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Pack Opener for FUT 21

Pack Opener for FUT 21 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Smoq games. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Pack Opener is back with new updated 21 version!

Open packs and collect all the cards! Open the pack that is best, build an ultimate Draft, complete Squad Building Challenges and play online tournaments.

Now you can buy and sell cards on the Transfer Market for in-game currency.

You can open number that is unlimited of. Will you have the squad that is best and win matches against your friends or will you rather become rich by putting players on the transfer market?
It's all up to you in new version of Pack Opener for FUT 21!

● Open packs and scratch cards
● Collect Ultimate Team Cards and Badges
● Transfer Market
● Squad Builder
● Squad Building Challenges
● Build a Draft
● Online tournaments with friends
● Missions for Special Cards
● Simulate online matches
● Position change cards
● Achievements, records and statistics
● Daily rewards
● Full players database
● Special secret codes for super packs
● and much, much more... :)

This application’s sole purpose is to help users learn how to build the FUT drafts that are best and squads, find out about latest FUT players and updates, and grow the mobile FUT community.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pack Opener for FUT 21.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pack Opener for FUT 21 for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Just fun gives me a 2d version of fifa ultimate team and nothing you have to buy. One thing is more ways so show if it's a walkout or board
love the app! just a little problem tho, whenever i tap it changes colors its very weird please check it out its really annoying me, thank you.
It is a very fun game to do but I never get luck also got scammed when I pack pele but still fun and I'm happy I packed totys
This is a great game but I have a problem. My team was rated 189 and this guys team was rated 186 and he beats me 2:0 how the heck is that possible change this please make it so if you have a difference like that the team with the higher rating wins its a joke
Its a great game but you need to update the players most of them are from last season and play for old teams it's quite annoying when In draft and you get a player that now plays in the prem but in game still plays at an old club so messes your chemistry up when it shouldn't just things like that
realy fun only issie is players should be seld for way more add prime icon moment packs but otherwise not hackable get it and why in tranfer market are things bought for fifa points change that to coins
This game is amazing.Better than fifa 21.I do think you should get better packs when your on match on my club.Its still great😊
The game is so good I love it so much and the best thing I like is the stats it shows you how many goals did your player score and the fut quiz is good but the game is luck based but that,s cool the wish list ruined the game so the coins are needed only for packs
I couldn't open the app for some reason and I've decided to delete the app, and downloaded it back and I figure it out that I've lost all the progresses etc etc.... everything. Unbelievable, this is unacceptable.
This game is amazing but the only little problem is when I go in a draft and I go in online it says check for update unknown card try again
I do not recommend due to the fact that i have opened about 10 82+ packs (25,000 each) and i am only getting players with an overall rating of 82 whitch is annoying because im trying to get more money but im just wasting 18,000 coins per pack, and if you are new to the game it is hard to win games because there are people whose overall rating is around 185-190 (mine is 189). And when i started i had one of these players evey second game
Not too bad. I didnt originally like the points system, but now I dont mind it. It makes the game more challenging and stops everyone having the same cards and ratings . Perfect
Please make us use coins to buy players not fifa points because that's what fifa does. And also make us use both fifa points and coins to buy packs because that is what fifa does.
I do not like the way that u have to list players for points instead of coin value PLEASE change that so that people can LIST PLAYERS FOR COINS AS THE POINTS SYSTEM SUCKS
There should be a draft league option like in pacybits 20. That would be my only complaint, great game👌🏻👍🏻.
I think it's great really fun and amazing,... However IT'S SO HARD TO WIN LOL maybe just bring down the rating of the opposition plz
One of the best mobile pack openers/ draft been since fifa 18 where a company made a good draft simulation
This game is amazing.Better than fifa 21.I do think you should get better packs when your on match on my club.Its still great
not really a fan of the new currency, coins are kinda pointless now and it's nearly impossible to sell players which makes it less fun imo
Fun game just think there should be a way to buy points and coins and also just bought a 200k pack and didt get the cards
It's very bad game when i play with team his ratings is 186 I play teams with team ratings 190 and above 😡😡🤬
Amazing app! Love the points and coins instergram free packs and they are dropping toty(team of the year) which is great I recommended this app for everyone
This is an amazing game but there is a bug where I got scammed by a trader taking my David Beckham card but he said " I don't know what happend " so that's something you really need to fix.
I love the game. I am having a problem with the game because when I open the game it starts to glitch so can you please help me out Thanks
I am sorry but it's impossible to play and win, it might good for all player to have legend but a squad of legend was to much maybe you need to think that mechanic twice for a beginner to have a fair match.
This game is awesome. Whenever new cards come in i can just update the app and i have then. And the fact you can get codes on instagram for more packs is amazing. I will recommend this app to anyone who wants to open packs and make drafts.
