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Paint Dropper

Paint Dropper for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by KAYAC Inc. located at 神奈川県鎌倉市御成町11-8. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Simple yet challenging puzzle !

Solve the puzzle by swapping the colors using a dropper!

Many beautiful painting puzzles !

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Paint Dropper.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Paint Dropper for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I have gave only 3 stars because , I downloaded the game by seeing the add, in add i saw that this game is very hard would anyone can do this. So by seeing that i downloaded but after playing its so so easy as u think eveeything is better but pls make the levels more harder
Amusing, easy, would be a great time killer if there were fewer ads. Passing the bills is one thing, but you spend significantly more time watching ads than playing the game.
This game is very nice it has a little ads but not much and when I saw the ads of this game that it was showing" CAN'T DO IT RIGHT " I thought that it could be the same as but we can store all the colours in which the colour get stored and go to another place and this game is very easy don't believe ads and install believe the real game this game is much beautiful and easy lovely game so 5/5 stars I kindly request to all to install this game thank you........
I don't know you will like it or not but from my side, it's wonderful✨😍, after 7 to 8 levels yes it's a ad but highest 30 second and that also of meesho Or wonderful ✨😍✨😍add, thanks
There are way too many ads every time you finish doing a painting it goes straight to a ad every time I wouldn't recommend playing this game.
I realy don't like this game as for every 2 seconds you spend painting you must then watch a 20 second advert. Also I can't find a way to switch of the vibration it is so anoying. I hatenthis game. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I realy realy realy realy realy hate it alot and I mean alot like alot alot. I hate it so much that I am unstaling it right now. Like right now. Love Phoebe. Xxxxxx
I am giving it only one star because in the game's ad it is showing that it is very intresting but when we install the game only silly easy levels are there hmm.. it is showing but for that we have to whatch ad
I love it but when you play more then it gets boring after level five that is why i give it four but you can give it a shot.but it is fun😇😇😇😇😇😁😁
a tone of ads every time I'm done with one of the pictures an ad pops up in my face it's a good game but it needs some work.😊
Super fun recommend playing But I don't like the fact there is a ad after every one but other than that it's really fun
This is so fun but many ads but its ok its so interesting to play i love it so much, its so fun its just super easy to play i love it so much but i still love cube server if you don't know it search it and download it because its so fun and do easy make sure to download it and play it i play that on hours cause it's fun and i think i will say your gonna download it and play it but I love this game download paint droper and cube serfer if your sad that games will make you happy don't uninstall it
This game is very good and interesting. It has got very less ads and at my first go it was a bit easy but when I started to reach high levels it harder. And for my review this game is the bestest game in the world
Okay, let me explain why four stars. First off, for many levels I have had white backgrounds. Also, people keep complaining about the fact that there're are too many adds. Please turn off mobile data and wifi if that ever happens.
Too many ads. There is literally an ad after every level you complete. Also, the game is so simple. In the first few levels, it's only one color. Would not recommend.
This game is so cool it's have so many it's not bored but something wrong there's too many apps but that's not the only thing is this app is have a special thing that The kids could play this game I have some fun and the kids like the art ☺️😉
I like this game.But there is so much adds,In every 10 seconds add is coming. I know we can remove adds but some people don't know how to remove adds.We know there is option of remove adds but we don't know how to remove adds.Who made this game? Tell him/her to don't make so much adds game and don't tell to them only tell to all who are making game,etc. Happy Diwali to all
This game is ver very very nice this is so easy than u can think i love this game so much but there are so many ads coming one by one
Paint dropper is an excellent game and yet very easy to do. I love this game I rember one day on which many ads were coming and on that day Paint Dropper ad also came that time i was eager to remove that game but one day I was finding that ge but couldn't get it and I installed the game with thw help of an ad
Very nice concept, but the ads are absolutely outrageous. 30 second+ ads for 5 to 10 seconds of gameplay. Come on devs. That is ridiculous.
great game! Really fun!!Although, every time you pass a level this game rewards you by playing a add.
This game is really fun and the problem is that there is too many ads but its a really fun game and you should download it beacause its really fun even though it has too much ads but it does have ads before the next level idk why but okay but you should really download this its really fun and a good game.
The game is fun and all but there are a lot of ads and u have to pay to remove the ads so that is the problem but the rest is awsome
the game isn't bad. But there are WAY TOOOOO MUCH ADS. I'm gonna delete the game rn because of all these ads. There has to be an ad waiting for you every single level.
