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Protect Scotland

Protect Scotland for PC and MAC

Is a Medical game developed by NHS Education for Scotland located at NHS Education for Scotland Knowledge Services 2 Central Quay 3rd Floor 89 Hydepark Street Glasgow G3 8BW . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Help Scotland keep the spread of coronavirus under control by downloading and using the Protect that is free Scotland from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect service.

Using the app is entirely voluntary. You will be alerted if you have been in close contact with another app user who has tested positive for coronavirus when you use the app. If you test positive and you enter the unique code sent to you into the app, it will anonymously warn other app users whom you have been in close contact with.

Using Bluetooth, the app shall search for other devices with the Protect Scotland app installed, which are within 2m of your phone. You don’t need to have a WiFi connection. The app uses a very amount that is small of mobile phone data.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, encourage your friends, family and colleagues to too do so. The more people who download and use the Protect Scotland app, the more likely we are to keep coronavirus under control. . The benefits of using the app are:

Speeds up the process of identifying and people that are notifying have been at risk of catching coronavirus, particularly of unknown contacts
Slows the spread of the virus
Reduces the likelihood of further lockdowns
Helps protect the health service, your family and friends, yourself and the people of Scotland

Ultimately, you can help to stop the spread of coronavirus in Scotland by downloading and using the Protect Scotland app.

Privacy and Data

The Protect Scotland app is designed to protect the privacy of all users. It doesn’t store or share any information that is personally identifiable like your name or address. Nobody can track your location by using the app or tell who you are.

You can remove the app from your device at any right time, and all the data stored on your phone will be deleted.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Protect Scotland.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Protect Scotland for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This app is not magic, it won't work if you don't have Bluetooth on and the phone with you. In very much the same way the internet doesn't work if you turned aeroplane mode on and threw your phone 20 feet expecting it to fly. Install the damn app, it's an excellent implementation of the private system created by Google and Apple.
Super easy to set up, super transparent about what data it collects (or more accurately the fact it collects none!) Must have app right now -- download it
Drains battery too much to be reliable. Unfortunately even though lots of people are suffering, the use of the app is too low. The app doesn't show the tier levels nor does it show info about which post codes or areas to keep away from so as to not overpopulate or put others at risk. The app also doesn't link to ICE functionality nor does it give you the latest case news from the Scottish Government. Needs a lot of improvements
I like the app and I know it is a NHS app. However, I think it would benefit from having a link to risk level for your area (NHS Region) and also and Scottish Government guidance changes.
Exc app easy to download, install and understand usage. Fully recommend that all in Scotland should get on phone. Only issue if have iPhone need OS 13.
Dead easy to instal and setup.And after reading reviews that it drained battery power, all was fine. Shame it doesn't have a venue check in tool like the England and Wales one, instead you are relying on venues to gather details via their sometimes dodgy third party sites who can cash in on signing you up for marketing data. Or worse still, paper and pen. Issue is cross-border using alongside the England & Wales one and disappointing had no reply back by email when I asked this point especially since I was encouraged to install it for a short visit. I was in Scotland up until 3rd October for three nights. Switched back to the NHS England & Wales one when I stepped off the train in Carlisle. But other than going in a couple of times a day switching the Exposure Notifications to the Protect Scotland App I won't know if I get any app notification. And again if I get tested in England and unfortunately it's a positive, I would really like to do my bit and notify Protect Scotland app users I may have been in close contact with. But I understand the codes issued aren't compatible.
Really impressive privacy approach overall. Excellent. Would be very easy to set up if one had standard privacy and access settings. Mine verge on paranoid, so setting it up involved a little frustration. When I turn location off again, it tells me "tracing is not active, so this app won't work". I'll turn location on when on public transport or in a busy public place: it's off by default on other apps, so minimal intrusion. Definitely worthwhile for public health! Edited for balance.
Dont think it works well. It may require a "better" bluetooth connection but the exposure notification tells me it hardly checks. It seems to work better on my wifes phone which was bought last year. Dont expect everyone to have a phone that was bought this or last year. I understand that an android/ios is a requirement with bluetooth but not anything more.
