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Power Menu : Software Power Button

Power Menu : Software Power Button for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Vishnu N K. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Quickly open the charged power Menu UI on your device.
Helps prolong Power button lifespan.
Breathes new life into devices having defective Power key.
Power button not working, No worries, Turn off (Shutdown), Restart, etc system that is using Power Menu UI.

Uses BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission for opening device default power menu.

This app uses Accessibility services, to open power menu.
In order to use the app go to accessibility setting in your device and accessibility that is enable for "Power Menu".

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Power Menu : Software Power Button.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Power Menu : Software Power Button for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This is what i was looking for.. my power button need a hard press to function, this app helped me to use features like power off, restart, screenshot, emergency in just a tap. No ads No extra Ram consumption. Shortcuts available in the home screen and quick buttons available in the notification taskbar as well..
Works well .. pops the restart options... recommended for those who are not able to use neither power nor volume button👍 Thanks for such an app.
I rebooted my device using this app for the first time and after that my mobile is stuck with a screen written "fastboot" on it. I tried to restart by power button still I can't do it. My phone become useless due to this app. Please suggest a method to fix this issue. I'm unable to use it. From last 3 days I can't open my phone. Reply: Thank you for your quick reply. It helped.
It stopped working after I used it twice, my power button is broken so the only way I can reboot my phone is with this app but now the app doesn't work anymore so I can't use it. pls fix it :( Edit : I did what you told me to do and it still doesn't work, I cleaned everything in my phone and deleted some things but the app still does not work for me :(
Before update the app was too good. System memory requirement was very less. After recent update a new screen added - showing a help option and add for other apps. This has enhanced the memory consumption of the app and make it ugly.
The app 'was' excellent. But.... The previous update was far more better than this one. The latest update has added extra steps to go to power buttons? Please fix this.
5 star experience for older versions. Now, i guess for the future possibility of adding "Ads" on the extra step to open the power menu has ruined the experience. Kindly make it a 'opt-in' step if you really want to show that additional step
This newest version as in 28.11.2020, the ability to create widget for a quick locking the screen is missing! Please bring that feature back...
It was good until they added the extra step, so it has now gone backwards. They say there is going to be an update for the UI so why not leave it as it was before? Instead of breaking it, annoying users and telling us it will get better.
It is good to have a quick tiles and widget option for faster access. Anyway it is very very good app.
Can you add this feature to notification drawer? I'm using Android 10, it will be great if can open power menu at notification drawer, that I can easily to take a screen shot without click power button. Thank you!
After this latest update the Power button is not showing in Quick setting panel or shortcuts Panel. Sad...
I love apps! My power button is broken so i cannot turn off nor restart my phone without removing batteries. Thanks!
I'm unable to use the screen lock feature after the new update. Kindly help. The screen lock shortcut is now diabled all of a sudden.
This was 5* then latest update killed it with a nagware screen that is pop-up message box with options before going to actual buttons! I use app "Reboot" by Petrus now, gives me options to have many reboot & power off & hide each & no ads & no nagging pop-up message box.
Nice App, Did the expected work. Saved me from resetting my phone through factory reset as my one plus 3 device power button is damaged and few critical functions like camera, flash lights and turn wifi on / off was not working. After reboot all functionality restored. Thank you Creator....
This App is very good, Because this app Worked at Samsung J200 Handset. My issue resolved this application Thanks
The app is good but I have a problem with control buttons. The app has a lot of details - which is good- but starting the controls require to use a real button in the device which is very useful. That button is the volume key. I am personally sensitive to volume i hate loud noises. And most of the videos or games i play use the maximum volume upon start. So this is what bugs me. Also the graphics are too ugly. All the apps in Google play store have good or very good graphics,except this one.
It worked, but I have question hoping you will answer as soon as possible., My power button is totally broken I mean it doesn't work anymore to turn off and on my phone that's why I used this app, but what if I accidentally drain my battery and my phone is dead. Can I use this app to power on my phone? Or not?
I'm sorry but I have to agree with those who are complaining about the added extra step which I believe is completely unnecessary. I side loaded the 1.12 APK and it is MUCH BETTER! Now I have a quick settings toggle which is exactly what I wanted. Otherwise I love the app and wish you would allow it to work as it did under 1.12. I would even be willing to pay a small fee for its use if you would do this.
The new update broke the app. I can no longer use it in quick tiles. This app uses the built in accessibility menu. Without quick tiles you should just uninstall this app and use the built in menu.
Works fine on all of my family smartphones and tablets: Samsung SM-G935F (Galaxy S7 Edge), Samsung SM-G900F (Galaxy S5), Samsung SM-T820 (Tab S3), Samsung SM-G955F (Galaxy S8 Plus), Samsung SM-T835 (Tab S4). I used this application to remote power off. Thanks!
