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OMRON connect

OMRON connect for PC and MAC

Is a Health And Fitness game developed by OMRON HEALTHCARE Co.,Ltd.. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
OMRON connect makes it easy to record, view and wirelessly sync your personal wellness data.

OMRON connect is a phone that is smart that wirelessly gathers measurement information from any OMRON link suitable devices and provides an easy-to-use dashboard for watching present measurements & tracking progress.

See results
OMRON connect's dashboard shows your measurement results and history in obvious and informative illustrations, assisting to see your health styles.This application lets you verify values such as for example blood pressure, pulse, body weight, body fat, skeletal muscle, human body age, visceral fat, BMI and kcalorie burning this is certainly resting. *Compatible devices that may determine each signal are needed.

Share results
Health data from OMRON connect items can be distributed to Apple's Health.

Be secure
Your measurement data is firmly kept in your smartphone.

For detailed information on the services, be sure to visit "https://www.omronconnect.com".

For OMRON smartphones being connect-recommended please refer to "https://www.omronconnect.com/devices".

For OMRON products that are connect-compatible please refer to "https://www.omronconnect.com/products".

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the OMRON connect.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download OMRON connect for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Great app, allow to track your health state. Minus one star because of lack of sync with Garmin Connect or MyFitnessPal. Developers, please collaborate!
East to use sync Would be great if could add a note with blood pressure. Before tablets, before after exercise etc so its recorded when printed out to take to GP
I like the content of the app especially the ability to produce a report. I can't see that it integrates with other popular apps, and I would have liked to be able to give details of the medication / dose being taken. These two improvements would give it 5 stars.
For the first few days readings were automatically transferred to my phone and tablet. Now it takes many manual attempts to update my phone. But is much better on the tablet
Well designed app to store your readings that can be easily accessed or made available to anyone who needs to know the readings.
The reason why I have high blood pressure. The app takes forever to connect to the device and needs to re-pair frequently.
Some simple analytics tools would be of essence. And simple queries also. The UI should be adjusting in a screen rotation to give better visualization of data.
This app works very well and its very easy to use. Records all my Blood pressure, heart rates, morning and evening. Even i can take a print out and forward it to my Dr..I really love it.
Hope this update makes it more reliable transferring data from cuff to phone every time rather than the unreliable experience of last year
While the app works fine and is reliable, I cannot rate it any higher because it neither syncs with Google Fit, nor Samsung Health. It's baffling that a leading medical devices company cannot make their core app work with two of the most popular health tracking services around. I do not want to create a million accounts and hand my sensitive data to a dozen different companies and then have to manually keep track of each different one.
Exporting data to a spreadsheet isn't always the easiest. Could make it a lot more user friendly and slick.
My only complaint is to Create/ Upgrade User Settings so we can Switch between Users/Patients, it's very much required update for me... Thank you. Using HEM-7120
Why does this app need my location to transfer my blood pressure readings? Also it is terrible at transferring readings. Most of the time can't find the BP reader. I wish I'd bought a cheaper unit now. Manually entering the readings into a better app than this app would lower my blood pressure and be quicker.
Hopeless, is haphazard in its readings, has several error messages, and gets to 99% of update downloads and then defaults out. I'll probably be returning my unit this week.
For the most part the product performs well with occasional glitches. The App likewise but the results are well recorded.
I had problems when I reinstalled the app and got a "database error" which took me a some time to fix. The instructions for the app are not easy to find. Eventually I found the url for the "FAQ" and then found "initialising" where I found the instruction to delete the data from storage for the app (in the phone's settings for the app). A bit frustrating. Maybe a good idea to make these instructions easier to find.
I am using HEM-7361T, and there is no 2nd profile data in app. Please add that feature to record 2nd user in this app. Thank you.
Pathetic experience. I bought HEM 7121J yesterday. It wasn't mentioned that it saves only 1 user profile in its app. Device has no memory option. However, pathetic was the customer ssupport. I called thrice. Twice call was disconnected while waiting for rep to answer. Third time, a female voice replied. When mentioned the problem, she disconnected the call. If that is how you support your customers, it's better that I pay 1200/- for Dr.Morepan than 2500/- Omron. You lost a promoter.
