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Raziel: Dungeon Arena

Raziel: Dungeon Arena for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Indrasoft located at China. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Your opponent is on his final knee. Swap out your mage for the warrior in realtime and deliver the battle’s blow this is certainly definitive. Thank you for visiting Raziel: Dungeon Arena. Collect new heroes, raid player this is certainly solitary co-op dungeons, craft epic gear sets, and conserve the planet from the demon plight.

Raziel is a meticulously crafted dungeon crawling, boss battling ARPG experience for the cell phone. Like solo quests? Create your means through Raziel’s 60+ player that is single. Would rather make things a bit more private? Raziel: Dungeon Arena provides co-op this is certainly multiplayer and boss battles.

<< Game Features >>

Satisfying Single Player Experience
- Challenge solitary player dungeons that want you to believe on your own foot in order to survive
- Outwit bosses whom utilize unique skills to stun, bind, burn, freeze, and kill anyone inside their means
- Outmaneuver enemies just who have spatial understanding, reacting based on their own strengths and weaknesses

Co-Op Dungeons
- Explore the world map with buddies to find arbitrary pursuit givers and challenges
- Form raid parties and undertake dungeons with friends
- synergy in co-op Tavern boss battle quests

Tag team battle system
- Mix and match to find the best hero combination and fighting strategy
- accurate and liquid mechanics lend a superior feeling of maneuverability and control

Stunning Unity 3D Graphics
- Immerse yourself in a dark world full of detail by detail personality models, gorgeous cell conditions, and eye-catching hero capabilities
- Traverse a varied pair of environments including dismal swamps, forbidding deserts, wilderness plateaus, and haunted forests

AAA Quality Sound
- full-length online game soundtrack accompanies you while you hack and slash the right path through mobs
- Story narration and in-game NPCs combined with authentic vocals acting
- Detailed sound clips provide unrivaled immersion with a realistic ambient impacts and a plethora of special sounds for character skills and abilities

Follow us on social media marketing to find out more:
Official Site: http://en.raziel.indra.games/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raziel.en/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmO7yDGADdnAAsSFccatdlg

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Raziel: Dungeon Arena.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Raziel: Dungeon Arena for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Only $900+ supporter but still never show me love. Nearly $400 worth diamonds spend rolling for "Ambrose" but still no love man. Feels really really bad when some people get it on sheer luck but even with soo much $ spend still nothing. But don't worrie I still love the game and will support you guys even still so here's my 5* back. Its alright, I'm used to getting Sh** on...
So far so good... thumb controls can be a little awkward at times. Catch myself having to look where I'm pressing at and not focusing on the game. Also wish the graphics were a little better. But overall seems to be a very good game. Hopefully with more time in I can 5
An absolute blast just for the fact that they're not throwing predatory microtransactions in your face at every turn is a plus the graphics are very good the gameplay is tremendous the combat feels so satisfying if you're a fan of Diablo or path of exile you will definitely appreciate this game within the realm of a mobile game it far exceeded my expectations when I first started it. I was pleasantly surprised with how it's just about 98% of everything is voiced and it is done very well.
Usually I don't leave a comment for any game that I have experienced. However this is the game that make me do so. I'm totally surprised by this game, a F2P game but every cutscene, character voice, gameplay,... is decent, worth a AAA game, plus no P2W. Apparently convey the flavour of diablo 3 but in more interesting way, and especially, free game. :))
Fuctionality: Why are menu exit buttons on both right and left sides? On the left side, its under the camera. Skip button for cut scenes doesn't always work single click. Why do i have to click a button to kick objects on ground? Its a lot of stopping. Cant i run over to kick or cant my attacks kick? No. I have to run up to it and push a button. And wait to pickup loot. Need a larger radius to pick up loot or auto loot.
Great cinematic and initially good voice acting but that falls over quickly. Gameplay is pretty standard for this type of game. I made a boring Beastmaster character who is slow and has to tank everything, and now I can't delete him and make a different character. It also melts my Oneplus 6 even on the lowest graphics so having to uninstall.
I like the graphics but I haven't been able to see the gameplay because I can't get passed the first naming of my character because there's a stupid design where you can't have the same character name as another player. If you're going to make an rpg game, this is the number 1 thing that you don't want to do which is limit people from being able to name their character what they want. It also keeps them from being able to enjoy the game.