Love the game if we could do the transfer market with coins and trade packs and points would be the all Time Best ever
IGame crash for no reason ! Even after i updated google crhome and web view . Its work . But all my team data are lost . And all my transfers not found . How can i restore it ?!
Very nice game, but could have a option to open all packs at once, I have 100+ gold packs, but iam not gonna open it all, if it has a feature that open all of it at once it will be very nice XD
This game is just unreal how good it is I love trading, getting rewards, and opening the Advent calendar. Pacwyn is amazing too and I sent a review about that as well
i think it is really good and the drafts keep me bussy for a long time. I wouldn't take a star away beacause the 85 rated icons sell for nothing it is just pack luck but i will take one off because i had such a good team and i accidentaly clicked bot match when i wanted to press match online i think there should be a way to change the option before you start the bot matches
It is really good fun, lots of different game modes to play and fairly easy to get good players and practice for actual FIFA!
Absolutely love this game, had the game last year and made millions. The one downside I dont really like it that players are brought with fifa points not coins. But all in all a great game but only 4stars cuz of the fifa points thing
Ive been playing this since fifa 20 and to be honest theres no point of buying fifa because this sorts me just fine. Thank you for making such a good game
Very good game only thing is to make changes of getting prime icons bigger or better cards like not getting a 80 like getting 90
I really like this game, but i packed pele, sold him and bought every toty. But i came back the next day and i only had ronaldo and fernandes.
It was fun but it was hard to get a good player uh-uh new release should give me a team of the Year Messi because I spent hours on your game
I like the game but could change the points though and for some reason I lost all my players and my coins but for some reason I downloaded again and I started all over again and had 431 points that's weird and fiiiix! The champions system because how do you get 7 yellow cards in one game!!!!
Its a great game but nothing compared to pack opener 20. The fifa points system is horrible because if you list an 85 rated gold player for 5 points nobody will buy them because there are so many one on the market for the same price. 3 stars outta 5.
It's okay but, the pack opener 20 was way better because if I wanted to buy a player i have to use my points fix this and use coins
I gave it a 3 star because the players are far too expensive and I keep getting matched up against full icons team and it ain't fair cuz I don't get a chance to win
It's a very amazing game. I like it very much. But there is a problem, when we buy the player in the pervious pack opener's games like pack opener 2020 you can buy the players by coins not points. But now in this game you buy the players by points. It is a hard thing. I hope that this problem will fix in the fastest time
I love this game so much but first change the pack animation Two return the coins instead of points Three if you can make it offline that's good ,Thanks
It's very good but no where near as good as 20 and when are you going to remove points and bring trading
I think this game is just as good maybe better than prime pacybits but what would make it the best of its kind is if the transfer market was based on meta players (for example neymars mbappes mendys gullits being the more expensive cards) also if u had a better chance of winning if u have meta players rather than the highest rated squad
I loved the version for fut 20 but this one is not as good. The points system doesn't work and the market is broken.
This is a better version of FIFA but u can't play it it's has loads of game modes and usely easy to get cards
I love it but the pack animations need changing also the drafts always go on extra time fic it in next update I also hate the pack luck on the game coins should come back not points
I believe this app is very good and the fact there are pack codes makes it even better for people who want to do pack openings on fifa but don't have them
I like the game but could change the points though I also want to mention that it be great if you added the mega packs and rare players pack it be really amazing I like the way how you can make your dream squad and the card design as well.
You should take away the points system in the Transfer Market. Overall though, I think it's pretty good.
Very good pack opener and community interaction with the free instagram packs, people don't really like the coin and points system but I don't mind it because it rewards players who grind although the transfer market prices are very poor but the community prices them so the dev can't really do anything but 1 issue is that when I got a new phone I had to restart so maybe add an account system if possible
I mean .. this is just bad. The pack opening animation is like from a 25 year old game and the card .. you cannot even read the card stats, because of the colors. What happened? Fut20 was miles ahead of this
If you don't have this very AWSOME game your actually missing out so if you did not download this game YOU HAVE TO DO DOWNLOAD IT becuase its like fifa 21 the same thing same graphics same everything so go ahead and click the download button and belive me your gonna love it so much 👍 😉
This is such an addicting and fun game and I can always play the real FIFA 21 so this is good for when I want to play that but can't, I also love the fact that the drafts are free unlike in FIFA 21.
It's a very good game but if they switched the points for packs and coins for players it would be alot better.
The points system for the market is the worst feature on the game I suggest remove it before people remove the game.
This is game is amazing you can do whatever you want lots of game modes. Only things that I don't like are that Lightning Rounds aren't always there on the same days and when you play fut champs or any kind of online games except drafts you always go up against teams that are 194 and over. But overall very good game and it's updated frequently.
