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Ola Party - Live, Chat & Party

Ola Party - Live, Chat & Party for PC and MAC

Is a Social game developed by igo team located at 65 CHULIA STREET #38-06 OCBC CENTRE SINGAPORE(049513). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Enjoy group chat, party games, live streams, and more fun on ola party! Download Ola Party now!
Voice chat with friends:
Enjoy party with online friends. Connect together and have fun with music, games, casual chat and voice chat.
Start a live stream
Create your own world in live stream and use your voice to show your characters. You are the Ola that is next Party!
Live Battle
Join the live battles for huge rewards! Bring your A game and it's time to have a one-on-one!
Group Video:
Get excited with video chat and face to face interaction with your friends!
Ola Party: Indulge yourself in Chat Rooms, Groups and Live Streams!
About us:
Official Website: https://www.olaparty.com/
Email: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Ola Party - Live, Chat & Party.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Ola Party - Live, Chat & Party for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This application is not good, without mistake, it stops the level of id, after that it does not allow I'd And who does nothing to the person who makes a mistake, someone puts a level on the money here and they stop doing it without making a mistake.
Hago was best but ola is worse as i have and my friends seen it our lv is getting ceased and we are forced to recharge but if we dont recharge it in ola then we are insulted by ceasing our each and every facility then why we use ola, then why we have increased our lv and why our id is getting banned without reason without any cause its a worse app which i have ever seen, hago was best and its server was secure but in ola server is never secured and our id is getting hacked.
The app is best, but there are no games like fruit master and others we need hago games same in ola also, the chat rooms are fake some Robotics voices and recorded voices are interreputing in middle of chat. Please rectify thses issues ASAP or else unban HAGO so we can chat with our friends. Please ensure all these problems and recover fastly
Sorry to say when i updated my ola party app to Qwick live it is not working properly. I can't see my friends dp.
Seriously everything else is fine.. but I'm unable to get connected in my wireless earbuds while I'm sitting in a seat? Why is it like this so? Please let me know!!!
I used this app from last 2 yrs when this is hago btt in this update i cant be able to type msg playing music etc because all the boxes are appearing very down of the screen like
hey! ola party team..i am not able login my ola party id from FACEBOOK , When I am logging my id, then suddenly black screen comes and I go out of the app please tell me what is happening
Sir, my id has become a permanent sister who belongs to Ola party and I did a photo search on Google. Because of which my ID has become permanent band, then it is not a matter of searching the photo on Google that the ID has stopped. Sir, I did not open my ID.I can report the application on Google or anywhere in Indian Security.
This is really great app.I want one update that is its shows the last time when he/she was online ,plz add this future
This is the worst app I have appealed many times but my account didn't get back though I didn't do anything my I'd has been disabled
Excellent App. Very Good App For Showing Your Talent and earn money. Great Job Keep It Up. Waiting For New Updates. Thank You Edit - After update app is running slow. I am unable to make emoji in chatroom. When I tap On emoji button My Screen Gets Hanged. Please Solve This Problem
Hey if you can give ludo game in party room and why are you not giving chess game in party room. We all want chess in party room . Please provide us chess. #wewantchess
Please help me in not able to grab lp and I'm blocking more rooms but that rooms again and again comes to my reminder πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I have already used 50 + Live streaming app but this (Ola Party) is the best one just like bigo / live me /mico/stream kar alternative
As long as I m with this app is a better experience.. thanks to developper. I hv a small request if u could put the mic option in ib to another place, or putting it into a 3 dots option it would be better. as sometimes my audio message automatically goes during texting unexpectedly.. Thank you so much..
After hago i thought that there won't be any app similar to it but thanks to the developer who made it.The only reson for not giving it 5 stars are missing of games in it otherwise i could have... Chatting,singing and supporting host in pk battle is not enough please add more games.. we people had come from hago as we were addicted to games like werewolf,hit and dodge,cricket and many more games..i am looking forward and eagerly waiting to see that...hope it would be done in the future updates..
I dont like it because my account is banned and i snd email and given appeal also. unfourtunaltely my account is still banned and even i didnt get any response of my email.it is worse thing for users.
There are some bugs which have to be fixed. When you try to change your profile pic you don't get any choose option to set new profile while if you want to add more pics then you can add byt changing main profile pic isn't available there.
Everything inside the Ego is not the end band option. As such, ID can open. As soon as possible, Sir has come up with an idea. The IDs of high-level people are being discontinued. Without any talk, no abuse or anything, just recently I saw that I had an ID of 25 levels, and if that too was given to a sister, then give some solution quickly.