I like this game but too many ads whenever I start a new frame new ads come the game is easy for me and my little sister and it's like a piece of cake so I am asking you to make it more hard
I really like the game but there's just too many ads like whenever I finish one of the paint things there's an ad it's just gets really annoying
When does it get difficult? Play a level, get an ad. Want a masterpiece? Watch an ad. Want a bonus? Watch an ad. I put it on airplane mode just to play a few levels without ads and it was too easy.
Its a good game but the ads for it like there are 2 colors and its like 😩 how play gaem the picture says yellow on top and green on bottom why is it not saying I won i put green on top and yellow on bottom gaem to hard And if the creator sees this lay off the ads
I love how this is so fun I just love it but there is one thing I don't like when they have soooo many ads now if you can change that than I would give it 5 stars.
It is a nice game in all but, if the levels where more challenging then I would give it 5 stars.😁😁😁
Fun game, but there's ads after every level. You barely do a painting for 5 seconds and then there's this whole long ad after it. Definitely not worth the time.
Wow this game is amazing! This is so easy! But I'm annoyed with the ads so I just gave it 4 stars🏅🏅🏅🏅. Can u fix that problem please? Then I'll give it 5 stars 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
I enjoy the app. The tutorial sucks. There is a as. Every 10 seconds. It is quicker to do the round then watch the ad.
Way to many as. After every painting there is an ad and most of the paintings are short and easy unless you want to watch an as to get a more complex painting
I'm uninstalling and reinstalling to see why I keep getting put back on level 17 with the eagle. Are there more levels?? Update! It put me right back on the eagle level. What is happening?!
Fun game to play. However after leven 60 something it just repeats the levels. Very unhappy about that.
It is good but when you want to do something challenging you have to keep watching an add and they just give you one you can't choose the one you want
Terrible First, Its overloaded with ads. Every time you do a level, ad comes in. Even if I turn my Wi-fi off. Second, The levels are way too simple, just moving one colour into a different spot. It's not like in the ads where theres about 3-4 colours. Third, About the ads, I know a lot of people do this, but its very annoying. Whenever they struggle to do the simplest thing. How dumb can you be. I'm pretty young and im probably smarter than you.
I, Love this game and I love master piece bord because we get 1500, 2000, 3000, 40000, 5000, 60000, 70000, 8000, 90000000, 10,000000000000
I love this game but the levels are too easy so I will say this is almost my favourite..........so inform me when you get to upgrade more levels harder ones ok I love this bad..se ya
To many adverts, I understand thats why the game is free but not after every level. Should looking at changing it to every 3 or 5 levels then an advert. Other than that its nice and relaxing
Terrible - I accept that ads pay for free games, fair enough! Downloaded this, and played for about 4 minutes - each of these early levels took about 2 seconds to complete, followed by 15 to 25 seconds of ads. Absolutely ridiculous, so uninstalled ☹
It is very fun ad free you should download it! Come play along with others and have more fun and learn new stuff
Fix the game. I just downloaded it and I'm already having issues playing. Multiple ads start to play then they stop on their own and it ends up restarting the game everytime an ad starts then stops. Please fix it to where there are no ads or the ads actually play without restarting the game.
Deserves 0 stars honestly is sucks and there is a 30 sec add every level yep every one drawnind wich is literally 2 clicks on the screen like omg it is the worst!!! I can not Express it enough !
This game is interesting to play but have lot of ads . ads should be less other than it is nice to play . and now I had uninstalled this game as it shows much more ads and game to play is less because when I started playing it firstly it shows ads and I started playing this game at 100 percent battery of my device it came till 50 percent of battery and I think how people write good things about this game . This game is not at all possible for me to play as next time due to ads 😡😡
Im so sorry I have to give this 1 star because, there are way too many ads! Like every level you finish theres an ad :(
This game is so tragic I should just take it down sorry for the hay but I just don't like it that much it is it is too many ads on my timer
It is a very good game but as you will reach till level 90 it will start repeating the same pictures.
This game is fun but it has too many ads you have to watch one after every level And in my opinion that's just too annoying
This is waaaaaaay too easy it's fun but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy I am in level 300 and it is still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy 😁😠😰 and it has too many ads.
I love this game because you can color and change the color to the right spot where it's support to do
It is too good app but just you have to think and play the game if there is add problem then you off your network connection otherwise this is amazing game
It was good fun. But every bloody frame equals an add. Couldnt enjoy playing the game. Maybe if the adds were every four or five frames apart i could stand it. But it wasnt. Too bad. Uninstalled after fifteen mimutes of playing.