I got a little idea for a new mode. You build a squad with the players you have got in the club every week and how ever they play that week you gets points based on how they play and the rewards could be pack,points and coins. I think it would be good because at the moment getting coins and points aint easy
this is afunny game but i want to play the matches and control the players and at least i want to listen the events of matches and its an amazing game
Needs lots more Leeds United player's. Just think they need lots more player's. More pack's. More min games and more kits. More Patrick Banford. More Harrogate. More Manchester city. More wolves. More Liverpool. More Brighton. More 98 Rated player's. More fun than Fiffa20 because this is Fiffa21.Needs to have manager in the game as well as player's and kits and bags. It is a very good game but not as fun as Fiffa20. Needs lots more tournaments than Fiffa20 lots more. More cards than before .
It's broken don't download it I had the best players in the game and a 188 scored 2 on the 90th min and won and the same time my pelé and keeper gets injuryed and sent off it's a waste of time
Very good the points system needs working on probably if you use points for opening packs but still open packs with coins as well but other than that it is a very good game good job smoq games
Good game and all but it won't let me collect more than 200 fifa at one time meaning there useless! At the minute I'm owed 735 points but they take ALL the points away when I reach 200 its really bad!
Terrible game mechanics, 189 (100chem) losing to 185 new point system for buying and selling is horrible, have love the previous app for so long but now it's time to uninstall
Very good. but could show if you are getting a walkout or board. Ever since the update the game hasn't worked. Can you please fix this smoq game
The game is okay. It has some flaws. Like when I went to check my players it didn't let me go back to the menu so I had to reset it. Also when I finished my draft matchit didn't let me go back to the draft menu. Pls fix these flaws.
Get rid of points it's near impossible to build a team don't know how I'm coming up against 91 rated teams the last one was far better.
This game is not the first 21 version out there, but it is the best so far. Nice colourways and excellent designs. The fact that they have updated teams is terrific. Good packs and drafts so far. Looking forward to continue playing this game.
Very good game, much better than fifa. But there is an issue that the packs are so expensive and overpriced.
This game is amazing.Better than fifa 21.I do think you should get better packs when your on a match on my club.Its still great😊 (Update) It stoped working for me for some reason
The two downsides is that the pack animation is horrible, it looks like a game from 15 years ago, and please get rid of points from the transfer market, i hate it is horrible, just bring back coins instead. But overall its a alright game, but in my opinion, Pack Opener For FUT 20 is still better. Im not playing it until you remove points from the transfer market
The game is a load of fun but they should give more points. Points are rare to get but key In the game
Had a game brakeing bug that wouldnt let me do anything and keep crashing even tho it was fully updated so i reinstalled the app to find that this games save your progress in the worst way possible 2 the point you will lose all ur progress
Very good game but the point sistem is justbad imo the fut20 was better only cause it didn t have this mechanic
It is very good but when you draft and you go to extra time when a team a score you should also be abel to so score back not just wait because is i have a 190 and Liverpool have 188 i should be able to beat themat extra time even if they score first
I only put it as a 2 star because when u download it and u play it for abit when u go back on it for me it doesn't load back up and just crashes it doe sthe same for my mates
Love the new cards absouloutly amazing i have fifa 21 but the only thing what would be better is if it could play matches instead of seeing what the score is
This is a good game to play but its impossible to pack a tree a Team of the year I was so mad when I pack alphonso davies toty I accidently selled it but I got the money six thousand coins I was so happy
A good game definitely NOT as good as the last year's but still OK......I mean the points and coins system is the worst. U can either sale players fir their quick sell price and get very low money for opening packs thats very sad coz packing is more fun than just buying them from the market .....plz i would like u to fix it plzzzz
It's worse than scrypted!! I have better team than my rivals in draft and i lose somehow, but never win when mine is worse. What can i say about champions? It's awful that if time's up you don't lose the shot but it's taken by its own. Awful!
I loved the previous year's version and I like this one. However, please allow us to buy players with coins more and remove points.
Splendid game.....I just hate the fact that we can't play players and Badges with FUT coins but now tokens which is very hard to get😭😭😭😭😭😭FIX it plz
I would prefer it if when you sell the players if it was money again instead of the points but apart from that a very good game
Would be better if u got money and could put players up for money instead of fifa points but overall a great game
This is a phenomenal game very fun always an activity to further your progress. I strongly recommend giving it a chance
I think there should be an option to buy players with coins too as I don't find it as easy to get the right amount of point easily but it's just a suggestion I think it would work well
I really enjoy playing this game. I recommend you playing it. However there should be an option where you can open all of your packs at once. I have a massive build up of packs and it's annoying to open them all individually
Still fun but new points purchase system is garbage. Having to buy players with points and not coins is stupid. Players who are 75 and 87 will go for same points price range of 5 points.
