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Piercing Parlor

Piercing Parlor for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mindstorm Studios located at 81 Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Can you handle the pain?
Become a perfectionist that is piercing spread the bling!

Are you ready to experience your inner rebel? Ever wonder what it is like to get a piercing but your dad and mom said no? Wonder what you would look like with a piercing on your nose or lip? Now it can be experienced by you all without feeling the pain! Fill in hundreds of different piercings and styles. Try to get the relative line up the requests as close as possible for them and don’t mess up! Get ready to feel the satisfaction of watching your needle slide right in! Relax and use your precision to point and aim the needle to make those holes. So many vibrations that are satisfying! Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a pierce... Will you be the first one to ring them all?

Hundreds of objects and styles for you to carefully size up, outline, design and pierce your customers. The final results will leave you feeling satisfied!
Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Feel the satisfaction without the pain? Customers will request what they want and it is up to you to match their desires

2. Run your own Piercing Parlor
Keep the customers coming. Whether it’s a heart, a zombie, or a skull, there are so many ear ring designs for you to give them.

3. Don’t miss
Ouch that hurts! Be careful of those soft spots

4. Feel the experience
Feel every stab with the best haptics experience there is.

you there whether you like tattoos, needles or just want to pierce some people, Piercing Parlor will take. This is the best and most piercing that is rewarding game there is.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any ideas that are awesome would like to see in the game!

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Piercing Parlor.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Piercing Parlor for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Too many ads. I had 3 ads between level 1 and half way through level 2. There's literally an ad between each movement you make. Don't waste your time.
So, this is not bad actually. There is ads, but not too much or really a problem for me, this game is cool!
Game won't even load in order for me to start playing the game. Downloaded today and it refuses to load it actually shuts itself off
I like the game but there's too many adds like when I would barley finish poking the while there would be an add and for a piercing I have to watch an add
Awwhgxu! I loove this app but any time a rate the other one just once i downloded it i cant wait till any ads too many! But like it to the other size.............:( I never download this app before like 24 hours later! Or 6 hours like: | | this hour i wan't a cool hack! But i been perishing this app to like 1%:(... At all! I will never uninstlall this! I complete page 1!C:
Hi guys I don't like this game I hate it I had to delete 5 games no actually 6 and there's no point of buying it I mean download it I don't like it I hate it and decides who who would like it it's too many ads way too many like every time you click it's like beans it goes at every time goddess I am running so much I meant to say writing
I love playing games where 20% is playing the actual game and 80% is watching ads (obvious sarcasm). Don't bother.
This game developer is infamous for ad interruption. We get it, you want us to pay for ad removal, but instead people just install your games and end up deleting them, avoiding the rest of your games in the future.
So bad it lags glitches and it does not open I had to shut my phone down and restart because I wanted to open the app it is a piece on crud
Every time you have to load an ad or watch add to get something it tells you that the ad is loading wait till later and it never let you continue
I hate this game there are ads everywere even in the middle of a level. When you have to watch an add to get something there is no point as you will get it anyway. Not to mention the grafics are horrible and it takes ages to load. Do not instal this app it is a waste of space I am uninstaling it now.
So many ads. Don't waste your time on this game there are ads after every level and even after every stage in one level. Take my advice and don't download this game
πŸ˜’πŸ˜’it a bad and horrible game. I dont like it 1 there are so many ads!! I can't play!😰 I can close the net but..πŸ˜’ I dont like this game why did you thing this idea!?😑 lame game!!😑😑 I will unstall that game!!!!!!!!
The graphics in this game is absolutely HORRIBLE, ads after EVERY level,in the middle and before. I've only done like 4 piercings and never in my life will I choose to play this game again you actually spend more time watching then playin
This game just keeps making you watch ads for no reason it's kind of stupid I think. I just want to enjoy the game but I can't really do that when ads are constantly popping up for nothing
Ok I have three things to tell you. 1. Most of your games are a failure. 2. You like to spam ads everywhere every time. And 3. You have a terrible reputation from everyone. And a extra you are just a cash grabber. desperate for money. Idiot.
Pretty fun when you're bored, could be better if you didn't have to watch so many ads but most of them are optional if you just don't care
Ads are overwhelming, quality is bad, and just not really realistic. This looks like it's directed at kids, and i don't think it's a safe thing to be showing an incorrect way to pierce your body
The amount of ads make the game unplayable. Clearly the devs prioratized making money rather than making an enjoyable game for players.
