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NEET Challenger

NEET Challenger for PC and MAC

Is a Education game developed by Aakash Educational Services Ltd. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Your search for the NEET preparation app that is best for NEET ends here! The NEET Challenger app by Aakash gives you access that is easy past year NEET papers and detailed analysis to help you boost your preparation for NEET

Give your preparation for NEET a strong edge as you use the NEET Challenger app to attempt questions from NEET past year papers for Zoology, Botany, Physics & Chemistry. Practice through past year NEET questions and strengthen your hold on concepts too, as you go along.

Highlights of NEET Challenger App:

Attemptable past year NEET /AIPMT questions available chapter wise
Detailed insights into every question that you attempt from previous year NEET / AIPMT papers
Distractor Rationale - Get an explanation on why the other options were incorrect
Link to NCERT Concept - Know the exact section of your NCERT textbook that covers the question
Other Possible Cases - Get familiar with other possible cases made from the questions in past year NEET / AIPMT papers.
Similar Expected Questions - Practice other questions similar to those that have appeared in past NEET papers and are of high probability to be asked in NEET 2020 and so on year. This way you are set for expected NEET questions in NEET 2020 and so on!

Wondering what questions that are possible come in the exam? You can attempt the expected NEET 2020 questions which are highly likely to come in the exam and get the correct answers then and there in this app!

The NEET Challenger app for NEET includes questions and solutions for the following NEET / AIPMT papers:

Past Year paper solutions for NEET 2019 (Odisha)
Past Year paper solutions for NEET 2019
Past Year paper solutions for NEET 2018
Past Year paper solutions for NEET 2017
Past Year paper solutions for NEET 2016 (July)
Past Year paper solutions for NEET 2016
Past Year paper solutions for Re-AIPMT 2015
Past Year paper solutions for AIPMT 2015
Past Year paper solutions for AIPMT 2014
Past Year paper solutions for AIPMT 2013
Past Year paper solutions for AIPMT 2012
Past Year paper solutions for AIPMT 2011
Past Year paper solutions for AIPMT 2010

The NEET Challenger app for NEET includes questions and solutions for past 10 year NEET /AIPMT papers from 2010 - 2019 (Total 13 Papers)

About Aakash:

Aakash is an established name in IIT/JEE and NEET preparation, guiding students since 1988. Known for its extensive NEET, IIT-JEE, NTSE and Olympiads preparation pedagogy, the coaching institute has made a mark in the arena that is educational. The application from the house of Aakash Educational Services Limited, has been tailored to meet the needs of not just Engineering and Medical aspirants, but also students aiming to ace olympiads that are various Scholarship examinations.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the NEET Challenger.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download NEET Challenger for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Such a good app. Every question nicely explained. And the most interesting thing is expected questions for NEET. I think it's very useful & helpful for those students who can't take any other coaching classes & prepared for NEET by self study or by any distance learning programme provided by some well-known institute or other sources. Great experience. As a neet Aspirients I recommend all the Aspirient especially those who do there neet preparation by self study to download this app. Thank you.
The app's content is extremely useful. But I request the authorities to provide an option to solve the previous year questions of every single chapter with a TIME LIMIT. Please do the needful at the earliest.
Extremely helpful for neet aspirants as it contain all the PYQ,chapter wise and u can practice them again and again, plus with each que, underlying concept page is provided which built the concepts and also provide at least 3-5 que behind every main que App us extremely user friendly And gives u confidence to solve que Plus all the que are PYQ so your 10 year paper will be done with this app( don't trust blindly on only app practice que form different book too) In short app is amazing....
It's amazing experience with this app , I request to upgrade this app and add questions from neet Phase-I and phase-II as well ,
Very well designed for NEET Aspirants. Students can practise questions similar to previous questions. Since there is no time limit one can try their best and look for hint or solution. Questions are aligned subject-wise and chapter-wise and it also shows what is the accuracy of aspirant in answering. Very useful app.
It is an amazing app,the questions are explained in a very reaching pattern and relevant questions which can be expected is very helpful.NCERT reference is a striking feature which helps in simplified revision .please include even 2020 phase 1 and phase 2 very eager to solve it and it would be great if physics video solutions and other concepts are explained with the solution .
