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Pusher Mania

Pusher Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Shape Keeper Ltd located at UNIT D 16/F ONE CAPTAL PLACE 18 LUARD ROAD WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Have actually you ever before played a push money online game? This video game will definitely offer you a experience this is certainly different. Liberated to play! No purchase, you could win present cards and real cash.

*free to play
*Good time killer
*Tools help players to win
*Built-in game

How to relax and play:
*Tap the empty area to drop coins and fresh fruits.
*Move around to control where in actuality the coins and tokens fall. Gathering the wages by pushing coins off the side, and attempt to not ever miss some of all of them!
*Try to push coins into the slot machines which are yellowish to relax and play the slot machines.
*Smash the money box when it completely loaded.
*Use the wall surface to get more coins
*Pay attention to the blast, benefits tend to be waiting here.

Download the overall game now and pass the full time with enjoyable and relaxation

(1) We lack in-app acquisitions, nor do we provide any entry that is recharge the online game is wholly free

(2) we now have total directions and demands forprizes, find out more: http://www.shapekeeper.net/pushermania/tos.html. Kindly review our rules and directions solidly, if players break principles and guidelines we'll maybe not provide rewards for people.

(3) We are going to only make use of your information this is certainly individual when for legal reasons. For more details, kindly refer to our privacy policy: http://www.shapekeeper.net/privacy_policy.html

You also are able to find us on our web site this is certainly official://shapekeeper.net/

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pusher Mania.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pusher Mania for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Game is ok, but there are no real payouts. Ads stop coming that allow you to generate green coins. Turning in the gold coins for a very small gift card of $2, which never arrived. The countdown timer to the next set of ads has halted/stopped. Its a scam to get you to watch ads with a promise of payouts, which never happen. Not recommended.
Great game if you want to just have fun but not for making money. I'm at 99.64 and it has not given me any pennies in a week now. Just another SCAM!!!! Fixing to delete game!! Thank you for responding back. Love playing but want to give a good rating if I can cash out like the game said.
Like is the case with many other reviews, in my experience they lure you in by creating many opportunities for the valuable green coins up until you get to around $90 worth of them. It takes $100 worth to supposedly cash them out. Once you get to around $90 then all of a sudden they are near impossible to come across. I'll leave it up to you if you think there's anything wrong with that. For me it feels a bit bait and switchy.
You supposedly have to have at least $100 green coins to cash out. I've read where no one has been able to cash out. Also I got up to $90 in 2 days and now haven't seen a green coin in 8 straight days. Also haven't even won anything at all in 63 straight slot spins. If things change , I will change my review , but from the looks of it, I'm uninstalling. None of these payout games pay out. They make money off of you watching their ads every 30 seconds and then don't give their players anything
I would give it -5 stars but doesnt have that option.I have been playing for a little while now. I had about $79.00 or more in my acct. When I logged in next day I only had $28.00 give or take. I Sent an email to contact them days ago with no avail they didnt respond or correct the issue. Stay away from this cheating (Stealing) game. There are better games that dont cheat or steal from you.
I've been playing for about 2 weeks now and so far I've cashed out for the Amazon $2 reward. I am still waiting to see if it'll actually go through. I have 35/36 fruits and came very close to having all 36 but as soon as my last one dropped it glitched and disappeared right before it touched the pusher. As of now the game has frozen my ad timer at 4:36:13 and it's been frozen since this morning. Getting the idea that this game is rigged. Fix it!!!!
This is another fake pay out game. It will give you green coins until you get to about $80 then it slows down and now at 90 and green coins have completely stopped. How can you hit 10 or 20 green on slots every other time you hit slots to no green coins in slots it also dont drop all the green coins when its dropping them after you win them. I been playing about a week. (Update) its been almost 2 weeks i dont get any green coins anymore.
I started and got coins after coins. This seemed to good to be true so read the reviews. Not one has stated they have won the £100. So I am going to continue for a while longer as it now seems to be slowing down. The moral of these games are - make people watch ads until they uninstall and then the next 'intake' follow suit. So someone is making money and it's not us
False advertisement. I have sent an email with no reply that my ads cool down time hasn't budged, stuck at 4:36:15. I'm perfectly happy watching ads for an app if they will cash me out like they promise. I have attempted to cash out Amazon $2 via coins and no email about that yet. Got to $95 and ads won't return almost a week later.
This game is a wast of my time false advertisement in 2 days I get to 90$ and don't get anymore green coins even when it tells you that you get 50 green coins when you get the bar filled all the way it only spits out 2 or 3 coins this game is a lie. I'm having all my friends and family delete this game tomorrow. I know somone is getting paid for us watching all these ads. If your not gonna pay out then why tell people that you are. This is how you get your game deleted.
No use after reaching 90 $,further playing push mania foolishness....👎👎👎b'coz you can't achieve can't earn on this game. My personal experience here am sharing to all of you. 1.don't down load, 2.don't expect money this kind of game, 3.better you can invest your time on other works. ☆ Hope understand,this not a genuine game.
Bogus, scam app. Don't expect to get any rewards from this app. It's a total joke. Before you would have to watch add after ads to get enough coins towards rewards. Now there are no add just a pop-up saying they'll be available in 4:12:08 or so. Yet come back a little over four hours later and it still has the pop-up. Even after the latest update. Don't waste your time.
Game is fun enough but they shouldn't be allowed to put misleading ads up like the one I just watched on another game showing PayPal gift cards for $100-$1000 falling on the tray bc I have been playing for a week now and I have never seen anything like that one time. I also noticed that the amount gets smaller and smaller than they let you believe. After a week still trying to cash out... tell the truth and you get a better rating. Not cool.