I love this game !!! One you don't need internet.also it has no lag,and runs very smooth .I very much suggest this game if you like a little bit of a challenge . Also go to YouTube and sub to ninjaboygamer trust me that have great content 😃😀😀
this is a very fun and educational game. Whike i still have school i play rgis gam a lot. Even though there is an ad after every thing ypu complete, its still fun.
Okay so way too many adds. Game is way to easy and even the ad for this game it shows it is super easy and the game just really is boring.
Never ever give this 5 stars! DO NOT download this! There's way too many ads and it doesn't say, "Rate us!" And they are too easy on the first lot. I am deleting this app and never ever EVER getting this AGAIN! There's an ad after every level I don't recommend this to ANYONE!!!! No one! Not even a single person! This is annoying I wish I could rate this zero stars 0️⃣
There are to many ads after I do one simple level it gives me all of these 20 sec ads in a row and its annoying this only deserve one star
Too many ads. I don't like playing games that has ads. Especially if there is too many of them. I like playing games, free games at that, but I don't like the ads. What's the point of having the game, free game at that, if you can't play it because of all the ads
This game is very good but it has a lot of adds .So adds should be less . But everything is fine than that. A very nice and cheerful game. I like to play it . But from level 80 the levels are repeated again.
A very nice and cheerful game. I enjoyed a lot playing this game. But the thing is the levels are repeated after we complete 80 levels the levels start repeating. So I request that please make new levels for more enjoyment. There is one more problem that after 1-2 levels again and again an ad comes. I don't like this. Multiple ads come and disturb again and again. That's why I gave only 2 stars to this game.
This game is rubbish and so boring it is so easy that even a 5 year old would get bored I am so disappointed that I had to give it a one/1 star I have so many complaints but I won't say them all honestly you can do better than that and now I know why people give mostly bad comments it is ridiculously horribly boring and the most off all it that my baby sister would go from your game to another and because of that she would even know how to delete a game!!!!what is this I am so dissatisfied.😤😡
Great game. Alot of ads but because I really like this game and theres no way for me to lose I dont mind the ads. Therefore 5 stars
Good game.But IT HAS A LOT OF ADSSS,i know it has written it contains ads but why tell me why.Why it has written it contains ads.So who is the manager of this game so pls take off the ads,but really good game that's why I give four stars if there was no ads I would give this game a five stars.
This game is really really cool and I'm in love with it in the commercials it looks hard but it is super fun and easy the problem is that it loads a lot it's so Unpainshent
Amazing game ever but there is just one problem that it's sound were too annoying and irritating but If I not talk about the sound so the game was very wow I like it
Hi, Myself Sunil Pawar. This game is very nice and I saw that all people who rated said that so many ads include in this game so I wanna tell everyone that just off your mobile data or WiFi it's so easy ☺☺☺
I like this game a lot. It is calming and I like a bit of a challenge. it is kind of hard to figure it out but over that this game is amazing.
I got this game on an ad because I thought it was fun it's not the levels are to easy and there is to many ads like there is an ad after every round you play I want harder levels too but other than that it's fine it's fun I guess
This game is called paint dropper it's really good. It's really easy to start of whith but as u keep playing on it does get harder and much more annoying!!!
This app has just too many adds one second I'm painting then the next I' m watching 20 second long ad the is a good game but if you want people to keep the app on their phone or tablet please take away most of the adds
Awful. There was an ad after every thing you did. Dear lord the ads were annoying. Not worth the time at all.
I have just downloaded this game and it was fine, until after every single round I got an ad. Every ad was at least 20-30 seconds and basically your just watching ads. If your looking to not play a game and just watch ads, then this is the game for you. Overall 2/5 stars.
Well its a good game nothing wrong with the game but I dont understand why when your pouring in the liquidy substitution is the colour on the top is the one you pour in please fix it but I recommend downloading it (: That's why its 5 stars
It is a very nice game. The content is good. Graphics and controls are also great but there are many ads. After every level there is an ad. Even to unlock the masterpiece portraits we have to watch an ad.
