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My Home Design - Hotel Renovation

My Home Design - Hotel Renovation for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Do you ever dream of living in a luxury hotel? Tired of only seeing beautiful interiors and home design inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and co.? Do your own thing and prove your interior designer skills by choosing a sofa that is magnificent the trendiest table, the most amazing carpet and create your perfect luxury interior!

Solve cute and match that is colorful puzzles to earn money and design and decorate different hotels. Select furniture, mix and match or color-code the room to create unique, beautiful and home that is totally insta-worthy rooms and places!

If you love makeover, redecor, home design and interior design games then Hotel Renovation is for you! Be inspired by contemporary and designs that are modern you have seen on Pinterest and Instagram.

Here's how to create your own Hotel Renovation:
πŸ› οΈ Meet fun and extraordinary clients and design breathtakingly beautiful places!

πŸ› οΈ Design, renovate, remodel! Choose decor and furniture according to your style and preferences!

πŸ› οΈ Exciting and addictive puzzle that is match-3! Play puzzles to collect coins and use them to create your perfect design!

πŸ› οΈ Express yourself and nurture your interior design skills! Plus, find inspiration for your own home that is insta-worthy!

πŸ› οΈ Play for free and offline!

πŸ› οΈ New episodes and match-3 puzzle levels released regularly!

Make your home design dreams come true in Hotel Renovation.

*Please note that [ Hotel Renovation ] saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.*



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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the My Home Design - Hotel Renovation.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download My Home Design - Hotel Renovation for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Very nice game it is a lovely game I love it I am going to give 10 stars but it has only 5 stars I love this game those who are not playing this gameare mad knows you are going going to give 1 marks
This is my one of the favourite games... For me this game good for time pass....I likes to organize a place ....so I love this game...and then one sec please download this game and try to win ...😍😍❀❀
This game is good but we have to play so long .The prices of the items were too high . We have to play three times to buy one item
Nice game and easy to play. But we have to play a challenge a lot of time to get a money. But it's a nice game.
too bad this is a mess. the graphics are good and it's fun....but it shuts down constantly. getting rid of it
Really great game app to pass time with.I mean seriously I can decorate day and late at night.I love playing MY HOME DESIGN!!!!!!
Hello. I am MARISOL, and I am one of those people who believes Γ  house and a home are two different things. Feeling welcomed in any place takes skills and a heartfelt warmness. Many of my designs are available. I am also the to go or call person when a design or suggestions is needed for a special event is also needed. MarisolRosario
I like the game. But I don't understand why I have to rate the game so often. Plus when I finish a complete level and supposedly get special awards, the game kicks me out and I lose the awards. By the way, it happens on other games from your app. Very annoying!!
I like the game but it's frustrating that I'm constantly opening it, getting to the curtain screen, and then having the game exit. I have to do this six or seven times before it starts working again.
I was actually going to rate this app a five star but the last level I played was really giving me problems. I'm asked to clear the ice and boxes....after doing so it still shows that I have two boxes to clear whiles I've cleared everything...so I can't move to the next level. I'm very disappointed. I really loved the game
It's nice but I don't like trouble with levels so early in the game. It means I may not be in for the long haul.
App is fun, good graphics however half of the time I purchase in-game items they do not come through and Google makes me e mail the developer. I hope I get my refund. Disappointing
Just installed and so far so good. I'm really enjoying decorating. And hospitality and tourism is my industry and I love it.
In the beginning these games were a little wonky, lol.....but I am really enjoying them now. Thank you cook apps!!
It's a cool game but it's so annoying. In order for you to decorate or design the hotel , you have to crush the germs every second. It's ginda interfering which is annoying
I like this game I decorated with the best colour and I am done with level 16 and, it is not so hard for me you know.
The game is very lovely i find it comforting but there is a problem foe mw that needs fixing while playing the game it continues to jump off n saying that the app has unfortunately stop workibg please fix
I really enjoy this game so I downloaded another just to find out ghat it is basically the same game. All the rooms to decorate are the same. I was very disappointed. Also way too many ads.