Should have user login option... so that one user's data can be saved and used from other device (once user changes phone)
Give an option to see all recordings as a list in first screen . Will be helpful for old persons to take from menu
After update, application is unable to scan the reading on device. Giving errors even after done the trouble shooting. Please resolve the issue and update the application.
Why do you limit its use to BT devices? I own 8 sensors scale without Bluetooth connection but I would manually input the indicators in the app. The device only shows one position in history. Why the limit to only one scale while you sell so many better types of indicators scales?
After an initial learning curve I am finding the information very useful and getting more proficient at digesting the results
Great device to app connection. Fairly easy to use. Automatically produces graphs and charts to show daily results.
Brilliant App and it's great to have all my BP readings stored into this App on my phone to show Dr's my history should there be a problem instead of me keeping going to appointments just for a BP check.
While the app works fine and is reliable, I cannot rate it any higher because it does not sync BP data with Google Fit, doesn't sync BMI data to Samsung Health. When basics like that are missing, it makes keeping track of all health data in one place, more and more difficult. Also, the overall design of the app looks like it's still stuck in 2012.
Since the last Android update a week ago it has stopped working will not update daily reads. Worked fine before that and yes I have uninstalled and re installed it.
I would've given 5 stars but it keeps stop working when you access de graph page. I've sent tons of reports but nothing yet. I restarted, uninstall and reinstall the app but with no luck. I hope someone sees this and fixes it. After all, it's a medical device, no?
Great app to keep track of things Little annoying thay ot drops log out and need to log back in quite a bit but love it apart from that
It gives an indication about blood pressure and trend to observe. But not as accurate as the Mercury one. I have to subtract 15 to 20 point from the upper reading ( SYS) as a correction factor.
Potential to be useful but not quite there yet. Doesn't always sync readings from my X7. When it does get the readings it doesn't always update the journal. Reinstalled the app, repaired the Bluetooth no matter what I do the issue persists.
user friendly, accurate , professional touch, reliable instrument , easily linked to my health monitor app
Not enough connected apps. Like many people I use a SmartWatch and keep track of my health using these gadgets. The app does not share BP to other apps and therefore it's not as useful to me as I need to manually enter values. This means I would look to purchase a different brand (with better app integration) in future should this not be addressed. It might seem petty however opening several different apps to see information is not much easier than simply writing the information in a notepad.
I was looking for the us/can app. As it has a better interface for me and that I can add blood pressure readings manually which I can't do on this app. The us/can app can also track my weight which I can't do on this app. Plus it could sync my BP to Google fit this needs a body composition monitor. I'm really starting to regret getting my bp7450 if I can only use this app.
Once you get in routine of checking bp you can try to maintain towards your health. Also there is less chance of missing medication. It is so easy to keep journal upto date.
Reviews saying the connection does not work should not deter you from buying an RS7 blood pressure monitor. It connects reliably on my Android 9 phone (not listed by Omron as tested) to my RS7. Re-pair if not. But it's clumsy with comments in a separate journal, graphs lacking detail and forgetting settings and 8doesn't work directly with phone's step counter but can link to apps. Med M health is better.
Useless app, after update on 24th Feb it is no longer scanning the results, also there is no way to enter readings manually. Useless, not recommended, uninstalling it.
Easy to use, good overview.rewuest: please also make bloodpressure data available in google fit? Now only weight is transferred to google fit.
Omron come on guys, why can't you sync to Google Fit? Apply for that policy thingie and sync the data in, don't be lazy... Also, why does it only sync blood pressure to Samsung Health? Why does it not sync the pulse as well?
This app gives you the fundamental features. With the recent updates, the app is responding slow. Data transfer from the equipment is not as smooth before updates.
You made waste app for omran in which old model omran blood pressure monitor device can't be connected, which device is available in the market, Can you solve this, Device which has no bluetooth like RS1 (HEM-6120-E), another M2 Basic.
Needs improving. Purchased 1 for my dad, as he has no smart phone, I'm using mine to keep a log for the doctor. Now I've purchased another for my wife and I, but if i add another new device, both measurements show on the same graf. Why can't we have 2 users on 1 smart phone?? Should be easy to do. Also would be good to link to fitbit and renpho.
Can only share weight (if you have a body composition monitor) with Google Fit. Despite that Google Fit can also take other values like pulse, temperature and so on. Why this totally random restriction?
