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Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution

Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Gamecafe located at 133 New Bridge Road, #08-03 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Why did dinosaurs go extinct?
Because there were primitive brothers who constantly battle with dinosaurs

Master Of Tanker, Club Brother!
Legendary Archer, Bow Brother!
Master of Throwing, Spear Brother!
Master of Accuracy, Slingshot Brother!
Incarnation of Destruction, Hand Ax Brother!

An immersive Idle Tap clicker RPG experience for all.

Join the adventure and tap tap tap to win!

■■■ Game Features ■■■

Hunt dinosaurs and primitive creatures!
Claim weapons through hunting and nurture brothers!

Complete a picture of hundreds of dinosaurs and creatures that are primitive!
Hundreds of dinosaurs and primitive creatures
Hunt the Rampage Tyrex and register it in the Book.

Various weapons and Accessoies!
Claim higher grade equipment through compose!
Club, Shield, Bow, Arrow, Spear, Dumbbell, Sling Shot, Stone, Hand Ax, Staff!
Many types and grades of equipment

Raise Totems!
Cultivate various totems!

Enjoy the 5: 5 primitive battles
Guaranteed fun with the new 5: 5 Battle that is primitive! Conquer thousands of dungeons!
Suppression Dungeon, Brother's Tower, Flower Dungeon, Stone Dungeon and terrible dungeons!

Play without paying with various events!
Countless events guaranteed!

Life is one shot! Slot Machine!
Get the best weapons with a slot machine!
Use coin to spin slot machine.
coins are paid daily free!

Make your girlfriend!
Eternal love … ♥

Strengthen your body and mind!
Training through muscle strengthening and mental strengthening!

Let's grow into the stone age village that is best!

Valuable reviews left by users will be a strength that is great developers ^^

Terms of Use : https://primitiveman.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48000734752-%EA%B2%8C%EC%9E%84%EC%9D%B4%EC%9A%A9%EC%95%BD%EA%B4%80-terms-of-use-

