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Pyramid of Mahjong: Tile Match

Pyramid of Mahjong: Tile Match for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by G5 Entertainment located at Birger Jarlsgatan 18, Stockholm 114 34, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.
Travel returning to old times in Pyramid of Mahjong, an amazing pair puzzle online game that is matching! Money regarding the Nile Delta needs your help to be brought back to its glory that is previous in times of the Egyptian Empire. Play thousands of tile coordinating amounts, satisfy charismatic characters, stick to the storyline that is suspenseful rebuild this ravaged but once-beautiful area in to the gem associated with New Kingdom while tackling matching games!

This brand-new mahjong solitaire online game is a unique and epic blend of town building and classic tile pairing, tied up together with a storyline full of court intrigues, cunning programs and historical activities worthy of Nefertiti, prepared when you look at the colorful and radiant environment of Ancient Egypt. You’re an ambitious third-generation designer that is searching for your sister after her disappearance that is mysterious. Assist the determined people revive their neighborhood after devastating attacks by the Irsu that is power-mad and wily retinue. Then establish a link between family and magical antiquities to enthrone the person that is right. Makeover a ground that is fertile find your missing cousin and hold a robust artifact far from wicked forces to ensure that fortune favors your settlers yet again! On your journey to success, collect accomplishments and acquire unique tools, like the Dice booster (which gets you out of a scenario this is certainly tough, the Brazier booster (which blows up several pairs of tiles) and many various other innovative functions that may strengthen your game play knowledge!

While this video game is completely free to play, you've got the capability to unlock recommended bonuses via in-app expenditures within the game. You may disable purchases which are in-app your device settings.

PLAY through a unique combination of tile matching and town building within one game
GO on an adventure filled up with the history, tales and urban myths of Ancient Egypt
MEET the Pharaoh and his nobles, priests, troops, scribes, merchants and farmers on your journey to success
MASTER thousands of no-cost marjong that is immersive majong, majhong, mah-jongg, mah jongg or mahjongg levels – they are the popular methods to misspell “mahjong”
WIELD incredible boosters and power-up combinations created for mahjong solitaire games
UNLOCK a variety of beautiful structures and landmarks to reconstruct and upgrade
FOLLOW your friends’ progress using the revolutionary built-in social network

Game obtainable in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Compatibility notes: This online game performs well on high-end smart phones and tablets.

