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PESHUB 21 Unofficial

PESHUB 21 Unofficial for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Nova Software Studio located at 48 Park Road Cosby Leicester Leicestershire LE9 1RL United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
This app is not a game.

This application features...

Featuring a player that is complete with features such as…
• The ability to search for players using their stats at max level, not just level 1. **PESHUB Pro feature**.
• Calculates the dribbling skills that each player can perform and shows controller animations on how to perform them **PESHUB Pro feature**.
• Estimates how player form affects player stats.
• Player cards show the top 5 key stats of each player so you can quickly see each player’s strong points.
• Keeps track of player condition throughout the season to help you make better decisions on who to level-up.
• Contract renewal costs and experience points calculations.

Featuring a manager database with features such as…
• Shows which managers that have updated formations or tactics from the previous Live Update.
• Search for managers by their attacking or defensive tactics.
• Custom formation search tool to assist you in finding the formation that is exact you need **PESHUB Pro feature**.
• Shows support range, defensive line and compactness stats that are not shown in the mobile version of the game.

Featuring a squad builder that is designed to help you learn and understand how to build a squad with high team strength and contract cost that is low. Features include…
• Team strength calculations which is ideal for building 2,3 and 4 star strength squads.
• See how players can be positioned with different managers.
• Save an amount that is unlimited of. **PESHUB Pro feature**
• Auto squad build that will build a squad you choose. for you based on the parameters
• Total squad contract cost.

Game Plan simulates player off the ball movement in defence and attack. This allows you to view any weak and points that are strong your manager's tactics against other managers.

HIDDEN GEM FINDER *** PESHUB pro feature***
Easily find hidden gems with high potential and contract renewal cost that is low.

Save your players and managers so that they are easily accessible for squad or viewing building.

Tutorials with controller animations showing you exactly how to perform dribbling move that is skill console and mobile.

