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Paint Puzzle

Paint Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Popcore Games located at Rheinsbergerstrasse76/77 10115 Berlin Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Awaken your singer that is internal in Puzzle! It’s your job to fill the fabric using the colors being appropriate full the painting.

Stay focused though because the colors are restricted! Occasionally you’ll want to make use of your brush to mix the shows collectively and get colour combo that's right. Is it possible to remember making purple? Green? Orange? There’s a handy cup to wash your brush you’ve altered along with associated with paint there’s no heading back!

With lots of enjoyable levels, precious animations and gratifying scenes to paint, it is possible to allow your creative drinks run crazy with Paint Puzzle as you work, but once!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Paint Puzzle.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This review for people who don't know how to mix colors. To do this game, you need to know primary colors (red, blue & yellow) and secondary colors [green (blue & yellow mixed), orange (red & yellow mixed), & purple (red & blue mixed). Paint primary colors 1st, THEN, secondary colors AFTER ALL primary colors are painted. When more than 1 secondary color is in picture, be careful how you choose to paint your secondary colors, and remember to rinse brush between secondary colors.
The game is fine; it's functional and overall plays well. I would enjoy this game a lot more if I could paint the pictures myself, not with just a tap. The advertisements for this game were deceptive in this regard.
I'd like to give this a higher rating, but level 123 is unplayable as there is no color palette, making it impassable. I'll raise the rating and edit my review once you fix it.
Strangely satisfying a brilliant stress relieving art game. More applicable to our younger artists who still has to learn mixing colors and basic drawing. I love the game as deep down we all are children at heart.😊
Simple and repetitive. Has a relaxing feel doing them, but the pictures just keep repeating as the levels get higher and there is no change to coloring them or anything challenging to it.
Um first of all i hate how it is so easy and it has way tomany ads 2 of all i hate how you tap on the paint and don't even get to paint it your self and i think that i s just enoying so thats my epenyon
Its so fun to do because i love painting and mixing colors its such a good app for artist or even if you want to learn what colors you get when you mix the colors and even if you want to be an artist.
I would rate the 5 stars but the fact that you choose a color like red but I can't choose yellow to make orange and it flashes that it's wrong. It's really irratating that you have to do it in the games order. There is no reason for it. Can the creators PLEASE remove that.
I do enjoy this game. One of the best things I like is I don't have paint the pics myself. Very stress free game.
I play a lot of really simple games to pass the time... would rate higher but level 123 (snowglobe) has no paint, so cannot be played. The game is fairly simple... and intended for kids... in the beginning it tells you how to play pointing at what to choose. Then let's you kind of figure it out, but it will not let you make an error. But have to rinse the brush between paint like really painting. And there is a challenge section to paint in certain number of moves.
Was an interesting game, until level 123. At this point I wasn't given any colours. Nothing at all works to get them either. Not force closing, changing wifi connection, nothing
Game is glitchy as. Some levels I'm not given enough colour swatches, others, the paints don't appear at all. Downloaded this for my kids and they are getting really upset with all the glitches.
Like the app but I do not like having to watch an ad after every level. And I'm not paying the $4 for no ads.
This game is pretty fun, I got to level 123 and there is no paint, I can't do anything about it, it needs to be fixed.
Fun different kind of logic game in that you have to mix colors in the right direction in order to complete each image. Simple, fun and a bit challenging. Must try due to I cannot recall another game like this on the playstore anywhere.
I've noticed an issue: every time I exit the game during the ad between levels- even if it's at the end of the ad- when I come back into the game, it puts me back in the level i just completed. Can we get that fixed? Also it's pretty heavy on ads in general- perceptions of gameplay might be improved by doing ads every other level instead.
Some people complaint of you beung unable to mess up. That is just the game trying to help at first. After a little it gets hard and easy to mess up. This is an enjoyable, fun, satsifying game fit for any and all people of art.
Every time I want to click on something it just keeps on saying like I can do that and it keeps on popping up saying tap the screen to make it go faster it looks at so annoying
I was expecting more elaborate colours but it only ever has the primary colours & you can mix them to get green, orange, or purple. Would be great for my 4 year old who is learning this right now, but boring for myself. The levels are incredibly easy (plus you can't make mistakes even if you wanted to) & there is an ad after every single level. I turn on airplane mode when I play so I dont have to see the ads. I'll probably uninstall it soon.