Sucky. It will not load past the "Touch screen to start" screen. Just sais it can't connect when I touch it. Forced me to dl the 800Mb update. Still doesn't work. Same issue. Told it to fix itself (it's a button) and now it's Re downloading the 800Mb update. Unsure I care anymore. I am using a one plus 8, if it helps anyone
I have to be harsh. The game is pretty good fun. Best Diablo like game on mobile. But what is up with the micro transactions?? They are insanely overpriced (9 euro for a fire effect?!) and there are so many monotizing systems. Earn more this, earn more that. Buy pass for this, buy the premium pass for that. Buy skins for 15 euro? No. Just... Just no.
It is taking WAY TOO LONG for the NEW SEASON to begin!! The old season ended on 10/30 and while we can view the rewards for the new season, none can be obtained and progress cannot be advanced. I received the very first merit reward and cannot progress after that... FIX THIS! Review: Been playing close to 1 month now and I love this game. There is no shortage of activities and you can grind your way to the best gear without spending money. I have spent a little which gave me a decent boost.
I was impressed by trailer of this game so I installed it and after 1st open I was asked to download update files of 764 mb, which I tried over wifi where I get speed of hardly few KB inspite of 1 Gbps connection. Then I tried over Mobile network which downloads 2 to 400 mb and drops download frequently. So right now I'm unable to play this game. I suggest you to provide better server to download this update.
Good graphic and skill effect I will give you 4 star because it is always crash and always take long time loading and also reconnect and log out instantly please fix this bug issue.. I like the game and more exciting reward and more challenging stage... my data connection is not poor connection.. please fix this.. thank you..
Decent Arpg, a lot even paced than some other hack and slash then again I just recently started this game it might get hairy later on but right now it's enjoyable for a decent hack and slash, options to deal with microtransations but it's not forcing you to take it which is a good thing as some other games has ways of making you requiring something in store to play the game further.
I'm level 19, and cannot progress at all, because someone there figured not allowing anyone to purchase anything from any merchant or do any tasks until you've reach level 40 or so was a good idea. Either you fix something, so you can at least buy health potions, or I will delete this game
AMAZING. Finally a mobile game that isn't pay to win and doesn't have ads, so guess what... I brought the battle pass! As a huge ARPG fan I've got to say this is one of the best, it's taken huge inspiration from D3. There is a insane see amount of content, I have no idea how these guys made so much content for a new release app, if anything there's to much and you can kind of get lost with how much there is to do. Definitely give it a download
"After recent updates yesterday I lost about 1,000,000 gold I had making it hard to level up and today it completely lost my login info so I can't even log in to my existing character. Don't know what's going on here but please fix it. And yes my account was bound to my FB beforehand and it will not recognize it. If I have to start all over I'm done with this." I can now log in as my character, but still short on gold as to what I had days ago. A great game, just working out the bugs I guess.
OVERALL AWESOME GAME! Pros: beautiful graphics.. and runs smoothly for me. Lots to do and customize. Similar to Diablo. Just fun in general to play. My favorite game on my phone over Genshin. Cons: I have a Note20Ultra and run all other games off my network while I'm out. If I'm not connected to wifi this game just sits loading after I tap to start on intro screen. Quite disheartening. Also in game rewards take FOREVER to collect in 100 diff menus. They need to make a central reward place or sum
Have not been able to play. Installed 1st time could not play. Tried via WiFi and with phone data, nothing. Did the update, restarted, tried diff. connections, still nothing. Uninstalled restarted phone, reinstalled went through same process, nothing. Keeps giving me Tap to Start with loading behind it. Was finally able to play but got booted out and now I cannot access my original character. 😠
I have no complaints about the game itself. Everything was a 5 star experience until a maintenance break came along and the game was updated, i lost my lv 28 acc even tho my account was linked via google to the game before the update. I tried to contact the game on facebook because thats where the game took me when i clicked customer support, it's been two days now and i recived no reply and I have to start the game all over again.
