Nitro Nation Racing for PC

Nitro Nation takes everything you love about racing and makes it better. Choose from dozens of sports cars recreated in stunning 3D. Upgrade to well over 1000 horsepower. Add a personal touch with revolutionary custom paint and decals. Race on the street and on the track,...

User reviews

  • nicholas rogers
    nicholas rogers

    Im going to Be fair, this game deserves a 5. It was totally awesome until i hit stage 2. I unlock C class cars and happen to be able to afford the BMW i want, however upon attempt to purchase i am told i must be achievement lvl2. But wait, when i check i am 22/10 points at lvl1. How is this right? Am i suppose to be lvl1 forever? If so this game actually deserves a 3 star. Anyhow, if you fix this bug i will give them game the rating it then deserves.

  • Evert Jonker
    Evert Jonker

    Nice game but a little buggy It's a cool game but sometimes a little buggy, messages like technical error on client popping up. Or when i enter my email at profile it gets stuck at loading screen.

  • Dan Kempton
    Dan Kempton

    Glitches galore.. Downloaded the first time and got three classes in before I could no longer tune my car (which I needed to do to win). Then I re-downloaded and I have 17 and counting of the 10 points it takes to level up to buy your second car.. About to delete and say F this game

  • Jose Blanco
    Jose Blanco

    Don't waste your time or data! Absolutely the worst app yet. Run's slow, start and stop's constantly. Impossible to play. Never been so frustrated with a game before. Followed the link to get support help hoping to fix the problem, but they want a book of info and your first born. Try CSR Classics's. Awesome game, play's perfect.

  • Jiahao Zen
    Jiahao Zen

    Good. Game play is great. It will be better if we can connect to Facebook and google+ so that we can actually link our current game progress to another device. It will be really annoying to start all over again if we cross device. Especially when Note 4 is just around the corner. ;) cheers.

  • Nicholas Durrence
    Nicholas Durrence

    I don't understand. Why are the cars so much now? I'm on the last A class race and it only rewards $130,000. I was wanting to buy the Ford GT, before the patch it was about $150,000 now it's $700,000. Can you do something please!

  • Ishraq Ahmed
    Ishraq Ahmed

    Great game! Big improvement, thanks Creative Mobile! The only problem is that you should be able to unlock tuning early for 1 gold coin. I am stuck on the career race against Gustav Schteff, and I need help!

  • Ga Ba
    Ga Ba

    Fun game but... I keep getting the "technical error on client" message and its getting annoying. I can't tune my cars and can't create new club events, etc. Will gladly make this a 5 star rating if you can fix these bugs. Great game in the making! Edit: Went to 4 stars because It's getting better! If It was easier to upgrade race class cars or sell cars and make money/gold I would make it 5 stars as promised.

  • don Hamood
    don Hamood

    Good app. It will be great if we could sell our cars. It's get difficult more and more. If we can perches everything by using money it will be better than the "kits"

  • Chris Copriviza
    Chris Copriviza

    Awesome update/small problem since Great customer support and fixing issues from customer feed back. U guys rock. Only thing I've noticed is I've payed for coins many of times but after this last update I'm missing a substantial amount. I don't know if there is anything that can be done about this. Appreciate any help

Download Nitro Nation Racing for Computer

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Nitro Nation Racing.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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Nitro Nation Racing Download