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PlayGo for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by Digicel_Group located at 14 Ocean Boulevard Kingston Jamaica. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
PlayGo is TV anytime, anywhere on any device! Watch movies, series, sports, regional events, local news, the hottest shows, and kids programs whenever you are.

Want to relive the TV that is best and movie moments? Browse the On Demand library with over 6000+ hours of the most popular series and cinematic releases.

TV Lovers will be able to keep up with the series that is hottest or rediscover comedy classics as well as a huge library of On-Demand Movies and TV shows.

Keep the kids entertained while on the go with the best cartoons and family programs.

Stay up to date with weather informations, Local News, events and exclusive broadcasting of the best LIVE Caribbean events!

PlayGo is available on any Android devices wherever you are in the Caribbean with a Wi-Fi, 4G or connection that is LTE any provider

Mobile network and/or Wi-Fi charges can apply. Contact your network provider for more information

Please visit about PlayGo for further information, terms & conditions apply

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the PlayGo.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download PlayGo for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I pay for something that i am not getting. When i watch playGo my any use data is being use up. Why is this happening i am fed up because i pay for the prime bundle to use the digicel apps.
The app could be very enjoyable if the movies\shows wouldn't keep cutting off saying there has been an error.
This app is amazing. But I have an issue with the new update,I can't watch any of the animations that are in this app. Please fix this issue and continue to make this app the best. Keep it up!
Most of the animation doesn't work and there are limited choice to choose from. Not satisfied I reported one 3-4 days ago and nothing all now . You guys are a joke smh
I have to uninstall it, even when on the wifi nothing it keeps buffing. Update 24/4/2021. I realize this app doesn't work well with wifi, I have reinstall the app and its working much better now
No matter how i try FastLogin, I'm not getting the SMS code to enter. Been trying over a week now and a while before that and no progress.
The problem I am having with this app is when I am watching a movie the volume is to low. I can hardly hear the movie. Can you fix this problem for me please. Before I forget happy new year to you all with your heart desire. Thanks in advance.
It needs more movies and shows.... I've been watching Californication on this app, really great show but there's no season 3, 6 and 7. Needs more things to watch to make it better
Not many options (limited library). Flaky search results. The first series y started watching (Extant) jumped from episode 5 to episode 7 on Season 1 so I checked Season 2 and it was missing two episodes. So besides limited, the library is also incomplete. Yes, it's s free service (of sorts) but after being flooded by Digicel marketing and local representatives, I must say I'm dissapointed.
Use to be my favorite app for watching shows and movies not anymore. This app has alot that needs to be improved: Constant loading, glitches where it repeats. As of late it won't play. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice if this keeps happening I would not reinstall. Please work on improving this app as it really has potential.
I was able to watch most of the tv channels offered now they are locked i can only watch a few. Why is this so?
1) Toooooo many errors. Either you press play and it says error try again later or in the middle of watching a show the error shows 2) Have a feature that lets users know what episode they watched already 3) Channels are limited and we gotta subscribe to get the other channels? Which are not even the best channels. Come on, there are users who already pay y'all for y'all Internet & cable and some of us still gotta SUBSCRIBE to get full access smh. Bring back the multiscreen app. That was worthy.
this app is moving really really really slow I want to watch the shows because they look interesting but can't enjoy them because of how slow it's moving
The old app before the upgrade was way better. Now I can't even pass the login process. This app was an absolute waste of my my time. Digicel need to fix the supossed ugrades they did to the app.
Wonderful content if you can ever watch it. App always buffering.... My signal is strong and plays other apps an streams video just fine. PlayGo would be great if it worked.
Like. It definitely needs more stations and movies. More series as well. I find the app mediocre. Like. Stop tryna be like Flow and get your Play game on. Damn.
I love the attraction and entertainment you guys are providing. When I'm bored I can watch and I don't feel the need to have a Netflix account.. lol.. Just need more recent content and that it be open to watch even if you have no data plan or wifi. Thanks guys
I love the look and feel of the app. I'm unable to scroll right to view additional tiles previewing the pictures of movies. I'm not sure if it's the app itself or my phone. S9+
It is a good app to have but there are times when the video just stop working and I have to come off it and try to restart it. I keep getting a error message. This app also needs more channels like the original multiscreen app.
User interface is poor.. needs a lot of improvement. No option to skip between episodes. I have to go back and scroll across to find another episode. Videos tend to stop playing and gives a playback error message.
Hello, I give PlayGo a Five Star ⭐ Rating because it's Relaxing looking at those Comfortable Station, they're Mentally Incorriging to look at, Thanks PlayGo Respectfully Yours BSSF
This app disappointed me so much, digicel whole prime bundles feels like a sham and like they force you to use unusable apps while shrinking you to the lowest any use data. To be fair, they should all be the same amount of data, both for apps and any use. Really, who would use 30gb in a month to read news from loop, bip it's free 1:1 so no data is really used for the entire month etc. Plz be fair to your customers digicel if we really are family and stronger together.
