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Reports Analyzer - Stalker for Instagram Profile

Reports Analyzer - Stalker for Instagram Profile for PC and MAC

Is a Social game developed by WhoStalker App located at Mustafa Kemal Mh. 1800 Sk. No: 5 P.K: 34155 Etiler / ISTANBUL. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Find out who is your stalker and unfollower thanks to Who Stalker. Detect instantly and be notified when someone blocked you on Instagram. Learn your profile's statistics and secret admirer.

The best and Instagram Follower Analyzer that is reliable tool.

- Follower Analysis
- Follower Increase / Decrease Tracking
- Instantly see who has stopped following you
- Find who is your secret admirer
- Instantly see who has blocked you
- Sharing Performance Tracking
- Download Post
- Download Profile Pฤฑcture
- Connect with your fans
- Find who your profile visitors (*It's not possible to find all of your visitors but the ones we show are real)

Use Who Reports to be notified about your stalkers , blockers and unfollowers.

About Subscriptions:

-Our subscriptions are based on 1 Week, 1Month or 1 Year. Every subscription renews every week, month or year.
- Who Stalker Premium subscription prices start at $1,49 per week.
- There are also features that are free Who Reports app. You can use these features without paying.
-The payments will be charged to your Google account when you approve your purchase.
-Automatic Renewals are renewed unless canceled until 24 hours before the final end of the subscription period.
- Privacy policy: https://sites.google.com/view/who-stalker-privacy/home?authuser=1
- Term of use: https://sites.google.com/view/who-stalker/home?authuser=1

* This app is not associated with or affiliated with any app.