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Pyramid of Mahjong: Tile Match.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Pyramid of Mahjong: Tile Match for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Total rip off! When you run out of energy you have to wait so! #$&+# long that you are practically forced to buy stuff. The game has some decent graphics but it's too expensive for me to play. I'm going to uninstall it. Good luck folks! I give it a thumbs down!👎👎👎
Just started app and find easy to maneuver through stages but sure it will become more difficult. Also haven't spend a small fortune on gems. Hopw it stays that way. Very enjoyable app. Makes mind think about strategy too.
I love your games. I have 3 of the mahjong games. The problem is that I always get kicked off of them. All 3 games do it. It's very very frustrating. Your games are the only ones that do this. Please fix this problem as I really do like the games.
I have liked several of their games. Although this game closely resembles 2 other games i play from them its fun so far.
Easy to play. Yet it seems like I'm playing for the same goal over and over. I have 3 different advitars and even the first one I created is after the same goal as the last which was made over a yr apart
I really enjoy playing Pyramid of Mahjong. I look forward to the game every day. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time to play but I always try to make sure that I play at least a lttle. As always, thank you,G5, for making Pymarid of Mahjong available for all of us.
Its a great game. Love the way Mahjong is incorporated into a game. But its a little difficult to figure put what level you are on and how do i make use of what i have achieved
Enjoying gameplay. Easygoing and relaxing. Not bombarded with ads and pressure to purchase anything. Will continue playing. Thank you .
I really enjoy playing Pyramid of Mahjong. I received a notification to update the game but I cannot find out how to do that. The game is challenging which is one of the things I like about it. It makes me focus and concentrate which at my age is what I like to do. Thank you for making this game available to all of us.
So far a very quick mahjong game which I love and it still has a story line that doesnt slow down gameplay too much
Great game fun & addictive there is some problems like the 1st time i played it that it didnt saveany of my game & I got pretty far so I made a G5 account this time & if it dont save my game this time then I'm done with it but I will give it 4 outta 5 Stars just outta what i have played so far plus the is always ways 2 improve a game
Dumped the game it crashes after every round of play. Have to restart to get rewards. Would be good game if it worked.
The game keeps freezing or crashing & closing. So you have to keep reopening and starting over! I'm thinking of Uninstalling. Too time consuming.
This app keeps stopping and you can't get anywhere to win the games without paying for it. The app is slow and it takes to long to win any games you play on it without paying to get ahead. I am exhausted trying, I am uninstalling This game, you need money to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game I had downloaded the app before and was quite far in the game and then it started to crash shut down would not let me load etc... So I had to uninstal and had reinstall it again I was a little annoyed because I'm back to starting all over again beside that I love this game graphics are amazing
I know there are alot of these type of games. Out there but this by far is the most enjoyable game I've played.
Good so far, haven't played long enough yet to tell if I'm going play for a long time or not. Will update
The game is okay so far not like the others where they get really hard and you have to buy something.
Love the colour and variety in the games. Would prefer being able to finish myself instead of the game cutting in and ending it for me.
On page 34-V, trying to find the "thief mask", but when I go to the Villa, it is not available. Can't progress past this point. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it does not fix this problem. Am very disappointed as I would like to know how the story ends. Please advise or fix for me.
it is fun except when you cant get several areas that you need a win so you try a different site and it does the same thing
Really enjoyable mahjong game. The quests add an entertaining element, so much better that the usual of simply matching tiles!
About to uninstall the game. The adds popping up constantly is over the top. It's hard to win as well
It gives you two many stages to try and complete. So you truly not sure what one to do. And the fact you can only get few power ups to play. You can only go so far in levels before u have to spend money so you can advance. Not my cup of tea. Every game should have ways to get extra stuff with out the cost of spending money.
Love it . Make sign in the first quest b4 tutorial. Once u sign in u start over. Hadn't gotten very far but still.
Love mahjong and this adds a little extra to the game. Just wish there wasn't SO many stories - cut them in half so you can play more and read less
I'm a senior, I love toplay your games, but the problem is, that I play to keep my brain working, and I don't have money to spent, and is kind of frustating that when I'm doing fine, for some reason, your system don't let me, I understand that some how you need to make money, but is sad that the old people don't have any entreteinment, we bearly making it with our pension we don't have much money, but the game it's good but the system no, thank for your time
Didn't think i would like this game but i was wrong. I really really love it. Can't stop playing it. Hooked!!
I really enjoy these kind of games. I had a few others but I deleted them because I found found others I thought my son would like. We traded phones for the week and I deleted all 3.
Locked out of game unable to access had to reinstall lost all progress everything I put in in acceptable thinking will non longer play not worth the risk.
So far, so good. I've played several of your games and enjoy them until I get locked out, usually when it's time for update.
I really like Pyramid of Mahjong!!!! The game is fun and keeps you playing for hrs not even realizing that much time has passed😂😂😂... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND ADDICTING!!!!!!
Lots to do, find collection items and complete tasks all while playing one of my favourite game concepts. Really enjoyable
Very frustrating game as I have to repeat a game just to get an item I need.game gives me 19 and 21 of same item when I only need 5.cant make progress as game will not give me the items I need to complete a level.i finish the puzzles efficiently and quickly but still do not get what I need.guess you want me to pay for what I earned by finishing the puzzle accurately.