This game is stupid. Whenever I try to mix a color it just doesnt let me and im pretty sure that im on level 13. I kept on trying to kix the color that I want to and I know that it is the correct color. I was trying to make orange for one of the leaves ahd it just doesnt let me. Im gonna try one more time to see if it works. If it doesnt then im uninstalling this game.
The game doesn't let you mess up like it shows in the advertisements it forces you to play it right. The levels are so simple it's boring. And holy hell advertisements!
It's a painting game therefor it should let you chose in what order you paint things. I hated how if there were multiple colors and I wanted to start off with one it wouldn't let me use it until I did a different color first. Waste of a game
Its fun, but need to quit telling me my painting order. Way too many ads. Probably uninstall as ads are pissing me off.
It is a really good game but theres no colours to paint with on level 123 and it wont let me go past it or do any other levels.
Feels like the tutorial is never over, but I understood it from the ad (exactly like the ad). Not too many ads in game, but a few.
I really enjoyed this game, but much like other people have said, level 113 is impossible. I like to play games that I can actually complete and right now im just stuck, I can't even go back and play old levels. Please fix this. Edit: level 113 has been fixed but now level 123 is bugged... there aren't any paints so I cannot complete it. :( im very disappointed.
Simple and fun but level 113 doesn't work. Please check that level game developers. There isn't a way to finish it
Boring. More suited for kindergarteners and first graders, just learning to mix primary colors and learning the beginnings of strategy. Advertise it as educational, for kids.
I would give this game 5 stars, it's really fun, but you have to fill the things in a specific order and it gets annoying. Can you please make it so that we are able to fill in the colors in any order?
Level 113!! I dont have enough colors to mix for the colors needed. Please fix this! Who makes a level that cant be completed? 3 stars for this reason, would love to give 5 stars when this is fixed.
It won't let you get it wrong and it's frustrating. A great game for preschoolers and that's about it.
It did not let me mess up it was over a boring there was literally nothing I could do that was that could mess it up I mean if you're going to make something like a little challenge don't make it where you could go back and fix it when you got them colors place down give them their stuff all right I hate it I'm going to end up deleting it cuz it's so boring
I'm loving this game so far!! Last night I made it to level 123 but for some reason the paint colors didn't show up. I tried opening and closing the app and it didn't work. So I have uninstalled and reinstalled and am starting back at the beginning. Let's hope it works. Because it's a lot of fun.
It's a fine game to teach children about how to mix colors. I wish that it had some that were more than just yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple. Pink and brown, and gray could be a nice addition. Something that required more than mixing just two colors.
I hate how many adds they have it's so annoying, but the painting proportion is some what fun not much of a game I would buy if I'd known this then I'd most likely choose another painting game.
I really like the idea of the game, but it freezes when an add loads. I'm stuck on the pear. It freezes, then I have to close the app and reload it. It opens back up to the pear. Please fix
Was having fun with the game. There are some boards that give you an extra space so that you can mix more than one secondary color when needed, however I am currently on level 113 and that is not the case. There is only 1 of each primary color and I am required to make all 3 secondary colors. Without the extra space, it is impossible to complete. Even using the hint icon, the game won't let me move forward.
ok so this game is really relaxing and the pictures that you colour are pretty neat i also like the fact there is more to the game than just colouring in pictures i.e different paintbrushes and cups that you can get and the upgradeable houses despite how random it seems BUT level 123 is impossible to complete due to a bug where there arent any paints so you cant paint the pic please fix this. this game is actually super fun because of how sweet and simple it is and i really want to continue :(
It is good but you can't make mistakes i tried making mistakes but I can't like the person in the add.
This is dumb. Just a color puzzle. The layout is exactly the same as all mobile games now. It doesn't even let you paint it. Don't get it. Not worth it.
