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NatureID- Plant Identification

NatureID- Plant Identification for PC and MAC

Is a Education game developed by AIBY Inc. located at 6799 Collins Ave., Office 1602 Miami Beach, FL, 33141. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 9 and up.
Identify plants, cats, and dogs with a tap of your finger! Learn more about the wildlife around you!

Do you ever see a plant and wonder what it is? How would you like to have a personal botany expert on call when needed? Here comes your plant identifier!

Not sure about the breed of the dog or a cat? Don’t despair! NatureID has you covered! We’ve got a dog scanner for dog lovers and a cat scanner for cat people — both have an impressive accuracy rate.


● Simply focus your camera on the object of your interest and snap a picture.
● Get a description of every plant, cat, and dog.
● Diagnose a plant with our plant disease identifier.
● You can also use the photos on your phone.

Explore the wonderful world of nature with the smart plant and animal identifier app!


● Our plant identifier will help you recognize over 10,000 plants, with up to 95% accuracy — snap a leaf🍃, flower🌺, or tree🌳.
● Cat🐈 and dog🐕 breed identifier — recognize over 63 cat breeds and over 462 dog breeds. *
● Our recognition algorithm has been significantly improved for you to get the most precise pet and plant identification ever!
● Receive a water plant reminder daily.
● Name search — find out a plant species or a pet breed easily by entering their names.
● Keep track of the plants and pets you add to My Yard — just in case!
● Take photos or upload pics from your device.
● Enjoy a clear and beautiful interface.


You don’t need to be a garden and plant care expert to know what’s wrong with your plant. Take photos of the symptoms, check them in our plant disease identifier, and get a detailed description of the disease, as well as proper treatment and prevention recommendations.


Our app’s initial goal was to provide accurate flora and tree identification, and now we can do so much more! Apart from the extensive plant and pet database with information about different breeds and species, we offer plenty of entertaining and useful articles about plants and pets as well as gardening and plant care tips.

NatureID is an excellent hobbyist tool with a striking mix of technology and nature. The magic of plant identification will reveal the secret of a tree by its leaf, help recognize all mysterious seedlings in your garden and save you from pulling a flower by mistake. It will tell you the breeds of all the dogs playing in the park and elaborate on all the cats basking in the sun on the windowsills. And if you travel often, you can keep a record of all the plants, cats, and dogs you encounter on your trips.

Get NatureID, take advantage of free plant identification, and start on the path to becoming a true nature and pet expert today. Everything you need is one tap away!

* We are in the process of increasing the number of cat and dog breeds. Our recognition algorithm gets smarter by the day, so we hope to make the process of pet recognition even more fun!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the NatureID- Plant Identification.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download NatureID- Plant Identification for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
By far the least accurate plant identification app I've used. 3 day 'free' trial and then $25.99 for a year or '$17.99 without a free trial. It had such great reviews about it's accuracy, I negated the free trial to save the $8. REGRET! It's not accurate and has minimal information on many of the most basic plants. Worst $18 I've ever spent.
It's so easy to use. The design is amazing, modern and clean. Provides so much information for my plants.
Overall the experience is good the amount of pictures is different. However, I noticed that it does give you an amount of time to wait to gain an extra picture for more plants to be identified it could be useful in someways and hard in others so it's a give and take situation. Overall it's something I can work with and work around. I have noticed that one of my plants has been hard for the app to identify. But it also isn't doing too good either and was hoping the app would've been able to help
This app is more accurate than most. It has worked well and allows me to set reminders, but there is a very limited amount of identifications that you get each day without a subscription. I am also starting to not trust this app because I have gotten at least two notifications from Google Play that this app is coming from a scetchy developer.
Tried it to identify my cat. Says she's an American wirehair which is impossible she doesn't have wirey fur. Also claims she is a Bombay(again doesn't match she's an ash colour with tuxedo marking), Australian Mist(again coat doesn't match) and Chartreux(which aside from her colour actually fits). So unless she's some weird combo of the above then this app is wrong. It's interesting to explore and see the results of other people but it didn't answer the question of what breed my cat is.