Support and suggestion for contact address:
[email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Reports Analyzer - Stalker for Instagram Profile.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Reports Analyzer - Stalker for Instagram Profile for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Fake app it takes 24 HRs to update that too how many like on post which u can generally see on your insta page tried stalking from friends insta dint update at all any of their pages cant be seen, can see same which i saw 2 days back when installed. Wrote them no reply money gone waste. Need money back as paid service is not provided.
I bought weekly subscription and now i can see the features and enjoy premium plans. They dedecyted yhe money from my Google play balance and now its not working..plz get a back to me. Now i emailed you all the screenshot. Plz get back quick
Quick and helpful app. I like how you can see users accounts in app and scrolling data info is very helpful
I can't find who is stalking from 1day I m seeing same stalker list no update no time is is showing useless app best of money
Great work! But I'd like it more if i was able to wipe a list without much work, ; Unfollow everyone unfollowing me at once, and also remove every ghost followers. Please can that version be created??
Now I've used this app a bit and I like it, it's unlike any other complicated app I've used before ... like it Reports Analyzer
Its great application. It really works well. uncover your blockers, see your fans, rank your best friends and more! ..
This is surely an amazing app which gives you insights that are very useful plus its very easy to use it and got various features that are amazing
Easy to use. However I know of some people who have blocked me prior to installing this app but they don't show up in my list of people who have blocked me.
I like using this Reports Analyzer application. I'm still learning how to use it and I feel it's great. love it
Great ! Even the subscription a bit costly but still i'm gonna said its really worth the money you've spent. Does it do what it stated? Yes it is. So far this this the only best working insight apps among of others. Thanks Dev & Team
user experience, love this great Reports Analyzer application because I have found people who have followed me with the help of this tool.
I must have downloaded some 30 similar apps with the intention of keeping one, after a while it is a fact that profile reports are the best in the category, this app is spectacular ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘
The best app ever!!! It has so many cool features all for free. It works really well, i downloaded many apps before but this is the best and the only one that actually works. Thanks!
It's a great app working absolutely fine if you could add a who visit my profile function it would be the greatest app.
You need to pay to know the Unfollowers. There are plenty of free apps is there to do better service ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ˜ธ Uninstall mode on.
Profile One of the best apps to find out who has been following you, who is not following you, detects blocked people.
So far it's been easy to find people who have been following you easily thanks to this great Reports Analyzer app I just found on the play store.
This is the best app. Follow your Social Media followers, find out who has been following you, who are not following you, detect those who block ... encourage people to download about
This app is very good, is usefully helpful to help me find out who has followed me, who doesn't follow me, detect those who block, see my fans, rank my best friends me and more!
This app has many useful features and I quite like it but there I think it would be better if some of them were available as free aswell. I've given it 5 stars as the features available are pretty good!
I can find immediately who unfollowed me in less than a minute! This app is very helpful for more!! Please install
It lets you check everything without having to pay a single cent, ads are there to make revenue nothing comes for free. Great straight forward app
Ridiculous. Stops working because there's an update available. Well it's not always convenient to update on fly. Uninstalling anyways
This is a good application. I really like these features and the exact data I recommend. love it Reports Analyzer
This app. Is awful. I aant my money back. It's super slow, no way to cancel subscription or no way to chat with someone. I don't recommend this app at all..
A really good app, I've used others but didn't know I could check whose been stalking my profile. Really easy to use and would highly recommend to a friend.
I love it! It got rid of the dead weight ๐Ÿ˜† It also allows me to know when I am followed, unfollowed, blocked etc..
After installing numbers of apps just too identify and unfollow the non followers. I found this great app witch helped me to find and unfollow the nonfollower. Thaks for helping me
Great work teams and developers, I always use this tool to find out who has followed me using the Reports Analyzer app.
Yes I love the app very much that the app is so easy to use and we could find who unfollowed us recently.
It's really a good app. I got what i expected out of it. You'll get to know those that are not following you and those that are truly following you.
Awesome app, I had a bunch of people who would follow and then unfollow me once I follow them back, I was able to notice them, and unfollow them so I can get the opportunity to follow those that follow me
Ive waited hours for this app and all it does is just load, i try to click on something and it either says get premium or wait till loading is done and the loading has never finished. I had this for over a week now and it has done not a thing for me other than ask for premium and load.
it looks good, you should at least let us see those who check our profiles for free (if you want to connect us and more people install the app) take this advice from a businessman.
It's really superb. It gives accurate information,but I was thinking it would give notification alert on.
Youโ€™ve created an awesome app. It is a good practice to submit your app review sites and blogs to get more installs of your app. Posts are not guaranteed, but if your app is great, there are good chances to be posted.