This is awesome app. It helps me in my last minute preparation. Explanation of every mcq is very proper. Expected questions are also very good. This app will help you all the time in neet preparation. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
App is good to practice previous year questions and related questions withsame concept based question. In some chapter the question are repeated again and again with same year question So5 Star can be given If This Suggestions are taken into account
Yeah it's really very good to have chapter wise tests here!!! But I think you should also include the complete test paper for all three subjects and it will be better if you add the new questions of every topic after solving.......
Super, with full explanation and related possible questions ,and you can practice them again and again πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Well the app is overall good but need some accuracy, i tried it myself and after 20 questions, it shows contradiction in it's answers and explanation, like the correct answer is 2 but then the explanation for the answer is for option 3. But still the app is very helpful ;)
Great efforts by Aakash but still needed changes because some questions are repeat in biology mainly zoology .please focus on it . But again i appreciate efforts there are lots of questions covers various concepts.in zoology and botany have perfectly shown ncert lines and other concepts and fundas clearly but i repeat again still needed changes .
Great app....so useful even page no.of the book is mentioned ,one suggestion the question are not like in a test form try to make it a quiz form and then show the score and answer.. explanation is perfect 😁
Its a really great app...the questions are from past year papers..they have reference with ncert and solutions are explained and all these are free of cost😍
This app needs a lot of work. Many of the questions are repeated again and again showing different years even though they were not asked in that year. Many questions are missing too. They should upgrade this app and at least put past 20 years question. M not satisfied with this app.
It's a very nice app on its part, and it is very much unique. But some questions- answers are not matching and so, it becomes app developer responsibility to either give an option to report, or they themselves should check for the right answer. Also,mixing and creation of mock test from the questions should be there, so that this app becomes complete. But anyway, the idea of the app is extremely nice, and I appreciate the app very much. Thanks for the app.πŸ‘πŸ‘.
I have to give 5 stars, nowadays so many apps are in the market but this app really is amazing . Clearcut pinpoint option with great accessibility, great app for neet aspirant's.
The app Is good. But the answer key is wrong for most of the questions. And it would be more helpful if there is a video solution provided for every question.
Very nice app and very important questions uploaded in it so , it is useful for science students who ever targeting on neet , jee etc so install this app
Fantastic app with good content even now login issue is resolved β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ƒ . I can now attempt Q's now of previous year in a single app great initiative by aakash
One of the best way to revise previous years question within a short time...most of the questions have the explainations behind the answer.it also has mentioned the page of ncert in which one can find the theory related to it..Beside this the it has "Expected questions" related to the previous years questions,which is really appreciatable.The app is great...but some question does not have it's explaination....please fix this issue otherwise it deserves a 5 star.....
Its a great app...after completing a chapter you can go through all the questions available , it helps in better concept building.....It helps in a time bound preparation of the questions related to the topic .....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘morever it boosts the confidence of the child....Really amazing app...Good work DevelopersπŸ‘
Exceptional learning app. I haven't come across such an elaborative and innovative approach to questions. Each question is explained well above satisfaction. Then each question is followed by similar expected questions on similar concepts which make understand concepts more clearly with theory as well as practice. It shows level quality teaching and content at Aakash Institute. I strongly recommend it to all aspiring NEET students.
This app is stopping in between and saying"we are unable to complete your request".I logged in and logged out several times but to no avail.
It is a Good app for neet aspirant. Because it has a chaterwise solution paper of neet previous years. It is a excellent app for improvement in study . It also provide detail answer of previous year question
The app not opening at all. I request aakash educational services to please fix this problem as soon as possible.πŸ˜”
Wonderful app... I think the BEST app for NEET preparation... The questions have been break down in a very good manner chapterwise... And after answering u will see. WHY this option is not correct?? And the underlying concept along with mentioned pages of NCERT that on which pg this concept is there in NCERT... So that we know .. all the ques r made from NCERT and how is it asked to students... Kudos to Aakash!!
