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Real Car Parking Master : Multiplayer Car Game

Real Car Parking Master : Multiplayer Car Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Spektra Games located at Sarıyer, İstanbul. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Welcome to car that is real Master : Multiplayer Car Game!

Do you like playing car parking games? Or do you want to play with high-quality graphics to your friends? This game is it is completely free! for you and

• There are several game modes that you can play and enjoy! More than 60 cars are waiting for you in the garage!

• Test your car driving skills in two huge maps that are different

• Drive Offroad in mountain map with 4x4 cars.

• Try to park your car in +150 levels! Parking sensors and signs will help you while parking.

• Are you a Real car master that is parking? Show your skills in multiplayer car parking.

• Customize different options to your car. (Tires, spoilers, paint, suspensions and more)

• Play this Car Parking Multiplayer Game and enjoy driving!

• Drive your car in traffic without having an accident!

• There are several game modes!
- car& that is parking Parking Multiplayer : Experience realistic car parking!
- Drift Mode : Burn your tires and collect drift points!
- Free Drive : Drive freely in the populous city or mountain!
- Checkpoint Mode : Catch the checkpoints within the given time!
- Time Trial : Reach the line that is finish the given time!
- Parkour : Try to reach finish point in the parkours!
- Multiplayer : Play with your friends and enjoy!

• Playing this game is the same as a Driving School! Real car master that is parking increase your driving skills! Obey the traffic rules and finish the levels!

There are lots of features;
• 60+ cars with interior views and real graphics
• Car customizations
• Race with your friends in multiplayer mode
• Realistic graphics
• Realistic parking & drift
• Free to play
• Real racing experience

Do you like car simulator or car parking games? Real car master that is parking Multiplayer Car Game is more than a parking game! You can play multiplayer and drive around big cities!

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Website: www.spektragames.com