Best RPG in this style and there's a million out there. No clutter, no ads, no pay to play, you'll want to spend a little $$$, graphics are 💯...the advancing addictive and satisfying. Well done guys!!! A month later....-1 star..it's boring, zero reason to keep playing. Too repetitive, rewards are the same. Bummer.
it looks like a great game. I just can't get past the title screen. spent 30 min just waiting for the game to load. got through the download and the extra download when the app comes up. and waited an extra 30 min on the title screen just waiting for it to stop loading. ridiculous
Closest free game app to Diablo I have seen. Still early to give a thorough assessment. But so far so good. I am giving it a quick 5* for the nostalgic flashback of Diablo the game gave me right out of the gate. Look forward to seeing this game blossom into something great. To the development team.... Please don't just make this game like every other. Think outside the box. And create something different and amazingly unique. For instance... Perhaps a diverse co-op capability. Food for thought.
Awesome game, but needs controller support. I have the razer kishi and I use it to play on my phone all the time. If this game had controller support, I would not only play more, buy more, but also rate this game a 5/5. Graphics are amazing, fighting is fun, just need controller support for my money.
Incredibly in depth arpg/dungeon crawler for a tablet device. The expansive skill tree and build mechanics will be familiar to poe players, and for a new player I'm almost overwhelmed by the available quests and dailies. Graphics are incredible and run well on even my potato tablet. The cash shop is there, but not in your face, which is much appriciated. Not into end game yet so I may update this later to reflect more progress.
Game freezes sometimes on loading screens. Happens on maps you can only do once a day/week. Then you lose your attempt and miss out on valuable resources to progress in the game. All the quick co-op matches are half over when it finally lets me join - Never get the top damage MVP materials when this happens.
This game is actually quite good with a decent storyline and a very good game control and graphics. The fact that it doesn't have an "auto play" button like almost all MMORPG's nowadays, made it more interesting. Though you really needs to be more focus on grinding. As for now, I'm enjoying the game so far.
I gave it a 4 'cause it's a good game,the controls are soft and very easy to play,the graphics and stories,the tutorial and it's not hard to gain level ups,one thing is during the upgrades of the skills is the producers of this game forgots to show the example of the attacks when upgrading the skills so you can able to see what's the improvements of your character's skills.
I highly recommend the game first I encountered a problem when I bought a subscription service but eventually the game has a very helpful customer service and for that I really get what I bought, graphics, gameplay and end game content is superb, I would want to see the further updates and development of this game, keep it up Devs! great job.
This game is quite promising as a rival to Darkness Rises game but not on per with DR just yet. This game lacks story mode and current story is not fitting. The User Interface is little confusing and small front. Most importantly this game isn't well optimized and phones gets hot so quickly and drains battery faster than usual and If I compare to Darkness Rises. I hope this game will get improvement over time cus I'm loving it and don't be too much greedy by putting pay to win stuff 😒
Very interesting adventure. While I have played for only a few hours, I can truthfully say this game will be on my short daily play list. The graphics are outstanding. The controls are clear, concise, and easy. The quests are quite entertaining. I do highly recommend thoroughly exploring every map since you can easily complete a quest objective before finding all the treasure. All in all, too bad I cannot rate this one 10 stars. It's the most fun I have had in years.
Been playing for 4 days now really enjoy it, doesn't seem like many players to talk to tho. I've been talking in world chat and I never get a response but I may be doing something wrong. All in all A+ slash and loot RPG not a P2P (in my opinion) and most importantly NO ADS!!!! Give it a download try it out you won't regret it! I've played alot of phone games and RPG ones at that and this RPG is the best one I've played in a very long time. Not a greedy developing team! I rate 10/10 !
The app is not opening at all. Tried three time install/uninstall but always stuck at "Analysis complete: 281 files need to be updated" screen and never go beyond it despite having the 150Mbps connection it never download the 281 files beyid 50.4%. so pathetic. I did try clearing cache files as well but nothing helped.
Was originally 5 stars. I found a few bugs. 1* I know I decomposed thousands of gear but the system only calculated how many I decomposed individually (way too frustrating and annoying). I also tried buying things from the grocery store and thats not even being calculated. (Leads me to think there are more things being uncounted for) 2* There is no in game help and I refuse to use Facebook for anything.
Very fun game not unlike other by the time you complete a few chapters gears becomes weak and the game tries force you to pay. Not at all with this game I usually play it then delete it after a day or two. Not this! Superb game, I already have found lots of rare gear and legendary. And it's quite plentiful, I can easily keep up with the game and it's not too difficult some bosses can be but that's down to movement and gear equipment. Overall 5* and very much worth playing
Good graphics, good control , but very fast becoming boring . Stages feel the same , all dungeons are same as story stages , all you have to do here is grind, grind and grind or ... Pay . Endgame content is very boring and looks like someone was too lazy to make something different.