I really like this app a lot I get watch the shows I really like and movies, but over the past few days when I watching a movie or show it constantly cutting off saying errors
Whatever you guys did, playgo is worse off than before. Your programmers wrote faulty codes and your files uploaded doesn't respond to your code for play. So literally half your archive is not responding....
The app is good in terms of movie streaming. I've tested it out and I find it works good. The only problem I have with the app and I personally believe it's because of rules and regulations of the current caribbean island where I am living. I can't subscribe to other packages, I keep getting an error message saying, "package cancellation or change or not allowed". Its a bit discouraging to me because the app is good an has a lot of potential. I hope one day this error will be fixed.
Several unnecessary Apps being forced on us with the prime bundle plan. I only use D'music and Playgo...which only work some times. I have been trying to log into the Playgo app for about 2wks without success. Sick of digicel...smh
Why am I seeing movies from 2002 the movies only last for 1hr you got to be kidding me, it's quite boring and I cannot subscribe to any other channels some of these channels are boring. Come on guys you got to do better we are in the future not the past give us some real movies and some.more channel even if it I have to pay I will.
I appreciate the effort being made, I really like the fact that it's not subscription based and I truly like the lack off annoying ads, I really hope that doesn't change. The content is way too limited, I expect as time goes by the app will be updated with movies however with the way how Digicel was pushing this new app I expected a lot more. I really like the idea of the app but the buffering and the lack of selection out weights the 'idea of the app'. Please upload completed series.
I like the app but it should be updated with some resent tv shows and movies with all the series, 1to however much there is not with series missing in between.
Is the worst thing I have tried, wasted my money putting on a plan and it takes off my original data and spoken to 5 different agent and no result
I really love this app, it easy to use and it pause episodes/movie for continue watching. All my favorite movies and show are on here.
I really love the app my only problem is that I can be watching a series and then after like week or so it's no longer there. For example I was watching NCIS and now the series is completely gone.
I really like this app, for the TV channels I wish it had bet and bet plus thou. But overall it's great.
horrible ecperience with this app. Unable to actually view much since the loading process off movie/series takes so long that the app uses more data loading than actually viewing any program.
I like the app but I would love it if it worked. I am currently trying to watch elementary which has missing episodes and some dont show at all. Please fix this issue.
Whenever I try to login I getting a message request cannot be completed.. the only app that working for is Bip loop and sportmax. Play go d music is not working
This app is really fun and comforting.... Although it bluffs sometimes but other than that it is a keeper.
Limited content. Continuous buffering. Uses too much data. No option to purchace a package for playgo only. The search bar does not help. Great concept but needs a lot of work. Also some of the movies were not completely uploaded eg. Christmas Joy and Small Town Christmas.
I appreciate the effort being made, I really like the fact that it's not subscription based and I truly like the lack off annoying ads, I really hope that doesn't change. The content is way too limited, I expect as time goes by the app will be updated with movies however with the way how Digicel was pushing this new app I expected a lot more. I really like the idea of the app but the buffering and the lack of selection out weights the 'idea of the app'. Please update the office
The channels keep repeating every minute and delays a lot and it keep repeating itself over and over and a lot of delays
What's the use of paying for something if it doesn't work????? I've tried to remain loyal to this app for the past 6 MONTHS, but IT HAS TOO MANY BUGS!!!!! #FEDUP The stations have been locked even though I have an active 28 day plan. I've filed MULTIPLE reports, but still no change. Today I wasn't even allowed to watch the on-demand content or the FREE stations. Save yourselves the hassle and go watch YouTube. πŸ˜‘
I love this app, but the only problem is that each time it is freezing and saying there is an error. I really really really want this problem to be fix. Please please πŸ™πŸ½
I like the app but I am unhappy because I started watching the 2006 series" The Game" but only season 1 is available 😫 Update : So I logged on today and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you guys added MORE seasons for 'The Game' ! You not only listened to me but the turn-around-time was fast. This is amazing customer service. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! :)
Great initiative digicel, I love it. Only problem I have is that the movie buffers too much. Everything else is good.
Hi, I just downloaded this app and I can say that I am extremely happy with it, but there is one thing that is bugging me and that is; that there are limited TV shows to watch, when I searched for other shows that I would like to watch the app doesn't have it. So I'm asking you if you could branch out a little and put more tv shows in there to watch cause you have a limited verity, could you put shows like legacies, dynasty, the originals, black ish, the vampire diaries etc...
I mean although this isn't so good but sorry for my inconvenience, I apologize for saying this app wasn't good, I will rate this 5 start. I feel bad so so sorry
Would love to give a great review but the app is laggy plus content is very few and disjointed...good attempt though...will keep to see progress onwards
Great app but needs some work after renewing my plan D'MUSIC no longer works for me,last night I tried to watch Law and Order SVU and Law and Order Organised Crime live on NBC and it keeps going back to the beginning I was pissed to the point that I almost deleted the app. Please add more series of LAW AND ORDER SVU it's been stuck at SEASON 1 for a while now. Thank you.
It's a really nice app ,very rare i use my phone to watch movies , maybe if the app is available on smart tv android boxes an firesticks it would be better also if its in 4k/8k/hdr/blueray thats would kick it off ,but so far so good.
