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Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls

Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by HD Production Team located at Dong Hoi, Dong Anh, Hanoi. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.
Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls - a dialer that is powerful contact management and personalization of incoming and outgoing calls
Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls has arrived to replace your stock phone & contacts app and bring your calling experience to the next level!

Easy to use, Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls provides you very convenient way to quickly access your recent calls, contacts, favorites and call history.

Powerful contact manager

- Easy search - Reach all your contacts from the screen that is main. Search also through typing numbers in the dialer.
- View desired contact information, fast and contact that is smooth
- Show call history, you can see all the call history of a phone number or a phone name
- Share your contacts as text by phone name or phone number or share your contacts via content.
- Organize your favorites
- Keep your contacts organized well with alphabetical suggestions
- LONG CLICK FOR FAST ACTION: copy contact information, copy phone phone or number name, call, message, block and unblock contact.
- Delete contact in list.
- Show call history, you can see all the call history of a phone number or a phone name
- Show list of duplicated contacts: delete your duplicated contacts
- Show list of blocked contacts: add to blacklist by phone contact or phone number

Powerful call log features

- Easy and quick contact search - Reach all your recent calls from the screen that is main. Search also through typing numbers in the dialer.
- Easy and filter that is quick: incoming calls, outgoing calls, rejected calls, missed calls, all calls.
- Show call history, you can see all the call history of a phone number or a phone name
- Fast and easy dialer screen. that is smart Smart recent calls grouping
- Dual SIM card support
- Easily link your similar contacts

New features

β˜† Dark Theme and more Themes to choose from
β˜† Edit number before call
β˜† Powerful calls and contacts features