I medium identifier plant app, I didn't work with the plants I have in my garden... maybe they are too rare, I expected more quality tho.
I hate that the identity button always opens up first and to that on plant. I have tried to identity 5 plants that aren't in your database. It is ok but it can be better.
Keeps telling me that I installed from unknown source and sends me to google play which is where I got it in the 1st place even does it when I load from Google Play so ZERO STARS.
Good concept with care tips and all. However, pop up review window kept popping up every 10 seconds=annoying. Free 3 day is misconceiving; trial limits you to only 3 photos to identify and requests payment of $19.95 after 3 IDs. Not interested in paying $20 when I just want to ID 5 or 6 plants.
Only works accurately on pure breeds or designer animals(only two breeds/selective breeding). Is unable to figure out mutts or moggies( mixed breed cats). Have yet to try the plant feature.
Do not download. Their "experts" do not respond and their identification is sub-par. Also, this is apparently a subscription that they sneak in there last minute, but is NOT in their terms of service. So all those who have been burned by that, look at their service agreement and screen shot it and dispute through your banking institution.
Doesn't work. I try to scan to identify a plant but it sends me an erroressage and says no internet connection. My internet is fine.
Trash! Went from being completely free to now having my entire yard wiped so im forced to pay the 20 a year just to identify more than 1 plant per day. Taking total advantage of the fact that a lot of people are now buying plants for their homes. Either you charge from the jump or you deal with the fact that you're a free app. Not totally screw existing users after offering services for free.
A really nice app which can be used free of charge if you're not willing to bulk-add your plants at once. I miss two things: a) there is no way to use °C or the metric system; b) when you click on a plant in your garden, the settings (watering, misting, etc) panel opens up by default, instead of the—way more handy—details page (with watering and planting details).
I took a picture of a pillow and it came up with pictures of mushrooms this app will be a waste of your time trust me
Honestly, I'd like it better if they'd let me add/suggest names. Like I have one calathea ornata and one calathea pictura. It made no difference between them. And itbs like this for most of the species. I'd like to get a more specific identification.
Did not pre-warn on Google play that this is a subscription-only service. This should always be made clear in the app description box. If you're looking for a free service, don't download. I'm sure it's excellent if you're willing to pay, but some of us can't afford it and would prefer to know before wasting our time trying to find a suitable (free) app. While there is a 3 day free trial, a trial is not the same as free service.
Cool app tells you what the plan is after taking a picture it also tells you if you can eat it or not
Great App execpt constant requests to pay money! Cant even use it properly to take pics because of it. Might delete app
Downloaded the app, tried several times to snap a photo, and it just keeps telling me "oops something went wrong"
I like to test the identification with the plant ID that I get from the greehouse/nursery. Has done great so far.
App won't work. What's up with that? I take a clean picture and the app tells me repeatedly to try again.
very helpful app for a beginner and even people who have middle ground knowledge. I work at a place that sells flowers and don't always know how to help identify. awesome tool to utilize if you have a sick plant and need assistance in care :)
I've used other similar so-called plant ID apps and, by far, this is the best. Love it. We have stuff in our garden we knew nothing about. Now, we do. Sometimes, we wish we didn't!
Not that user friendly for identifying plants. I took a picture of a young tree: close-up of its trunk so U could see the bark. Got NOTHING. Instead it just showed other options for things irrelevant to identifying the tree. [email protected] is MUCH better. Got 30+ pictures to choose from to help me identify it.
Love this app! Easy to use and love all.the information it gives you for successful growing in your yard
This app is just bad in general please if anyone see's this DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP it is pointless.
I didn't spend much time on it, as you're only allowed 1 identification a day. But from the 3 I've done, 2 have been wrong which would be fine if you could correct it but with only 1 a day, I don't see the point. Without this I think the app would be great but till it's fixed I have to download something else
I love this app because when you don't no what flower that is you can find and see what flower that is.Sou i tal you guys to donwald the app.....!!!!!
