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My Mansion – match 3 & design home

My Mansion – match 3 & design home for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by DailyFun located at Horse Material Water, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Love story, match puzzle game, home design, breathtaking scape. All in my own Mansion!

Jane aspirations to winning the Design Gold Award. Her fantasy shall be realized after she inheriting her aunt’s mansion. Help Jane design her mansion and give the old house a makeover this is certainly full. In the period that is renovate Jane star her wonderful journey and obtain her true-love.

Enjoy beating the rose block, complete the coordinating levels to embellish the family room, home, garden, kennel and other home areas. Resolve the blast this is certainly challenging to unlock Jane’s amazing story together with unknow places. Become an interior master that is creating Jane and attain her fantasy now!

Interior design: renovate the old mansion become a beautiful and comfortable castle
Romantic story: star a sweet love story with your neighbor
Charming character: speak to enthusiastic medical practitioner, gentle veterinary, cool attorney in this little town
Wonderful plot: there are numerous problems on Jane’s design way, you will need to solve them
Classic puzzle: the most classic blast puzzle game – match 3 game, unwind and relaxed you down

Come and star your home design journey. Help Jane be a famous designer!

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If You have any presssing concern, please contact us: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the My Mansion – match 3 & design home.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Awesome! It's definitely one of the best match3/decorating games I've played.The levels aren't so insanely hard that you are forced to spend real money to continue making progress but if you do need a little extra help the game is very generous with it's gifting of free lives and boosters, like every 10 levels you get a chest with coins and boosters no ad watching needed.I have a lot more good things to say but I'm out of space..so I'll just end with" would totally recommend this game"
I've literally tried 15 mansion games and FINALLY found this OUTSTANDING AND FAIR GEM !!! You only have to sit through ads IF you want to earn boosters and coins and the ads are worth the time. 💐💐💐💐
Its a very cute match game with design elements; though, I wish I could at least choose the color of the furniture but the game has a set with no choices.
I love this game. unlike others like this type of game, you don't have to pay money, it constantly is rewarding you with boosters and banks your extra lives.
You may not have a choice in picking the renovations but it's still fun to see the changes as you get more tickets
Really like this game. It's quick and not overly difficult. Only problem is I finished the media room and am not progressing. Instead of levels, it's stages without the rewards and decorating. How do I get to the next rooms? Still playing at "champion" level 510. No pond yet?
Just started playing this game. SOOO disappointed that decorating doesn't give you the option to choose what I want/like, because of that I may not keep this game
Add notifications, daily bonus, more pets to story and give more coins in levels. Also add a gift in tasks or give a bonus when you finish chapters
nice game. challenging yet passable levels. the one thing I would like to see change is the choices of decorations . give me a choice. other then that, good game.
Like the game, but the English is not correct. Sounds like someone is translating from another language to English.
Loving this game. Would like to pick my own design but that's a different game eh? Challenging levels and then easy levels. Level 450! Level 830 is not possible to beat without buying...bye.
I really love this game it's fun relaxing time passing and addicting thank you for making this game if I could give a higher star it would be a 20 thanks
I like the game so far. Lots of free stuff and the boards aren't impossible so far. The only doesn't side is not being able to pick it the decor, it's automatically chosen. Other than that it's been fun to play.
Great game once I figured out how to use decorative stuff lol ( on me not the game) I love it so far great job keep it coming!!! Okay I finished episode 9 now what? It wont let me go anywhere help please!!!
Heather Lea: I absolutely adore this game. Finally, a game that truly is both fun and relaxing!! Thank you to the developers and everyone involved in the production of this game. I am also looking for to see where the storyline is headed. 🥰
Love this game! I'm totally addicted to it! But it's not stop issues are ridiculous. You constantly lose your progress even logged into Facebook. I've now lost over 200+ levels. It's now constantly freezing. There is NO human to fix any problems. No longer worth playing or downloading!!!! Dont download!!!!!
Very bad, I left the game on 100+ level and I opened it next day and I was on 91,and this happened with me 3 to 4 times,so I'm going to un install it
I've become obsessed with this game very quickly, the levels don't become so hard you can't progress the graphics are great and just an enjoyable game 🌟🌟🌟
Really good game! You can stockpile lives and never run out. Well put together. Ads are quick and not too many.
