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Noise Maschine

Noise Maschine for PC and MAC

Is a Music And Audio game developed by Elcobit located at Elcobit c/o QiOO | Lüneburger Str. 1 | 10557 Berlin. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
NOISE MASCHINE - a digitally controlled noise synthesizer

Whether you want to create powerful noise music or aural relaxation sounds for health and sleep phase improvements - with NOISE MASCHINE you finally got the tool you need.

An easy to use noise machine dedicated to instantly generate continuous playing of feedback loops and drone sounds. The flexible and unique synthesizer engine can be used to produce harsh noise and power noise in the style of Japanoise artists like Merzbow, Hijokaidan, Masonna, as well as Aube, Prurient, Gerogerigegege and alike.

Now with WAV export function.

To "turn" a knob simply touch the control and move the finger vertically.

You can also create beautiful masking background noises or ambient environments to reduce distractions while working in an office or at home. From pure 440 Hz sinus waves to white noise and pink noise the sound spectrum is specially shaped to support a wide range of sound masking needs.

Unique features of NOISE MASCHINE include a powerful delay section that can create dangerous and unexpected digital noises by an integrated LFO that modifies the delay time instantly and repeats alternating frequencies while playing to emphasize drone effects.

NOISE MASCHINE features eight different waveforms and LFO types:

SIN = Classic Sinus WAVE
PLS = Pulse WAVE
NSE = Noise WAVE
NST = Chromatically Noise Tone WAVE
WNS = White Noise WAVE
TRI = Triangle WAVE
SQR = Square WAVE

Touch the oscilloscope graph to control the OSC directly. Switch HLD off to play discrete note steps (to be used for any waveform except NSE and WNS Waves). Delay section includes a dedicated LFO and additional Filter. Control distortion range as is, no additional clipping or filtering applied to produce pure digital noize - no analogue emulation hidden inside.

Control Overview:

OSC FRQ - Oscillator Frequency
LFO FRQ - LFO Frequency (targets OSC)
LFO INT - LFO Intensity (targets OSC)
FLT FRQ - 24db Filter Frequency (before Delay)
FLT RES - Filter Resonance
DLY TME - Delay Time
DLY FDB - Delay Feedback
DLY LFO FRQ - LFO Frequency (targets DLY TME)
DLY LFO INT - LFO Intensity (targets DLY TME)
FLT FRQ 2 - 24db Filter Frequency (after Delay)
FLT RES 2 - Filter Resonance (after Delay)
HLD - Note Hold
DST RNG - Distortion Range (be careful with this)
VOL CTR - Global Volume Control

The dedicated NOISE MASCHINE synthesizer application can be used in homes, commercial offices, wellness areas like sauna & spa, medical facilities, court rooms, and in secure facilities to provide secrecy. It also can be used outdoors to entertain your friendly neighbours when attached to a Marshall amplifier or equivalent.

By fine tuning the oscillator or via the dedicated touch area representing the currently generated sound waves NOISE MASCHINE can be also used for active noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation, or active noise reduction (ANR), which is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first: It can work similar to Bose QuietComfort acoustic noise cancellation headphones except that the sound is not captured by the built-in mic and the user has to actively sculp the sound that should interfere with the source - NOISE MASCHINE is meant to be used as a musical instrument and a creative tool to inspire new experiences.

The interface of NOISE MASCHINE is easy to understand and to access and intuitive as on classic synthesizers like the legendary Roland SH-101 or TB-303 or drum machines like the legendary TR-808 and TR-909: By sampling its sounds NOISE MASCHINE can also elaborate phat pounding bass drum sounds at the very lowest frequencies. Use headphones or an external amplifier to experience the full capabilities of the application.

Have fun & take care for your ears!