Beware software updates. I have a Samsung phone onto which I downloaded this app. 2 days ago I received an android/Samsung software update message and installed it. This app was shut down in the process which I had not noticed and was therefore not working for the last 2 days. I had no warning this would happen and as a result I have either put myself or someone else at risk. BEWARE.
About time we got one for Scotland. For those worried about privacy, it apparently doesn't keep a record your whereabouts, only the other registered devices you come into close contact with. If someone tests positive, they are given a code. When entered in anonymously informs the other device of the close contact. Otherwise, it works in the background. Lastly, you MUST keep Bluetooth on or it can't locate devices near you (which would defeat the point in having the app).
Excellent app. Simple, no personal information needed or kept only random Id's. Only uses Bluetooth. Works well in the background. The UK government could learn a lot.
Found it easily. I knew I needed to find something that had purple colouring (which makes this app stand out from the other NHS apps for other parts of the UK very well) and it showing as NHS Scotland in the picture for the app. I've checked back and see that it's rising to the top of the list shown for what I searched under, so with more people downloading it, it appears to be working its way up the list in the search. I had no problems getting it set up and sorted!
Fine with contract mobiles or home wifi in mobile but waist of time on pay as you go mobiles crashes and dosent work at all terrible.i am changing from old to new mobile contract now and it totally failed all ways on pay as you go mobiles dosent work at all I am technically saved up as I'm from an army family it's dangerous.
Looks great, easy to use but so many missing features such as a Covid-19 alert state notifier for current area, QR Code scanner for pubs, etc so private info is secure. Warning when traveling into higher Covid-19 area. Also it's not linked to apps used in other parts on the UK. The list goes on. Thanks.
Relatively easy to set up. However, should have an easier off/on or pause option within it. I work as a doctor, I don't want the app to tell me to self isolate because I've been with a patient who had COVID so I want to be able to turn the app off at work and back on when I leave. Currently there is a "leave" option but you've got to go through the set-up questions again when you reactivate.
pointless. like so many others I can get it to. the app says i need to turn on google coronavirus tracing. when you try to turn it on, it says you need to run the app and then it just goes round in a cycle.
Update: 5 stars for app, reduced to three and uninstalled due to draining battery life. Good security anonymous model. Shame the whole of the UK haven't adopted the same app though. Makes it a bit pointless having three apps all draining battery if you live close to a border or travel a bit for work.
I had a close contact with someone who tested positive and the app didn't send me a push notification until I opened it manually. I called the team and they told me that was ok (in my case), but it was a bit concerning. I also couldn't see information on signal strength/duration of contact which I think would be very useful to know. Lastly, when the app tells you to self isolate it doesn't say what date you can stop, or provide reminder notifications, both of which I think would be very helpful.
Very simple app, no personal details required and will only work when Test and Protect calls you as a close contact of someone who has tested positive. T&P will then give you a code to put into the app which will send an alert to those you have been in close contact with asking them to isolate. The best thing is, it's completely anonymous! Brilliant app... 👍
I'm sure this app is causing my battery to drain faster than before I installed it. My phone gets hot quite fast nowadays, though the OS says drain is normal.
Great app and can helpful to get info.. recommend to download this app and it don't drain your phone battery.. battery depend on yer phone like brightness, etc and nothing do with this app.. work it out..
Glad it's finally here, but I would add the ability of scanning into locations with each location having a unique qr code. This would reduce a sheet of paper in a pub where anyone could put any name & phone number on it. It would also force more people to actually download the app as they can't get into the pub, restaurant, cinema etc without scanning the app & greatly improve track and trace.
Brilliant API from Google and Apple and brilliant app that takes advantage of it. But, how do I know it's actually working apart from the "Contact Tracing Active" inside the app? It needs a counter of some sort to say it has shared my token with X other people.
If not understanding how the app works for other parts of UK ,if going to England,NI or Wales download the English one but just be mindful that they messed around with the gov.co.uk portal so if you think safe for your data carry-on but if in Scotland use this,if you want to be helpful in stopping further restrictions.It uses less power than earphones,also exposure is already built into whatever browser you use,this is just an alert on top of that so you can be called to get test/isolate !