The game OFTEN freezes. Ads don't load which leads to freezing of the game and then you lose game progress. The game has problems shutting down completely. Looking at the reviews I'll probably uninstall.
My experience for this game is sooo beautiful, the curtains is very fancy and beautiful; I love the style furniture and I simply adore them, I like how the characters interact with what their talking and those characters give emotion throughout the game.... I love ❀️❀️ this game and your controls are so simple and fast. I am seriously having so much fun playing this game!!!!!!!!
Is very addicting, but I wish you could do it in 3D so you can see closely what you have designed. Maybe I would think about that
This game is so fun, the graphics are amazing, and you dont have a tun of ads threw out every part of the game. Ive never really given a game 5 stars but this deserves it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I really wish they wont ask how I like it just after playing a few. It a good game. Just started so will see how it goes.
A very good game for having Timepass... I will recommend all to try it once.. You will like it.... It's all fun 😍
Puzzles fairly easy so far. Love the graphics and furniture options. Very few ads!! Just started playing but enjoying it so far.
I like this game cause i can choose what i want to design also its very challenging, the puzzle is incredible ,and every time im done designing . It makes me proud and telling my self these ✨ITS BEAUTIFUL ✨
Awesome game. The only dislike is that the room turn's black and I have to reboot my tablet. The graphics is amazing. Love the way they dress up.
Nice game but its so many adds when you play it and you need to download all rooom that you need design
Got all the way to level 390, game refused to load. Had to Uninstal and reinstall. Lost ALL progress .
The con kept is good. The story line is good. I get that there are ads and options to buy extras. My complaints are si please. 1. It takes far too many levels played to finish out a given room. That becomes discouraging because of course, the levels get more difficult the bigger you go. 2. You are not given enough coins for finishing a level especially if you have a lot of moves left. 3. If there are specials left on the board, they dont auto explode for more credit.
Please remove the bigo and durex ads. Totally inappropriate and unnecessary. Considering a much younger audience can play this game and have access to these ads. Not the kind of exposure that should be available to them
i hate it. at first its a good game but when u reach the level 100 even if u finish the renovaation u cant still open the next renovation area
When I downloaded this app, I thought it was as the name implied. .... HOTEL RENOVATION. ....sadly, I have had only 1 hotel lobby to work with. ...... very misleading & disappointing
I like the game but it crashes more and more as the game goes on. When it crashed it takes time rewarded as task completions and you have to start over on a puzzle you've already successfully completed. Game takes away time, levels completed and rewards. I'm uninstalling. Too many other game options to deal with this aggravation!
It's a very nice game and I enjoy playing it I would recommend it to anyone that is looking and loves designing things.
Okay~ Getting past the loading screen , fine. Game stopped twice after 2 minutes, like a cheap date. Uninstalled baby , no repeats.
I was enjoying this game, however, ever since the last update the game will not ever load the next level. This is irritating and I am about to delete and move on to another game.
The game is reasonable and very fun but I would prefer more Diamonds.... purple stones that is for purchasing.
Enjoy game and decorations. Only suggestion woulx be earning the diamonds.... Maybe add some diamondsfor any moves that may remain after compldting a level in less moves
I loved decorating and the game is slot of fun thanks I look forward to playing more and decorating again.
So far, so good. It would be nice if the banner of choices didn't cover the area you're decorating so you can see what you're doing!
I really like the game, but since I reached level 100 the game has been glitching and I keep losing my progress for the round. This has been very disappointing, sadly I will have to delete this app.
Lost all progress. I was at Level 458, I had 1500 diamonds and I was in the middle of a challenge for a baby room. Now I had to start over at Level 1 with 100 diamonds. Every game on Facebook you log in and it keeps your progress. This game doesn't. Poorly created game.
I give this game a 3 1/2. Only because I have played a few levels, designed just one room so far. But, I do like this version, I am hooked already!!!
So I continously have to wait for the next room. Sometimes a week or more. Today I go into the finally offered room and you have decorated it for me? Took all the points I had saved and decorated it for me, why. Your reviews are atrocious. Same thing happens to everyone that plays cook apps. Every single game you developed. I've been playing your games for over a year and it is quite apparent you have no clue what you are doing.....