This game is fake all though I was about to receive my 2 dollar Amazon credit you will never reach the 100 dollars I have 95.41 and the game just completely stopped spitting out green coins and also the ads stop working talking about there are no more ads left that they will be more in 4hr and 36 min and you can guess a week or 2 later it still says the same thing so I can't even play the game anymore thanks for nothing pusher mania.
If you are playing this game to win money "DON'T" bother!! TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!! You need $100 to get the pay pal card and the game will get stuck when you are very close me($93) so that you will never reach that limit to cash out!! It took me a few days to reach $93 and it will not let me win anymore $$ plus it says no more coins for me to try back in 4 hours and 36 mins and has been saying this for over 2 weeks!! So don't play this with intentions to win anything only for fun.
I wouldn't even rate it a 1 star It says if you get 100 green coins then you will get £100 paypall im up to £85 worth of green coins and now for some unknown reason there no adds/videos for 4 hours bare in mind its been saying this for the last 13 hours iv tryed so hard to get it at £85 as 1 green coin is worth 1p so you can imagine how long iv played thos for im a single mum and although I didnt think it was true the let down now being so close is unreal especially when you have a baby!!
Been playing for three weeks. Got to 89 dollars and I've been stuck there for about a week now. Can't cash out til you get 100. Haven't seen any green money coins in 5 days. Its obvious they don't intend to give any money away
Does not pay out! Beware o this like everyone else get $50 day 1 but after that it slows down until there are no more green coins at all. I play a lot, first hour I reached $50, by hour 13 in game play, I get no ads for 3, 4 or 6 hours. So not only can you not earn the $100 to pay out cash but you cannot earn enough gold coins to cash out a $2 Amazon gift card. The only cash apps I have seen work are by Louder Rewards takes a few days to earn $5 but at least I get the gift cards.
This game is a joke. I've watched countless videos. Cashed in for a $2 reward, have yet to receive it! And once I hit $80, it slowed down. Thought I'd keep trying. Now hit $95 and it's completely stopped dropping green coins. Can't believe I've wasted my time on this. Plus all the videos you watch are advertisements for other games that you "make money" on. Total lies.
This is another fake pay out game. It will give you green coins until you get to about $80 then it slows down and now at 90 and green coins have completely stopped. How can you hit 10 or 20 green on slots every other time you hit slots to no green coins in slots it also dont drop all the green coins when its dropping them after you win them. I been playing about a week.
I been playing this game for a couple weeks now and it was given out money until I got 95$ I'm at 95.70 and no more money just coins and you need 500k just to get 2$ also the ad I seen for the game showed it dropped girt cards and I haven't seen one drop yet
The game is fun if you just want to pass the time. Don't expect to win any money though as the game stops giving you green coins when you get to $90. $10 short of the redeemable amount. I tried to redeem my $2 amazon credit but never got it either. Like all the other games the only one who makes money is the game creator from the ads.
Only gave this 5* so the algorithm would let you all see this my actual rating in -5* Downloaded the game to give it a try, everyone told me I wouldn't win real money. Boy were they right. I got to $91 and now no green coins drop ever, even during the full meter bonus. The slots haven't won anything is 46 spins and the timing of the bin and the pusher changed so they never match up. You guys are frauds and false advertise. I'm currently filing a law suit
Look at the developer. Shape Keeper Ltd is a scam reprint game maker. So many of their games are just remade older games with false promise of real cash. If you're looking for a quick cash app, nothing by this developer is good for that. They don't even give you a support email for anything. This was made to be a scam.
Fun game but giving the option to choose what you want to use such as the wall, bounce etc rather then the app telling you would be much better and make you feel like your actually playing rather then being a passenger. This app is based on us watching a million ads where the app creator makes millions and we get a penny if we're lucky. Pretty smart for them !
Game quits right before payment. Only pays if you get $100 but you will never get to 100. Super fast to 80. 85 it slows. 90 it slows down so much its almost impossible. 95 the game completely stops. ZERO green coins. I mean NONE. The last month I have been playing I have added ZERO cents to my account. It even flashes green on the screen and tells you it is giving you 30 green coins but they NEVER hit your account. This is blatant lieing and it is impossible to ever get any money.
Tons of ads watched, they suck up a ton of data. I got the points for the Amazon card and I am more than halfway to it again and still haven't gotten my first one. Also, once I hit $91 no more cash coins on the slots, and has taken me weeks to get just over $93. Then add that I need one fruit, it's never fallen, and I have multiple of all the least dropped one's. Pretty disappointed. The only way now to get any cash coins is to fill the bar and try to double them after. Pretty disappointed.
Love this game! As with most games, it takes time to get to cash out and on this one, its $150, but overall, it dont take as long as others to accumulate! I'm almost ready and been playing it for only 2 days off and on! Thank you Pusher Mania!
Awful game. You get to $89.54 and you don't see ONE SINGLE green coin. And you can't even get the $2.00 Amazon gift card because it always says "having difficulty...try again later." What a waste of time!
Fun game to play but... I reached the 500k coins to cash in for the $2 amazon gift card and still have not received it after 11 business days. Have emailed them in game twice and no response. Just another Chinese scam game to watch ads it seems. Also am just missing one fruit as well, like another comment said and money coins barely fall anymore. POS app.
I was testing this app for about week to see if this is real like they say it is..You have to watch ads to get coins..problem is that the ads will stop when you have a certain amount it will tell you ads will appear in 4 hours..problem is it been telling me 4 hours for 3 days..this app is a scam for Chinese app companies and if you want to make real money go out and get a job.
