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Pack Opener for FUT 21

Pack Opener for FUT 21 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Smoq games. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Pack Opener is back with new updated 21 version!

Open packs and collect all the cards! Open the pack that is best, build an ultimate Draft, complete Squad Building Challenges and play online tournaments.

Now you can buy and sell cards on the Transfer Market for in-game currency.

You can open number that is unlimited of. Will you have the squad that is best and win matches against your friends or will you rather become rich by putting players on the transfer market?
It's all up to you in new version of Pack Opener for FUT 21!

● Open packs and scratch cards
● Collect Ultimate Team Cards and Badges
● Transfer Market
● Squad Builder
● Squad Building Challenges
● Build a Draft
● Online tournaments with friends
● Missions for Special Cards
● Simulate online matches
● Position change cards
● Achievements, records and statistics
● Daily rewards
● Full players database
● Special secret codes for super packs
● and much, much more... :)

This application’s sole purpose is to help users learn how to build the FUT drafts that are best and squads, find out about latest FUT players and updates, and grow the mobile FUT community.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pack Opener for FUT 21.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pack Opener for FUT 21 for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I do not like the way that u have to list players for points instead of coin value PLEASE change that so that people can LIST PLAYERS FOR COINS AS THE POINTS SYSTEM SUCKS
This game actually isnt bad. It does have the features of FUT and FUT Draft, just no gameplay which i liked about it. I used it normally as a time consumer as well.
Love the game but make it so you can play the game make it alot more funer but definitely a big update
not really a fan of the new currency, coins are kinda pointless now and it's nearly impossible to sell players which makes it less fun imo
Why on earth can you only buy players with points??? Coins should be used for this. Please fix this ASAP!
Game is very good..it feels we are playing fifa 21 .In one case, How we will earn millions coin now to open packs?.
It's very good but no where near as good as 20 and when are you going to remove points and bring trading
I hate the game because every game finishes 2:1 every match has a card at 15 minutes, 45 minutes, a goal at 58 minutes, a goal at 60 minutes, a card at 77 minutes, a card at 93 minutes and a goal at 98 minutes.
Not a bad game, could be better, it's so hard to get coins, if you have to sell your duplicates for points then how do you complete sbc's, I think they should give coin rewards but the developers don't listen.
I loved the previous year's version and I like this one. However, please allow us to buy players with coins more and remove points.
I think you should remove the system of points bacause it is to hard to get them.I just wanted to ask when is trafing coming.When you remove point and get trading then i can give it a 5 star.
(ESP) El 20 era el mejor juego del mundo pero este lo enpeoraron un monton por favor saquen los puntos para el mercado y que sea con monedas y el Fut Champions megustaria que sea gratus como en el 20. (ENG) Pack Opener 20 was the best game in the world but this one made it worse, please remove the points for the market and let it be with coins and the Fut Champions I would like it to be free as in Pack opener 20.
Awesome game overall, animation could be a little better, and the point system is meh, but I don't mind. And it's really addicting!
Still fun but new points purchase system is garbage. Having to buy players with points and not coins is stupid. Players who are 75 and 87 will go for same points price range of 5 points.
I love this game so much but first change the pack animation Two return the coins instead of points Three if you can make it offline that's good ,Thanks
It's very bad game when i play with team his ratings is 186 I play teams with team ratings 190 and above 😡😡🤬
I mean .. this is just bad. The pack opening animation is like from a 25 year old game and the card .. you cannot even read the card stats, because of the colors. What happened? Fut20 was miles ahead of this
The game is a load of fun but they should give more points. Points are rare to get but key In the game
I would give it five stars but the points system is absolutely ridiculous. I'd much prefer it if it went back to just the coins like it was in FUT 20. Other than that it's a great game.
It's very good game but when sell cards and take the points it's written(problem with request) worst servers
The points system is a bit annoying and would make more sense if the poiñts were for packs and coins for players. If the market would sort out instead of 90% of the players are fixed at minimum price. Other than that a very good app
Terrible game mechanics, 189 (100chem) losing to 185 new point system for buying and selling is horrible, have love the previous app for so long but now it's time to uninstall
I think this is has a potential to be a great game but I personally dislike the points system. Its quite unnecessary and not really needed, apart from that though, the UI has been stepped up greatly from last year's but the pack animation could be better.