Really enjoy the game, however certain levels become unresponsive at the end of the level of doesn't mind if you clear the board or not you need to close out of the app and reopen it and redo that level again if you have cleared it
Great game. Beautiful hotel lobbies with beautiful decorations. Match 3 puzzles are challenging yet addictive. I love it.
Update: It has finally become visible again. Totally irritated, cannot continue to complete stage 1 as you have put Halloween sale and Halloween shop on top of the wrench to continue to decorate. Have screenshot to show the error.
I downloaded Luxury Interiors and am currently enjoying that game so I thought I would try Hotel Renovation. They are the same game ! The rooms are the same, the decor items offered are the same. So one of the games has got to go. So disappointed.
I've only just finished the first room, but so far so good. This game has good options for decorating, and fun gameplay
It is a really great game you have to download it i have been playing it since yesterday you can even paly it offline you have to try trust me . But like there is so many adds in between each round i play hope you fix this i still love the game and 5 stars are not enough from my opinoin keep going
So far very good game. Hope as I move to other rooms it will be even better. Matching game is not too hard. Love THE game and decor
The Cookapp has great games. I have downloaded around 6 or 7 of them and haven't had any problem. The only thing I can find is the rooms repeat in most of the games.
I'm only early in the game but enjoying it so far . One problem is i just got an hour when the game went off, when i put the game back on i had lost my hour. I have just had the same problem today, i will uninstall if this is not sorted out.
Love designing for pass time game I enjoy how everything blends together Colours are me but I'm not an artist I just love beautiful things 5 Stars indeed.
I love this game. The designs are great. Mostly I love the the match 3 so far are easy to win. I play difficult match 3 games but this is a design game. I don't want to play every level 10 times to get points for a plant or broom. I play these games to create. I also like it changes screens quickly. It doesn't waste my time.
Fun game and gives bigger pay out when you play match 3. I like that and don't have to watch a ton of videos to get something that's a huge plus for me. And I really like the decoration options. Thank you.
I feel that the game was excellent. All the other games need a long time to lock in and this game gave the best service. It is fast to build a part of the hotel. I played it for just less than half an hour and already reach the swimming pool. The hotel lobby was just how I liked it. If I could rate out of 100, I would rate 100 as it is perfect.
Its a fun game but the further along you get the less your money goes & you have to clear harder levels on top of that. Thats kinda like the real world. The harder you work, the more expensive things seem to get. SMH....U CAN NEVER GET AHEAD!!!!
Excellent graphics, but the same thing happens every time on level 74. To not lose your win streak boosters, you will need to play like a Master Jedi and use in game boosters. From then on, a couple of easy ones are mixed in, nevertheless, you will need to be wearing your Jedi robes or be prepared to spend real money for the long haul.
Love the game well organized and beautiful decorations. Also love that it has a very smooth play and not many ads.
I like playing this game. You get a variety of decorations and different games. This game gives you chances to win, without taking your money like some of the games I have played.
I love this game. It provides beautiful hotel restoration opportunity.The graphics are great, colors & design choices are neat, match 3 is not overly challenging...will play each day. Thanx, developers!
I have never seen a game with so many ads. You have to watch an ad to finish every other level. It was a fun game otherwise but I uninstalled after the 10th ad in 15 minutes.
I love all the apps you make. Game play is always captivating , keeps you at your seat wanting to do more and see what's next . Graphics are always coorinating and are beauitful. Everything runs so smoothly. Rewards are fantastic , even thou I thought I had an issue of not receiving them, I found out I got them in every level instead of having to wait How wonderful is that..Only thing I' d like to see change is different rooms in the apps so many have the same ones and gets tiring. Thank you !!!
Might have given it a five star if I was farther in the game. Right now at the beginning game is not too hard. Furniture design is beautiful. There is no extra moves, extra bombs ect.. could be a problem if game gets harder.
A relaxing game of decorating ideas. Many choices of colorful furnishings to choose from. Relaxing! A Gold Medal Award πŸ…
Pretty good πŸ‘ game so far. Only on level 30 and it's running smooth. Ads are frequent but short for the most part.