Total scam. I am currently on 71.75 green coins but cannot get any more as got the last 36 hours the game has said no ads are available for another 4 hours 36 mins and 13 seconds. It is clearly well past this point and so I cannot win any more. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
As I got close to winning $100.00, the game stopped and said no more videos for 4 hours and 13 minutes. I checked back the next day, it was still saying the same thing. Now, 3 days later, it still says that. It won't let me play as long as it is like this. It is a CHEATING, RIP OFF. It just wants people to watch the same stupid ads. over and over. The game, if you can call it that, really S U C K S ! I won a gift card, but of course, I did NOT get that either. PUSHER RIP-OFF. Lousy developer👎
I have been playing for a month ow and have cashed out for 3 amazon gift cards and have not recieved any of them and i am stuck at $96.00 and everytime i try to get more coins or anything a timer pops up and says ads will be ready in 4 hrs. It says that every time.
I've been playing for about 3 weeks you need a $100 coins to cash out. I'm up to 95.44 and now no coins (which are only worth .01 a piece) are coming out at all at the bonuses or even on the spins. It's a waste of time and at this rate if I keep playing I might get the other $5.00 by January. DONT USE YOUR MEMORY DOWNLOADING THIS APP.
I played for so long and then when I had around $80 no more ads were available and I had to wait like 4 hours 31 minutes and 13 seconds except the counter didn't move and I kept getting that same error. Finally Uninstalled, I was willing to give it a try, don't waste your time
Researched this from an app security point of view and also gave it a test run. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Like many of these 'get money for nothing games' this is another example of ever changing goal posts. You never reach the amount required to withdraw and the constant brain numbing ads are enough to drive you crazy. You'll be lucky if you earn a cent a week once you reach the $90 mark and you can't withdraw until you reach $100. Get a job instead.
Worst application for users. This is totally scam. You can never complete $100. This app start very well but when you reach $90 above, the app works very slow and $95 above it stopped increasing in dollars. Earning dollars never complete as required. Only app maker can earn money here. Losing your experience when you uninstall the app, the app maker will collect your earnings. Take care of yourself. Find a job instead using this.
This game is a scam, once you get to 90 dollars it gives you no more coins, once you get to 35 fruits it gives you nothing but extras.. I've been playing 3 months now and for a month straight I have yet to get a coin to go past 91 dollars. When it starts the push it has 50 plus coins for money as you click it counts down as if it Is giving them to you like it is suppose to and not one green coin comes out. This game is a scam I don't recommend any one to play this, you will waste your time.
What a disappointment!!! I was having so much fun playing game but now there are no more ads to watch, can't crack piggy open - will I even get the $2 Amazon card I earned enough tokens for? Since I've had no response to my Gmail, my guess is NO! Such a waste of time like all the other "games".
Made it to the 2 dollar reward but two weeks later still have not received any notification about redemption. Since reaching 95.67 I can not get a green coin to drop, so hitting 100.00 seems to be an impossibility. My best advice is dont waste your time downloading this app.
This game is a rip off I am at 75.20 really a penny per coin, this is fake as it can get and can't cash out until you get 100.00. You lie about your make money with this, I am on day 4 and getting very aggravated with this penny stuff, For one a penny don't buy nothing these days, You need to be honest and say it may take you a week or two or longer to get to cash out right is right. Be Honest with us here. Easy Money not Lies all Lies. Why say you get paid really when you make it so difficult to reach the mark maybe your hoping we'll give up right makes sense. don't have to pay nothing out which Id say it's all a big lie this makes me mad totally not happy with the lies!!!
Reached over $50 the fist day. Then things started slowing down. The higher my bank rose, the slower things got. Once I hit $95 the piggy bank stopped paying off in cash, only tokens, and I've been playing all day and have yet to receive any money on the slots, only tokens and fruit. In days past at least 1 out of 4 or 5 spins, I would hit cash tokens. Counting how many days it takes to reach the magic $ 100 mark, then I'll revise my rating.
Can anyone tell me why they make these games that never pay out? I can think of only 2 reasons. They get paid for showing adds like commercials do for television. Or, they are after your personal information for fraudulent reasons.
FAKE GAME! You will reach roughly 93.00 and have about 6 fruits left and then the game just stops giving you any fruits or green coins at all, the slots never hit anymore and you never get to cash out aside from the 2 dollars towards Amazon from all the gold coins. I'd do zero stars if I could!
This game is fun. A clue to this game is as follows. It is no easy task when you have to slow down cause of the lack of ads. When you have to slow play out you have to wait for a moment or so to get enough coins to keep the game going.
Just downloaded have played it a couple of times. I was asked what game I was playing. I showed them and, I was told that it actually don't pay out . This person said he had just uninstalled it today cause he earned enough to cash out a few different times. And no matter what he did, it wouldn't ever pay out. And wished me luck. A little discouraging....... but I'm still gonna give it a shot! I will definitely be updating my opinion once I see for myself.
This game a waste of time there is no pay out because you will never get to 100$ the gold coins are tokens there useless.To earn money you need green coins which only get from the slots lining up.Im surprised I made it to 89.65$ before the green tokens came to a halt. But I gave it 1 star because before this happens your Hope's are built up so I've pushed over 200,000 gold tokens to 8965 green pennies. So that's over 200 to 1 only before your deaded on green pennies .Good luck losing your mind
I spent days building up to over $90 and now I can't get ads to get anything. Plus, green coins rarely come up anymore. I gave it two stars because I did get a $2 Amazon card. Other than that, this app is a complete waste of time.
then playing this game for almost a month and the the Game was fun to play in the beginning even with little payouts. But now I'm two fruits away from collecting the thousand dollar and for some reason for the past week there's no videos to watch therefore I can't claim anything. It's been saying no ads available until 4 hours and 36 minutes and 13 seconds, it's been saying this for a week now. I've emailed customer support multiple times not one response please fix or it gets uninstalled
Lots of promising action at first to get you hooked, then get at $90, not a single green coin for about 2 weeks. ( You need $100 to cash out). And I called it, you need to get 36 fruits to win a major prize ( confused as to whether it's $10,000 or 10,000 green coins), you get 35 quickly, you'll never get the 36th. Don't fall for this game. Any review for this game that is more than one star is a lie.