This app is straight up for old people am talking my Gramps kind of old, come on we live in the 20th century. Where the new movies at? Where's the other genres?Where's the option in searching for a movie/tv show and actually getting what I searched for, even if it's the first letter I inserted of what am looking for, nothing pops up I mean nothing.Needs more content.
Connection interrupts too many times when streaming. This is a DIGICEL product! Please come better. Bring back the confidence.
Absolute waste of my time and data. This minute I'm able to watch whatever I please then the next minute I keep getting error pop ups then nothing will load. Eveything starts moving all slow and then whatever I was watching refuses to reopen. Like what's the sense. I just knew this app was too good to be true. Oh and only some movies can be watched and on certain days and at certain times. And I'm not talking about live television. This is stuff that Ive watched back to back for days.
The app is good, however it's missing the ability to go from one episode to the next easily. So every time one episode ends I have to manually select the next one.
Error message keeps coming up and support through the app is nonexistent... Due to the privacy policy you also cannot take screenshots while in the app to submit the error to the support... Major failure
Come on digicel we the customers want a better selection of tv channels the old play go was much better and you all disable it where is aljazeera new platform.you have bbc but I can't change the subscription am beginning to dislike πŸ‘Ž
This app is not that bad but my biggest problem is that it doesn't load while playing and if you don't have a strong internet connection it doesn't work.
Great app to watch different TV channel. I would like to see Syfy , Cartoon network, TNT , USA, CW and boomerang if you can add them .
I am more into the c.s.i series at present, my issue is some the videos won't play and on the other hand some starts to play and then starts to buffer and error comes on the screen and when I try to restart the video it keeps saying error. Can you please rectify or tell me what can I do to fix it from my side.
Excellent!!!!!..Loving the app so far, please consider a anime, local and superhero genre..You guys are doing a wonderful job although the selection is limited (for now) I hope to see this app rival some other streaming sites out there.....already a big fan ohh let's not forget comedy both local and international
The app is fine but y'all need to open up the market to persons who use PC because last night i went online hoping i could access the same services on my laptop as i can on my phone. I wanted to watch a series on my digicel 4 bundle promotion but didn't want tok use my phone so I was very disappointed in that. Please take this to the development team and have them look into it. Best regards A.Leslie
Ok so this is telling on my nerves now. Everytime i wanna watch something that is showing live, it keeps saying ErRoR. It's getting really annoying now. Please fix that.
I don't know why we can't just get data, just data to do whatever we want with it. Why is it being shared amongst other useless apps on the Digicel platform? Not enough relevant movies or shows on here to watch. Waste of money & data πŸ˜’
Its seriously slow, doesn't have much content and its not intuitive. Poorly designed! It got a 3 because it works
This app was okay before even though movie choices are limited but ever since the update none of the series movies work anymore keep saying "your request cannot be completed 403-2000. #DELETING
Great, no monthly subscription just prepaid on demand service, however you guys must add the app to the Amazon app store for firetv sticks, would rather pay for your service than pay subscriptions to individual networks app services.
It doesn't have a lot of movies and some of the movies play half way then no sound and 95% of the movies are lame please fix πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž the movies or too out dated and I don't why but some of the good movies thend to play half way in the movie the stop πŸ˜ͺ and I rlly liked the app thanks for trying still
When I'm watching the movies the season movies I only can hear season 1 or season 2, you can hear the cars, the trees everything else in the background but you're not hearing the people talking. How does that make sense can you please fix this problem.
More movies...i love it ...great job...but more movies....why when i suggested a movie like Gold Member...its not loading or working....Anyway its a great lovely app....
Update: Maybe I spoke too soon about this app. It's a decent option for passing time but......... half of my time is spent just praying the video will load, the other half is praying that whatever I'm actually watching won't suddenly stop working. Doesn't matter if I try later, or the next day or the next week. This really spoils the experience when watching a new series. I don't even have the patience to bother with the Live TV.
This is totally foolishness waste of data...because they give you a whole heap of data and then take it all back from you ....within no time all ....1GB of data you should be able to watch at least 9 half hour series or videos....sign you can only watch two half hour series how do you guys come up with that type of maths totally robbery ....
I don't have any error message. The problem is I can't watch a single movie and all of my devices are say the same error we cannot access this.😠
Great app but when I'm trying to subscribe in order to watch the premium TV stations such as nick its saying a error has occurred so please fix that
All most all bug or fix but that is not a problem because I see alot of improvements in the app and there is no annoying ads in this app and you can just buy a prime Bundle plan and that's it no additional fees to pay and I love this way and I hope this doesn't change is I call entertainment for Digicel costumer so I want to so to Digicel thank you for your effort that you made and I appreciate it.
Limited content. Continuous buffering. Uses too much data. No option to purchace a package for playgo only. The search bar does not help. Great concept but needs a lot of work.