Can you please add options of "end to end encrypted" chat, multi video calling or private rooms end to end encrypted to safe our privacy
Good app but plz add function to find people living near u and function like couples formation for making dates and some exciting features to make new friend
Why quick live doesn't verify report immediately when we send proof it takes 1 month for verification and why quick live doesn't verify post befor someone posting if the post is ok then gave the permission to post I love this application but due to some these reason the girls and also boys feel unsafe here kindly give this solution
Sir i love this aap but this 1.10.1 version is not good for sheep fight because in it the seats become very small sir i knidly request to you pls change this thing
Worst app for professionals nd kids because all non sence PPLs are present here. They are abusing each other and taking abusing each other as a game I think uh have to take condition same as of video calling that is little bit good than voice calling
Its not good that a person have a 9 level id nd without any warning you direct banned there id for permanently duration ... And there are so much of contribution and recharges are done by that id now there is no option to get it back ...i appealed nd mailed to your developer contact but no replies has given yet please do something for this thing ...there should be a short period banned system because a person create so much of level nd you done this to them...its awful.
Update version is too bad. The emoticons we are sending above the seat are going down in the chatting... Due to this, the chatting messages are also not being read And that's why my phone is hanging completely.. No official solves this problem😑😑😑
Very bad experience last 3 to 5 day, this app consume high data and i do not enter any live brode so please improve your system and solve this problem
It won't let me log in. Idk why but I was really excited and now I'm kinda just on 1 wheel with this app. Would rather have Hago which I have 642 followers and about 200 posts with 60 likes rather this would get me probably only 1 since I can't get in.
Previously the redeem system was good with 25 diamonds for 10k beans. Now you changed it like hell.Though we hit more diamonds to our friends they only gets less diamonds out of that beans when he redeems .To whom should that pity few diamonds should we give.You introduced new games it's good but made the beans redeem system worse.Thats why I and my friends stopped all games and sending diamonds each other . Thank you.
Why i can't download this app What's the peoblem....... Download again and again ,but not totally installed and not show this app in phone ..it's take full data 60mb continuosly when i download Nat connection not bad bacoz i was downloaded many times and the storage is sufficient for this app ...i think any other problem is responsible for this
Hay quick live this is a great app , I joined here after hago was banned it has many good things in it..but still I feel something missing in it that is werewolf (ww)our favourite game we played in hago with friend, it is most familiar with us. We all love to play werewolf , people also want something in this hard time. So I humbly request you to add werewolf in quick live ,also thanks for giving us that amazing app
Rest everything is awesome take seat invite fonts please bring back that old feature of reminder list where we can come to know where all in which broads our friends are enjoying please update with same feature back humble request
Dear sir, We have a query regarding your app service! When we go to PARTY IN RECOMMEND BROAD SECTION it is showing some error while we are refreshing broads it doesn't shows lucky pockets room, if it shows than it is repeated several times the same broad (which pocket was already opened and finished in that room)we are not getting the lucky pockets. Please fix the glitch ASAP, we will continued enjoying your services and keep recommending our friends to use it. Thanks and regards.
Hi Ola oficials, greetings for the day.Well all my experience are good on Ola party cz I've been using this app from last 2 years from that time when I started to play games on "Hago" and till date .I met with the people across the world and now they all my good friends in personal life too .However, one thing I'd like to mention here that why ola party or hago banned 🚫 many of the IDs of the top contributors.And I'm unable to find out the customer service number,please help me with the same:)
I don't know what happened to this app it was working well But now all my IDs are banned automatically and I'm even not able to access my new I'd too U should work Otherwise it's good app
Dear sir, this app is not support games so can you make another app that will have games like werewolf, knife hit etc. So we can play games😊 by the way this app is good but that bad words kill it🀐 I hope you read this thank you πŸ™πŸ’•.
Hey there, Qwick live is good i'm using it from 4 years(hago). And i wanna know that mini games (like - hago farm, ware wolf, and many more) will be available or not? If yes then, when those games will come?
This app is weird i can't see myself when I'm broadcasting but as soon as I click the little arrow to end my broadcast it shows me that I was able to see myself but when I'm on the broadcast all it is is a black screen
Ridiculous app, no response if you file a complaint, even though I have sent an offical email regarding my problem then also still no answer. Waiting for my money to be transferred in my bank account. Please take an action against this.
Sir/mam plzz help me out as Qwick live new version 1.7.4 iss not working properly im not able to see my own emojis non my inbox massage and iss running very slow ass my mobile data iss running well my other apps iss running very very well the issue is coming only in this appπŸ˜‘ sorry for low rating if my issues is being solved i will rate this app 5 star plzz help ass soon as possible plZ PLZ help me πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I am totally unable to open events or lucky draw or I'm unable to claim my rewards of silver bronze or golden chest.. it was gud before it's getting worst day by day. I have submitted my feedback many times but they dont at all respond... I m already in 12th level thought to increase my level but I donno what's going on here ..
All are perfect and a clone of hago but the vip lv1 emoji is not available for old rechargers πŸ˜•what the hell🀧we also pity plz all need gain and some bugs πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™plz we also want emoji
this aap iss too good pls ad some more games and some more function like we ply song without taking seat.