This is an companion app that is unofficial. This application does not have any relation to any game. This app only provides tutorials and information for learning purposes.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the PESHUB 21 Unofficial.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download PESHUB 21 Unofficial for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Is the app not available in bangladesh? Every time i try enter i need to use a vpn to download the database. Otherwise it doesn't download at all. Please fix this.
Everything is fine but please change the app icon. The whole "PES HUB" written doesn't fit in the icon.
Version check Http/1.1 forbidden is showing after update.And not showing the live updates.Please fix it soon
Way more ads than peshub 20. Therefore no good rating. I understand you wanna make money, but we don't ☺️
Man, this new updated interface and stats showing is looking childish and weird.. It was already good before.. Please change it back
This app is great for pes users .... It has all players and managers database. But this app doesnt have the manager database of T. Katanosaka...plz add the manager database of that manager as soon as possible.......
It is not accurate 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 If possible i would remove the one star Peshub2020 is far better than this
It was a very useful app as I am a pes player but when I am updating live update it shows error so i keep on rertying
Please include an option to disable the vibration, its super annoying. The back button doesn't work, every time from my phone, I have to press home to get out of the app. Please fix that.
Awesome app But some of the legend cards are portrayed as Iconic Moment cards in this app.. Kindly fix that
Same error as usual version error check HTTP/1.1 520 unknown HTTP status . It used to work properly earlier but now this error has made it a worse app to use.
It provides a good information about players , tactics , skills ,and many other things . But they are showing joystick for learning skills so I cannot understand how to do in mobile. So please add mobile mode for learning skills.
This is a very useful app, but the most annoying thing is auto rotation. Also I cannot find any option to disable it. The use of back button is a bit completed. Also the UI is not good for right handers...I have to use 2 hands to access.
Why does this app keeps showing http forbidden. Helpful app but very frustating. Neet to fix this fast
There is a bug with the recent update, i am not able to move the slider of the max rating when am comparing two players. Pls kindly fix it.
Show some support to developers. Game is officially released today, they need time to put all the data together. It's one of the reliable sources for PES 20, and I hope it will be same even better in PES 21.
The app always crashes and restating whenever i want to search the players or doing a gameplan, and please disable the vibrating stuff its really annoying.
A very amazing app but i have been facing a lot of problems with a message during live updates that says " Version check HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden". Please fix this.
This app is sent more information about Pes 2021 but sometimes there had a problem while live update please solve the problem 🙏 This is a super app to pes users
Full of details in pes game... Upcoming players and player condition and manager update.. 😍😍😍
Not bad. But look at iconic moment D. Forlan in Pes hub 21. He is a 75 rated silverball. What do you mean by this
I am giving 1🌟 because it's showing retry again and again for data pack 5.0 update... Else I would have given 5🌟
version check http/1.1 403 forbidden fix this problem , clearing data do nothing (edit) thanks for fixing
It's good to use. Here some suggestions, Pls, add tutorials of shooting skills for mobile classic control and all of the skill tutorials for mobile should include. Because, most of this app users are mobile players.
The rating of Forlan suddenly changed....Changed from 97 iconic boost to 81....guys pls make sure that such bugs don't occur. I have taken a screenshot.
Best app for PES players, contains all necessary informations. But some Managers' formation is missing in the app, plus the User Interference is filled with glitches and needs improvement.
why does it auto rotate, when my mobile auto rotate is off? please make it optional. Edit: Thanks for this awesome app
Difficult when it to formation the players searched not found work on this game at least the graphics should better than this it's useless it comsumes time just to form a team. To my opinion how i wish this game would start with some players and the advances the game brings option to choose a player of your choice to be added to the team.🤐
This app is good and fanstatic but today i couldnt enter the app and it shows unable to complete SSL connection.I tried unninstall and install it back and still remains the same and i even restart my phone and still nothing happens
Usefull app. And easy to use. And best pes guide app. And need to add one more thing efootball redeem players list please..
The UI need to be massively improved and while comparing players , the skills difference like double touch, Marseille turn should be shown in difference too.
Nice app. But it seems now we have to update the app every week. Too much data consumption. Just make it lighter downloads
I had unlocked pro mode for peshub 2020, but now I again have to pay for 2021! It should have automatically transferred to 2021
Would be better if update server screen at the start is optional. Also one bug I noticed is that when you add player to compare, sometimes the min rating is altered and this effect the attributes when you slide the level up.
The app itself is good, it contains all information about players, managers etc.. Something that annoys me is"support range" or "defensive line" of managers, according to my in-game experience all managers have the same defensive line, its not like some has lower and some higher. If somebody knows how are those manager stats calculated please let me know.
The dribbling skill tutorial and shooting tutorial is only useful for console versions and not for mobile version
For few days, every time live updates comes, it shows ''Version Check HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden. Fix it as soon as possible. Or give a solution. Clear Data/multiple Retry doesn't work most of the time.
Great app! Suggestion: i would add the possibilty to add available rolen to players and to increase on or more attributes once at a time
Absolutely awesome app for PES users. But the skill tutorials are for console users, if you add it for mobile uses it will be very nice. It will be good if you bring boxdraw details of monday.
This best is one of the best companion app for pes ....but due to some recent updates .... it has been not giving us update related to in game ..POTW and Monday upcoming players... Usually the POTW and monday selection are declared on Tuesday and confirmed on Wednesday....but now these updates are not show
this app is the best it tells you what you need and its accurate also let me thank the makers for showing the amount of trainers needed on player i have saved a lot of trainers because of this app.
It's great app I use to work with previous version 2020 but this year I have an issue with the database every time I open any player stats it goes on black screen please support contact me
i like this app bec. i can know the ability of player and mangers and my team strengths and prises of my playrs
When I chose the player and to be specific the problem happens with iconic moment after I chose the 2 players I can't level them up to max or increase the iconic boost
Please add classic control for those of us that use classic control in pes Also when I set the ui scale to the least and try opening the club selection some players at the bottom don't show although they appear there
This app sucks after update we can't close the damn advertisements without closing the entire app 👎👎👎👎🤲
This app is excellent but 1 problem. Why don't you add skill controls for PES Mobile? It's always the console version. I change it from the settings but still the skill tutorials are of consoles
Today when I opened the app.its not working properly,database is not loading and also live update? Will you fix it soon?
Got the error message: "Version Check HTTP/1.1.522 Unknown HTTP Status". Please fix it. Thanks in advance.
Can you please make the compare thing same like there was in peshub 20, like when you compare same player with their different versions i click on one & hit compare but other versions just disappears, then have to search for him again, do it like it was beforehand where all version of the player was there after you hit compare.
It shows "Version Http/1.1 403 forbidden. " when there comes a live update. Please tell me solution. But the app is really good.
Player comparison screen improvements (Inspire traits, Iconic boost buttons, overalls at other positions.) - Transfer Targets. Save players to your transfer target list. - Manager screen improvements (Numbers in attack / defense, shows positions that can convert to AMF or CF without having to place manager in squad builder.) - Datapack Changes. - New Player section. List of players that were added in the previous update. - Haptic feedback improvements. - Japanese player and managers. - fixes.
When i take palyer database its shows only a black screen.. and can't search manger too. Please fix the bugs.. this app needs so much improvements
The app need lots of work..fix the auto rotate it's so annoying also the search result everytime i go to the previous page all get back to the default
How we are supposed to change the page in the search results if you continue to spam ads in the bottom of page 👎.
Looking like the plan for pes 21 database is great...some new features added!! That's so amazing...As Pes Hub 20,,, The 21 version will be much better
A really good app, I love everything about it except for the fact that I can't use game plan...it keeps asking me to build a squad when I've built like 3 squad💔
pes is fully an real life performance based game .And this app help us to get the reality , tactical , managemental support ! such a good app
App kept crashing after the first time I open it. Updated: It turned out to be Google's issue and got fixed by Google. So I rate this app 5☆. I really enjoy using this app, such a useful one for pes player!
The old app was better and easier to use and navigate, this new one has features not required and even if they do it's not working well
There are some new legends like gerrard and alonso are added into the iconic section..but they are legend card..please fix this error..otherwise this app is very helpful.
Include upcoming boxdraw details.And when am using squad builder the substitute blocks over the starting gk card plz fix this make sub show clearly without blocking a starting player card
Keeps showing error for 3 days know i have uninstalled and reinstalled it couldn't do anything vert bad performance 😕
This game is so funny as you can see that here all players are free!I like 👍this game so much.That is the reason I gave it 5-star rating!!!!!