Great app, built on the standards set by Google/Apple so it is safe to use. Only needs low energy Bluetooth/Location pings. It uses the same amount of battery if you had a smartwatch, so it doesn't increase the battery usage anymore. With regards to location data, it probably uses less battery than having the maps application open or playing Pokemon. Most questions are answered on the website and looking up the API's setup by Google/Apple for this specific purpose. I'm happy to play my part and help stop the spread of the virus. The app was initially lower down on the rankings but with more downloads now, it has moved to the top of the play store search results. Those worried about bluetooth pings from other devices attempting to share with your phone, change your phone's bluetooth visibility to hidden that will solve the problem. **Only bit of feedback would be for the developers to consider those impacted on Huawei phones which are incompatible.
Very quick to install and requires no permissions or personal details. To allow the App to work, Bluetooth is on to share anonymous data.
Very easy to install and easy to use. I haven't noticed any significant drain on my battery with having Bluetooth on.
It was showing 0 checks for 14 days - I opened the app to have a look today (15th October) and it said the last check for exposure was 26th September. After some digging I managed to get it to update today, but concerned it's gone past an entire incubation period without seeming to be scanning. Just wanted to review in case it helps with updates. Bluetooth and location has been on all the time.
Install was simple (it has taken longer to write this review). No noticeable impact on battery life. Can still connect by Bluetooth to my watch and headphones. Happy with the efforts to maintain privacy. Install and forget. Hopefully it will help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Good effort!
I have just had my weekly report through for the last 14 days, my phone seems to have stopped checking for exposure since the 29th september. My bluetooth has never been turned off. Does this mean it is not working? How many other peoples apps are not working? How can it be fixed again?
I've had this app on my phone for about 6 weeks now and not received one alert. It will only work if people who have tested positive enter a code into the app, so is dependent on affected people.
Easy install, anonymous and unobtrusive. No personal details required. Get alerted if you have been in close contact with anyone recently testing positive. What you choose to do then is up to you. Similarly if you have a positive test, you choose to allow the system to then anonymously alert anyone who have had recent close contact with you. A win-win for everyone, and it will help restrict and limit any spread.
Using as a visitor from England and have to say it lacks compared to NHS COVID 19 app. No check-in with QR code or postcode/level notification. Also had to disable power saving in settings otherwise it closes and doesn't do exposure checks. Someone without technical knowledge wouldn't be aware how to change this, therefore rendering the app pointless.
Looks great, easy to use but oh how they missed out some useful features such as a Covid-19 alert state notifier, scanning business QR Codes, etc so user's data needn't be handed over in pubs, etc. If you don't install the app then your details will be required by the venue. Also it's not linked to apps used in other parts on the UK, again a missing feature. By the way it works fine on the Hauwei Honor View 10 phone and I'm sure it will also work on the others in this range too, why wouldn't it?
Nice simple interface, how it all works is explained well. Only slight issue I had was with some of the options not displaying the full text, could still work out what it meant though. For example 'Nex' instead of 'Next', or 'I am 16' instead of 'I am 16 or over', 'I want to' instead of 'I want to leave'. Would think this could be quite easily fixed with an update.
Obviously I can't know how well the tracing works, but everything else about the app is great. It clearly explains all you need to know about how it works (especially in relation to privacy) and the interface itself is simple and effective. A very well made app 👏
Interferes with other Bluetooth signals...example, my polar device crashes when trying to sync activity as the Bluetooth signal is constantly being used by the app. End result is i need to turn the app off and then install all over again.
I really buy in to the idea of this app. Info is well laid out and simple to understand. Reason for 3 stars - sadly, the app is completely useless unless everyone has it on their phone. As like most things, it's only as strong as its weakest link and the weakest link in this case is the amount of people that have it working (or not working as the case may be). It should be installed & activated by default.
Excellent! Please do not follow NHS England & Wales example and break the app. My phone is set up for mobile app development and has the DPI set up in a way that apps sort the UI into a tablet interface. This application should not block me from using it! Give me a warning that a phone is better certainly. I am using a phone and need the option to use this important application. The Scottish one currently works and hopefully will remain working.
Easy to install and setup in just a few clicks. Asks for no personal data. Just sits in the back ground and does its thing. Brilliant.