This game is so fun! And if u love art this is the game for u and sure there are down sides like u just have to tap but it is also perfect if u live art and taping so vote the game how I did and get other people to play it! NOW GO HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS GANE!
this game is pretty fun. but I get adds every millersecond. I get so many adds that I'm only on level 5 and I have had the game for 3 days. that is way to many games for my liking sooooo I wouldn't play the game or recommend it.
It's like combining color by number with a puzzle. Two puzzles weren't especially possible to do without the assistant, one because it wanted you to color the same spot twice, one because there was a -tiny- spot held separate from the rest of the color piece even though pretty much any other time it would be included in the larger part. Still fun, lots of ads.
Lots of ads and i agree with Thia level 123 (snowglobe) dosen't even have paint! ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a very fun game, but eith all the flashy red explanation marks every were, it kinda ruins the free flow of the game
This game is a lot of fun and the levels that are bugged get fixed fairly quickly. Developers who actually read and take into consideration what the reviews are saying show that they truly care about the quality of their game. :)
Mostly for younger kids. Can be educational for them, but boring if you know your color combos. So, there are some glitches and once you paint something it dissapears. The only reason i would download this would be if i had a kindergartener-2nd grader that needed to learn color combos.
So far there have been only primary and secondary colors. You have to be careful when there are two secondary colors.
It's fun enough but stupid that you have to paint things in a certain order. So long as the finished product is correct, one should be able to paint it in any order they choose.
Was enjoying the game until I got to level 123 which is literally impossible to finish because there is NO PAINT. Fix it and I'll rate 5 stars. Super upset cuz I was having a lot of fun and this stopped me dead in my tracks!
It's a nice game in my opionin :) but I don't really like how it puts hands to direct me I already know how to play I mostly see games from other games then I play them. I don't think this makes anyone else mad or something I don't know I think I'm just being dramatic to be honest :T I jaut don't like that it does that it makes me annoyed so if other people commet the same thing (I doubt it) don't comment it, try to talk to the creator or something. Yeah thanks for understanding (if you did) 😐
First of all, the levels are really easy, a kindergartner can finish these with ease. Second of all, there WAAY too many ads, after each level there is an ad. To get good brushes, ad. To actually do stuff, ad. It's just so annoying. It's a great time killer and it's a bit satisfying to watch the PAINT PAINT ITSELF. Anyway, 3 stars, unless the game has gotten harder, it's still in my poop list.
Love to paint but got to level 211 and I got everything I need except the paint to paint the pic I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if this would help and it did not still no paint I have been running into probs on another app to I don't know what happened here but can't move ahead
Very satisfying and a very amazing game has only one ad like after you finish one of the paint puzzles but other than that amazing game 🎮 greatest game ever so everyone that thinks this game is horrid they are wrong !!!!!!!it is a great game so never ever ever lie about games this game is amazinggggggggggggggggggg
Got bored in 30 seconds because of the tutorial hand in the way. I know how to tap and mix colors. I don't need a literal hand to hold while doing it.
I really like the game and the ads were sooooooo funny I needed to get it. So when I did get it there was this hand pointing to everything I needed to do. How is that fair! I wanted to make grey black and brown but it would not let me mix the colors that is it. So if you want me to keep this game and for it to be my favorite funny game so pretty please let me mix the paints. You know it would be really funny. Please I wanna mix the paints sooooo badly!!
I hate it there is an add every ten seconds and all you get to do is tap yhe painting one time then it just the painting for you if I could I would give this app a 0 star review
Fun game but I hate that I can't choose what order I want to paint the drawings. I have to go in the order the game wants and it sucks.
I really like the game. I am at a standstill like everyone else. Level 123 has NO paint. Can't go any further!
Really nice and simple. Also fun to just do things differently and do my own challenges. Though some things are a bit messed up. Like level 115 where it's physically not possible
Too many ads. Continuous prompts to tap faster. You have to mix colors in their order instead of being allowed to mess up and tey to figure it out. Got to level 12 and uninstalled. Not for me. Cool concept though and cute pictures.
Its a good game i just wish it was like the ads were you can actualy drag the brush if you add that it would be five stars
This game is relaxing, but the only challenge is thinking ahead for the color combinations and it barely lets you mess up. It never gets harder
Love this game but the challenges don't work at all, don't waste your coins on them. Also had one level make me paint a section twice before it acknowledged it as painted.