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Pretty fun game, well developed, only comment I would need to say is the screen is a little too cluttered, I'm a big person and I keep accidentally tapping other icons
Its fun. Good time killer. Prices are reasonable. The only reason for a four star is bc there should be more to do with the guy himself and the mileage being always one short of two Vip levels lol. I get it but lol i dont like it.
This is probably one of the better idle games I've played (and I've played a lot of them!). While some of the design choices are pretty odd (e.g. no monster attack animation and turrets being animals) the rest of the game is really enjoyable. It doesn't overwhelm you with everything at once, but rather you unlock after reaching certain stages. The game also has a buyable crystal currency, but you get so many of them from activities that I've never run out for long. Great game to play at work.
Very good very fun very easy super fun I mean one of the best games I've ever played this is a five out of five and I think this should be like one of the best games ever super good and all that
I thought I was going to dislike this game but it's actually quite fun and some of the microtransactions isn't too bad like permanent duration for the flat rate plan with getting diamonds and I give this about a 4.5 out of five.
I've been playing for a few days and it's pretty fun for an idle game. Not too many ads but if you want to advance quickly, watching ads is helpful.
This is the best game ever!!!! And I have a idea you can make a ending where we get back to where we were!! Make a part two of this and make 2 new things technology and learn then at last we create a plan and we learn how to drive it Then we are back home!!!! You can make a cutscene
If you like a game that requires a lot of grinding and an awesome community of folks to chat with and give you guidance along the way athen this is the game for you!
Good game with great potential. The only concern is that the interface is somewhat confusing so I always click the wrong icon.
It's a great game but I think you need to Nerf the turret if you just go all in on its upgrades you just become o p but it's a great game
Great game. Good story and clicker for those who like to go through different stages and get different gear
Thought it might be a fun little time waster, but as it turns out, it's a lot of fun and I find myself spending most of 'Game Time' playing it! Definitely would reccomend this game!!
I usually spend around 100 dollars so i can enjoy games but you can get gems just from playing and their is 0 ads i rate it a 5 star because its a great game really fun and recomend to play it
This game is amazing awesome you should try it I would tell you the story line of the game but I don't wanna spoil it
Pretty cool but I'm not into just the weird stuff going on with it and stuff it's a good game but I cant must up the continuous play for it I just wanna beat the story and be done with it you know
It's an amusing concept but it very rhetorical and mindless overall....I can't imagine the people who spent money on this have much else to do,and cash to piss away. It's not an worth an hr. of smacking your phone!
Great game, however, would be nice if there was a vote kick feature on the chat as there have been several racist people commenting offensive things on the chat, thanks
I really enjoy this game ! 2 thumbs up to the development team !! This game so far has been well thought through and its really well made.
It is so much fun that kids cold play to learn knew animals like I play at school to play buuuuuuuuut at 3:30 but I'm fine with it but I just get hungry lol
Honestly was not expecting much. Thought it was going to be a cash grab for a game and I didn't like the way the art style looked from the preview. I started and this game is very much not pay to win. You're flooded by gems for basically breathing and it's a change from pretty much every game for their purchases. The ones that they do have are permanent and generally very good. Overall very impressive and would recommend this. Lots of content to enjoy.
Its great but after so long it stop letting me buy boxes and i have the diamonds for them and i also cant choose my free wig
So far a fun clicker game. It does have a story that anyone can follow, and funny at times. Good job to the developers!
The game is really fun and has a solid progression scheme much like other idle games but without having to regress and start from stage 1! My only issue is that some bosses have a high pitched noise when they attack and they attack fast so it gets really annoying.
The dumbbells should be back make a new thing to level it will be weapon it's not like upgrading ur skill with your weapon will increase but its twice expensive and helpful and every level 100 attack speed will increase 10% add that update
I've played an hour and have been asked to rate the game 6 times. Its a fun game, and the progression feels really nice. If you like idle clickers this is up your alley.
Solo much fun I'm finding myself playing way into the morning lol only been playing about 2 days now so I'm giving 4 stars game is possibly 5 stars if it keeps going this way. So guys I totally recommend playing this game it's really a lot of fun!!
It looks so cool that you could fight animals but poor animals they have had it to die because of don't bats swords whatever they have in the game is still up or down
This game is really well made. First it found my auto clicker (which I am very impressed with) and second is that it's very fun playing manually:D
I love it very much and it's so smooth game nice graphics and by the way make a story for the next update ♥️🔥💯
Fun game with interesting art style. Detecting and forcing removal of auto clickers is an insane turnoff and something that is only intended to force you to pay money for their auto clicker in game and has nothing to do with balance as the game has a set attack speed limit that already would prevent auto clicker from working at higher than human potential.
*EDIT* Nevermind, didn't realise it was detecting the auto clicker app I had installed for another game! Actually kind of love the fact it does that 😂 It looks like a great game but for some reason doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy S20, just closes at the language select screen.
Grows on you. Didn't think it was fun at first but as my boredom grew, I found it was enjoyable as an RPG clicker adventure game. It's anthropologically fun. You can quote me on that.
Pretty cool. Very different style game than most. Different upgrade, and upgrades for your upgrades. Even the storyline cathes me. I wont spoil it though!
I usually don't play clicker games at all, but this one got me hooked :) maybe because it's elements organization is smarter than others. Or maybe because there is a little bit of everything - even the village to upgrade. I like it so far. Even if I uninstall it, the remembrance will be good.