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Real Car Parking Master : Multiplayer Car Game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Real Car Parking Master : Multiplayer Car Game for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I just made a purchase of 340 rupees sport pack. And then after that i logged into my playgames account, i lost my money and the cars and my progress. I need my refund. Very bad
Everything is good about this game but needs serious optimisation cause my phone which is a flagship phone crashed at max graphics and my phone has never crashed since I purchased it.
Graphics are good need some improvement and please add real sound of the cars and please add more cars of Mercedes ,BMW, Cadillac
Good game! It's a bit hard to drive but it's very realistic. It's got the best graphics for a mobile game, that is free. Can you add a highway for us to do top speed tests? And please add the Lexus LFA. Great game though, recommend it!
This is the best game and I do not know how much hard work your company have to make this type of game but please unban the real car parking 2 that's why I don't like this company much
With the new update there is no stability and the car drifts and skids The volvo xc90 has been purposefully spoilt by making the wheels small In every car there is a short turning radius if compared to before If the colour of the car is grey then it will turn into black in the village mode There is absolutely no stability and whenever the brakes are applied the car always skids and drifts always Not at all like it was before it is now spoilt completely Please fix bugs in next update asap
Real Car Parking Master Awesome Game 👍🏿 Chill Time Awesome. One Request Please Mention The Real Cars Name And Company's For Real. Let's Keep It Real Stay Real Do Real. ✌🏿
The game is very good but whenever we have to play with friends then we have to turn on the call and then we play so fix it as soon as possible.
This is nice drifting mode mulyiplayer mode but we have to pass the level to unlock multiplayer and drift mode and the game is nice....
Verry verry good game 👍 graphics are much better than other games but in middle the game stuck the mobile plz fix 🔧 but the game is very nice 👍
I don't like this game because of glitches, I can't sing up by my I'd and I can not play level 3 I mean seriously even I can not play starter level.
This game is so realistic when i go in first person it feels like im driveing a real car😁😊😁😊
Graphics: 100 Controls: 100 sound of be careful you are going to crash:0000000. I literally ❤️ that game. It haves the best graphics you can never see on Android. I played multiplayer and I want it to have more people because the map is big. Also I enjoyed the multiplayer because I fell like I was in a Forza Horizon Game. Your game if really incredible, but I 😠 the warning sound, the rest, is great. You maked me happy!
Awesome game but I think streing sensitivity is too much add costom sensitivity and add long straight track to check top speed. thaks
Love this I am playing it always the car design and other things like graphic is all good but their it only two thing I want to see improved in the game is the map in multiplayer should be a bit more bigger and that we can change the seat like moving up and down or left and right. I whish that you do this thing I will love it 3 stars for now
Why I am giving 3 star because in my phone bit a little lag if you fix that I will definitely give you five star
This was trash I just got through 2 levels and when it was on 100 percent on loading level 3 it crashed. Right now I am gaming on a Samsung Tab A and wouldn't work! Developers please try to fix this it's just too annoying please!
The game is not the best game but it has nice graphics. I had a problem with the game it was crashing (Samsung Galaxy a31)so you can give it a try
Poor graphics, waste of data, horrible resolution basically everything about this game it just nonsense download if you have a lot of data to waste of random poorly created games like this one
Game need to be improved the mirrors. We couldn't see 2 sides mirrors, middle mirror showed incorrect
Its a very bad managed game whenever you go to next level the game crashes its of all times do not develope a game if you cant manage it
You need a lot of space to play the game but otherwise its pretty good but I think it needs changes, thank you:)
Graphics are actually good, cars are realistic. But I am giving 2 stars because physics and steering are just not good and it's so frustrating
I like it so much but where is the person and the rear bumper view right/left and the N Gear? And also add manual gear okay?. I hope you understand me, so have a nice day.
Good and it is good at wat you expect just some peopel ram you and that is what then is 4 star not 5 get the game it is so so good sorry for my sng
This game is very realistic graphics it is very nice but the game is laying some time . And I love this game and playing all days only one hour and also it has very realistic car
I love the game and i realy like the cars and the grafiks but i think that the car preses are too big if you can please change that.
Won't really let me play the third mission (just kicks me off) but its quite good, graphics... ehhhh? Handling... ehhhhhhhhhhhh? But overall a good game!
normal mode problem ~when using arrow (once u press it for les then one second it will go crazy (need steering sensitivity) drift mode ~i want to put my handbrake at the place i want anf it's not at the place u put it (need custom layout) fix fast before i search for another games you are welcome
Best graphics but plzz add new cars like rolls royce ,Lamborghini sian, prado etc.... and more maps like desert and snow Mountain. 😀😀
I give this game 2 stars cause every levels from 60 or 50 all are reverse parking none of them are even mountain is hard sometimes times but one thing I hate about this game is the parking reward 4k 1k 2k not even like 10k 20k the hell we are supposed to be rich only one mode is the event and stunts mode that the one and plzzz make more cars like konesseg jesko Lamborghini sian hurrcan aventurine svj BMW Porsche Maserati those cars and update the game more often ty
It's perfect but, add my favorite car please .My favorite car is DC avanti. It is superb for graphics and levels and we can chat in multiplayer. So my request is to add my favorite car please
