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Race Arena - Fall Cars

Race Arena - Fall Cars for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Pterodactyl Games located at Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Race off, enter the arena and start drifting! Race Arena is a 3D game that is physics-based you and your racing rivals compete for the space on the platform. How's that? A trace is left by every car behind that makes platform tiles disappear. One turn that is wrong you're out of the game!

Control the ride and the drift by moving a finger across the screen. Knock your racing rivals out of the arena to be the last one standing. Don't let the difficulties scare you - have fun, race with your enemies and become the rider that is coolest the arena!

What are you waiting for? Join now and prove who is the champion of drift here!
Drift For the sake of survival and speed!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Race Arena - Fall Cars.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Race Arena - Fall Cars for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This game is hilarious. Folks, one tip: Focus on the FRONT of the car. You can actually get really tight turns out of them if you practice long enough. You can also drive over gaps that aren't wider than your car! Try to avoid jumping as much as possible; that's where it messes you up!
Look i like this game but im drowning in ads and every game there is a glove dude their basicly unstopable controls are terrible and i need to tap ten times to jump
Need coins to unlock cars and other cool stuff make it online a ranked mode and other stuff then this game could be pretty popular really good game just needs what I said
I like 3D games but it's still missing like one detail like when you turn on the phone it actually doesn't even turn that will so yeah that's what I'm just saying but I still liked the illustrations
This game is so laggy and the controls are trash and when you fall it says negative words and this is for 3+ do not download worst app ever
I like the game it was very fun but there's a problem if I'm trying to turn it'll make me jump and if I'm trying to turn a different way it will make me turn the other way will you please fix this
ok so it is like the original one and good that this one has prize value differences for each orank, but the physics like steering and jumping was just off.. plus the car was slow thats good.. the bots werent that good and still no sound effects
its alright i dont like how the platform is so small and how do you get past level one like i played this for 2 hours
This is the exact reason why it's so hard to find good mobile games these ppl copied Racer King thats annoying when people
I have played other versions of this game that are way better for example racer king it has alot less ads and the controls are alot better. The jump mechanism is trash and when you get hit you go so far away it's just ridiculous I reccomend not wasting your time on this game also there are better versions so if you like the point of the game then go and play racer king.
This game wants to make me puke it also wants to make you stab me over over and over and over until I can rest make it better next time just want to break this phone this is how hard I can't even move my car next time make a better game that I can actually give it five stars okay thank you
This game sucks whenever i lose the game it calls you"you suck,epic fail and you are dumb" and it gets me mad like come on its annoying plus i cant double jump but the bots can like wth change it
First of all the control response is terrible and there are WAY to many ads. if they fix that I will give it another shot.
This game sucks, the voice lines have negative messages if you fall and its too hard to stay on with high educated bots, and there are too many ads overwhelming me trying to get me to download their apps, I got mad by an ad and I cursed it off and my mother is disappointed in me, remove your trash games, they are nothing but stupid mental draining vitural alcohol, stop making these games because they are very lazy with details and innapropriate usernames were used, please remove all your games.
I like the ditails but it's a little laggy and bad it's hard to control the jump? Maybe you could fix it thank you.
Very good app. The controls are very simple and easy to use. I've been playing for a few hours and it's very fun. Once I got used to the controls I won 1st place like 10 times! I recommend you downloading this app. ✌️
I dont have experience from that game first it calls you names when ever you lose for example "you suck!" or "loser!" second controls is bad it's hard to drive a car third they literally copied a vehicle from ghost buster's and and that's actually wrong thing to do softly saided that
COOL GAME I WON FRST SO MANY TIMES but better be careful guys coz u might fall if u are jumping if there is holes u can jump on it and u can easily won to be FRST
This game is fun and all but it's hard every level getting bumpee off the whoever created this game you did good but not with the ads covid has killed a lot of people so stay in your house at all times for saftey
Game faked players there are no real players there are also so many ads and it's so hard to control I do not recommend downloading
Not really a good game because my game froze and I tried to restart the game but it didn't do anything
Its reallt cool ads appear like a million muinites its like The Crash Cars its REallly cool but If ur IOS The game will ve laggy much more ads so Recommended for Android useres
I love this game because it is really simple and because I have like 13 wins already and I like the way how you have to play and because its hexagon like in fall guys and I love hexagon.