Man, Thanks, My power button was not working then I installed thus and restarted my phone, I cant express in words how grateful I am 🙏
After connecting my phone to PC via usb, my phone would go crazy(Hotspot would turn off by itself...). It needed a restart but my power button was broken. This app really saved the day. I didn't think I could restart my phone without connecting to PC and downloading adb. Thanks.
My power button will be damaged ..so i download the app...very useful...and also handle easy to it...
Your app is great but can you add more features like volume control, night mode screen filter, hotspot, screenshot, vpn, and screen recorder tiles for quick settings..? I'll recommend your apps in my friends if you add this features, thanks...😊😊😊...
Works as said. Excellent utility for those having broken power button. Works without any sort of internet access. EDIT : Thanks for the explanation. I understand.
100 % working i have been facing problem wth power button to replace that it cost around 2500 but i randomly searched on play store it worked
My phone's piwer switch is damaged, and i was really looking for an alternative, all i really need is a restart button cause if i turned it off, i can not switch it back on, tried a lot of applications but this by far is working for me. Thank you dev, keep up the good work. If somehow it wont work on your phone, make sure to turn it on on your accessisibility settings. Hope this helps.
It worked fine for me in last week...but now it isn't show the power off action in this app...really disappointed.
Works as said. Excellent utility for those having broken power button. Works without any sort of internet access. EDIT : Why the latest update doesn't directly shows the power menu? I don't want to go through your app and then open the menu. Also where is quick tile for it?!
Five stars can do fullpower and sys to you dont try to touch-battery. No-ads. Play.google. all eges are meeting to live me. And need to g.account. no-bank. To daily.Prepaid.card.only√ play.google.
5 star for youuu... I just broke my power button and I feel like i'm gonna go crazy. My phone is oppo old version from 2016, and now it starting to have a problem with some functioning and really need for restart😭 Thank u very much! May god bless u all! From : Malaysia
I searched for long to this kind of app because it can access power button actions surprisingly.. Thanks so much.
Tomorrow I was slept when I'm playingng games on my phone.The phone was on whole night. Then today when I was awake the phone is off then I take it for charging.charging started and I switch on my phone. But after on my mobile it didn't working perfectly. I can't restart my phone. The power button is total not working even my phone didn't sleep after 10 miniutes(blacklight time is 1 miniute). But my phone's data connection is on so I download this app and restart my phone. This app is awesome.
Worst apps.. Even cannot start... the video tutorial is totally different from the apps. Dont waste time download it. For developer : Remember : KISS Keep It Simple Stupid.. We need 1 touch to restart.. no need do this and that.. that part is yours to do.
Good app. Needed it for genymotion. Doesn't have any ads... Edit: Used to click the icon and a power menu used to pop up. It now opens the whole app. Now it's got useless. Not even widgets are supported!!
After the last update, the extra step to open the power menu by selecting an option out of the three seems like ruining an otherwise great app.
I Got what I want, my power button doesn't works sometimes (maybe software issue), and this app helps me to restart my phone.
Hello guys in this new update its has 3 option that is so confused to the old user . So please fix it ....
This app for power shutdown for phone have a problem same with me. But if in future also some for capture screen also for very perfection for others phone. It will be are very performance for old phone. But right now it is okay for me.
It's good, does its job as said. Some suggestions: 1) Add an widget so we can use this button from home screen with just one tap. 2) try to create a tile in quick drop menu. Otherwise it's perfect.
Work perfect on asus zenfone 5 ze620kl, android 9, but only 1 feature is missing in this new update version (1.2).. quick shortcut button on notification is missing.. i try to looking on editor still not found. (before this update, the shortcut is exist)
Does exactly what it says on the tin. I downloaded this as my power button has been broken for some time. No need for root. You need to set a slightly scary accessibility option (allow screenview and interaction with other apps) to allow it to work, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that that permission is only on for a few seconds as after a restart that option is switched off again. Nice consumer friendly design choice there. 5 stars!
This is a life saver! My system ui wasnt working so i try to restart it and then i realize my power button broke. i was crying for 2 hours and i tried many times to fix it but didnt work so i found this app and it works!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Great app! Does exactly what it says it does, it's free and no root required! Thanks! Edit: app used to be able to just open your phone's power menu (5 stars), now the app opens its own menu to do the same thing (4 stars)
It was good until they added the extra step, so it has now gone backwards. Dear developer, yes I know you added the extra step as mentioned above, that does not change that it was a step backwards. I would like to know how many times malicious apps have been misusing the app, as guessing very few.