Soooooo manyyyy addssss. This seems more of an add app than a game app. Every single thing you do an add pops up, to unlock things that are supposedly unlocked you need to watch an add, to pierce, you need to watch an add, oh and the piercings are just wrong lol who puts a vertical septum? Like how?. It's all adds I do not recomend, dont waste your time.
I would give less stars if I could. An app after each level is excessive at times but after EACH part of the same level? It's a blatant cash grab and doing for each part is ridiculous. It doesn't have fun enough game play to forgive the over excessive ads that break the game flow.
There is way too many ads and plus when the customers ask for one you have to watch and add in order to get it and I'm extra stressed right now so I'm erasing it and you should create this again but with no adds cuz this thing is a horrible horrible gama
I like the game. But there are to many adds.When I was in the middle of the game there was an add!!! So annoying πŸ™„ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜‘ 😐 😫🀬😑😡
This is the worst game I ever played in my life.The graphics are disgusting about the game. An ad pops out before, after and in between of a level. I read the reviews before downloading a app or a game I saw the game's reviews and they all are written in October and now is November 2nd and I thought It was updated but no. My friends played these game and deleted the game after the first level and they said never to play this game but when I tried it it was horrible and I recommend it's horrible
Too many ads. If I could give 0 stars I would. Even playing in airplane mode didn't eliminate all the ads. Then I got to a certain level and it required watching an ad to get the right jewelry? Stupid game.
Horrible. I couldn't even get the needle to go in my first costumers ear. This game seemed like it was going to be fun but instead I got angry. Fix your game and MAYBE I'll try again.
Just don't even bother! Graphics are rediculous and there's add pop ups even when you trying to play!! Waisted my precious lockdown minutes lol
Horrid game way too many ads graficks are horrible and its SOO CHEAP. I hate this game. It's a waste of time and storage in your phone DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!
You have to watch ads in order to get things you need and the ads don't load... I will be deleting and not recommending this game to anyone.
This game is ugly, you have to watch an ad after like every level and literally what the heck is that center nose piercing, that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I'll probably play a few more levels tho
This is the worst game ever I can't it takes forever to load when you try to get in and it doesn't even let me in and there's too many ads and I hate it don't download this game it's the worst in the world's 😫it's going to make me throw up you can't it's so hard you can't even do it it's so annoying you can't even finish one person
I absolutely hate this game one reason is the age what if a kid is playing this game I think this game is inn appropriate and second thier is way to many adds after I do one piercing there is an add I don't just think I know this game is strait up garbage I do not recommend others to download this game☹️
This game is a good game over all but some aspects of it won't do for me.This game is certainly a good game for children but it is very boring and not very fun to play. I have to say that I was impressed with the game when I got it but it isn't fun when you have had it for a while.This is a very personal review and it's my opinion of it so do get it if you want to try it out but only if you don't care much about your games. Please keep in mind this review.πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜
I don't like it because of that ads . If anybody has talk to you for this game don't even bother you just wasting your money. Even though you do not want to watch an ad and ad will still pop up
I loveeee this game but the reason i only put 4 stars because there are way too many ads about the same thing but other than that everything is grate
I enjoy the game and all, but it's WAY too many adds. I get adds between shifts, and I need to use adds to unlock stuff! I get more adds than gameplay. I could turn off my wifi to get no adds, but then nothing would get unlocked. Please fix this.
Sorry this is just straight up trash inside a dumpster fire inside of a wildfire inside a tornado. If I could rate this negative stars I would. It's obviously a game that the developers were hoping would rope in some kids. Therefore making a carp load of money just on ad revenue. Here let me recommend an app that is ad free. Play Identity V, Sky, or even Genshin Impact. If you don't like those then read or find something other than this burning pile of trash.
Worst game ever it won't even let me do the first level it says to pierce her ear but it puts the screen on the side of her face and it won't let you move or even see her ear worst game I've ever played didn't make any sense when you can't even move the screen to her ear it stays on her face
This app is trash, doesn't let me do a single thing. Camera moves to side of face and that's it. No tutorial or anything. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still doesn't work. Click bait for sure.
It's a good game but the ads are so bad it makes me want to play less. If you are into piercings then this is your kinda game but beware there are lots of adds
Game could be good but you have way too many ads to even be able to enjoy it properly. The place where you are touching the screen and where the actual interaction (piercing area etc) are too far apart also. But mainly, too many ads. Will be uninstalling.
