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Pusoy ZingPlay - Chinese poker 13 card game online

Pusoy ZingPlay - Chinese poker 13 card game online for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by VNG ZINGPLAY STUDIO located at 80 Raffles Place #25-01 UOB Plaza 1, Singapore. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Pusoy – Chinese Poker (or Filipino poker, also known as chikicha or sikitcha) or sometimes Russian Poker, is a popular type of "shedding" card game with origins in the Philippines and poker that is asian.

Play Pusoy - Chinese Poker free with millions of players from Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.! Immerse yourself in a world of Pusoy Casino excitement, strategy and fortune to prove that you're a winner that is true. Are you ready to challenge to become a legendary hand?


FREE CHIPS – Play the game every day to get free chips!

MINI GAME – You will have more fun with mini GAME and get more incredible gifts

VIP PROGRAM – Earn benefits and features by reaching higher Tiers in your VIP LEVEL! Enjoy exclusive level VIP package offerings and special bonus.

Select TABLE – Easy to play with your friends and more Players. You can select any Channel and play as Amateur to Billionaire

JACKPOT – When you have Dragon (the straight that is 13-card, you will win money from the maximum Jackpot based on your Channel

PLAY ANYWHERE WITH FRIENDS – Take your favorite card game anywhere with your friends. Play seamlessly across all game ever in your mobile – you can easy log in with your Facebook, Google or Zing Account!

Download Pusoy - Chinese Poker and start playing today!

Join many fun activities and get support by our team at https://www.facebook.com/Pusoy-ZingPlay-Philippines-511076906034727/