Need support or want to provide feedback? Email us at [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Phone Dialer - Contacts and Calls for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Khub valo app, phone ultiye use kora jay. Amar tab a nicher dike touch kharap chilo fole ami kono kichu dial korte partam na ei app diye ekhon call korte pari. Thanks
User friendly interface. Really simple to use. If you are looking for an alternative of your phones default call app, i recommend it to you!
Very nice calling screen which I think everyone like. Can the same be done for incoming calls. It seems incoming calls still using existing Phone app by Google. I am using Redmi Note 9S.
It is my first time to use this medium, am trying to understand it better. It is a little more complicated than the former. Accessing miss calls has an usual protocol and or making direct call from the missed call list.
It has a bug of proximity sensor not working during calls. Please fix it with call recording feature.
It is not so intreast to work It is always show at top then we take a lot process to answer the call I think it will iretate for new one who does not know to operate it Could u pls clear it when u update it
Damn Thanks Broh βœ“ , This apps doesnt require Proximity Sensor, I was tensed because of Proximity Sensor but this app helped m alot Love You...
eed to be able to save unused contacts. Some of my people are busy and I only contact a few times per year. I had to export those with another method because this app considered them unnecessary, and there was no option to change that.
awesome. solved my headache in couple of seconds. exported all contacts and sent to mail. i can download them at any time. thank you so much.
transfer all my contacts (phone, email whatsapp, telegram.. etc) in just a couple of minutes.. so easy..
The app is very okay but only one issue it does not show names in the recent calls it shows just number pls fix it.
far so good. It can back up my contact at one phone and sent it via e-mail to my other phone. This app also easy to fetch contact data and merge duplicate contact. Good work and thank you for developer.
The app is cool but some times if you grt a call the app will not show up for you to pick up tha call
Just for now it's done backup see for the next when it restore my data same as it is then it's good app.
I paid for the premium and l see no feature difference? PLUS l email them they do not reply? Also l get calls coming in and it gives me NO option to answer the call nothing pops up to answer like my phone installed app that came with the phone, a pop up opens saying call coming in BUT NO option to click to answer the call what is the problem????????
This app is great so far.I want to use a little more than I willlet you know. AsOr now it is a life saver for me
Nowadays all contacts are mixing in all mobile I dont know why I asked my friends is mobile also mixing all contacts I thought my mobile was wrong but no Google contacts all mixing in app
So disappointed because I just realized the dial button doesn't function at all. Please do something about it. The button instead implements the "cancel" function πŸ€•
Downloaded, paid for premium but the app cannot access my contacts. Totally not useful as it is now. Can you do something about this? I have given this app access to my contacts and even set it as default call app, but it is not displaying contacts on the app. Please what should I do? I have already paid for premium
Edit: reinstalled and it's now working fine. Lots of things to like about this app, it's a real multi-tasker.
Why recorder is not showing in app, false information provided, will u plz include recorder in app as shown. So very disappointed as recorder button was not there in d app
Such a wonderful App my dialer and contacts was not working. This app make my problem easy ThanksπŸ‘
The app. Has been on and off, some time i can view my contact, it rename my save contacts name with the last name, first, the recent contact disappear re appear later, just tired of it, just need the application to be reliable
i used to get greatbservice.from this app its most0 efficient i look forward to using it.once again thank you
really easy to use. I have been able to transfer between phones, and do a backup before a factory reset, and these worked flawlessly. Being able to decide whether to back up locally or into the cloud is also nice.
Infact its d worst app ever,i thought it was my phone having issue,this app wont allow me call,and wont show names of caller for missed calls wen i have their contact stored on the fone and some otter anoying things it does,the only thing i love about t is d recording
Nice but when editing number, can only append, even though cursor positioned at start of number to add country code.
Great app, no annoying adverts. Would be better if it could identify numbers when typing it in and when the come in.
Very fast as compared to factory installed Dialer and Contacts app. This is the one, I was looking for a long time. Thanks to the developer of this app.
Call is ended but showing not ended in notifications and time is running there , no way to stop and hide that notification
Dire. Just gives a long list of all contacts and does not respect the groups they are in. Why do you lot on here all make the same basic error? If we have 2 groups, Friends and Others for example, then let us choose the default one and split the contacts in to those groups. We have made them for a reason and do not want your apps to merge them all in to one.
ood app but would like 2 additions. 1 specify private or business call. 2. Set call costs to track expenses. Keep up the good work.
Amazing app! very easy to use and did exactly what I'd spent ages trying to do in less than a minute. Thanks to the developers!
We need more 2g apps thats non google and come from same provider.. Frfr google shouldnt have anything to do with 2g even tho they trying to make it better... Webbie tho webbed up
Using this app is very easy clear and i recommend for we each and everyone to use this up without any inconveniences
Simply the worst dialer app I've ever used. I can't say anything good about this app. User "Un"friendly is an understatement.
Very nice. But it does not dial voicemail directly. No ability to hide or display number and it does not have the traditional dial pad setting options.