App was simple to use and was right 100% of the time showing technical species and common names. I'm about to see how well I'm caring for my brood of love!!
No note that you only get 3 free IDs. That's not cool as I was given the wrong information and was resubmitting a better view but now it's pay only? Poor form.
Omg it's amazing Thanks for this. This is so helpful for indentification of flowers nd plant .just woow. Love it ❤️
plant I'd is a great app! I've been having problems growing plants now I know exactly what to do to grow!
Crashes repeatedly... The same issue w/ "Nina's" review. I don't feel (IMO) even w/ MIS-"identifying" plants- (umm.. that I harv./planted) it being WRONG 70% of the time, STILL soaks up my 1 "Free Recognition"! NOT "cool"! THIS setup IS, in fact, DESIGNED to FORCE you to pay IF you want to continue using the app! Google did a GREAT job👏 of ruining this- (for ME, anyways) to support ANY 'Devs', when things are NOT "fixed".. 2nd option to +1/+2 recognitions? No, I'll stick to Leafsnap + PlantNet!
Unlicensed version from Google Play? This msg accompanies the version downloaded from Google play. Get this fixed!
Found my plant right away other sites did not identify however I would like to know how to take care of it.
Giving 3 stars I would give it 5 as an amazing app HOWEVER, i constantly receive a No Internet Connection warning. Then i am unable to use the app at all. Regardless of that though, when the app is working it is amazing! Currently doing my bushcraft courses and its great with helping confirm my judgement on certain plants. Would be sweet if they added features like: Which parts are edible Flavour How to cook (if required) Plants that look exactly the same so you can identify poisonous onez
Great at identifying plants. Accuracy is about 95%. I like that the app allows for you to save plants to "Your Garden". But that's all there is. Plant information is incomplete, often not even identifying if the plant is sun/ shade/ or part sun-shade.
Worked great the first time trying to sell me the app. It hasn't worked since. Keeps telling me to try again later. Whatever. Rip off
It's alright. It has many plants but not all different types. If I have to pay for registration, I would rather wait until more types are there
This doesn't work at all.. Please don't fool people, we are paying for this so create apps that are really helpful for people.
First few times I tried to use this, it gave me options that were nowhere close to the plant I took a picture of. When I tried to click on "learn more", I'd get an error that said "Oops, something went wrong. Sorry about that. Try again in a few minutes." Never would work. Tried many times. Deleting this useless app.
A continuous message " oops, no internet connection"... Neither with the Verizon Data or ATT Wifi. . Neither works. Perhaps the app can't recognize the plant and sends out the message to confuse the user. .
I love the app, I'm a newbie to plants but I not really sure how to navigate or how to remove the number notification I am receiving on the app, oh well, will keep trying. I used the watering schedule once and thought it would reset letting me know next watering schedule but I do enjoy the information, will just research again for watering.
This subpar and user-unfriendly app will cost you €20 - every single year. EDIT: No thanks, I will not use your app with limitations, I will use PlantNet, a superior app with no limitations. It's a completely free app but even if they asked for a one-time fee, I'd be very happy to pay that price, because that's how it should work - you pay once and IT'S YOURS.
It is impossible to change the temperature unit. They give guide about how often to water or fertilize but when you are creating a reminder they don't automatically populate those values.
this is very good but why I have give 4 because I was showing a different plant but it was saying it is not a plant pls see my review then download this app but it is good
Updated: 04.08.2021 First I want say how responsive the AIBY team has been in solving my issue. The app loaded perfectly. There are several plants in my yard I couldn't identify. NatureID identified them right away. Now I have a care/maintenance plan that isn't a guessing game.
Didn't know you had to subscribe to this app after taking so many photos. Paying a subscription even month. Bit disappointed 😞 Can this be confirmed
I have unistalled this app and cancelled subscription. Not always user friendly in bringing up info about a plant. and is not always accurate. very frustrating to use
Just started using so can't say much but I'm quite happy that it allows me to add my plants and set reminders. I'm still happy but think it could be really useful to have notifications for reminders to actually show up/ring when you set them because I'm always having to go to the app to check when I need to care for my plants instead of getting reminded straight away. It's rather frustrating, but I still like the app.