This game is intended for an audience that is adult does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Thanks for playing Pusoy - Chinese Poker. We strive to provide you with the product that meet and exceed your expectations even. We are committed to improvement that is continuous welcome any comments you may have to help improve the game.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pusoy ZingPlay - Chinese poker 13 card game online.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pusoy ZingPlay - Chinese poker 13 card game online for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
If you can, be satisfied with the daily gold given. Don't waste your money buying gold because their algorithm will make sure you lose consecutively.
This game actually is good, very addicting and great game play for pusoy, problem is that sometimes even if you win on a certain set your opponents still gets the pot money and youll be left with nothing, totally ZERO. I wish you can fix this then I go for VIP. I dont want to lose my money with a glitch/bug.
Bought some gold since I always lose. I just doubled the money after 5 games. But the last game I lost all 12M, even though I managed to avoid Pusoy. The mechanics are too confusing, the time is too fast to understand what just happened. And the randomness of cards seems unfair. Opponents almost always have too much powerful combinations (Full ace, Full king, pair queen), and in succession?! Avoiding pusoy should not take all my money. And I should be able to control ow much I am willing to bet.
So I've been playing this game for a while now and I think you need to add a feature that will allow us to control how much we are going to bet because it will confuse the players why they lost all of their coins in an instant. And also, aside from your 3x daily support. I hope you can add some alternatives on how to gain chips because your daily support is not really enough. After we lost all of our chips we need to wait until tomorrow or buy chips so we can play again. It won't satisfy us! Ty😊
I really enjoy this game they have many surprises gold coins daily more gift codes and exciting activities nice and have fun
You can't win straight here,after winning a couple of games then automatically the dealer let you loose,which is part of the strategy of buying golds, I never always buy, am I a fool??? Uninstall...
Scam. Spent a lot of money but I cant even win a jackpot prize. Better not to install it guys. You will just waste your money
There are a lot of error. It keeps occurring if you try to claim a reward in a Christmas event. You can't even get a reward after finishing a daily contribution during the Christmas event. It's just a waste of time in participating the event but can't claim the respective reward.
,i love this game😍...most especially now😊... I can handle my card in a nice way😊... the events is most exciting😍... big rewards😍.. Thank u zingplay for making us your players feel comfortable with your games😊😊
This game is just like an option for me. :) This is the game I play when I'm bored and it was actually a fun game!! You never win and you lose big time more than your deductions. This game is only for bored people. I can't believe I played this game. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So stupid. And I would like to call this game uhh.. Last resort. the worst game you would play. At least this game gets to be played. GGWP.
I Love playing this game. Pusoy ZingPlay is very fun and exciting and enjoy..That's why many people playing this game.. Hopefully more free gold and giftcode.
The rules on payment is kind of confusing, sometimes they take away all of your chips but you should have won. This game is all about making you happy at the start they will let you win then they will give you a bad hand until you lose everything. So tendency they want you to buy gold from them, nice business strategy. All money not for fun. 😩
I can't purchase your promotion. Seems you are having a hard time sending me the code to proceed the purchase via SMS. It took an hour before you send the code and the site already "session expired". I tried several times, no success. Kinda frustrating.
Pusoy is the worst game they have.. Tongits is better if u know how.. But dont let your kids play in tournaments.. Lots of nasty people.. I told admin on one of her live shows and she just laughed..
Its good to know on how to play this game.this all about the cards that you have to think properly b4 u drop the card so u dont loose .and its the mind power.but this games is very difficult 4 the beginners..its so hard 4 me to play this because im not a gambler but when i soaw someone playing i'm so curious. So i have to know on how to play this games thats im trying my self.
1 star for this app please update the app my acc always loosing money its hard to win ... some shuffle cards are not fair.
Its awesome! quite challenging and very exciting to play with. But, there is difficulties to win or move to higher level and higher amount of coins especially to those who is purchasing coins thru online like me. I've spent more money already but still i can't move on to high amount of coins on a stable basis coz it is very easily ate or defeated to those players who had already big or high amount of coins if the application controller took me to a game on high Bet.
I expirience a lot of pressure for this game. But the expirience and fun is absolutely great. Its your tactics to play and win the game and theres a many prices but i didnt had.
I experienced a few bugs though. First was when I tried to join a table, a message appeared saying that I was still in a game even though I was in the main menu; when I restarted the app, all my money was gone. Second was when I was in a game, I've already set my cards (straight--ace high, two pair, pair) when the game suddenly clicked the "rearrange" button and changed my arrangement (straight--jack high, pair, pair). I hope you address these bugs.
Still missing some functional options... But overall, its fun!!! i just have one comment for now, i think there is one possible way not to waste time waiting for "A TURN" if for example i have one card left so obviously i cant dump any cards except for a single card to be dump, definitely the program should automatically pass your turn.. I hope this make sense at all
I love Pusoy zingplay so much, I enjoyed everytime I'd play. And I'm so excited everytime I'd play. Because the more I'd play higher the more I got points 😍😍. Thank you Pusoy ❤️