No stars. I can't even get to load after downloading the extra 760MB of resources I hit start and it says it's loading for 15 minutes and then says can't reach game server. I have uninstalled/reinstalled twice and same outcome. I'm using my Moto g7 so I'm pretty sure it's not my phone. Was really looking forward to this game but looks like a no go.
This is one of the best aRPGs ever released for the mobile phones. No automation, possible to play and advance without paying a dime. But please, first and foremost, fix the ping to the servers in Europe. Besides,there are cases when mobs don't spawn after entering the portal between floors of the Demonland resulting in wasted tokens which are limited!
So far so good. Day 3 of off and on play and making progress. This game has alot of things to discover so i am looking forward to the next few weeks. I usually give a game a month or two before I make my overall opinion but everything so far is amazing; graphics, music, story-line...etc. Great job Devs!
They fixed the login bug, I had to play a mission with no sound for some reason but then it came back. So far what I have played the game has a lot of potential. The combat feels good, the graphics are great, and the music is quite nice. The voice acting is a bit weak but still nice to have. It remains to be seen how the endgame will play out. Looking forward to playing more. Hopefully they can get the bugs in order.
Two stars for now...app is really good however most of the time it says unstable network ,like come on..I can play any online games smoothly..I have both data and wifi connection and either of them says unstable connection eventhough connection is great and other apps are smooth.I wonder what kind of connection your game wanted..fix that.
I usually don't write reviews, because I just don't care about the cash-grab Playstore games, but to be honest, this game has a potential. It's like a mix of Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. The User Interface, Graphics, Mechanics etc. are so smooth and optimized. So far I didn't notice any P2W aspect about the game itself. Ofcourse there is a cash shop, but it's filled with cosmetic items and a little bit gameplay boosters. (Like an S tier Pet, Gold etc.) You should give it a try. :)
Honestly quite boring. All you do is play dungeon after dungeon, in a boring linear storyline, killing most mobs in one hit. And so far I didn't even get to play with others, the only time I see (a few) other players is when I go back to the city, just to take on another unchallenging quest. Characters look cool, though the voice acting is rather shoddy and the player character keeps repeating ridiculously cheesy lines. Nice graphics though.
Constant crashes when doing the most rewarding dungeon runs, such coincidence. Dropped items just vanish. --- Servers shut down 2min before the Helloween event was supposed to end, right after I was hectically rushing to get the last needed event currency. Currency is still there, but I can't buy anything with it. --- Crafted an item after saving material for a week, received the wrong one despite a text box confirming the item name. --- 25EUR for a hero? No other way to get her? Really??
Good game but is way too focused to micro transactions and makes it very annoying. I rather to pay for a full game than for stupid micro transactions. I thought I finally found the perfect game for android but like always the greedy of companies are destroying gaming in general. Uninstalling...
After playing this for awhile it is a good game. The problem is how much lag the updates have caused when I play. I empty the cache before I open the app just to be able to get in and play a few levels before it freezes up. Doing cross server bosses is almost impossible. I dont load up until the boss is dead and sometimes dont get rewards. Please fix this game it is fun when it works and I have invested a few dollars in my character...
Such a great game. Love it. But the developers need to be more active and also hire a PR team ASAP. Feels like a dying game. Don't give an Eff about players. Never know if their support team is there or not. Can't pay and buy in-game items even if you wanted to. No effing reply from Devs.
Some builds are completely broken which makes it meta af. Lots of cheaters that are still on top of leaderbaords week after week. Not necessarily p2w but there are alot of top up events. Love that there is no auto play at all but there are limits on how many times you can play each mode. Pvp match making is none existing just like the Rng. Graphics are nice but phone is always HOT and drains battery extremely fast(Note9). But the biggest BS is the 100 Red gem cost for Talent build, EACH TIME!!!
Played a couple of minutes. Great Graphics and thats all. It's not like Diablo in any ways. Its more like Lineage Mobile. Same as any mobile arpg. Its a better match of Dungeon Hunter but I don't know if it is the same with a paywall. The combat is all flashy and I cannot feel that I'm got strong. It feels like I'm slashing through air because the enemies are like hollow and weak. The skills are too strong to one hit kill enemies so it's so easy and not enjoying.
