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New Life 2021 Simulator

New Life 2021 Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Ylinkee Game located at 112 Nguyen Huu Tho, Hai Chau, Da Nang, VietNam. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Drug Use, Scary Content, Explicit Language, Discrimination) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.
Simulate lives that are different. Is it possible to live a "perfect" life in Newlife?
Newlife game - the game of life 2020, is a text choices simulation gaming app rating for users 15 years and older. You start off Newlife in a character that is random birth with a pair of parents tasked with raising you and then allows you to make text-based choices that will impact how the life of your character you are playing turns out from birth until death.

β–ΈHow to play:
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Start a new life with a big (+ Age) button when you first open this app
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Seeing your character's life by tapping the age button year by year
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Throughout the game, you need to manage various aspects of your life: Happiness, Looks, Smarts, Healths. For example: If your happiness drops to low, immediately find ways to increase to live a happier life
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Earn as much money as possible to be able to live a longer life, successful careers and happier disposition in life.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Last but not least, to experience all features of Newlife, try to experience different characters

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Over 45 different jobs available
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Over 20 entertainment activities
πŸ‘‰πŸ» 5 ways to descend into a life of crime
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Lots of chance to get into a relationship and get married
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Hundreds of traps bringing you to jail. Be careful, though, just like in real life being a criminal comes with risks
πŸ’• And lots of sweet result for exemplary citizens πŸ’•
Ticat Studio looks forward to receiving your comments to better improve our game, better !! Thank you for downloading the game and rating us. Game is still in progress so if you have any advice just share with us <3

Privacy Policy: https://newlifegame.co/policy.html
For Any questions that are further inquiries please contact us via email πŸ‘‰πŸ» [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the New Life 2021 Simulator.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This game is so amazing! Its a copy of bitlife but I want to play bitlife it won't let me install it when I play yours! I was enjoyable and fun! Its fun! I recommended to you download this!πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸ’•
This is a scam people want to play this game and all it shows is a mother rubbing her stomach and a heart and nothing happens.
This is is horrible, the design of the game itself is very sloppy, it's very buggy also. It's a copy of Bit LIfe as well, it doesent have a diffrence whatsoever. You should 100% work on this game more. Its absolute GARBAGE.
I was enjoying this game at first. I knew it was inspired to bitlife, which I didn't mind as much. It had things that was unique towards it, but it had things that it was missing. That's not the point though. What really set me off is when I was playing a male character and when I wanted him to date another male; something on the lines of: "You do not have a feminine gender, so you cannot select this option!" I don't support that.
Great cartoons and colors but offers nothing more than any other simulator. In fact it offers less than any simulator i've ever played, it is absolute trash. There are no interactions other than the ones that come with age, relationships tab is nonexistent, the only thing you can do before age 12 is click the age button and do the natural interactions.
I rated this two because it gets boring very quickly, and there's no RELATIONSHIPS! That should be the first thing to put in you game and you get the same answers and theres nothing much that you can do I think you should install bitlife instead because this is not that good.
Not very fun. It's an ok copy of Bitlife with better lodging times. But there is no sound and most actions end negatively. It's no fun if bad things are all that ever happene.
This game is like a copy of bitlife and it does have potential. I just downloaded the game and it was pretty enjoyable. The characters are cute. There werent a lot of ads too. I hope the relationship tab will be available soon and maybe add a few more scenarios where u can make choices πŸ˜† Grammar is a bit poor but at least i can understand it
The game itself is pretty good, although the developers need to work on consistency. Evidence to this would be that the game would say the the characters mom died during labor, but then a year later it would say something along the lines of your mom took you to the park. And it did not say you got a new mom, therefore inconsistency.
There's much to be desired. Dating doesn't really seem to do anything, i tried playing as a gay girl and out of nowhere i had a boyfriend XD Many bugs, mistranslated or just not translated parts. Earning promotions is confusing, and really just seems to happen at random. The only times i really made an alright amount of money was when i gambled went all in. Overall, it's pretty bland, it loses it's charm after a few games. It was fun for a bit, but i think it needs more work.
when i start the game im just stuck on the same screen forever and i pressed every button and nothing happens
I believe it would be a very nice game, if I could play it. Unfortunately, it always crashes after asking me what language I prefer to use.
