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Olosho —Dating App to Chat, Date & Meet New People

Olosho —Dating App to Chat, Date & Meet New People for PC and MAC

Is a Lifestyle game developed by Olosho inc. located at 8 Toronto Road Opposite Uratta Police Station Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.. The game is suitable for PEGI 18 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Like the most and chat with them if you are single and seeking: the perfect girl, the man of your dreams, new friends or the love of your life - Olosho is the perfect app for you!

Olosho is a free, fast and convenient dating app to find a lot of girls and boys, choose the ones you. Date singles nearby and make friends! that are new chat and meet with new people nearby for free
- send photos, smiles, and voice messages, chat with those you are interested in

Meet and date new people nearby
Olosho is a free, fast and messenger that is convenient you can send your text messages for free to lonely women and men, and send voice notes in chats, and choose pictures from the gallery and share your photos with singles.

Check out and see:
Who looked at your profile, who likes you and who said something nice about you.
Find full profile information about the user
Check out new features added all the time
If you want to find new friends, personals, dating for communication or to find true love - try Olosho and enjoy a new fun way of communication with boys and girls in your location.

Say Hi to all people that are single Olosho!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Olosho —Dating App to Chat, Date & Meet New People.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Olosho —Dating App to Chat, Date & Meet New People for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This app has been so helpful to me, the is only only must times someone can't chat with friends here because network,
Why can't I login again?? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but am trying to create another account but it keep saying error, login to the previous one error too
I want to say that the design of the app is very good but have a lot of work to undergo, but I will suggest that the developer of this very app introduce FACE RECOGNITION just like BADOO and INMESSAGER. I believe it will help reduce the scam there. You have to make face RECOGNITION in a way it must match the picture. I think with this, the app is good to go
Aah you people are dulling my olosho vibes jareh😂... Free levels will end when am shooting shots e ma whine mi na... At least you can extend the time to 20-30 mins... Unless you'll collect installmental payment cause ion have 3k now jareh🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
The app is nice but the only thing that annoys me is whenever im scrolling down to chats and i receive a new message, it automatically takes me back upwards, and i find it difficult to chat with my down friends whenever new message comes in
This app need to upgrade like inmessage, set it in a way where by any one can see your location numbers, also I should be able to select the age range that I want
I can't chart up with friends, all it says is opps you can't chat with that user again, i av updated it still same thing
Am not able to login....always keeps saying check user name or password and also says user already exists.. pls help
I upgraded the app today only for it to refuse opening it's just annoying I tried all my numbers but still showing number not valid... I taught it will b more better if I upgrade but instead its worst 😠😠😠am not happy bout that it's better u leave it the way it was before its Managable .... I can't view msgs from chat anymore
I don't know how you guys are maintaining this app but if you maintain it very well is going to be very great and beautiful app. I download this app I log in with my previous account.. I log out I tried to log in again so you are telling me error so I have to login with another account which I don't know what happened to the first account so you guys need to work on your app
A good app, but, has hundreds of scammers, men posing as women to scam people, it's crazy.. the developers should flush off these scammers, and checkmate fraud. People have lost money because of this.
Cool Application. I also like the fact that it's not free. Please scrap out all the fake users anyway you can please. Thank you.
Is a nice app, no babe yet to get connected with. Please allow Location to show it's very important this days
Dont waste time and data downloading this App, you will havee to keeping downloding uodate everyday, and no real people on this platform even after payment
The location isn't functional one bit... I see people who are really far how do we then meet, it's not so much of a great meeting app.
Is a very lovely App. I was getting use to it not untill this new update that came up. Now it keeps closing on his own. Please resolve it
The location should not only based on the state I am it should also contain the part of the state I am like Ikorodu in Lagos state
It's an okay app, but could do with a lot of improvements 1) i should be able to delete a chat i do not wish to see or if i block an account it should disappear, but no i have to keep seeing the useless messages the person sent even after blocking. 2) there should be a way to choose age range of people to meet, I'm tired of small children chatting me up🤦‍♀️ 3) i reported several scam accounts but no action was taken against them
They are trying, they just need to improve their filters, and this payment of a thing..we already pay for getting stuffs here so I don't see why we should pay to operate the app