Was great until......"FAILED TO LOG IN VIA THIRD PARTY".the patch today which completely made the game unplayable. Won't let me log in. Now reinstalling it to try and play again. Not sure if it will let me back in to my Google game or if I'm going to have to restart. If i get my progress back then it will be back to 5 star. does not work even after reinstall.
The game is fun, engaging and good to play. Graphics are beautiful and the narrative is fantastic. There are so many options which is great but unfortunately the bad point. The game is so overwhelming with gifts, rewards and compulsion buying it's ridiculous. This game would suit PC not mobile where you have semi limited time and simply can't do every single thing, unfortunately the game is loaded with bait to make you spend. Wait for Diablo immortal.
Best ARPG game on playstore right now in my opinion. I used to play path of exile and Diablo 3 previously on my laptop. What I like about this game is, it is similar to those games but for mobiles. Easily accessible anywhere and very F2P friendly. Too bad this game doesn't market itself to its potential. Hence smaller player base. Game UI took me around 3 days to get used to. Thankfully there are pro players who upload endgame builds, do's and don'ts for newbies to learn.
I love the gameplay and the graphics. But after a few updates the game is so lag and it crashes a lot. I will give you five star if you can fix this. Fix this cause you will surely lose goodpaying customers. I cannot play the dungeins properly because of too msuch lagging. Is there a no star rate here????
Downloaded it. Said "failed to login with third party" . Uninstall it and install it back. "Failed to login with third party". 10gb i used to download it. Idk wht else to do. Tht 700mb downloaded inside the game but nothing change.. but it new release so this kind of bug are normal.. maybe ill play it some other times when i can enter the game. Pls fix it
Raziel simply put is a great ARPG that pays homage to Diablo for sure. I'm basically imagining this is what Diablo Immortal is going to play like and this game is already out and Free to play. Superb game. I'm always still amazed of the capabilities our phones have nowadays and the games we can play on them. Badass game, kudos to the development team!
Solid, but not quite perfect. A sloppy UI can really ruin a game for me, and although Raziel's isn't awful, it's still a bit unwieldy and confusing. The gameplay itself is entertaining enough for hack n slash. If you're looking for something to hold you over until Diablo Immortal, this is a good choice.
Buggy, 2GB of wasted data, don't download, it takes 10min or longer to load, garbage game, don't waste your time. After updates it will constantly crash. Developers don't care as this is a pay to play/pay to win game. I will stick to my Xbox, ps5, wii and pc - because those games are worth the money.
Reziel is a great game very well made with a fantastic storyline. The reason I'm only giving it 2 stars is cause the servers r so poorly maintained. Everytime u go to do a tavern quest the boss is either dead soon as u get out of loading screen or u dc from the server. Then trying to relogin back in and u can't just keeps saying failed login even tho my net is perfectly fine. Plz fix and ill rate 5.
All these positive reviews have to be fake or none of them bothered playing more than 8 hours. End game progression limited to a 24 hour resource reset that lets you enter a game mode max 3 times a day without buying in. Not sure where the "endless action" comes from when you only log in once a day for 6 minutes of content and can't progress beyond that. Half the stuff isn't even available to you at max level and take WEEKS of afformentioned clears just to see - HEAVY p2w $$
Once I started getting further into game I'm afraid I had to give it one star, and the reason is what I would call a "game breaking" problem. Whenever I'm queuing for any crossserver, I'm unable to do anything else because I sometimes had to wait up to 30 plus minutes . If your restricting players from doing anything else (Portal/Gate of Shuttle) while queueing, people will get bored, log off and not return. Let me know when it's changed and I'll return, until then uninstalled
Love the game and it's gameplay, classic hack and slash that you can enjoy without paying to play/win. Although spending some money I'm sure helps with progression. Rated 3 starts because I can't figure out how to summon new heroes to my wheel. I've searched everywhere online and can't find anything that works. Willing to update to 5 stars if I ever hear back from the developer. So it turns out that after so long (level 40 for me) is when you get your first unlock of your secondary hero.
A fantastic free to play game, there is the option to spend money however it is not needed, quality graphics along with great game play and story, levels can be a little short however there is no shortage of quests to keep you busy. An abundance of great loot backed by great companions which you can unlock along the way. Lot's to keep you busy many upgrades and much much more. If you are looking for a fun little game to pass your time then definitely give this one a try.