This app just works as it shows! I was having problem with restarting my phone and this amazing app solves it completely. Just one permission and you can reboot or shut down your phone as you wish. The extra step is not a bother at all. I am 100% satisfied.
i have no idea to express this app.. Its absolutely lovely and 100% Working.. Thanks the developer.. I would suggest everyone to use this app.. Sorry my English is not good.
This is an excellent app for me and all I recommend to all to use this application who are having Problems to use their power button.
DOES NOT WORK WHAT THE DEVELOPER SAYS! Works only when I use the power button to reboot.The process stops if heavy process is done.If I want to use it,I have to uninstall and reinstall it.It was honestly way better if the app was kept like that,i.e,showing the power menu directly.Plz,any other way...I also checked your website as well
This app was exactly what I wanted, but for some reason they added an extra step to get to the power menu in the most recent update. Before I would click on power menu and be taken directly to the power menu. Now, for some reason it opens up a separate menu and from there I have to click on "Open power menu". It might not seem like it's that bad, but what's the point of this extra menu? And there's no way to disable it that I can see. Please get rid of this pointless extra menu.
Adding a widget would make this app useful, I would like a widget I can press which opens the power menu on pressing, not I have to open an app then press a button to get the menu to show up.
Great app but, the new update (25 Sept) prevents the screen-lock widget from working or showing under widgets for Android v9. Now I have to look for means of downgrading back to previous version
I downloaded it to reboot my phone as my Power button is not working properly, after few days its not doing its work even after enabling his requirements
Don't upgrade.. the new update added a inbetween dialog.. total waste. Used to be a nice simple app. Not anymore.
Since last update doesn't work. This additional button killed it. There is no more icon from this app in drop down notification panel. It was a great app. Now it's useless.
Very good app and works great. However, from time to time the button may not function and requires to go to the accessibility setting again although the accessibility has been set to "ON". Cycle the setting off and on again then the button works again. Not sure if other people had this issue. By far, this is the best app.
Your app is great but can you add more features like volume control, night mode screen filter, hotspot, screenshot, vpn tiles for quick settings..? I'll recommend your apps in my friends if you add this features, thanks...😊😊😊...
After today's update. App is not showing the power option directly and lock features also not showing . Can you fix it soon. Mi A1 model.
Doesn't bring up power menu on button click but requires one to select 'open power menu', which is unecessary. It's the same amount of steps as getting to the power menu by android 10's built in method of clicking the power icon in the notification area. This app, by developer "extack", works much better: "lock screen, power and volume shortcuts"
Its very useful for my j5 2017 that has a broken power button. Why did you remove the screenshot, lock, etc features? I need them back now
Amazing app. I can't ask for more. If i could give more than 5 stars I will gladly do that. It does exactly what it says. My power button is broken but with this app, i can easily restart my device. Brilliant app.
Stopped working after last update on all my 7 devices Huawei, Xiaomi, LGe, Asus, Samsung, Motorola, Android 7, 9 and 10. App is now totally useless. I read troubleshooting and I did the permission cycles and cleared caches. Nothing worked on any phones. I am looking for other competitors solutions now. Maybe I'll start developing my own app since it stopped working at all. Edit: I found a backup of version 1.12 that works. I'll just keep that away from new updates... done.
My phone's power button is broken so I used to use the homescreen lock widget from this app, however, after the last update it's no longer available
Really helpful for devices with broken power button. Only app that worked for me, don't need to have a rooted device. Thanks!!!
Definetely deserves a five star. My volume down and power buttons were not working for about three days . I tried other apps but they didn't work. I used this app and rebooted my phone and the buttons were back to normal.
The last update is Genius !! .. power button isn’t showing in quick !! .. bravo !!!!!! .. please , Go back before this Amazing Update !! .. and Stop updating .
Exactly what I wanted. Simple and does the job. Happy with 'extra step' to ensure that malicious apps don't misuse the app. Simply set to on in accessibility settings and tap the "open power menu" button to use. Perfect - no changes needed. Many thanks.
Great , my power switch is kinda broken and giving me hard time whenever I want to restart or turn off or on my phone So this actually saved me a lot trouble , thank you big time. Ubdate 1 The app now is useless as it keeps telling me to turn on accessibility , tried on & off accessibility so many times , doesn't work , uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing Very sad it was a great and very useful App.
Well, i searched 'power menu' and in popped this recommendation. It uses accessibility settings. And opening from play store, directly brings the default android power menu. No faults here. Tried in android 10. Edit: after reading the changelog. Apparently, it's also got split screen quick settings titles, alongside power menu, and a few other nifty shortcuts. Good accessibility app indeed/
Doesn't show a pop up, and not needed on latest Android anyway! This feature is built in to the os. Just turn on Accessibly Menu
This works really well♥ I was in trouble because my power button is broken and I wanted to restart my phone again. Thank you so much♥