IF you download this app, make sure you read the terms and conditions.. starting from emails, payment details, phone number, they collect everything. They also "share" (aka sell) these with "partners".
There's a function to download stories, photos, and profile pic. Other features might be laggy. The concept here works, but could use some improvements and bug fixes. In fact, it is impossible to update your account features from time to time.
Amaaaazing and very helpful i mean can an app ever...I know you playing if you ain't trying to install thisโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜€
One of the best, I've never seen an app like this help find people who have followed you as easily as Reports Analyzer.
A really useful and nice features that you'd pay additionally for, a good UI - everything accessable fast and easy to use, so I'm happy with this app. Maybe not as fast as I wish as a con.
Awesome app and thank you for making it a public app!!. If you could make an update and have to be able to login into multiple user accounts just like on the original Instagram, if you could do so and place NO extra charges for it, I will keep my anual/week subscription FOREVER!!!
Love the app, very descriptive, and is some what up to date, but it's really good to know who is doing what, oh views your stuff, and every thing
It delivers my needs. Just wish it loaded faster. Other then that very very useful and informative. I was gonna cancel the free trial and I just ended up using it and have been for more then 6 months
So sorry I'm just making a review for this app, it's just too awesome, totally accurate and works perfectly, the redirecting to instagram app itself is just wonderful, alot of folks need to learn from y'all.
This app is really cool. It allows you to track people who have stopped following directly from him. You don't have to visit Instagram either. I will definitely love to recommend this app. Thanks Followmeter.
This app is the best! And i recommend this to all Instagram users because it's very useful it helped me a lot, I'm satisfied with this app very much!!โฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธ
It's not free! You literally can "NOT" do anything on here "Without" having to buy the premium version!
This app is good. My advice is earn from ads instead of people paying money for full reports. It will get you lots of installs. Thankyou.
Great free app to see who is following you and who isn't. No ads. I haven't had any problems so far and it's been about a week.
The free version is very useful. However the payment leaves too much to be desired. I bought the payment but already asked for a refund, it doesn't work as they say.
I finally got what I needed, I needed to find out the people who followed me always using this great Reports Analyzer application very quickly and smoothly.
It's good! When someone follows me, I follow back And after a while or after some days, they unfollow ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ It's so funny That's why this app helps me... Who has unfollowed me ๐Ÿ˜ hehe it's good lol ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜
if it is going to be available just with monthly subscribtion,the i have to uninstall cause even if i had the money,i can't transfer it cause i don't have a credit card which can be used outside my country.
A lot of people love this great Reports Analyzer application because I have found people who have followed me, with the help of this tool.
Basically the app Does what it describes you at its description.most of the people may compare with other app with similar features but I totally recommend you to use this app as it is user friendly and High security ,Subscription version contain lot's of features everyone should use this to know the engagement rate and various features like who are your secret admirer and who blocked you .lot's of Features are available in Pro version. Price is little high for Subscriptions.
This app is fake. It never updates, showing same supposed stalkers for 24hrs when profile had been busy! and when I cancelled my subscription it stopped working immediately even though I paid for a week and only used 1 day. Thieves
better than the rest. I tried other even one I paid for which I regretted and left a very bad review. Came across this one and it like a dream. Best one out all the one I downloaded and I downloaded a lot to find which one worked the best. So saving my pennies ( have to now after jumping to buy a year of one that didn't work) and going pro with this app. I wouldn't subscribe for a year if it didn't work. 5 stars off me.
This app is great for tracking people who don't follow you without adding or completing a specific purpose. like it Reports Analyzer
It is the best and can be trusted. Great experience with this app ranking your best friends and more! ... I like this Reports Analyzer application.
It's great to have such a great app in my phone that I always use for finding people who have followed me, who did well.
Very good app for Instagram... You can easily know who unfollow you and it gives information about followers and like comments count.
This is such a great App! You can see exactly who is or is not following you, I definitely recommend this!
I love this Reports Analyzer application. It is working fine and this is exactly what I was hoping for
The outstanding Reports Analyzer app always helps me find people who have followed me, watched my fans and it works really well.
It is very useful to track your networks, especially if you are using them for business. you can see your profile perfectly.
This is a pretty good app to use that helps you unfollow the ghost accounts. The interface is nice to look at. It seems to stay updated pretty well, not really a problem there. I haven't gotten random adds on my phone itself.( getting adds when the app is closed and not in use ) Which is really good. Over all I still use it. I'd recommend using it if you just want to know who followed you for a week then left.
The worst app I've ever seen. It doesnโ€™t show even the names of the stalkers and also make blure to the profile pictures. And this app doesnโ€™t show up the accounts that have unfollowed you! So, don't waste your time here.