I have been using this app for the past few days and I was very much satisfied my only problem is that today whenever I try to access any movie, show, channel I am unable to because the app is saying "video is unable to play try again later " I have been trying the whole day but I still have the problem.please respond to my request so I can give you all a five star rating
Pretty amazing. Love the upgrade. The new interface is absolutely gorgeous and all the content is free until Oct 31st. Really good job
Very poor. None of the series nor movies show. If they do show, they're choppy, stops part of the way and there's no function to skip forward as it starts back from the beginning.
Wish I could give this app less than 1 star. It's horrible. The old app was easier to navigate, and rewinding and fast forwarding by swiping left or right was way easier than now. Had to restart a few times after being kicked out in the middle of the show. Can't find all my channels. I'm not liking this one at all. Not one bit. Digicel, this is a MASSIVE leap backwards. DO SOMETHING. I'm uninstalling until it's fixed.
Very good app but not much options in selecting movies...updating the movies will be nice..search panel should have movies i would like to see...but nice app ..
Nice ad you putting on tv i am only here from that.I love the app so much me and friends have the app and they also gave this app 5 star keep up the good workπŸ™‚βœ¨
I personally use this app to watch free movies & stream free television channels. I can combine this with my Digicel plan which gives me 0 charges from my data balance. This is a blast!
It is just so hard to sign up. Every time the login password comes up, I cannot use letters only numbers I'm seeing coming up and it requires both.
Hi I download this app and when I select a movie to watch it's saying " video cannot be played , please try again later " my is perfect and o tried multiple times and same things occurred. I'm hoping u can assist me.. thank you
I ain't gonna lie this was a good app until a few days later it keeps telling me about subscription and when I try to subscribe to one it ain't working so I just had to delete it . But the i gave it 3 stars because I said it was a good app until I started facing such problems
1 star this app is loaded with bugs, choppy and buffers like crazy. It's not my internet either, this app just works really bad off the Digicel network. Also the Catch 1 & 2 channels are showing the same things on the major us networks. Makes no sense.
Awesome. Can you make the live football more accessible eg.epl Bundesliga French league and la Liga. I love what you are doing but these get more sports loving people following you.
Well, it freezes alot...and when I log out of this app and trying to log back in it showing ERROR...this is totally madness....and I repeatedly tried to long in and its showing the same thing
Great app just minor bug I think it keeps going back in circle on certain channels but I love the app if that's fixed I can give a 5 star
The initiative is appreciated, however, the content is limited. More options of both series and movies can be added to grab the attention of customers.
This is the saddest multi-streaming app I have ever encountered but 3 stars because its easy to access
What's the sense of this app if you can't watch anything. I have 11 GB and can't log in, I can only watch on WIFi. If only I could give it no 🌟.
This turned out to be a waaaay better app than I was expecting. Not too many options but not too little. I love that you dont need to have a Digicel Play account to use it. Im glad I gave it a chance.
I'm quite fed up with the app's instability. It's a great idea, good offerings but the playback error messages I've already told you guys about already in detail still persist especially when I need to access the content. Every weekday I try to watch judge judy on Catch or CBS and every sunday family guy on Fox and I end up being disappointed and irritated numerous times with the playback errors and the time shift not cooperating.
Season 2 of Elementary is not talking. Could you fix this problem please. Overall the app is not bad. Limited movies and series though, but it's not bad. I do agree at times shows stop and buffers.
I have heard that this all is great, but I can't even use it because it says that my phone number is invalid. Please fix the issue, because the phone number is valid. (It isn't possible to give 0 stars)
Worst app in the universe.. nothing works .I can't believe this is the best these coders at Digicel coders can do
This is more like it. More relevant content. I love this. Expand the live channel viewing options and it's perfect. Wouldn't mind having a web browser version of this app so I could watch on my laptop or TV like I do Netflix. I keep getting a. error message that shows up for some channels and for the ones that do work, I find I have to restart the stream cause an error message comes up saying it cant play. I guess that's a bug or some server issue?
Not a lot of content.. plus it's taking mb from my main data n not from the gb I have specifically for playgo. Digicel can't explain why either.. Nonsene.
Disappointing in every way. Much of the content is not in the language that they advertise it to be in. Very low selection and some content does not even upload.
Giving this app a 1 star, first 2 days, the app worked perfectly. By day 3 I am hearing only sound and no video. And when I try to play some stations I get an error message. Also I think this app needs more content.
The series movies use to play now they are not playing,It keeps on saying your request cannot be completed.
It's great.....4 stars because wanted at least one more sports option. Other than sports max. Other than that I like it.
Some how I can't get to change my subscription and because of that I can't get to watch the channels that I really want please fix it is very very frustrating also there seems to be a lag in the app most time it takes forever to watch a show or if it's live it takes longer than it supposed to take
Great idea great app just missing a tv guide more channels some shows there's no audio and there's a lag when your watching shows that's just a turn off
Can hardly watch a good movie without this thing being buffering all the time what's the point ..and most time it's saying network error when I'm the only connected to my wifi what's the problem man plz fix this.