I love this app I keep on getting good stuff and I'm one shotting bosses like it's nothing I really love this app and whoever made this dude respect like mad respect
Server under maintenance no warning. Has sever issues running and opening. Game play is rough. Needs a lot of work
For some reason my phones data won't let me play it keeps saying login issues. But when I use the internet in my house it works kind of sucks I can't play it out of the house.
Personally I love it, Graphics, story, and game play are simple but sweet and to the point. I don't care for purchases and it doesn't bother me. You have to make money somehow right?
Simply fun played for 10 mins no ads and really don't have to put money in to move fast Funny story at some parts
Brilliant, funny, entertaining, the works! Excellent time waster with a humorous story and plenty of entertaining activity to keep you occupied.
Good game. Good time killer, personally would like to get the newbie pack but almost 8 dollars doesnt seem worth it to me. May break and get it in the future but atm nah lol.
It was a great time, until you hit the Megalodon which is basically a pay wall. Now nothing you get even helps you remotely. I'm not getting any brother stone because I can't pass the tower, and the armor and weapons are all t4 now so it's a horrible grind to t5. It's been 3 days and I can't get past the Megalodon unless I shell out 30 bucks on some gear that MIGHT get me stronger. A little disappointed.
Best idle game I've played.. Great design, creatures, easy to understand. The usual ads bs every 2 minutes, but I guess that's a given in free games today. Good job
Keep a crashing to homescreen every minute or so. Really frustrating. Seems like a fun game however would be enjoyable if I could ay for longer than a minute.
The game provides video advertising claiming system, but only 2 ads per day, which means, the free claim sections are unable to use as there are other valueable place to claim it. Edited: Now they have embed a few ads to let us enough to redeem, I rate for this update and improvment. Keep it up.
Very great game! Hoping for more updates to come like upgrading the civilization into space or futuristic
I scrolled passed this game so many times and I finally gave it a chance. It is a great game and I have sunk a good bit of time into it. The only reason it's not a five star is because I'm still u locking stuff but I have high expectations just from what I've experienced so far. Oh and it's not very pay to win and they give back alot to the players. If you are on the fence like I was just give in and actually try the game.
Made it to stage 11 and the game downloaded a corrupted file and now it won't launch. Not recommended for installation until patch
So far it's been an outstanding game! Haven't been on it much as I just started but I'm quick to say I'm loving it so far. I'm not the type to give early reviews or ratings but this one deserves it. Thanks Devs!
Very fun, litterally no ads and the gameplay is really detailed and i like the intro of the game. I reccomend installing this game.
Very fun game this game is awesome love the details my favorite part is where you get the turret I like ranged stuff so this game is awesome make more updates please 《》《》 :)
I love this game so much keep up the good work but make there be a more easy way to play as the same server if you do that I will install the game again
Crashes on startup after a second. Not enough time to even click on download resources. Fix it and I will review.
I love this game you get to do anything it's awesome I recommend playing no ads no lags great game you get to fight and more
Incredibly fun and compared to all phone games it is (top teir) for letting you enjoy it without feeling like your in that phone game consumer universe where your hand is held the whole way while being begged to spend money. It feels like an actual game with a (fun story), that gives you the option to pay (cheap purchases) for a bit of a boost but not in your face constantly, and you don't miss out on anything if you don't spend money.
Why is there no mute button? I had to play to the 3rd enemy( velociraptors) to even unlock settings. Even tho this is interesting and I might play it more nor having immediate access to settings is going to keep this score low. If it is changed in the future the rating will change.
This game is exactly what i was looking for. Its easy to learn and playable for hours on end. Perfect if your bored out of your mind.
One star until the accessory failure chance is removed from brother accessory upgrade and the low enhance chance of %5 late stage is increased. It is not fun late stage when you can't succeed a single enhance. I want to play the game but I essentially have to wait 8 to 24 hours to be able to do anything due to the slow gear equipment upgrades.
Honestly... I dont really have anything to complain about, this game is straight up addictive... I sound like an ad...XD good game devs
I have download it and re downloded it, because there is always a pop-up saying "FailGetAssetBundleInfo NeedToCheckNetworkState". I mean, what does it mean, I have a phone with 5G net enabled (with 150 mbps speed), but still it is having a network issue. Please respond promptly and fix this.
This is a very fun game. I only get ads when I actually click on the option to view an ad. Very much recommend.
This is a very fun deataled game right when i started playing it i couldnt stop the only reson why i gave it 4stars is because verything is very expisive i can bareley upgrade anything know and when i pay 500hundred gems for 50chests i always get bad things i hope this dosent hurt the game though its fun and entertaning and i like it and i recomend other people to play it to this game has true potenial
this is an awsome game,at first i underestimated the game but when i downloaded it,ITS SO FREAKIN AWSOME keep up the good work and i expect more in the future.👌🏻
Kind of an easy game if you want something to pass time its great but theres no real challenge to it.
Oh my god this game is so awesome! The art style is incredible, its funny and incredibly fun. The game just gets better and better the further you get. There are some really unique gameplay features in this game, like the hospital system. To the studio that made this game, you are my new favourite mobile game developers. Please keep up the great work, you have done such an amazing job on this game. You have really created such an awesome experience, ignore the hate. Keep it up!!!
Very cool game lots of things to continually upgrade great timekiller worth the download hats off to the developers hope there's more in future