Good game but there are multiple adds and annoying stuff you have to deal with, the reason I still gave it 5 stars is cause it's fun and easy to play, levels actually get hard and challenging, all and all a very good game
Saying the exact same thing as others. There's an ad after EVERY LEVEL! I got past 5 levels and I won't go any farther. I usually don't care about ads, and most games are ad heavy. But it's ridiculous having to watch an ad the first time opening the game, without even having played with and then literally after EVERY LEVEL. Interesting idea, but absolutely hate this. Don't waste your time. Worst ad to gameplay ratio I have EVER seen
Wow! This game is very amazing.I didn't know about this game at first and now I know about this game very well.When I played this game I didn't believe that this game is very fantastic.✔️💵🔑👌.If you play this game you can't believe that how much this game is very good.Just try it at first you will feel this game very boring 😅, but after one Day you will this game very very amazing and then you will tell the your feelings about this game 😉.Try this game.🎉. Play this game and rate it.🙂🤗👻b
I don't like the game there is way... Too much ads it's really annoying that is why I rate it a one star
This game is so relaxing and fun at the same time even though there's a little bit of ads it was fine and I don't know if this happened to anybody else but it was a little glitchy
OMG this game is the best game i have ever played in my life. I have no idea why some say there is an ad before the next level there are actually not a lot of ads. I recommend this game to every one now i tell the truth don't think oh this game is bad because they say its a 1 star game try for your self you might never know. Just don't listen about what others think.
The reaspn i gave it a 3 star. Its a good game but the issues with all the adds. I mean i like the hame very entertaning but i mean the adds i dont even get time before i get a add
This game is very good there is difficulty in this game and a amazing thing there is. ads if you get ads switch off mobile data I give it 5/5 stars because my sister love it because it is easy thank you so much 😊 you are so great
Hi Myself Raima. This game is very nice I like this game very much. I think that this game is for time pass and have fun. I like this game very much. One thing I notice that is everyone are writing that after a level there's come a ad when you are offline then you can find that no adds are coming there...
This game is great but there's just to much ad and I don't really like that but it's super fun has so much power you put in that game really good. Keep the good work up! :)
4 star it is sooo fun when you are 7. it is a bit to easy if you play it but i LOVE it because it is like a little bit of adds but please remove adds. Adds SUCK when there is 1 add in every game people hate adds. I don't know why they hate adds.
this is fun, but after EVERY SINGLE win, theres an ad. Please remove this or ill have to change it to one star.
Very nice game, Good graphics everything was so good but there is one problem each levels has too many ads I don't like this if you don't repair it so I will uninstall this game and report it to your game It was good game so please repair this I again request you please repair it and one more thing this was offline game but I will also of the internet but there was again too many ads no............ what is this??? Please repair this .
My experience is quit good, it's really easy to ME, I dont know if other people find it easy but ya know. The add that I saw for this game was quit annoying but then I wanted to download the app, and when I did i loved it.
It is a pretty fun app The ads aren't to crazy and it even shows you how to play! It gets harder and harder It tests my brain in the morning!❤️
Great game! But whenever i try to get a random brush i get a 30 sec ad! Please fix that please. And please pur more brushes 😣😣. Please download the game!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋🤗🤗
This game is super easy. Its not hard at all like the ads say. I love it and When I'm bored this will cheer me up.
I like it but sooooo many ads I like it fun I love games that don't have as many ads as this like when I was done with a painting and an ad showed up so I came he re to tell people like me..... I love it other than the ads so it is a three star I hope people like me to enjoy games not gat annoyed godley I wrote soooooooooo much this is the longest thing I wrote sorry if I am wasting your time today or night I am a persone who likes to talk and all that I just wanted to write a long one
This game is amazing I enjoy it a lot I have a recuest tho the thing I don't like is that after every single level there is a 20 ads ads ads after every single one and also almost every ad is on the same game were playing it say I CANT GET IT RIGHT that's why I give it three stars
Hi so all the comments are making the game look bad but the truth is it's a nice game and the comments always complain about ads theres not that many anway i wanted to make this comment so people will not play the game (:
This app was great until I had to watch an ad after every time I finished a level please fix will download it again after fixed😞👎😭💔
The other reviews are right. Far too many ads. Simple levels that take 2 seconds, then a 30 second ad. Granted, you can skip them, but they're still incredibly annoying. Do not recommend.
I hate how every time you're done doing a picture you literally have a 20 second ad like what and then it's so annoying when you're finishing it and you think you're about to just have no ads after and you have an ad fix it it's so annoying I'm deleting this game right now because do you really need to add an ad after every painting no can you please fix it!!!!!!!! It's so annoying!!!!!! I don't care if everybody is nice I'm not nice about this it's so annoying!!!!!!