Exceptionally frequent adverts. Each level takes around 15 seconds to complete, yet between each one there is always an advert. Terrible experience from that point of view. Otherwise, very basic so would have been suitable for children but I wouldn't want mine to be subjected to quite this many adverts.
Love it. My experience is that I took the initiative & colored before the tutor, like rinsing out the brush at the end of each picture. No tutor shows up on the screen, after the 6/7 level.
I have just started playing this game and I am loving it but the only thing that I might want to change is the fact that you don't paint the game paints for you and I wanted to paint. That is the only thing that I would change about this game.
Stuck on level 81 (a robot) doesnt give enough color to be able to mix the right colors. Was fun for a while
This game is ok for a time killer or for children. But if you wanted something more interesting, that not the game for you. I would have put maybe one more star if the game wouldnt crash at every level
I like how easy it is because i suck at games, but I am good at fast games, but not really, I like how this game is relaxing because i am always relaxed.
The game advert I watched is misleading there is no way of losing the advert showing mixing brown ect cannot be done it doesn't let you use.
I tried it and it sucked. Once you paint a colored section it disappears. So what your left with is a blank page. So..I painted nothing? Super dumb. I uninstalled.
The concept is nice but its not nearly as challenging as it should/could be. They could at least let you paint the item yourself. Also, the ads weren't bad at first. I had it after every 5th level or so but then it was after every level. Way too many ads for an okay game.
Lvl 121 is impossible, I used a hint, it tells you exactly what to do, and when you follow the advice, you get an error due to it being impossible. Need all 6 colors but give one of each primary color only. Need one of them to be doubled.
Super satisfying and really good way to learn your primary colors and what color will create what its really simple and easy and really fun just wish there would be sound for when you mix paint and when you paint its makes a squishy sound to give it the effect of paint other then that great game good job!!!🥳🥳
I thought it'd be kinda fun, it's not. The tutorial literally never ends. It just shows you what to do every time, as if you're too stupid to understand such a simple process
It was great until I ran into a bug. I couldn't complete the paint puzzle. I used the hint and it couldn't even understand what to do. I was given yellow, blue, and red. No other slots. I had to make purple, orange, and green.
It has quite a few commercials but apart from that it's a really good game and now I know how to mix my colours better.
following the pictures is fun it's pretty standard pretty easy and like another comment mentioned a kindergartener could figure this out, and also they need to make it so that the game doesn't prompt you or force you to choose the color you don't want if you know how to mix colors you should be able to do it willy-nilly not be handguided to what colors need to be done especially by level 51
Fun game but I'm on level 123 an there are no colours showing for me to choose from, so the level can't be played which is sad.
Game doesn't let you make mistakes. It is too easy, and doesn't give the player freedom. The player can't even mess up like the person in the ad does!
Terrible company. Has errors on game and company refuses to fix errors. Sloppy work. Don't pay for anything on this game as you are wasting your money. Zero stars is not an option or that is what they would have gotten from me.
This game is horrible, it has way to many adds and it takes forever to loud it doesn't even paint correctly i would not insist on getting this game.
There are so many things in this game that annoy me. For example, before you make a mistake, it corrects you. I know some people would be happy about that, but I'm not. Another thing is if you have more colors to do, it won't let you mix colors until you do those. Those are some things that bother me. If you don't luke those things, don't install. If you do, this is the game for you. I am uninstalling.
Levels start repeating before you get to level 25, game too controling, only let's you color in a predetermined order.
On level 111,I can't seem to past it because when I mix blue and red and get purple and paint the ducks eyes,one of them turns small and the other is fine but it glitches a little
This game is best used to teach children about color theory and capitalism. Even then they have a cheat sheet right off at the bottom left of the screen. Just another ad farm from Popcore, bland as always.
Is way too easy and there's lots of ads I don't like the ads and because when you when you first get into the game it gives you the steps like it's supposed to like only once but it gave us a lot of times so like my opinion.
It's a ln alright game, but the ads are annoying and and the ads for the game are so unacurate and I'm going to delete this game.
