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Photo Lock

Photo Lock for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by doGame located at 19H Maxgrand Plaza, No.3 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Photo Lock is a photo vault to lock your apps, private photos and videos, with password, pattern or fingerprint lock. If you want to lock some apps, pictures and videos safe, Photo Lock will be a tool that is trustable.

After moving photos and videos to Photo Lock, they can only be viewed by you. All files can be saved in the sync and cloud between different devices.

With Photo Lock, you will never worry about:
the families check your photos and find your secret!
the children delete important photos by mistake!
friends or colleagues see the private pictures while borrowing the phone!
the privacy risk during the phone repair!

Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprint lock
Lock photos
Lock videos
Set album cover
Random keyboard

More features are coming. Welcome to send us feedback or leave a comment.
Email: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Photo Lock.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Photo Lock for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Best gallery lock out there simple to use!! I'm using it all the time! Very good app, to keep your photos all in one spot, and locked up so people can't get into them!!
At the time of starting it was good but my sd card is not full but still its telling that your sd card is full....please help i want my pictures and ye i restarted my phone manier times change the sd card but still its not recovering...
Its very easy to use and one the best pure protected app i ever had....thanks for making my photos, videos, audios and files safe from others.
Was ok, but when I uninstalled the app, it took all my photos with it, deleted them, cant find them anywhere and I cant get them back!!
Cloud sync not working, it's showing check your network. I checked network connection different places also I checked with wifi but it's showing same
It's a best app.this is very protective for your galleries. And no expectations of this aap.So you can install this app and enjoying,save your galleries notes. Now download why are you waiting.........
Showing error at the time of syc cloud ' NO INTERNET CONNECTION, PLS CHECK THE INTERNET SETTING , pls solve this problem issue
I cannot get my video And photos after uninstalling older vision..so plz tell who got my periouse video And photos..plz help me
This is the most useful applock i have ever used. It does so may work and it have so many features for free, otherwise the other apps ask for money to do a simple thing. Great job. 👍
Previous applock was good I am unable to do cloud sync every time I try it says check your internet connection
It's cool easier and fast no annoying ads and overall I really enjoying using it...coz now my kids or families can't view my private stuff thanks!
this app is good but I'm disappointed because after I confirmed my pattern I decided to change the pattern but it didn't asked me the previous one then I chq it once again then also it didn't asked me the previous one that means one can enter your applock & can change the pattern I am uninstalling it, it needs some updates & I recommend you not to download this app
This is very useful app so use it and it's very protective for our gallery images so thank you photo lock app and love you!
Hi, What is the status of my issue have been resolved or not. I have not received any email from you once I have sent the email as per question.
How do I get my photos and videos back plzzz tell me Tell me plzz how could I get my photos and videos plzzz
Sir, I want a help. How to make too many folders in the app,, (2) I am waiting I will not use your app until you reply.
It's actually very very helpful to me, it keeps the images locked which you want to secure it or you don't wanna so it to all which is your personal one, i just loved it ☺☺☺☺
Great app, does exactly what it says it does! Has some popup ads but they are short and can be got rid of quickly. Very good considering that its free.
The older version was good. This version isnt backing up my data. I couldnt get my photos and vedios from my drive / cloud sync. You arr kindly requested to bring back the older version. And i want my data back it was very important.
Worst app evr.....by mistake i uninstall this app....nd whn i install it again i found that no evn a single photo is there
Last time I have lock some of my photos in photo aap lock but due to some reason my sister delete the aap and that photo was very important for me. So I kindly request you to do some things and I should get my photos back.
my new favorite app, just one thing if you uninstall the app by accident all data will be deleted, is only data weren't deleted with the app this way we would be able to restore it right away by installing the app back
Superb app, I like the cloud sync most. When I uninstall the app or change my device, I can find my private data back with the cloud sync function. It is working very good, love it so much!
When mobile is off then app was reinstalled and totally i lost my data and unable to recover so this made lost my personal info....it made me worst than others
Its very easy to use and one the best pure protected app i ever had....thanks for making my files safe from others.
Sir i have forgot the password of application. Pls do something about it . Secondary the applications is very good and useful to me . Pls help to recover my password as soon as possible . Thanks .
I realy hate this app i delete this app but i locked all photos are deleted then how can i get that photos many personal photos are deleted what can i do
When the mobile is switched off and then on, the locked apps are all open ie. the Photo Lock app does not ask for password to open the protected apps. Please look into the same and also add the "Lock on display off" to this app. As suggested by you, even after enabling power savings mode and relocking on power on, the problem remains the same ie. If the mobile is switched off and then on the locked apps are open again and there is no privacy. Hence there is no point in using Photo Lock.
Very very nice app i use it for many time and my Experience is so good . So try once this app everyone.
I was using old version of this app .. two days before i uninstalled this app.. now when i downloaded again i can't get the same videos and photos back...so how can i get the data back .....
The older version was good n I could get back my hiding photos n videos even after changing my phone.. but now my phone reset and I installed this and it isn't syncing and getting my stuff back.. very bad... N please don't reply by saying check ur Google Play Store if I'm logged in.. if I wasn't logged in I wouldn't be able to leave an review...
This is the best app ever I have used to lock my gallery photos and videos. And the backup and recovery option is so good. No need to worry about losing data!
Goood..... Simply awesome..... But Not bad 👌 But some themes are to be provided in one app itself without installing other apps
If i have not taken backup nor cloud sync option can i restore my photos and videos...as i was early using the old version known as app lock