This app is very helpful and teachers are amazing and sir vikash is best for me and other teacher add Hindi language in English session there is already for Hindi session also. So think for non Hindi students and request not to add Hindi in English session and I will give 2 star for adding Hindi in English classes
Facing login issues πŸ˜¬πŸ™„πŸ˜’ first when I first installed this app there was a issue but I managed with my email I'd but this time it is also not working πŸ˜” please solve this app issue ASAP app developers
I gave 4 stars because there are a variety of questions over many years but for some questions even if I give the correct answer, they show my answer is wrong and show the other option but again in explanation, they show that the answer which I chose was only correct. Please fix this issue
Please add some tricks, flowcharts also and ncert based probable questions also if you can otherwise the app is best πŸ‘πŸ’― I like it.. Really ..................why are you all not updating this app include latest papers
Need to give more higher level thinking questions as well as more number of questions too.But the present questions are also good enough.I liked the app very much. Thank you.
Really good one .Answers explained by a unique pattern. some answers are m.mismatching so it cant be report some changes are needed
The app is really good..It provides us the previous year questions along with their solutions..The best part about app is that it also provide us the expected questions..The expected questions are based on questions asked previously in NEET exam viz very helpful. It is the best app to practice questions. THANK YOU AAKASH INSTITUTE for this wonderful app.
This app is awesome.....really....the pattern of questions and the answers given to them are really helpful. The only problem is that many questions are repeated (which is annoying sometimesπŸ˜₯) but that is not a very big problem....great app!!πŸ™
Its the best app if u r preparing for competitive exams like JEE nd NEET. It really helps me a lot in solving questions and find out my mistakes. Thanks to Akash Educational services
Amazing, best app for revision and clarity. Has different inbuilt extraordinary features which help excel.
Good because in an organised way.. Just one thing is missing that" bookmark "the question for just going through the wrong questions.... Otherwise it's just good...app.. helpful too..
Its a great app for students to improve their performance and boost their score. It also helps to build confidence and prepare their minds to face the exam. I also like the detailed answers and the highlighting the concept underlined, I would highly reccomend this app for students who need more practice on subjects which they find it difficult. Some answers are although quute contraversial , so its the duty of the institution to recify it
Exceptional app, satisfies us with the answers.. The best feature is the reference it provides from the NCERT page to page!!.. Great app.. Gratitude!!
This app is amazing. It is like one of my favorite website which allows me to do all chapterwise questions unlimited from various corners of the syllabus. This app is just amazing although it needs a few improvements. If can tell us why the other options are wrong and where they can be applied. This is a feature that so far no online websites offer, so if incorporated here, it would increase the quality of the app tenfold. Also I hope it can be developed into a website. You must download it!
This app is really frustrating. It never sends the OTP and when I reinstall it says email id registered but does not send OTP againπŸ˜“. So how to login ? It's really disappointing to see this every time. Everytime I try to login it shows Sorry! Something went wrong please try again later. But it's the same even if u try 100 times. Please help me and make sure this does not happen again to anybody pls. Please solve this problem at the earliest.
All previous year questions are provided with their appropriate answers and underlying concepts enhances the quality of this app. Mind blowing app!!!!!
very Good app for all aakashians and non aakashians.It contains a lot many ncert based questions and pyq which will give a boost to the marks in neet exam.
I would not give it even one star . Its no use to me because of one technical glitch. I am not able to login into it . It just shows invalid username or password. But i know that they are correct. I can login into my aakash digital account with same password but cant login into this app.
An amazing app with a great collection of questions, with detailed explanation being given for every question. A great companion to people attempting NEET, will definitely boost their confidence. Definitely recommend this app.
1)Please add solutions to the additional questions 2)Answers for many questions are given wrong 3)Add more prev yr questions- presently the app has only past 10 yr it should atleast have past 15 to 20 yr questions 4)Many questions are repeated Please solve above issues ASAP
Awesome app for revision student should download this app this would be beneficial for you and you don't want to check previous year paper the all quetions are cover in thisπŸ‘Œ
Most useful, (expected questions are good). But some answer is wrong which creates doubts, so please make correction in them.
I think that the answers for questions are wrong.... But apart from that the app is nice with mcqs... Introduce more mcqs apart from the present one.. So that it will be more useful for neet aspirants
Its nice but the expected questions don't have explanation and moreover there are some bugs if I have choosed an option but the explanation for why it is wrong is for some other option
Awesome app!!Superb experience..User friendly and gives detailed explanations for each PYQs.Extremely helpful for NEET aspirants.