I absolutely love this game. , the only thing is that it didn't put a shortcut on my home screen, so to play, I always has to go the app store and click "open. " that's a pain.
is a same decorating games but different characters, so far so good i quite enjoy myself hope to have more decorating games keep it up. so i gave four stars.
Your extra three moves just keeps stating "loading" but doesn't do anything. Two days now, please fix!
So far so good lovely graphics easy games but only just started, a few ads every now and then but not too bad, will see how it goes
One of the worst I have played. Instead of letting me have my diamonds after I EARN them, they are put into a piggy bank, so I have to buy them. Deleting the game.
I really like this idea the game I mean its new to me I'm going to keep playing this game it deserves 10 stars Its got more to pick from yeah it different an very enjoyable to play This game deserves more Stars 10 at least πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜
I've only done a lobby, but I like the game so far. ANOTHER match 3 game, of course, since it's a Cooks App. They are fond of match 3 and seem to like the same tiles over and over. It would be nice to see something different.
I love this game it is so much fun the only problem is you have to earn cons and that some times is not fun I think you should go check out my channel tie dIY toys my fake name is harmony but my real name is Layla I love to do a ton of stuff but I haven't been able to post stuff for a while. Thanks for reading my post love , Layla b r
I was able to design an entire lobby with out inruption on show and sell other games which really is annoying to me. It takes time away from playing the game I download and am still playing. other games want you to spend money and disrupts my gaming experience to show me other games you do not I gave you 5 stars.
When I downloaded this app, I thought it was as the name implied. .... HOTEL RENOVATION. ....sadly, I have had only 1 hotel lobby to work with. ...... very misleading & disappointing I have now downgraded my rating because, besides the matching game to earn coins is EXTREMELY IRRITATING and time wasting, the winnings are pathetic compared to the prices and THERE ARE TOO MANY ADVERTS. ....... Am uninstalling the game and will not download anymore of your games
A enjoyable game of decorating furnishings for a room or mansion.The choices are colorful and stylish! The match game that helps to earn different items to design the room is fun. I spend more time decorating which I enjoy the best. Thanks for a great and relaxing game! A Gold Medal Game πŸ… E.Washington
No more rooms available. Loved it until dead end. Now every time I try to do something all I get is "loading." Also Modern City and Luxury Interiors. Skrak.
I have been enjoying the game until two different things happened. First, I have run out of rooms to decorate. I can continue to play the match games & earn coins, but no rooms. Secondly, I have reached level 606 and it appears to be an impossible level to pass. It requires me to clear 25 boxes but there are only 23. I clear the entire board and have lots of moves left but there is nothing left to clear. I am not sure what to do.
very interesting game, the player has to use to use many of her/his functions like: hand and eye coordination, comprehension matching shapes too! game on!
The best game yet. Not pestered by ads every game. Everyone who likes redecorating should give this a try
This game I love! Love the graphics and is simply gorgeous! Keep up the good work guys and Merry Christmas to you and your families this Holiday Season!!!!
When it cheats in slow motion. XD Quite often, it suddenly replaces your pieces with less helpful ones. Have a few greens right where you want them? Two are spontaneously different colors. Have a good move ready after that? It suddenly moves your pieces to avoid that, as well. Watch an ad to get more moves? When you return, all your setups, (that you could have succeeded with in those 3 moves), are gone. It's also sexist, with a lack of inclusion. Few games worked w/o power, but I'd rather read.
Excellent game I am enjoying but I have completed all level of decoration and there is no new room . I also used update version but till now not available any new room
Great. Most of the designs are amazing. It would be nice to have more option on design to pick. Thank you for designing.
Right now I just went through the first level it's a very good game I'll give you more stars when I play on I'm on a longer level like 2324 maybe 50 but for now it's pretty good I enjoy it.
This game is amazing! It is, by far, one of the best games I've ever played! I definitely would recommend this game to my friends and family!
I really like this game . I like being able to pick my own designs, unlike some others I 'very tried. Well done!