Very useful app thnks google play store for this unique quality app this is like original app lock good
Dear team today my phone has formet and again I install photo lock but my all data has deleted my photos that saved so what should I do for recovery please help
Hello Good Afternoon Photo lock Team, I'm Rupesh D Rokade user photo lock aap bust some issue in mobile phone and reset all data atomic after that loss my all data and app So please help me restore my data in app lock .. Reply most.... I'm waiting for your reply And I hope you help me
This application is absolutely nice for hiding photos and videos and I highly recommend it. Unlike other apps GIFs can be displayed without any difficulties or too much loading
Showing check your network setting , thank you for you reply 😊 , i am waiting , not able to click screenshot.. it your privice that we are not able to take screenshot .. sir i logged with same account.. till not working
In older version i had deleted app so many times but when i was installed my data is but time i didn't get my data that was very important for me suggest me how to get it
When I first downloaded this app I insert pictures , music and video clips then by accident I uninstall this app when I Downloaded this app again I didn't get my pictures music videos how can I get them back
his application is the best app I have ever had in my entire life, it is just amazing and the best part of it is that I can create another folder inside the folder...⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This app is good but cloud sync doesn't works whenever i tries to turn it on it always says no internet connection,try again later.however i tried both on data nd wifi connections.please solve this problem.i downloaded this app becoz the reviews were good.but please slove my this problem as soon as possible
Oh my god😇! Oh my god 👌.... This application is really great work.. For example. Mother protect his baby and this app protect your photo and video. Moreover, the backup and cloud sync feature is so cool to prevent my data loss.
The old version was good and could get bak my hiding photos and videos.. but now my phone reset and i installed this ,its not syncing and getting my data back
Hi, I have sent the video copy of the issue to the email id (DoMobile Support ). Please review and resolve the issue at the earliest.
I used app locker 2 months before and I reset my phone; can I recover my picture that I stored in my vault ?
It is a good app but not than applock and l have a request to you that please add 'self hiding ' option in it
It's cool easier and fast no annoying adds and overall I really enjoy using it...coz now my kids or families can't view my private stuff thanks!!!
This is such a useless app I installed it to hide the content of my apps but whenever I m getting a notification I could see all the message's content is are displayed on my screen this is so annoying
It`s best photo/video lock app. It`s easy to use, you can lock some private video or pic if you want, and no one is able to see the pic or the video except you of course. Great Job.
Wow! What a good secret place. I can hide my private photos, videos, GIFs, APK and audios in the app. I also can lock apps with pattern, pin code or fingerprint. Amazing app!
Best app for privacy and good privacy automatically close when you go to another app, it is the best feature.
This app is not working commonly. When i unlock my phone this app is not showing any lock on those apps which i locked. Bad experience with this app.
It's very worst not back up other my new mobile really very sad all data erase I have saved my gmail but it not taken to my account not backup my old personal data 😠😠😠 I will try more times it's not taken to my account not backup my data auto sync not working really i hate this app it's cheat
Few days ago I have uninstalled this app. I haven't remove the picture and video. But now recently I have installed it but I lost all the pictures and videos. Pls tell me how can I recover it.
I really love this app. It gives what I expect. No worries with this. I would like to recommend you to install this to lock photos, videos, even apps. It's such a safe and perfect security App to keep our lovely memories 😍
#__अनाज_कोटे_का_खाते_हैं #_साले #और #__बात_माफिया_बनने_की_करते_है😂
I forgot my password.... there is no recovering opp .. I'm loss all photos... how can I get it back....
Yes I uninstall the app lot's of time but I never face this problem before when I uninstall the app last time I lost my all videos
I could nt get my data back the older version is better than this new version. I have locked my stuff and now I won't able to get this stuff back please do something about it...
It's good to have this app in my phone. I'm keeping my pictures safe, avoiding children's from deleting them out once they play around with my phone. It's a wonderful app seriously.
My old data is not coming cloud sync is saying that network issue its too bad now i m fed up plz help to get my data back
When I first downloaded this app I insert pictures , music and video clips then by accident I uninstall this app when I Downloaded this app again I didn't get my pictures music videos how can I get them back and I hate this app if you don't fix my problem
It's shows no internet connection please check your internet connection ...please help me out its urgent my all data is gone
Hi, Even after enabling Power saving mode in the Protect, still the settings appa opens without any lock pattern. Please advise.
Cloud option not working. I am unable to activate cloud storage option.its saying network not connected but I have
Worst app ever! photo can't be re-cover..yes i install the app...but today's morning aaplock was uninstall suddenly by its own🤔🤔🤔...all my photos and videos will be deleted permemtely😤😪...plz tell me..where is your aaplock aap which was missing in playstore..is this that app..so i can recover my photos
Hi Team, App is good... but when we switch to quick apps view it shows the content of the app although it is locked, this I think is major concern and does not serve the purpose of hinding the app. Happens in galaxy M series mobiles. Please have a look into this.
showing this error at the time of cloud sync "NO INTERNET CONNECTION, PLEASE CHECK NETWORK SETTINGS", I try with both mobile & with wifi networks. Please solve issue
Auto sync is not working. Why. It's a Matter to worry. If you cannot do sync. Please remove it from the description. Otherwise be ready to get suied in the court!!!!! Waste app don't download. .
Previous applock is good. This is not good, it will uninstall without my permission. Previous is not like that. Previous if anyone uninstall applock it requires device admin permission.
When the mobile is switched off and then on, the locked apps are all open ie. the Photo Lock app does not ask for password to open the protected apps. Please look into the same and also add the "Lock on display off" to this app.
This app can't backup my data.. sync is not permitted on this app.. I was tried so many times but it was not working anymore... The old version is better than this version.. I'm really unhappy Bcz of bad experienced with this new version app lock..😤