If it didn't take so long to load. Then you have to tap the screen to continue loading again. I this game would be a solid 4. Gone from playing it alot to just a filler game
So far, the game is engaging and fun. There is humor, the upgrades are generous, and the response is slick. Will update with more play time. Definitely worth a try!
This game is awesome! Cool level up stuff and enhancements keep the game interesting. I'm addicted! Lol
I like the game but the game forces me to delete my auto clicker and i don't want to delete it and if its offline it still doesn't let u play the game fix it please
The game mechanics are kinda interesting, but that's it. The graphics are hideous, the animations are poorly made, offers are constantly disrupting the interface and being shoved in your face, and there is a forced, unskippable ad after every pvp battle. Add to all those the fact that it tries to forcing you to use your google profile every time you open the game, and it just isn't worth the effort.
Honestly the best game I have played in a long long time. You level up fast incredibly fast for an idle game. Plus you seriously don't have to pay to win at all. It blows my mind to see there's finally a developer who is listening and giving people an idle game they want. It's fun a great time kill and I don't go broke. The level speeds are truly amazing
List the actual drop rates for diamonds. It says its random 10-1000. You're lying. 5 stars soon as you fix it.
Can't use an autoclicker buuuuut, lmao, My autoclicker is a stylus with a soft tip. My stylus is mounted on a servo motor with clip that attaches to a phone or tablet.
This game seems pretty fun, so far! Loving the gameplay and loot! The turret system is pretty awesome, too!
told me to delete an autoclicker when I only use it for cookie clicker. not only is the grind more real in that game, I would also rather play it any day. It shouldn't matter if someone's using one anyway like it's a game to play for fun. not like it's for money.
High quality clicker/idle. Some interesting design choices graphic wise, but they're funny not upsetting. Very much worth the download.
So far so good, one thing I don't like is that my first swing always does nothing as a new monster appears...needs to be timed better unless it was planned that way
I love this game! Its simple but the upgrades are both visual and hilarious the further you go not high level yet but will be soon
One of the best idle cliker games i ever played but i want you to make it a little easier To get next teir items
This game is Very fun and it's not dependent upon ads to have fun. I spent more time actually playing the game and enjoying it then watching ads. If you want a game the is fun has very little ads and isn't pay to win this is the game for you. Oh did I mention that it has comedic style that is hard to find.
Devs you guys made an amazing game iloved it so much the graphics its ok and the gameplay its easy too and the game currencies are not that expensive avarage people like me can afford some of the currency and devs put some little bit of comedy on the game and thats great the faces are funny and ilove thanos face hahaha thats it hope you guys have more updates to come and more support!. GREAT GAME
Well first of all it forces you to deinstall all Click assistant tools that you have even if you're not using them, while the game is pretty much offline and it shouldn't matter to begin with, all level requirements for bosses are off by a large margin, also you can pretty much only click 2 times per second max? Which is insanely slow for a clicker game. I don't know not so my game 🤷‍♂️
When I first thought of playing this game I thought it was going to be bad until I played it and then I saw it was a whole crapload better
I love this game and I've only been playing for like 1 hour so good job Also you should add turtle pets
It is a good game but after you get to the deer armor it is super hard to get the next items like the raven gear and tuurent stuff and once you get passet the level 1000 careter and tuurent and house it get way to expensive and the monsters on the second content is way too hard
Looked fun, but game stuck on "Connecting to the authentication server(2)". Tried rebooting and restarting game, doesn't work for me. Galaxy s9+
It's enjoying and entertaining to me it keeps my day up and the design style is not bad whenever I'm depressed this game keeps me up.
Fun game, but unless you like to grind games for months at a time be prepared to spend money. Game has a good flow up until about 2 hours when gaining power becomes extremely slow or expensive if you want to pay $$. Power recommendations in the game are terrible also recommends 500k power I'm sitting at 800k can't pass the level?! All you can do is tap and throw lightning so no user error.
Auto clicker proof hell yess! . . .. .. O_o But lazy as hell. . Developers. Click proof your game if you don't like quick touch 🎯. Top off cps. Don't refuse everyone with an autoclicker installed. Doing that you are losing out on a big market. Yeah, they can't cheat your game anymore but, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to play your game.
New usually a big fan of idle games but a week in and pretty fun so far. Most time is spent leveling a neat assortment of aspects. Close to a 5 star...
Quite an experience. I've played other idling games before but this one is completely different. It has a unique art style and the system is similar to most games but I just feel it's most refreshing. Great job!
A different incremental. The developer is very generous with diamonds. You can play all day or let it cook. So it gives lots of play time if you want to.
Great game. Some people might get bored at some point at the very beginning, well that's because you're starting and has not leveled up yet, keep grinding and you'll see. Up to now, I never worship any players. Good job, Game Developers! 👊🏼😎👍🏼
Really good design, i love it indeed, i rarely rate games but i spent a fee days playing this one which is really special occasion. Most games end up deleted in 2 days most, this one isn't one of those, i really recommend downloading and trying it at least
Developers, please. Everyone has school, job and family, not everyone having freetime to tap on screen. we need auto clicker. Now allow us to use or only 1 ⭐
Its a really good game but one time i acsedently pressed the singn out button i was on stage 75 :((((((( but i got it back when i conected to face book and i dont see any bugs and you can do sleep mode ive don that before thats it for now bye thanks creator
You have no business snooping the apps on my phone to try to detect "auto clickers". Use overlay detection instead of trying to force someone to uninstall an app they can use elsewhere. This failure on your part is not only indicative of an inexperienced programmer, it's indicative of what I view as a malicious application behavior (data collection on launch). I'll be refusing to involve myself in your company for this privacy violation. What else do you detect?