I would appreciate it if this constant updates doesn't make us; non-premium users unable to chat, or see numbers fully It's really disheartening .. afterall hookup eith ladies here isn't free, so I don't see why we need to subscribe just to connect with them at all. Please do something about it. You tried tho
Your app its useles i cant even creat account, after typing my email and password and username it keep telling me opp erro go and work on your app rubbish
It has been good I can't lie ,but there is still room for improvement ..like message notifications showing how many incoming messages are unread . And then filter for age and interests should be added. And finally this free access should be introduced so that we who can't subscribe should enjoy it more
This app shoul be more upgraded like inmesage, make things more simple and easy e.g showing local governments before city.
The platform is very good but many girls here are scammers, once you send transport money to them you can't see them again
When i want to chat, it just says that you cant chat with the user and exits, i have updated it,, whats wrong
Can't save pictures, can't zoom either. Most of the site is still under construction. Maybe later I can give 5 star
Its a good app, but try to work on your location ie: let it show me those around my location and not states only. For example, if i am in warri, it should show me those in warri and not delta state.
Many of the ladies here are unverified & also scams,there's no last seen & to become premium is difficult
I have been trying to login my previous account, but it keeps showing username or password error. But if i use The same email and username to creat another account it's shows user alredy exist Please login. And if i use the same email and phone number but change the username, it creats another account with the same email. Now i'm having more than 4 accounts which i don't like. Pls help, i need to remove other account and concentrate on one. 😢😢
Really nice meeting new friends but the picture is not clear and they need to give access to the age range one want to chat with
The useless app is just interested in making money with subscriptions, logging you out for 8 minutes to make you subscribe for a plan. Already uninstalled the app. They should learn from insta message and michat 😠😠
Is a bit fun, but I dont like the fact that I get Whatsapp and normal unnecessarily, there should be a good convo going on before you exchange your number with any one, please do something about it.
Am a new user of this app and from what I heard from the review, I don't think I will continue with this app. How can a dating app be created without adding where it's users add their face... At least to see and know if u like who u are chatting with and also to prevent scammers🤷
Very poor. At first i love it But since last week It has been updating Anytime i open d app it wants an update
Payment not working, advert not working. Please fix. Also picture quality not clear enough. Please do enhance your picture resolution
Compared to Badoo Inmessenger & Tinder.. This is just one star.. I think u shld just study these other ones, copy them and add ur own twist... Don't try reinventing d wheel.. Just my 2 cents.. Cheers
I have a few minor issues with the app that I feel can be worked on. I don't get why I have to get a pop up notification of incoming msg before I get the notification of the actual msg itself, then also why do I have to always fill my DOB, number & gender each time I login to the app. I feel the whole general interface can be improved. Now I can't chat or reply msgs anymore
Why is it that when user complained about been scammed by ladies on the app ,the admin refuses to reply or comment on that...i have used the app sometimes but find out all the ladies on it are always asking for 2-5k transport fare or upfront payment,if you send it they wont show up and if you dont send they wont chat with you again...why is thr admin not saying anything about that and you want usee to subscribe to premium,if you can tackle that i bet you ,number of premium users would skyrocket
Really interesting and fun app..am enjoying the use😁... But the only problem is the payment method, [paypal] its not working for me , i tried putting my debit atm card details to pay for premium and other things , its not accepting it. Please you guys to put another easy method for paying in the app. Please am really begging, thanks...
The app is okay nice interface but the problem is that, there are too many scammers there, if somebody is reported for scamming remove the person immediately. The girls there majority of them are thieves pls fix that aspect.
The most terrible app I have come in contact with. The GIRLS there are all 419. None is left out. Always asking for tfare before anything.
Very useless app up to no good, bunch of scammers possing as female, they collect transport money and disappears,
The app is pretty good, But it's full of scammers got scammed this morning from a couple of people, I will advise the Developer increase security for fraudsters , make in a way that you can pay through the app after service so the app will Like a middle man, check how upwork work's
Very fantastic app just that most ppl in the app are scam pls u need to scrutinise profiles and all profile should be verified aside that it's the best hookup platform so far
Better with time but I believe in your site and know that with time there will be significant improvement in areas of chats and groups. Your site is amazing and quite friendly. The site is awesome. The site is interesting. I would recommend the site for my friends. Though I would advice you treat our privacy more confidential Though as interesting as this site maybe, there should be avenue to check mate fake and fraudulent activity or people who use other people picture to gain attention and as