I am an Aakashian. Since 1 month am using it. It's too good app for question practice of neet previous year papers and more thing is that it gives extra similar or expected questions for neet😘😘😘😘❀
I absolutely love this app, the content is very useful, it is visually pleasing and the solutions are explained in such an easy manner. AMAZING. However, answers to some of the questions are wrong. Kindly proofread the questions and make it an error free app😊
Wonderful aap .......really appreciable work done by aakash institute for aspirants of qualifying neet with great score . "Danke sehr "...Its a platform where we can complete our final revision of an chapter . Explaination of each question is given beautifully. I recommend this app for all those out there looking up for better preparations of neet .
This is surely a perfect app with the previous year neet question sorted chapterwise along with proper solutions. It proved quite helpful alongside my neet preparation. I would have given it a 5 star but i deduct one as answers to some questions were wrong and it would have been better if the related questions would also be provided with solutions. Overall a recommended app from my side.
Great app! Repeated questions and incorrect answers is an issue still unresolved. But the concept and working is too good!
This app is not so good as there are just a few questions per chapter is given. Also there is repetation of the same questions multiple times.
It is beyond the expectations app.... No words to describe this app. It is just amazing thing what I was searching about. I really wanna thank the team for making this amazing app. It is literally the most useful application for NEET preparation. Thank you so much......
Everything is fine in the app....but the number of expected questions should be increased to at least 15 to 20...please include more number of expected questions....anyways good work developersπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ Regards , BIBHUTI BHUSAN PATTANAYAK.
best app for previous year questions and analysis and solutions but why there are NO QUESTIONS from neet 2020 phase 1 and 2 paper plz add those question it will be very much helpful to us
Not a good app because it has so many bugs like after selecting a option and checking the answer there is accessiblity to change the answer and each repeats after a fixed interval of questions. Requires a lot of improvement. Really disappointed with AESL.
This is one of the best apps I have come across during my preparation for the NEET exam this year so far. It lays out the questions from past NEET and AIPMT papers subject-wise and chapter-wise. After answering a question, the app shows you a brief concept regarding the question, where exactly in NCERT that concept is given, a detailed solution for the question, other cases similar to this question, and an option to attempt similar, expected questions. 12/10 recommend this app.
This app is very usefull i want such app from a long time thank you aakash i would give 5 star but 1 reduced bcz expected question doesn't include explanation but content is superb and explanation of answer is best as it include all the possible cases.
Very good and useful app for class 12 students ..contains questions from previous year questions..with simple and great solutions. The app is more like a quiz game with a friend during your final revison for NEET. EASY TO USE. NO ADS. I would recommend to all NEET Aspirants.
Superb app for practising pyqs. It not only provides solutions but also the expected questions that can be asked relative to that particular question....
App is good but the only problem is that it doesn't have 2020 paper.. I request Aakash to kindly update 2020 papers because it is really needed. Please do it ASAP
Nice app!!! it helps us to prepare from neet topic wise and also solutions for each question with brief explanation!! Please do add last year's solved papers for final preparations..
It's awesome ,because the segregation of all chapters is the best way to avail all chapter PYQ's . Thanks
This is the most amazing app i had came across Everything is great Just i suggest is to add explanation to expected questions in physics
This app is very amazing. It allows me to do chapter wise questions with various corners of the question. I'm preparing for IIT- JEE but it is very good source of practicing for me in physics and chemistry. And it is the very good app for neet aspirants . It includes all the contant regarding neet . There we get previous questions with solutions. It is very best app for neet compitative exams. It helps a lot and it needs more than 5 stars.
App is good. But it sometimes gives us the wrong answer. It may not display the figures or gives wrong diagrams.please fix these problems. Atleast 2 to 3 times they marked my answer wrong when it was actually right
Quite helpful..has a very good content and the concept behind each question is explained in detail..!! U can use it anywhere anytime..while travelling or eating it doesn't let u waste time !
Please Update recently pyq Some of the chapters are not updated Like Excretion in zoology updated till 2018 only So please update asap. Rather than this is the Best app.