I was actually able to complete about half a dozen rooms before it became impossible to play without spending money.Normally,Im lucky if I get one room done before the demands for cash started bombarding me.I refuse to pay for a 'free game', so uninstalling..
I love this game. Match games not to difficult, great graphics, no story line through the whole thing (best part). Peeves: have to pay for diamonds you already earned, it crashes a lot ( not my electronics or connection, none of my other stuff does this). When I want to exit this game it's difficult, the iorny. Also the paw surgery game ad with pulling stuff out of dogs paw is gross. Don't care to see it. Also some adds drag me to the play store instead of back to game. This is really annoying.
Im gonna rate this app at a 1 right now mainly because i have played level 116 three times i beat it the first time and it froze now its making me replay it over and over if the game keeps it going that way im gonna delete
Well, I just started playing today and so far it's a nice game. And it doesn't have a lot of ads either. If things change I'll be back to say so.
This game is awesome!! I have had no problems since I started playing it earlier today. Doesnt use much of my battery either. Not as much as many other games I've played. And so far there have been very few ads too. Its hard to break myself away from it sometimes. Great game you guys created!!
I've been enjoying this game,but when i reached level 324 there is no more client for me, thats so bad i wanted to play more with new client
The game is fun to play. Graphics are nice. The only thing that I don't like is that we have to play candy crush sort of thing that is soooo boring and weird.
This is my first time playing this game. I'm still trying to figure it out. But so far I like it. Specifically since I'm on a tight budget. Having to worry about not spending money right now is a good thing. Please! Everyone continues to wearing your Mask ! Be safe for everyone around you & try not to worry. Say in the Bible, that God. Will do the worrying for us. Please do not be afraid & that God, Loves everyone in the World.
I like this game but it needs more features to make people come in? & feel more welcomed an it needs more improvements to make this game more enjoyable an fun. & I would like to see more beds, an baths, to decorate an beyond an to be able to chat virtual with other people online throughout the game an to make the game more better n funner on online...
I wish you would create a game where we could create our own custom layout like an architect but simplified a bit. This is jus like every other design / puzzle match game I have tried in that the layout is already prechosen for you.
Not a bad game, only 1 disappointment is that when you get bombs and rockets you can't just double tap them to explode, they have to be mixed with their own colour or another of similar. They are there to 'help you' win the level but are rendered useless when they aren't matchable, not really much point in having them unless you do manage to match them or you end up using valuable moves to bring them into play. Shame or I would have rated 5 ⭐
Just started playing. I like it so far. I like the fact that you don't have to play lots of boards to get money, you get a good amount with every board.
It was a lovely and interesting game. But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because there are only three options to choose from. If there was only some more options then that would have been great but overall I am satisfied
I think that this game is a nice way to distract yourself from all the bad things are happening it just to stay can and relax😌
I'm loving this game! I may have to do a little change in furniture but, for the most part I'm very happy with what I've picked! Fun Fun! Happy Holidays!
It was good and great,but sometimes the game i play to earn the money πŸ’° is quite hard and choky. So i gave it four stars....
Your advertisement that showed up on another game would not leave me alone, kept opening and opening no matter how many times I closed this ad (πŸ‘‰ yours is the ONLY one that's ever done this!!). You get a one star with this, you lose a (potential) player AND she walks away frustrated!!! REFUSEDπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž
I found another winner! Beautiful designing along with fun and I hope that it continues this way ( it's a fair game play, allowing you to pass levels without getting stressed out. When it's too hard a person loses interest Great Job guys! I love it*
I never give any game a 5 rating but this game well deserves it. You can do whatever you want in it. Fun to the max!!
Your extra three moves just keeps stating "loading" but doesn't do anything. Two days now, please fix! Some of these levels ridiculously hard. You do it so we do not complete rooms before more can be created. But being stuck on same level for days is NOT entertaining! Well level 328 and I'm done. I have wasted too much time on what turned out to be a really crappy game! See ya, make sure ya don't fix anything so more players quit for good!!