Wow, this app must be really good! Hundreds of reviews saying how flawless and five stars it is all on the same day! DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Second party Instagram apps like this gain access to all of your login information.
This app is a scam, I payed for the subscription and it showed people following me as "unfollowers". It doesn't even work
It was going super good. I paid the 4.99$ for a month of pro plus and it hasn't been a month and somehow it's magically gone. Any help please? When I click on the buy again it gives me an error saying I have it yet I don't have access to the actual features of it.
This is the best app I ever use... I installed many app for insta follower but they work fine only few day but this app is amazing... I recommend this app to everyone guys no other app is better than this .. I download approx 20 app but they are useless... Guys please download this amazing app... I purple u ๐Ÿ’œ
Amazing app helps me to figure out my followers lost, gained, likes and comments gained, people who don't follow me back and people whom I don't follow back and every little detail effortlessly โค๏ธ
I like this app a lot but they should fix who sees your profile to be much more faster, and also to show multiple times of a person seeing your profile.
I tried a few similar apps but found they didn't work well with android but this app dose everything I need to without any problems will now try the pro
had the paid version and it was worth it! don't need all the paid features anymore but it's still very thorough
There's a lot of bad reviews for this app but I haven't had any issues. I paid for the premium and everything seems to work just fine. It told me when I got blocked my someone and when she unfollowed me. It also showed me when my friend looked at my page. Overall I like the app and I think it's pretty cool.
Worked like a charm and has a lots of great features for free (people who are complaining about ads, so what they are providing these great functionalities for free) I have a suggestion about the ghost followers, it check for people who never liked or commented on my post, instead it should have option to check for like last 5-10-20 posts. Also the feedback button doesn't work.
I haven't installed it yet, I came here because I couldn't update Instagram, I don't know why so I uninstalled and now I can't install Instagram. Plz help Instagram.
I really wanted this app to work, but it just takes forever to open, when (if) it does, and eats all of my phone's resources. The idea behind it is phenomenal. The execution, quite frankly, sucks. I'm done. It seems that it's gotten better. So I'm happy
DONT download any app that takes your password.This app increased my following by 40+ !!!! It made me follow random acc.
It has all the features in it, so it's easy to find out who has followed you thanks to this great Reports Analyzer app I just found on the play store.
This app was much nice when it was free of cost . Now for even sending a feedback to the developer using feedback option mentioned in the app, ask for subscription. I mean seriously guys ?! Is it new treand ? Asking payment even in feedback too ? Damm man, No wonder next generation apps will be like " To open this application please take subscription" .
SOMEONE LOGGED INTO MY ACCOUNT!!!! noticed that i was following a bunch of strangers i don't know and there was a login from some random place on window! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR LOGIN INFO UNLESS ITS A TRUSTED APP!!! Paid for premium never got it.... Requesting refund.........
It's a great lightweight app, works well fast & efficient, I can see whos unfollwed me and keeps me up to date, i can also see people who aren't following me and I can also see my followers and clear up my list which is a great feature. 5*
Its pretty good, it shows you who doesn't follow you back and you can even unfollow through the app. The only thing is you have to pay for additional stuff like who blocked you and such
I very rarely rate apps but this is really well designed, slick, with a user-friendly interface. Had no problems with it works 100% as described
As far looks good, although inspite of that, you should allow us to see for free AT LEAST those who check our profiles (If you want to hook us and make more people install the app) take this advice from a business person.
the free version is okay! i can see the progress of my account (gained followers, total number of likes, etc.)
Great app. I like this app that helps me find out who has been following me, who doesn't follow me, detect who intercepts. I for five
Extremely easy to check who has unfollowed me. I also like that it shows who I follow and if they follow me. The analytics are straight forward too!
It's a really inappropriate app it is taking your data. They hack your Instagram account after once you logged in. They also hacked my account name 'the_perfect_he_' please dont use this aap!
Great App. Finding it useful to keep track of my progress with my followers, and those who don't follow me. Its an App that does it all in my opinion.
This is the best app here. It not only helps u to unfollow people. But also helps u in watching the hd profile picture of an instagram user. I loved this app. Even colors used are so good. Well done. Good luck
It is worth noting that I found this app because it helps me fid people who have followed me easily with the Reports Analyzer application.
Excellent App, which allows you to keep a close eye on followers who follow for looping purposes and immediately unfollow you after the looping has ended. So many features. Quick and easy to use. I love the layout. Would recommend.
Nice one very useful . I really like this app. It works well for me to detect your blockers, see your fans, rank your best friends and more!
This is way better than all the other IG analysing apps I have used before. Has way more features for none premium users. So I definitely recommend others to use this app! Amazing job developers ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