Good app only problem is not have neet 2020 questions and they should add mor previous year at least 15 year
Some repeated questions are aaked again and again . other than that it is an amazing app to train yourself . i love the way they have briefly answered . but they didn't still update 2020 questions . this is a best app to get explanation and with answers. It would better worth for 5 star if they update the latest question paper and give a question once . But i like to read in this app with clear explanation because i can understand the reason and the problem sums . it's a very good app too......
Excellent app with all the variations and possibilities of questions under one roof. This will help us to tackle the questions in a much advanced way also will definitely boost the time management skill which will be beneficial for all the Neet aspirants .I would say this is an extraordinary platform for all of us. I am extremely thankful to have vome across this app as it has taken me one step closer to success.
Good app for neet preparation especially for me it gives me access to all the type of Q's that can come in exam πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ but I faced problem while trying expected Q which is based on enzyme of bio molecules chapter it shows blank no Q no option visible please solve this as soon as possible πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I have very good experience with this app, the only problem is that it does not provide explanation for the expected question , at least please provide for physics. We can not go back to that expected qn if our answer get wrong , we can come there only after after submitting whole expected qn . Hope you understand what i am trying to say...
A pretty good application but it has got some bugs. When attempting question serially, some questions are repeated over and over which is a really waste of time. Please fix this
i love this app very much it provides instant information of certain questions which are wrong as well as right i usually use it to practice a day or a week before my tests only one thing which doesnt suit me is that it contains bugs which should be fixed immediately
One of the finest apps I've came across so far. Have been using it for few months and I love it. The questions are NEET- oriented. Expected questions related to every other previously asked questions and detailed and crisp solutions are notable features. This boosts our confidence and helps in improving time management. Thanks a tonne to the developers and Aakash Institute.
Very good app for quick revision of previous year Qs. But I deduct one star because in some lessons like "Laws of motion", Q is displaying but options are not displaying (u can check it in NEET 2019). If this problem is corrected, I would be glad. But overall this app is excellent.
Its the need of the time , so that neet aspirants can quickly revise all neet questions , so that they could score maximum. Beautifully explained answers and also extra tip in each question. It is for all students . It is very much informative and complete syllabus could be easily revise and all statements and important points would be on finger tips.
This app contains all the features that i wish to have in any neet preparation app. Here we could easily get all the previous year question .and top of that it is much easy to handle.
really very nice app....past year question papers with proper solutions is available here...i like this app a lot.... hope it's web version is available as soon as possible so that we use it on pc also...
Very good app and has very wide collection of previous years questions and have very good explanation of each question and also include expected questions with each question
I will have to say these guys have done something amazing! Firstly, the layout of the app is very ergonomic. They thought of everything to make it more easy to use. Secondly, a good amount of questions. Usually students don't have time to analyse all the PYQs so, that they have done pretty well and have also given New Possible Questions to cover all basics and extras at the same time. Esp. recommended for last run and helps us come out of the monotonous study pattern in these times. Thank you.
Very helpful app as it contains all the previous 10 years questions but questions of 2020 are still not updated :( Hopefully they'll do it soon! Rest the app is all good πŸ‘Œ
This app is good enough but there are some reasons for giving it one star. Few questions are wrong answered and some questions are repeated 3 or 4 times specially in biology. Year is also wrong mentioned in some cases. These errors need to be replaced.
This is a great app πŸ‘ and very much helpful for the neet students .one thing I want to say is ,there are few questions in which answer is wrong where as explanation is correctπŸ™ƒ .....
The app is really helpful for the neet aspirants. Each Q has clear explanation of answer and also the related topics to it. After attempting the Question, below will be an option "Expected Questions" where the Questions related to the given answer will be asked. This makes the app more useful for the neet aspirants, who will get the overall idea of how a Question would be asked from a particular topic. Thank you "AAKASH"....
Very nice app. Helps us to solve many problems and the analysis given after solving each problem is awesome. This kind of practice helps us to revise and rewind the concepts.
Really useful app with explanation to all questions but please add a option to bookmark questions, that will be helpful
It is a fabulous app for questions practice of previous year neet papers... but there is a Problem because answers and explaination of many questions does not matching....