I can't understand it it's dumb but useable it saying can package cancelled every time or can't complete task it's getting harder to get to
I'm supposed you heard about commons issues that we're having with this app, but I wanna emphasize the huge delay between the time we're watching your content and the real time which is more than 2 minutes. This is ridiculous. You guys need to try better
I was going to give this app five star but I notice that the app doesn't have new movies PlayGo needs to do better with they app. Why Digicel app always gives problems the best app I download is the MY DIGICEL APP. This app uses a lot of mobile data they need to reduce data usage. PlayGo needs more movies to let people enjoy. The best thing about this app is the Channels I love the channels and the live streaming channels I love that about the PlayGo app.
I like the quality of the app And gives me the option to choose great movies which i can see in HD. Relaxing comfortable . Further am willing to experience more of the app till now i didnt use it often, and go more deep an every option of the app. Keep Bringing more new innovations☺
I love it,,i can watch live tv on my phone anywhere i go..wish there were more channel thou.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Try using it on my android tv it doesn't work can you make it More compatible with all devices also I tried mirroring it to the tv it doesn't show either Needs work
How can I enter a one-time password in 90 secs before I receive it by sms about 5 mins later???? I tried multiple times and the same thing keeps happening. Therefore a rating for this app is less than 1 star but I wouldn't be able to post unless I use a minimum of 1 star so there goes the overrating of this app.
Why am not seeing rush to watch football again, can you please add more sports channel to this one like the old version.
Why can't y'all try to fix the problems for this app ?? It has been months and there's no debug or updates for this app, for all we know we could be getting virus from this app, so what's the point paying for a service we can't use on a crashing Error app.
This apps seems ,like it would be an awsome app but I will not be able to experience it because when open the app and press the fast login I just see a blank white screen.. I do not know what the problem is but I hope you guys can fix it
The second episode of Hawaii 5.0 you hear no audio. And like CSI Miami You only get 26 episodes. Its a new app so glitches will be sorted.
The app is nice but please can you deal with the issue that everytime I watch over a show, it keeps going back to normal schedule and I couldn't finish watching that show.
I find that the seasons for series in the dropdown menu have a sound problem - you can hear background noise but not what the actors are saying. So you can't enjoy watching more than one season of a tv series :(
I gave it two stars because when the video loads then it stops you have to lock your screen to continue and it does not happens once about every 5 seconds in the video
I downloaded the app and for the life of me , I cannot create nor sign in. An error message keep coming up, two solid days I have been trying the error message shows 205-1121. Help please
Clean no buffing awesome app,thanks digicel 26/02/21Update: so after using for a week,the system does not work!it burns fast and then finishes your main data. Buffing is ridiculous if you dont have a plan even if you activate playgo pass it will not work. Tired of the schanadagans!!!!!
Ok I understand, some channel on the app for subscriptions which they or on app for free among Netflix, so many people not going to subscribe, release those channels and put ads for earning, alot of tv app with great channel for free some world channel for free, so my advice release those channel and put ads, that's my advice too much tv app out there for u to lock those channels what ppl don't really running after, cinemax, hbo, animals planet, all American local stations we get for free.
It's really bad . It keeps loading throughout the movie. I can't even mira cast to smart tv because of quality purposes. How is my family supposed to watch the movie on my small phone. Please fix or I'm uninstalling.
Love the app can watch news while I'm at work and still see sports. Need now tv shows and movies and a tv guide, other than that I give it 10 out of 10. Not sure about the data usage.
Beautiful start but more shows need to be added like old black sitcoms...the general software experience needs updating ...add the ability to watch shows in a series without having to select them individually, fix the errors in the episode description, move currently watching to the top of the home page, add a selection of similar shows when you click on one, fix that issue where the screen ratio keeps switching mid-episode, keep episode better logs of episode to have seamless watch continuance.
Not bad πŸ‘ but as soon as I updated the app. I'm unable to continue watching the series of the (REIGN) I'm getting an error message
I didn't use this app before but I really want to watch movies for free and as soon as I downloaded it said fast login so I press it once and it said your request cannot be completed pls fix this and I will give u a five star
The reason this playgo app was updated is purely for profit I I am sure...not thinking about the consumer..... Poor.....videos freezing, videos that should be live playing long after event is finished. I want back my old app.
App stinks. Digicel is forcing people to use there apps yet stil the apps are limited especially playgo. PlayGo provide very very limited content and very very old news. News from last year 2020 and we're in 2021. Movies are so limited its as if they want you to watch the same movies everyday. The app sucks and i would not recommend it to anyone!
This app does not work! Nothing loads!! Yet imbuing bombarded with messages encouraging me to use it. Please fix the app!
I was very excited when I saw this app n now I'm very disappointed. You only have 1 season of most of the series n then the ones there are not ones a lot of persons are interested in. There is an option to upgrade but it won't allow me too. The app needs better options because no one is gonna wanna use it when they have their cable or Netglix giving them better options
What happened to the multiscreen app. Why is it not working? Is PlayGo a replacement for the multiscreen app?
This app needs a lot of development. Makes no sense .Too repetitive .need upgrading especially not good for customers using prime bundles.Digicel needs to do better than this.
Awful. I downloaded and paid for a plan for 7days up. I cant watch a single thing on it. I will be asking for my money back.