Dear team Quick live, I used to livestream a couple of months ago, but I was inactive for 6 months on the app,now even if I fill the registration form up I dont get the option.Can someone help me out
Please bring a feature so that we can use Bluetooth earphones on this app we are having problem that we cant use Bluetooth wheen we are in a seat so please allow us to use Bluetooth earphones
This app is best for chatting with other countries, city's person. I loved this app Every Month New Party's, And Singing Competition. But I Don't Like Abused Word's Using Person Other Person Using the Abuse Words For Girls. There no problem with this app.
totally disappointing app for professionals and kids bcz very radiculous person no regulation on voice abusing .hope they will improve voice regulation so more people could able to use and for kid. zero rating reason i mentioned.
Really this is so unfair after knowing that all the premium emojis which we can get after the level 13. There are many people who uses those emojis and they have level 1. Plaese fix it asap πŸ˜“
This is really great app but people who cannot charge ..they can't get diamond.Please give some event in which a user without recharge can participate. Thank you!
This ap is so amazing . I love this app . I have my love on this app . But some days it's can't work properly .plz chek Whts the problem. Tq for make this app ❀❀❀❀
Please add feature of blocking someone from everywhere(not from chat only), means he/she can't find the person who blocked him/her. And one more, permanent ban someone from channel. So that he/she can never enter in my room.
Good app..this app was good before..But now many abusers are there.. On this app.. So remove or ban those abusers as soon as possible.. Then will give you 5 Stars.
A very very good ☺☺☺app but 3 star only πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘i don't like last update you are not able to post full photo have to crop it worst updateπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Not reverting on reports, some people violates the rules, but no action on real time reports. Why report options is there if its not working.
Hago version too good according ola party. Hago have so much games and entertainment and we also enjoy lots but now something boring nowπŸ˜…
This App Is Good But Not Working Properly Facing issue Is Chatroom Time Song Sound Slow Listesting, and Live Broad Claiming Heart Problem Facing On Channel Host Following Time Not Claim Heart So Pls Chack And Sort this prblm.
Nice experience till now. Looking forward to get more amazing update soon. And one more thing. Do you have verifications badge for Artists?
Is the Best app in my life. thanks Ola party.... I was using 2 year this app fully enjoy n entertainment this app
Sir, Due to lack of pick option in broad on Ola app, many people are going to delete Ola party .If you want to run a zola party, then bring back the quick option.Otherwise everyone will delete the ola party application. Thank you ola party team, Please solved this problem fast
This is truely unfare I has asked for the refund and requested so many times but the app developer hasn't replied once .it's already 3 weeks but no response from app developer .such a worst feeling after trusting your application
Dear Sir, we have just one request from you. Please do not give more games. Just and only give the Multi game so that we group members can play here. Our group used to play Multi games only and only. Now no one comes to our group. All our friends are disappointed only and only because there are no more multi games. And it is very sad due to the absence of Ludo, the most beloved game was our please do a multi game in olaparty, The day you bring a Ludo game, I will give five stars to the Ola
very nice and good app but please solve my probelm which i tell you that please slove the recent login prblem make it as it was earlier now a days we face problem that we need otp it login from recent it takes time even at least two ids alow to login from recent without any requiring otp as earlier sir if our id login in another device then you ask ask for otp please alow to login from recent at least two id without otp ask otp only when the id login in another device
No response from developer team or from app feedback.I have mailed 24 times but not getting any proper or valuable answer. I will not recommend any new user to install this app
Ola party is better than hago. I got a new friends here. I love this app. I hope more people will download this app. No words to explain about this app.❀️lots of love from one of the user.
Dear sir, Ola party new update many problems issue. Playing live streaming automatically disconnect pk. I hope kindly solve this problem .thank you
This is truely unfare I has asked for the refund and requested so many times but the app developer hasn't replied once .
This time version is really horrible redeem system is worst then old version and rechng system is also getting expensive I want old redeem system nd rechrg system back hope u pls chng it same
Dear ola party team tell me just 1thing i select restrct ola party in background working so i stop the apps but after some minute ola party start automatic what is this??? I am not allow so how this is active in background???? Let me know
Ola Party is best social app.im also spend to much time on ola party.we r enjoying on ola party. but I request to ola party this New year unbanned permanent those I'd who have level maximum up-to 15.that is wonderful gift for ola user.some stupid mistakes can banned I'd permanent.but u also know that level I'd user goes ola party to different level. Give it chance to that user to realize there mistakes.we also want that ola goes no 1 social app. That is best platform to meet with new people.
Sometimes it stops working even if you're getting gifts the app freezes and let the people out of the chatroom
It's good app you use for socializing. But can go and chat in different regions. Before there was no issue but after a update can chat in different regions. So I'm not enjoying using Qwick live.
experience are good on Ola party cz l've been using this app from last 2 years from that time Hi Ola oficials, greetings for the day. Well all my when I started to play games on "Hago and till date.I met with the people across the world and now they all my good friends in personal life too .However, one thing l'd like to mention here that why I have forgotten my indicative number and the mobile number I had added was also lost to find out the customer service numberplease help me with the same:)
Everything stopped working animated emojis are just blank, unable to load redeem beans. Update the app so that it works properly again.