This was a huge disappointment the game itself is a great design but after doing 2 people the game wigs out and makes it where you cant see anything so you have to close the app and reopen it , and not to mention when you're in the middle of doing something and then an add pops up not before or after no in the middle. Needs alot of work
Game will not even open. Freezes my phone. If it does open it immediately exits without me wanting to. Also very hard to maneuver the controls when it does stay open and allows you to play. Also, the amount of adds is overwhelming. Definitely not impressed.
This game is just so lazy, its very laggy and poorly animated, it has alot of ads and was clearly made soully for ad revenue. I also would not have left this review if it didnt ask me to rate 5 stars after playing for 2 minutes.
The game wouldn't even open. It would act like it would open, but then close before loading. I do not recomend even trying to download. I would give zero stars if were possible.
This game is so horrible!!!! LIKE THERE IS SO MANY ADS!!! Everything I click there has to be a add like omg so many ads!! This game is so terrible like if you agree? But I dont like it at all so many ads and after everything there has to be a ad omg I hate this game!!!!
1. this isn't accurate to how piercings work 2. you have to unlock everything with ads anyway 3. graphics are god awful it's one of those games that I imagine would have interrupting ads; however, I just put airplane mode on as I do with all games lately. I'm tired of disruptive ads.
This game sucks, you have to watch ads when you do anything and it's impossible to focus with the graphics this sucks!
Litterally an ad after another ad dont waste your time dont give them ad revenue when you have to watch 3 ads to do one thing then another 3 ads cmon its 2020 not 2013 developers really need to fix this dumb problem
Devise this game is like so cool I bought it from a die for my daughter and not my dog but It's like a really cool game in Just me share not Jack heard any bull Don't include any hurts full stuff don't create bloo......... And you should really fight if you have because it's so the bodyhfjfjfkfkrjfjfjf
No its a bad game but i like the creativeity but just no but if you just toke the ads and the bluryness away it would be a great game but imma uninstall it because it needs more work to it like an update or something but i love the game good job it needs more work to it but on the other hand yall did pretty good and have a nice day and dont forget to work hard because this game is a fail but i enjoyed it a little bit but its a good game just fix the problems because it will get better πŸ˜πŸ‘ byee
Bud fixes LIER it's not fixes at all and that's just a disappointment this whole game is a disappointment don't waste your time on this game you're going to be disappointed I'm sorry I have to give you one star but your game is just so terrible please fix all the problems and then why you make the piercing very weird you should be sad because I'm disappointed!! LIERS WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME AND I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE GOOD BUT IT'S BAD.....UGH!
There are to many ads if there was just 1 ad it would be good i dont like this game they need to clean out the ads bc nobody cant play this game without ads poping up i like it just the ads if somebody download it i would turn your wifi off dont play this game
Would be better if the game diddnt lag and there wasnt ads evey 5 ceconds. With gamea like this i usually turn off my wifi and that works. But with this game you need your wifi on so you can ise the right bar. Stop the ads every 5 seconds and fix the game then will give 5 star
This game is horrible! There is ads for EVERYTHING!!! You have to watch an ad after every level, and the graphics are absolutely disgusting! I would never recommend this game. I did one piercing and I am uninstalling!! If I could rate this game lower than one star, TRUST ME!! This would have a negative 1000 star rating! Never again!
At first i didnt know where i should but the niddle. to many ads. the girls names are the same they could get more creative with this game.
It's okay I love simuolator games but way to much ADS!!!! Honestly wish for the eating you can actually be a challenge more then you can't mess up I didn't even mess up once maybe it's my skills or you just can't mess up!!!okay games make less ads I might give it a 4 star
Its pretty good not as much ads as I thought but still a little too much and its great for playing off line when I dont have wifi for ads
I enjoyed this game but there's way too many add but you could just turn off your connection but you might forget about it out over a while so that's what I did I don't know if it's an offline game or not don't judge me please but come on there's so many a hands I think everyone's alright I just I don't like one I mean even if you can pay some people can't afford to pay try out now it's ok I mean come si come sa probably don't know what comes becomes a means it means it's ok but I just don't lik
This games is really fun for kids and teens or any age but there is a lot of adds also it kind ruins the game(β•₯﹏β•₯)ΰΌŽΰΊΆβ€ΏΰΌŽΰΊΆ
way too many ads. it becomes unplayable because you spend more time watching ads than playing the game.
Its fun to play but way, way, way to many ads. And the ads are sooo long. Honestly 20 to 30 seconds is more than enough time for the same 5 ads that play. 45 seconds is way too d**n long!