Not a lot of content, especially for someone like me who prefer to watch English dubbed anime (not the same cartoons πŸ˜‘, and no kids stuff either) add some more content like this to appeal to a broader audience. In the meantime I have some playgo gigs I wish I could give away because right now it not of any use to me.
I really like this app but....Live TV keeps repeating itself, half of the series n movies I had access to has been removed. Movies/series in other languages without subtitles, needs more series for adults n kids, i.e seasons n episodes.
I love that Digicel gives me separate data access to use the App; however, it buffers waaaaayyyyyy too much. With that exception it's ok.
This is the app for people who have a lot of patient's, every 30 seconds the movie stop and reload. What i can say is the movies are good but as for the connection is concerned, its horrible.
The app is good for on the go, but I'm not a TV series person, but a movie person and the app don't have enough movie categories and most recent selective movies. Would like to see more latest trending movies. Love how the app doesn't take long in loading the movies.
Rubbish this is nonsense it doesnt even deserve 1 star whenever i logged in and tried watching a movie all i can see is unfortunately playGo have stopped
Have been experiencing difficulties either logging in or when trying to watch a show. Have it for 5 days now and I have only gotten to enjoy watching a show once. Going to lose all my data not because I am not interested but because its a faulty app. Good idea Digicel but very poor quality!!
While I understand the effort put into this I'm not impressed. The apps performance is botched and extremely slow, the optimization and performance is so horrid that I got annoyed when trying to setup the app. The user interface is disorganized and complicated and the amount of content available to watch is lacking. Also when playing back a show that's already passed it keeps automatically skipping to live tv and doesn't playback old shows from the beginning. Work on that.
I was misinformed about what this apps capabilities were, I tried to DL one of my favorites series, wasn't available. Tried movies I liked, nothing. I am disappointed in this app. Some of the stations opened not bad, just expected to have access to more content. I hope u guys try to improve on those aspects of your app, it would make it so much better, then I could recommend it to my friends.
Its good except for the series i watch, the summary is all mixed up so the episode would have one summary but while u watch it, u realise it is about something else. Dont know if its the same with other series but its a lil bit confusing
I love this but there is something I liked you to change and is when the video is finish it have a skip to the next episode you know am saying πŸ₯°πŸ€—
Ads in d sense of wen I open the app the shows that r available on the playgo app those play. But wen I go 2 the home page and click on a movie the intro starts playing,then there's a pop 2 close the app.
Great initiative Digicel! You have come a far way. My problem is your channel search setting it's really not effective. What would be good a tv guide which would make search much easier. My other issue is too much data usage! 1GB barely watch a full movie. You need to make this unlimited with the plan. Bip and Loop didn't need or consume so much data.
As a wannabee big tech company, digicel should be ashamed to be the owner of an app that has more problems than content. Moreover if digicel did care, they would try and upload additional content because a from last year the people them a complain about the same issues and no attempt made to fix them. If we a pay fi service atleast make it be more convenient. BBC.Wish I could give it a rating less than 1. Fxxking waste of time.
I really like this app, for the TV channels I wish it had bet and bet plus thou. But overall it's great. 2/11/2020 Thankd for the response, but now that what I had wish for doesn't come free, it has to be paid for πŸ˜‚. But no worries I still use the app an enjoy never the less.
Too many bugs, errors and glitches. You can't live stream a full movie without it stopping and skipping and your customer service does nothing to fix the problem
In one week all of play go I've watched. 4 months later I'm still watching back the same things a 100 times over. Do the maths.
The app is really good and useful, the only problem is that it has a few bugs but once those are fixed I can see this app as good as Netflix.
The app is good overall, but the only problem I have is that most times when I'm replaying shows it keeps going back to current live shows and it's very frustrating. Another thing it buffers alot even when wifi or data connection is good
At times the connection is not good. Hope it can be improved. Wish there was a feature to show the history so you can keep watching instead of starting over.
Well it's a good app, interface is ok,but when it comes on to searching for a movie or series it's a pain, not to mention there needs to be more content added to the app
I am enjoying the upgraded version. I am glad they did because using the one before brought sorrow πŸ˜” sometimes when it would start acting crazy 😜. Especially when it's the only television πŸ“Ί to watch. πŸ‘
At first thos app was fast and exceptional but now i realize that i cant watch any movies on the tv channels if im not watchimg them live which is a problem because i'd love to go back and watch movies which aired earlier in the day.
It is so hard to find the movies you want to watch. Everytime i tried to search for a show it failsπŸ˜‘
The first time I downloaded it put data to it they kept telling me its not working a in my region or supm like that.. wasted mi data n credit
Loving having access to the movies n shows offered .....streams nicely on the platform ..still new at it so we shall see as time goes on
App performs well, when the quality of the connection allows, but the layout could be made more intuitive - it took me sometime to find all the channel listings. All in all a good effort, but stability and speed of connection need improvement.
The Movies won't play keep given me an error message this app is a wasted of time and data I complain about it several time they won't resolved the issued and don't say you need more information you have it all.
