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Puzzle Island

Puzzle Island for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Vangelina Savva. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Welcome to The Island – the center of a lost society young Emily discovers while following the path of her missing brother. A spot where activities being perilous constantly just about to happen. A spot for which you could have no right time and energy to be annoyed!

assist Emily establish a settlement, explore the lands, solve most of the puzzles, and uncover countless secrets associated with the Island!

You’re up for:
♥ Beautiful graphics and sounds;
♥ Breathtaking storyline;
♥ Multiple mini-games inside.

And additionally:
♥ Huge seashore to set a farm up;
♥ Tricky puzzles and quests to challenge yourself;
♥ Cozy buildings to build and update;
♥ Secret locations to discover;
♥ Ancient maps to explore and items to get;
♥ concealed treasures to grab;
♥ special items to build and trade;
♥ sweet animals to tame and new pals to fulfill;
♥ striking nature to enjoy.

You’ll dig it!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Puzzle Island.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
It would be really fun and I'd spend more time playing. But everything takes so much "energy" to do. I lost interest quickly waiting for my energy to come back to clear more obstacles
The game is super fun but everything takes so much energy to do you can only play for about a min until your out of energy and have to wait an hour for it to be refilled only to come back and clear one thing that sucks
Game is very slow and not very many puzzles. Got to level 10 and I can't finish the bakery because I can't make string due to lack of grass materials.lame
Its such a shame, between game glitches and a slow very small energy bank, I have zero desire to play. I really like the puzzles and the story is cool but the other stuff really turns me off the game. May have to delete.
It is actually good except the fact that it doesnt have a save progress button or atleast connect it to facebook so every progress on the game wont be lost. Its so tiring repeating the same level because it causes a lot energy. Please check my opinion.
It's a fun game like it for all the puzzles but takes to much energy for anything and when I leave the game to wait for energy and come back when I should have enough to move forward I lost progress and have to redo stuff I've already done I'm gonna be deleting the game and hopefully come back when they fix the issues
Fun game but geared for you to spend money. Eg goats keep disapearing weather i have enough food or not... sometimes its not logging in for 1 hr.. sometimes it is not logging in for 2.5hrs goats disappear randomly and i have to buy more. I spend money and energy building some thing and it works for a few days and then randomly cant use it because i jave to buy a windmill
It's cute and all, BUT you never have enough energy. Yeah you can go over but that's if you're lucky enough to find the crates or fruits. And there's no backtracking which makes me so mad. I'd like to go to the beginning and harvest all those plants, or to previous locations to harvest all those resources. But as I said you never have enough energy to do anything so it's a very SLOW MOVING GAME. Not for fast pace people like me.
I really like this game but it takes up too much energy.You have to wait around for energy to fill up. It kicks you off because of the connection I really think that the the game really needs to be fixed it work out the kinks also it would be good to have neighbours so by visiting them you can gather more energy just a thought
My game is currently glitched and I cannot fix it. I have no way of moving on I am stuck where I am and I have no options. I really like this game is there a way to fix it?
All the materials i need during farming is completely gone, and it didn't regrow. And you can't go back to the island once you finished the task. Why? In real world, that's not how it works
I really thought this was fun game and then I ran out of sawmill blades and I'm not going to pay to keep playing.
Looked like a great game, I started it and had a lot of fun, but I lost a bunch of progress twice. Once it said it lost connection and I lost about a half hour of progress. The next time I played, when I quit playing then I went back I had lost the progress again. I have no desire to play the same section a third time so I am deleting. Too bad because it looked like fun.
Its a good game except it keeps loosing connection and I loose all my progress , it's a bit frustrating .
So far this is pretty good. I'm giving it a 4 but that could go up or down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't end up being like the others where they want something done and never give you the energy .
The game was kinda cool but I can no longer open it. I have installed it and then reinstalled it at least 2 and still can't open it.
I like these sort of games but this one keeps losing connection and when you back out and come back, it doesn't go back where you left off. You have to do things you've already done. Unstalling.
I like the game but everytime i lost connection i came back from the start.,why is that? Dont you have any settings or menu for the game to save our level? F not just make one..such a pity game..
Frustrating you get kicked out then have to redo all your work. You close the app and then when you return you have to redo everything you have already done. It would be an awesome game if this didnt happen
The game keeps losing connection and kicking me out, I then have to redo everything I've already done, and I dont get my health back that I lost from already doing everything once. I like this game cause of all the puzzles that are in it, but will be deleting it because of how frustrating it is to have to redo something ive already done because of losing connection.
Keeps losing connection, I progress to the next level then it glitches & takes me back to halfway through the previous level and I keep losing my chickens & goats 😠
I like the game alot but it needs some fixes. It needs a save, it needs a way that get energy easier and I can't build certain things without paying out of pocket. Fix these issues and I will give a 5 star.
Keeps losing connection, restarting but not saving. Frustrating going back and starting again. Lost purchase so waste of time and money.
I like this game but I've run out of wind power and no way to build more wind turbines .not enough players and you can't add other players .
It keeps sending me back to the beginning of level 7. Says its dropped connection and I restart at level 7 or if I close the app and reopen it i restart from there also. I got to level 10 and it send me back for the 6th time so I've uninstaller. Do not recommend
So far this is pretty good. I'm giving it a 4 but that could go up or down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't end up being like the others where they want something done and never give you the energy . I've been playing for a few weeks now. Energy gets gone fast. Màybe if you didn't make it so much when you start cutting and chopping. I really do like the game
Game loses connection constantly and doesn't save the progress you've made so you keep having to repeat everything.
Don't bother. Game keeps glitching so you'll waste your time progressing only to lose progress when you log off due to running out of energy
Game glitches all the time and reverses gameplay so you have to do things over again. Enjoyed the game but felt very disappointed by glitch. Emailed support and they blamed internet connection. 😡
This game sucks because everytime you've worked to get something it takes it off you the next time you sign in or with an update. It's like taking one step forward then next time you play you've gone back 2 steps. Even when you've paid for something. It just wants to suck money out of you!! I am deleting! 👎
It's cute and all, BUT you never have enough energy. There's no backtracking which makes me so mad. I'd like to go to the beginning and harvest all those plants, or to previous locations to harvest all those resources. Also I can't seem to move the chicken coop or the fences. Talk about lack of customization...
Love the game but energy doesnt last long, just turned game on, pulled 3 plants and out of energy :/ good it refills fast but cant get much done at a time.
The game starts off ok and the puzzles are fun but it keeps saying it has lost connection, so you lose your place in the game. The you have to redo things sometimes more than once, extremely frustrating.
I loved the game but around level 11 it became impossible to play.... I could not make string because the material needed I had none.... tried to restart game to try again but could not