Need to get rid of points and replace it with coins to buy players as it is miles better and people would be willing to play it fut 20 is still better I'm prove it by taking the points out and add the coins to buy the players
I loved the version for fut 20 but this one is not as good. The points system doesn't work and the market is broken. Also since the last update every online game has the exact same result, goal in the 58' equalizer in 60' game goes to extra time and winner in 98'
This game is so BS sometimes... 80% of the time a 189 team will win a 192 team!!! In fut champs I whould lead the whole game 2-0 until the 70' then they score 2 goals and win in over time(this has happend 3 times today) and there are teams that get top 100 with a 190 team but I cant get it with a 192 team... I love the game but sometimes it's just BS!!! I understand that the wins must be randomized but a team that is 189 cant always win a team that is 191-193!
This app is awesome but i cant figure it out why arent there any leagues to play.It would be awesome when you have to compete with other teams to be the winner.eg epl
Would be better if u got money and could put players up for money instead of fifa points but overall a great game
Very good game need to make pack rate better and transfer market to coins other than that a very good game and entertaining to play
I think the points system is annoying but it is challenging to get all the good players as soon as the game changer mes out
It's a good game. However, the tournaments, drafts and fut champs are all luck based. For example, my team is 190 rated and I'm been beaten my teams that are 186. Maybe add something to make it so your in control of you win or loose. For example, guess which stat is higher on your card out of 2 options and if you guess correctly you gain a goal if incorrectly you miss the target or concede. Or even put the ucl game mode into draft, tournaments and fut champs. Where you guess where to shoot
Fairly good game but please hurry up on that trading we have been waiting almost a month and STOPATCHING GLITCHES WHEN YOU COULD BE MAKING THE GAME BETTER the "glitches" make the game more fun and doesnt effect anyone same thing with autoclicker GET RID OF BONUSES THEY MAKE NO SENSE and points are near impossible to come by one more thing. every time I play a team one worse rated then mine they win same if my teams one worse then theirs this happens without fail
I hope the draft get better because i always get the same player it never changes for example i haven't got maldini or some players in draft pick player and i hope make draft easier because its so hard to win i love ur game so keep it forward keep updating also another thing we need a chat in trading with people
I like fut 20 but 21 is horrible like first add trading second remove points from market make players with coins like fut20 Iam not playing this game again until you remove points
GOOD but A few improvements I don't know why but I don't like the points system I prefer the actual coins otherwise it doesn't seem real and we get coins more easier and more times playing the actual game Overall it is Okay/Good Well done I suppose 👍 Update: Is this game for real? You get coins from season and rewards but you cant buy players with them You need to fix this make coins the only currency in the game maybe coins and points for packs but not for TRANSFER I still like the game!
Its a great game but nothing compared to pack opener 20. The fifa points system is horrible because if you list an 85 rated gold player for 5 points nobody will buy them because there are so many one on the market for the same price. 3 stars outta 5.
The points system for the market is the worst feature on the game I suggest remove it before people remove the game.
When you play fut champions you need to win drafts or tournament it's hard and can you remove it and can you use coins to buy cards please change it
I dont have FIFA 21 on console but this game feels and looks exactly like FIFA 21 on console. Its the best!
Points system is awful. Pack opener for fut 20 was a lot better. Please bring back coins for transfers.
Ive been playing this since fifa 20 and to be honest theres no point of buying fifa because this sorts me just fine. Thank you for making such a good game
I love it but the pack animations need changing also the drafts always go on extra time fic it in next update I also hate the pack luck on the game
It's good but one problem. You can buy the players with points only! If you change this the game would be perfect !!
Love the game but only problem is that you have to use points to buy players and points are hard to get.
Amazing game. The only problem that I think is the transfer market(on points). It will be better to make the transfer market on both(coins and points). A huge thanks for making the game available on android 4.4.4
Fix the game the market takes points awful plus fut champion every game i need to win a drafy or tournemant fix ur game
I am sorry but it's impossible to play and win, it might good for all player to have legend but a squad of legend was to much maybe you need to think that mechanic twice for a beginner to have a fair match.
This game is not the first 21 version out there, but it is the best so far. Nice colourways and excellent designs. The fact that they have updated teams is terrific. Good packs and drafts so far. Looking forward to continue playing this game.