The channels on this app are ok, however the aspect ratio needs to be revised. One can't watch channels full screen on devices. The channels are only displayed center .
Because I use the prime bundles I have been trying FOR WEEKS to sign up for play go. Every time I get to the point where I need to input my "one time code" I never receive the SMS. I try resending but nothing. So I have deleted the app.
It is still saying "your request cannot be completed" pls help me fix this, like no series is working and also there is no updation to the app
Netflix is way better belive me , these movies are old movies most of which you can find om even YouTube. Even local television is more up to date than this actual app. I was really excited when I found out about it but very very disappointed with the encounter
Overall not bad app. Not what I expected. But really great apart from lagging issues and it should automatically go to the next episode in a series
I only gave one star because there was nothing less. The ABSOLUTE WORST app created. I am trying to watch the Oprah interview and I havent been able to watch it for more than 1 minute consistently. This is a total disaster. Do not waste your time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
I wish I can watch any channels or even movies with caption no matter how I clicked off it not change to on so I guess captions are not there so I have to uninstall cause am deaf I can't watch movies with captions or subtitles
Despite not being able to get or rather find season 2, it was enjoyable to have as a source of entertainment.
Thank u for responding to my first issue... this one is even worse... whenever I screen mirror my mobile device to my smart tv... I seeing everything ... until I decide to play a movie... I see no visual,only hearing the audio... so please fix this issue... it's a main concern... thank u...
This app is a real pain in the ass!! πŸ™„ Can't even sign up.......Error Messages after Error Messages πŸ™„ πŸ™„
Whilst it app is more modern and sleek, allowing easier navigation, the limited channel listing, with the removal of the option to view shows a few days old is considered a step backward for me
Its been great so far , the only downside is the movie and anime options are limitted to just a few options. I gave it three stars for that , if fixed i am sure it will become the number one app to download .
Since recently, nothing plays. Nothing at all. What's the point? 4glte with over 175gb download speed, over 30gb and nothing will load. What's the point?
My problem is why is it when you complete a season you cant watch another......you type in season 2 for the show you want to watch and it is telling you content not found.....if you cant watch what you want then this app is a total waste of peoples time
I had to dig through until I found the series I wanted to watch (the 'play' button wasn't evident on Law and Order SVU but after scrolling through I found ones which I could watch). Quality was good.
I can't even acces the app. Everytime I try to sign up the SMS won't be sent to me. Make a option to send to gmail. What's even the point of the 'one-time password' in the first place????
Main problem is the resolution. The movies not using the full size of my device screen and have very low volumes. Fix these issues to get 5 stars
Some movies don't have any sound , some series you hear the background music but you can't hear what the persons are saying, for example csi ny I had to skip a few seasons for these reasons and also it would keep saying for some serious or season,video could not be played, so I'm missing out on great movies/ TV shows.....
Honestly I heard good things about this app that is but I have it one star because I couldn't even experience it! It didn't see my number as valid and let me sign up. I have ensured I've entered the correct number numerously but it still hasn't seen my number is valid. Can someone direct me please as to how to fix this? It's quite an inconvenienve and a disappointment.
It doesn't even deserve a star it's been an hour since I'm trying to sign in .... But no it find all the problems in the world .... Hating it don't download untill problem is fixed
Everything is fine when you start watching a movie until you pause for whatever reason as soon as you return to the movie it's not the same continuous smothe watching anymore ...now it starts to break up like every 20 seconds.
I wish it would have more options some you have to subscribe and every time I come on is the same thing, but overall it's a good app.I just wish it have more options.
I can't even explain how disappointed am i in this app at first it was playing good and everything was okay with it. I could watch my series and so on but now omg it's like you guys just keep on messing the app up. It needs fixing alot of it too.
I would give a 5* rating but rather the old app because I had more to watch and aljazeera isn't available on this one if you all can put a movie channel and bbc or aljazeera I can rate 5* but beside that great app. Why would I still want to subscribe to a premium package to pay extra when I have already paid for a plan digicel just give a nice package with a good price that even you would be satisfied with
Awesome. I can watch my favourite shows easily at my fingertips. The only missing is the ability to screenshare/cast.
The app is pretty to look at but doesn't run smoothly. Buffers quite a lot not as easy to understand as it was before the design change and has less channels less options
Comprized of outdated movies esp the kids section... also a total scam it still takes the data from my main data instead of the actual data that keeps accumulating for PLAYGO each time i purchase a prime bundle... #notpleased
Love the app. The time shift function kinda buggy. Need a button to adjust the video aspect ratio for the live channels. I tried adjusting by pitching the screen but it keeps moving to the live stream and away from the time shift.
Once upon a time there was digiplay multiscreen and I used to brag about my service provider. I used to be able to view all my channels, record shows, watch my recordings as well as replay live TV within 2hrs. Digicel used to be the best, but now they're no longer trend setters they are followers. They've taken 10 steps back with this as far as I'm concern, they've followed their competitor with this playgo name... Flowgo has all of what you used to have. This is not an upgrade it's a downgrade
This app has a serious problem with aspect ratio. The video shows in 4:3 ratio. My phone aspect ratio is 19:9. Can you imagine how that looks?