Easy enough its pretty much what's advertised and really enjoyable but way to many ads. I an dont mean one or two too many. Way WAY to many. After EVERY. SINGLE. PAINTING! it's so frustrating because you cant get into the swing of things. I understand needing ads but the fact that to get anything you need ads aswell. Please. Even every other game would be better. It's the same ads too. That's what is really annoying.
It's very fun and it's not even hard and it could probably teach me how to you're all very good and what colors I might want to use really good it's really good game I'm probably going to convince my boyfriend to play it
It is a very good game but thy only problem is that when u r playing this game online there is only ads and this really annoys me but partly it's Good.
This is a very good and fantastic game I love it it developed my colours powers also and helped me a lot.❤️❤️I want to say that people upload like this games only and not upload bad games.❤️❤️I loved this game.
It's really fun to play but what I hate the most about it is it has so many ads in their really annoying if I pick no I don't want that cuz I don't want to watch another ad it gives a ad anyway!!! >:(
I love this game but its too easyfor me. Try to give some more difficult paintings. I would have given you five star but please try to fit in 4 and more colours
It's a good concept, it's just that for every two seconds you spend painting, you have to spend 20 watching an ad. That's my only complaint. A 20 second ad after each and every painting that only takes around 5-10 seconds to compete. I understand ad revenue, I just figured they might be after every second or third painting. Cute game though.
This game is actually kind of fun and I get four stars because there's just one complaint and that is a lot of ads and really good deals that I can't use because every time I tap it it says it's not available but hopefully you will
Hi im Myley,And all i want to say is that this game really amazing i enjoy playing it but i really want to do a part where i have to fix the painting for long but it lets me do it for a short time but i REALLY love this game.
I'm going to give this one star it should have been a half a star not even a star the game and throw you out every 5 Seconds it does the same thing over and over and over and over it glitches every 5 Seconds it don't want to work sometimes sometimes it even throw you out for a month or two and you can't get back in it it does the same exact paintings over over over again worst game ever please don't download this game I'm pretty sure it even put a virus on😠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠💀
Bruh this sucks just every level u past just has a ad of 30 sec just put less ads and make ur ad of this game real also make this game harder then i will start playing if i had to pick 0 out of 100 i pick -50.000 negitave 50.000
The game itself is a great concept, but after the first few levels, there are ads every single level.
It's amazing but every second it's s ad those are the things I hate like 30/20 seconds is every ad I don't like ads they ruin your best time ever so I give this game a 2 star hope u guys get this message just a warning ⚠️
There is a ad after every single level, and it's get really annoying its onestly just a waist of time, but other wise it's really relaxing, but unless you're gonna pay to remove them I would not recommend at all. I'm deleting this app right now!!!!
The amount of adds is ridiculous!I got to the pizza and stopped because of the adds! if there was less adds then I would probably enjoy the game.
OMG this game is the best game I have ever played in my entire life its soooooo awesome and cool there are not lots of ads and it is totally easy to play Sony listen to other reviewers please I recommend this game so much that is why I give 5/5 stars because that is what it deserves this game is totally awesome cool and most of all easy to play PLEASE RATE 5 STARS TO KEEP ON LIVE 10 EXTRA YEARS LONGER TRUST ME IT WORKS 😉.And I hope that you will keep on making more of these games.Thumbs up👍
There is to many ads everytime you finish a picture there is an AD Awful game delete this game please it is so awful... And also it is way to glitchy when we go OUT Awful Awful Awful Awful... Plz delete this game maybe kids can play this cuz they dont understand this but I CAN NOT DO THIS AWFUL HORRIBLE GAME😒😒😬😬😬😖😖😖😵😵😦😧
This is an OKAY game but it has alot of bugs:(. First it has alot of ads like after every level. Second there way to easy. And last it lags alot. Please fix these otherwise its a calming and pretty cool game! I give it 3 stars if you fix it 4 stars.
Good game but the add is so much you can improve it more so plz improve it but it is a fabulous games but i give it four stars coz the adds are to much .