OK this game is a guilty pleasure of mine. The progression IS essentially pay to win, but there is enough of a skill ceiling to make you feel like you are squeezing more out of your time and money than a less skilled player. The combat has a nice flow to it and is relatively satisfying. This game borrows a LOT from Diablo 3, even copying the rift system, but it's mostly a good thing. Itemization and talents are pretty extensive. Some of the extras are money sinks but the stat system is unique.
This is honestly the best ARPG I played on mobile. Progression feels smooth throughout the first 3 hours (that's how much I played so far) and the combat is very satisfying. The game doesn't rush you to purchase anything as you begin, allowing you to get acquainted with its mechanics and features before throwing a barrage of special deals and other IAPs. So for so good, 5 stars doesn't mean it's perfect but it's the best one so far in the genre in my opinion.
I'm changing my review to 4 stars from 0. Love the game so far although I have a few issues. There's no way to earn green diamonds unless I don't know how, interface is not user friendly. Gold is not that easy to come by even with completing quests. The game play is absolutely amazing...stunning effects and graphics....Well done, I'm impressed.
So iv'e been looking for a while now for a really exceptional mobile game such as this one. Been playing for a few days now... And I just want to keep playing. Over all nothing to really complain about yet, though there is still so much to experience. This is the type of mobile game that I'll actually spend some cash on because its that good. Although I'm awaiting the launch of the new Diablo on Mobile...can't wait btw! I wouldn't hesitate recommending this game to anyone. Two thumbs dev team!
Phone: Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G Region: USA, Texas Service: T-Mobile 5G Issue: Unable to connect to server Fix: Restart app- no fix Auto fix- no fix Re-log in- no fix Change server- only 1 server available, no fix Due to the issues of not being able to connect to the server, I was unable to play the game. The cinematic was done really well but unfortunately I wasn't able to dive into the actual game and was cut off at the starting line.
Great game, but if you are a f2p player, you are in for a very long grind with lots of timegates before you can begin endgame farming. It is a very enjoyable experience either way, I think. If you want to play long term, it is much better to pay for certain things such as the extra merit reward track and maybe the hero unlocks if you don't want to wait a long time to unlock them.
Very nice game, and even my older model phone, (LG V20,) Seems to run it flawlessly! It has a Path of Exile kind of vibe to it but I enjoy the use of upgrades and powers that I can see take place on my character, clearly. Very happy I listened to my friend and downloaded the game. Great job devs, you've earned my 5 star rating! Can I have free stuff now to progress in my game? Lol!
This is a very good action role playing game and has great production for a mobile experience. So far everything has been fun. The game starts at the main city thats a multiplayer hub for different adventures you can go on. As you level up, many other types of adventures are unlocked. It is a single / multiplayer fantasy role playing action game. It also has item classes, gems, pets, unlockable characters, large customizable talent trees, and more.
Gave 5 stars at launch. Now everything u paid for an worked for is gone. I uninstalled an reinstalled numerous times to try to get past the 3rd party log in. I jad to delete the storage not the cache an it works flawlessly now but when I try to log back in w my Google an link the accounts. I get nothing. It still starts me back at the beginning. I was almost a level 40 w 2 characters both at lvl 40 an bought extra stuff from the in-game store.... how do I get my characters an stuff back???
I haven't even started playing and the download screen is telling. Beautiful game with terrible performance. Thrashing/Immense Garbage Collection (ask your engineers, they should understand what I mean). Should profile your game and auto adjust the settings to the device. Not everyone will know they need to do it manually. This review is against an old phone on purpose, samsung galaxy s8+. Highly recommend using a better phone.
Initially gave out a 1 star, but since playing the game more I give it a 5 star. Have really opens up once lvl 60. And yes! It does get tough and requires help in harder areas and levels. Im totally f2p and have had no trouble with this game. More classes will be good when they release them. You can choose from 3 at start, but can acquire the rest by just playing the game. This is for sure the pre diablo immortal game to play until it's release.
Decent Arpg, a lot even paced than some other hack and slash then again I just recently started this game it might get hairy later on but right now it's enjoyable for a decent hack and slash, options to deal with microtransations but it's not forcing you to take it which is a good thing as some other games has ways of making you requiring something in store to play the game , update: I had two characters one of them my main got far as level 40+ , I logged out only to find that I lost both charc.