This probably would have been a good game but I don't know cause as soon as u go on to play it has an ad an when u push close it sends u to Google Crome and it won't let u play
There's yearly events where I'm unable to make any choices despite feeling like I could, the game is extremely luck dependant, You can't play offline (which is the PERFECT thing to add to lack of cellular data, at least add delays,) the university section is merciless (you gotta answer a highly obscure question and getting it wrong will send you to the army with no second chances,) the grammar is bad & confusing and some events with choices have choices that'll kill you instantly unsuspectingly.
This game is a copy of bitlife (i recommend bitlife) but worse. And there are ads. You can't do half the stuff until you are the AgE oF 12. Better install bitlife and buy the bitizen for about 2 dollars and get no ads, no waiting for some actions, you get pets etc.
I like how unique, minigames and really into interaction this gameplay is but various of areas is needed to be fix starting from the Relationship that still need to be updated, always hanging.I hope that i can go around the world and can get a lover on every country without them knowing ^^ anyway why is man not allowed in sex industry? everytime i got a customer my stats instantly go low. I really like cheating^^ the lover look dumb PLEASE FIX THE BUG QUICKLY AS THE GAME REALLY HAS POTENTIAL
This game is the worst i ever seen , this game doesn't let me in it show me a women pregnant and it let me wait for ages and ages so i uninstall it please fix i cant get in game it loads for ages and years and month😠😠!!
It was a good idea. Unfortunately, the english is terrible, theres no relationship activities, it's boring, and even though all that is a thing.. I believe it will be better with time.
Seems more like a beta, everything isn't fully released on the game yet. A thing really brings down the rating how expensive everything is! You die before u get most things.I see alot of potential n If bitlife nd this game has a baby, Id be 😍 I kinda hate just clicking threw life but love the random events too, give the gamer a feel of control tho like some the other life Sims have. Also its weird you can only have a kid married, again this game seems betta. I hope it keeps developing n blooms
I love how dumb tje grammar is and theres not much to do but the game isnt exactly bad though and its a knock off of BitLife and its a little sexist homophobic and transphobic so this NEEDS to change so only 2 stars
It is a good game but it needs some approvement. I was in jail and after that I wasn't able to go to a massage or read the "How to play" tips. Also I am missing the "relationship" board to improve the relationship to family members and partners. I really like the minigames and that you have to answere questions to get to university or get a job. Good work here!
I was looking for a game like bit life but more exiting and I came across this game I opend it and there was an add The game would not load 4 min lator ad the game still isent loading. now its been about 20 min of ads non stop and the game not loading do I leave the game swipe away the window and reopen it it loads normally one ad shows up 2 min into the game and kicks me out on my homeI open it again and the same thing happens this game is a pice of trash id rather donload bit life!!!!!
It's boring there are not much activities to do and there are many bugs (and in millionaire game, literally the whole text is invisible so I can't play it). Some text are still in Vietnamese and not translated. Idk what's the use buying weapons? I bought a knife and it still didn't help at all for the pervert you encounter if you take walks. Some major aspects are still unfinished (Like the whole Relationship thing). Edit: Btw everything u do will have negative outcome like 80% of the time.
Paid 2.99 to remove ads and it didnt remove them paid 0.99 for the dessert island didnt get it thanks for robbing me
Not enough options. Felt very forceful. The display was much better than bitlife, but definitely not as open and organized.
It was good at the strt but unfortunately it got WORST afterwards...I mean the events keep repeating...Like ur lover dying in an accident and the owner of pet dying frm cancer...The game is nonsense..U don't get promoted easily...Even after spending 20+ years as a talented footballer i didn't get promoted further...I tried sooo mant things..Like compete, Train in a technical class , Practice football , Meditate , Etc...Still nothing...U DESERVE A 0 FOR THAT..AM SRALY UPSET WITH THIS..PLZ IMPROVE
This game doesnt make sense. I cant do ANYTHING. i mean its cute but i just tap on "age" nothing more. I cant do anything in school, no relation ships. Nothing. Bitlife is better.