This is an app that I have loved a lot, but when it comes to news on C.V.M. I have a big problem. It goes off an on Every five seconds, and sometimes it takes like twenty seconds or more to come back. And to me! It is very stressen to wait for it to come back.
I like this app, I get to watch some movies or series that I like, but not many to choose from, I see that you guys add more movie and that's great can you also add more movies for teens as well, keep up the good work. Is there anyway we can tell you some series or movies or cartoon to add.
Not the movies I want to watch anyways... And some are bored....more and exciting movies needed and anime series also
I don't even know what to say about this app. Seems as if this was put out before it was ready to be used by customers and the app develooers are just making incremental changes to it in every update. Not good.
A total nightmare. I normally use the Prime Bundles. I downloaded PlayGo and for more than 2 days now I'm unable to complete my log in. I've selected an avatar choosen the parental guiding and each time I click save I get an error message. I reached out to support via chat who asked me to uninstall and reinstall the app same issue. Then he said he'll escalate the issue to a technical team who will reach out to me withing 2 hours. All now so what am I to do with all these MB???????????🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
Great experiexperience... very user friendly. Also the app has great content and is very captivating.
I like this app a lot however I took one star off as the movies buffers a lot. And no it's not my internet speed as I have Netflix and they app plays without buffer.
Trying to register an account as I am a new user and it keeps rejecting my phone number saying it is invalid, this is very frustrating and I eventually gave up because this ain't worth getting grey hair over...
Channels are being locked randomly, I had access to majority of the channels then all of a sudden I'm being told to buy premium. I have the bundle that give 7GB of PlayGo and it's been rolled over alot so I have data. Another issue I have is that this app will use your night data plan(if active) instead of the assigned data from the bundle. That aside the app works well enough for me, just need clarity on why from time to time I get locked out of channels I normally have access to
1- It doesn't have a lot of movie only like 40 movie on there & all of the movie's are old movie's .. it's 2021 we need some change to the app 2- some of the movie's doesn't show like big momma 2 3- it does use 1000 mb to just watch 1 movie 4- even tho you got on 4g network The movie does stop a lot Network too slow 5- there is no Quality setting for the video If we have that .. we could watch the movie's in .. let's say 240p & we wouldn't have problem with internet sowl & mb run in out
I use to watch 48 hours without any data plan why after a sudden you guys change it when is program from 2016 its not live program please fix this and this app consume alot of my data
This app is good and all but my God can it not stay logged in ????? Its so annoying also we should be able to cancel or change our subscription package whenever we want to...we should also be able to watch past episodes that were aire on tv
Was thrilled when I downloaded the app because news on the go. For some reason choice TV isn't working just repeating something 10 sec long. Overall it plays with high quality audio and visual when it's working. It just needs bug fixes and maintenance to perform like apps like it.
So each time I try to stream a series like ncis I keep getting error 403 2000 whatever that means πŸ™„ I deleted it reinstalled nothing
App when watching videos buffers every 10 seconds or so and the app consume excessive data that's bad. For example, I watch 48 hours documentary and with the 1gb of data it's only two episodes I can watch within the 1gb and it's buffers every 10 seconds, it doesn't even have the option to pause and load the video to watch without buffering or change the quality of the video, the update doesn't address these issues and Its a waste of time to use this app for my needs
Waist of space and time it don't have anything to watch on this and all the series which it not much of have season 1 or 2 alone wth. Invest in Netflix or a TV box or something digicel is a waste of time and too expensive for data.
I strongly recommend this app because I don't really have any problems with this app it's the best of its kind but there's something if the developer could add some more channels in the next update keep up the good work and make it better
I think the app needs more cartoon on movies allot more cartoon on movies it needs new cartoons like ben10 .. Disney Spider-Man cartoon .. the loud house .. just please put some more cartoon on movies in the app
The entire experience was so annoying all it did was buffering whether I was watching live TV or a movie. Wish I could give it a half of a star
Great job and a very useful app.in many ways if .I may say I wasn't a fan of Digicel but as time pass improvement arrive so keep up tue good job .and thanks for the improvement few more channels wouldn't hurt just saying as IT Tech person.my view
I can't give this app too much of a bad review. I mean it works fine really. The content is ok in my opinion. What i don't like is that i am forced to activate a prime bundle to get premium service. Okay fine it's ur service so do wat u want but i don't want to use ur other services. Heavy sigh. I don't ave an option to opt out of auto renew feature πŸ˜’...here's a thought πŸ€” Y don't u also include the D'music service in the prime bundle, that way everyone can stop using ur services altogether
This app and Digicel are so bad in my country, it is not so good as I think before! Very bad, I can't do nothing special with it!
It's a good app. The only problem I have is that every time I switch plans (for example switch from a 30 day to a 14 day plan) or renew my plan before the full time elapses, some of my stations are locked. When this happens I have to talk to 3-4 agents before the problem is finally rectified (aka escalated). If you could fix that, that'd make the experience much more pleasant.