Its a really cool game to play so far I love playing games like this it's very relaxing and it helps to relieve stress so awesome game
Its a really fun game and i enjoy it but man the number of coins earned per game is so little compared to the cost of a one piece of furniture and its just nerve wrecking. So if you guys can increase the amount of money earned per game so we can finish level faster, that would be amazing because it gets really tiring and at some point i dont feel like playing anymore.
UNINSTALLED!! This game has the same problem as their other games: they constantly freeze, than close, losing all progress made since the previous level. NEVER downloading another game from this developer!
Would've gave more stars but I feel like I'm getting cheated. I leave a lot of moves left but not getting compensated. Other than that, nice game
Just started this game so it's too early to give an accurate review. But first few levels were of course easy and fun.
ads so far are not too bad. Not too far into the game but it's a no brainer relaxing game if your bored. I am changing my rating because I keep losing all the boosters I earned because if I try to watch the ad for 3 extra moves the game freezes. Then I have to start the level all over. The price for items is ridiculously high. Takes 3 puzzle wins to add 1 item. Boo
I loved this game but all it does is get you stuck on it then you will be putting so much money into it and gettting nothing out of it.Like they dont give you anything free. So basicly your just playing a game that goes nowhere and does nothing I stupidly put so much money into this game its crazy. And now they raised the prices insane WOW .
I'm enjoying this game. I play quite a few games that are very similar to this game cause I like doing the decorating of the different rooms in the hotel and luxurious homes
It's very educational/fun! If one has dreams of being a interior designer for businesses/homes this would be the perfect practice working environment the develope ur skills on here! There are different pathforms to keep one into the game its refreshing to give u a lot of ideas and I am thoroughly enjoying myself great job I get this game 5 thumbs up plus 1πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
Like the game. Way too many ads. Appreciate this is free but I watch more videos than play. Uninstalling.
This is game is so amazing i just started playing it and now i can't stop its a cool game also no annoying ads that always popping up evey time and it deserves more than 5 stars really everyone have to try it you will love it. Its too hard to lose interest. Great job i love it 😍
Pretty fun game, helps pass time. You don't earn as much coins or gems as you do in other similar game so, you have to play a LOT of match boards to accumulate any decent amount of coins to move forward and you run out of lives fast unless you're really good.
I really liked this game it really helped me alot,because whenever I got bored,I would come to this game and play it and got to design many homes.I just want to say thanks to whoever has made this game.🐼🐼
Started of good,but did it freeze and then when I press back it wont let me,so I have to exit and still won't return to home. When u exit u lose life's this not right at all
Great graphics but too many ads. As passing each level quite difficult, I usually watch one to increase coins. That's okay, but after that, there's usually another ads popping up. Don't you think this is too much?? I have to watch 2 ads continuously and many, many ads after each game ends with lose. You should lessen them, or at least, launch the VIP system with no ads. Thank you!
Love the game but it's not letting me level up?? 5 star's if you tell me what I'm doing wrong. Problem fixed πŸ™‚ great game πŸ‘
To many ads ..just click the top corner and some will go .other wise of course I love the game hotel wedding proposals ..nice decor as well .
Game keeps freezing up after a couple of rounds and I have to turn phone off to restart game I lose my points from previous game.
Fun match three beautiful hotel graphics levels not to hard to pass but do get challenging would be neat to see a people walk in and enjoy hotel before claiming end reward
Just started this game so it's too early to give an accurate review. But first few levels were of course easy and fun. Update: ok, lowered to 1 star, you play for a very long time to be able to afford to upgrade tons of things in one room. On top of that you are forced to watch ads whether you want to or not, and not just one but 2! Also if you choose to watch for extra turns the same thing, they make you watch 2 ads. So you'll spend a lot of your game time watching ads. PART 3 OF REVIEW: I quit
I play this game, at first everything is great and i love it. But at the ocean view bedroom i already make the renovation but it won't finish and move to the next one. What's wrong? Can u help me? And than i will give back the 5 star
Levels are basic. Nothing special. Decorating is stale with little variation. Not bad, but not amazing.
The game keeps cheating. Everytime I load an ad, something goes wrong and the game messes up and I loose the points I just made and the game restarts. That's not fair.