I payed for more stories and no adds an i still get ads an the stories are locked and it still took money i want my refund now
This game is absolutely horrible I was playing once and my husband dies then a year later it told me my husband died even though he was already dead, it is like a sucky version of bit life you can't even afford the homes and cars because they are so expensive so it you want a good life simulation game there are hundreds and I bet they are all better than this one
Terrible game. Copy of bitlife but 10x worse. You can be in a relationship then forget about it then date a different person BUT IT WON'T TELL YOU THAT YOUR ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOME ONE ELSE. DO NOT INSTALL. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. And hello everyone reading this.
I don't really have any major problems with this game the bad translations i can get over cos they humour me and overall the game is really good you get to do alot of different life stuff but my only problem is that you don't get to make any friends or talk to your parents or use the relationship feature at all it just says "comming soon" and its been a while and nothing yet.
I love this game. It is perfect other than one thing. I just got this game today and I always go to the sauna to either increase my happiness or whatever I need, but just resently, like about a few hours ago, I relised that when ever I go on to the sauna now it says it in a language I don't know. And just a few minutes ago I was going to get my drivers test. But It said something in a different language. But if you can fix this, it will be a 5 star rating! Let me know if this happened to you :)
The loading screen takes forever and I can't even play😑And every 2 minutes there is an ad so FIX YOUR GAME PLEASE. How am I supposed to even get of the loading screen do I tap on something I don't know. I've been waiting for 7 minutes and I'm still loading but I have the best internet of all my friends BUT I CAN'T EVEN GET OFF THE LOADING SCREEN. Once I tried 8 minutes but IT TOOK ME OUT OF THE GAME. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!!
There are a lot of bugs. The prison for three years thingy? My character was still in prison even though the 3 years have already passed.
This game has a lot of potential, after a few more developments I bet it will be an enjoyable and smooth game. It is kinda laggy for now but the humour and effort the creators put into it will never disappoint you. A few things are still written in Vietnamese but that's okay. Hope this game will grow even better in the future.
Always lose. No matter the option you're always losing. You can't get a job and you more often then not get the worst out come. Plus everything is so expensive. The idea is fun but I lost interest when I decided to try anything and would always lose something. Please update the game with lower price for items and jobs for teens. The controls are good as is the art style.
horrible attempt at bitlife (would highly recommend). some situations cant be completed even if you have the requirements for it. no interaction with family friends.. you need to be 12 to do most things and must pay real money to do things like study or watch ad after ad. lots of work needed. the idea is there is just poorly executed.
Amazing job guys! I've wanted to play since it was first released, but of course it was in Vietnamese and I couldnt read it. The game has some glitches and a couples of tweaks are needed, but I love this game.
100% unplayable. My first life I went to jail for 3 years. I kept hitting the age button before realizing I was glitch stuck in jail (went on for 8+ years). Nothing worked, I graduated from university still (how I went to school in prison idk), but no progress in the game other than aging. I started a new life but as a newborn I was still glitched 'in jail'. Restarted the app but only fixed by un/reinstalling. Started another life and was stuck on load at age 24. Now it won't load/work at all.
I've played this game before and come back because of new stories. BUT WHY IS EVERYTHING BECAME bugged? Like achievements doesn't counting at all. (I've become colonel, but my achievements of first day of school is not even counts) Also, the relationship status is not yet available? It's been years πŸ˜…
Finally, an English version. Been waiting for this for awhile. Love the game. It's super addicting and fun but the downside is there aren't enough jobs. Hopefully you'll add jobs like nursing, engineering, finance, etc. Also, whenever I click the relationship button. I can't seem to see my gf/bf and my children. Also, even though I don't have a husband or wife I still got a child out of nowhere.