Doesn't pair with Omron Evolv. The only thing the US customer support has to say is to direct you to Omron support in another country, even though the monitor was bought and delivered in the US. Shame on you Omron. Workaround: use MedM BP app, it pairs with Evolv and syncs data to the app. From the app you can export data anywhere.
I like the option of keeping track of my blood pressure records but sometime have encounter issue that read data does not update to the daily database.. there is no ideas or solution to get resolve. Only way is to take the pressure again & again..
I use this with an OMRON M7 Intelli IT (HEM-7322T-E) device. Excellent app, records and displays blood pressure in graphs, or actual values, with capability to export and email detailed logbook. Connectivity has never failed on me (using Huawei Mate 9). Overall very satisfied.
User friendly, results are good. One should use after reading, through the instructions well understood for best results. Very good reliable operatus.
No mention is made anywhere that this app is not intended for tablets. As a result, the instructions are limited to the bottom right of the display where only the top left hand part is available for perusal. On contacting Omron I was informed that the app was meant only for phones, odd when considering the target consumer is likely to benefit from the larger display available on a tablet. Apart from that very poor marketing, the app works well enough. Location does NOT need to be on
Application force update, cannot continue using without update even don't need and not convenience to. It is very bad behaviour for a health care application like this.
Never thought I would like it. I really love the its ability to track my BP on my phone and whenever i see the doctor, i have proof of my history. Very easy to use too. Good job!!
Pathetic app, there are better OCR availble open source sites than this app has. Unable to take snapshot of a single reading
A great app. Has everything I need to monitor my BP. It's a tool that will warn me if my BP gets out of control thus allowing me to make health adjustments accordingly.
Cannot connect with a Huawei Mate 10 Lite. I've tried all the possibilities, including new batteries, multiple installs and uninstalls of the app. No use to me at all thus far. If there's some secret to it that I don't know, the Omron RS7 Intelli IT gets returned and the app permanently deleted.
The app itself is quite underwhelming. Doesn't have integration with Google Fit. Customer support isn't able to explain why, just states 'Google Fit is not supported' as an answer. My expectations of support for a blood pressure monitor I paid over a hundred pounds were higher than this.
App is ok. When I tried to link to the cloud it wouldn't send me a password reset label. Apart from that it's fine.
This is an important app for me. However, I do find it quite difficult to use, as it is not very intuitive. Overall I find it to be a somewhat clumsily-designed app, which appears to have evolved with add-ons rather than designed with a purpose. Nevertheless, it does its job and presents data in a fairly clear way.
Omran connect BP shows lower figures never matches with mannual BP machine which always shows higher by 20 to 25 sys blood pressure.
Have been using this app with my Omron X4 Smart for a while but cannot see anyway to delete an error reading from the list which distorts the average reading. Surely there should be a way to delete readings where you may have moved or coughed when taking the reading?
Multi profile not available. I wanted to use this bp monitor for the entire family but there is no multi profile option
App is simple and functional. Reason I gave it 2 stars is because the app does not have a password to lock it. Anybody with my mobile phone has free access to my health data which is wrong. Something needs to be urgently done about this.
Sometimes it takes quite a while (4-5min) to sync the data from blood pressure meter. Also, it would be so good if two separate individuals could use it, and the device should separate the results on two different smart phones. The notes that you can add to a daily blood pressure monitoring is too short, you should extend it, so we could put a few sentences into it. Would be nice if we could add the name of the sports to a given day. We could monitor which sport is the best to decrease our BP.
This app is awesome. Easy install, connects to the phone every time no problem. Easy to use. Very happy with my HEM-7600T as well, fantastic monitor.
Love this app. Very useful but since yesterday, after my smartphone update(Samsung), I can't delete records from the list. This is very important if you use the Omron with 2 persons and you forget to switch the user button
Wish it had Google Fit integration. Having BP reading only in this app isn't of much use. You can't correlate it with other parameters captured by other devices. Google Fit is a platform where all devices can capture various parameters for unified view. App does the job well of recording BP and pulse from the screen of my BP monitor which is not Bluetooth enabled. But it still misses on a few more attributes my BP monitor shows on the screen.