The best app Aakash has ever produced. There are all the previous year questions chapterwise and even related questions are also included which help to further improve our understanding of the concept. Very precise explanation of all the questions and overall very nice interface. Will recommend it to all of my friends!!!!
The app doesn't even send the otp, I can't sign up to begin with...after reading other reviews I've observed that this has been the case lately ...please take the required steps to avoid this...
This is a very nice app and it's fun to solve questions from it. Had it contained the solutions of most probable questions as well, I would have given it a 5 star rating. Please also add the solutions of most probable questions so that we can learn from our mistakes... It's a humble request. Rest everything is fine.
Very good app. ....very helpful... But most of the questions are repeated 2-3times ...just focus on that... Else it is an awesome app for every neet asirant for their preparation
Many questions do not have diagrams,in others options are repeated,there is no option for bookmarks,no description of answers in expected questions.Overall the app requires lot of improvement.
It's simply awesome... The explanation given to wrong answers are really good. It helps us rectify mistake and find where l went wrong Thank you for such a wonderful app
It's a great app 😁 it helps me a lot to improve but only problem with it is that it is not available on iOS device πŸ˜–
App is good. It gives a lot of practice for PYQs . The only problem is the questions get repeated again and again in some topics indicating they have been asked in different years but actually they are not.
Really nice app but could you please add a feature to bookmark questions so we can review it later. Even flashcards would be a nice addition. Thanks!
Its a very good app.Especially detailed report is so effective..I would suggest to increase no. of questions..Overall,nicely designed app.
Very helpful app but sometimes, one question gets repeated many times in one quiz, that defeats the cause of the quiz. But, overall, very nice app.
This is a very nice app. You can practice all the previous 10 years questions along with the answer and explanation. And you can also practice related questions.
Well, after considering reviews and stars, I downloaded the app but it's not starting. It doesn't sends OTPπŸ˜•. During reinstalling it shows that email id is registered but again didn't send OTP😟. Very FrustratingπŸ˜‘ and disappointing πŸ˜”.πŸ‘‰ Please fix this problemπŸ‘ˆ. Thanks✌️.️
Great app for question practice!!! But solutions must be provided for expected questions and also questions of year 2020 must be added.
This is really a good app...chapterwise questions are useful for us to clear the concepts thoroughly... thank you Aakash institute for this wonderful initiative...
The expected ques and the explaination for the previous year questions is really good. Its my favourite app.
The app is just great. Just what one needs . All previous year QUESTIONS at one place . Would have given 5 stars but I'll update that one star once you check for the Bugs. I'm facing this issue . sometimes for a particular question the Answer and the explanation doesn't match. Basically the Answers are Wrong . There are many such questions which need to be revised and provided with the correct answers.
Really it's an amazing app! But there are some issues in some questions, hope you will work to it as soon as possible .Otherwise everything is okay about this app.
Aiims previous years papers are well explained by Aakashians. But reading the whole paper is time taking when you are searching questions related to particular topic. So i wish i could get them solved with detailed analysis and expected questions in the form of an App available on Play store. This is my request to the Aakash faculty to continue making apps like this for other competitive exams like JIpmer, JEE etc
Very nice app , deserves 5 🌟 even more,, only one request just update neet 2020 papers also of which were conducted on 13 sep and 14 Oct 2020. Waiting for ur reply and update. Thank you Aakash institute . πŸ‘
I like this app it is very good and easy to use this app bcoz this app doesn't have much more complications . Nice app this is helpful for students ... 😊
Actually it is good.. but I think some answers aren't wright... And at the end of a chapter, we wouldn't get access into expected questions..it remains as blank. ...and the most important thing wat I felt was , they could have given explanation about the answers provided for expected questions too..
It's a good app, but some answers are wrong.... Example one question was what is the site of lipid synthesis and I chose SER but it says that it is wrong though in explanation it states that its SER..... So I was confused..... There are some more of questions of this types..... Other than that the app is good....I expect aakash fixes these problems bcoz it would be misleading to some students.....
It's really so helpful for us .. I think it's the best app for exam preparation .. the concepts, explanations and the expected questions are really have a great importance .. THANKS TO AAKASH..
