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Pocket Sniper!

Pocket Sniper! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JP Group limited located at 北京市朝阳区. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Aim using your sniper-scope and make your chance that is best!

▲ Hold and drag your sniper-scope to aim, launch to shoot
▲ When aiming at going target, time your shot for top outcome
▲ Upgrade weapon regularly
▲ Shoot buildings and fuel container for extra fun

Game features:
▲ Simple shooting with a puzzle twist
▲ minimal on coin? Bonus phases will fix you up
▲ Collect all 5 sniper rifles and adventure in numerous maps
▲ ammo this is certainly unlimited therefore don’t hesitate in the event that you missed your target

Stay frosty! Leverage your wits and expertise in sniping to create them down.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pocket Sniper!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pocket Sniper! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Awesome Game. But i'm only giving 3 star's due to the fact that each little guy requires 10 shot's to the head to kill them. That's a bit extemejand turns me off from playing.
The best game for aim. But it could have a big game like a boss battle at the end when you finished all the levels. But it's a good game for aim. This game made me have good aim without the toggle scope.
Too many adds. It's a fun game too an extent. Like I got in and immediately got hit with an add, you can't even go 1 level without seeing another add. Not to mention the levels just repeat themselves over and over again. Overall I can only give it a 3/5
This could have been a 4 star game. Not a 5 star game. The levels are pretty easy, some designed to explode with 1 shot, but still good fun. This loses 2 stars because of the ads. Finish a level, watch an ad. Level up and unlock a new rifle, watch an ad. Want a little boost, ad. There was even once that was start a level and go straight into an ad before taking a shot. Lower the ads, the difficulty some, and I might reinstall.
Rewards for watching ads don't always pay out (I've just watched 4 in a row without reward). Upgrades seem to be purely cosmetic, with no functional advantage. Not always possible to traverse enough to reach target
My rating of this app would be much higher if it weren't for all of the obnoxious apps hogging up all the screen time. It's so annoying to try and enjoy a game like this that would otherwise be very entertaining if it weren't sabatoged by commercial adds that force you to sit through their entirety with every touch of the screen. I love this game but can never really enjoy it and I feel for the developers who must contend with the antics of their sponsorship.
Adds are a lil to much but this can be solved by just turning of ur data and using it offline... other than that it's pretty nice the game.
This entire game is an adfest. You need to watch an ad for everything, Even unlocking guns. But of course the developer doesn't care because they're getting money. Don't bother with this. Just install something else
The playable advert for this game force opens playstore, ruining the game played, causes glitches plus having the playstore open in the background until manually closed and having to re-enter the game I was playing. Bang out of order. Only installed the game so I could give you a 1 star & rubbish write up for this despicable behaviour. Deleting the game & boycotting your entire company forever.
Its not a game, its just a factory of ads to upgrade anything you need to watch ads, to unlock anything you need to watch ads , after completing a level you need to watch a couple of ads, even when you open the game the first thing that comes on my screen is an ad. So how am i able to play and enjoy the game.
Actually this game is awesome and my father like this very much and its guns are awesome but I rated 4 stars because there are a lot of ads and it is very difficult to purchase no ads
Adds are super annoying. There is an ad after every single level. Liked the game a lot. Uninstalled it due to the excessive ads.
Dont get me wrong its a good game but the new advert is so sexist by pretty much saying girls cant shoot a gun and only like the guns for its decor. Its ridiculous. Its also a rip off version of JT Sniper
It is an amazing game...I could rate it a five but the ads are the problem.... The games graphics are good.... Totally it is worth to download it ☺️😊
This game is God-Awful. The concept is interesting but so terribly handled. The controls are awful, the game is very buggy, headshots do the same damage as bodyshots (for unknown reasons), you have to watch an ad to gain a gun/pendant you have already worked to get, and the gameplay is mediocre at best (oftentimes just being broken "puzzles"). Aside from that, the forcing of ads is abhorrent. Do not waste your time with this game.
Not very good game because in we complete one mission then ad then one mission then ad so don't install and play 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
This game is so awesome I play this game so many times and I never stop playing it it's so fun and even my friends play this game all day night long awesome game
This is one of *those* games. Ok in itself and a fair enough little timekiller. But the sheer volume of ads is obnoxious. Between every level, and each level only lasts seconds. It also has those situations of "Watch a video for bonus?" Answer "No" and you get an ad anyway. I accept ads as the price of free games, but within some sort of reasonable set of parameters, which this goes way, way beyond.