Loading screen faster than before, but I got freeze when entering the game. I want to be able to play again, I hope it can be fixed soon.
Pretty fun game to pass the time with. It also gives you enough of the premium currency thru in game rewards that you don't really need to worry about it.
It is a bit to easy but also it is fun to play I only started today and played for 30 minute and I am already on the hut and levied my person, turret and hut to level 200
Refuses to launch if it thinks you have a click assistant tool installed or an https interceptor installed. Immediately suspicious of any game that goes to those lengths to hide what it's doing. I need the interceptor for work, so I guess this game loses out.
Great fun! But forced 15+ second ads, when there are already a ton of ways to watch ads for rewards, gonna be a quick uninstall from me. Cheers!
Simply, one of the best grinding games to ever exist got addicted from the first 3 minutes and im also a dinosaur fan so this game is a huge enjoyment for me Good job for the devs keep going and this game will be something huge! I recomend it
Telling someone to delete an auto clicker app that is off line is wrong and you will get 1 star rating until further notice. When it is online blocking the game from working is ok. But when it is offline whether the app is on my tablet is none of your beeswax. By tablet is my castle. Oh well. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Players I call a boycott against this game don't give them any money.
I would rate it higher but you've drawn Spinosaurus to be way smaller than the Trex. The Spinosaurus was the largest carnivore to exist back in that time. Also they primarily walked on 4 feet.
This is better than I expected. Though upgrade mechanism is simple, it keeps game progress reasonably. Character design is charming and funny. Keep it up.
Primitive brothers is no doubt in my mind the best game I have ever played. Move aside AAA garbage cause we have a new contender entering the ring. The artwork is flawless. Animations breathtaking and don't get me started on the music. I give primitive brothers a 10/10
Great game whoever did this did a great job. Update...Lost all my hard-earned progress during the recent update. Been playing for so long I am so mad. Took away 3 stars. Fix it or uninstalling.
This is the easiest game ever the reason why is the easiest game because it just kept giving me the good stuff
Its really fun and poor guy to sad he has to be on the island but where are the other people on the plane?
It is is a great time killer it is easy to get and get the hang off also it is super fun to play watching your character upgrade and the story continue.
Game barely explains anything, takes far too long to load and at some points it feels like you have to start paying to advance.
I was having a blast playing this game, until I tried linking my accounts, I had just purchased the no ads option as well, and now my game is deleted and I am back at level 4 and out of the money. I am highly dissappointed, can anyone help? I would rate this game much higher had that not happened.
It is a survival game and I like that! It even has dinosaurs! How?!?! Great job Gamecafe keep up the good work
Fun and addictive game. Been hooked since I started, auto click is definitely worth the purchase. Gj developers l cant wait for guild and all other updates to come. And is there anyway to get coupon code?
This is my fav game in all game we can chat with others so i like this game more i am giving100%mark i thought that it will be nit good but i try it i like this game so i give 5 star rateing so keep it up
Automatic uninstall. Won't run unless I remove something off my phone? Really? I'm not even sure what it is I need to remove. The message went by so fast. All I caught was "delete first". Even if I did know, I won't allow a game to tell me what I can and can't have on my phone
Auto closes due to an auto clicker i have installed for other programs. Pretty dumb, but whatever, gues i don't get to play this game.
Honestly I have only been playing this game for almost 24 hours and it's hands down one of the most fun games I have played on my phone you don't have an add poping up every second and when they do it's only 5 seconds really fun game to kick back and not do a lot I can see myself playing this for a long time super easy to level up and it's just really fun keep up the great work
I give this app zero stars and i write this for you developers: if you are so good at reading my phone's data and evading my privacy when i haven't even accepted your terms and ordering me to delete my auto clicker in order to play the game, you can also make the game to shut down when it players are using an auto clicker instead of making them delete the app completely. Wow i just found out you also want me to delete gameguardian. The AUDACITY
Great to start with then they hit you with ads alll the time... after every pvp battle, after every tower battle.....you spend more time watching ads then playing....
Great game so far, you can tell they put good time into this to ensure the player will have fun and it pays off
Really... You're demanding an auto clicker to be uninstalled. I use an auto clicker for tons of games that I spend money on. The auto clicker makes things a bit easier. But what you're really doing is making people feel they need to download an apk mod of your game. Soooo, good luck with that.
Honestly a phenomenal game. Simple, clean, not overloaded with adds. The prices for deals and items is surprisingly fair and useful. As someone who has played many games of similar premise this one shines above the other trash out here. I'm please to give 5 stars and a stunning review please keep up the great work!!
I like the monsters armor weapons its just you have to level up stuff to get like rabbit so i rated it a 4 star
Only thing I can complain about and I would only lose it half a star if I could give half starts is that the recommend power lvl doesn't work right because I have to be way over it to finish bosses. Other then that an amazing game
Didn't expect this to be so addicting. Pretty silly introduction but overall, its a great time killer and rewards are plentiful
Its ok but if you could hide in the boss fight soo dig that would m Be good or a magic leaf that would be rare cuz ya will do dat hard hit thing and auto hit
It is looking good wish everything was unlockable without paying but I understand. Great game never the less I've been having fun grinding to be the best. Keep up the good work
It's a great game I've seen other types of games like this and this one is definitely the best one of them all!