Let's see I reached so far in the game where I can get almost $2 in $100 on a PayPal card and now there's no more ads until it says like 4 hours and 36 minutes but that was at midnight last night so there's no way for hours is turned into 10 hours I don't know what your guess is problem is on this game but you need to fix your stupid game you can't win nothing on this game
It's another one of the "we let you think you'll win" games. You get lots of coins, etc., until you reach around $90. Then the green coins pretty much stop - & if you DO get one they're worth .001-cent. At this rate you'll have to watch 50,000+ ads to make a couple of bucks. I really doubt anyone wins - I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes, which is looking like never. I suggest skipping the game & collecting aluminum cans for $. Lol
Seems like a lot of commercials and not a lot of money. They advertise like they give you a lot of money but that's not the case with this and I like doing coin pushing but this is just BS. I gave it a four star because of the graphics
I've been playing this game about a month and a half. At first I was getting green coins back to back till I got up to,$96.65 then no more coins by week 2 I had 95 of the 96 fruit and no more fruit and 1 from the$1000 from Amazon. Now it's been right at 5 days since it froze up on 4hrs 36min and 16 sec can't get the wall extra coins anything. I even sent a email with no response . This game is bull****
After a week of playing on and off I made enough coins to get a 2$ gift card. But as far as the cash out for PayPal once you hit 90$ your lucky if you get and more green coins. If you like coin dozer games this one is fun but they need to make payout actually reachable. Not to mention if you cant watch the ads then there's no hope even getting to 90$ play at your own discretion.Two days later update. Still BS no green coins at all and slot never lands. BIG FREAKING SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
It's a scam. And it can also warrant a lawsuit for false advertising. Those who are leaving the 5 star ratings are doing it on the basis of it being "fun to play", and that they just installed it and are "hoping that it is legit", which it isn't. It starts out looking like you are winning, but as you get closer to the $100 required for a payout, it stops. Meanwhile, the maker of this app still gets paid for those advertisements. The maker of this app gets paid a lot and you get paid nothing.
This is by far a complete waste of time And effort to play they have a teaser add Before you download showing how easy It is to make money so pretty much lies The game itself shows every reason not To trust or play I worked out it took me Almost 1 hour 30 mins to clock up $23:00 then to get free spins there is A push for you to watch ads it's always A repeat of this. Dont get sucked into this It's not worth it .
I just downloaded the game, & I have won 14. + cash. Hopefully it keeps going like that all the way thru the game. I'll keep the game if it does, & get rid of it if it doesn't.
DO NOT ADD THIS GAME! I should have read the reviews before adding it to my phone. Just like everyone else, I am stopped at $90.57. My timer has also stopped at 04:36:16. Is it a coicidence that everyone's timer stops at the same place? I think not. Everything is false, false, false. Don't waste your time!
For the past five days i havent been able to do anything with the game when i got to $114. It said there are no adds come back in 4 hrs well it has been five days. So you need to fix it or make it so i can transfer what i have to pay-pal and reload the game.
If you're downloading this game to win the big prizes, I've got bad news. Your odds of winning then are about the same of winning the big prize in the lotteries. Skip this game, and I'm not joking. However, if you're looking for a fun time killer where you can occasionally get a $2 amazon gift card, it's an awesome game. I got it as a time killer, and I like it.
Love the game but.... unfortunately my ads dont work anymore so am stuck at £65 that i cant withdraw, cant get any boosters as they are all ad based. its been 4 days that the no coin wait 4 hours 36 minutes and 13 secs has been blocked there so if I run out of coins or want the slot to work i have to either wait or give up ... if I could give it one and a half stars i would...
The game is broken or Jerry rigged. Ads stopped for boosts 4:36:13 for 2 days. I emailed twice no response. So either they cut you off, which is stupid because id watch the ads for boost cause that's how they get paid. I'm waiting to see if i do get my amazon gift card for coins. Fix the ads or tell me they get cut off.
These "games" are adware and also use logos without asking for permission and it's written into the coding of the app that you will never cash out . So it's fraudulent and Google allows it to remain which tells a lot about Google .
As the old saying goes, if its too good to be true, it probably is. After just 4-5 days of constant ads over and over to progress through the game, you get to about the $90 mark (you need $100 to cash out) and you stop getting green coins. Don't bother complete waste of time.
Reached over $50 the fist day. Then things started slowing down. The higher my bank rose, the slower things got. Once I hit $95 the piggy bank stopped paying off in cash, only tokens, and I've been playing all day and have yet to receive any money on the slots, only tokens and fruit. In days past at least 1 out of 4 or 5 spins, I would hit cash tokens. Counting how many days it takes to reach the magic $ 100 mark, then I'll revise my rating. EDITED 11/7/20 game hS been locked for 3 days now
This game is a joke. I was getting rewards left and right until it becomes close to time to pay. Now I've been stuck in the same spot for over a week. If you take the time to make up a game and get people to download and play then pay up!!!!!!!
Doesnt pay. Played for 3 weeks,earned $95.39 & app won't go any higher. Can't cash out till u get $100. Gee, thanks for nothing. Great for wasting time,phone battery, & watching liar commercials about other non-paying games.
I should of got that fruit 0.19% chance I should of had a basket of them by the time I was done, jokes love that machine ;) the controls were great, but couldn't quite keep up with me lol nice touch be able to change coins to chips but the machine was exactly what I'd expect no need to over do it, was jus rite for me! Certainly kept me interested, to be really honest all of the machines were great , very easy to interact with, that's probably the most Important thing especially in that market!
It was exciting at first but I cant even get the last fruit and when I kept trying, I use up my ads just to end up seeing at least 3 of every other fruit. I was hoping I'd be able to buy or at least trade the fruit but I'm having to wait 5 hours just to go through so much trouble just to do something nice for my mother.