Awesome simple sniper game that I really enjoy, BUT there are seriously waaay too many ADs! Like almost after every time you play a level or upgrade anything and even just to get an upgrade your gun or you wont get it! I've played many many games but this one is just freakin ridiculous the amount of ADs!!
Well first I liked this game but the ads are always the same and I am not allowed to to see the game. I gave it 1 star because it is not very good for 8 year old kids like me.
Awesome game, I learned a lot from it. The Graphics may look cheap but the taste is Great. Thanks just keep it like this and dont upgtade if it will change some best features
It would be a much more enjoyable game if ads weren't shoved into my face after every level. Yeah free mobile game has to have a lot of ads, I get that, but after every level? It makes it painfully annoying to play this game for more than a level or two at a time. If it didn't have that many ads I'd probably play it a lot more, and reinstall the game.
It's a great game but theres alot of ads, otherwise it is a really cool and fun game. I got my brother into playing it and he's really enjoying this. I would rate this a 5 star but there a quit alot of ads as I mentioned before but, ITS A REALLY FUN GAME!!! I would recommend downloading this app!
This game is nice but there are so many ads without so much ads i would always play it amazing game pocket sniper !!! its sooooo nice 2,000 stars🤗😍😙👍👍👍👍👍❤ every one must install it
full of glitches ...if you dont kill all the targets with an explosion you then have to shoot each one over and over to clear the level...why would a high powered sniper rifle require you to shoot a target with 4 or 5 headshots to get a kill? and like most of these simple games the levels repeat pretty soon after you start the game. a few minutes of mindless fun...then uninstall.
Honestly the amount of ads is just mind blowing apart from that this game is very addictive and fun but can be a bit annoying when a person is behind metal.
The guns are amazing and how the people that your shooting turn from red to black is really cool I love the game It's so fun to play👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Its a cool game, but if you use a cheep govement phone, the game sucks. Stick to downloading it on your tablet or store bought phone.
Not really a fun game. The levels are really simple and easy. Also very annoying how there is always adverts after every level of things that just aren't that interesting. Would not recommend this game.
i really love this game i dont have ads when you win but i think when you loose you have ads but i been winning alt and i really love this game so much im even on leval 50 already super duper fun try this game its so fun 👍💛💛
I like it a lot but the only thing is that I had to delete it because it was taking up a ton of space and my tab kept on gliching but I got It fixed but sadly I can't play but I give it 4 star good u should play.
This would be a great game, BUT it doesn't let me upgrade, says ads are not available, so I have guns I can't get, pendants I've earned and can't touch. I can't say it has too many ads cause they are not there......so fix the glitch so I can do something more.
If you like ads in-between every level and even sometimes back to back, I highly recommend this game for you
Like many of the reviews it's true, the ads are obsene. This is clearly a revenue stream for the developer and they don't care about the user experience. The game isn't that diverse and usually the strategy is shoot the one explosive barrel. Will uninstall now due to sheer volume of ads.
Really enjoyable game until the ads kick in and u have to watch 3 or 4 just to go to the next level thanks but no thanks ruins the game for me
Levels repeat themselves after a little bit of time. Plus it shouldn't take 3 shots in the head to get someone after so long
Fun game to start but omg the adds, there are numerous i do understand the game is free so you get a few adds not a problem untill the adds take over as someone else has said you will spend more time watching adds than playing the game I am deleting the game because to many adds and they spoil the game play
I was very offended by by the ad shown how girls play pocket sniper but overall the game itself was okay
I like the game it cures my adhd and I'm only 16 but I do have a few issues one having to watch an ad for the guns the skins and the pendants make it where we can buy it with in game coins also i usually play it with my wifi or data off so it won't pop up ads which other people who play it should do the same if they don't like the ads and when I go to play an ad for the guns or the pendants or the skins it says ads not ready yall need to fix that also. FIX THE GAME AND OTHER PLAYERS WILL ENJOY
Got my grandparents into it 🤣😁 but it is really fun if you are online it is kinda laggy with some phones offline I love there are no adds and it is not laggy it a fun game
This game is goodand it control but why when I shoot my get vibrate. So please fix this problem. And we have to see the ad and then we got gun. So fine this problem. This game is showing. Very bad ad. I Can't tell you but showing very bad ad. It is bad for children 🚸 please. Fix this problem. First.