It's a decent game one thing I would recommend is the ability to make your equipment, turret, and house look like others (biggest reason is what if your strongest item in one category is a different tier than the rest it makes things look weird)
Promotion rate for accesories appears to be wrong, fails 8 out of 10 tries. Free diamnds from video, what a joke. Says you get 10 - 1000 diamonds, 40 is rare...1000 must be impossible.
I am so glad to find a game where ads are not bombarding. The game story is good and pretty much simple. I reached at level 11 and I hope, ads will not ruin everything from now on.
Looks interesting but developers chose to lock the app to users who have clickers installed. There are much better ways to limit the use of clicker apps (click speed thresholds, detection of constant taps in the same spot, etc.).
Downloaded the game. It wouldnt open if i didnt install a game. If its an idle clikcer why do i need to uninstall some apps. Its not a pvp so this game is fishy. Doesnt seem like something you should install. I down load the game and it requires extra content to download to play the game. Doesnt seem trustworthy.
Thjs app is very fun and very easy and there is almost no ads but it also gets me of the game after a while so this is why I rated 4 stars
I really love this game it is super fun and I love the gear upgrade system and the story overall great game keep up the good work!
Will rate higher when i progress further. So far good game for grinders. Good reward system for special in game currency. Recomended
The client is now working! I'll give it 4 stars as I have researched lvl9 civ but I'm still stuck with lvl7 armor... Even though I spend all the gems I get on chests... Hell even the chests are on a higher level than my armor
This game is surprisingly addictive and rewarding, different play modes and side games keep it from getting stagnant immediately, not much I'd change!
I'd say 4 star if the app didn't drop before attempting to watch a video for a reward. Other than that nice game
In general its a good time waster. I am experiencing a flaw, or mechanic that I don't understand. My energy seems to burn out really quickly in boss fights and my character sits down. It says to upgrade the girlfriend, but she is the same level as the character. You can gain a little time via totems. But it seems far too short entirely. Anyone know how to fix this?
It's a fun clicker and I don't usually play clicker games. Easy to level up and the gameplay expands in small chunks so it's not overwhelming
There are a couple bugs, like the red dot notification on the menu when there doesn't seem to be anything new, but other than that its an engaging and addictive game. Well done 👍
Really good game but is,nt all like the ad the ad showed a day or two you are on level 100 but each day I am leveling up once a day.
The translation to English is a little rough but honestly I adore it. The game has a lot of heart! Very much enjoying myself.
Good little idke game. Easy to play, smooth on my device. Gets a little slow after stage 12. Only negative is that the tower of brother,s recommended battle attack is not accurate. Recommends 250k, you have 330k but you always run out of time. Otherwise great game.
I love the game the ads aren't constant but when you do need an add it benefits you highly especially the auto clicker for farming materials the only down side is there is no other way to earn vip unless spending money wish there is another way in the future
Not horrible but nothing to write home about. I could nitpick every aspect wrong with the game from the plot of the main story, what little there is, to the utterly ridiculous oversimplification of progress. That last bit is probably intentional tho so don't take my word for it. But the one thing that grates me is the boasting of "endless" evolution. As you progress in the game, progress itself becomes harder and less impactful, it becomes an honest chore. It's grinding hell for little reward.
I thought "oh boy another game that makes me buy gems to have a good time" but that isn't the case! The way the game is designed you get lots of gems just by playing. Level a character? Gems. Kill a bad guy? Gems. Collect gems? GEMS. Plus they send you daily gifts for free, no ads to get them. They send you gifts for the weekend ad free. In fact, you could beat this whole game ad free. No forced ads. I like their style. Thank you. I'm having fun with your game.
The game has a lot of charm, and the graphics and framerates are good enough. The gameplay isn't bad either with a decent amount of different things to do. This game suffers from extreme grinding and intense microtransactions. At first they're affordable like $5. Then they quickly progress to $15, $35, and higher. I will need to play for at least one week, if not longer, to compete with anyone who spends money. The microtransactions are too frequent and way too high and they ruin this game.
Good Idle game. Simple upgrade system and a evolution system, increasing rarity and base stats, which I really love.
I think i will rate 5 stars because that gameplay is good enough for me And the controls is the best Graphics are better And i got pvp coins every day
Won't find an idle game more manly than this. Imagine Leonidas combined with Vegeta covered in the bones of a T-Rex clubbing 100 meter tall monsters to death. That's this game. Literally. Wish you could post screenshots.
Great game! Level up fast without having to spend your own money. Love it! My boyfriend showed it to me, and it's easily become one of my favourite games!
Was a 5. Now a 1 because It won't let me sign into my google account. Loading symbol just keeps going.
Great game and great time killer when i go to bed put it on sleep mode wake up to super coins, y'all wanna throw me some boxes for this that would be cool
it is a real good and fun game.what i like best is that you ccan upgrade your characters to really cool wepons and armor
This game is awesome plz add more feature, like for example u can tame a dinosaur or fight under water. Rly appreciate the consideration.
Downloaded it. Clicked icon to play it, everytime would not get past the loading screen. Uninstall and reinstall try again. Same thing.
Great game. I am rank 1 so yes I do enjoy playing..a LOT. Chat has been bugged for me a while now though, no messages appearing. Not sure if it's just me or everyone but cant seem to find a fix even through support emails.
Its a good game but it gets harder to level up unless you leave your phone on with the game running and pay for auto attack, the game would get a 5 star if it had an offline feature and you didn't have to paY to remove adds
Its good but could do with a button that allows to buy multiples of 10, 100 just so you don't have buy 1 level at a time
It's actually a pretty funny game and it doesn't seem to be wallet grabbing every 5 mins, the art is also funny too