I want Werewolf game like we were having in hago .. bring all those games back in Ola.. It was fun.. Now we have to be in channel unnecessarily as there are no games in this. Bring those games plz .. and When I am on secret call then why it shows on my profile? Secret call should be secret .. If u wanna show it on profile then change its name as "Friend call" pls.. Secret call sounds very cheap.. and people take it in very different level.. so change its name as Friend call ..
Sir, the display of lucky red envelope rooms are showing randomly to every user while refresh.(For example-A,B,C,D, there are 4 user,if an LP opens then for first 10min it showing only to user A but not to user B,C,D then after 10-15min it shows to B user but not to A,C,D, after 30min it shows to C not to A,B,D) All Lucky pockets are not showing to all users, It shows to different user at different time please solve this problem. thank-you
I can't recharge in my main I'd when I'm going to recharge it always shows an error....it's a very bad thing I observed in this and also I have given many feedbacks even though I didn't get any response from the owner😑😑
After giving my feedback yesterday the app ran a little smooth but from this morning it started giving the same problem again and there is no problem in my network as other apps of my device are running very smooth
This app is very nice.but one problem this is not game.plzz sir this app add game same hago.all games add..this app not full enjoy..add all game same hago..tnx
We r making emoticons on seat and they Going down in chatting that's too bad that's why I can't read comments properly plz solve this problem as soon as u can otherwise all features are perfect
This is the worst application. Closing my ID without any reason. Wherein my 12 level 14 level 15 level 17 level 18 level 2 level idea band. If I am constantly turning off ID without any reason, then no one has a poor application for me. I give the address to the other application. You come over there.
1.Why You remove MASKS & FILTER option before doing live streaming? That was really foolishness. We should apply filter and masks before starting to live streaming not only after starting live streaming. Put back those option as it was there before 2.Second thing, our channels were showing on our own profile that was for us to find but now u made it separate option , It's not at all looking cool and helpful.. Make these two option as they were as before We want channel option on our profile.
What the hell is just happen to this i am not able to hear anyone in the chat room even the mic is not working and my friends are not able to hear my voice fix it 😑
I can't login my id it shows that we can send you OTP after 30 second but no OTP come ...when I put number and click for OTP it shows that we can send you OTP after 30 second.plz resolve it asap .my id is of level 10 only 65 diamonds to level 11
Why i am not able to recharge with my google play store even i am having cash on my account then also it give me illegal action option by which i am not able to recharge my mid fix problem
Great app but in play store the recent update is not coming soon...phone gets hang most of the time while using ola party..please fix this problem soon...Thank you
Ludo and other games are still missing this app not working smooth lots of problem in app like refresh in any page and data fetching even with good network it takes to long to perform any action . Not at all only 5% improvement and games are still missing its totally usless to be on ola party if you are unable to launch games like hago . 90% of people already uninstall ola party because of games . Now other apps have good content and games. So uninstall ola party its time+money waste.
Stickers are Interuptting the msgs . And diamonds are too cost. While playing the songs it's very poor quality
When I go recommend section. Top 10 room not replaced to another. Lucky pocket room when lucky pocket open. Or. In new update I not able to report and block any chart room . When I report and block chart room. They come again on top. Please fixed. This issues. Thanks .
Way wireless headphones not connected in room song voice not connected in wireless headphones plz slow this problem
There is no lucky pocket showing on any chat after refreshing the page.if anyone wants to have diamond you have to recharge so please add lucky pocket for diamonds again..
If you want to waste your time then use it and if you are serious regarding your career then please dont use it because it acts like a digital drugs. Sometimes people post bad things here and people will come in your digital room and would distrub you by abusing again and again which would piss off your mood.
What are you people doing, we want our voice changer back. We want our voice changer back as soon as possible If we don't get our voice changer back then we'll remove Quick Live. Understand 😑
This app is awesome. I really love meeting new people and making friends. I just want to suggest one thing to olaparty management team When we block someone, they are able to comment on our posts please fix it and please add on and off option to post comment section because some people are abusing girls in their comment section when they block them. I hope olaparty management understand this and do some changes in next update. Thank you 😊
Also give the option to change the account number, if that number is closed then we can change the second number and recharge it easily. Please help me
This update is too much. New update. When I try to playing song on my chat room then it's not showing songs. Jst like ola party is frezzedπŸ˜’πŸ˜
Nicely game i like it first time i use this apps now iam a old person these game had event but today any game in real or apps we have intrest in any game .now many frndship also see that in my life but new game also add iam going to work and now listening with music in this apps or play game i use this apps in every time with music n my ID name is Ngouba.First time my level is 5 today at 14 level i play event new event in every event i favourite this event i play any event for this new apps
Hello Qwick live officers this is tha great app But there is a lot of 121, please stop 121 And Here the seats are reading less. 4 more seats in the next update. Please sir i request you
Hello sir, please photo background remove version name and please update version pic background remove update please tell me.πŸ™
I was already submitted their feedback but it will still facing this problem Sometime my live room was showing some time not showing please sir solve this problem
This app is awsome.i really love meeting new people and making friends. I just want to suggest one thing to olaparty management add on and off option to post comment section because some people's are abusing girls in the post comment section when they block them in the inbox hope olaparty management understand this and make some changes in the next update. Thank you.