Very very bad game i ever seen when I opening the parking level its getting of very bad game i don't want to give one star to
Well I was going to leave a good review but I can't even play the game boy even drive the car not even look at it so the game sucks 🤣 so don't get the game it is not going to work
Horrible, I can't get passed the second parking challenge because it keeps crashing. Pretty sad because the graphics are amazing.
This game is definitely one of the most realistic you can ever install, with the cars, graphics, and maps!
The graphics 👌👍 the reoson i did not give it 5 stars is beacause 1 when i watch an add it straitaways gets me of the game 2 when i came back the game the game does the same thing i beg you to remove that but good job
Stunning Graphics realistic controls.. Amazing work keep it up But I am facing problem After completing 2 - 3 levels my game stops suddenly please solve this. I am really really frustated from that issue😖
It is so good game i love this game this game grahpic is good in game there is many cars ,skins, colour i love this game.
I wish the brakes on the starter cars were a littel more stronger but over all OMG 5 Star this is the best car game I ever played
I think ever ever and ever this is really good game in all racing car games Graphics is very good No boaring moments in this game
Amazing...But i would like to recomend a vehicle to the developers...PLEASE GIVE LAMBORGHINI HURACAN PERFORMANTE AND AVENRADOR SVJ...KEEP IT UP...👍👍👍
It is not opening.it shows run time exception...!I am waiting to play this game.reslove the issue as soon as possible.
THIS GAME IS SO FUN the graphics are awesome and I enjoy it alot But can u PLZ PLZ make it able to play on tablet I would really appreciate it thx
Nice game but the game keeps freezing after I have played some levels so I have to always restart the game which is quite annoying
good graphics but that handling is not working some Like when some speed is increase and and above 40 kmph speed on that speed only the car moves
Really great and verrrrrrrrrrrry nice game nice graphic nice and controled cars allover verry great game
huge disappointment. mustang goes 150 not 305 does not look real rear light bad and nothing special but car models good
It's the best game in Google play store. But we need to a gear box with clutch and more cars with real sound and some tuning .thank you
the game is good but it have few maps and few cars i need more cars and more maps all the other is good is in the best car games that i have played
It's a nice game but some issues could be solved than it will be a very nice game. And it can be more realistic than it will be a perfect game.
My experience was way too good, everything was going fine but then this update happened and i didn't update it, I played the game without updating and now i lost all my progress, plz help
I am play just the first level. in the garage game is lacking because of light backing. And of course game is hang and lacking that's why difficult to play
I've played this game for over 4 weeks now, I opened the game 1 day and it said game keeps stopping and it is kicking me out of the game i don't know why please fix this bug I miss this gane
Great game although there could be some improvement....realistic exhaust sounds with be nice with some anti lag...bigger steering wheel for driving.....increase acceleration...add stick shift with clutch and dsg gearbox...sports mode for super cars...tuning options...make a car show area for multiplayer game...would really attract more players thank you.
Amazing! The graphics reminds me of forza. Just use ultra graphic and max rendering and it looks amazing! And not as grindy as other games
Spectacular game great grafics one thing is when ever I'm playing it my Bluetooth comes on? Do you get it? 😕 That all for today!👋
I am giving 2 star because this game stops while playing btw ; soumd continues in background ; What is this? Plz fix this 🙏
This game is better than rcp . Real car parking doesn't support this many features. This is the best!!
This game is nice but the worst is when I drive fast then I crash into anything I ((R)) but the reverse button is stuck. Instead it keeps on to (THE BOTTON ((D)) that doesn't mean that this is the worst game (EVER) I like the game so much that I tell my little brother {NOT TO PLAY IT} Because my brother is playing (Minecraft)😂But I hope the creater of this game see this and could fix my problem and other people's problem if the creater of this game saw my message I will appreciate it...
Needs more maps and just a little more improvement to graphics and car prices could be a little lower e.g BMW M4 should be about 80-90 thousand and cars like Bugatti or Ferrari and the super cars should have options to buy in cash and coins. Overall it is a great game and I would recommend it to a lot of people, keep it up.
M now tired of playing this game .....till now I have tried 100 times but then also m not able to move further of 69 lvl.. n I will request the developer to work on mountain map
Dang such a great game. The reason I rated four stars is just make the maps bigger in the next update. Reply and I'll rate 5stars. Also I have a recommendation to add nitro boost as it is really common in other games and some race challenges. Overall its a banger.
If you are reading this i suggest you to enhance graphics and change interior camera angle like dr driving interior is amazing and most reliable to drive and add more maps so it will the best driving game on playstore.Althought its an amazing game i am searching for this type of driving game and i finally found this.Thankyou
I love this game because the reason I put it 5 stars is best graphics for a simulator game 😃 but can you add a Lamborghini Urus into the game because that would be great if there was an Lamborghini Urus in the game. 😀
This is very good game good graphics good controls everything was the game was exellent 😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
This is a very good game for who like driving and the cards in this game are so good and they have a very good speed
one very annoying thing that can put off is the camera. its so annoying that every time you change gear the camera resets. also wish i could change seat position to the right side.