Scam. False advertising. Got 500,000 points but no $2 Amazon gift card. Impossible to get to the $100 PayPal payout. Once you get to $90 you can never get any more green coins in the game. This game needs to be removed from the Google Play store and the publisher needs to be banned.
Game stopped me from winning at 90.77. That was 9 days ago. It says no coins available for 4 hrs and 32 min. I guess that will happen eventually. I just have to figure out what year the so i can start playing again. I emailed the company but no responce. I will delete it on thanksgiving day. Would not reccomend.
Do NOT use!!! This app is a total scam!!! It will make you think that you can get to $100 and cash out but NOT!!! Tons of videos in beginning so that you can have the extra features but now that I'm at $92, all the videos have disappeared and no more green coins too. I wish there's a way to give a negative gazillion stars!!!
Total Scam. Played for 4 days on and off. Didn't click on the side items or watch any videos. Just dropped gold coins to rack up gold tokens and money tokens. After reaching $89.02 in money tokens the app will not produce any more. Slots will also no longer award you with money tokens. So reaching the $100 Paypal Payout is not an option. Played the game another 2 hours straight and I can comfirm this to be true. Seems the app is programmed to cap at this limit. Screenshots taken.
This is also one of the fraud money making game like other. They freeze my game on 35 no's of fruits & $92.5. Now they only send me coins. from starting I can't able to watch advertising video's. From my size zero 🌟
Doing update hope it fixes all the things wrong. I watch cammercals and crack open pig get 1.00 but it doesnt go on my money. Ive tryed .10 times and didnt get the 1.00 ones but if 10 that went on it . game started out real nice and fun. Today i made .30 that just wasnt as fun as when i started game.
Love the game play, and that it is easy to rack up on wins. Not many apps are set up to pay out pretty quickly, but this app hasn't taken too long to win.
It started out great winning like crazy. I was so excited. Only 3 fruits away from the Amazon 10,000 and less than $15 from the $100 cash. But now it would appear my game has glitches. Cant watch anymore videos for coins or chances to win spins or bonuses. Not to mention i havent landed on green coins in almost a week. If the error message and no green coins thing continue Im going to be forced to uninstall the game.
it fun 2 play but I am sure it will stop paying out or you won't be able to get your payment cause it won't be clickable or where it just gets you to give your opinion on the add for free coins 2 keep you playingbut I don't care if I can find a way or their s some loop hole in the way that they flase advise I will be making a few chioce words 4 there astent 4 there customer service guy or girl all these games that are telling you that you get paid for playing I have not heard of any yet that do
Please do not download this games it's a scam it collects your data and it's owners sell your information. You will not win anything from this game. As soon as you get close to winner the money stop at the four hour ad clock and never restarts. The game has damaged 2 cell phone and one I couldn't even recover it through reset. You've been warned!
After reading other reviews where people were saying you get to a certain amount and you just stop winning! I got to £90.01 and ran out of adverts to watch... (They usually come back after a 5 hour countdown) I don't know what happened, but the countdown clock stopped working! Sent an email last week and no reply!! Don't waste your time.
The game was fun to play because you anticipate winning. I have been playing for sometime, and I became close to winning 3 of 4 prizes and then the game is a sham. They dont give you what you need to finish the task. What a waste of time if you want a monetary prize.
I think I would have liked this one alot but wayyyyy too many ads! You barely get to play 30 seconds at a time. Sorry y'all messed up this one..
Good game so far. I will have to update my comment after I reach 100.00 because so far every game I have played, 15 to 17 different ones, soon as I get very close to 100, 98-99 dollars, each win is only .02 cents or .09...makes it as difficult as possible to get to 100.00 to do 1st cash put. I hope this game is different.
READ BEFORE DOWLOADING. Start out good. I reach to 90.35 then stop giving out green coin. I played atleadt 4 hours each day for next 4 days watching endless ads, not a single green coin collected. It is impossible to reach $100. So I finally decided to delete this fu cking app. Waste of time and energy. Ads are misleading.
Misleading game. It makes it appears that you are going to be able to be reach the numbers to get paid out, but as you get closer to a payout, it literally gives you less and less come until you end up not getting any and are stuck at the same thing forever. This game is a complete waste of time.
I been playing for almost 4 weeke, when you het to 95.67 the game would not give you any more cash coins, is a good game but if they dont pay the people the money is gonna be one more garbage game!!!
I played this game for three weeks even twice a day and was getting all the green coins. Made it to 92.00 and it stopped. And been stuck at 92.00 for the past 5 days. I have watched tons of ads. This is NOT a play and win money game. If you like coin pusher games go for it but as for me....I am uninstalling it.
Still after over 3 weeks the game is broke, no ads available with lockout timer stuck 4 hours 36 min for some reason. All these 5 star reviews lately are fake or they haven't been "glitched" yet so they won't win. I'm stuck at $64, a ways before even getting to $100. Waste of time. Sent message to devs, no reply. Just another Chinese company stealing your data. The latest Nov 2 update didn't fix anything
More time spent on watching videos than playing the game. Spending alot of time and the pop up oops boxes come up every 10 seconds. Annoying.
Great until you get close to pay out. Then real money money is not there or there in such small amounts and numbers that it takes forever to make any substancial amounts. Unfortunate because i was just about to refer my friends.
It was doing great first couple days, but then it stopped doing ads now I can't use any of the stuff, like the piggy bank ,wall and stuff like that,so I have contacted support 3 times in 3 days with no response and they still have fixed the problem! The timer for ads has been showing 4 hour and some odd minutes and hasn't counted down at all, its just stuck! They really need to fix and pay attention to people and the problems they are having with the app and actually respond to the people!