Too good app..😌😌. I love it. but here is no game like werewolf my favourite game...😢😢 please put games in this app... And we didn't send video's to eachother ... But all things are too best...🀩🀩🀩
First I was having net issue in this App.now a new glitch I have level 12 account it's not logging do something
Emoji is too awkward to look. Please give previous emoji. Look this matter please. It's not my view, it's many olaparty users view.
This is multi functional platform to make new friends across world which is really amazing and for those who can make money sitting at home with entertainment will be much more beneficial by this platform! Gracias!!
Sir / Maam plss help me out as qwick live new version 1.7.4 is not working properly i am not able to see my own emojis , nor my inbox messages and is running very slow As mobile data is running well. My other apps are running very well , the issue is coming only in this app πŸ˜” . Sorry for low rating , If my issues is being solved i will rate this aap with 5 stars . Please help as soon as possible .
Ola party is same like hago plus more developed but now in new version we could not see Reminder,where we are seeing who is in which room,so please next time try to keep reminder,otherwise it's a nice app Thankyou
Not working properly...and it's force stop seddenly screen is stopping while chatting...again by again using ola party ..please fix it
I can't able to change my profile picture even I have reported in feedback ND uninstalled it and installed again for 3 tims still I can't able to change my profile picture
Yah it's a wonderful app with amazing features but one thing is missing that is games ..... If games are thr in this app then this app might be more amazing .....
Very poor game because net speed per second is to high even if you play 1 hr about 1.5 gb will be use
nice app but how can i remove data centre beacuse my agency was not remove me so please can you make remove function in data centre please πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
1.4.3 version is just disgusting U cant create chat room after Live room.when u will go live after that u cant switch in to chat . I'm upset to this updat another problem is when u check giftwall then ola ui freez nd crash i hope these big bugs will be solve soon. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
The message typing box is disappearing below and in inbox and in chat this was not happening before and plzzz solve my problem as soon as possible.
Hello,i m a user of your app.your app doesn't work properly .i don't show anything like people's dp , chatroom etc.Please do something for that.
The message typing box is disappearing below the screen in inbox and in chatroom. This was not happening before. In chatroom music option also cant be seen as it is going below the screen everytime
Hi ,ola party in new update i saw many issue while playing song or talking with someone ,its change the voice of music and people i don't know but my friends also have this issue.While opening the aap the it sucks more data than old version 1.9.0 after sometime it well get Normal automatically .so i request yo solve the issue .
I want Werewolf game like we were having in hago .. bring all those games back in Ola.. It was fun.. Now we have to be in channel unnecessarily as there are no games in this. Bring those games plz ..
I m not against to Ola party app but against tu abusers why it's not fixed an parmanent solutions last 2 year your end it's very big problem off this app it's one of tha big problem my that I m faceing last 2 year . Otherwise I m enjoying Ola party ( hago app) I loveing it Pls do tha parmanent solutions off abusers any power / strong report facilities against to abusers that I have given only 1 star
Application is good but multi video will be miss used bye some people They use multi video with sexual video Can you check it and baan multi video system
App is good no doubt but if any I'd get baned . We do appeal but how we known your team is view my appeal . Because my 3-4 I'd baned without any reason . I do appeal but I don't get any response . If you have a good team so please work on it and give the proper reasons to ban any I'd . And one last thing your team is very smart you don't give contact . And we try to contact you all are not giving any reply . I am really very angry . But I don't want to do anything . I think you are understood .
New version 1.6.2 is not working properly having many issues πŸ˜” I m not able to see any thing not even my own dp , emojis, as well as my inbox messages. This version is not good
Using since it was hago. 1year before it was good but now it's getting worse after every update. Now diamond are so costly on ola and now we are getting less diamond on redeem also. Worse app
Urgent Note Please Respond : Please add a feature that if a person entering via Phone No Login then it need an OTP for that no. I am facing an issue that : I gave my id via Phone No. To one of my friend in this app on a good faith and believe but now he is misusing my ola id bcz whenever i login that id that guy is able to login again due to recent login history. In recent login history we doesn't require any otp again for a phone no id either to me or anyone. I restrict this option please
Pls try to add some games like brain war, knife hit, hexagon, motor racing in this app. We hv connected through games only, its helps us to improve our skills, concentration, and memory. .
The new features, we Don't like that you are adding a: NO KICKOUT and NO MUTE option also that new smiles should be free for the big Levels still they have to recharge for it and small level users are getting it in just 70 rupees while big level's user have to recharge of it for the same thing..around 700 ruppes that is not fair!
Internet consumeing is too high,high efficiency is being required, due to that i can't open this app as always buffering
I have played the New Basket Ball event but the gifts which I have collected are not received yet. If this kind of inconvenience happens anymore I and my friends will surely quit this app
This Is The Wrost application. I Make Recharge Of amount rs 5000/- bt by mistake I'd no was wrong Nd recharge gone in wrong I'd there is no recall system like up live. I feel very bad for my amount I feel like my money has theft by some one.