It was great until I got to level 123 there is no paint to paint with and it is impossible to continue.
It's fun but its really easy at the start and level 113 is so easy so I would like it to be a little bit harder.
I was quite enjoying this game but just as you really get past the tutorial and into the main levels and meat of the game it breaks. Level 140 doesn't give any paint colors so it's impossible to complete the puzzle.
This game has potential. It could be fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, it guides you too much. It doesn't give you the freedom to choose the order you color in, or allow you to make mistakes or figure it out for yourself. It might just be that I haven't gotten to a high enough level, but I'm loosing patience with it. Even if it just had the option to turn off the guide, that would be great.
I really liked this game a lot, so why 2 stars? Well, it is 2 stars because of the lives system so it limits the games potential and I always like to play games that are unlimited in fun
This game is okay but I think it's better suited for the younger generation. If you know your color combinations, you'll be fine. Example...yellow and blue when mixed make green, yellow and red make orange and so on. Knowing my color combos makes this game slow and a bit boring. For an 8 yr. old its probably great...educational. Parents need to pass this game along to their children. Especially during this time when our children need all the help they can get. During the pandemic...no school.
No way too actually fail there's no challenge won't let you mix the colors wrong it's honestly a garbage game and developers if you see this MAKE IT SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY MESS THINGS UP the ads showed mixing colors to the point of were they became grey in all actuality it will say "nO yOu MuSt Do It RiGhT nO mArGiN fOr ErRoR" it's so stupid
Not what was expected of the app. Their is no true interaction for the user. It does not let you choose the order nor you painting your just taping areas that it is telling you to tap. For anyone that is over 7 years old would probably not like the app. It needs in update in user interaction
I tried to mess up, just to see what happens, and the game won't let you mix things if you still need one of the primary colors. How exactly is it a puzzle game if I can't screw it up?
It's ok to kill time but I got instantly mad when it wouldn't let me paying the colors in the order I wanted to. I didn't take it serious after that. I was hoping it would get harder but it's great for my grand kids. Revision::: it tells you to do this color but then when you start it, it tells you a different colored to do. No good
I love this game but I'm on level 123 and there are not paints on the board! I hit refresh and still no paints and then I close the game and start it back up and again...still no paint! What is going on?
It's a good game graphics are okay but it's kind of boring in my opinion I would not recommend downloading
I love the premise of this game. The puzzle aspect is mixing the paint in the correct order because once you mix paint it cant be unmixed. But there is an ad between almost every level and it has bothered me enough to uninstall the game.
Enjoyable but takes quite a long time to get more interesting. About level 40 for me to start having to even think about the order colours are done. More interesting graphics would mean I would play for longer stretches. More colour combinations would be good too. Saying that, they might be coming in higher levels. I recommend you wait till someone hits at least level 25 before you ask them to rate the game. I nearly gave it a low rating as boring when I started but improved with higher levels.
It's a good app but you can't choose what to color first if you have a color like blue to make purple you can't put on the red you have to dip the color in the water just to grab only red just to mix blue and red it's stupid. I'm definitely deleting the app sorry 😬 and it gets boring😴
Just got to level 123. And there are no paint colors available. Pretty fun up until now. Please fix ASAP!!
This game is good, although there are a lot of ads as a pro tip if you double tap you can make the paint brush go faster
Pretty ok as always, Popcore. Great game for when you want to reach a state of consciousness between sleep and existential terror. Got an extra 2 stars for you if you could maybe let it loop instead of just making 113 impossible, people who play this probably wouldn't notice it anyway.
The games a fun way to pass time, unfortunately at level 123 it wouldn't show the paint colors to use so pretty much the game came to a hault. Sucks..
I do not like that the game doesn't let you color in the order you want to. If I have a picture that is red orange and yellow I should be allowed to color in the red or yellow and then mix a color for orange and then rinse my brush to do the other color.
Generally if you gave this to your kids to colour yeah it's fine but no I dont like if like I understand it is a pegi 3 so 2 stars
Really good game there are a few adds but other then that it is good, it works very smothly but it is very easy
You have to know how to make purple, orange and green. But if you don't, it's okay! The game won't let you make a mistake!