Well I gave it a try and it was good but the problem is I bought a 5 dollar pack in the beginning for the wings and pet and apparently when I quit the game for the day it never saved the account I bought the pack on so not to happy about it. Probably going to Uninstall now too just because I don't want to play a game that cant even save an account right especially when you're spending a little.
This is a very good example of a hack and slack game. An important point to note is that it is NOT an MMORPG which is essentially my only main complaint about this game. I wish it was more of an open world game and less of a level based game with a persistent central location that you deploy from. This game runs very smoothly and it has a decent profession and skill system. I would recommend this game to others.
I give this game a solid 4 stars for the following reasons. As a mobile game, this was very easy to jump into and understand how and what it is I was supposed to do. Controls are very simple and don't stray too far off the norm or a classic mobile rpg. The last star is simply missing because I don't enjoy the play style of the available characters. I think more class types would make the game a lot more interesting and worth my time. Great job so far, looking for more content in the future!
Fun mobile RPG reminiscent of Diablo. Controls are great and there's a decent amount of customization for active skills. Where the game falls flat is the passive skill tree. If you try to make your own hybrid build it will end up being very incohesive and miss out on the strongest buffs so you're actually locked into one of three builds that the game shows you
Good opening video, very nice. Too bad I can't actually play the game. I've updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, used both iOS and android on data and wifi alike. There's only two servers, which say they are playable, but I sit there until an error message comes up and says try again in 0:10, or higher each time. Can't get in to play. Hard pass for now, I'll change review when I can play.
I have just been playing for a hour. Its a good Diablo like game. The text words and the spoken words do not match. Can't open various chest in the beginning quest. Combat system is good , when your in town or safe area the controls are ok. If you don't have a face book there is no way to get help for in game questions. The town or safe area glitches for a few second while your are running around. Overall a good game so far.
Fun game. Played for 2 days, made purchase to level up my pet and character skill, and update notification pop up. Updateed the game successfully, start the game, take me to loading screen, finish configurating, then BOOM!! "cant login via third party app". Is there a way i can get my refund back? It feels like me and alot of others just got played.
One of the BEST ARPG on your mobile ! Try it, you will see by yourself. Graphics are very well done, gameplay is smooth and you can build your characters the way you wish. It is, at least, a game with no auto-attack and auto-play functions which ruins the whole game experience ! Sweet levels in a great story like the old Diablo series. Hands down, a very well made game !!!
Amazing on every front so far. Once I get to PVP I will adjust my rating if it becomes P2W like all mobile games. But currently, this is the best ARPG on mobile in terms of polish. By far. Rating adjusted from 5 to 3 based on reaching "max level" and being no better than at lower levels in terms of competitiveness. Also the gameplay is grindy, which at first was fun but without any real variation in maps and gameplay experience becomes tiresome. Worth a play but not for me.
I downloaded this game yesterday and started to play. Other than a small hiccup with connecting to the network this game is a slam dunk. I'm an old skool diablo player and this game comes the closest to that game on mobile. Incredible graphics and easy game play. This game is a winner to me!!!
Solid game until you get to end game. End game only allows you to play 3 rifts a day so your progression is already limited. They tell you it's 25% chance to get a set piece, but it's in reality more like 10, then it's not guaranteed to be for your main. Biggest gripe is they require real money currency to buy off the market, but when you sell gear on the market they give you a different currency. So you can't sell to buy in the end. Very disappointed in the progression limitations.
Game won't start if you aren't on Wifi. Customer Service hoped for a fix with today's patch. But apparently that was a fail. As I currently don't have access to wifi this game was a huge chunk out of my data for nothing. Samsung S9 with full bars of service. REALLY lame. Looks like a good game. EDIT. After a 2nd update today game wants to re-download almost 750mb... This is stupid. This will be 3rd time??? You really don't care about your players at all.
Didn't save my progress the last time I played ( it seems) as logging in with Google as I did then is not bringing my saves back. Funny thing is that if I try to create a character with the old character name that I created, it says the name is taken. So the saves exist but I can't access them.
Another update to my review: I've just uninstalled it completely. Clearly the rest of the reviews are fake and not legit, as this game doesn't actually start. Touch play, its makes you think its loading, but about 10 minutes later it says "can't connect to server" no matter if there's full signal, no signal, on wifi, etc. This is why we can't have nice things. I'll be asking Google to remove this from the store since its completely fake.