Firstly i have a level id and i invested so much money on that If you are not taking any action about on id ban so because of that i don't want to recharge on other new id . Before id ban atleast you have alert so that the whatever mistakes does not happen again its my resquest to plz unban id so that we can recharge again and the mistakes will not happen again
Hello I couldn't able to chat in this app my typing board is not coming please help me with it my friends are messaging me and I am not able to reply
I dont know why but automatically my all id's are permanently banned without any notice i had 7 id's please tell me otherwise i uninstall and telling all my friends to uninstall this app its app never give you good opportunity to make a career focus in your career.. its a wastage of time or wastage of money..
We are happy with this app but the cost of diamonds are too high we are not satisfied with that,we are unable to do recharges more due to this High cost of diamonds and we are happy with that games you newly included like this only introduce the new games next one is that first recharge of 799 rupees offer is too bad you are included all vochers only instead of this vochers please add diamonds this is a kind request to you thank you.
There are many fake invisible id, they used cheap wording and no one can't kick them from your chatroom, I did many mails to ola party but they I have no reply so please don't try this app, if anyone can solve this problem please reply, I think no one can do even ola party
Wosrt update i lost my live option after update . I want my live back. Your app is being worst on evry updte . I will now leave this
Sir, We have a request! If a LP is open, then ola party should not back any diamond to the owner of Ip if it is finished or not/ else it should not allow to open a lp in private room. They are misusing of it. 1st thing Their room continued showing for 5 mins in refresh with topped, with added slangs on broad name which violates company policy we can't even report that room coz that was a private room. 2nd thing they transfer diamond from 1st id to 2nd id in a private room. please do it ASAP
Very nice app but my one request to app manager please in new update Play 3D music and 8D music I'm not playing 3D music because Ola party convert 3D music to normal music if coming 3D music than i give 5 Star sure thank you.
Great app bt cause of some people my id has been banned i was user from since hago and now ola isn't letting me to log in from another id what is this going on i appeal so many times and even i e-mailed ola team but no response from the server seriously i was not violating anything..plzz i want a sufficient reason proof etc thank u hope u will reply me soon
One of my friends account has been hacked and inspite of numerous feedback sent - no help from Ola party.
Not sufficient to people and not updating properly also to all people correctly and its disaster and live streaming u guys giving all but its not at all showing to us and please update the application properly and conveniently to all people equally
Okay ..it was nice . But can you add more games , like werewolf. It was my favourite game . That would be great of you then. More games more star :) it's deal !
Whenever we are on seat and receives a phone call then we are unable to voice chat also after cutting the phonr call we have to restart the phone
Its good olaa party but plz add more game in olaa party aur some old friend i messege not accept aur add more game plz
Add games also like hago app remaining features are harsome jst add games then this app ll be very popular compare other apps keep it up guysπŸ™‚
This app is most worst app. There is problem in publishing post. Post is not publishing.even i tried a lot to publish a post..but thats not happening😠... Not good πŸ˜ͺ
The reason that I give 4strs because u make me little bit sad. I, m trying to send my feedback in your help centre but it always says feedback failed and some it gets successfully but u are not giving reply, first when ever i send feedback to ola management they give reply within 24 hours but now you are not giving. I, m facing many problems in ola party I can't tell these all problems here so it is requested to you give reply of feedback on time. Thanks
Please give some games musical broad on this application so that it can be further improved just as Hago was musical broad.
Update version to bad all delet chat auto show how update gud version provide to delet account facility on
1 month Before it was not bad but when I was updated this app i cant able to see emojis in my id but others have seen what emoji I have used in the channel I'm so many times reported in but there is no reply from ola party team this is bad thing expected from this app never seen and one more main thing is Bluetooth is not working when anyone taking a seat this is a major problem u can also understand the users who is using ola party I'm expecting solution from this comment don't ignore me
App is very nice....Try to make this app like hago .... Add the games in this app which the hago app have game plzπŸ‘
Dear sir my I'd not login in in my phone other phone it's login what happen suddenly to my phone πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I love this application❀️but I have been permanently banned just because of a dp and nd the dp is of a man...nd I had never think that I can be banned .....I never used to abuse anyone .....we use our money to recharge in Ola party and what after banned my money has been totally wasted😭😭nd in that account I had many followers 😭😭 I miss them so much 😭 nd nothing is happening after appeal 😭😭😭 Hope you will help me ,Thanks qwick live team (Ola party)
When live streaming option was added to my channel for a day I was able to do live streaming but not now...live channel gets open but can't do live streaming...is there any technical problem??or Wt is d cause root of it..
When we enter in chat room it consume data continuously same issue will happen when we close the application and start the application and again enter in the chat room.
In this previous update I can't see the dp of my friends also the theme of broads disappeared and the app become so slow.