Very disappointed. Not one plant identified. All common, like Nigella, Cosmos, geranium. Way off. Have un installed. 🥵
doesn't even recognise my plants genus or even as a plant after 4 photos. the first 3 it said they were blurred.
Taken pictures of my dog and got wrong breed, Taken pics of my home grown plants and not 1 search result was correct, If I could I'd happily deduct stars, now unloading this app.
No intercropping section nor possibility to position plants in your yard. Only one identification a day:definitely not an app to use when you're out, and it doesn't have enough gardening tips and features to justify purchasing the pro version, either. It's mostly for people who come across the occasional strange plant and are mildly curious about it. There are better plants apps out there... I'm only keeping this to try and identify things that are not plants, for now.
It is a shame that the developers have decided to force you to take a photo every time you open the app before you can do anything else. Rhe app is otherwise very good but I have decided to uninstall it because this camera rhing is driving me crazy and is a huge waste of time.
Exactly what I needed to care for the plants in my new yard. Easy to understand. Full of useful information.
It was alright, definetely better for plants and dogs than it is for cats. Just know before you install, this app identifies three things, plants, dogs, and cats.
You could have mentioned that this doesn't work too. Sick of such amateurs. Btw, Uninstall this good for nothing app.
It really helped me to recognize plants and flowers and helped me to explain these things to my grand children
I am an elderly lady and enjoy the outdoors and plants but this app only allows 1 identification a day unless you go premium on a fixed income you can't do that
Not great. Very hit and miss with identification. Search function returns numerous results not related to plant in question.
I've had this App for only two days. In those two days I've used a couple dozen times. I love it. It's on the mark almost every time. The one's incorrectly, just took another picture to give me the corrected identification. So far it's a wonderful App.
The two plants I was trying to identify were clearly wrong, I have some of what it told me bother were and they are clearly very different, I own a known panda succulent and a jelly bean succulent with many babies its propagated, and the two I'm looking at is a fuzzy small succulent with red as its tips not the classic dots the panda plant has, and my jelly bean plant has little rounded jelly bean like leaves not this short guy with very pointy leaves, obviously not a jelly bean plant
Finally, after trying so many different plant ID apps, I finally found one that works right away without dumb advertisements for games and BS lime that, that doesn't have anything to do with plants. You do get 3 free photo recognitions, and then got to pay $20 a year afterwards. Well worth the $20 to me!
Downloaded the app a month ago, now I have to purchase it, it works really well though .... have to uninstall
It didn't recognize my plant correctly. All plant options to select manually were incorrect. After unsuccessful attempts to allow the app to recognize my plant correctly. it started giving showing trail options over. I am not able scan plants any more.
They automatically hook up onto your credit card and just take the money without you even realising it. DO NOT INSTALL IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT
Extraordinarily precise app, tested it on some plants I know and it accurately identified the species.
Great with finding out the plant and how to care for waiting now for a reaponse to how to heal my plant
I love how you take a picture and it comes with the results that you're looking for. it's very excellent I love the service.
This app is absolutely amazing for plants. But not dogs or cats. I haven't had any problems with plants tho
The app is awesome! I'm so gonna use it with my family to check on our local flora and to learn more about nature. Only improvement I'd suggest is that you include a dark mode for less energy consumption. Thank you so much for making this available for free! I'm sure it'll come in handy for my English lessons as well!
It says my cat is a Welsh Corgi so I'm not trusting it with mushroom identification because I don't want to die. 😉
So far so good, I'm trying the free trial and it's still interesting; because I don't thing I can afford the paid app. So thank you!