Such a breath of fresh air!!! I am enjoying this game very much. Its relaxing and not stressful at all. It an awesome game to come home to and relax after a long day at the office. Thank you so much developers
I've just downloaded the game and passed 9 levels. Whenever I try to play level 10, it closes down or crashes.
So far I like this game...but it would be nice to be able to chose your own furniture and decor. Other than that a good game.
I like the game but I have one big problem. I play a level, complete it, the fireworks shoot up and say "level complete". Then it throws me out the game. I reload and when I get back in, it makes me play that level over again plus I lose a life. Very annoying. If it carries on, I'm deleting. This has happened 4 times now. Fix it.
I really like this game it's easy and you don't have to spend a bunch of money to get the bonus items. wish I could pick my own furniture designs
Finally a good match game with a cute backstory. I know you can't pick your own designs, but that's ok. Plenty of boosters if you want them with ads. Adequate amount of moves per level, what a concept! I would give these developers 10 stars if I could. Keep up the good work!
Awesome game.why am I playing stages instead of levels. I love the game.but I'm not receiving keys to build my house. In stages I've played over 800 stages and alot of them ice played over and over.
Good easy going game, adds are only 5sec which keeps you updated but not annoyed. Lots of free tools, these devopers are not just after money they have our enjoyment in mind when developing the game. Other games should follow this format.
Would give 5 stars if we could be able to choose different choices in furniture. Please give that option!
Its been a fun and the levels are beatable. The extras are great. Probably my favorite game yet and I've played and uninstalled many games. It's the best.. Don't change it
There's a bug after clearing a stage, if you didn't press the Continue button and the app closes or crashes, you will still clear that stage but will not be awarded with the task ticket. Tried and tested.
Stuck on level 511 and over a week the game still doesnt proceed. So ready to uninstall this game. Still waiting for the update. That new room isnt added yet????????
love the concept of these games, but just wish we didn't have American voices telling us how well we're doing. Also why do we have to spend 2 stars/vouchers for some tasks, when we only ever get to earn 1
This is a fun game!...Easy to play and you dont have to re-play a level over and over to pass it..Plenty of boosters too!
I'm giving it only 3 stars because I can't choose the furniture, its done for me so what's the point. Will Uninstaller because of it.
This game really sucks!!!!!! Loved playing the levels, but when I wanted to get new furniture.....I couldn't get any access. I tried everywhere to find the furniture to choose from...... but nothing.
It is too good .but the decor items are selected by itself i don't like that.😑but all are very good.😍
*Changed my original review* "This game is really cute, very relaxing and generous with free rewards. I'm enjoying it very much!" HOWEVER, I got to Level 600 and now I'm stuck in these championship boards, not continuing the story or design. I cannot find any explanation. Is this all there is?
What is the point of designing if you can't choose the items. Give us at 3 items to choose from when decorating and I'll give 5 stars 🌟 Otherwise great game.
This is a brilliant game u can get really addicted to this game graphics are good it's the best game ever
is the most and best match 3 decorations game i play. i really enjoy myself playing and couldn't stop 😁 the levels are easy and so many boosters i gave five stars hope to have more decorations games because i like decorations games.
The only thing that would make this a better game is being able to choose the changes instead ot them already being chosen for the player
Enjoy the game just don't like the fact coins are taken n no other way to redeeming what you've already won is by spending money , make even buying life's made difficult , eventually I'll leave from frustration n waiting 30 mins / an hour for a chance to play most of the time with (1) Life .
I have played many other games like this one. This by far is the best. Just wish I could have decor options..I highly recommend this game.
I give it a five I like cause it don't take a long time to win a level and I like how colorful it is, it's relax me
Please remove the son slots add. Every time it opens my phone freeze and I have to restart the game. It's frustrating. Great game. Like the storyline, grapics and controls. Usefull gifts when you complete you goals. Hours of fun.
The game play & animation is great. Cute little tune playing. It has some downfalls. I get no choice of decorating at all. That's half the reason to play. Also it glitches making me loose the game now & then. So...played a bit more & I am wondering if there is anything "to do" during the stages. I have made it to stage 41 & nothing. You kind of started a plot line but never finished. This could be a really great game.
I think this game is wrong it goes to level and stops. I can't get anywhere. It's been 3 days since advancing to a different room . Time to remove game. I'm done.