It's actually really fun but I got to about 89 or 90$ & the videos stuck at 4:36:13 & has been there for 3weeks now. It's hard to play without videos none of these games ever pay out. If the videos don't start working really soon I'm uninstalling this bs just like all the others
It is an enjoyable game and does give that appearance that you may possibly win. But you can tell that you have to put dedication into it and there are a few times that the game does a pause. But at this point in time there's nothing I seen to make me think that this is fake. On the contrary I do believe at this point the game to be fully legit. Only time will tell as I climb the ladder towards a cash out point
Surprise surprise, full of lies. Withdraw only when you hit $100, but since I hit $89 I get almost zero money coins, the collect used to give money and now it doesn't, 2 weeks since I hit $89 and I'm now at $90. I did but 500,000 in game coins to get a $2 Amazon card which I still haven't gotten. Avoid unless you want to be frustrated and lied too.
Even when you get Amazon cards it stops adding them. Today 10/22/20 I started with 47 Amazon credits. I collected a total of 5 more cards, but none of them added to my balance. I should be at $52 in Amazon awards, which I would be able to cash out on. This game is a phony, all adds and positive reviews about this game are a total LIE!!!!
Stopped working! I got up to 91 dollars and now I can't see anymore ad's which means I can't use the features of the game to earn more coins. I contacted support and there's been no response. This game is bogus and I'm pissed that I wasted so much time watching these damn ad's thinking I was going to be paid for my time.
It's an ok game, has alot of adds in it, and takes along time to even make a hundred bucks to cash out, been playing the game for just over a week and just now got up to 60$ will let know if able to cash out if I ever get to 100$
I love this game but it has diffically problem. Example I have $92.11 so far. But getting from $85.00. to this point is hard you get less video"s to get coins..and no doller to come up...will it pay out at $100 i yet to know.
Iam a software programmer, and they have one ad that doesn't let you back into the game when you start winning, this is a Scan, and Google needs to take this Scam's out of the app store.
Good game till I got to about 85 PayPal cash. Went to play this morning and all cash and coins had gone, so I started again. Just went on to play just now, and it's happened AGAIN. Took me 4 days to get up to being 15 off of being able to cash out too. If it cannot be restored I will be uninstalling. Can't be bothered if it is only going to stitch me up when I get close. Please put it all back.
Dont waste your time on this. In the beginning its good. Gives you coins quickly to try and get to 100.00. Got to 89.99 but havent gotten any more coins in any slot spins. Even collecting fruits. Got all but one but then all repeat fruits. So its like they make you play and get excited cause coins and fruits rise fast. Then it stalls. Been weeks since i gotten any coins at all. Not even the piggy bank gives coins anymore.
This game starts out paying you great by the time you reach 89.00 it stops paying out completely. No more green coins and very few slot wins. The piggy bank turns to 100 gold coins. This game does not pay out anything so dont waste your time with it. I got all but one fruit and so is misleading. I think these games are rigged. The 5 star rating is fake reviews to keep ratings above 4. Id give zero stars if i could. They just use your data and phone information to make cash.
Misleading and unrealistic. Seems to work great at the start but as you kove along collecting your money the game becomes absolutely rigged! Very few spins, the ones you do get dont give you much of anything. Hit $90 and be sure you wont make the $100 any month soon! Complete waste of time lol
At first the balance of my "winnings" added rapidly. The pace at which I was able to win money significantly decreased around $50. Suddelnly, the slot machine rarely rewarded money coins. When the bar that makes the coins spit out filled up, it started spitting out mostly yellow coins, only a few green ones. The timer that counts down how often you can watch ads to use different features such as to lengthen the bucket the coins drop in got stuck. I made my way up $74 and I'm done wasting time.
Adds up quick but stops quicker. Once I hit about $80, it quit dropping the green coins. Even when it goes into super mode and it shows its dropping green coins, it only drops like 5. I have played and watched videos non stop. They are getting paid, the players not so much. Very disappointed.
Limited, especially about app. I am HAPPY to win just need help to compete the steps on what to do getting the cash when and if I am a winner. Yes it is very exciting. And I really surprised I just decided to push the button as it said to do. $1000.00 came up (3) times
I saw that we can cash out at any time on this game, to find out we actually can't. People that play these games really need the money for the most part. For instance I'm currently in the process of getting my disability started and have no income. Therefore I'm one of the ones that really need it. I build up to $66, and try to cash out to find out I need $100 or more, and after that I find I can't watch videos to help with extra coins for the pusher. Resets every time I go in to almost 5 hours.
Great game if you want to just have fun but not for making money. I'm at 99.64 and it has not given me any pennies in a week now. Just another SCAM!!!! Fixing to delete game!!
I'm having fun now and I am praying that it's not the same as the other games I've played in the past and I'm not too bothered by the advertising as I understand that it's important. But I'm confident that this will be a great game and good payouts.
Ok, here we go,I would give 5*,but I am waiting to see if it pays out,and I have seen the game glitch when the coins should have dropped into the bucket,like the green ones,they go right past it no matter if correct shot,they seem to short fall,then,it finally,gives me one cream,lol. All n all,the game is fun passes the time very fast,and like with all these claims in games that make u real money ,don't quit your day job, LMFAO,but it does build up with change ,under one $100 hundred bux,enjoy.
I've been having fun playing for a while. For the past 5 days or so when I try to break the piggy bank or to get more coins or any of the extras it's giving me a message saying no ads at the moment until 04:36:13. I even did the update and it's still giving me the same message. I sent a message to customer support and nothing. The funny thing is it happened as soon as I hit $90.18. Hmmmmm... just like any of the other b******* cash games.