The game is good but today there was something strange when i clicked the app......it said "maitain system please try again later" i don't know what caused this but now i losted all my medals...
Bought the in-game contents and didn't even get it. If you play this game, don't buy anything with real money. You won't get it.
Worst life simulator game I have ever played. The developers of this game clearly do not understand how life works, and cannot speak proper english. The game has been out for over a year and yet the relationships tab still says it's "coming soon" which prevents us from interacting with our family/friends/lovers. Takes a million years to load. Lol if you're gonna copy Bitlife, at least do it right. I don't recommend this to anyone, period.
Was loving the game, so I paid for the upgrade with all stories and no ads. I am still getting ads in the game and all the stories are still locked. Game keeps asking for more money to remove the ads again. This app seems to be a scam. It's a shame because the game showed promise. Do not purchase in game dlc. Waste of money. If developer is reading this. I would like refund.
I do not recommend this game I swear it was made by like a 10 year old. The grammar is terrible and you cant read some things bc of where they are placed. You are automatically forced to join the military if you dont get a job. Everything costs wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much. There is nothing to do. Nothing makes much sense. Just go download instlife or bitlife or something this game isn't worth it sadly. ._.
This game sucks and is very lame. Bit life is a thousand percent better. I hate this game. You hit relationship and all it says is updating soon. You fail university exam to get in and you have no more option. You have to be twelve before you can do anything and eighteen to try for something halfway worthwhile. No job options. Not even afterschool jobs. Prices are crazy. $1000 for a knife. I don't think so. That's so crazily over priced. This whole game sucks ass. The. Developers are stupid.
Needs a lot of improvement. There are misspelled words everywhere and the game keeps freezing on me. It would also be cool to have the "relationship" tab working, but I know it's getting worked on. Other than that, the game is a fun way to kill time. Very much enjoyable if you don't pay attention to the mistakes.
I've played so many Life simulator games and this is the one of the best! This app have sitckers and it's so cute!
This is a great idea but there are a lot of inconsistencies with this product. First,the English is not perfect and you can tell a non-native speaker write the script. Second, I paid for all of the new life games and on the castle game, I couldn't complete it because the content wasn't found. Third, on the basic new life game even when. You've been fired or retire, you still get paid. Even if you don't date you sometimes end up married. Finally, some of the decisions are way too leading.
This game has a LOT of potential! You can tell it was made by a foreign company ( the translations customs, etc ) and I might suggest hiring a native english speaker to maybe review your translations, but I love the concept, and u can tell this game will become some th ing special.
I like the concept, and I see it was inspired by BitLife, but with some differences. This one has more options, and it's visually pleasing. However, many things were missing. University is missing courses for Finance and Pedadogy. Relationships, which I assume will be similar to BitLife, are still underway. Also, the game was inconsistent. It'll take till mid-adulthood till you earn some real money. Once these are fixed though, I'm sure this will be a fantastic game.
Clearly a work in progress. Not fully translated. No relationship actions. Theres a bug that wont let you do anything if you went to prison (cant even eat). Thankfully there doesn't seem to be a ton of ads.
I've noticed inconsistancies in the story. Like I am an only child, then it'll mention that i have a sister I jump in puddles with but won't mention her again. Also, I can't interact with my family. If i answer one question wrong, im forced to join the army. Im not allowed to go into a different field of study. And I cant ask for a promotion at my job. It just says I don't have the experience, but doesn't tell me what i need for a promotion.
It was good until I found out it was partially translated in English don't do dating in this unless they have it sorted. Relationships aren't available yet? Does food refresh or spoil?
This game is pretty good, once they fix the bugs I was able to play normally. My big issue is that I cannot look at any relationship progress. Can't choose any jobs, the houses and cars are so expensive that it takes a long time to even get into one and it doesn't seem like there's much point to it. My suggestion is to continue to update and put more realistic and more options into the game.