Good easy going game, adds are only 5sec which keeps you updated but not annoyed. Lots of free tools, these devopers are not just after money they have our enjoyment in mind when developing the game. Other games should follow this format. expecially Marchington.
love this game! Good graphics, easy and relaxing. A fun game to play. Only drawback is that you don't get a choice when it comes to decorations. you take what they give you.
seems like you shouldn't have to match the bombs color with like colors to get them to explode. they're bombs after all and you should be able to use them whenever. also the rocking horses are far too hard to get. shouldnt have to hit them so many times and only with certain bombs to be able to collect them. all in all its a pretty decent game.
Great fun its a shame that you dont have the option when renovateing like you do with other games like this and also paid the money to purchase the piggy bank but i never got the coins as i was doing it the app closed down and sometime it can be bit slow at times
I really like the game and all the boosters that you provide. my only dislike about this game is that you don't have options for the furniture. You have to use the furniture the game applies even if it is not a style you like. This is why I only gave 3 stars on the rating
I am really enjoying this game I can't put my phone down and it is also very easy not like other games starts off easy then gets hard thumps up
This game is fun and it keeps my attention. Not too easy but not so difficult you can't beat it. awesome game.
I'm giving this game 2 stars. the levels are easy. I just wish that you can choose what furniture that you what for mansion. other than that it ok game.
Very fun and pretty easy but still challenging enough to want to keep playing. One thing I love is its super easy to earn extra lives and boosters. Just started last night durring my bout of insomnia and I have already finished level 206.
I like this game I'm past. Level 1000.Now I'm on stage 15. How many stages do you have to play for you can get a purple ticket for you can renovate. After I wrote this I updated and started back at stage 0. After you end stage 50. You come to level 1001 and you get purple tickets again.
Love, love, love this game! Very relaxing to play. Lots of opportunities to EARN boosters, without spending any money! Becoming my favorite to play!
Really like this game. It's quick and not overly difficult. Only problem is I finished the media room and am not progressing. Instead of levels, it's stages without the rewards and decorating. How do I get to the next rooms?
It's a fun game, but I thought we would pick out our own colors and stuff, I just wish we had a choice to choose from instead of just playing the game to get a ticket
Im on level 71 and really enjoying the game. Its not too hard which means i can relax and enjoy it. Alot of matching 3 gets TOO hard once you pass a certain level. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because you don't get to pick your decorations, the game picks it for you. I still give it A+
Did not like much about this one at all. I was looking forward to the story. Unfortunately I couldn't read the opening storyline so I didn't know how she came apon the place. She didn't introduce self which was a bit odd to go straight into first level. First level looked as it should be about level 13 or so. It was easy enough, but having to clear the popsicles right away seemed to be too much. I did like the the music, that's about it. Too bad.
Loving this game. Would like to pick my own design but that's a different game eh? Challenging levels and then easy levels. Level 450!
it is a good game you get boosters when you pass so many levels and graphics are good why am I stuck at level 451
I'm enjoying this game very much I can't put my phone down and if I do put phone down it is to charge up so that can keep right on playen 😀😀
Great Game. love it because it's not hard. also I love this game cause it does not take your money. I wish all games we're like this one. so I give it 5 stars!!!. great work on this game. also love the graphics and story line.
I enjoy the game but it keeps glitching and cutting off. I will complete a level and it goes off and I do not get my tickets.
It's a fun game but most of the levels are too easy. The name is "My Mansion" but you decorate the rooms yourself. You should give the people options so they can decorate the rooms themselves
English is not your first language. Most of the dialogue is full of poor grammar and doesn't make sense.
Like this game. Good graphics, gameplay & storyline. I wish the game could be played horizontally not vertically. Thanks developers !
Such a chill game. little to no ads. thank you for grabbing my attention. I am now past level 1000 whatever it is. I have never played a game this long. I usually play you know about halfway 5 600 then just go ahead and uninstall it. I get bored easily. But for some reason this game I just play it over and over. I love it! Thank you so much! ☺️
I would like to choose my own stuff. It's a good game except for not being able to choose colors, style ect
Hands down, the best relaxing, fun match 3 and decorate game I have played. cute story line and characters. Difficulty level is perfect. Thanks for this awesome fun game to play.
I love the game but can't figure out how to do the decorating. I tap on object but won't let me do anything else.
The game plays itself. I am shown how to make a match, and the game is wanting to call the moves, and I better make the move it suggests. Did Markle make this game?