As soon as i started driving the car i lost my interest in this game. It runs like potato, and the only way to play it without it lagging is with low or medium grapthics. Controls are very bad. I hate games that put all their effort on the worst controls, like the steering wheel and the tilt phone controls, and make button controls trash by ruining the steering. Hell, there isn't even a steering sensitivity option, there is just a steering help option and it doesn't even make steering easier
I hope you keep improving the overall experience of the game. There is no engine start-up sound on ignition
Graphics is very good but while playing game it's very difficult and control is very bad and could not able to play the... Very much eagerly installed this game but totally disappointed.
It is neither a game nor deserves 300mb, it is a pop🤮 It is graphics is bruh I am able to play on ultra and 60 fps but graphics is still bruh the have to learn how to make games.
Good gameVery good game.I relly like this game.cars are very amazing and big city.graphics are low but good game
Good experience and love this game. The best realistic graphics. Would love more options inside the vehicle like rear camera for reversing, sport mode, open/close sunroof, optional turbo, and definitely more breaking. Also, sometimes the screen blanks out in some areas but comes back soon enough. So far so good and would definitely advise more gamers to try out this game.
Good graphics, obviously. High level parking game but could really do with controller support, it's the only major thing the game is lacking.
I this game very much because I have many friends so and I play with my friends also and I have many cars and I like this cars very much and I have many cars also. I go to many this game adventure also I don't unistalled this game.
This game is a really realistic game and nothing is different compared to the pics. i love it and could u please add heavier traffic and add more parking levels cause ive already finished it in a few days!!!
Horrible.When I sign to cloud sync, it just deletes all your previous progress and you get nothing back and I can't find a way to sign out. Please let me have back all my progress back if possible.
1) Please check the mirror. That shows wrong. 2) Try to change sky in mountain and keep it simple. 3) Increase the steering size a little. Game is the best driving game ever if you make these 3 changes. Thanks for providing such a nice game.
Thia game is ao realistic, But can you please add a driver instead of emptee seats. And the wheather. Thanks
I love this game but i have a problem when i open the game the screen stays black Please fix that😃
In daily rewards today I was supposed to get car but I didn't got it and now it is written you have claimed the car
Nice game 👍. The graphics are so realistic. But can you please improve the performance of this game pls.
This app is totally fraud, never ever buy anything on this game from real money. I spent about ₹4000-₹5000 and does not open after the purchase, I was using it since a lot time ago, I tried to re-download it but nothing happens 😡😡
Super graphics fantastic cars but you have to make little more traffic other every thing is super i love and I told all of my family to download it and they all download it even my father and my mother downloaded it and started playing it they have started playing very well than me thanks for giving these games for free
Good game with pretty much impressive graphics. However, some of the cars who have the capacity of reaching top speed cannot even reach the specified top speed. I have purchased a Nissan GTR and after all the upgrades, the specified top speed is stated as 414 kmph however the max it can do is 387 kmph after which the speed starts decreasing. Also, the flame of the Nissan GTR throws from its one of the rear tail lights rather than the exhaust.
I have a problem:when i open the app and about to do a mission it just suddenly jumps off😔and i love this game
Car is a good thing to say the first 5th and it was a bit more about that in my life is good to say car game and it was a bit more about that in my life is good to say car game and it was a bit more about that in my life and it was a great game..
This is a fun game very realistic it has everything like real but there is a spot I don't like the part where we upgrade cars example : it show it will go 410 mph top speed but then I see it goes top speed 370mph something like that but why ?
This is so amazing I like it's graphic visuals, vehicles' sounds , a great collection of cars . But you have fixed only one horn sound for each vehicle . There must be separate horn sound for each car , second you have shown river in this game but it's waves are frozen that must be stirring like to give the feeling of real river. Add some more weather visuals like starry night, fog, snow falling. 🥰👍
Nice game but please dont add that all parking mission you can add parkour and free driving parking mission iretates me and in building do more high graphics add this in future update
This game has very nice visual !! Graphics is 8/10, beautiful.. Car garage or Car collection is Remakable 9/10. Car control is not really good, please add editing option so that players can move Control Buttons accordingly. first of all, 1. buttons are small & placed at bottom.. it makes it very uncomfortable to use.. 2. then in STEERING mode, camera pans when trying to steer. 3. Multiplayer - takes way too much time to connect(well, my network was not slow) 4. Sensitivity not good, no setting
Yo I will give this game five stars that game is soooooooooo amazing the graphics is soooooo beautiful the car is actually soooooo amazing love you guys soooooo much if somebody say that game it is trash I will put him in a toilet and make them drink the water love you guys
I really like the quality and stuff but j can only play two damn levels it doesn't let me go to level three It takes me out the game in the middle of the level I tried the games on different devices and they do the same thing I don't recommend yall download this game its a waste of time!
The game is awesome. I don't know why it has a 3.9 stars review. I really recommend it. Cool cars and smooth experience overall. Developers listen to their community trough discord and they game is getting cool improvements. Make sure to check it out.
graphics is good, but it's to hard to control the gas pedal and also pls add side mirrors.. game is not just on how beauty the graphics is
Graphics and Controls are not good as Compare to "Real Car Parking Parking Master" I'll suggest spektra Games to use older game graphics and controls with change in Map.