I paid twice for the game to take away ads and to unlock all the chapters.... i even emailed you and nothing? Update: NOT ONE REPLY?!
This game is boring. You dont have any choices. Too many swear words and it aint cute. Like the game sucks. And theres no way to get your happiness up. Bitlife is WAYYYYYY better.
Really bad game, but I can't even tell because I haven't played it yet! Everytime I try to open the game it just says "New Life Has Stopped" and kicks me out of it! I need to resolve this problem and I need the developers to reply to this review, as I want to start playing right away. For the time being, I'm giving it one star.
I waited for 5 minutes on the loading screen and then it kicked me out as soon as I got in. I only gave this a one star because I can't give it half of a star.
This app wasnt too bad while there are quite alot of ad breaks it wasnt too baf you can pick ypir life lthpigh options are very limited reccomend getting bitlife instead
Cute gameplay. The events are surprising. 1. One thing though....how do u get a job? Where is the apply button? The explanation says that there are a bunch of jobs, but how/where do u go? I can't get a normal job with a company. 2. The relationship tab isnt working. I know there will be an update soon. I'll change my review once it's been updated.
There are many ways to make this game more fun. Like allowing for houses to be rented, because they're way too costly and they earn too little, interaction between relations, the minigames to actually work and and a doc for check ups,not just specific docs and esp if there were activities to do as a child.
So far? This is a 'create a new baby' button app. Literally won't do anything beyond that. Pushed the button, held the button, repeatedly pushed the button - nothing. I guess the fun in this could be, is there a game beyond this button that will appear at some point?
It's ok but was FORCED to retire at 58 and no other certificates except driving was offered to better advance my life I'm deleting this. Improve your game I will reinstall and give more stars
I guess it's good but I never get past the pregnant woman at the beginning ;-; (It could be my ipad doe)
It's a good game however you should really add the relationship option soon. If you could do that I'll change my review from 4 stars to 5πŸ˜…πŸ‘
This game is basically a rip of of bitlife, usually I'd be cool with that except this game sucks beyond compare. Firstly I can't even control where my life is going, secondly almost everything in the game requires money (even studying πŸ˜‚) and lastly you can't interact with other people such as your parents, friends, partners. I think this game requires many updates for it to start being enjoyable
It's looking as a great game with every time u age up somethin new is happening with you which is great. I just hope u add race and a little more customization with your person and more things to do. In all this going to be great I can see it keep up with the work your best player
great game, would recommend it but the only flaw i have found is that my battery dies so dang quickly when i install this game... like damn how does my battery go from 98 to 46 in less than 10 minutes if i watch YouTube for 3 hours my battery would be at almost 65 like damn.
This is amazing for anyone who saying this is copy of bitlife the bitlife is different in this game i play this 10 times so dont say that freakin comment or just shut up if you doesnt like this you can just delete this on your gadget instead of saying something.....
I think its a good game theres so much to do in iy and i like games like that but. The rest of the games couest money theres one that doest
I paid twice for the game to take away ads and to unlock all the chapters.... i even emailed you and nothing?
it's actually kinda fun,a but the menu function is not perfect, so it's kinda sucks. there are 3 games in mini game menu, but I can only play casino, the millionaire game just won't start, can't click the play button. for the casino game, I can't set the amouny of money i want to bet, so it's always all in. my health got 0% but my char still alive? i still haven't figure other menu yet, but just this already has alot of bug. please improve the game, cause it's kinda fun
The game is pretty ok except for two things: whenever I get a question wrong in order to enroll in college, it refuses to let me try again. This really sucks considering that I wish for my character to have a good job, but they can't due to not being able to get into any college. Another problem is the relationship tab not working. Whenever I tap to enter it, it shows up blank despite the fact that I'm married witg children. Please find a way to fix this, and I just might bump my rating up.