Brilliant fifa game packopener 20 was great I just dont really fancy the point system but I love a company that changes the game up every week
This game is not the first 21 version out there, but it is the best so far. Nice colourways and excellent designs. The fact that they have updated teams is terrific. Good packs and drafts so far. Looking forward to continue playing this game. However, now that MadFut 21 is out they are seriously outperformed. Devs shld try to up their game if they wanna do anything.
Good fun if i was to change anything it would be when you communicate to someone in exchange mode give an option where you could ask for a certain position that your looking for.
Gameplay is a bit iffy I can have a team with much higher rating yet my team could lose it makes no sense I also have a problem with not being able to play fut champs without a win ina draft or a tournament as I had a 191 rating team built but yet again i lose to a much weaker team please remove the requirements to play fut champs
There is one thing your missing, the premium fut champions upgrade is only a once time thing, make it repeatable
it would be a 5 if they added all of the pack sbcs like i was hoping theywould add the league upgrade sbcs but they didnt so evenif its just all of them repeatable it would be a 5
It is an amazing game and the codes from Instagram are really helpful (I packed Zidane from one). It really like it because I don't have real FIFA and this is basically it.
Really fun game but since they added in the fifa points system to buy players on the transfer market it has made it very hard to do sbcs and build squadsbut it is a fun game
Overall very good game. Definitely up there as one of the best pack openers. However I miss selling players for coins. An improvement would be adding a conversion system between points and coins or a coin market for players. Overall happy but still go back to the 20 version every so often for selling players on the market.
This game is an absolute joke lately. Iv played well over 50 drafts and I'm lucky if iv won 3 matches. Great game but this is getting ridiculous. I lose no matter what the team ratings are. Sort it out!!!
I think it is a good game had fun trying to get good players and it is very addictive thank you who ever made this game
Brilliant game for when you are bored it might seem that its trash at the start but trust me it gets way better when u start doing drafts
Very intresting and addictive. It also improves your geography skills by knowing certain countries flags.
Just keep losing no matter the rating of your team you will lose just people have mad luck I had the best team when you pick your team just you need to know how to play
I feel like it should be easier to get good players and the lightning round should have better packs, but i really like this game.
GOOD but A few improvements I don't know why but I don't like the points system I prefer the actual coins otherwise it doesn't seem real and we get coins more easier and more times playing the actual game Overall it is Okay/Good Well done I suppose 👍 Update: Is this game for real? You get coins from season and rewards but you cant buy players with them You need to fix this make coins the only currency in the game maybe coins and points for packs but not for TRANSFER I still like the game!
This new minigame is broken it has a objective totw silver who has a quest of score 10 or more in fut quiz but it doesnt work
The reason why i didnt give a 5 star is because u need to have points to buy players and thats messed up
Very good pack animation decent game don't play the game now because it gets boring but good game worth the install
This a very good game with loads of things to do. The animation in packs and drafts are amazing. I would recommend this to people who like FIFA because it is near enough like it and it is free.
It is a great game. Because you can play's like 95 hazard and so on. They's one thing if you try to get a icon when new you only get 89 or less play's
It's very good game but when sell cards and take the points it's written(problem with request) worst servers
Very decent game everything is good. Just change the transfers from points to coins. Also quick sell on some players are strange. CR7 is 318,000 , Makelele is 18,000?
This game is a banger!!! But like the older fut 20 please remove the points system!! It sucks!! Plzzz this game has a extremely great potential of the point system if removed
Games is very clise to the actual fifa besides the while game like playing on the field portion but either from that its a 5 star for me
It is so good i packed a icon worth 252,000 coins who was veron 90 rated it is also up to date with fifa 21.
Good game but when your buying players can you change them from fifa points to coins. I'm not the only one asking this all the other people ask for this too. Can you make cards buyable by coins like Pack Opener 20
This is a good game to play when your bored you can do a lot of thongs like drafts pack and cl games the reason I didn't give it 5 was because I think you could make more parks in lighting round
The only reason this is a four star is because you can't get national badges and. Hard to pack good players thx for your time and effort of making this game could you also make it easier to get position changes
I think this is has a potential to be a great game but I personally dislike the points system. Its quite unnecessary and not really needed, apart from that though, the UI has been stepped up greatly from last year's but the pack animation could be better.
Points system is awful. Pack opener for fut 20 was a lot better. Please bring back coins for transfers.
Great game ive played this for 2 years 19 20 there were all so good but i think u should be able to trade all ratings
I would like to give 5 stars if there was a pack of animation with the next update and you could also buy coins with coins
I like fut 20 but 21 is horrible like first add trading second remove points from market make players with coins like fut20 Iam not playing this game again until you remove points
Very fun for a game where you don't do much and im 2 days in already got 1 and a half million coins would recommend
Love the game but only problem is that you have to use points to buy players and points are hard to get.