It doesn't use your gps location. It uses bluetooth low energy (BLE) which doesn't take up much battery at all. The code it sends out is anonymous and encrypted. There is no way for people to "steal" data from this app. The people writing negative reviews are misinformed. Just wish it was the first result on google play, but that is a google issue.
I live in Scotland but have occasional need to go to England. To use the English app I need an English postcode. But I don't have one. My Scottish app doesn't work in England. The English app doesn't work in Scotland. There's no hard border between the countries and people work cross border in both directions. I feel like I'm either missing something or cross border travel was simply not considered by either country.
15 mins is to long. I'm a delivery driver and I'm not in anyones company for that long. Surely you can catch covid in less than 15 mins Thought I'd add to my review My friends have just got the bug 5 days ago and they haven't got a call from track and trace yet. So what is the point of the app. He was also told to let his kids to keep going to school after him being positive.
Not keen on leaving Bluetooth on but for the social good will. Hopefully this app will help in someway. Installed on the first day.
App has been installed for weeks. It's never flagged up a close contact or any other message. I'm not even sure It's working.
The app seems fine, but the exposure notifications in Google says it hasn't checked since the 24th Oct (today being the 19th Nov) My phone goes everywhere with me, everything is up to date on my Samsung s10+ and there was no reply from the developer at the email address given. I guess I just have to hope it is working? EDIT: Paused tracing in the app while at home, restarted it and it did a check at last.
Looks great, easy to use but oh how they missed out some useful features such as a Covid-19 alert state notifier, scanning business QR Codes, etc so user's data needn't be handed over in pubs, etc. If you don't install the app then your details will be required by the venue. Also it's not linked to apps used in other parts on the UK, again a missing feature. Can you please include the Covid-19 statistics for the area users are in so we know the danger level. Thanks.
I'm a fan of the design and the copy. Technically, a standard Covid tracking app, using standard privacy-preserving technology. No need for "clever" innovation when much of the hard technical work has been done by Google and Apple. But explaining what's going on clearly is very worthwhile.
If you haven't already, download it! Only works if everyone pitches in. No personal info is taken so ditch the tinfoil, minimal data usage and has no impact on battery life. Runs in the background so need to leave it open. Download it!
Easy to install but needed repeated searching to find it. Seems sensible and I recognise the 2metres and 15 minutes from briefings at work all the way back in March. Question I would like to understand if it can be added to the rubric in the About the App somewhere, how reliable is the 2m and is it dependent upon the type and quality of phone and Bluetooth operation of the phone?
If it works to slow the spread and protect people it's worth the few minutes to download and install. Very simple. Nothing to fill in, or to put a password to. Install, consent to it using Bluetooth, and carry on with your day.
Not sure it's working as well as hoped, I work from home currently and haven't left the house however got an exposure alert stating I'd been in close contact with someone and need to self isolate, whereas my partner who lives with me has had no notifications and he is the one who does the shopping and goes out regularly, but his is fine and has had no exposure notifications. Not sure how reliable the Bluetooth capability is.
Even as a paranoid person, who tries to block and hide my data and identity (as best as is practical) I'm happy to install this. I've thoroughly read the privacy policy and have no issue with it. It is so much less invasive than the vast majority of apps the most people use every day that it is quite impressive. I'm spreading the word will all of my friends and family and would encourage everyone to follow
I've had this app. Before a red dot like a small sun ray appeared top of my mobile screen saying you've been in close contact with someone with covid, scary ! Then message disappeared I looked on this protect Scotland covid app .and nothing showed up regard this red dot warning. I then read in news update that England and Wales had this problem well Scotland has too! I'm trying again hoping better outcome this time.
Would it be possible to add a pin to notice bar reminder to activate Bluetooth and location. I don't leave mine on all the time as they drain the battery. I'm only activating the app when I leave the house and the notice that comes up at the moment can easily be cleared when cleaning apps.
Easy to install and clear to use. Pity not as useful as the English app. When travelling to see friends South of border the QR code for check in to restaurants was very easy to use and helps authenticate the test and trace process. Also entering the post code alerted us to the local tiers, now that we have followed the UK government by introducing our own tier systems it would be helpful if this was on the app; especially since there are 5 tiers so potentially more challenging for people travelling for work to work out what is happening in the area they happen to be.