I realy2x hate this game. subrang loading nya kahit madami nam Yong cignal. can you fix this issue 😏🤨 last past 2 days hindi sya log. pero ngayon subrang hate ko na nito 🤨
so addictive.. its just hard to win the phone the tv and the spindry.. i have load almost 1k but i cant win it
When i see this game, i download this application and learn how to play. And now everyday when i have a free time i almost play this pusoy for my own happiness and enjoying the game at home. And it is exciting and they giving exciting prizes. Download and play now ZingPlay Pusoy
It's cool easy to understand but you must go all out with your money in these game so you will be bankrupt all the time
This game is great. Its challenging because your competing with other people. It helps takes away the boredom that we feel on this time of pandemic.
What a scam! Don't ever install it's frustrating 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
I used to like this game. U win some. I lose big time. I don't even play long enough to enjoy it. Also, you don't give much freebies..
the game play is good. graphics ok. however, be very careful. all of a sudden your money in your pot will be gone. I have 3 million in my pot. closed the game after an hour i returned and money was gone. in some instances i noticed the game continued playing and all the time my cards get cracked. this is even when i closed the game. removing this app from my system. sayang tsk tsk tsk
This game is not good everything is in favor of the opponent you will never had a chance to win big amount of coins because you will always had a bad cards
at the first game is OK but last game my arrangement of pusoy is OK but what happens when comparing time my card is changed that is like a scam game
Need to add rules on tong its so that it is not often just simply challenge or draw without any stake. Need to apply poiny difference.
Very nice game but very disappointing becau se they won't let you play on lower stake if you already have large amount of gold. If you already have 100k, you are stricted to play on lower table where in this case you will easily be broke in just one game if by most chances you will be hit by a luck from your opponents. You will be forced to lose large amount of gold in just few games so your gold will not last. I hope they change this kind of set-up so I can play longer.
Its my second day as registered VIP (weekly). i dont know if its a bug/glitch or not but i wasnt able to get my daily gold bonus for today. I can usually claim it every 12:00 a.m (Ph time). I dont know where to report it so i posted here instead. And Btw, I also want to report a bug/glitch. it happens when youre currently dragging a card to a different place then suddenly someone calls/videochats you, the card will get stuck in your screen you wont be able to drag it.
I have a full on a valkery! But valkery didn't work! What is this for? For display! If you don't get a action for this im gonna uninstall this and post it on social media! Always keeping error! Lol. Even 1 star i don't want to give!
I'd love to play this game more but it can be unforgiving for newbies. The gold "support" is so low. Please be a little bit more generous about it, raise it to 50K each. The daily reward can also get a bit of a raise. You guys can also introduce a slot machine that may give us more gold or rewards in the form of tickets, gems or items that we can then redeem to get more gold. Thank you.
It has good grahpics and easy to understand. You will surely enjoy playing it if the chances if winning is set to 50%/50% in the system. Unfortunately of winning is below 50%. And the monent you buy coins that chance of winning will go down a little more. Everytime you buy coins your chance of winning dcreases. Until a time comes that you purchase coins many times in a day just to play. This game is a system genarated scam. To collect money from gamblers. My advice is dont use this app.
Useless piece of garbage. Don't waste any money on this trash. They make sure you lose money so that you will buy more.
It was a good game I really injoy this kind of a game in online but,I'm so disappointed because the is hanging 😢
this is a A cery good example of scam!! imagine i was given a chance to play for a short period of time for free and then i need to purchase coin to continue to play.. .. and when i did buy load !! goodness!!! for just 2 or 3 deals i need to buy again!!??? haha no way!!! this should be deleted!!!!! i won't recommend this app!!!!! ever!!!!!
I love this game the graphics the texture of the game and the contoroler it nice.when you lose like 3 or 4 above times they will make your cards good
Those game pusoy, tongits the whole nine yards. Áre very fun and exiting for everyone, Love it thanks Zingplay The best site I ever played the graphics are very cleared, tutorial for the beginners their very easy to follow. Zingplay your 6 Stars in my play book.
Great game. It's fun fun fun. But is a scam and should not be even rated with a star. not even a single star. A big X should be given to this app. A big scam, just want your money that's all. when you purchase gold to play, you will just lose it in no time. i have uninstalled this game.
I've loved this game app ever since I've played it..but then the latest updated time I've installed was probably ridiculous..why then I couldn't be able to play at the 'LANDLORD' tables everytime I've tap the table numbers all it notification says 'TABLE DELETED'. it pissed me off since that last update..it doesn't make sense and ohh i am a not that pissed but I am so pissed..a have millions i buy Load wallets to fullfill my accounts and a VIP also..i was so embarrassed having failures from this
Please note that I bought 600.000 chips but my account was credited only for 60.000. Appreciate if you will this matter. ID26376 PSD 7708101. Thanks
Before its ok..but this week i expirence og log...i dont know my enternet is ok but still log...can you fix this essue?
you must put an auto disconnect or auto leave to a table once your system detected that the player was disconnected to the game. Once we lost our internet connection and we're on a table the bet will continue until we lost all of our money because of crack arrangement. sometimes the switch account does not work. I cannot switch to my fb account. Hope that you guys will make actions regarding these issues.