Ive came across some horrible games but this one takes the cake also I randomly go right for no reason
I like the game I thank it is fun the game is good and I like it a lot thar is some bugs thoh like the drifting is not that bad sit still need some work
Its too hard to control and when I move my finger to one side of the screen it goes the other way and if I go in the same direction it doesn't change
It's a good game and all but you guys need to make the turning less drifty because I jump I try to turn and I fall off that's the only thing you have to fix
Horrible all i can say is horrible whenever you install it you literly cant win at all plus the drifts are not turning as expected right when i played it everything made me wanna kill myself and break my phone Never install this game
This game is very fun,BUT i really wish it was online :( I think you guys should download it its entertaining and fun! Hope you guys injoy the gameβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
I cant even turn how could u turn here????? Pls make the turning easier? So i and the other players could play properly.
This game is a continuous Ad. The rounds are insanely short and you're force promted for an advertisement almost every time. Uninstalling.
It doesn't (Contain Ads) .. its FULL of ads .. and very annoying that I had 3 ads only in the first 10 seconds of playing! Horrible
After every match there is a ad, and if you spend 30 minutes getting to level 30, and you close the game for one minute, you lose all your progress and have to go back to level 1
I like this game kills the time quickly i am at level 123 in just one day but i would like an online mode and some more veraity of cars please i have everything i wil recommend this to everyone who see this
This game is okay but the thing I just hate about this game is The narrator's voice it sounds so annoying he sounds like James charles gay brother all right the game what I just hate the narrator's voice
The worst control ever the movement of this game is soooooooo bad that I will be drown in second and the space is very small and also that npc cars is always targets you but not the other npc
First complaint it's laggy. Second can you please change it when all the cars bump in the middle this bounces me off a lot. And when it comes down to you and the final player it takes way to long to finish. And the controls are horrible in the middle of a match it glicthed out and I wasnt even controlling it. The amount of ads and other problems make this the worst game ever!! I strongly suggest not to download if you don't want to waste your time
If your reading this, well believe me dont download this app. The ad was better but when I played it was the worst I actually like the game but the problem is the controls. Dont waste your MB!!!🀬🀬🀬🀬
This game is sick dude it is perfect for me to play but on the first match it is the controls😭😭but it got better and good😁😁😁😁
I like the game it was very fun but there's a problem if I'm trying to turn it'll make me jump and if I'm trying to turn a different way it will make me turn the other way will you please fix this.
The controls suck and your car will spen most of its time doing donuts and falling into its own holes
This is absolutely dumb, the only reason I downloaded this was to tell you that this is NOT the original game. At least for once don't copy from others. One star. Please take this game down.
The game lags, the starting of the game sucks, when the tiles disappear, the come back 3 seconds later so the games last about 5 minutes each, and the knock back is terrible. The ads are way too much and getting different cars doesn't even give you better things. The controls are terrible, the turning is terrible, jjst everything is.
I would give this a 4 or 5 but the controls are pretty bad I cant use my other hand to jump or steer can you plz make an option for this?
One the best i'm kinda a noob who cares it's fun. You have this car that can bump into eachother and who ever get's push off lose and the winner stays. I hope you play it's really fun. Lol.
This game is really fun I play it all the time but there is something wrong with the controlled it's very hard to move around
You will have to watch 2 ads every 30 seconds. I'm unstalling this game after playing it for 3 minutes!
This game actually had a potential but it sucks. It is SUPER LAGGY and when ever I try to turn it just crashes. Worst game ever
I love it but pls add different abilities to the cars.Can you add a online or co-op because 13 of my friends are playing this game and we will appreciate if you add co-op or more maps. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
I haven't played but this is a complete copy of racer king and I know racer king came out first and the graphics are better in it
The game has potential but it doesn't register when you press the screen and you can get knocked of by driving to the center with other cars
This game has no effort whatsoever. And theres another game EXACTLY like it and it has more car and no lag, although both games are REALLY BAD.
Amazing super good game I am drift king All I have to do is tap and I jump and it gives me a chance to revive technically because every time I am about to fall I can jump over the wholes super good game glad it was made
This is the best game ever the reason why it is the best is because every time I win it gives me a lot of coins plus it gives you cars a lot of them so maybe if you and download this game it'll do the same for you No this is not a motorcycle game no it is not sad either I think so I think you can play with friends I don't know but still play it it's fun game
This is a great game. I know there is a lot of hate on this game but this game did not give me lag and did not have too many ads, there was a lot less adds than I expected and love this game.
