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Pass Track

Pass Track for PC and MAC

Is a Health And Fitness game developed by National IT Board, Government Of Pakistan located at Plot # 24-B, Street 6 , H-9/1, Islamabad. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Pass Track app by the National Information Technology Board, as part of Management for traveler coming over to Pakistan. It aids in recording and tracking of passengers' basic information. The application comes with scanning option of National Identity Card and Passport of Pakistan.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pass Track.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pass Track for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Only 5 airports are available to choose for arrival in Pakistan. Need to add all the international airports of Pakistan. I am travelling from Sharjah to Sialkot but no option available to select Sialkot airport. 2ndly Passtrack is not available for in App Store for iPhone users....
Not opening. New version is not available same message is appearing. If any body has other link please send.
Oyeeee, please fix it, I am in the app business and work with on of the big app developers of Pakistan. I have also had contact with PITB in old days Today this app totally surprised me, I can't give detailed feedback but please NITB fix this.
I manage to download the app immediately no issues for me, now the next step I will check if theres any significance to download a app, to early to make comment yet
What a failure! What an extraordinary wastage of time! Pakistani government keeps on thinking of ways to make life difficult for its citizens and this app is no different! No autofill! You have to put the name info again anf again and at the end the server fails! What an extraordinary rubbish
We foreign Pakistani are unable to make new account. It always said that connection timeout. Webpass track is also not working. Kon log ho tussi.......World is going on super computer and you are unable maintain single web-page and app.
Very bad..... After installation, it is not opening with the message "new version is available, install the new version". App store is not showing the new version..... So no solution and stuck up.
Should add QR code in the app to facilitate travellers, it is easy to scan and it will reduce paper work
We literally almost missed our flight because of this app. The website was not working so we could not complete the online form, and from day before til the day of the flight we have tried multiple times to register the form to no avail. At the airport counter they required us to show proof of completion but after we showed proof that the app won't approve our information, the airline staff agreed to print a paper form and had us complete that instead. Another passenger was also struggling
The purpose of this app was to facilitate passengers with corona results but after uploading and scanning documents and submit this app doesn't work which is very annoying and many passengers felt ashamed in front of departure counter when they asked to show them the results. App needs to be developed by professionals
The app doesn't work. It states an upgrade of the app is available, but there is no update on the app store. So basically there's no way to use the app.
After all the scanning and details when u feel like oh finally it's done and u press submit ,then the app happily says "servers not responding try again" I tried alot but does not work...
This app is really good,Super simple and easy. Everything you have to put just written simple. All the comments down are fake.
Keeps timing out and doesn't upload or submit details. I have been trying for two days now. It should not be a requirement if it doesn't work.
It's good thing to give easy ways to public but what is this bug.. I just installed and it is not working asking for new update Deleted and installed again but still not working.. tell me what to do..
Downloaded and opened once, but didn't have my covid test yet so I waited to complete. When I got my test, I tried to open the app to input my info and register, and it would not open at all.
Server time outs when submitting info makes this app all but useless how can you require something that does not work? Pak IT dept needs to get better
Tanveer kazmi. No option to auto save.No option to print the form. Sometimes login issue. Website not loading.
Ful of bugs, selecting city country n airport from drop down list and still says invalid city. How can you release without testing? Does not upload data to server even after 15 tries.
I have installed the app but can't open it. The website form is also not working. It doesn't give any option to create a new account.
Worst app. It does not allow to upload a picture more than 2mb and my phone camera takes minimum 2.6mb size of picture. When you take picture it says test failed. Wish I could give less than 1 star to developer. Now I am stuck perhaps can't travel to Pakistan.
I am shocked this is a Government App and it works too badly, the Edit option sucks, when i edited my details no changings took place, i mean really what is wrong.. waste of time,.. WHAT A LOSERS they can not even make a good basic app.. really a shame.
app is not working properly, not able to add covid report in pdf form, and also not able to upload passport,
Dear All, Please use website for registration of travellers. I did it in just 2 mins. Permanent adress issue more than 50 characters can be fixed if we remove special characters (,. *) etc. Dear Developers Please fix the issue On startup Application says update to latest version but there is no update option on Google Play..