Thw worst dialer,dont know why the company made this default ,i wish i could change this.this is worse.Google,you failed
Its useless i tried to contact someone but it don't work I could'nt post without givin' a star otherwise 0 stars for me
I can not make calls even when I rehcharged I keep hearing your credit is not enough to make this call. Why Thank God others rated the same way.
Switched to this bcz my dialer quit working. This works ok but it is not showing my contacts in the call log. Almost everything in it says unknown but calls I make. So that's disappointing.
This app is will be used in this area for the same purpose and the same features that you can download
Hi there, The app does not support oneplus 6t. It cannot make any call. Nothing works .Can you guys fix this issue please?
Fantastic app with lovely features. I wish its themes will come out quickly as promised by you developers. Meanwhile, you deserve the 5 stars.
could not believe how easy this was for a problem that I've been having for months. Stumbled on this solution to backup my company Microsoft exchange contacts to my Gmail so I don't lose them when I leave the company. This solved it instantly and easily!
I would really recommend to add swipe calling and messaging features in the dialler application similar to Samsung dialler, it really makes life easier.
Not bad. If anyone want phone contact in their mobiles so they can choose this app also. All over it is a good app.
Doesn't work on speaker mode... Dial pad doesn't work while calling. The app is just unusable with my phone... :(
It's too basic. There's certain settings that it should have but it has none. Maybe it's more for elderly people.
The usual thing before this upgrade is that incoming calls override every activity performed on the phone. But, that does not happen with this app. I literally search for incoming calls when my phone rings. It is frustrating!
This is a very useless app When we dial the number, it removes the details of the last call in its place while the call does not take place.
Wrost app i upgrade in premium but still not working, speaker not working, conference call not working. Dont install it pls.
Smart & excellent app.for everyone who suffer with contacts missing problem in mobile phones. Thanks for your help. Captured more data that other apps but, as with all others I have tried, the image quality was terrible
Could be better too busy display wise not categorized very well, and only allows you to try basic features which is on most default apps anyways..
Phone shuts down to Total black so you can't enter numbers, and none of your contacts will work because even local calls it won't pull them up unless one and the area code shows up. Not a great system
was very easy to backup my very important 118 in order to re factory reset my cell phone and oil to fix some issues. After doing so I then put the app back on my phone signed into my account and clicked on the button to restore my hundred eighteen contacts but what it did was restoreonly 28 conta
I use simpler dialer and dont see the difference with this app. However, as they are virtually the same, I have to say its the best dialer/contacts advert free there is.
ita a nice app,but therea a limit where it can read call logs...it cant readn old call logs...im trying to access my logs from the past 4 months,but it didnt read it..
Waste application key board is waste unable to dail no and unable to make call, utterly waste of time by downloading. If there less than 1 star rating I would have given that
Seriously I give this app 100% just a new trial it gives me what I want, I don't know in the future what it would be.
Super easy. Backed up all email and phone and Whatsapp contacts and allowed me to upload to the cloud and to email them.
I see no way of adding another person to the ongoing conversation. Seems the facility for conferencing is missing.
The app definitely needs more options for the user. Even being a premium user I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of creativity that this app could be providing. Other than that its great. Simple user interface, could use more detail for the contacts. I'll update the rating to 5 stars once I see a more comprehensive update.
tooo weak.. this app is just like apple dialer but only in view. the google dialer is better.. and both of them.. are... 🀒🀒
I downloaded this app after the factory one on my phone pretty much stopped working. I would gladly pay $10 for this if it actually worked correctly. Speaker phone doesn't work, sometimes you can't hang up without forcing the app to stop. Names of contacts don't appear when you get a call, just the phone number.
I actually did a mistake on my phne by delete the phone pad for dialing n receiving calls on my phone but my phone would ring wit no showing of who's calling but now phone dialer is a 100 percent better I feel a lil more understanding now
It's simple and useful app recover almost all deleted contact and u can select all contact to back up.
is app is smooth as silk, ads arent as intrusive as they are on other similar apps, and its customizable so I can make the theme color PINK! YAYA!!! I am truly pleased. Thanks guys, great app!!!
nice but as android use i recomended samsung dialor best as this to use plzz make that it bbut bice of others great thanks.
It is very good app but I am not able to find where the call recorded is. I am able to record.But I am not able to find where the recorded one is. So I have given four star. Accept is everything is good in this app.thank you
What a great app. It does what it says. So, maybe the developer should say more by promising to add more better futures; I believe he will do wherever he says. Bravo! Kudos to you all.
Require update call recorder as soon as possible therefore I suggest 4 star after call recorder active I give you 5 star after all it is nice app easy to use
Honestly, From the deep inside my Heart, Thanks to the Developers I highly recommend the App as a great Phone Dialer , perfect app for replacement of Devices Phone Dialers, no traces of Suspicious illustrations and it's one of the LIFE SAVINGS APPS. Thanks, Personally, I really Appreciate
Very neat idea but I couldn't figure out how to get Hangouts appear on the right for messaging (the dialer can be selected but not for messaging or SMS)