Last year this was such a good app but now they got rid of coins and use points the coins are pretty useless just bring back coins and take off points ffs
Good game and everything but its not fair that a 189 gets to the final or match up against one in fut champs and they beat me 3-1 everytime when my team is 194 it shouldnt be happening
Really good game honestly but u should be able to trade cards with people on iPhone instead of just andriod because me and my cousin both have it but have different phones 📱 😕
Great app !! I have been playing fifa on console for years and I 100% prefer this app over the console game. Very addictive and lots to do all the time 👍
it's a really good game it's just that you need to have a lot of luck to pack somebody good and they need to add more higher rated packs cuz I'm opening 82+ and I don't even get a bored
Overall probabky the best pqck opener ive played but theres not enough packs so for example add pack sbcs or higher rated player packs so that new and old players can get some better stuff
I will say it deserves 5stars but when I have more than 1500 points it brings me to 300 and it has happened to me for 3 times please fix this
Love it but pls fix dtaft system i got so annoyed even when i have the most insane team great content though.
(ESP) El 20 era el mejor juego del mundo pero este lo enpeoraron un monton por favor saquen los puntos para el mercado y que sea con monedas y el Fut Champions megustaria que sea gratus como en el 20. (ENG) Pack Opener 20 was the best game in the world but this one made it worse, please remove the points for the market and let it be with coins and the Fut Champions I would like it to be free as in Pack opener 20.
Decent game, regular updates, but ropey mechanics like a 185 beating 191s. Points are pointless but overall well designed game. Personal problem of mine is losing all my progress when reinstalling. Hope this can be resolved...
I think the points system is annoying but it is challenging to get all the good players as soon as the game changer mes out
I think you should remove the system of points bacause it is to hard to get them.I just wanted to ask when is trafing coming.When you remove point and get trading then i can give it a 5 star.
This game actually isnt bad. It does have the features of FUT and FUT Draft, just no gameplay which i liked about it. I used it normally as a time consumer as well.
This game is my favourite game out of the other pack sims but it's not the best? like i got a new phone and i had to reset my team, which i spent months on, and it has updates every other day, which is kind of annoying, and the point system is annoying as well, i think going back to coins would be better, but it's a sick game
This app is awesome but i cant figure it out why arent there any leagues to play.It would be awesome when you have to compete with other teams to be the winner.eg epl
Amazing game just like last year not a big fan of the fifa points to buy players but all round good game
I would like to give 5 stars if there was a pack of animation with the next update and you could also buy cards with coins
It's a good game. However, the tournaments, drafts and fut champs are all luck based. For example, my team is 190 rated and I'm been beaten my teams that are 186. Maybe add something to make it so your in control of you win or loose. For example, guess which stat is higher on your card out of 2 options and if you guess correctly you gain a goal if incorrectly you miss the target or concede. Or even put the ucl game mode into draft, tournaments and fut champs. Where you guess where to shoot
I think its really good because i have fifa 21 and i can do a concept squad so i can build a concept squad and then see if i like it if i do then i try do it on fifa 21. Hope this was helpfull
Just AMAZING!! It would be nice to trade whatever ovr card we want but it's just awesome either way. I love playing UCL as u can choose where to shoot and save. Just amazing..
Its a good game but u have to buy players with points and the chanpions league the goal keeper knows where your going and when your the goal keeper it knows where your going and when your in the 1st round and so on there is no second legs but there pens
Not a bad game, could be better, it's so hard to get coins, if you have to sell your duplicates for points then how do you complete sbc's, I think they should give coin rewards but the developers don't listen.
Best game in the world. I love this game. In actuall fifa you vs against people that pay lots of money for it but with this you dont need to play anything you just need luck :)
I like it but it is purely about luck like I have played 183's when I have 189's but has still lost 2/3 nil so in all honesty I wouldn't recommend this
I love this game it's really fun really cool but it's hard to get coins and we have to use the points which are too hard to get and u have to use to buy players from the market
I really like the game,it's good cause it's similar to FIFA 21 and the modes are the same so download the game its good 😍🤗😭🤨😭🤨
I love this game so much i play it 2-3 hrs daily but the only problem is the points system no one likes the points system. Atleast make 2 options in the transfer market to buy with points or coins. Thanks in advance 😊
Fairly good game but please hurry up on that trading we have been waiting almost a month and STOPATCHING GLITCHES WHEN YOU COULD BE MAKING THE GAME BETTER the "glitches" make the game more fun and doesnt effect anyone same thing with autoclicker GET RID OF BONUSES THEY MAKE NO SENSE and points are near impossible to come by one more thing. every time I play a team one worse rated then mine they win same if my teams one worse then theirs this happens without fail
I like it its just that I don't like that we have to pay with points and coins so next time can you make it so we can pay with coins not points and the points can be used for packs
I dont have FIFA 21 on console but this game feels and looks exactly like FIFA 21 on console. Its the best!