Another fake advertised game you don't win anything like they show on the ads it's slow giving you any kind of coin to make money with it shouldn't be allowed to put up ads like that and not have your game play like the ad showing
My experience is that the game be played before you download it the little box you grab the coins with does not slip like it does in the game so that's false advertisement plus it takes like 10 seconds to lose all your coins and then you don't get to play again search me takes forever to do anything with this game it's it's not a good game I wouldn't advise anybody to download it
Do not waste your time! You will never get paid. The more you play the less you earn. I've been stuck at $93 for about a month. I did get enough points to claim a $2 Amazon gift card but guess what? I never recieved it. They say they email the prizes in 7 business days but it's been nearly a month. If they don't pay out $2 do you really think they'll pay out $100? I'd give zero stars if I could.
Fun but same old story, you get close to the $100 or up winnings & the game won't pay out any more. You get stuck on $95 or $96. I played continuously for two days straight & didn't get one cent closer.
WASTE OF TIME!! Collected all fruit but one toward $10000 Amazon card. Collected $90.76 toward $100 PayPal gift card. Actually collected enough gold coins to redeem for $2 Amazon card but never received it. Once I got close to any of these, game said no more ads for 4 hrs 36 min and 13 seconds. That was 2 weeks ago. Tried contacting customer support but no response.
this game isn't that easy because it has a lot of ads. it's very true that all you have to do is swipe but it seems as if the ads take over. it's like watching the TV show and the commercials pop up every 20 minutes. you cannot redeem the money until you earn about a hundred bucks. it's a very easy game though. very simple!!! just don't get cramps trying to play you may need a iPad because a phone is way too small it could take hours to earn 100 bucks. make sure you have your own PayPal account.
This game sucks $#!+! Timer stuck in 4hr:36m:13sec and has been for a week! No tools, no green coins and developers don't answer e-mails! Got all but 1 fruit and it is rated at 0.78% but all the others rated 0.04% filled 2-3 times over!!!! Other games by this developer also just as bad! This game and developers should be removed just fir lack if comnunication!!!! Zero stars if possible.
What i don't understand is HOW they even say they are 4.3 ⭐ when all the reviews are only 1⭐ I haven't even played yet and I know this is a joke. I'm on a couple other ones like this and it's ridiculous, finally get to where I have enough money to cash out and, you guessed it- no more cards to pay out. All of these are scams.
Way too many ads and once I hit 90 dollars the wins were slim to none! Still have not received a $20.00 gift card from almost a week ago!
Like all the rest, it promises on adverts you can withdraw money any time..FALSE. You need £100 to draw your money and again like all the other games you get to around £95 and the coins stop. You also get a screen message saying no more videos until another 4 hours, you need videos to get more coins, this has been on my app for 4 days now and customer service don't answer .. so please don't bother downloading
All the one star reviews are correct. You will never win money playing this game. The bonuses stop working because the ad timer freezes. Even if you manage to collect the absurd number of coins for a 2 dollar gift card, it never shows up in your email. Complete scam.
I was liking this game but then it stopped letting me watch the videos. I did the update and still nothing. Doesn't give out money coins anymore. The only way I could get them was to watch videos to increase my coins and have a very small amount of money coins to drop and now I can't do that.
Fixed app ! Win big until you reach $89 in green coins then no more green coins! On the all fruits you get 34 out of 36 and that's it !!! The last 2 will never come ! This game is designed to give two dollar gift cards only !!!
Starting the game you recieve massive money coins, but when you get to around $95 you stop recieving any green coins. Not even in the click for cash event where clicks are supposed to drop green coins. Seems like you'll never cash out on the game. You have to watch an ad every 30 seconds or so which wouldn't be a bother is the app actually gave green coins like it should.
Its was a nice game to last time. They do not pay you though. I won a 2 dollar Amazon card and claimed it but never received it. I got up to 95.45 in money then they froze the timer on ads so you can no longer get coins to play the game with unless you wait a while. I had sent them an email about the timer but I have not heard from them and they have not fixed it. They are a bunch of liars. I am deleting this game. No need in keeping it if I can't play it.
After playing for 3 days I been stuck at $146 and all I get is a sad face, I think this game is step up for you to keep playing after a certain amount is reached. They keep u playing but don't win anymore big money just coins. When I got to 146 in 2 days, the game just stop giving me big winnings. It looks good in the beginning but sucks after u get to a certain amount
This is just another game that doesn't live up to its "win real money," claim. I cashed out a $2 Amazon card for 500,000 coins earned. Been almost a month, no Amazon card, nor any e-mail responded to. I have $95.49, and now the game says no video at this time, next is in 4 hrs. 36 min. 13 sec., which hasn't changed in over 3 weeks. So overall, unless bugs and problems are corrected as well as remedied. I would rate this game Zero(0) stars out of Five(5).
Enjoyed the game until I got to $90 now all of the sudden I cant receive any more bonus coins for ANYTHING it gives me a timer that says I can get more when the timer ends.. well the timer doesnt even work it just stays at 4hrs.. it's been like that for a week now... Google play needs to shut this scam app down for lying and misleading its users
SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Do not waste your time! YOU WILL NEVER WIN bc once you get close your game will stop working correctly. This kind of bs should be illegal. Once I hit $91 my game said it "ran out of ads for 4 hours, 36 minutes and 13 seconds" this was 24 hours ago and it still says the same thing. You'd think they would let some people win like the lotto, given they are making so much from the millions of ads we have to watch. But nobody wins, look thru the reviews if you don't believe me
I'm at 90.57 so far and I've been playing for about 4-5days now. It's fun to pass the time and I'm not really expecting to be able to hit 100 anytime soon. However, I will say I am still getting the green coins still dropped at a lower amount. Usually 3-10cents. Will update this if it stops dropping the green coins like most people are claiming it does. So we shall see.
Beautiful game. But don't expect any money. First $75 is fast, $100 you probably won't reach this decade. Winnings decrease and ads are "not available' for hours all designed to slow you down.