I like the game but could change the points though I also want to mention that it be great if you added the mega packs and rare players pack it be really amazing I like the way how you can make your dream squad and the card design as well.
I liked everything about the app except the concept squad, I really don't like the fact that the cards turn grey when you choose them, please change it to be like last year.
Most frustrating game ever!! I don't believe it's actually an online game, just generated bots. Why do you lose more games than win with a 193 squad against weaker teams?? The ucl mode has potential but when 75 rated keepers are saving everyone of your shots it's just stupid
Very decent game everything is good. Just change the transfers from points to coins. Also quick sell on some players are strange. CR7 is 318,000 , Makelele is 18,000?
Very good game but the point sistem is justbad imo the fut20 was better only cause it didn t have this mechanic
Gameplay is a bit iffy I can have a team with much higher rating yet my team could lose it makes no sense I also have a problem with not being able to play fut champs without a win ina draft or a tournament as I had a 191 rating team built but yet again i lose to a much weaker team please remove the requirements to play fut champs
The reason why i didnt give a 5 star is because u need to have points to buy players and thats messed up
The two downsides is that the pack animation is horrible, it looks like a game from 15 years ago, and please get rid of points from the transfer market, i hate it is horrible, just bring back coins instead. But overall its a alright game, but in my opinion, Pack Opener For FUT 20 is still better. Im not playing it until you remove points from the transfer market
You should take away the points system in the Transfer Market. Overall though, I think it's pretty good.
The transfer market don't work pack animation is horrible but the rest is good and did I menchin you should bring pacybits back And if you didn't Now It's the best game ever :)
I would prefer it if when you sell the players if it was money again instead of the points but apart from that a very good game
I think there should be an option to buy players with coins too as I don't find it as easy to get the right amount of point easily but it's just a suggestion I think it would work well
I love it but the pack animations need changing also the drafts always go on extra time fic it in next update
Get rid of points it's near impossible to build a team don't know how I'm coming up against 91 rated teams the last one was far better.
It's broken don't download it I had the best players in the game and a 188 scored 2 on the 90th min and won and the same time my pelé and keeper gets injuryed and sent off it's a waste of time
Last year this was such a good app but now they got rid of coins and use points the coins are pretty useless just bring back coins and take off points ffs
This game is not the first 21 version out there, but it is the best so far. Nice colourways and excellent designs. The fact that they have updated teams is terrific. Good packs and drafts so far. Looking forward to continue playing this game. However, now that MadFut 21 is out they are seriously outperformed. Devs shld try to up their game if they wanna do anything.
Amazing game this year aswell. My only wish is for the wishlist to get a sort option for the cards you already have. So that you dont waste the space on your wishlist.
I love this game so much i play it 2-3 hrs daily but the only problem is the points system no one likes the points system. Atleast make 2 options in the transfer market to buy with points or coins. Thanks in advance 😊
Been Playing this since the fut 20 its amazing every year but i think the point system isnt the best idea for the market other than that its amazing
I got a little idea for a new mode. You build a squad with the players you have got in the club every week and how ever they play that week you gets points based on how they play and the rewards could be pack,points and coins. I think it would be good because at the moment getting coins and points aint easy
This new minigame is broken it has a objective totw silver who has a quest of score 10 or more in fut quiz but it doesnt work
Not too bad. I didnt originally like the points system, but now I dont mind it. It makes the game more challenging and stops everyone having the same cards and ratings . Perfect
I love this game it's really fun really cool but it's hard to get coins and we have to use the points which are too hard to get and u have to use to buy players from the market
DEVELOPER DOESNT RESPOND! Started off good with the various challenges (1 star), but the transfer market was instantly broken by the points system. In theory it can work, but we should not have instantly been able to buy players from the market. The season challenge was good (2 stars), but the developer is slow getting new seasons available, I am stuck with nothing available to do apart from a broken FUT champs system which makes it almost impossible to get into gold 1 with a 192 team.
This a very good game with loads of things to do. The animation in packs and drafts are amazing. I would recommend this to people who like FIFA because it is near enough like it and it is free.