Identifies plants just fine.. only lost a star for having a pay system to get advice from experts (but that's just an extra feature that most other plant ID apps don't even offer). A message board for freely asking and answering plant related topics with a identifying, special title for any "professionals"/botanists.
what a complete waste of my time and energy first snap said it was Indian pipe plant second snap five minutes later same plant identified as clerodendrum thompsoniae turns out it's a clematis urophylla winter beauty ... that's it nature ID no more time wasting you're gone
This app is awesome. You can find the names of your plants by taking a picture of them and then get the knowledge of how to take care of them.
Don't waste your time downloading. Did not recognize one thing I took a picture of no matter what angle or clarity. I clearly have 2 purebred boston terriers and it didn't even recognize that. Kept coming up with oops nothing in our data base.
i really enjoy this app so far. it's very accurate with plant identification and you can set up a reminder to water, fertilize or mist your plants
I am very happy with Nature ID, it has been right on the money helping me figure out what plants I have in my yard. Also, the app. has helped me figure out where to place a new plant for the best result for the plant.
I really love the concept of this app with the yard and watering schedule but what good is that stuff if it doesn't ID the correct plant.
This dosen't work at all. I know exactly what my dog is and it said something completely different every time.... tried multiple angles and lighting it never got it right... and he's a VERY common breed
Super app . Don't miss a shot. Good matching suggestions compare to similar apps. It also shows plants care which is awesome for new gardeners 👍
Excellent app the amount of times I've seen a beautiful flower somewhere and think I wish I knew what that was called. Well I do now 👍
Keeps on saying no internet connection but I'm connected. I've tried several time and even restarted my phone. I will be uninstalling this ap since I've not been able to use it even once.
It is NOT made clear enough that pictures taken through this app to ID plants will be automatically shown in the public feed, with no option to turn this off or reliably delete these images. --- EDIT: It is not stated in the Privacy Policy that content information will be automatically made public to other users of the platform, nor is it mentioned during the uploading process. By the way, your website (including your contact forms) aren't secure, please change that.
Keeps telling me it's an unlicensed app and to download from Google Play Store. But I did buy from google play AND I paid for the subscription. Will probably ask for a refund.
When trying to identify a plant to add to 'my yard' not all suggested identities have an image to them so I can't be 100% certain that my plant matches up.
Wish there were options to add variations of plants, more labels, as well as a diary of previous images as you update them to see the progress of the plant more clearly. I'm only here raging because it kept spamming the rate screen at me & may as well share the above while I'm here. :)
This is an amazing app. I found several different plants in my yard . I learned the proper names and some that I had thought was something else. I highly recommend downloading the app.7
This app is great. I used it for a Plant Identification unit I had to do for my Apiculture course, and I had all the information I needed, right at my fingertips. Thanks, all ^_^ One suggestion, though; any chance you could expand the app (or make a different one) that identifies bugs? That would be great ^_^
It is NOT made clear enough that pictures taken through this app to ID plants will be automatically shown in the public feed, with no option to turn this off or reliably delete these images.
If you want to identify your plants and understand how to look after them, this app is a very good tool for the novice gardener.
New plant owner, got plant today and love it. I can set reminders on when to water, rotate, fertilize, and even mist it next. I scaned my plant and it gave me the results fast.
I toke three clear pictures of a green bean plant and it kept saying it was a citrus plant. Also with the limitations of pictures it seemed pretty useless to have if it can't identify one of the most common plants.
Excellent and identifying the plant and providing detailed information about it. Even has option for setting a watering schedule and getting reminders.
My roommate is helping me learn how to care for an indoor plant garden, and this app is super helpful for figuring out which species she's gotten for me and learning about their proper care. I like that there are plant care reminders you can enable too! My only issue is that it doesn't seem able to identify a particular little cactus I have growing in a wall planter.
It only got 3 of 10 plants right. Only very common plants like marigold, and celois, missed Saliva, Birds of Paradise, Sweet Potato Vine and Lantana and Pitcher Plant to name a few Very disappionted. Kept going down during process and saying try again later then on retry totally misidentified picture taken not even close to id plant.