Put a end to testing....more and more of yous are willing to get tested this is giving the government fule, to keep us in lock down. if no one gets tested then there no virus that's it end of covid this virus is not as bad as what they make it out to be. if people just stop and think you are just adding another statistic to keep us in longer lockdown this virus should of burned out ages ago if the government had just let it.
I find it a nice idea, and it has a really good interface, but how much is it really worth in practice... If I pass by someone who's marked they have Covid on it and it beeps me, I don't imagine anything different would happen. I would be happy to leave it on "because why not", if it wasn't for the keeping Bluetooth on requirement, which is a security risk, plus the constant notifications every time I turn BT/location off and on at home...
I live in Scotland, but weekdays I work in England. Are the 2 track and trace apps compatible with each other, as only one of them can be active at any one time, and as there is no geographical switch built into the apps. I can guarantee that I'll forget to switch apps when I'm going back and forth. I asked NHS Scotland, but they said they have nothing to do with this app! 😂
This app is not safe to use as it leaves your Bluetooth open to attack by hackers scanning for open Bluetooth devices within your proximity. That put your phones content at risk from being viewed, copied or stolen. It also puts you at risk of identity theft depending on the content you may have on your device! Why isn't anyone telling you this?
I was initially concerned that the app on my phone was not actually working as it should. The 'exposure log' was only showing records at 2 or 4 hour intervals. A quick email to the developer and the logs function and infrequent operation was clearly explained to me. The 'exposure log' is basically recording the communication to the main data servers where the anonymous data collected by your phone is compared to other data downloaded from the servers to see if you have been in contact.
It's great and very privacy friendly. The only issue with it is that the Scottish government should promote and advertise it more, and push it with QR scanning in public places. Let's be real here, most people write BS info on the sheets, the QR scan would augment reliability, keep privacy and make it effortless. The more people use this app, the more effective it will be.
Very easily understood and concise information explained simple and clearly. I would urge anyone I know to use this app to track and trace to protect the most vulnerable in not just our community, but our own families and friends!!
Looked great, when launched - now trumped by functionality of NHS England app. Can you add venue check in, temporary pausing tracing and risk area features? Also, the name is not quite obvious, which may limit adoption rate.
extremely easy to install and set up, gives me peace of mind as I begin to venture out into the world again. would like to see interoperability with the English app, but that's not really the responsibility of this app's devs. it just means I'll have to tell relatives in England to install the Scottish app if they visit.
Not as intuitive or informative as the NHS Covid-19 app. I don't understand why there has to be three different test and protect apps across the UK, the virus doesn't stop at Gretna or Cairnryan. Also lacks QR scanner for indoor venues like pubs and restaurants.
Would work better if it didnt take 6 days to get tested and get. It tells you to isolate for 14 days from when the code is entered as opposed to the nhs track and Trace that say from when symptoms start. It does drain your battery a little faster but what can you do when it's all that's available at present 🤷‍♂️
This app is pointless if the fact it tells me 9 days after to apparent contact of someone positive I work in a care home and the fact that it took them 9 days to tell me I had to isolate is really shocking luckyly I get tested weekly and was negative but if I did get the virus and brought it into my home I would of felt awful also the fact everyone I phoned didn't know how it worked either really isn't helpful am deleting the app as it doesn't really work
Having issues with it not doing exposure checks unless I kill and restart the app. Apart from that, the app works.
Great idea, no problems until I got a weekly report on how many people I came into contact with. When I click open it restarts my phone (Samsung's A10). Don't need the info but if that doesn't work right, what other problems are there? Please still download though, coz the Gov't cant do it better
Brilliant app. It collects zero personal data, no sign ups, no requirement to turn on location, nothing! All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth, that's it. If you have been near someone who has COVID-19, the app sends you a notification via Bluetooth. You won't know who/where that individual is, and they won't know of the people notified. This app is totally safe and secure to use. Download it now and let's help beat this virus!