best online scam everythibg is system generated and bassically you have a slim chance of winning and you always ended up lossing no matter hpw you play. this game is dessigned to loot and take peoples money great job for this scam
Con artist app... I entered the room and they were still playing and pressed the button to leave the room then the next thing i knew i was already dealt the card and was BOMBED!!!
Base on my experiences playing this application is enjoyable... I love this game.... Stress reliever 😍😍😍😍
This game its so unfair you need spend.. a lot of money to increase your winning chance Useless this game ever.. Do not Wasting your money...
It could have been better if we have the freedom to select which table we want to join. Having a million then being directed to a 300k table is ridiculous. If you can add this feature that would be awesome. Will look forward to it.
For me is only my pass time if I'm bored depend on me if I make it to gambling sometimes yes if I wanted to win sometimes no bcoz the important is my work to earn money for daily needed if depends on me how to handle this game I know my limitations that's why I use this app
the thing is its a good game and addictive but its not fair that tje by passers play in room in just 1deal and win gold then go leave the room, very unfair, i think the system makes you lose if you are a regular gold buyer everyday.. which is i am, play fair and spend time to any room to earn your gold not by 1 deal. or free gold for players who avail everyday. just a suggestion.
One of my favorite apps that i used.actually my husband and i used this app and we loved it.👍😍 so simple to play,their admins are nice and funny also(shout out admin seth/tropang turon hihih)they also have many prices/rewards .and ofcourse our stress reliever..LEGIT👍👍
Pusoy ZingPlay is very fun and exciting and enjoy to game that’s why many people love it to play because it gives joy and happiness to each and everyone who play it.
I love this game so much. This app is connected to my fb account. But I only rate this 4 stars because I have a problem. Please help me I don't know how to play again this game because now, everytime I open this on my phone, I always touch the -log in with facebook- but there's nothing happened. I don't know how to open this again. Help me please.
At least give your first time players a winning shot on the game, probably good cards are for those paying customers only. Your random card draw sucks!
I am playing this game for a long time a spend money to support this game but how sad this game of now not working well it is said pusoy was stopped I was in the table and let I be back to the lobby was buncrupt me.I purchase again after playing 10draws pusoy was stopped again and Bancrupt again I don't see the winning card of the opponent .this always happen to me..pls be fair not to do this I am spending money on this game bcoz I love this game.and good graphics..
I will only install this game to show or say what I want. I love this game b'coz for me it's my stress reliever in my free time after my tiring day teaching my children the module and taking care of my 2yr old baby boy. PS.ZingPlay Portal kasi ang naka installed (for all in one game😊😍)
This was not a game, this is just a waste of time. The probability of chances if winning was really. I would not expect that this game will no longer avaible in play store.
Much better to don't buy coins, because if they notice that you always buy their coins they didn't let you to win..I notice those person didn't buy they have a lot of coins it means they are always win than to person who always buy coins..Scam!!
i love all zingplay games, bcoz all the games is the best game in the World 😊😊😊 stress reliever and so many fun
Yeah this game is good at first. when you started to buy chips using your money, thats the beginning of the scam. you will be allowed to win some in your early game but surely they will not giving you any good cards on the succeeding rounds so you will definitely end up broke. your opponents keep on getting special cards (6 straight is the most in my experience!). another proof is that everytime there is other player loses all their chips, their unpaid amount is always deducted on mine! c'mon!
Bought a First Buy deal...never get the gold! Support never answer me! Update: it takes time for them to answer but fix the issue. Thanks!
This will be my first use of this app. Previously I hate playing the game due to the fact that I cant win. Nonetheless i like the game so I rate 4 stars.
can i redeem with this app. if yes what can be redeemed. Maybe you're just a game and you won't get anything.
WARNING !!! DO NOT PURCHASE COINS!!! I purchased a coins but it didn't credit to my account, I contacted their support and THEY WILL INSIST that it did credited to my account. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! - STILL NO UPDATE FROM THIS, NO REFUND
How does it happen i won more than 500k, then i decided to quit the game and just for a couple of minutes when i get back to play my money becomes zero 0?
tgis game is amazing.. u can win real price and play in real time 10 thumbs up for the developer. keep up the good work..
Should have an option how much to want yo buy-in in a table, not the bet itself. When you have a good card and a lot of money in the table the there goes your opponent having luck, all the money was taken from you. Also, have ranking on the left side of the screen but shows no facebook friends ranking, no playing buddies and recently add friend from the table.
I loaded 100 pesos and charge twice but haven't got the gold. I have contacted your fb page and yet still not resolve, still waiting for actions on your end
This game is addicting. But rigged. The distribution of cards are not random and is a disadvantage to all players. It is patterned so that most paying players would keep on buying chips. I know because I already spent a lot of money (VIP Gold) on this game and saw their pattern. I hope some independent body would check on their server on how cards are being distributed so that people are getting their moneys worth and would not be ripped off by this company.
Best card gaming i played online!!!!!!!! Baka nman may libreng golds pero i change na tong 5 star rating ko apakadaya ng tournament mode nyo... Scam na ata hahaha
To bf honest , im starting to like zingplay games , bt after i read all the feed back about the people who telling , zingplay is big scaw is true?