Don't bother trying to pick any players other than prem or la liga in drafts because you won't get chem otherwise good app tho
Pretty decent game although theres not many ways of getting fifa points and sometimes it randomly takes all your players from your team
this is afunny game but i want to play the mathes and control the players and at least i want to listen the events of matches and its an amazing game
This game is awesome I love but I wish they would just take out the points bit other than that I love the game.
Great game but you guys have to the the transfer list so that we can sell players for coins instead of points. I mean its just more fun as we can buy more packs and there's just a better feeling to packing a good player to just buying them
this game is really good but the game need to update more often and i dont like the points system why cant you buy the players with coins?
Very good, a lot to do and is very well maintained with introducing new cards. Only issue is the transfer market no one really uses cos its in points. It Was a good idea but I believe that u should be able to buy players with coins instead. Also pls make trading max ovr rating/coins unlimited as there is no reason for it to be max 94 rating and 200k coins. It just makes stuff difficult.
DEVELOPER DOESNT RESPOND! Started off good with the various challenges (1 star), but the transfer market was instantly broken by the points system. In theory it can work, but we should not have instantly been able to buy players from the market. The season challenge was good (2 stars), but the developer is slow getting new seasons available, I am stuck with nothing available to do apart from a broken FUT champs system which makes it almost impossible to get into gold 1 with a 192 team.
Personally I love this but whatever you did has cause some epelectic lighting thing going on in the app. I cant whether it's a disco or supposed to be an app soooooo 😅
It's anice game but I want to use the sub at matches and play the matches or watch or listen the events
Dear Smoq Games, I would like to introduce you to a problem that has occured at least since I started playing back in Pack Opener for Fut 20. The problem is that whenever I build a superior draft than my opponent like a 193 he gets to win after building a 188. I am aware that in many real life soccer matches can end up with the inferior team winning and this happens quite often. But in this game that happens too commonly. Other than that issue the game is great.
Amazing game. The only problem that I think is the transfer market(on points). It will be better to make the transfer market on both(coins and points). A huge thanks for making the game available on android 4.4.4
So like, I made two consecutive 194 online drafts just to get beaten by a 191 or 190 in the second round.... like what the heck. Honestly I like the idea of teams with a lower rating having a chance to beat the higher rated teams, but it just happens way too often and it's really annoying.... other than that, love the game 😐🤝
This game is amazing and would be 5 stars but they have a point system for the transfer market and it totally ruins the game. Would be 5 star without this.
One of the best mobile games ever its so addicting but i cant go into any network games even if i have wifi and pls let us buy players with coins as well but anyway really great game you should definetly download it
The game is good but it doesn't make any sense.I beat a 190 team in fut drafts with a 186 team then I lose to a 187 team
I liked everything about the app except the concept squad, I really don't like the fact that the cards turn grey when you choose them, please change it to be like last year.
Amazing game this year aswell. My only wish is for the wishlist to get a sort option for the cards you already have. So that you dont waste the space on your wishlist.
Need to get rid of points and replace it with coins to buy players as it is miles better and people would be willing to play it fut 20 is still better I'm prove it by taking the points out and add the coins to buy the players
Very addictive game but has been glitchy recently and it requires too much points to buy top players but otherwise no problems
This is a great game but one issue so I was doing the free scratch cards and I got the new icon Suker inside of it but why is it THAT YOU DON'T GET TO KEEP IT WTH!!!! FIX THIS PLEASE AND IF U CAN'T THEN AT LEAST GIVE ME MY REFUNDS BACK PLEASE also if u can fix it give me my Suker back and otw Havertz!!!
Amazing app. U get to build drafts, make teams, open packs (amazing, realistic pack opening like fifa 21), and do challenges for seasons AND do minigames. Try it out and build an amazing team
Great game but it delwted itself and would not download again. Although i especially liked the upgrading minigame.
I loved the version for fut 20 but this one is not as good. The points system doesn't work and the market is broken. Also since the last update every online game has the exact same result, goal in the 58' equalizer in 60' game goes to extra time and winner in 98'
I hate the game because every game finishes 2:1 every match has a card at 15 minutes, 45 minutes, a goal at 58 minutes, a goal at 60 minutes, a card at 77 minutes, a card at 93 minutes and a goal at 98 minutes.
I have the best 191 draft squad and it loses to a 189 or 188 my 192 loses the worst 190 I have ever seen
I love it but the pack animations need changing also the drafts always go on extra time fic it in next update I also hate the pack luck on the game
The drafts are so messed up, I almost always loose to a 189 or 188 when I have a 192. Make it more likely for the higher rated team to win.
