 because of the ads. It's really annoying,for the developer please remove ads
This game is awesome BUT.. What am I supposed to do on level 16? I can go up to a limited amount and it will not let me past. Please fix this and write me back when it IS fixed.
Overall the app istelf has no sexist stuff in it. But there is some religious imagery for whatever reason? I wasn't expecting it thats for sure. As for the ads. I wouldnt call them sexist. But very inappropriate and sends a bad message to children
I really like the game but I'm 10 years old and I think seeing a casino as the bonus level theme really makes me feel wired please change the bonus level theme thank you πŸ˜‰ (ps if u do I'll give it 5 stars)
This game is fine and I found no glitches or things like that but its just quite boring. Your just cutting squares off or things and I dont find it interesting.
what age group is this appropriate for? Surely not children as the name is offensive enough, let alone the description! Is this even game or just a scam? Boo πŸ‘Ž
I just started playing and I already know the game sucks because when I try to pass next thing u know an ad wanna fail,ad wanna pass,ad theres one more thing it's so damn laggy I was about to break my phone because of it this game sucks I suggest u download another this game really sucks
Its fun tho... sometimes its laggy....but do u know why did i give it 3 stars? cus it gived me a creepy number(the devils number) when the chest prize thingy happend
Do NOT waste your time. First off it does not change very much from level to level. You can argue that fact makes it relaxing... when you can get it to work. If you turn your phone onto airplane mode the game does not work. If you can get it started, it freezes and crashes. There are tons of ads. It also asks you to review the game after completing the very first level. All of this trouble is not worth the game. This is WITH their "Massive New Update". Just saying.
When i started to play the game first time it worked nicely but then the second time it makes the game screen to home again I tired the same thing became . I'm u 3 stars so please improve it
This Game is really good but, there is 1 thing that is not good we pass an level very easily so u should make this game a little bit difficult
The game is only fun for 1 level. After level 1 you will just repeat the same things over and over again...
Fun game. No issues downloading on my Android or with game play. Advertising, although a bit of a pain, is actually less than the amount I have encountered on other games. Besides, without advertising, I would have never found this game :)
I am having 8 gb ram and 256 gb memory and still it is lagging in my phone ( one plus 7 tpro) very poor quality πŸ‘Ž
Their is 2 flaws 1. Ads, ads every time you fail or between 1-3 levels, 2. Lag, every time you slice something it lags, I don't really recommend playing this.
this ad is actually sexist also there trying to aim it to little kids who dont know about this whole cutting womens clothes off i really dont like it. The game is packed with ads even if you turn your internet off they still come the only reason im putting 5 is bec it will show at front page the person who made this game and ad are the worst people in ad and game development. I hope you get arrested
This ad is disgusting. My children keep seeing it and ive reported it. It comes on even with parental controls,it supports rape.
It's really fun I have been playing it for months and I find that if you mix up the clothes you can get some really funny outfits
Very, very, very laggy. Couldn't even pass the 1st level because of the amount of lag. When I pressed the "next" button nothing happened because it was so laggy.
i.....LLLOOOVVVEEE TTHHEE GGAAAMMMEE!πŸ’–πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’–, but they game was getting on my nervesπŸ™„πŸ™„ because I had alot of space on my phone then I got the game then it was full I couldn't even what's app anymore and the game was glitchy all the time after I played like 699πŸ˜… levels (in a day) then I couldn't even enter because it took a hour to get it tooπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ BUT! I STILL LOVE IT!!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’žβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€ŽπŸ–€πŸ€
Dunno why it's has to lie but in the adverts for this game it showed that you have to run away from people... Guess it was just desperate to get people to download it.. For that reason I'm giving it the lowest rating because I hate games that are fake!
This game is so fun! It takes away stress and its just a really fun game. It has sound and vibration every time you cut something. It doesnt have a lot of adds nor its not that hard to play (depending on who you are.) The characters are great and it has really good graphics! It's not hard to make money, and it actually has vip characters and they dont cost ANYTHING!! the backgrounds are amazing and beautiful! This game is really fun and good! You must download it and see for your self!
I LOVE this game it relaxes you and it never glitches for me. And I love how it vibrates when you cut some thing. Also it's so easy!
awesome lol you guy's should try this slicing game it's so much fun lol I LOVE it so much can you guy's make more of these games please these games are so fun lol I LOVE this game keep up the good work it's going great this game I LOVE it so much lol I LOVE playing new games too lol games are so much fun to play and can you please do something about jo jo siwa lol so beautiful everyday I don't know what to say I LOVE jo jo siwa lol xoxo tic tac toy and tic tac toy family have a great Thanksgivin
As a man this game doesn't only has the worst game play but it has the worst ads containing sexual CONTENT that kids should not see for a +3 game so #NO MORE SLICE Google play has to remove it from the store wish to see some responsible parent here
it fun and its satifying and hardly any adds its really fun it not hard first level is fun but only 2 things so when you pass the easy levels i think its gets more challenging i reall dont know cuz i just started playing it and got to level two but it should get harder as we play 5 stars cuz no add interruption really fun many reason to play you can have a lot of experices in it download it its really really fun tap on the screen to make a pencil and slide it down the things its need to be slice
The game is just boring, not to mention slow and laggy, the concept is simple, hold your finger on your screen and watch Mr slice grow, then let go and watch him fall, even in later levels the most complicated it got was having to use short blades or letting go at different times. The game constantly shoves ads down your throat, beat a level? Ad, failed a level? Ad, wanna open a chest? Ad, I don't like the game and recommend one find a better game to play.
This is a... ...relatively good game, but the ad for this is unacceptable, especially seeing as it is a KIDS GAME. Also as a girl, it made me a bit uncomfortable, please make more suitible ads, and i might add atleast another 3 stars.
good game and impressive keep up The good work and make more fun games and DONT make ads about it cause I'll be FORCED to download it
It is just the same level and all the good reviews in my opinion are botted Also Check Your Advertising Settings Extremely inapropriate
Its an ok game but... That FRICKING AD what the hell... im a girl and it made me fell kinda uncomfortable no, EXTREAMLY UNCOMFORTABLE
It's not a new thing for the kids but dr.se you can also get ready for a few more minutes of fundy to go back and forth between your country or your channel to be a part time favorite for a while you are in a meeting room and pihu is a good time i don't know if possible to have made a difference
I haven't played this game and only downloaded this to leave a review because the ad for this is absolutely disgusting and as a girl made me extremely uncomfortable