It is working fine. Just added my journey details and worked fine. Read options carefully. And in last option add passport size picture of a traveller. Not passport picture.
Can't register. Somehow it can't connect to the server when I fill all the lines and click "register". Please fix this bug.
Thanks a lot Mr Mujtaba for your quick support and assistance on this pass track issue, Really I wish, in our all public offices, people's like you, be posted. Once again thanks to resolve my issue with in no time.
There is a mesage apperaing while opening the app " Update is available please update it from App store" while in App store there is no option to update app.
There is no option to take print out or to transfer PDF or JPEG file which you have required to carry at the time of traveling. I don't know why people of Pakistan do not use mind when they do such important works. Why they love to disturb people instead of making thr tasks easy for people. Weird..!
App doesn't work. It shows message that new version is available to update from Google store but doesn't update or starts.
Nobody at Karachi airport asked me about this app and the form I made in advance in this app but instead they just handover me another form to fill and sign and give it to them. So what's the purpose of this app? Just waste of time or what. Did you guys even inform the Airport staff to ask passenger if they already filled the online form? I bet no, because even I told them that I already registered myself they still want me to fill the paper form which I did of course.
Just another piece of $hit. Nonse app wastmy 1 hour just to upload docs and at the end full with error.
Web app won't get submitted if you don't attach pcr test report. App should judge if the residing county is exempted so this option gets disabled logically. Garbage app. 0++
Absloute waste of time , I think the designer needs to visit this app to see what an embarrassment this is... I have tried to upload the info so many hours gave been lost due to poor design
This app is very user friendly and easy to use. I guess all who have been complaining and writing negative reviews about this app must not have read the guidelines on how to add travel details or they are computer illiterate.
The app has so many bugs. Does not function properly. Could not upload picture of passport, passport number scan reads wrong number, after scanning cnic the camera kept on in background still trying to read cnic. In the end could not upload the data because connection timeouts.
Worst app, doesn't work at all, please avoid this app, i have missed my flight because of this, please dont download the app and waste your time, I tried the IOS version, same problem, server down, doesn't work either way, now im stuck without visa What i do now?
It doesn't start. Keeps asking me to update the app, despite have the Latest version. Deleted and reinstalled via app store a few times but still didn't work. Terrible. Nearly missed the flight. Thanks to the incompetent authorities in Pakistan.
I have seen several people failing to register on this app because app was not accepting the data. The programmers should be fired. Govt should compensate everyone who missed the flights due to the app errors.
Not possible to even register. How someone would do anything?. Moreover logging in without credentials take 1 min and then timeout, it should tell in less than 5 seconds that wrong email or password. Kindly ask some professional to develop app, not some novel graduate.
Too many errors for such sensitive issues related application. Imagine if someone has an emergency to go Pakistan and this app is giving you silly false errors like your tehsil is not right.. wrong DOB etc and don't letting you submit required form.... Please dont humiliate us overseas Pakistanis in front of immigration desks because of this unnecessary application and update this on urgent basis.
it does not save data until you select all symptoms , although you don't have any kind of symptoms in real. unprofessional work... facing issues while traveling from UAE
I don't know if I should blame the app or the server end but I've been trying to submit the form since morning but each time I'm getting same error "Connection timeout, please try again". Same is happening in the web portal as well but no response from server. "Facepalm to the developers on front and backend, you guys are amazing"
I have really no idea, how people are writing bad comments. I was scared after reading these comments but fortunately everything went very well and smooth, without any problem. Thanks Developers.
App doesn't open. Using Moto G Stylus on Android OS 10 #ConstructiveFeedback #DivineFriendship #777adventures
The app is showing error...its showing msg update app i already updated but its not opening. Please check the issue i have flat tomorrow i need to update details....Thanks
It pop ups for upating it to New available version, redirects to play store but no update available. Reinstalled the app but error keeps on poping up. pathetic development
When I saw the negative reviews about this app... I was worried . Thanks to Allah, it went in one go... I didn't face any difficulty. Only the question is whats a point to print the report while we have all the info in app. What's the purpose to develop an app even though you have to take a printed report with you ??.