This app has one of best explanations for the given problems. The only thing I want to suggest is that you should add the questions from package also and not only previous years. It will help us to grab every possible concept. Thanks
It is very good app for my neet preparation but the only problem I face that is "expected questions" when I click this option some questions are visible ..but few questions are blank please fix this issue!
This app is very excellent and helpful for NEET Aspirants. Questions have been framed as per the requirement of NEET preparation. Students will be really helped and feel satisfied while solving each and every question. Language and explanation of questions is easy to understand. Further it helps in developing conceptual knowledge rather than mugging up the things. I strongly recommend this app for NEET Aspirants .
The app is okay but many questions have their wrong answer given. You should look into this. I would also say the team to add more practice questions and increase the year questions to atleast 15 years.
Oh my god, I needed this earlier and it's so much fun but it would be so cool if multiple device syncing was great... It just doesn't work with multiple devices... Although I have to login afresh each time I do it on alternate devices (I don't mind that much) but it would be much nicer if I got to see my progress simultaneously on all devices
I just re installed the app. And I am not able to see my already attempted part. It's viewing a fresh app. Kindly fix this ASAP. 1 star is enough for now.
Awesome application...I truly love it...so helpful...Free to use even for non Aakashians..so helpful to make concepts strong..
It's just a nice experience bcoz many questions and related questions which could ask are given with the solution and explanation
Good for last minute revision.... But sometimes answers are are wrong and irrelevant... Other than that I found it very useful.
Excellent app with quality questions. The questions are very well designed and they are generally NCERT based.
Very good app. I am giving 3 stars because expected questions of many chapters in botany and zoology aren't opening , especially those from 2012 , 2011 and 2010 . Please look into the matter .
This app is very useful but there is one issue that the expected questions should be more in number( around 7 to 10) than it currently provides i.e. 2 to 3. Also please provide the solution of expected questions also.
Contain several questions.... Just a small glitch is that if you stop a chapter questions amid and want to continue from where you left off...in between it shows the attempted questions again...and also at few places the answer they give and it's explaination don't match..
This is a nice app. Will u please add a bookmarking feature to the questions so that the important questions can be noted and prepared well. Pls provide this feature. It is a sincere request from a huge group of students who are very happy about this app
This is great app. I am a Aakash student and this app is very usefull for solving question and practice. Specially the information about the topic,the page no. Of the topic in ncert and explaination is very usefull. AND SPECIALLY NO ADDS
I asked them to add papers. Then they replied that they add papers just I need to update my app. But public is here to see that last update for the app was made on july 2020 and I personally downloaded it in September.
It's an amazing app with pyqs along with the explanation..not only this, but expected questions in near future can also be practiced. Most importantly, no ads.
Why does this app needs permission to the following: Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Telephone. It's just an app for studying and provides a number of questions but why does this require these permissions even when they're of no use. I want clear justification with reasons for each and every permissions which I have mentioned that why it is required. I received a call from meritnation just a day after I logged in to this app and I saw that it downloaded something unusual in background.
The app is nice. Previously I was facing difficulty in using but now it's working fine . I have to mention that the way the explanations are given is the best part of the app.
Excellent work by the developers. The app has good user interface and complete collection of PYQ's. The best part is the expected questions which gives a good insight to all the possible questions related to the particular question. I experienced a problem with an image related question in zoology but I hope the anomaly shall be soon corrected. Otherwise the app is excellent for quick reference and practice for quality questions.
Good It is benefitted for students who are weak in Previous years question solving and also gives idea of expected question plus ncert reference page number
Very Good interface, all previous year questions at one place along with proper explanation, reference with NCERT and possible questions that can be asked. Liked it.
Overall the app is good but some questions answer are given wrong and there should be a option to leave the question because we are bound to attempt the question we don't know or not sure of. This decreases the accuracy percentage.
Good question bank , But app needs few improvements like - 1. Make it a bit easier to proceed to next question. 2. Provide solution of expected questions also. 3. I losts all my progress when i login in other device.
Doesn't opening. Always same situation. Totally disgusted. Always display "Sorry OTP not sent something went wrong please try again later."
Best app but if here questions collection as topicwise separately in each chapter than it more beneficial. By the way it is really amazing app.