This game are great! It have no ads at all (for me) and the game path is great. I love the choices that we can make. Sometimes its gives us the bad result sometimes good but overall I still like this game soo much. I would appriciate it so much if u could add a place where we can adopt kids .Also i would like a place where we can make will (like bitlife) to give our money to our kids. Thanks! (Sorry about my spelling)
This game is the result when people say 40 year old women are funny. Literally seems like it was written by a boomer. None of the jokes are funny, it's a copy of bitlife and it has so many spelling errors.
Very nice game, takes a bit too long to understand, but also... Plz hurry with the "relationship tab" and fix your grammar
I had high hopes as the pictures look cool. I was looking for a fun game to play when bitlife got boring. Sadly, I do not know if it's cool as the formatting is messed up. I am (trying) to play it on my Chromebook.
The graphics are great, but: 1) I don't like waiting until 12 to do everything. 2) Why is the relationship category missing? 3) The translations aren't completed. ... I think this game should just be worked on a bit more before being released.
I liked the game very much. As a matter of fact, I've been playing it for months i guess. I read the feedbacks here but it seems that the devs doesn't even care. Sorry for that. I liked the game but can you pleasr make it an offline game for those who only use data connection? That's only I want thanks!
Please fix the game the loading screen takes forever how am I suppose to play the game pls fix itπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
When I downloaded the game and I started it up I didn't know how to play because there's just this woman in the heart please tell me how you can start
Didnt play this for a lomg time. Stuck on loading screen for like 2 minutes. It should have loaded by now. I want my refund of what story was it? Oh right, Jurassic Story or something like that. I want my refund of 1.99 back.
This is literally a copy of bitlife the put "best simulator game in 2020"just so people can play it. If you want to pay a game like this just get bitlife it is way better than this I wish I could put zero stars RIP OFF!!
I fricken hate this game its the worst game I ever played in my life it takes long to load and it won't open what must I tap to make it come on
This game is very good!! And i love that this game have many activity that you can do and this is like a copy of BitLife and the reason that i give it 4 stars because i have played it like 1 years ago and then i try to play it again but still no UPDATE pls update this game :)
Can anyone tell me why... when i open this app all i see is a mother holding her stomach... its been like that for about 30 minutes... I try to restart the game and its still same... Actualy i like to play this kind of game... so its quite sad to be like that... Is it a part of the game..? If it is... how long i need to wait....?
You couldnt really do what you want like the biggest part of the game isnt even there hello thats relationships to talk or hangout with family or friends. This games is good but BitLife is way better then this one and you dont have to sit and wait for it to get done so not happy about New Life 2020😑😑😑😑
This game is a bit glitchy great game I'm upset that the relationships isn't there it says coming soon it's been a year I've had to delete this game 6 time
This game needs so serious help with coding and english. Over all, decent for killing time. The game is difficult to understand because of the lack of english. And things take too long to load.
DOES this game really have to mention rape? Rape is NEVER for entertaining purposes. I used to enjoy this.
This game is ok. It's a lot like bitlife but with some differences. I dont like how much everything costs ($50 for a bowl of rice, really?) and then how hard it is to make money. All the jobs start off at only $2,000 a year, and then it takes FOREVER if at all to be able to get promoted in your career. Kind of annoying. Other than that it's decent, I guess.
The "relationship tab" does not show anything. I had a wife and twins and I didn't get to name them or anything. This game is honestly trash! Consider letting you players name the children, have a second chance at education, GET RID OF THE EMOJIS, make the layout better, get rid of the typos because you people can not spell, make the "dating service" better because I have to wait a year just for another option, get skin colors, hairstyles, and appearance. Grandkids, parents tab, family tab, etc.
I can't get past first page it takes forever to load I can't even get past it so I keep on down on your game and deleting it for some reason
I realllly reallly love this appppp. I feel like this is a great app for anyone to use even thought it says mature 17+. Bitlife is an okay game but i kinda rather play this instead. Its simple but could u add the relationships please. The game is a little boring after playing it 50000 times xd. Could u also fix the food recipes too? (Meh spelling srry) it wont let me make any of them when i have the ingredents. Other than that amazing gameeee!!!! I cant wait for you to finish this app!!!!!!!!!!!