I like the game. But I don't understand why I have to rate the game so often. Plus when I finish a complete level and supposedly get special awards, the game kicks me out and I lose the awards. By the way, it happens on other games from your app. Very annoying!!The problem with the game has NOT been resolved. It just happened again!
Only just started playing. So far so good. Except for the long ads. I don't mind some but the long one's are a pain.
I love this game, only my 2nd day, can't stop playing πŸ˜‚ it's so relaxing, Thank you.. πŸ‘ Definitely worth a try...
Just started this game so it's too early to give an accurate review. But first few levels were of course easy and fun. Update: ok, lowered to 1 star, you play for a very long time to be able to afford to upgrade tons of things in one room. On top of that you are forced to watch ads whether you want to or not, and not just one but 2! Also if you choose to watch for extra turns the same thing, they make you watch 2 ads. So you'll spend a lot of your game time watching ads.
I loved this game. I really did. But it freezes, takes away rewards before I get to use them, and WILL NOT let me get passed level 499. I've tried everything I can think of but it isn't enough I guess...
Absolutely wonderful game. πŸ’―πŸ₯° I just did, my first room, and it, is absolutely beautiful. I'm 62yrs. old. I have COPD, and asthma, I'm on oxygen 24hrs. a day. Doing these games, and coloring, on my phone, makes me happy, and helps me to keep my mind, off of my health problems, and to pass time. I really appreciate you, so much, and thank you, for such a wonderful game. Be Safe. Billie Stewart. 12 8 2020. πŸ₯°
Not enough rewards and only one booster not 3 like most games. I'm bedridden so I play alot of games, but don't have alot of money ! πŸ˜•
It was a very nice game and eventually the first renovation game i ever liked , so not only nice word I will use , I will say its great and awesome ... πŸ’– People seeing my review should also play this game ......... Install it and try once ! YOU will πŸ—£ (say ) that I was right πŸ˜„
Love it but help. Evey time I play a level the game freezes and I have to shut it off and start it again
It was alot of fun except for the ads they will drive you nuts and just as you are enjoying the game. They make it nearly impossible to pass level 209. Then you get stuck and you are forced to use in app purchases. Not cool. Keep the game light and fun. Big disappointment in the end.
This is a great game, but every other level it freezes at the end and I have to close the game and reopen it to get it to work. I'm going to un install this game and will not be reinstalling. This is why you all only get 2 stars.
I just installed this game. It looks like I have finished designing the lobby as there are no icons popping up but it has not switched to a different area/room. Am I missing something?
Don't give u enough time and not any booster to get u started if you miss a couple of times expect you to pay something to play when the game say free
So far, so fun! Just started, thus the 4 stars - normally I start with 3 but this has some "creator-gifts" that are cool. *I touch base below I had a great time with .y first task of playing, and decorating my lobby. Game play so far is player-friendly, and *starting off with boosters and diamonds is a nice bonus gesture on the creators part. 5 stars to come if I continue to enjoy as much as I have.
I don't like this game .after completing painting ceiling and all it is not coming at a nice game and I don't like this game in my life I always try this game but it is not coming at all
One of my favorite match games, fun to play, love the decorating the different rooms part like the gorgeous Lobby of the Hotel and the jewel match is addictive and relaxing. Storylines are cute, its not to difficult but gets a tad challenging. Recommend downloading this beautifully done game
So far no annoying ads popping up very much, and the game is fun and the items you decorate with are beautiful! As of 9/17 update the game no longer offers 3 more turns , or 50% extra for watching ads. Gone are the fun gifts like the 1 Hour Extended Life! And it freezes after almost every play! What did you guys do?? It was great til this latest update. It just got boring. Might uninstall!
No new rooms to do for over a week now been stuck doing the same room's over and over again, and then I clear the whole area and it keeps showing that there is 2 boxes I haven't cleared on the level but there is no boxes there. I'm confused very disappointed I was really enjoying this game but nothing new to play hear I played every level
Just started playing your new game. It as a few problems. 1 being the loading music is glitchy. 2 From the beginning of this game too the level I'm bout too start. Level 14 Every level at the end of the game show's a blank screen before the next level start's up again. 3 The coloured ball's could be bigger. They would be ideal for kid's with small finger's and thumbs. But adults like me are going to AVE problems with their small size. 4. Also your new game is starting too heat up my phone.