Does not pay out! Beware o this like everyone else get $50 day 1 but after that it slows down until there are no more green coins at all. I play a lot, first hour I reached $50, by hour 13 in game play, I get no ads for 3, 4 or 6 hours. So not only can you not earn the $100 to pay out cash but you can earn enough gold coins to cash out a $2 Amazon gift card. The only cash apps I have seen work are by Louder Rewards takes a few days to earn $5 but at least I get the gift cards.
For sure a scam. Was fun at first but now i cant watch any ads to get coins or anything and the clock has been stuck on 4hrs 36min 16sec for over 4 days now. I understand games are for entertainment but to draw people in with the hopes of any cash or gift card winnings is bullcrap. I even emailed the support team and go no response. Don't waste your time with this game cause thats all it is. A game.
Win versus profit. You will win alot and profit nothing. The game turns against you when you are nearing completion. The developers rely on people giving up after having them watch a ton of adds until they realize they are not gonna cash out anytime soon. Its free to play and a waste of time. I collected all fruits but one, i got multiples of all fruits except the one that will earn me the big prize. You need 5 million yellow coins to win 2 dollars, what an absolute waste of time.
This is not a money making game. The beginning started out with payouts, but not enough to withdraw. despite the developer saying it's random, I would like to see the source code showing that. Any real money, whether $5 or $.04, it completely stopped. That is not random. The bar that gets filled up with coin drops says to click to make dollars. Since l got close to $90, I have never seen real cash. Only tokens. Please show me the code. I will leave my email if you like.
Played till I got around $90 then the game won't let me get any higher. Fraud bs advertising. It's just like all other games that promise you will win money. You won't. Don't download. And how do you get a 4.5 rating when most I saw were 1 star?? Seems like bs to me.
The excitement and grandeur of this application is exactly like the feeling of hitting BIG at a casino within the comfort of your own home on your own device. It simply doesn't get any better than winning $$$$$$ and Pusher Mania got it right!!!!
Scam, like others fun until you hit $90 then you never win. Just a waste of time. Started of fast and got to $90 in 4 days but after that nothing. Nothing but a big joke. They must also have people who built this app making fake ratings.
This game I downloaded before I didn't win no money I didn't even like it that much because I was still in the shop change where did I ever won anything from off of this it's going to play but thankfully nothing how long do the person. Keep playing to be with able to win any cash are gift cards
I honestly don't know why this has so many 5 star reviews, unless they have people working for them to artificially inflate the ratings. There is no way that many people think that highly of this game. Yeah it's fun if you like coin pusher games in general, but it will not pay out like it says it will. It stops right at around $90... If you're just into the coin pushing, there are better and more exciting ones out there that don't have the deception and lies that this one has around real money.
I wish I would have listened to reviews of this app. I've been playing for a while now and I only made money on the 1st couple days. But I have been sitting at $95.67 for 2 days now. If I'm lucky I will get 10 cents a day. So I doubt I will ever hit the $100 mark and be able to cash out. But I guess on the positive side I got a $2 amazon gift card from the gold coins.
Have not read a single review of anyone winning anything (except $2) pretty sure all the 5 star reviews are fake profiles. I got the first 35 fruits pretty easy, just needed one more to win the big gift card and now it's impossible to get that. No more green coins after a while. False advertising. Nope. Thanks for wasting my time.
Read the other reviews... game is broke obviously to us close to winning anything. Ad timer is stuck 4hr 36min 13sec. Cant use any boosters cause no ads available (providing them real money). The green money coins ceased dropping at $64.xx The recent 5 star reviews are fake inputs/fake names and the real players haven't been "glitched" yet. Sent email to dev, no reply. Only thing theyre "Pushing" now is constant spam notifications on my mobile. Fix the game devs or its gets deleted
So i read the reviews i had to try it and write my own. I played for three days straight watching all the ads. Immediately i knew this game was designed for the developer to make money off clicks of ads being viewed. As i played on i realized the program was written not to win or make it merely impossible. The developers wrote the the app to start off with 5 cent coins then after a specified amount it drops to .02 cents in the bonus and eventually to .01 cent dont be scammed moretowrite
I won't give it a star, the game is a fake and fraud like every other one, you reach a certain amount then they stop you from getting anything else by blaming it on the videos because it will just keep saying, no video now try later, it's been that way for days. See they won't let me post this unless I give them a star
Was loving this game but for the past 6 days I have been waiting for ads to load to be able to use extras such as shake, walls etc. But the time for ads still says 4 hours 36 minutes, 6 days later. Do I not get anymore after my initial usage, I thought that is what the ads are for? If not I will uninstall as its wasting my time
Don't expect to win anything soon, it's just something to while away the hours when you're bored. Coins rarely land flat, more riders than on Tipping Point. As for catching the coins in the slots bucket, you'll need a physicist to work out those odds. Graphics are pretty standard for this type of game. After a while the green coins more or less dry up, only to be expected in a game that only the developers win
I can't get anymore coins from ads. It says to wait 4 hour 36 min and 13 sec, but it's not counting down. Meaning I have to wait for each individual coin and no more ability to use the piggy bank or the occasional boosters.
Good game until you get close to cashing out. You have to collect $100 bucks before you can cash out & when I started the game it was good & I was slowly making my way up to the $100 mark until I hit $90 & now I cant get a single green money coin to drop or the slot machine to hit anything also so its quite obvious they dont want to pay out the $100 bucks but I'll keep playing for a little longer but if it keeps up then delete & good bye!!
So far it looks excitingly legit.... I'm going to attempt to gain enough monies maybe 10 dollars and see if this game will allow me to cash out .. if so I'm a player for life!!! It's also fun to play in general so I have truly stumbled on to what I hope is a honest app designed by honest people paying honestly earned monies.