This app does not deserve any rating it's connectivity with Omrons own devices is in my experience none existant. I have over the years been an avid user of Omron heart rate monitors and have used several top of the range phones but I have never once been able to establish a connection between an Omron device and this app. I now use Samsung health with my monitors and they work well together. For me this app is useless.
Will not connect the omron device we bought. Terrible user experience. Only seems to work with old phones.
Nice, I like the connectivity with my device. I'll suggest new models come with rechargeable battery, instead of alkaline battery.
I loved the app and idea behind. The device I use is HEM 7120 so this app serves the purpose. A new feature I would love to have: I use this device to monitor BP of my grandparents and mine, so it would be great if I can create multiple profiles and log readings accordingly.
It's a good app, but whilst weight data (Omron Viva, great set of scales) syncs with Google Fit, Omron refuse to do the admin to allow BP data (Evolv, good BP monitor, better if it allowed multiple users) to sync with it. The response from "customer service", when asked, was incredibly rude.
Excellent device and app which enables you to monitor blood pressure easily and to record the data for comparison over various time frames
It's s great app as I can present my BP results to my doctor by just printing out my logbook - 7 days average of my test record is really short & sufficient review to manage my hypertension condition.
expensive EVOLV blood pressure monitor is very difficult to setup the connection. Difficult to delete readings and having multiple users
The results for each individual user are uploaded to the app as one combined list for both. Two separate users (1&2) require two separate results. The all results page provides one list which is a combination of both users together with one average for all of the blood pressure readings. This is a not an accurate representation as each person is unique.
Good app complimenting a good product, now that I've worked out to remove my smart watch before taking no to avoid wobbly 💓 display.
There is no facility to storing multiple user data in app. App should have facility to add profile id so that mentor/doctor/family members can collect or get readings as and when require basis. The app consumes too much large size in phone. I.e. 250+ mb. It should be lite. If data syncs in cloud then why app is consuming this much size?
This App is not compatible and does not support with HEM-7120. I do not see that model in the list. The App which I use is updated and use on Android version-10.
The app some times captures incorrect readings despite good ambient light. Many features need to be introduced like authenticity of the person for whom the measurements being obtained. Otherwise some users misuse the readings of some other person
I really like the reports you get out of the app and easy to operate. My only complaint, I have looked and although my Omron has a User1 and User 2 switch and I have 2 "devices" one for each user the Journal and exports never says which user so as I am sharing with my partner we cannot easily see personal data, even the export mixes them, if there was a column says user 1 or 2 it would be a lot easier.
App was fine but has now glitched and resized the dashboard so it doesnt fill the phone screen properly. Also contest and coin system is a great idea but the odds are not clearly explained, and maybe it is a step too far to be literally gambling with our health.
It works well, but I would prefer to be able to add longer comments and not only once a day, but for each reading.
The results for each individual user are uploaded to the app as one combined list for both. Two separate users (1&2) require two separate results. The all results page provides one list which is a combination of both users together with one average for all of the blood pressure readings. This is a not an accurate representation as each person is unique. Is it possible to make the data more readable on the all results page it's clear on a apple device but not on Android
Helpful to keep a regular check on my BP. Have had issues for several years so it helps to be able to work out daily, weekly and monthly averages. The results can be sent in a report to my e mail address so that I can print it out for my gp to scrutinise.
Pics cant be saved. Cant save more than 1 pic the one taken previously is gone hence you will not have the list if checked later
Does what its supposed to I assume. Would have liked the daily journal to log average measurement instead of 1st one taken.
I have been using Omron weighing for more than 2 months. I get very accurate readings, moreover the Omron App keeps track of history and progress made. I call this a fantastic product.
This was an excellent app but, since the last update, it is horrific. It now takes upwards of 40 seconds to produce any of the graphs. I keep getting messages that the app is not responding. Very disappointing.
Didn't even deserve 1 star.. I'm just thinking who the hell gave so much rating s .. please don't waste your data and time. This is worst app..what's the use of this app.. it's just kept on crashing.. the worst app .. no use of this app.