Love the game but to many ads so this is a 5 Star game if there weren't so many ads I go to home to buy stuff and it dose an ad it sucks.
Great game to play but could be 5 stars without an add every time you press home it's super annoying!
The Game is good..but the ads every 1 minutes of gameplay. I understand that they would like to monetize it..but its just too much
I like this game its a really good game but i have to give you one suggestion that please don't show that soo much adult ad because little kids also play this types of good game it's really fun game but that all dirty ads are annoying please do something in that i know there is an no feature but little kids can't purchase that soo please do something on it try to make manager normal ads its ok but please remove this dating and such types of dirty ads Nice game👌🏻
When you press the damage button to upgrade the damage of your gun it does not upgrade any thing it just gives the creators to this game money from the ads that you spend time watching. Do not get it if you dont want to watch hundreds of ads for no reason.
After the update, the app got MUCH better. Still, it gets a little boring, and I wish the levels were harder.
Holy ads dude!! The amount of times that an add pops up I think the name of the app needs to be change. You cannot tap anything on your screen without one popping up. I really loved the point 5 seconds I got to play the game however it is not worth it so I'm sad to say I will be deleting this game. If they change that problem I would love to re-download but until that happens...well...
As much as i like this game,theres to many adds in this game. Please fix that problem amd let us play more.
A nice little game fit the ADDS are unbelievable as before you play a level needed to watch add l, finish the levels watch adds again pressing the home button gues what again another add,come on guys downloaded to play the game not to watch bloody adds 😠
,this game is amazing there is only one thing I don't like about it the adds but other than that game is AMAZINGLY FUN I ALWAYS PLAY IT!!!!!
This game is basically unplayable because of the amount of ads. Play for a few seconds watch a 30 second ad, play for another couple of seconds and more ads. Go through a menu, and more ads. I understand the need for ads, but this is just atrocious.
Could be 4 or 5 stars. It's fun to play and a great time killer. But the inability to buy ad-free is KILLING the game for me. Add the ability to pay for NO-ADS and you'll be much better!!!
Good game you can coustermize your sniper (witch is cool) but the reason i have put it at a 2 and not a 5 is cos of the ads not even joking the first ten minutes of me playing it = like 50 ads, its crazy.
Upgrade? Watch a ad. Don't upgrade? Watch an ad. Go to home screen? Watch an ad. Gain a gun? Watch an ad. Don't gain a gun? Watch an ad. Get three shots of a gun that needs an ad? NOT FAIR. I WOULD GIVE THIS ZERO STARS IF POSSIBLE.
Obnoxious amount of ads. You even have to watch one if you click the home button, to claim a prize, to move on to the next level... There are so many ads that the game play doesn't even matter. That being said I'm not sure you can even lose a level, you just keep shooting until it's over. I wish they cared more about making a playable game than the ad revenue.
Fun fact: You watch an ads to get any weapons or something until... You finish the ad but you didn't get your dream weapon 😂😂😂😂that was crazy but yeh im okay that got scammed/or not bye:))))
Can't play the game. The idle coin pop-up can't be interacted with and blocks you from starting the game. You can't claim the coins.
I LOVE this game but there are WAAAY too many ads. I do love the unlockable wind speed levels though. Great game, but the ads could definitely be lessened a bit. They're so disruptive 😭
full of glitches ...if you dont kill all the targets with an explosion you then have to shoot each one over and over to clear the level...why would a high powered sniper rifle require you to shoot a target with 4 or 5 headshots to get a kill? and like most of these simple games the levels repeat pretty soon after you start the game. a few minutes of mindless fun..then uninstall.
My rating is due to the many, MANY ads they shove down your throat at every chance they get. After each level is a new ad that has nothing to do with gaining something in the game (they have other ads if you want to do that). It gets super annoying super fast. If you get a reward? You need to watch an ad to "claim it". If they level gives you a pitifully low amount of coins? Watch another ad to get more. And you still have to watch the ad that "unlocks" the next level, or whatever.
Pretty ok game but the ads are horrendous. Just terrible. So many and they are so long. I only had it for about 5 minutes and took it off my phone.