In qwick cash party i had completed 200 rupees yesterday there was 4 hours left to expire that and i applied for withdrawal and system told me that we are reviewing and result will be given to you Tomorrow so i logged in than i have seen that it is telling me that your previous struggle is gone with the water. I will give you from all my referred id 1 star and will describe you how you guys are looting all the peoples around us and will file an FIR to take my money for just worthless diamonds .
I am old in this app but i hate because i have lost money 2 time but i didn't get daily pack gift i have complaint also but didn't get refund... πŸ˜” I have already done everything thing... Submitted screenshot and all... You check out my feedback on ola live party...
Hi dear admin I love your application . Now I am interested to work with u if you give me a chance I will be great full. Please tell me how I contact with u
This olaparty version 1.10.1 very very bad plz improve your version and this version is problem don't show all information of profile please take action for this i will give a everyday feedback but not response please don't ignore this message launches a new version ye otherwise fix this problem Thank you team
hey this app is great.But i just want to say my bluetooth is keep switching on,on its own sometimes when i am using it.please look into it
Dear Ola Party Developer many users problem is that under the refresh version in the Hago application, Lucky Pocket was visible in all the chatrooms.. But when our Ola Party came out after the halt, all the lucky pocket room is not visible under refresh. So sir, you are request to add that feature add or update like hago to Ola party so that all the lucky pocket chatroom is visible in the refresh so that we can rob the diamond and remain the user of this application. Thank You Ola Party Team.
This is good, but I am not getting any benefit, everyone gets a new gift, but I do not give any money.Now I want live stream, I have tried a lot, but I do not get live stream
Again worst update 1.11.1 version, lost my live video and radio station chat, while playing emojis are fallen below, very worst update and doesn't solved the issues before what i said
Ola updated version not working properly its suddenly closed in my phone please resolve this issue...
Once again worst update of 1.12.1 version, while playing emojis are fallen below, very worst update and doesn't solved the issues before what i said, I don't know after updating weather it's tested or not before uploading to play store
Why my old messages keeps coming back , even after deleting them...when ever every time i redownload the app
It's one of the only Google apps that I love to use very convenient, and it helps to meet with different people , too good
The app is awesome, but please try and add the games like sheep fight, knife fight, werewolf etc as it does not have an option like Hago. Please add them as soon as possible and I am sure you will be getting more users from India once the games are uploaded as many of my friends itself have not downloaded this app because you have not included games in this. Please confirm if you are planning to add games or are planning to develop a new app only for games. Awaiting your reply OLA party.
It is very bad application because if I recharge on my id then after sometimes the level gets frize and it is looking very worst
This application is good. I used it so much and also I'm happy with the application. But this time a boy is harassing me and my mom bad so badly in my posts with his comments and also threatened me that he will edit my pictures and he will upload it. Also he made a fake profile and posted me pics there with bad comments. I reported so many times but no actions has been taken yet. Why girls are not safe in your application? If posting is wrong in your application then you should remove that optn.
A very nice application for friendship but the diamond cost to play for battles and to win charisma is too high,compared with other country recharges. so many people are trying to create other country ola I'd and getting cheater after 2 or 3 recharges,so kindly look over recharge price
I'm in love with this app as it has made singing so convenient for just anyone in the world. I've been singing since my childhood and I'm someone who isn't into singing by profession as I am working in a different industry where I was lacking practicing upon my singing talent so I downloaded this app and now I can practice and record or even share that to enhance my confidence and get popular within minutes.❀️ Love you quick live....
My vip level 14 has been blocked but y😀😀 am very angry with this.. i need live option. which am not getting at any cost
This app is nice but there is one major flaw there are no games..pls try and update games like hit and dodge, fruit masters,sheep fight,ludo etc...plz let us know if the team ola is working on game section or not..
Best earning app but Ola party has made plans to rob people for the last 2 months. They have reduced their salary very rarely.
There was a problem when we connect Bluetooth neckband earphones the sound are disconnected thats mean Bluetooth devices are not support developer fix it.
New update qwick live is very poor ,I'm so much frustrated with this update seriously, please do something, so many problems in new update, while i was in pk,opponent is not showing to my viewer's, even emojis md gifitng too ,soo many problems are their in new update please do something it's a humble request to you
Dear Ola Party Developer Sir, I am a new and old user of Hago of this Ola Party and this application is more preferred than every application but the problem is that under the refresh version in the Hago application, Lucky Pocket was visible in all the chatrooms. and we from the refresh version from Lucky Pocket Room Diamond used to rob and whose version of Hago was 3.1.8, 3.3.4, 3.3.5 etc. But when our Ola Party came out after the halt, all the lucky pocket chatroom is not visible under refresh
This app is so nice but indian id people cannot voice chat with USA id peoples and USA id peoples cannot voice chat with India id peoples.This is a bad think to this app please solve this issue
Overall App Performance is Good!! Please take a note of:- 1. bluetooth headset issue 2.Gifting System 3.Login Page Doesn't have the option to sigin using mobile number & Facebook hopefully all these issues will be resolved in the next update.. Will chnage the rating once the update is provided....