I'm new to the game however I am enjoying it. I don't like it when I was being shown any new resource I was forced to use 1. I'm not sure why I wasn't able to just hit the screen and save that help until I actually needed to use it. What a waste. Other than that all is good. A nice way to pass time.
Game is good only complaint is opening new buildings. I just reached level 10. I had to sign out before getting all the plans now i can't find the quests or the plot to finish.
Enjoy mahjong. It makes me really have to pay attention to what I'm doing and use my brains and eyes to make matches.
I really like this game! The graphics are wonderful and I enjoy the story line so much. I also enjoy the relaxed play and watching as my city grows, while I repair it.
Horrible, 80% of the games ends with the tiles blocked, to unblock you have to spend your money, just for 10 games you need to spend more than £100 a month, over £1200 a year. To greedy for my taste. I have played lots of mahjong games, but never as bad as this ones want to take your money. Horrible.
Ever since I started the roman version I wished there was an Egyptian one. Thank you! The only problem I have is the forced tutorial. It isn't that hard to ask if we have played a similar game and just quickly give a brief explanation of what's different and what the aid tools looked like.....
Lo ve this and the Roman empire majong,events not updated as often as empire of Rome not as fun to play
It would be nice if you were able to shade the unavailable tiles for those of us with very bad eye sight. Be glad to give 5 gems for that ability.
This app is terrible about giving you the crystals you pay for. Also in slow about resolving your complaints.
I like the music , the graphics. Wondering , what happened with the gifts and currency we didn't use in the last adventure......
Pyramid, Emperor and Western Mahjongg are addictive and entertaining. I'm a huge Mythology fan so I'm hooked. And I love the Western era too. Awesome job!
Loving playing the game I'm not into it to far to say anything good or bad so far so good. I know I'm spending too much money playing it so maybe more free items now and again
Great graphics, cool music, enjoyable game play. Very addictive. I can't put it down. I want to beat every round I play. I like the way you can earn energy, as sometimes I don't have enough real money to buy it. 🤬
Just started playing the game so far it is very enjoyable graphics are good and story also keeps you busy
I absolutely love this game but, it's a very addictive game and if you're not careful you wind up spending money you shouldn't.
So far so good. I'm not into the game very far yet, but graphics are good, Story line fine, puzzles good. Will add to this post when I get further along.
I love playing Mahjong. I've downloaded several different ones but only kept two. This one and mahjong journey, both are G5 games. Highly recommended. I love that the levels keep getting harder.
Game is advertised as offline game, however, every time I try to play offline, I get "need to download additional accets". Even as I played online 1 minute ago, and it downloaded all accets. Or the game supposed to be updated every time you open it, several times every single day? Then, it is not offline game at all.
Not a good game at all boring it doesn't let you play da game. It don't even deserve one star.... Go back to da drawing board please.......🤔🤨🤮🤬😤
I don't like that levels have different charge amounts to play and it costs so much to purchase boosters.
It's a great way to pass time, but once you get the gold tiles the goal should be achieved and the story should progress, the fact that you have to keep playing for the same goal even though you are winning makes it a bit frustrating.
Just as fun and enjoyable as the rest of the G5 games. I play at least 9 of them everyday! No issues with this game so far. I'm addicted to G5 games!!!🤩
Stop giving so many instructions!!! It f@#$king frustrating!!!!! People have been playing for a long time. Your game is VERY SIMPLE!
I loved this game until now there's ads after every level. Why start with ads when it was working just fine before??
I really like the game but as soon as I hit the current level I'm playing it keeps crashing. It's incredibly frustrating so it looks like I'll be deleting it.
Was good to start with but you get less and less chance of clearing puzzles with some of them no moves after a few turns. Getting boring and losing interest
I used to love this game great stories great graphics but the longer you play the more impossible it gets I like a challenge but when you play every single building and can not win a single one its frustrating and disheartening find a way to make it fairer or after wasting months of my time I'm out.
I love game because of the graphic. It's relaxing, challenging and addictive. I can't get enough of playing this game
This game is super expensive to play, if you want to actually proceed... It's been freezing or just shutting down up for the past few days... Otherwise, it isn't bad...
I like this game alot, but you need better clarity. I love your collections. I love the way the game is played.
This app was fine for a couple of months then started to freeze and lose points earned. Decided to u install, not worth the hassle.
Don't like the fact that I have to spend money to get ahead in the game. Puzzles get very difficult to complete
This game really keeps your attention. Some reason this game goes faster than the other one does. It keeps my attention better than the other did. The story line goes into more details. Graphics are good. Thanks for making it more enjoyable.
You ask for a review at the beginning, usually every game starts out great. It's later on when things go south, that's when you should ask for the review. But for now, yes, it is a good beginning, pretty easy of course since its just starting and they want you to keep playing. The other games of genre by the same people are pretty good, a couple glitches now and then, but generally pretty good.
Good graphics & colours. Mahjong puzzles are easy to begin with, I'm sure they'll get harder. Make the game more compatible with the newer devices as I'm having trouble with the sensitivity of this game when I don't usually have problems.
Would you PLEASE let us choose whether we want to play the trial levels and just let us log into out account when we intall the games on a new device. It's really annoying how you HAVE to play again and again the same levels BEFORE you can log into your account. Thank you!
It's a very fun game that when you're on the time I just don't like it I wish you had a part of the game that you didn't have no time and just have fun so I didn't think that would be hard to match things