Way too many ads. I would like to whip through the simple levels because I think the game could be fun when it gets more complicated but for every 2 seconds of play I'm subjected to two 30 second ads. I'd pay to have ads removed but there doesn't appear to be a way to do that
It is a very good and a smart game.it is helpful for those who are low on knowledge. I rate it five stars because it is simple and easy
The game was super and fun. But the ads are repeating again and again so I give four stars for the game
This game is ausum but why I gave only 3 stars because there are so many adds in the middle of the game adds at the ending of the game adds in the beging of the game adds please don't keep so many adds
They give way to many ads! I downloaded it for two minutes and I felt like I should delete it. I mean if you look at my reviews on kick the buddy prison empire and tot or trivia, you will see how much I hate this game. The levels were fine, but they were not challenging or good. If I could, I would rate this game ZERO stars. I highly don't recommend this game.
I really like this app but the problem is every level I get a ad it's really annoying i can't play the game at all
RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF ADS!! Has much more watching ads time VS play time than any game I've ever played. Seriously spend 10 time more time watching ads than playing. PLUS there is no setting to turn off the sound effects. UNINSTALLED.
It's a fun game and all but just way too many ads, after every level it'll have an ad. I just don't like it.
When the game gets to one particular piece....it just sticks and it doesn't take you to another piece even after you finished it .....ridiculous
this is so fun!, but my problem is the ADS every single minute it have an ADS ADS and ADS! Again ang again! Maybe i should unistall this because the ADS was so so annoying, but youre game is fun!
I only downloaded this game because I kept saying like ads were like they're so bad at doing it and then I actually started playing it and then I saw how it could be a game that you could end up playing for hours and game and that you could end up playing for two days even
It's a great game over all but you have to wach an ad for every thing and when you do wach the ad it play's the same thing over and over but I will say if you have angsity it will help you sorry for bad spelling I am below 10 years old 🦥
It is fun and relaxing, but it does get annoying because there is an ad after every painting and sometimes the ads are very long. If you impatient then I would recommed to not get it, if your patient its a fun game.
What the heck is this🤷‍♀️?! Even if I just started its really boring. And it's not even a day! This is a waste of time. They make you watch ads with no way of skipping them. This app is NOT worth your time🙅‍♀️😤 Don't make the same mistake as I made by downloading this.App is so easy. 3 year olds could do this!
Fun game ok I will admit there's some adds to get rid of those just turn off your WiFi but overall great game. Ps:I do recommend you download this game let them no how YOU feel don't worry about what other people say. have a great day.
TO MANY ADDS! There is an add after every painting. And sometimes when they offer to do a "masterpiece " that you can access by watching an add even if you decline it gives you 2 adds. 1 before the offer and 1 after.
Way too many ads!! After each level I have to watch a 30 second ad. The game within its self is ok, but please make it have less ads. Then I will reinstall this app.
Ridiculously easy. Only went up to 4 colors, even at level 73, and that was doing a "masterpiece" painting. If this game is for younger kids, then it's OK. But for adults, well, for me it got a little boring. All you have to do is start with the empty space, see what color the empty space needs. Then tap on the color needed for empty space, color goes into "syringe". Then tap on empty space, color goes into empty space.Keep repeating those steps, and it becomes a race to see how fast you can be.
This game is very beautiful but there is one thing I didn't like about it which is that when you get to the 80 stage you start repeating all the stages that I solved in advance I hope to solve this problem Greetings from Jordan💚🌹🇯🇴
This game is good but there is some easy levels and there is hard levels but actually you have to install this game it's so fun really and don't forget to rate this game 5 stars ok
There is a lot of ads everytime you're done with one there is an ad I don't recommend this to you please don't download this 😑
I'm not trying to be mean but I really don't like this app an add pops up every 5 minutes and I don't like that all your doing is picking up paint and then just dropping it I know that's part of the game but I would like if you guys would make the game to where you can make your own of that makes sense. And you guys really need to fix those adds it's just not fun. And I wouldn't recommend this of you were bored because it will make you even more bored
Its a good game but one thing that annoys me alot is that almot every 10 seconds theres an ad that 15 - 20 seconds. So please calm down with the ads.
This is a really fun game, its pretty addictive, but there are somehow a bit too much ads whoever created this, please create lesser ads please, thank you
Nice game. The only thing you should add is a feature to turn off vibrations. Not many ads which is nice. Install this game.
This is fun but there's too much ad that's coming out whenever you already completed every single frame(i think its called frame), yea and i can't handle it, i hope there's no too much ads in the future <3
Don't download this game it has too many adds I have to play this game on flight mode overall good game. They have to improve the game.
The game is very satisfying but there is an ad after every single painting. I don't think there needs to be that many ads for a game like this. Also maybe you can make some harder levels? Remove some ads and make some levels harder and I'll give you 5 stars.