The best feature about this is aim acceleration. Whenever I run out f space to aim just look away and look back the the guy you want to kill as fast as possible which saves a lot of accuracy points
Enjoyed this app at first, but the ads started to become annoying and rounds were repetitive. After about level 40, the maps started to repeat every so often. By level 50, the repetition was blatant. Then there were ads after every three rounds (for me that meant about 30 seconds between ads) rounds lasted around 10 seconds. At first upgrades were bought with coins, but later became "free" , requiring you to watch an ad. This made upgrading very time consuming. Fun for maybe an hour or two.
Creazy amount of ads. Even if you want to go to the main menu of the game you need to see an ad to do it:/
So many ads, usually I turn off my internet to play games with too many ads but you can't even escape it there, there's so many ads it plagues your gameplay to the point where it's not even fun
Bruh who people be saying "this is one of those games wheres theres tons of ads". If you say that THEN UR NOT THINKING TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET, I would give 5 stars but the games a little to easy and yeah the ads are kinda annoying cause sometimes you might want to watch the ads to get x2 prizes but then after that ad theres another ad but other than that TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET and other then that the games way to easy. but fun;)
All I have to say, it's to much Ads like every Level u past, it's sickening and making the game boring.
The game is ok i gues, but if you want a new sniper you must watch an ad. Plus there is a glich after almost every level the game freazes thats why rated this game so low.
I like the concept and enjoyed it for the first couple of days, however it gets 3 stars for 2 reasons. 1. The game is extremely repetitive 2. The levels do not get harder -if anything they get easier and less fun.
Pocket sniper is a brill game i wouldnt let a 2 or 5 year old play it tho cause the red things you have to shoot with guns and everything but ye
Just started playing this game and I'm loving it so far! Normally I would be playing word puzzles but this makes a change. Wish it didn't have ad's though.
I really do not like this app becuase the veiw is just horrible and I just hate when that happens and when the guys get hit but they don't have any da,age gone and that Is ejust a problem becvuaase I hate when it freezes up and I have to x out of it and just go beck on it and just writing this veiw I think I am ging to delete this becuase it is really boring and the guys are really fare away and they just walk to fast and I hate this app overall and my sistter hates to becuase all them reasons .
Way too many ads. Game is too easy with no strategy, nothing challenging about the game. A majority of the levels are set up to win in one or two shots. The bullet is also really big compared to the people. I like the concept, but the execution is just a meh game with too many ads.
This game is great it's usually about changing the enemies and getting new guns, and I'm only at the highest level this is the greatest game.
I can't watch ads for unlock more guns. They saying no ads. I'm still using my first gun. But I unlocked 4 guns. fix this.
It's okay I don't know who were fighting and there's nothing else to do in the game but snipe but I do think it's a fun game just might bring the people I'm just saying it deserves his real name
Downloaded and played for 10 minutes. It wasn't bad, the developer just loves ads more than having a fun user experience. When you watch an ad, play a round on the game, watch another ad, then click to go to the home screen and have to watch an ad again, it makes me uninstall it because the developer is interested more in the user watching an ad. Sure, going to the home screen has an allowed ad skip, but I shouldn't have been presented with an ad at that point in the first place.
Damned catch all ads are a pain. I dont care if a game is great or trash,I wont have it but a few minutes before all the ads piss me and I uninstall the game.You creators permit ALL THOSE ADS for money,and in turn,piss off the users.Stick your game.Its out of here.
Addictive, amazing selection and variety of guns to collect in different colours. It would be better If you had your own profile on the game, and shows how many headshots you've got, how many guns you own, what level you are. Collecting coins is brilliant, always a chance to have coins, and the pendents are amazing too, being able to pick which one is on your gun. Some things would make it better. Maybe an avatar with your gun.
Great game but, the ono problem I had is that it takes 5 million shots to kill one human. You can level up on the damage but it still takes a lot of shots. I recently leved up and it did less damage than lv.11. The damage goes by levels.
The game itself is not bad, but literally getting 1* because the amount of ads are an absolute joke, can't get off a single menu without getting an ad, then if you choose to watch an ad, you get another straight after you leave the video, just no need.
I am SUPER ADDICTED to this game and it is great for passing time by. I love that it is offline and it is a little but satisfying. Also idk why ppl are saying there are too many ade. Just turn off wifi, and turn on airplane mode, you noobs! Its that simple. If you cant, or dont know how, i cant help you. Keep up the too work, devs!
Good game but....Way too many adverts. Game is free have so have to expect a few but they are relentless. Sorry but uninstalling.