NOISE MASCHINE is exclusively brought to you by the genuine labors of inventory and science, Elcobit.com - engineering the future right now.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Noise Maschine.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Noise Maschine for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
None of the controls can be controlled anything like reasonably properly except the on/off switch. Interesting sounds and could be a good app with more work in the right direction starting with improvement in the operation of basic control settings.
It is a fun app but I need the recordings to be downloaded to my phone after I'm done,they supposedly go to a directory that doesn't exist
This noise will create a cosmic erection to enter the velvet space time continuum, rocking reality itself towards a logical climax.
This is really cool! It does save files when I record and dials move easily if you go up or down from center. Also there are other easier ways to choose and move the dials! Thanks for this fun noisy app!
I'll be able to make cool, trippy, weird, electronic "noisE" to layer over beats now. Great for a free app!
great app, however, i can't figure out where it records? does anyone knows, what is the file trajectory of the recording ?
Great app for generating a huge range of weird sounds,Ive used it to create mechanical background noise for videos created on laptop,the main drawback to this app is theres no way of moving the app to SD and no way of creating and saving a set timed segment of a sound directly to an audio folder on SD. That function would make this app way more useful. Also the dial controls look funky but are not that great.Slider controls with level indicator would be more help.The start and stop record hidden tab is awkward to access and theres no exit button on the app so it will not always cease functioning if the app is closed.
I'm think that is good piece of app Just please allow to control a knobs more like a real thing (where the finger pointing there should be the value set, unlike now when you are reach the edge of screen you need to break a control for a moment and again touch the knob and this is a problem because a sound isn't continous then. Other than that you could implement a midi control this would solve problem with non-continous 🔊 sound 🔊, but it would work only if you have external midi controller. And is it a recording possible? No option for recording found by me. There is also the crackling in the sound and I am think that you should give a possibility to change resolution /sampling rate or a set a bit longer delay, as my very quick otherwise tablet probably can't coupe with demands of CPU power And it would be even better if you could save the knobs position. If you will implement above solutions I will give you a 5*
Unable to hard disk record on a tablet, possibly add a record button instead of having to swipe to access recording options
I've been using hardware synthesizers, both analog & digital, and VST software synth's for more years than I want to admit publicly :-) . This is one of the best noise synthisizers I have ever used. The interface is well thought and very easy to use. Thanks for all the time put into development. Highly recomended.
At first I didn't think there was much to it, then figured that the bit you touch works like a fretless [eg violin] string: enabling notes to be played. May be difficult to master, but the person that does will have improved their musical ear quite a lot (in the process)
My favourite app. This has got to be the most successful execution of a noise app that I've ever seen. The concepts seem simple until you test its boundaries a bit, I've had a blast making noise sets with this app. I'd like to see an indicator on the control bar to see where your current knob is set, so you can make more graceful changes to parameters instead of guessing every time you take your finger off the control bar.
Still experimenting with it but so far it sounds rad. Cant for the life of me find any files i record. This app could be the best with some simple improvements . The folder that should contain the recordings is empty. Do i need to open on pc to see the files maybe!?!?!
I made a couple sounds that are really similar to the broadcast transitions of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
Does one thing, simple "Gadget" synthesis in a layout that actually fits the form factor. No cramming an entire studio or modular synthesizer into an impossibly small package that does way too many things badly. I'll take this kooky little synth that may actually make it into a recording, than a suite that under tight constraints can make something "recording like" any day.
It can make white noise (set "OSC TYPE" to "NSE" or "WNS"), but it generates much more! This is a soundboard controlled, oscillating frequency generator, meaning that it offers a LOT of variety in tones, pulses, and white noise. I Would love to have a settings lock to prevent control bumping and to prevent randomize or evolve from tweaking certain settings.
Perhaps the best noise app on Play Store. Very harsh, and quite enjoyable. The controls are not easy to manipulate, so technically I should knock off a star, but like it so much, and use it so often, even with this handicap, I just had to give it all 5 anyway.
Just upgraded to Android 6.0 and now it's too sluggish to use. Really sucks as this was my favorite app. Thanks for the unwanted force upgrade Google after I denied it 2 dozen times.
No pain no gain I guess. Great potential. I had a tough time with getting the knobs to turn in a realistic way. Tough realtime control.
Use a stylus made for drawing on tablets. You should then have no problem with the controls. Watch your ears if using headphones! Can get really loud suddenly when changing wave parameters.
Great sounds, but the knobs wont move properly. I try to move them and they move the opposite direction. It would be better if the knobs were easier to use
If you're into complete improv this app allows that. The controls are a little wonky but that adds to the sparaticness of the piece.
As mentioned in the description, this app is perfect for getting you started with making harsh noise or HNW in the vein of Japanese masters like Merzbow or Masonna. Pretty self-explanatory interface if you're at all familiar with Android synth stuff, and the developer lists other important info in the description. This is great, thank you!
I absolutely LOVE this tool. For me, it's probably a little off the beaten path; as far as my purpose in using this; but it does serve this purpose VERY well. So I thank you so much. 5 STARS & WOULD GIVE MORE IF I COULD. BLESS & THANKS AGAIN, KEVIN H.
I stumbled across this app, and I find it to be a real quality production. The user interface is beautiful, and when attached to an outside amplifier it can produce some very low frequency noise. I thought that I was going to blow up my bass amp!
Knob response is a little bit tough, but got to admit that they look cool and they work very well! Bravo!
What an awesome app! This sound reminds me of electronic artists like "Download" and "Skinny Puppy" and "Front Line Assembly" Etc. Just what I needed. However, to make a note the fonts are hard to read on the face panel board. They appear distortedly. Neighbors can't figure out what the noise is. 😊 2/2018
Amazing tool. My only gripe is that the recordings have some channel issues. I'd totally pay for it if it's fixed someday.
Awesomeness :^D A couple requests though: 1. Parameter locks? That way Evolver or user doesn't screw up something cool. For example, I like to get a PE like throb but might lose it by accidentally nudging the LFO. 2. Parameter snapshots? How about a way to save parameters at various settings and toggle between them rhythmically.