I wish it would be more realistic... Like when u get your ear pierced you don't get a hoop or a dangling ear ring. You start off with a stud or something similar.
Horribly inaccurate. Shouldn't be a game. Kids will play this game and believe the way the game portrays the profession, to be the right way to pierce and many will be injured which will lead to infections and hospital visits
Way to many adds, even when it asks you if you want to skip it will give you an add either way. Gives you adds in the middle of the game! This game is horrible waste if space.
I wouldn't download this game if i was you because it makes you watch the add if you dont want to like if you just finished a turn it tells you if you want to skip or watch the video to earn somthing and if you press skip it still does the video and it just is bad graphics and it does averything for you so if you dont like that i wouldn't doenload it.
it's the worst! i downloaded it for fun but i am in rage after i played 8 costumers. There are so many mistakes and the there's ALWAYS ads. You can't just shove any needle through your ear/eyebrow, put it OUT again, shove a HORSESHOE BAR THROUGH TO LET IT HEAL. There's so many things wrong and THEN i got the piercing gun and that was just too much for me. I immediately deleted it.. if you make a game, at least get the information about how to do piercings RIGHT!
You literally can't even play the second round without being stopped for ads lol. I finished one round. Ad. Started second round by taking the needle and going through then immediately as before I even get to pick the jewelry. Waste of time
This game is an absolute joke. To many ads, and even if you pass on the upgrades it will still play at least one ad after every level some times more. You spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game. I've only done 3 piercings and I will be deleting this game. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
Poor game play, adds play before a level, in the middle of a level and after a level. I get trying to make add revenue, but this is beyond excessive. Had to put my phone in airplane mode to keep from being harassed by adds and to see how the actual gameplay was and almost as bad as watching the adds.
Honestly I disliked this game a lot it only because it had way too many ads which was getting on my nerves. But overall not bad game not great but not bad
Cant get through a single thing without an ad popping up. Its one thing to have them at the end of every game but another thing to have them in the middle of doing something. Pretty unplayable.
This game has the potential to be fun, but there just isn't much there. It doesn't matter what you do you get rewarded and there is no explanation nor direction for the game.
IDC about the adds, or the crappy graphics cause well it's a mobile app. To the people complaining that it's "inaccurate" grow up. However I don't like that it freezes and won't let me do anything. It sucks having to force stop the app every single time.
Waaaaaay too manny adds, I understand that it's a free game but come on. 3 adds in 2 minutes makes the game pretty wack. Other than that it's okay nothing minblowing.
I was enjoying the game for time passing up until the game introduced "the piercing gun" These guns need to stop being normalized for body altercations due to the harm they can cause for a pericing. Other than that really it's a good game to pass tjme
Awful game. Constant ads graphics are horrible. Pretty sure my 8 year old could create a better game πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Good game but way to many adds why do you pit so many adds if someone is watching an add they can just dowload that game and leave your game after every level there is an add I am now uninstalling right now I want to rate thjs negative 10000000 if I could
Multiple ads in one piercing? Pierce the hole, ad. Want to add jewellery? Ad. They post on "social media" Ad. Excessive. Uninstalling.
So. BAD. It keeps kicking me, so many ads! It would be an 'Okay' game if it didn't kick u and less ads, please fix your problems and i might change my rate
Adds pop up literally every 30 seconds. If you want to unlock something you have to watch an add and then it turns around and pops up another one after just watching one ridiculous.
This game was ok, besides the bombardment of ads, UNTIL I got to the customer whose chin needed disinfecting. And the bottle doesn't go that far down. It stops at the lip. Also, customization options for the decor, station, and store upgrades would be fun.
This game os OFFAL!!! There was a add evrey single time and the gane was glitchy like there was a glitch in the game just like in Wreck-It Ralph it was to glitchy its fun bit glitchy this game should be called wreck-it raph piercing
Me and my daughter have so much playing this game together. Ads are short and only do one ad after evey level completed
*This is the worst game I've ever played in my life.Too many ads also it takes time to start the game. It freezes badly
Would have given it a higher stars but every time you push your button it's too many ads extremely too many ads
It's a good game besides constant adds after you do one thing you have to sit threw 3 adds just to continue. Almost not even worth playing
It's a nice game but the ads are too much. That's the reason I don't like the game.. please try limiting the ad because it's annoying..
The games is silly but its good for taking up time. The ads are brutal! You get and AD every 15-20 secs, I get that yall need the ads to keep up but I soend more time on ADs then actually playing the game.