This is such an addicting and fun game and I cant always play the real FIFA 21 so this is good for when I want to play that but can't, I also love the fact that the drafts are free unlike in FIFA 21.
i think it is really good and the drafts keep me bussy for a long time. I wouldn't take a star away beacause the 85 rated icons sell for nothing it is just pack luck
Why on earth can you only buy players with points??? Coins should be used for this. Please fix this ASAP!
Its too easy getting points you just have to get daily rewards for the whole year and by the end of the year you might have a 193 or 194 ovr rated squad,I think Messi and Ronado should be more points like 700 cause they will be getting so many special cards but game is awesome play it everyday and also in online draft 186 squads beat 188 rated squads most of the times so plz fix that.
It's good but one problem. You can buy the players with points only! If you change this the game would be perfect !!
Why is there an ad if u win ur first game, but if u lose it, u don't get an ad, it's so annoying, that's why I'm giving a 4
I hope the draft get better because i always get the same player it never changes for example i haven't got maldini or some players in draft pick player and i hope make draft easier because its so hard to win i love ur game so keep it forward keep updating also another thing we need a chat in trading with people
This game is literally Amazing! I love this game! I open packs or i make some draft and win some pack and boom Cristiano Ronaldo Team of the year! Keep it up !
The NEW pacybits but I think they should add more mini games like bingo and more codes please otherwise the best game
Like I said last year , this game is the best fut game on mobile , its full of fun things to do and always improving . But i think we need a new way to play fut champions like pacybits did on drafts. Keep improving your game is the best🔥.
Its a really good game but the daily rewards only go up to 20 points but the points should keep going up until u dont login 😀
The game is so good I love it so much and the best thing I like is the stats it shows you how many goals did your player score and the fut quiz is good but the game is luck based but that,s cool the wish list ruined the game so the coins are needed only for packs the game is a little boring when you have a very good team that happened to me one time last year
great game, love how there are regular updates and there are very little bugs in the game, there are always new features and love the codes and secret codes
I loved this game but, i never thought that uninstall and reinstall it will cause you the lost of everything u built.
The games fun I've had it maybe 2 or 3 months it's really fun and easy to get coins but you buy players with pointswhich aren't that easy to get.
I don't mind it but either you go on a normal spree like win lose win lose or you go on a losing spree so if you have asthma wouldn't recommend it as you will get so frustrated
Pack opening shud be faster or we shud be able to open multiple packs at the same time. . . Overall a very good app.
Overall great game great graphics the only problems are that make it that android and apple users can play with eachother and make the market curreny coins again thank you
Overall fun game but new updated features tend to be clunky. The newest update, advent calendar, looks like good free rewards for playing but i cant actually collect any of them.
One of the best fut draft app ever. There are just so many features to use and play.you can never get bored of it
An amazing game and love the graphics and recently I packed toty mbappe from an 84+ pack and can you make it so you can skip the pack please if you wanted to skip the pack. Overall great game love the game so much
A more fun fifa game. Dont need to physically play games and the pack luck is much better than actual fifa. There are frequent lightning rounds and many challenges to get more packs. Plus, there are different packs than in the actual game. Really recommend if you like football and fifa.
Been Playing this since the fut 20 its amazing every year but i think the point system isnt the best idea for the market other than that its amazing
Good game BUT the points situation is annoying, Maybe next version of game will allow us to buy points
Think it's great but buying players with points is poor and to many Liverpool choices pop up in draft time and time again
I love the game bc the pack luck is pretty good, no ads at all, and the quality is also good. Overall its good game definitely recommend!👍
It's a pretty fun game, unlike most people I actually like the point system as the game was too easy. I have one slight issue and the issue is that, let's say I packed Ronaldo, he costs 90 points which is his minimum. I put Ronaldo up for sale at 90 points and he doesn't get sold because his price is at his minimum
Awesome it's so addictive I love the game cant wait for packopener for fut 22 but could you add assists on stats and also could you make people buy players on the market with coins and points
Good concept and game. But however the backup/restore system is just awful. Switching to a different device, and connecting to the same Google play account, will cause your data to be reset. If this gets fixed I'll change rating to 5/5
This game is amazing.Better than fifa 21.I do think you should get better packs when your on a match on my club.Its still great😊
The transfer market don't work pack animation is horrible but the rest is good and did I menchin you should bring pacybits back And if you didn't Now It's the best game ever :)
I log in and then the screen splits in half or it's a video and also when opening a pack my game changes its background
I love it but the pack animations need changing also the drafts always go on extra time fic it in next update
Thank you for updating the game I put 5 stars because it was to overpowered to get coins then buy the players but best FIFA 21 game ever btw the people complaining about drafts this is for you it is fair because they might have 5 star skills or 90+ shooting
You can look at cards collect cards play games and even more so if you like football you should get this game
Amazing game, so fun to play when you are bored, honestly one of the best drafting games I've ever played
I have changed my rating from 5 stars to 2 because the servers are broken, its annoying that you can't sell or buy cards. Please fix it soon and my rating will definitely change to 5 stars again.