Daft ap name so may be difficult to find for some. And requires location tracking turned on when it doesn't even use this data. Means other apps can start leeching this data when you don't want them too. So app may be private but leaves you exposed to Google and others. And Google provided the framework for this app, funny that...
Like the anonymous nature of app. However, when checking how many exposure checks have been carried out, it can go for over a week without registering. Although when it next does register a check it has thousands of keys? Something doesn't seem stable / right on my phone.
App stops working after a few days on a Samsung device if not opened. Seems to be a major flaw. Probably should get that fixed.
I have the app on my phone but it keeps randomly turning the tracing function off? I check it every few days and often find that the tracing is black and informs me that I need to turn it on. I have no idea how long it has been off and so don't know how effective it has been. Very poor 😞
Exposure Notifications turned off with latest update. Even after turning them back on, they are disabled straight away. Only way to fix this was to clear the app storage which I'm sure will remove all the data the app has collected! I've emailed the developers to make them aware 🤞
App is unobtrusive and so far doesn't seem to be excessively draining the battery. The only issue is the terrible name, even after reading a BBC article as the name doesn't contain Coronavirus I was unable to find the app. With the number of other apps doing the same thing for different areas it really needed to be more descriptive.
Works fine on my S8, but is unavailable for older phones such as my wife's Medion phone running android 5.1. Is there a solid technical reason for this, or have the developers simply assumed most people have a relatively new phone? Android 5 was only released in Nov 2014. I suspect many older people are happy to stick with devices that work, and don't splash cash just to get the latest gizmos. So they're going to be excluded by default which is a lost opportunity.
Actually really good app, very clear and concise and actually answered many of the questions I thought I had about how it works. Seems super simple so hopefully it proves effective. I'd add to suggestions to rename or change the logo that appears in the play store. There are a number of NHS Scotland apps and I only got this one due to the colour. I'd also point out that there seems to be scaling issues with some of the buttons as at least one button was missing a letter on each page.
I've been wondering this for a while and this is in regards to my own device. Why I sometimes have a normal stream of data coming in about who I've been in the same area with. To all of a sudden no data at all, I'm worried that this possible bug could cause me to go blindly walking into a danger zone. Please get back to me!
It appears to be fairly unobtrusive but requires bluetooth and location to always be on. Very minor effect on battery. Only issue is I'm not receiving any tracing updates like others seem to regularly.
My phone has only done 1 check in the last 14 days, which was 14 days ago. I update my phone operation system with the latest update around then, might have knocked off the tracking. Heard others saying they've not had many checks
I didnt understand until I downloaded the app. I definitely think this is required to help stop the transmission of the virus and make people more aware of their symptoms if it says you've been in contact. No personal details required, meaning you could bump into someone in a shop and be totally unaware that they met someone with the virus and say later that day they find out they are positive for covid...then we know to self isolate to stop it going more viral!
Very easy to install. Agree with other reviewer that search results are misleading. Even as you type Protect Scotland, the play store suggests the generic NHS app which is *not* test & protect. Had to look well down the search results for this. Not sure how seo works on here - maybe it improves as more of download it?
I find it a nice idea, and it has a really good interface, but how much is it really worth in practice... If I pass by someone who's marked they have Covid on it and it beeps me, I don't imagine anything different would happen. I would be happy to leave it on "because why not", if it wasn't for the keeping Bluetooth on requirement, which is a security risk, plus the constant notifications every time I turn it off and on at home.
So easy no joining or adding information. my family and friends will take part easier the better as the minute they hear have to do a password or details puts them off .very happy with this app just keep Bluetooth on that's all you do and the rest is done brilliant idea 👏 👏 👏.
Terrible on Samsung S6 device - app keeps telling me my Bluetooth is off (when its not). Each time I need to remove and then reinstall the app , and this happens numerous time a day (Aŕrgh)
Very important app to reduce the risk of spreading infection of Covid-19. Easy to use and under your control. And it can't tell anybody who you are or where you are. As if that matters if you are helping to reduce the risk of people dying.
Excellent. It doesn't drain my battery even though Bluetooth needs to be on. That was what I was most concerned about - well other than the virus, of course!! I hope more people will download it. Maybe it should be promoted more - leaflet to every house? or a TV Ad would be safer!