For a game that consistently wants me to watch a commercial! you sure don't like to play commercials!!!!
How does this game have close to 5 stars? Are the reviews fake? The translation to English is terrible, there's no option to turn off sound for the annoying music, it looks horrendous, etc. The only thing I will say positive about it is the concept, but the execution is bad
Funny. Nice intro. Easy to play, watch ads if you want bonuses. Only minus is that sometimes after an arena or special monster battle, the game launches into a commercial without any prompt or warning. Not too good if you are being mindful of data restrictions.
Would give it 5 stars, but two things: its laggy going in and out of boss fights. Also it kept pushing me to make a review after every other boss fight. Otherwise great app!
Keeps saying "AutoClicker tool detected" and closes the app, but I don't have an autoclicker installed on my phone, review will stay at 1star until this error is fixed.
I'm not gonna lie most games I hate because it's pay to win... Don't get me wrong paying does help on this game but it's not a p2w game it gives u alot of free stuff everyday and I was actually surprised that I just paid $5 for the season pass and got sooooo much free stuff everyday this game is awesome and I highly recommend it plus it don't have that many ads like alot of games do I hate games that every 5 mins or less u have to watch dumb ads
If i could give 0 stars i would. Its claiming i have an inapp purchase proxy tool. Ive searched through all the files on my phone and no such thing exists. Developers.... Either fix this or remove your app from this platform.
For me, an idle games fan. This game provides me the idle feel, but unlike the others theres alot more interaction than the common "log in for 15mins, twice a day, done". The more you play, the wiser you choose your upgrades the better youll compete with spenders. Very uncommon. Top 10 in global now, f2p. Just time and a little experience from other games alike. Cant wait for the devs to complete the content locked. Girlfriend regularly asks, "hows the brothers" lmao
It's a good game I feel like its just a game where if I get bored just play a weird looking game this is it story was very weird but wacky it's not bad
In terms of graphic its good for low-end device and the control its very simple just tap on a screen to attack,This game have many feature from Home,Equipment,Colleague,Lots of weapon, and many again.THIS GAME ITS GOOD FOR BORING HAVE A NICE DAY
Its a pretty nice idle game. Not a lot of ads, doesnt really slow you down. And basic story to go with the game. Nice
Auto clicker turned off/ put to sleep. Game forces you to remove auto clicker. Who are you, to tell me what I can have or can not? It's none of your business. Uninstalling before I even think about deleting my auto clicker... Shame on you, forcing me to DEL before I even get to play. I repeat, the auto clicker is put to sleep, forced stopped and not running yet you force me to get rid of it before, I can even begin playing your game. Shame on you!!!
I'm loving this game. I went about it abit different from everyone else and did the grinding on the early stages so I'm not hitting walls now. My 4 starts is due to the accessories. Once you get to t4 getting anything higher becomes a heartbreaker experience. I failed 66.7% chance 7 times in a row that's about a weeks grinding for the next level ring. Can this be looked at?
i luke this game its a primitif game i like it and there is a so many thing in this gwme like a city or weapon and turret tottems and also house i will give five star but i have question why when i want to go in the game there something said they are fixing the server what happends??????
I spent thousands of gems on crit rate and crit damage upgrades. Then what?! After the update you guys just decided to move it to higher stage and i lost my upgrades. Im done with this game.
Amazing game my only problem is I can't see the words I type in chat until I click enter just a bug might just be forever me but anyway amazing game would recommend love the idea, and quick question how do you come up with an endless supply of ideas for enemy's it's amazing great group great game.
So far so good. 5 hours in. The amount of non clicking stuff you have to do is a little overwhelming. But hope it levels out as I get further
When I started this I already loved it because I loved the graphics and what I do I just turn into a pro well not really so go install this app it's so fun do it now!
Really liking it so far. Though I wish we could actually be a woman instead of a man with a woman face lol. Though that is a tiny complaint. Other than that 100%
It is an amazing game but it needs more content I understand this game was just released, the game is fun and no pay to win which is good and suitable for f2p player
I hardly ever rate a game but this one really deserves it! This game is really fun and beatifully drawn. Ads are optional and you the rewards from them give you a nice boost ☺️
This game is super addicting the first time i played it i played for an hour and a straight without even realizing it.
This game is great i don't normally rate game, but this one I want to let everyone who haven't try it out to download it. The game is great no random ads that will annoy you while gaming. I downloaded the game today and I'm pretty i used more than 7 hours on it already.
advertisement rewards dont work unless its a advertising you are forced to watch for no reward game has potential but not sure how much if the development team dont fix the bugs in game .
This game is quite enjoyable, im not gonna purchase anything in this game, because i dont have any money, i love this game its really fun.
Good game just wish there wasn't a problem with receiving some of the things I have accumulated but otherwise great game..
I've put about 7 hour of game play in here's my review. Starts off very addicting..but that fizzles out quick. Main problem is servers die quickly. Other problems include multiple bugs. Game freeze or force closes after watching a ad. Balancing is also subpar. Turret is overpowered. Played on a S10. 3/10. Conclusion don't spend money, you will be disappointed I promise.
this game is great you should definitely play it it has good gameplay it has good action and pretty much everything that a good game would have
It is almost exactly what i am looking for. A game without many adds! They ask you if you want to use an add if you want it or pay money but i got to stage 56 in one day!
Fun. Ads haven't worked a couple of times already and God gives a "free gift" but there's no free gift in chests where the arrow points. I have a One Plus 7 Pro
Not even opening up. After a bit loading then it's time to pick a language then the game suddenly closed, repeatedly.
Pretty enjoyable for an idle game, lots to do, no ads forced at you and plenty of upgrades and a good social system, keep it up