Practically stopped working. After not having used my RS7 in many months, the app can't read my today's measurements for my user now. Says there're no readings for user 1, I should make sure to switch to the correct user on the RS7. After deleting all app data in order to start anew, the app can't even start up successfully b/c it fails to connect to some server. This is utter bs and not what I paid for with the expensive RS7! Fix this, Omron, don't treat your customers like that!
Pure Kafka. You get locked out of their cloud if you don't use the App regularly. The contact page in the App then doesn't work. Contacted Omron via their website and was told to contact them via the App, which is impossible. Omron do not allow you to create a 2nd account so this product is now useless. My advice (if not already too late), do not buy a cloud based product from Omron...
I use the app four to seven times a day on my doctor's request. The app makes it easy to pass this information on.
Decent app for tracking BP, weight etc., but why isn't there an easy option to delete an erroneous BP measurement? It skews the averages and the instructions in the FAQ don't work?
Easy to use great for keeping a record to show doctors blood pressure readings over a longer period of time
No USA in list of regions! Other recent negative reviews confirm this app is still junk. e.g. "Frequently need to (re) pair app with BP device".
Sync stopped working, even tho app is paired with device. It just display spinners but even after more than minute no data are transfered. I was able to fix issue by restarting phone. Ui related issue: Cannot stop app, and get rid of sync notification
I have been using Omron weighing for more than 6 months. I get very accurate readings, moreover the Omron App keeps track of history and progress made. I call this a fantastic product.
The device sync for the weighing scale doesn't work consistently, even when I tried to refresh the app when it couldn't sync, still notb syncing... Gave up!
Best device, Bluetooth works really well. Need better interface for personal note and easier way to download history so it can loaded into spreadsheets for longitudinal analysys
Purpose of using app could be better, I feel after scanning the details from the monitor, it should tell the user, whether the readings are helathy or non healthy by determined colors. Because it does only showing the readings as memory. If this app could showcase the status of health , I might have given 5 star
Unable to connect to HEM-7600T after recent app update. Delete device and reconnect and now is ok. Suspect app lost connect.
Pairing is a pain. Data transfer is a pain. Have to unpaired and repair. Very disappointed with a product this expensive. Maybe got got a dud product. Last omron product I'll buy
I'm giving this 5 star because I haven't had any problems with the app, and it does exactly what I want, keeping an accurate record thumbs up yes
Omron come on guys, why can't you sync to Google Fit? Apply for that policy thingie and sync the data in, don't be lazy... Also, why does it only sync blood pressure to Samsung Health? Why does it not sync the pulse as well? Edit: On my Android 10 device I can no longer sync....
I don't want to link to your cloud or receive promotional material therefore you cannot get by the first page. Drivel!
Okay so far, as I'm just setting it up. The pairing with my phone was quick and painless. I also connected it to my Samsung health account, but it would be great if you could set up at the very least a second user profile in the app.
App won't connect to Omron Evolv. Samsung S20 sees the Bluetooth connection no problem. App just times out on BT connect screen. Very sad and disapointing, I thought I was getting a premium product : (
The app does not install an app icon (not on my Samsung S20 anyway). Linking to Samsung Health is possible and why I wanted the device. Not very straight forward though.
Can't pair/connect my BP653/HEM 6321T to the app...The model no. doesn't appear in the list (Error 6029) despite it being Bluetooth compatible. Tried using the closest model no. (HEM 6321T & HEM 6322T) but still did not work. Please advise. Thanks Note: Will rate positively if this is solved.
Nice app, but I can't connect it to Google Fit for sharing my data. Please fix this problem, it's very important for me.
It might seem a bit harsh to rate an app that I haven't actually used so low, but Omron claim this app stores your personal information securely on your phone yet it won't even start without an Internet connection. Since my firewall blocks unwanted Internet accesses I haven't managed to use the app. There is no offline mode. For this reason I will track my medical data the old fashioned way and use a spreadsheet, not this app.
Are you people serious? I bought the HEM-6232T to use with this app. Firstly the machine is made out of cheap plastic and is flimsy 👎 Second: this app is so unreliable, won't connect the machine to the app even though I have a compatible phone (note 9). This whole experience from buying a cheap (which wasn't cheap financially)omron wrist machine to using this is is a joke. I would not recommend either, look around first before thinking of buying into this rubbish.
No complaints. As a weighing scale works fine and updates app. Not sure if body fat and muscle mass is accurate.
All was well until the app was updated automatically on 23rd February 2021. The app is unable to scan the readings. I find this very annoying.
It works brilliantly. Excellent features; collecting data, display as a graph, list, average for the month and export .pdf to your email address.