Quick to install and activate. It works for anyone living in or visiting Scotland. Doesn't ask for your personal details and so I was set-up and sorted in under 5 minutes (while taking time to read all of the summary T&C info). Just leave Bluetooth on and it'll do it's thing!
Claims I don't have a network connection and won't let me accept terms and conditions. I tried next to my router and over mobile data but still nothing. Only one star so it will be noticed by developer to fix issue Update. Allowed me to install the thing so I guess its working fine now
Useless! Googles exposure notification informed me it has been 23 days since it last checked my exposure! Took a screenshot of it but cant attach it here. All of a sudden i got 1 check when I opened to app to check if it was active. It was active, my bluetooth is always on. Clearly a problem if its not scanning IDs unless i open the app!
I will only continue to use the app as long as privacy is priority and remains priority. That being said I like the idea of the application, but if it requires others to download it themselves to see if you have come in contact with someone, then it isn't a very reliable solution. Still, I recommend the app regardless, the more users the better but I'd expect this from Google themselves to update and enable a similar app to all Play Store users instead of a hidden optional NHS application.
Great App. NO sign in required and no personal information. Just keep your location and bluetooth on mode.
Surely we need to be linked in with the whole of the UK? At the very least we could be united with those across nearby borders. Couldn't we? If anyone working on the App sees this, please look at how many reviews ask for this. And how some people need to be able to temporarily switch the App off at times, such as nurses & doctors for obvious reasons. Covid itself teach us that we need to be connected in our distance in order to survive it. Let's reach across boundaries & listen to all. Thanks
Very easy to install and set up for myself, living in Scotland. However, a family member visiting from overseas is unable to download as the error message reads "This item is not available in your country". This should be addressed to enable anyone visiting to download, as this will only be effective if as many people as possible can access it.
Quick and easy to install and use. Reassured by the Privacy notice and the other reviews. Also like the fact that it is for Scotland. Would not have installed the other one! With the way things are going it would be great if as many as possible could add this if they feel comfortable.
Concerning that in my app settings on my phone, it states that no permissions are requested. I have had this app since launch and always keep my Bluetooth and location on as it requests, yet I haven't had a single alert despite working in a Sainsbury's local in Edinburgh where other colleagues have been alerted with close contact notifications on iOS. I don't buy that it's working.
The Play Store search needs to be changed as there are a variety of NHS apps and it is not clear which is the official NHS Scotland app. Users could easily download the wrong app but believe they are using the official one. There is also a Twitter handle called Protect Scotland which has nothing to do with NHS Scotland. Need to tighten up these initial teething problems to ensure full confidence.
The fact that you need to use Bluetooth leaves you open to being hacked into does not please me!! App would work best if you cpuld put information on it or register worrys due to 2nd +3rd party coming into contact with covid viris + 2nd party cross contamination to person they stay with 🥵🤕😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Easy to install. Does not require any personal data to be entered or stored centrally. Functionality is straight forward and no unnecessary bells and whistles. Doesn't seem to affect battery life even with Bluetooth always on.
This is solid first attempt at getting a tracing app out there. It is very easy to setup and you are made fully aware of what the purpose of the app is. I have not noticed any impact to my phones battery life and I have Bluetooth left on constantly, and I still have 40% by the end of the day. To people saying that the app isn't supported on their device, be it iPhone or an Android handset. This is unfortunately down to the devices age and not having the ability to run the Google or Apple API (If you can't upgrade to iOS13 then your phone is over 7 years old). Also Android is a mess of different hardware and OS versions with phone manufactures not updating to more recent Android versions. Overall, the app is decent on both iOS and Android. It has potential and hopefully can help stem a repeat of earlier in the year
Complete and utter waste of space. Only works if I come into contact with someone else using the same backstreet application, who has managed to get tested without being turned away, and inputs a code into their app. If I bump into someone from England, Wales, Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter with COVID-19 then this app does diddly squat - What's the point??
Looks good and can't see how it wouldn't work provided the majority download the app. Once installed you can close the app and forget about it just make sure Bluetooth is turned on or it won't work. Your privacy is well protected as you do not provide details.