Please Fix it. I downloaded it so many times when i tried to open it it said new version is available download new version and when i uninstalled and downloaded again it is still showing same massage can someone fix it please.
Few days ago i installed this app and registered my self and loged in... Today when i opened it there is a message for new version and update from google play store... but there is no update coming .. I removed and re installed but again same msg come and app in not opening ..if some body face this problem at time of travel day then how he will get boarding.. app is not working good .. I think this is not useful rather painful and extra headache for passenger ..
Not a good app. It does not allow you to save data without medical test. It should let you save data and then when medical test is available, you should be able to just upload it. It it should let you know up front not to enter detail if you don't have medical test. Waste of time.
Developed by amateurs, no QA Upload picture from gallery does not work due to some useless filter and where is autofill? Have to type each time same stuff again and again and take a new picture of same documents everytime, why even bother to create an app which you clearly don't know, instead you are just wrapping a website in a broken way
13th oct I have downloaded this app, as a citizen I want to fill in details to register and visit on emergency. Experience is pathetic, it does not allow and keeps demanding download new version, some bug, please fix your portal has not option to register international number, why is that so? 14th October All bugs fixed, thanks for the update and great service.
When i upload my corona result. Its showing health status is invalid . My result is negative. I try so many time but i cant solve my prblm. Need to improve apps.
I have flight in few days and this app and their website both are not working. I am not sure how someone can make it mandatory without fixing bugs.
Giving error of 'new update is available' bt no update on google play store so in short the app doesn't work at all
This App is Not opening and just saying that a new version is available so update your app. But I am not able to find any new version of this app.
So many bugs. Such poor work qiality. 1. You are asking for departure date and showing it as arrival date once form is completed. 2. You are asking if we need any help at location of Quarantine but then displaying selection as if the location will be an apartment?? What are you trying to do? 3. If one selects foreign passports then city of Quarantine dissappears. You can't submit form till this is filled in. Why have you not tested this app properly?
I'm extremely disappointed in this app.Like others have mentioned already, it doesn't have an auto-save draft option. I'm traveling from a country which is exempted from COVID-19 testing, despite entering all the data properly, it's still asking for a medical report.The alphabetical ordering is proper on the Android version but it's a bit messed up on the iOS version. The data can't be submitted. Pathetic app & waste of tax-payer's money.
Entered my details and it all seemed to be going fine, until you try to open your itinerary. App crashes as soon as I tap on my trip details. It's useless if you can't even view the trip details, how/what am I supposed to show at the airport.
Downloaded the app. Does not work. Keep asking to upgrade from google playstore. U have to close it and try to download again. Same issue.
Application have many issues, first of all application ask for update and updated app is not available, secondly flight detail's not available even after submitting all details
Last 3 hours trying to submit but app not working stuck on city option Even web is not working..... how u ruinung people time and money by this system
I have been trying since long and it keeps giving error message "Server is not responding, please try again."
As so many others, this is a good initiative. But as always, there are so many bugs. The app keeps on crashing. The picture of my passport is not being uploaded. I accidentally put up a picture of shirt and it cannit be changed. Also the form is not so clear. Arrival date, departure date, connecting flights etc. I am hopeful that you will be working on it and will fix it. And once that is done, i would be happy to write a positive review.
I can't submit the form because of Connection timeout with the server Please fix this bug. Can't believe the basic function of this app is to submit this form and there is a connection timeout issue.
Very poor development team. Application is incomplete they are only changing the layout direction. You should add urdu text in separate strings.xml file. If you don't know how to develop a good application then contact with me. Or try to enhance ur skills.
Unfortunately the app is not usable, so many bugs, wrong field names, unclear what to fill where, not able to submit data after many attenmpts and no error message telling me reason. I just wonder if it was tested at all considering intended use cases.