Dear sir, please make werewolf game in ola chat room so we can play werewolf and that's our favorite game, and if you add werewolf in chat room so I promise I will give you 5 star I hope you will read and reply, thank you.
It is bad aap. If you increase the level on your ID, then it is closed after a few days. I have faced this problem. My two ID have been closed permanently in which I increased the level.I have appealed too many times but my ID is not open. Please, do't use this application.
This is really bad application. If u can create id and increase level after some some months your id sure band without any reason from Ola party sir. I have already face this type problem don't use this app I give every one suggestion.
I have just a problem its very slow and when i take a seat then its so much slow. I dont like your app. I dont give you stars. So much bad
Even after appealing, my ID is not opening. I want to open my ID as soon as possible. In any case, or do I need a reason as to why my ID has become a permanent band?
This version is not so good as quality of songs in this version is literally so poor and more over if we doing any emoticons it's interrupting our text messages we didn't face these problems in older version πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š
My application is not working properly I cannot enter the room or go on the seat it is making too trouble please give me some solution ASAP.
Hello sir the AAP is awesome iam using since it was named hago then ola &now as quick live.Iam facing an issue of adding photos to my profile πŸ’―%in quick live app it's taking only 86%only .kindly help me in this issue for which I will be thankful to your team
I like very mu this app because I can each other ,but I have some more problem to use this app .Ola does not have previous game. I miss that game for play. But ..............
Increasing my rating from 1 star to 5 star. Due to reforms like now you can see the person where they are seating no need to follow and for hiding the who see your profile.
Update version is too bad. The emoticons we are sending above the seat are going down in the chatting... Due to this, the chatting messages are also not being read And that's why my phone is hanging completely.. No official solves this problem
Dear Ola Party Developer Sir, I am a new and old user of Hago of this Ola Party and this application is more preferred than every application but the problem is that under the refresh version in the Hago application, Lucky Pocket was visible in all the chatrooms. and we from the refresh version from Lucky Pocket Room Diamond used to rob and whose version of Hago was 3.1.8, 3.3.4, etc. But when our Ola Party came out after the halt, all the lucky pocket chatroom is not visible under refresh
Ola is best platform of gaming and making friend.i request you to add tambola game in this app for play with friend. SIR I m Facing some issue in latest version of ola party 1.if click to data center my ola id automatic logout and my app is close 2.If i open my chat room and unlock the seat at that time is also the same issue my old id automatic logout and my app is close So please solve my issue as soon as possible
App is good but the users on this platform are not good. Criminal minded people are increasing on this app day by day and I am surprised that their is chat or support service on this app. Recently I become a victim of online fraud. Three guys with VIP level of about 25 took 35 thousand rupees from me in the name of recharge agency. I talked with many guys on this app about this issue but their all less who are standing with me, rest others are saying that this happens regularly on this app.
In this app! Everything is good BUT Please add some more feature in this app Like... (1) Login with Facebook & phone Nmbr (2) Add Gift Box (3) Add Netbanking Option To Recharge For gift (4)Add Beans Purchase System like a wallet type *I Hope my demands are completly improve in the next update
Worst update 1.10.1 version, lost my live video and radio station chat, while playing emojis are fallen below, very worst update
It's good for timepass and enjoyment . I'm using this app from a long time. When hago was not bands in India then I use this app for playing game but in this quick live no any option for gaming, so it's not like hago but good for time pass.
Songs are not clear , sometime loud, sometime very low ;I think the pitch fluctuates from low to high and high to low.. please tell me reason
New update is not good the emoji we do that apears on the chat too now bcoz of it we can't read the other main chats
Its not at all coming under wifi. We must need to on our mobile data to continue for this app(i.e joining party rooms and chatting that and all)
By updating the new version I'm facing problems on recharge. I have 23 accounts and I had recharged on my account of Rs 79. First it showed that it would give 200 diamonds but it only gave 100 diamonds. Seriously this is cheating
the new update is not that much good its fill the message area with emojis which irritates while talking in the broad sometime its hard to rply to the frnds messages and i am using the old version again but after getting old version i am not able to play game in any broad even i can't start any game in my broad too as it is not shown in below pls try to resolve it
While starting is get too much time to load a home page ,and in chatroom many issue just like microphone and it automatically throw us out from broad.
Everything was going good but suddenly these glitches started to occur. The main glitch is when you check online stats, the users and rooms are all messed up together. Inappropriate list.
App and it's function is good but lagging problem mic glitch in party room and dual music's problem are continues so if you can fix that problem then your app is working and growing more fast and more better for all user
these is a very nice app for make new friends and in these app we can come live or go in chatroom to make new friends we can chat with them but here is one thing is missing that is gameπŸ˜•πŸ˜„when in ola party games will also come then these app will full fill i only requesting you that in these app game function also come πŸ˜„thanks.....
Updated version so bad 😞😞😞😞new version so bad not play music I'd banned kar di or kholte bhi nhi bekar app hai humare paise kha lete hai