Racing Rivals for PC

True real-time racing at your fingertips. Racing Rivals lets you challenge or be challenged by live opponents in game lobbies with feature race replays and live chat.

Back your bets with skill unless you're prepared to lose cash - or your car! The...

User reviews

  • Jamie Rutherford
    Jamie Rutherford

    Fix it The issue about not loading is resolved but now I can not do any races. I try entering races and it don't load. Every race style I try does not load so I can not play.

  • michael elrod
    michael elrod

    Please fix the update now Do not update i love this game was forced to update and now it wont get passed 4 and stalls out please fix or i will be forced to delete racer name is: camshaft king 2457

  • Jorel Ortiz
    Jorel Ortiz

    Wont load!!!!!!!! The game loads until it gets to step 4 "loading assets" then it will not load any further. I had to reinstall the update 3 times and it still will not get past the loading screen. My ingame name is Tainted Placebo.

  • Kidmoonz vcorta
    Kidmoonz vcorta

    Racing Rivals Fan This app is the best car game I've experienced but there are a few things that would make it the top game in the app store. This is by stopping scammers. These can be avoided by putting a trade option, being able to trade your cars or sell them to other racers without worrying that they'll take your car and unfriend you then close the game. Please give some thought into this thank you.

  • Khirul Safiq
    Khirul Safiq

    Addicted game BUT.... New update like sucks..too much time loading when open and view another user.very addicted game.i play every day..but the update make me waiting long time,like stupid..plese fix this suck..after that i will give u 10*..

  • Anthony Canada
    Anthony Canada

    I need help to recover my account. I tried playing on my brothers ipod so I signed in threw facebook and I tried accessing my account back on my phone that I usually play on and now all that happens is my brothers account just opens on my phone. Is their any way you guys can help me recover my account?

  • Leigh Hought
    Leigh Hought

    Good game but getting worse Today game won't get past first loading screen just keeps saying error (3) reload or restart please fix game name is houghty84 please fix my account has rest I've lost all my cars some I paid money for please help

  • anonymous me
    anonymous me

    great, but *edit* i feel the improvement from previous but only a little, i know u guys could make it better. my rate still same for now.

  • Reydianno Augustave
    Reydianno Augustave

    Sold out to Glu It appears that they have sold out and this is now published by big money baller publisher, "Glu". Fancy graphics for stages equals THE ONLY APP that has ever fully crashed my phone (full forced restart). Racing Rivals! Now with ads and glitches! Next thing they'll "update" will be the ability to run it off your SD card and then I'll HAVE TO delete this once enjoyable time waster...

  • archi alfadhel
    archi alfadhel

    YOUR UPGRADE Before this game did upgrade. Im realy enjoy. No leg and fast. Now it was very leging and slow. More fiture more slow. Make me want to uninstall this game

Download Racing Rivals for Computer

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Racing Rivals.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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Racing Rivals Download