Game is super fun,enjoyable and easy to pick up and play. My only downsides is the forcing of removing auto clickers. It's my phone if I want to use it for other apps I can. But now your game has limited me and forced me to delete it. But also the price of the newbie package is not worth it. At least make the buffs stronger ,add a special effect and even make it obvious that you've bought it by making the weapon gold etc. Also only 7 days of no ads? I spent money. Make ads optional to watch.
Dam its good but when I used a auto clicker I couldn't play anymore can you make it auto clicker friendly
Good game but i doesn't allow my outo clicker or my macro well that the bad part and also after u get the later stages is a quit grindy but i soo fun i like the graphic i whould recomend this
Will refuse to play until the message to delete an app that isn't on, is removed. I'm sorry, who are you to tell me what i can and can't have on my phone. I understand why you don't want it on. And maybe force close the game until the app is turned off. Until then, uninstalled.
Can't even open the app because apparently it searches your device. It found a (inactive) auto-click app on my phone, sent a warning that I need to uninstall the clicker to even run this app. Absolutely ridiculous, and unacceptable to remove potential player agency. Avoid this app, and the developer!
Wouldnt let me play.. Says i have an autoclicker installed I searched through all my apps.. No clicker.. BUT the moment I uninstalled drastic ds emulator..ur Game booted up and then immediately crashed..now it just boots to a white screen..idk whats wrong but yea..
I open the app then it searches my phone finds a auto clicker which I choose to use on 1 app which to be honest is noone else's business but my own the same for anyone else who uses one but not only that but it actually tells me to uninstall the auto clicker then relaunch the game so I have uninstalled this game straight away and will not recommend this app at all, I DO NOT APPRECIATE THE APP SEARCHING MY PHONE WITHOUT PERMISSION. could be a scam to get personal information but who knows.
I love this game it is very good game and I love it very much😘😘😘😘, but the reason iam giving 4 stars it has some lag if I had to watch an ad to get some diamond then it will go back so in the next update pls solve this issue
This game doesnt make me stop to laughing, really entertain me really well. A killing time game with a ton of surprise in game, love it.
The game is grate but some monsters hit to fast so I real like it's shearing but you still get five stars kind sir
Fun and Pointless!! Best game for Killing time. No stress involved!! Great job Thunder Games. Can't wait for the updates 👍👍
"Proxy for in-app purchase tool detected" that's what I get everytime I try opening the game. I deleted 2 apps I suspect were hindering this from opening and still wouldn't open!! What am I to do? Reset my phone? I don't know what app is causing it but you're honestly blocking a whole lot of users... although I understand you do it for safety, but I can't find that "tool"
Great animation style and the character items and just the art style is hilarious keep up the good work
Awesome clicker game best one I have played in quite a while. The developers did a great job and keep up the good work.
Hyper funny game with a warm and helpful community and a developer team that is constantly adding new things. Not pay to win at all. Just come and have fun.
Is great game I'm never bored and super fun but my problem is when you watch ads I never received reward like 15m tap I hope you fixed this the other is good I keep improving.
Great idle game! I am having fun. Theres enought here to have a good time and not have to spend any money.
I have to be honest I didn't expect much when i downloaded this game, but it's soo much fun I can't stop playing it!!! It's easy to understand, easy to progress and the best part ia there aren't a million ads playing while i play. I 100% recommend thia game if you're looking for a good time waster
Try to open chests/boxes but, I have to wait more then 10 seconds to connect to my server. But, all in all...good 👍.
The game has great potential. However, the game really needs some optimizations: the loading time is really long which kind of ruins the experience (both at login and when changing scenes ingame). Also, the game does not work on Bluestacks for whatever reason. If both of these issues were to be fixed/optimized, I would definitely switch it to 5 stars.
This is a single player game. If I want to ruin it with an auto clicker, I should be allowed to. Instead of blocking access to the game, you could just as easily disable access to public play boards or something
Fun auto clicker game if you like dinosaurs. If you LOVE dinosaurs I recommend leaving this game in the dust and trying out Ark Survival Evolved!!! You'll feel much more satisfied with the gameplay!
I quite like the game, and I feel that the developers put a lot of time and effort into making this game. The game runs smooth and there's a lot to do/customize. P.S developers: when you go to block someone you spelled it blcok or something which you should fix soon but other than that I like your game! :) also please look at when we report people's messages, there is a lot of people who say bad things!
I wasn't able to open the game because I have an autoclicker for adCap. I never allowed it to check my files, not cool.
Nonono... I paid to remove adds 1 month ago and now it shows adds.. Why and don't get the game if this is how it's gonna be.
Solid game, fair distribution of in-game currency, ads in exchange for bonuses are fair but pushing excessive.
Its nice but I think u should add like getting machine guns and I know u have added a gun but I like some modern guns and steel armors :) Good game
It's really fun fighting bosses and upgrading your guy and upgrading your turret and there's a lot of other fun things about the game that make it such a good game
Decent but doesnt give you an option to NOT RATE THE GAME it always pops up untill you do it! Besides that, the game is good, i havent found any glitches or bugs yet!
Great game but it's in desperate need of a home button at the top corner. It gets old having to tap the X to close the pop up windows that appear when entering various menus. Having it will bypass a lot of unnecessary tapping and frustration.
Amazing clicker game, very unique with many things to do. No P2W that I've noticed. Great job Devs and thank u for this wonderful game.
Very fun and simple game, only annoyance is that everytime i watch an ad for gems, it will give 10-1000 gems, and ive only ever gotten 10, asides from that the game is great fun
Very fun to play and i have a suggestion: since you make faces like thanos (i think its thanos) you should make kratos from god of war