Really Great game, lots of helpers! The one thing that would make it better is having a choice in the decorating! Colors!
a match game I can get into. only thing I wish was there was choices for decorating other than that no complaints. it's easy to play and no purchases required to advance and no ads every minute to annoy you. I would and do recommend this game to friends
I've completed all the levels, I have 1 ticket left but to complete the game I need 3 tickets. I'm passed 600 levels an not I've played over 100 stages but the wins won't give me anymore tickets!
I've completed all the levels, I have 1 ticket left but to complete the game I need 3 tickets. I'm passed 600 levels an not I've played over 100 stages but the wins won't give me anymore tickets! 2 more rooms set up an I'm done with this game. It was fun but time to uninstall an find a new game. ADD EXTRA TICKETS TO EACH LEVEL, NOT THY EXACT AMOUNT. YOUR GAME FREZZES DURING ADS AN YOU WON'T GET THAT TICKET!
It's just a fun game something easy something enjoyable and you can get so many bonuses like I said it's a heck of a lot of fun
It's a fun little game, I love it. Every time I get stressed out I go to my room and play it, and my stress goes away.
Have finished all the rooms. Is there going to be anything else to renovate? I enjoy the game and finished it within 2 weeks. Would like to renovate the outside or something.
Love the game but can go no further once I completed the theater room. For that reason I only gave it a three
Fun,fun,fun! I love the game,but guess there are no more rooms to do at the moment. Don't keep me waiting to long lol
It's a fun, relaxing game. But, you can hardly call it a decorating game. There are NO choices. Very few ads. Big plus!
I like the game, but it would be better if you got to choose the design instead of the game doing it.
I just want to say i love this game its relaxing and easy the only thing i dont like is having to buy the coins from the piggy bank i dont buy anything that i see on my phone other than that i have no complaint. I just started yesterday and play every chance i get and im already at level 60 or 70 something. Once again i really love it.i take that back im on 141. I just got done with level 378 the bathroom and it wont let me go any further. I really like this game and i would like to go farther .
I like the game but when you get the gems and you got to place the things it takes ages to place them
Very cute game!!! Am enjoying it immensely!! The characters are well rounded and I like how there isn't any meanness to them, no bad guys. Game play is smooth and flawless. Highly recommend!!
This is a great game! I am really enjoying playing. You folks done good! Thanks. I'm back again and still feel the same! Great game!
So much fun...easy and a good way to pass time. There is one thing...I like to pick what decorations, erc. go where. Why isn't that an option? The way it is all you do is play the match 3 and the decorating is automatically done.
Probably the most fun game I've played in a long time! Challenging without being frustrating and not overwhelmed with ads!
I have been looking for a game that is fun and not stressful with no need to pay to play. I can play it for hours everyday. Love it
Very fun game! I got all the way to level 376 and the game started me all over again. I'm on level 200 and something now. Please don't start me over again, I will stop playing. Yes starting from level 1 I don't want to keep playing this game if it's going to keep doing this
Just finished level 390 (the bathroom) and there are no more rooms! Just challenge levels. So i must be waiting for an update???? I enjoy the game,almost addictive and very relaxing,the levels can be challenging but not so hard you take days to win!
I wouldn't gave this game five star do to that you have to pay to get coins and you don't have to really get that far so in the game is fun but it's not worth 5 Stars is but it don't make sense then you get stuck and freeze up so I'm not paying any more money to play a that supposed to be free on my phone😖
actually I Love it...so far , not alot of story just pass stages & decorate 👍 But if i had to choose a negative it would be that we have no choice in choosing the decorations 💯. Maybe on next update you can give Us a couple of choices on picking of decorations . Over All two 👍 up❗
a good match game it doesn't get impossibley hard where you have to pull your wallet out and buy coins and boosters
This is the first game I have played with no stress just pure enjoyment and fun very relaxing awesome game fantastic job thank you
Although I have only started the game today, I think I may have found a fun & non frustrating match 3 that my kids can actually play Yay!
This is the most wonderfull'sgame i ever play. I am on level 34 and still did not buy anything. The developers high thumbs up for you. Xxxxx
Can't decorate the mansion. I have tapped on icon and nothing. Updated app and still nothing. I can play the game, but cannot decorate the mansion. Playing the levels are cool, I want the full experience of the game. It's similar to another game that I have. If the glitch is not fixed, I'll definitely delete this game/app.