This app is the the most useful info and free It give's very good info and vast variety of plant They all found the name of my plant with the indentifier
Got excited, took about 5 photos of my house plants and it couldn't recognize any of them....terrible. These are really common plants. Don't waste your time.
Only plantID app that you can set separate schedules for each plant. Definitely still need more plants in its data but has all my common house plants so far
The app is good but even though I have downloaded the app from GOOGLE PLAY STORE ,the app keeps saying that I downloaded it from an unlicensed source and makes me enter google olay store everytime. If this continues then I am going to uninstall the app. Please help me fix this problem .
Very disappointing. first I will say, No one on the developer end is monitoring the "feed" which is the pictures uploaded by users. There are bottles of hot sauce, cartoon images, and offensive gestures and sadly they have been identified as a plant. I asked it to identify three very common well-known extremely basic houseplants and it got all three wrong. I looked at some of the others in the feed and they were absolutely identified wrong and there's no offer a suggestion feature. Useless
Very annoying,can't even get to take a photo of plant or find out what's wrong with it.will be uninstalling this app & look for a better one.
Tried it out by snapping a pic of my monstera deliciosa and it told me I had a Philodendron hederaceum so that's not great.
Loved it...to check this app I clicked pictures of some of the plants which were known to me...n guess what! This app named those plants correctly ✌️
l just love this app.I spend a lot of time outdoors and have learned so much about the plants I see on my walks
App was simple to use and was right 100% of the time showing technical species and common names. I'm about to see how well I'm caring for my brood of love!! UPDATE, too bad they're charging now I'm on disability and can't afford but I loved the app!
This is the best free app I've found to identify your plants. I downloaded 4 others, & this one tops them all!
I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. It will not identify plant and it will not identify illness. I get an error message of no internet connection followed immediately by "oops something went wrong"
Seems like a good app...was reasonably correct, but I couldn't get past the trial. I had it installed maybe 10 minutes. I took just a few pictures and got a popup to leave a review two times during that period and a popup to buy it two times during that period. Then it stopped working. The app says there's a free 3 day trial, but after a certain amount of time or a certain amount of pictures it cuts you off for several hours. It's hard to get a good feel for an app after so little time. Super frustrating. There is no way I would pay for this app after that. Also, I will buy an app outright, but I will not pay a monthly or yearly fee just to be able to use something for a little while. No thanks. Uninstalled.
I really enjoying using it on all of my house plants. its very informative and very handy to have any any time I need it.
It says 3-day free trial but it doesn't let you start unless you have paid for it! How on earth you get to know it's okay!
So excited to find out why I'm killing my new plants and how to hopfully resuscitate them!!! Excited, thank you!!! 🌴🌴🌴
Most inaccurate thing ive ever used lol i i know the breeds of all three of my dogs and it tried to reccomend they were all corgies or blue tick hounds....seperate pictures of them....lol i own a golden husky, astralian husky, and a terrier pit none of which are cogis or blue tick hounds....i dont reccomend using the app except for for a laugh do not rely on it
Im extremely pleased with this app. I first used it on a walk. There is a tree that has beautiful white flowers and i finally was able to identify it. When the weather here turned warm and foliage started growing around my property, I found out i have raspberry & blackberry shrubs, multiflora roses, japanese cherry and plenty of poison ivy. I bought the full version so i can ID plants to keep and to dig up. I use it everywhere daily, I love it. Definitely a 5 star app! Thanks👍
Scam? After subscribing started getting messages saying that the app wasn't downloaded from a reliable source and to go to Google, where I had downloaded it. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it doesn't recognise that I had an account, though I can see I do in my playstore. Do not trust it and have lost my subscription.
Looks like a good site, except the white letters used for explanations is difficult to read. Also, pictures added to the descriptions would be helpful - the description alone doesn't show if it's a plant you want to see every day in your house or garden.
Does not identify plants.I did 4 pics of plants i knew.Not one of the came back correct or even simular.Wrong flowers and plant.