Sooo many ads I can barely play the game without watching ads. great game tho and really the only reason I downloaded it was because it was the only ad I was getting on my other games So otherwise I probably would not have downloaded it. If you are reading this I think you you should not download this game unless you absolutely adore the game. But if you do just be prepared to watch an ad in the first 10 seconds you get in the game. ( it also doesn't give you a tatorial)
The game was really fun its a great time passer but i wished u guys made an online mode like first to complete the level or something and im pretty sure u could make more guns bc there are quite a lot of ads but ive seen worse and i wish we had more ways to spend coins.
Pros: -fun -trains your logic -simple but good ...Cons -too many ads.... -AAAH ADS!!!..... -oh my GIVE ME MY SNIPER I DONT WANNA WATCH ADS..... -if you turn off wifi you will lose your sniper.... -DONT TAKE AWAY MY PENDANT AAAH NO WHY..... -why bots tryna comment here like that one who said we are noobs..... Motto of this game: -Money is our task and we dont care about customer satisfaction-......oh yeah voodoo has the same game
Just way too many ads. Can't even switch back to your rifle without watching an ad. And then it still didn't work. Uninstalled this. Don't waste your time with this one
It's a fun game, but I also agree with the other reviewers. The game has waaaaay too many ads to fully enjoy the game. If you want to upgrade the damage on your weapon, then you gotta watch an ad. If you want to maximize your money in the game, then yoh gotta watch an ad.. Ugh. So annoying!!
This game is fun for those who want to spend 90% of their time watching ads. You can't upgrade without an add. You can't collect items without an ad. You can't progress levels without watching ads. This game is nothing but a joke. Its made to give money to the creator. This is all it is for.
The game is waste something will come the sound mobile will be vibrating so I am drinking Escape game only it's nice but at this happened
Annoying! The gameplay is fine, that's why I'm giving two stars. But the amount of ADS!? SO ANNOYING. I don't mind ads, but getting one every fricking LEVEL is ridiculous.
Fun but theres a lot of ads plus the pendents look absolutely awful on the guns there really needs to be a feature to allow removing them
Even if I turn my internet off it still has ads and the ads wont work it is so annoying how it does that. Also write a reveiw if you like among us better if you dont know what it is you dont have to. also if you dont want to you dont have to. why I wrote about among us is because it is my my favorite game. I have a scale to mesure it and among us is in first. so go play it or i will spill hot coffee on you.
I love the game, but I do NOT know how I can live with ads. Too much ads. I would rate this 5 stars if the ads weren't there. Please, developer, update the game to have less ads and I will be very happy. Thank you!
This game is fun its just that its to laggy and you win anyway in lots of levels and if you keep playing it will so get to boring
Ths is a very fun game although I only gave it four stars because of how quickly it is to complete. I spent about 45 minutes and I unlocked all the snipers which is bonkers. Other than that its very good. Not too many ads i don't agree that you have to watch an ad to unlock snipers and pennants. Overall decent game 🙂
The game keeps freezing on me and it's annoying I restarted my game 4 time and it's still freezing could be better.
This game is cool but but when you do that thing we have to have to get it into the side it's not that very good I tried it and it didn't kill anybody it was a good game everybody in my house plays it
Its fun you shoot 🔫 red guys and it is fun it has ads for mew guns and stuff I love it though its worth trying
Pretty Fun, pretty much angry birds [in a way] with snipers. 3 star. I would 4-5 star but wow, way too many ads. I usually don't mind ads (or review at all in general). I get it. Free game. You got to make money some how. But damn, every 10-15 seconds (might be even sooner. Idk, didn't count) or every other level is a lil over kill. Especially for how quick levels go by. You'll spend more time watching ads then playing the actual game. =\
What is with the insane amount of ads? And the game concept is good, but it is so poorly made, I regret ever downloading this game, it's just a waste of space on my phone.
I have never thought that I would see more ads in a game in my life, and I play quite a few games. Just that was enough to make me get rid of the game. Everything you do is backed up by ads. Other than that, it says "puzzles" and the puzzles do not have any sort of challenge whats so ever
The game idea and game play are actually not bad! The amount of ads however is just horrible! Want to upgrade? Here's an ad! Finished the level? Here's another ad! Click no to watching an ad? Well let's show an ad anyways! There's so many ads that just clicking on the settings or the armory will give you an ad!