I like the game except its not letting me past chapter 7. I finished the last room. Nothing i happening. Im confused.
I love this game! Been playing for hours. Love that you don't have to spend lots of tickets just to do one task.
love it so far. story line obviously written by someone whose English is not their first language, but still goid
I like this game, similar to another which I play Toon Chest.. Fortunately I can't finish the kitchen level as can't get last item to complete kitchen??. I click on the arrow but it doesn't open??. I have 13 tickets. HELP.
Love this game, it's fun and so enjoyable and addictive 🌷🌷,please answer why it says "stage " since i was on " level ", still loves the game
This is by far the best match 3 game I have ever played. I've gotten to level 164 so far and haven't lost a life. Big thumbs up.
I was enjoying building the rooms and now it turned into a game with levels from 1 I'm now in LVL 12 and I can't build up any rooms
This is a FUN game !! Colorful with a super cute storyline. Plus, lots of opportunities to watch ads with awesome, muliple boosters as a reward !
TUE 06.10.20 Got it yesterday smooth play, got lots of rewards, coins + bombs. Took 100, 200 & 300 coins today for 5 moves. Saving what I've got enjoying it very much. Now 5 stars. Agree with you can't choose the furniture the game does 26.9.20 hopefully they put it in soon.
Not happy. I worked to earn the tickets that allow me to redecorate, but you give me no selections to make... it's decorate with what you give us. That's the whole purpose of a redecorate game.... To be able to select your own designs.
This is an awesome game. I've been on this for 3 hours now, & just want to keep playing. I don't want to stop. I love that you are giving so many ways to collect lives. I never see that in other games,. So, thank you
It would take awhile for the game to come up and the last level that I played wasn't passing. Decided to quit playing.
Too many Ads after every level and the screen should be much bigger. All in all it's a okay game ,it's not as challenging as I thought just a passing time game. Ok I'll wait and see if there any changes, maybe then I'll reinstall and give more stars..
I enjoy the game but I accidentally hit join for a full group and it wouldn't allow me to cancel and it won't let me pick a different group. That is quite disappointing. also it be nice if we could choose what we want for like the benches, plants etc
it's a good game with good amounts of power ups, the only suggestion I would have is to allow the player choices in the decorations
Would not load after I installed the game it pulled up the picture of the girl then it went blank and went to a screen that was jumbled and I had to remove the game from my phone wouldn't have given any stars sorry
This is very fun and interactive game, just wished that you could get more tickets for fixing up the place.
actually I Love it...so far , not alot of story just pass stages & decorate 👍 But if i had to choose a negative it would be that we have no choice in choosing the decorations 💯. Maybe on next update you can give Us a couple of choices on picking of decorations . Over All two 👍 up❗UPDATE NOV.20TH...GOT TO STAGE 5O6 FINISHED GAME ROOM....THEN NOTHING...GAME WONT GO TO NEXT ROOM OR LEVEL❓ CANT GET IN CONTACT WITH SUPPIRT TEAM...KEEP BEATING LEVELS BUT GO NO WHERE❓IS GAME OVER? FINISHED❓ WAITING❗
i like the game so far, but i cannot renovate! i am on level43 and get a notice to ren. but nothing happens! help, please!
You cant pick what you want ( differant colors or pick the type of furniture you want ) thats a big down fall in this game so far & i just started about 10 minutes ago
I was pretty much enjoying the game actually, and I could give 5 stars instead, but the ads were horrible. Frankly speaking, I didn't mind at all of watching ads for 30 secs, but these ads made the game to be very slow, stuck and lag.
Game is fun to play the only thing wrong is you don't give us a choice to pick how we want to decorate room
Great game and so much fun. And they don't want money constantly. You get boosters galore, so you can really enjoy playing without having to replay levels again and again. Worth every minute. Don't change it people it works.
i adore this game. Becoming a big fan! The story line is a plus. Great one to be playing with your child. Thumbs up 👍 here
My Mansion is a very relaxing, fun game to play. I got used to a one ticket win per level completed, quickly. There is no pressure to buy boosters. Ways are given to keep your booster supply plentiful. I highly recommend My Mansion for a relaxing, fun gameplay experience.
I'm on level 💯 and I'm still enjoying the game 😊 it's relaxing. The other games have a lot of stress when you're trying to complete the puzzles but your game is so relaxing. Thank you 😊