This games ass i played it for literally under a minute and the controls didn't operate correctly πŸ˜’
This game sucks everything about it sucks the speed is to fast the controls suck it looks copied its boring it has the worst sound effects and the worst one yet is IT IS COPIED i hate your game i put one star for everything bec it sucks fix your game fix the speed fix the controls
I don't like this game, I played so well I'm in level 5,then if I quit the app and comeback the map will reset.
Dis game is terrible I can't control the car ,when I'm not touching the car it is controlling itself and by that way it's going right
I have the original game and it is a lot harder than this but this game is still great that's why I give a 5 stars please make more updates I would love to see 1 million cars run into each other
Ripoff ! This game is a copy of Racer King and was released after! Play Racer king instead as it is the original!
If you make a game try it out first cause the bots hit you super far and it is really hard to pass level one
The game is good but when I was on level 8 and I closed the game and it made me back to level 1 please fix this
This game is WAY too laggy and when you only have your mouse available for controls, it makes it way too hard to play.
I got this game to tell you that this is a total ripoff of another game called racerking, witch is a way more fun and less laggy experience. This game is horrible and the devs should be ashamed for copying another game. Smh worst game ever.
Should I do not have to go to the hospitat t I don't know how much you want me too much for your birthday and we are
Good game! I love it so much. Thank you so much who has created this game, i appriciate your great development on this game!!πŸ‘
Good game but it's control is difficute for mobile! Can u change the controls in the next update? If it so it's that brilliant game
I like the game but the controls is kinda glitchy....when you steer the car is fine, but if you do it with jump and steer at the same time, it turns to any direction....but its a great gameπŸ˜€
Not the best game. I downloaded it and immediately hated it. I tried to slightly turn and I died immediately. Level one I can't pass. Why? The bots always know where you go and always have the advantage. I cant knock them off, but they knocke back so far as if they hit me with a item with knockback 1000 in minecraft. Before you publish a game, make sure it's good next time
I like this game, but this, this game is also kinda bad, it's bad because it's so, so.... Laggy! And I don't like it when all the cars go to the middle, because the cars bounce me of the whole thing! Can you change that? And how come I have to double tap to jump? It's so hard to jump in this game... But everything else is good the animation the dissapearing tiles, that's ok! But I wish you could fix the bad things Plzz.
This game is hilarious. Folks, one tip: Focus on the FRONT of the car. You can actually get really tight turns out of them if you practice long enough. Update here: As SOON as you start, do a tight turn left or right...don't just settle for going straight! Then make one more sharp cut left or right. You can also drive over gaps that aren't wider than your car! Try to avoid jumping as much as possible; that's where it messes you up! It's not always perfect, but I'm up past level 47 now
The game sucks! Everything sucks! The jump mechanism is broken. Pro AI control the game.(the cars) They actually bully you for not winning! This game sucks! Don't trust the review. Please don't ,or else you'll regret it.
I really like how it works and stuff but it's really hard to steer and jump and so I die quite often and when you die it says someone not nice words like you suck and stuff like that and it just makes me hate the app
I like this game its awesome but the bad thing for example when im at the volcano once i leave the game i have to start back at level.1 but its is is insane cool
The game is so wicked like this game is so awesome you can't even get to win super cool car superhero cars even good-looking ones if you guys are not have a plan is bro what's wrong with y'all you guys should be playing this this is the best game so if I were you I start playing the game
This game is horrible, don't play on mobile, I played the game and the cars are too fast and the graphics can't keep up witch causes lag, I can't even get past the first level because I keep driving off as the lag is tremendously bad and I will not play this game again!!!
it's awesome game there's nothing really wrong but at one point I was playing the game and it wouldn't let me turn I fell off the edge That's all
This game is very fun and addicting i almost play it every day this game is definitely deserves a 5 star ots a little laggy but all in all its still fun.
No game these days are actually fun all they do is make n game with same levels o er and over full of adds and bad controls just want to make money without effort
To laggy to many ads trying to get me to rate ther game and just bad in genarol plz fix lag and ads trying to get me to rate there game take out all ads please other wise take the game down
There's no lag or anything. I even was able to unlock all cars without watching ads. It would be much better with real players. Time to uninstall.
I get kicked out of the app all the time I try to play and when I can finally play I realize how bad it is the controls are terrible and most of the other stuff if you want to play a game like this but way better play racer king it's so much better the controls and everything else and a game you can actually access and play
The app is a really good idea but why is it in portrait. Ew. This makes the app super hard to control.