I really enjoy this game year after year but the one thing that always get to me is that I never am able to get all the inform, and I love the concept of the collectors totw but I would like to put a suggestion out there and ask cause you make that a regular pack that is in store and not as a lightning round? And I don't mean the ads pack that is in store I mean the actually collector totw pack and you can buy it with coins
This game is nice but this new update have to be awesome cuz this game is already perfect and u can online draft but you will lose u will not get te best cards u will get only 80 below six or seven times and when u played the game u have to shoot and save nothing is there if u add that we can play like other games is fun this app is just a pack opener and draft ok get that 👍👍
Most frustrating game ever!! I don't believe it's actually an online game, just generated bots. Why do you lose more games than win with a 193 squad against weaker teams?? The ucl mode has potential but when 75 rated keepers are saving everyone of your shots it's just stupid
Very good but the only issue is drafts I have a 189 and the other person has a 186 and I loose other than than it is amazing!!!!!! I enjoy playing with my friends. Good job SMOQ games.
I think we should be given a chance to exchange players above 94 because i got a new phone and want to transfer my players but i can't because of rating limit please do something about it thanks for making this game. Would have given 5 stars but because of that problem.😎
Awesome game overall, animation could be a little better, and the point system is meh, but I don't mind. And it's really addicting!
Fix the game the market takes points awful plus fut champion every game i need to win a drafy or tournemant fix ur game
When you play fut champions you need to win drafts or tournament it's hard and can you remove it and can you use coins to buy cards please change it
Good game. Only have one complaint, in online draft if you don't pick a certain player from the 5 picks you can't get any of the other 4 players you didn't pick again. Ex. If you don't choose varane in your cb option he won't be an option to choose anymore. Does this happen to anyone else?
Game is very good..it feels we are playing fifa 21 .In one case, How we will earn millions coin now to open packs?.
Just like playing fifa on your console absolutely brilliant I play this more then I actually play it on my xbox so glad this is a thing
It's a GREAT game! It resembles a similar experience to the real FIFA Ultimate Team, for those who don't have it. The social interaction from Instagram gives the players a kick start in progress and it's great!
I would give it five stars but the points system is absolutely ridiculous. I'd much prefer it if it went back to just the coins like it was in FUT 20. Other than that it's a great game.
its so fun you can make fut drafts and open heaps of packs i love this game i reccomend this game for fifa players and just normal people this deserves a 5 star thanks for making this game
This a good game, really interesting and amazing, this is worth my time This game will certainly be better if you can sell your players for coins instead of points overall, still an amazing game
The only reason this is a four star is because you can't get national badges and. Hard to pack good players thx for your time and effort of making this game
Very good game need to make pack rate better and transfer market to coins other than that a very good game and entertaining to play
I love this app but it takes a huge while to update the cards/seasons/tournaments. THERE ARE NO MANAGERS FOR DRAFT
Love the game but make it so you can play the game make it alot more funer but definitely a big update
It's a really good game but sometimes it glitches out and the screen goes different colours and glitches
The points system is a bit annoying and would make more sense if the poiñts were for packs and coins for players. If the market would sort out instead of 90% of the players are fixed at minimum price. Other than that a very good app
This game is so BS sometimes... 80% of the time a 189 team will win a 192 team!!! In fut champs I whould lead the whole game 2-0 until the 70' then they score 2 goals and win in over time(this has happend 3 times today) and there are teams that get top 100 with a 190 team but I cant get it with a 192 team... I love the game but sometimes it's just BS!!! I understand that the wins must be randomized but a team that is 189 cant always win a team that is 191-193!
I've always enjoyed the game, been here since FUT 17, one thing that I always have to talk about though is the fact that the win/loss algorithm is weird, I'll have a 197 overall squad and lose to a 191 squad, I'm fine if it happens occasionally but it seems to happen almost every round. Other than that it's a fantastic game
Brilliant game reminds me of pacybits in my opioin you should let u sort of play the online draft you should do subs and other stuff
I love this game its so good and especially if you dont have fifa 21 or what ever number it is when you read this it is a decent game that can keep you busy
It's now super hard to get packs because you sell players for points. If you could still sell players for coins this would be 5 stars.
It is a very good game but lower the price of the packs and add more good players and remove bad players all of the players should be ovr 89
Very good app for me and my friends to play online and helps me understand fifa ratings and how to play 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The game is really good and fun but I have to say when I do scratchcards, and get Alexander Arnold for example, when I go to my team to get him in, I couldn't find him.