The app is an orgy of scammers, no real content, they will always promise to be there for business but they are cheap con artists
Am enjoying the app but one big problem on the app is 90% of ladies or babes are all trying to extort guys by asking for money,airtimes etc and majority of profiles on the app are not created by the real pictures on the profiles so it's means 90% of ladies profiles especially are created to scam innocent guys and men.. My advice to the developers of this app is to add features of VIDEO CALLING with this features you can detect which profiles created fake or it's real. The app it's going well..
It's like the app is getting worse. It keeps telling me that my app is out of date yet no update on play store
This is the Edited version after Olosho App Admin reply me. Check their reply. It shows they are aware. Don't use your Debit card there. i think the app admin of olosho are all scammer. few minutes after signing up someone message me on Whatsapp from the site . telling me if i play betting on sportybet. i play along only. two other people message me again and they send me fake website to login so that they can steal my debit card details. people should beware and Google should this something.
It's good and I love it. Though there lots of fake female identities who happens to guys using lady's picture as dp to deceive guys. But it's such a lovely app all the same. Thanks to the developers.
There's always room for improvement..... Pls improve and not like updates every other week, that can be frustrating aswell
The app is great but am having some issues with it i can't send someone my picture or update my picture on status,the app will will restart just like that place try to fix it
There is improvement but i it will be nice to be able to filter location to be able to see ppl closest to you
Messed up app. When you update the app, it won't show anything until you uninstall and redownload. So you keep making money right? Rubbish.
Functionality first. You are more concerned about payments but can't even get the basics right. How is it difficult to send messages to people. A dating app that is slow when accessing chats. Less than one star for me
It would be nice to be able to select the amount I wish to pay, rather than being forced to pay for 3 months!!!
Nice and really easier to meet people..... But the only location is state capital, I think all the local government headquarters should be on it too....
Pls i need help on how to upload my profile picture. I've been trying for three days now and it's not working even to upload my status. Once i click on the photo session and select a pic , d app will just go off. I have tried it countless times and I'm getting fed up ...
I paid for a month, messaged the customer care to confirm and got no response. I emailed and got nothing. Says the live chat agent is online. Edited------The customer service reviewed my complain and did the needful. Quick response too. ✌🏽
Please I really appreciate!! Because this app made it easier for us to hookup with girls but most things that's there is that not all those girls were that's doing this work,some are just there to be collecting another's money, which isn't good,please find something to do about those that's doing these....
None for now. but is saying unfortunately Olosho has stopped working. It keep closing on his own that's so annoying pls fixed it.
Not a bad experience, even though some communication options should be included to make it a more enjoyable experience, and I also think that group that will be opened later will really bring forth fun, also add games like truth or dare and other things
Bring back easy access to contact olosho users on WhatsApp. By revealing their whatsapp number on Olosho like before the upgrade of the app.
Very good nice app and romantic and very interested I love the app I think I will got what I want here
This Olosho App is a big Scam. I just Subscribed N1,500 Monthly and it waa successful i read just two messages it log me out that i have run out of free Usage in just 5 seconds what a scam
Its good app but for them to ask us to subscribe before taking number is wrong Everyone that I know that's using this app are deleting it already
This app really getting me madt,,, how can I log out,, and to login back is a problem,,, saying incorrect username,,, even after sending recover password,, I still will not receive a message.. Pls,, it's so annoying
Your app is crazy, immediately I updated it, I never seize to see ads and your app is too slow!!!!!!!!!!! You guys should try and upgrade your app, I can't even block someone, video call, no group You guys are making alot of money from this app, but don't want to upgrade your app IT'S A SHAME TO SOCIAL MEDIA 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
Not the app I want to use. Do you guys sell numbers or what? I keep getting Spams on my WhatsApp from people saying they are from this App and they want me subscribe to one thing or the other. I am only giving 4 stars because I know what it takes to build and ship an idea into a product. It's not always perfect but it gets better
App is good. But it still has a lot of glitches. Still freezes, the chat UI does not auto refresh most times. And most annoying part, it does not work with the phones notification and sounds. Like when I put my phone on silent or DO NOT DISTURB, it's notifications still come in with sounds. And that's annoying. Please work on it.
The platform is full of fake profiles and scammers, useless dating app. Even the owner of the app is a scammer.