Car Parking Multiplayer is way better than this game,Car Simulator2 i dont like cause of there new update is better than this game,you have to play parking b4 u get in2 a room,stoopid game 3 junky cars only.i read this game b4 i downloaded it sounds great, but it isn't. Waste of my time,cant give zero stars
Honestly very good game👍 but a problem, when you are playing multiplayer you are not allowed to go In half do the area. Please fix this problem and make it full map
Its really an awesome game...but it should need to add some more features like headlights...to upgrade a vehicle's engine power and all...but overall its a nice game...
I would give it 5 star there would an option of Custom HUD in setting..All over game is good but some problems with controls I have..Plz help me out and bring the update of Custom HUD settings..
I can't even play the game because it's crashing randomly, FOR NOW it's 3 stars until I'm able to play the game.
No good as "Real Rar Parking : Parking Master" in graphics. In ultra graphics also. Maps are also not good. Try to improve. That's why i am giving 3 stars.
I installed this game 2 months ago ,i unistalled that time because game was continously force stopping when mountain map was loading , that when i was on rank lvl 2 only , i installed again because of they have new update . But devs fixed nothig yet i dont know wat are they fixing in updates only played 10 minutes and i am uninstalling again , and i will never come back again ro this game for wasting my time
Theres a bug when you go to black paint its brown and when you go to gray all away to the back its baby blue :/
Wow., What a game. The high quality graphics make it the next and best level of Parking Games. The Car detailing is also precise. Waiting for more such games from Spektra.,.
Still has spots to improve, but it's pretty good game. I bought Porsche 911 (964) and I upgraded it to the maximum and it says it can go to 410kmh, but the maximum speed I reach is 370kmh and then it starts slowing down to 290kmh and then it goes up again and it does it all over and over. I would give 5 stars but it still has spots to improve, and after some improvements I might give 5 stars ⭐
Very disappoint, after downloading and playing 2 levels successfully I was really enjoyed it, until I got to lvl 3 and the game kept crashing, unfortunately I checked the reviews and am not the only one, you guys need to do something quick, I'll just stick with car parking multiplayer
This is the best mobile game that has graphics like GTA 5 which THE BEST GRAPHICS IN THE WORLD. I like this game and it's worth downloading it although, it doesn't have many players. Only 100k players.😔😔😔
Overall the game is great!,but can u add some bumps effects pls🥺so the game will looks more realistic and improved the map maybe add more traffics and pls optimize the graphics because my phone have 3gb ram and a snapdragon 450 i can still experience some fps drop pls optimize the game deeevs thank you,love from Philippines ❤️
The game is really nice you can adjust graphics and everything but right know my mobile started lagging it took me 1h for fixing this issue,so please take care of this issue.
Possible the worst game ever. Reasons: 1. It's very laggy and your game will freeze. 2. You get caught on guardrails 3. You have to use gold to change your username. 4. Cars have massive oversteer. So overall it's worse than some other games combined.
The graphics is good,but handling is very poor.if we rotate the steering wheel the camera rotates on its own....the car sound is not good.improve the sounds and issues
Good game but I can't complete parking mode level 100, and theres no video tutorial everywhere, please help
To realistic! I tried to play the game but it will always kick me out of the game it's way to laggy for my phone.
I just installed this game and I completed only two levels, then all of a sudden, the kicked me out. Please fix this problem.I really love this game and I would like to give it 5 stars, because of this problem, I have it 4 stars.
this so coool game really!play with friends and missions👍🏼👍🏼.please Chevrolet aveo and differ cars come✋🏼l love this 10starrrr.This is forza horizon mobile👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼uptades please✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
The graphic are good but they can be improved. The mountain map is not perfect as many portions are missing. I hope the maps and graphic be improved.
This game is super amazing better than rcp.rcp is suck game it's way too laggy and this game awesome just need little work
The games graphic is very good and car sounds are op but there was a single problem the game crashes agian and again please fix it so I will give it 5 stars
While in half acceleration the car only gives sound rather then moving, no other moving object are there otherwise it's okay
It sucked i couldnt even get past level seven cause it was too small. There should be a wy to skip levels
I just installed and after 15 min I uninstalled it, I wasted my data, very very bad controls,Friends don't download this game it will be just waste of MBs this game is just waste controls are very very bad don't download , if you do you r going to regret very much Although this game has good graphics but that is all in vain due to bad controls don't think of other reviews don't download this game i am telling u this time
When i was playing this game is graphics good and have premium cars when I was finish 3 rd level after 4 th level trying to enter its not entering me inside
I'm giving 3 stars because the graphics isn't stable...you'll see blank spaces mostly in mountain map & the maps are only two which lessens the experience level & the acceleration & speed of cars is too low and it takes a lot of time to reach top speed(100+kmph)&The controls aren't good at corners on road..they'll just ride onto the railings or things on road.Overall graphics feel realistic but it would be much more better if those blank spaces are covered.Lights,day/night cycle should improve.!
I just paid 7.00 for the 1.000.000, and it said "connection error" and never gave me my money. I'm very frustrated, could you refund me or give me my 1.000.000,
Plz make the test drive for 10 min and get some other cars like fortuner and endeavor creta plz and get some more map plzzz
I just didn't like it overall. period. It was so laggy and I just did not like it :) BUT it would be better if they just fix the lag somehow-