This should have been in the paid category of apps not after installing the first thing i see i put your card info. Even the trial is not working without giving the credit card information. Useless, don't bother if you not planing to pay a subscription.
Only 2 photos before pitch to subscribe. Have to subscribe for $20/yr to take more trial photos. Will try other apps.
Not better than any free app and requires payment 3 days after trial use. I expected a proper advice on a particular plant care, which this app doesn't provide. It provides only general info which could be found on line. One star since it's not free!
You have to pay for ot to identify more than a few plants. Don't bother unless you want to pay $20/year for mediocre plant identification
I like the idea but it doesn't work on basic plants. Why would I trust it on everything else? It got basil and mint but couldn't figure out thyme and rosemary. Also, maybe populate the common name and add the scientific name later in the info and not the other way around.
only 1 a day after the initial 3 identification , but it seems accurate. I like it. you just have to pace yourself
Great app, was all working fine. Then my notifications to water my plants have stopped... but still love app
This app is amazing I take it outside and take a picture it tells me what the plant is it's so amazing it doesn't even do plants it does a whole bunch more cats dogs other things it's amazing I love this app cha-ching I love this app 😘😘😘😘😘😘
This app kept on telling me "No internet connection" and "Oops something went wrong. Sorry about that. Please try again in a few minutes" even if both mobile data and wifi are working well. After multiple attempts I shall uninstall this app. 😒
Amazing! I have never seen an add while using this app, but it does occasionally ask for you to sign up which does cost money. I really highly recommend using this app.
After a few pictures it forces to yearly subscription for $25.99. No option for free trial anymore or free limited use.
I have over 20 years experience as a flower arranger. When buying flowers wholesale I have noticed that very few of the traders know the botanical names. So this app is perfect for that.
Not useful to me, didnt help me diagnose a plant sickness. It says logout but doesnt logout. It also says delete account but doesnt delete account. Now I have had to send a request. I have now been told to cancel my subscription but I didnt agree to a subscription.
This app became completely useless ever since started incorrectly alerting users that there's no internet connection. App support will post a canned response to my comment, though the app error persists.
Took 3 photos of trees in yard. 2 identified correctly. Then started getting subscription requests. An aside, tried to use the identify diseases feature after the "identify" feature was shut off. App said "no internet". Obviously a bug. What app should have said is this: the camera feature is no longer operative until we get your money (a paid subscription). That bug demonstrates that this is an app that is not ready enough to get my money.
A perfect app 👌it reminds me to water my plants and I can see how are their names 😄love it❤the perfect place for plant lovers 😍😀
A medium identifier plant app, It didn't work with the plants I have in my garden... maybe they are too rare, I expected more quality tho.
Just started using so can't say much but I'm quite happy that it allows me to add my plants and set reminders
This would be a great app if it worked on my Android phone, but it doesn't. The identification screen with the white frame is always black, apparently unconnected to the camera, so it is useless. I know there are things to try, and I have tried them: *I subscribed to the App. *Permissions are granted to the App to access camera and media. *Have uninstalled and reinstalled, including restarting the phone in the middle. *Worst of all, the developers are entirely uninterested in responding to my requests for assistance. *Other Apps that use the camera, e.g. QR code scanner, work just fine on my phone. If anyone *really* knows what this could cause this, and has read what I have already tried, I would love to hear from them.
wonderful app, especially to novice gardeners like me, there's much info about taking care of a particular plant..Great job all involved.
Overall I use this app daily for the water reminders. I wish it allowed multiple plants of the same variety differientated by "cute name" . Other ideas... There should be a better way to add to the database and a way to add something unknown if not listed. Also a note space would be great!
Just a request...if information on plant's propagation could be added. Otherwise ...this application is very helpful and a must keep for those who love their plants and require related information.
It kinda sucked..like I showed my two cats which are the same breed and it just pulled up cats that looked the same. Like a hairless cat with the same face shape (my cat is a blue tortie) and then I tried with my dog and it came up with chihuahua, which is good. But he's an apple head and I was expecting that. ANYWAY point being a good app for dogs not so much cats.