This game gets really boring,really fast. Not to mention it starts to freeze up and glitch the longer you play it.
I like it but i dont understand that i have to do some puzzle. I like on first but its like on my first level 1 puzzle its easy but when i'm level 199 its so hard i need help!! πŸ˜”πŸ™ but its ok i can handle this
This game is not a good . There is so much puzzle in this game. So i did'nt like this game. Please make this game without puzzle. Than your game is very good.πŸ€”πŸ€”
Its fabulous...The graphics are awesome n its sooo elegant...Very addictive n Awesome...I just love it❀
Usually I play renovation games where you gain stars or something,but this is definitely a lot more fun!
I like this game so much cauz of easy level, great graphics and lovable view of hotel Note:- If you are playing online; adds will irritate you, so plz don't play online.
Very fun and relaxing. It's also very challenging. I could play this game all night, love it. Keep up the good work.
The game is great..so far. Once the levels become too hard to beat, I will uninstall. I won't spend "real money " to continue playing.
Needs some work. I was kicked off in the middle of play on 3rd scene. When I went back into game, I was back at the beginning. None of it had saved. Uninstalling.
It's a good game reason I have given one star is I am stuck after the 3rd design even though I've completed it. It's not going on the next room and it's been more than a month.
This is My Favorite Game.Its 2:35 am & i Dont wanna stop playing. Im enjoying the game& Designing these rooms are simply Spactacular!! Im 49 yrs old. Having a Blast. Lol.
I'm only early in the game but enjoying it so far . One problem is i just got an hour when the game went off, when i put the game back on i had lost my hour
I love the graphics of this game. However, there is a drastic lag that develops in the game, and the game closes itself. I do not have much downloaded on my tablet, so that shouldn't be the issue. I hope there is a resolution or I'll have to uninstall.
Totally irritated, cannot continue to complete stage 1 as you have put Halloween sale and Halloween shop on top of the wrench to continue to decorate. Have screenshot to show the error.
I enjoyed it. I think the props were a bit too expensive but it was relaxing. I would give it 5 stars but I'll hold off and hope I get there.
I love decorating! Hot! Lot of fun! Have played a couple dozen Home Design game, this so far is the Best!
The game is good... My question, how many levels do I have to play before I can renovate another room? .... Finished the Lobby a while ago and STILL waiting to do more ... Yet I keep playing and playing with nothing to decorate....
This is really a nice gameπŸ₯° but it has many ads😞 how get me boredπŸ˜‘ but it was nice game for all☺
You stay stuck for days on end just trying to get to design...if you don't have any real money to buy diamonds then you are s.o.l. the developers aren't interested in making it more fun instead of making it a chore to play, so I don't play it that often.
I can't finish the last level of the lobby because the Halloween shop icon is in the way. You should arrange your icon locations better....
I'm on level 106 but since I updated at level 101, the game freezes when I win. I'm getting frustrated because I have to close it and reopen it after every win,
FINALLY!!!! A game that is easy to win!!! Its not stressful trying to decorate like most games of this type. BUT--- just got to the dining room part. Ive completed all the tasks but it wont let me go on to the next room!!! Ive tried everything!!!!!! So im going from 5 stars to 1or2 unless this bug is fixed soon.
ads so far are not too bad. Not too far into the game but it's a no brainer relaxing game if your bored.
I really like the game. It is relaxing for me when I get home from work. No bad experience with the game itself.
I like this game because of the way he shapes it is very interesting but there are some that do not like and i stick to 4 star.
When are you going to add more clients...got to the end of designing the bathroom & it says that more designs are coming soon. Love the game but don't take forever to bring new designs
Just started playing, loving this match game and renovating the rooms with beautiful choices to decorate, cutest storyline and characters, im already addicted, does get challenging but fun to play
The renovation part is great, but the puzzle thing and especially the lives thing is horrible. People should be able to just renovate not be able to put puzzles together to get money.