How can I enter overseas mobile number? Field for entering is not long enough to cater foreign cell phone numbers. There is no help or other number where you could contact in case of any issues.
Edit option is not working properly. From and to flight destination tried several times to edit but not showing the correct info. Most of time crashing while updating the information in any field.
Tried over 130 times to fill out the details that the websites publisher requires it doesn't work. Its language, buggy times out, the website isn't any better either.
As everyone else is saying pointless app cant even open it as it keeps on telling you to install the newer version which is not available anywhere. Tried doing it on website and it keeps giving error. Joke
Very bad app I am trying since yesterday till now but I can't fill my form when I fill all requirements and then show your time out and try again.and i try 100 times and take only 1 or 2 minutes but seme reply.
This app is so silly, asking me to do rating before to use it. So I'll give 1 star, app des not deserve more than this. In addition its saying new version is available on Google but couldn't find. Can't use this app.
It keeps asking to download the new update from the app store. But when i open the app store, it does not show any update. I have a flight today and its a very bad time for bugs. Please download this app 2,3 days in advance and get done with it.
This app is showing error always says that" permanent address should not be more than 50 characters " although full address is less than 50 characters and even I tried to reduce more words, still unable to upload my details in app...I am traveling on 6 October from UAE....plzz anyone has faced this issued help me resolve this
Lot of bugs. Just downloaded and got a prompt message for upload to new version. Try to do that without luck.
Hi How to download in Huawei mobile. I have a Huawei mobile and I could not download there. please fix this problem. And how I select Peshawar ( Bacha Khan International Airport ).
This is a very basic app app but still full of bugs/defects. For example, in the add new form , select city drop down , cities are not in alphabetical order. Then my city Mirpur is missing. I think this is just a tick box excercise and work of an amateur developer.
Developed by the National IT Board? This is the calibre of our national level IT people? Such a shameful act. I have seen a single developer create better apps. The people responsible for this app should be ashamed of their contribution to our country, The app and website both are giving server error. For the people who are saying that users who are leaving bad reviews must not be tech savy; An app like this SHOULD BE MADE for people who ARE NOT TECH SAVY. This is the whole purpose of creating a user friendly app. I see people who cannot read or write use Facebook, Whatsapp. That is because those apps are user friendly. And on top of this a server error has nothing to do with tech saviness.
When turning ON app, its keep on asking to update your application but in the play store their is no update shown. How will it work. On my friends iphone its working
Many small issues when i contact through what's app these queries few queries are replied and other not replied. Some problems exist and difficult for a person who has low knowledge of internet or computer and not good educated
So Embarrassing in the last quew there was mention that upload your passport so I uploaded Then Again They Asking For Covid 19 test for uploading where I can upload even I have my test report but there is no Any Options
Irritating and time waste way to go to D.O.B. Hopefully someone will use brain to correct it. Give a guidance message that File and Travel details can be Edited later as well.
Why does it say need to download new version whereas there's no updated version on the Playstore? Why roll out such a buggy app in the first place if you can't pay for decent developers? This has real life consequences for people who want to travel back home after months, don't want to be stuck at the airport for incompetence of people..
Hello,i was so stressed because of this pass track thing. I was not able to do this successfully then just sent 1 msg on whatsapp number helpline and then they in in contact with me until the issue fixe. Thank u passtrack team and thank you givt of Pak
Worst ever app, would give you errors regarding airport id destination id etc. Could not register even though I had all the information. This app is torture. Edit: I was able to register on the website and the results were shown on the app. I recommend registering on the website.
I am not able to right any comment as I open the app it's showing this version need to be updated get updated one from play store but when I install new one it is still showing same error can any one help me with this problem
HOW and Why should I use this app because I don't have any touch mobile/smart phone.For the sake of this app I can't buy smart phone or is it mandatory one should have a smart phone? Every covid test has a bar code and it is very easy to scan at the airport on arrival so why troubling people to use such application. It is good for the developer to earn money through this application. Do you think all the ministers will comply ?and the labourers coming from middle East will use this?