Fun but there's ads after EVERY level. And if u want tips, sometimes furniture, unlock new items etc. I like it but it would be more fun if there wasn't ads every 2 seconds
This game sucks!! Tried playing it and it keeps shutting off or glitching right away .. fix this game or delete it! Not worth it smh 😑
Too glitchy, and way to many ads. I expect adds but this is obsessive. There's an add after everything patient and an add when you need to chose a jewelry piece. So over the top
I guess its good but I need watch ads for EVERYTHING I need to watch ads for my pay check witch I shouldn't I also have to watch ads for items that I earn by playing and it just sooo annoying and there's just so many ads in person
Not even 5 minutes since iv down loaded this and all im seeing is a ton of adds more then im moving my fingers just to play this dam game I dont blame other people for complaining about the countless adds and now im about to delete it just ridiculous
Dude it's horribe with all the ads the game is fun but because of all the ads it's makes it boring and not fun
This is a really fun game, yeah it has adds but I would like someone to point out a game you can get free from play store without adds bc the adds are just based off of what you might like. If you don't like the adds then to bad just do what u want... common sense...πŸ‘πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
It keeps kicking me out of the game this is not a good game at all it just keeps on kicking me out and kicking me out even if I erase all the apps that have like been on my phone it just keeps on giving me the apps and kicking me out I would not recommend this game that's why I gave it a half a star or one star
I love the game itself. I hate all the pop up! I dont even get to finish a person before a pop up!! Its very annoying!
Horrible. Too many ads. I understand the need for ads but damn an ad every 20 seconds is sooooooo excessive. Don't download. Also they give you jobs that require things not unlocked so you get less money or you have to.....WATCH A DAMN AD!!!!! 0 ZERO STARS
I particularly love how many ads there are, I definitely want those throughout the whole entire time I'm gaming
Its okay, just a lot of ads that pop up randomly through out the game. So that's really annoying. I'll be deleting this game very soon
I like the game it's a good time waster but you can only buy up to so many levels then they max you out, I have this money to spend and no where to spend it.
Ok..... Its a great game! The only problem is if you get grossed out and cringe then don't get this game. But if you don't, its a GREAT game!! Edit* You people who say "It has to many ads"... Who cares?! They are asking if the game is good! Not if it has ads or not.
Everything is very far off from where your finger actually is on the screen. You have to watch ads to do literally anything in the game, and, on top of those ads you have to watch to progress, you also get random ones too. I get that they need ads to make money, but this is ridiculous. Why have games come to this?
Too many ads. Every two seconds is another ad atleast give me like one round then an ad or something but not one after like every single thing you do.
ADS EVERYTIME! Didnt even click on any ads but it will auto play it for u. Every step will have ads. Pretty frustrating to play. Uninstall and never again gonna play
It was horrible i had to watch adds everytime I started a new level, I tried to give it a chance but the adds were making me annoyed. I will never install another one of these apps again!
Yeah everybody's right about this game is way too many ads nobody should get this game cuz there's so much else you can't even play the game I got past the first episode then there's that and then I couldn't afford that because the video was so long and then I had to watch another ad before I picked it a different ear piercing and another add another another
I mean its ok but the Theres so many ads!!!!!!! And it is some reason so laggy on my phone fix this problom idk how to speel xD
This game is STUPID, it has ads for every level I hate this game I just saw a ads about it it looked so fun but it is just HORRIBLE
Worst game ever I can tell you tried but it has so many ads and it just repeats the same exact thing over and over
Such a horrible game there are way toooooooo...... many ads. This is the worst game I have ever played . Well ..... just try to make it more enjoyable. β™‘β™‘β™‘Β°Β°Β°πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜³πŸ˜³
It's alright. But in order to do each task you have to watch a video. And most jewelry that customers want you have to watch a video. If you didnt have to watch so many videos I'd probably rate 5 stars. But for now it's a 3 star.
Holy crud, remove some ads. You can hardly play the game, a 30 second ad is tossed in after I did anything. This isn't how you get people to play your game or give you money.
It is fun and all but there is too many adds. Like as soon as you are done with customer it is an add even if you didn't want the new tool it was trying to provide. So I would have to say this game is horrible. Thank you for reading.
Way too many ads. You get 30 second unskipable ads in between every step and every level. It's really irratating
I've never played a game with so many ads. I took it off my phone right after i put it on because of the ads. Don't waste your time.