Doesn't complete the after-install update. It downloads from playstore but is unable to update the files ingame and keeps getting stuck at random progress. Then after relaunch it restarts the update and then stops again making it impossible to complete. I have not been able to make it continue even after multiple reinstalls. Been a complete and utter waste of time and data on my part.
The game is really cool and a lot of fun. But it keeps logging me out when I close the game for too long and when I try to log back in, it tells me Third Party Login Failure, even when I try to log in with my email address. I know the game just released but if this is a big it's a pretty big one.
Excellent game all around - minus 1 star for lack of ability to open all mail at once & server emptiness. Mail builds up quickly & it's a pain having to go thru each one. Devs, pretty please, add Open All feature! & With objectives that require multiplayer, many times it's not possible to find enough players. Still, fun game. I suggest removing much if the visual battle info to actually be able to see what's happening.
This is the most convoluted game I think I've ever seen. The game play itself is straightforward, but all the various peripheral systems are a bit over the top. Also, there's an initial level cap of 60 which doesn't unlock all aspects of the game. The only indication I've found of raising the cap is to grind some goofy merit system. Not sure I want to bother with it. Furthermore, the game has 5 characters, 2 of the 5 require you to donate or grind the guild system. That's pretty trash imo.
Terrible ! I just downloaded it. I can't play this game because I keep getting a message saying that "can't connect to game server" tried for over an hour. Gave up for an hour then tried again. Same thing. I don't recommend. How can I connect without using WiFi? Fix this and I'll change my rating and my recommendation Thanks (Update) Works great now. I can connect. Game play is great , really fun. Purchase heavy but not necessary.
Edit: saying"So please do not update if your game works well" in the update notes is not enough if the update will break the game! Unplayable with crashes since most recent update. Devs pls fix!! 1 star until I can play again ... Excellent game, tho with objectives that require multiplayer, many times it's not possible to find enough players. Still, fun game. I suggest removing much if the visual battle info to actually be able to see what's happening.
This is one of the best ARPGs I've ever played let alone mobile ones. Nothing about this feels like a cash grab, although of course there is a cash store. The story seems to be decently thought out. The graphics are amazing, and the controls are very good as well. Some of the spells are kind of useless, but I guess that can change with build diversity. I'm still fairly early into the game, only at level 30, however, I am loving it so far
Mostly a game that proves to be well developed in its early stages. I see tons of potential. Crafting components and gear are accessible through grinding as opposed to Pay to Win. Inter-communications through private messaging is the only area I have concerns. All private messages show up in the same spot at the same time, makes reading confusing. Also, you cannot message an offline player, making it harder for guild/squad events. Would like to see messaging show up in mail, instead of chat.
I really like this game a lot, but the sound comes and goes. On certain bits have sound. But the main part of the game were you're fighting has no volume what so ever. I don't know if its meant to be like this or if I've done something wrong, but I'm hoping the Devs can help please. I would hate to delete it as I think it has great potential. Stuart.
First off. Bravo. When they said "Opimaized for headphones, I had my doubts but boy oh boy, you're in for a treat. Skullcandy Push. Now let's go to the gameplay, its challenging, reminds me of old school diablo on the pc. You actually have to pay to attention to whats attacking and react. I don't really have any worth noting negatives yet but I will update as I progress. Lvl 28. 4 stars because I'm hopeful but remain critical.
How am i supposed to play the game when it keeps freezing on the patch update. I installed the game and the patch download freezes up at 7%. If i close the game it does not restart from there. It starts downloading from 0% and freezes at 7% again. For the love of microtransaction some one please fix the damn thing
Awesome game. Real Diablo feel in a way and definitely better than the other dungeon crawler like games I've seen. Best thing other than gorgeous graphics, easy play through, and no struggle to play, you don't have to pay for anything to get by. That's always a deal breaker to me. But this game is definitely not like that. It's awesome. Not to mention it's name is part of my gamertag and email lol.
If it weren't for the fact that I've created and played 2 separate accounts all the way to past having pets and then the next time I go to play I have to start from the beginning..... Again...... Extremely frustrated because I did like the game. If I could give 0 stars I would.
About 3 hrs of game time, lvl 20, enjoying it so far and can't wait to see what the end game is like. If you want Diablo but you're sick of Blizzard or just wanna play it on the go, this game will fill that void for you. It's similar but different enough to be It's own thing. Review might change depending on quality of end game content, but I'm at least motivated enough to play more and find out for myself.