Terrible app,doesn't work,Cannot select English.Total Rubbish and frustrating, they should remove this app till they can test and fix all.
Absolutely useless app no contact number for help didn't bother with the app went on the website instead I had difficulty uploading my photo don't know if it makes a difference
To select date of birth, there is no drop down link for year of birth. It requires to go back month by month. So if you are 50 plus years old, you need to go back 600 months one by one to reach the year of your birth to select your date of birth.
The world has been changed alot and yet here we're with a system so obsolete and inefficient which only creates hurdle and problems for the people of Pakistan. This app doesn't even do the purpose for which it's been made, the info u give won't be enough and the app will keep popping up new tabs with ultimate frustration despite fulfilling its purpose which is providing ease to traveling Pakistanis.
Worst App. I think this app has been launched without tests. Or no data is collected from foreign country residents. I have outline my reasons based the most frustrated parts Starting from No 1 1- No options to save your data, let say you haven't finished with the app. It will reset your previous work. You have to start over again. Literally I had to do it 20 + times. 2- It interchanges passport pic with Medical reports. 3- Even though default settings is non symptomatic. Reports is negative.
The app is so confusing... I downloaded it it worked fine but now it says an update is available but there is no option for update.. And its not opening. While i installed it on another fone and its working fine.. I have reinstalled the app but its still giving an error of update and not opening.
Its keep asking for downloading the new version and there is no new version available can you please check this ASAP, as a lot of people complaining about the same issue and no one seem to take action or to response
I installed it but message appeared "downloaded new version from play store" but doesn't update. App not working. Please sort out problem. Thanks
Form is not correct. It does not show option to select for COVID negative passengers. Asks you to select one of only two options available as Symptomatic or Asymptomatic. Please include a thrid option as Covid Negative.
Worst experience ever my flight is in one week and I couldn't even get registered, keep giving me error for time out.
The app is not launching. It keeps saying a newer version is available. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling it is not opening. Please help.
Poor response while submitting the request. Keeps showing this field required and we don't have clue which field is missing. Developer ja e to be more focused while launching the official app as international image of the country is involved. We need to improve this app urgently to avoid airport team looking or making mo ey from travelers. Please guys get educated and improve and let country have good image. Shame on team not handling and there Re many comments on this review yet no improvement.
App has a major bug and does not allow to submit on Android devices. Always gets Error: Connection Timed Out. Only works on iPhone.
I just downloaded and open the app it show me to download the latest version from google play store. It can't be updated immediately after downloading. Please fix this problem.
Pathetic App. There is no 0 star that I could select here. Reasons: OCR reader doesn't read US passports correctly. I have entered all the required information and yet clicking the button at the bottom doesn't do anything. No errors displayed. I am trying to do for few hours now.
Its so much bad and time wasting application. People travel to home land have to waste time for it. They are thinking abroad all Pakistanis are well educated and they have latest mobiles . Oh. So stupid who give like this application advice. Im from travel agency and we deal alot of 0people daily basis and these are remarks of them.
This app is just a waste of time. Not saving your information at all I have tried several times. It's not even taking or scaning the document properly. Why do you put this extra burden on us which has of no use.
The most useless app I've ever seen, every time you press submit it gives you "time out" error. The website is no different than the app. Why make it a requirement when you can't even run it.
Where is Spouse information Option, even in Guideline no instruction what to do if husband and wife and kids above 18 are travelling. At least design application with all scenarios Could be single male female or both with kids below 12/18 or above. No helpline or email contact for clarification in Guidelines
İ didn't face any difficulty to register the app,and to fill the form.Dont try to write mobile number with country code,because there is no other option.
I am travelling at midnight, i filled the form a day before to avoid any delay, as you have to show the printed form also at the airport. I selected my travelling date but it automatically changed to the date on which I submitted the online form. Why?
The app has its issues but mostly works when updated or restarted (as appropriate). Let's not forget that this app was probably thrown together in a couple of weeks to handle the current situation, therefore let's extend it some courtesy.