TikTok introduced me to Xprofile, and after I paid the low cost for the basic plan, I have so much more insight for my Instagram blog! I can see exactly who has seen my stories, who is viewing my profile, etc. It is an insightful, modern, and easy-to-use app.
This is the app I was searching for... No ads and pure business. Its a very awesome app. Please install it over the other apps. ๐Ÿ’™
Had been searching for such a app. Easy, accurate and hustle free app. No glitches. No ads. Surely my search is over here.
No ads to get the service. Whoever left the reviews claiming there were ads that let you use this service for free, not true you have to literally pay to see anything on it. It is worthless for anybody who is not Instagram famous so don't download it at all, the reviews are fake.
This app is great that I like it. It's great to be able to see all the information and Follow your Social Media followers
App does not work.and when I pressed subscription, it automatically charged a years cost without approval. The stalker detection is a total flop show..does not shiw actual stalkers
Please don't download this stupid app .. even after the payment they are not revealing the stalkers .. waste of money
I made a payment of week membership and they didn't even activate it. Beware and do not make a payment. Also i need a refund for the same. Already sent an email Instagram id bhvkravaria. No purchase code was used. Payment made through credit card
Brilliant. I have bought the pro version as I use Instagran constantly for my business. The analytics are really clear, and I think it's definitely worth the money.
When i ask for notifications for unfollowers, i dont get any. But despite all that, the app is great! Thank you for helping me manage my account more easily!
They insist that we give the app 5 stars, pay attention to that. It's the usual app just a different theme with a lot of ads and premium options.
This uses your acc to follow people.After using this my following has been increasing day by day...i had to unfollow those people again and again but next day they when i would wokee up following the same person....plz fix this
Honestly speaking...its a really great app. I really loved using it. Like it was very tough to keep a track of who is following me nd who is unfollowing. So it really made it easy for me. I can suggest u all to install it too.
Cool idea... Doesn't work. Loads to 100 percent then won't let you see anything, stating wait until it's at 100 percent. Everything you can see is blurred out. Not worth it.
I am very happy with this app and it help me know who the fake friends that blocked me. I love this app because it shows you how follows or unfollow you
Woow, I was rlly unsure about this app, but it works Sooo good. I found out that my ex is still stalking me, and tbh.. That's the best app ever
Interesting and still learning more about the application. Works well so far good application. like it Reports Analyzer
Won't load. Looks as if the stalker element is trapped behind a paywall as well...making it anti-young women. Abort this failed app.
Great app, using since 1 month & I think it's great. Does everything it claims. The free version provides more than enough, so I'm a happy customer!
This app has been great! Its accurate and keeps up to date with all of your data. Would definitely recommend!
It lags too much plus its utter bs because you cant see anybodys name and as soon as you press it. It asks you for money this is the worst app on the playstore dont waste cellular data for nothing ...
It's a good tool for keep an eye on your Instagram account, you can easily find out who followed you/who unfollowed you and also list of people blocked and so on..
I got to 1000 followers then got stuck. Realised cheeky people follow for a follow back then delete you, so I just wanted to delete them back! The free version let's you do this perfectly.
Helped me a lot. Maybe a function to select various users at the same time and take action from the app? Like unfollowing
๐Ÿ˜€I really love this app, this app is very useful, at first I thought this app doesn'twork but this app works๐Ÿ˜„, I'm so so so happy with this app๐Ÿค—, definitely I will give five stars for this app๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
The app is great. I just wish there was a select all or something where we didn't have to go unfollow people one by one
It's worth noting that there was an app to find out who was following you, who didn't follow you easily, so I'd highly recommend this app to everyone.
It's providing totally wrong information, I just got into a fight with my online friend. But when I searched her in my followers she was there. Why do you guys make fake apps & everything we've to buy.
I bought the package for 1 month. It took some time to load all the info but 30 minutes later when I signed back in everything was there. Great app
Excellent app! Tells me everything I need to know, and I'm still debating on doing pro because it works so well. I only wish it could track more than 1 account, instead of me having to sign in and out to check different accounts.
It is necessary to have such a handy application to find out who has followed me very easily with the Reports Analyzer application, the luckiest one.
This is a great app to know everything about Following your Social Media followers, find out who has followed you, people who have not followed you, find out who blocked ... like it Reports Analyzer
The app is exceptional. One of a kind. Unlike the rest, it gives accurate analysis of your instagram profile
Very good application. Really great app to find out who has followed you, who doesn't follow you, spot those who block, see your fans.
Ok this app tends to be glitch I paid for 1 month on July 9, 2020 to test it out, and it keeps going to the monthly subscription menu as if its e Pires already. I need answers.
This app is really amazing. Nd it shows the true data... Not fake app like others which demands money etc to show your unfollowers. You can Download ut without any doubts.
Very good thanks. Upgrade to Reports Analyzer Gold for more advanced data collection and access to premium features.
Smooth experience, this is the best tool to find those who have followed you easily, those who do well.
I downloaded the app yesterday. My profile is still charging (71%). No update, no change. I'm gonna uninstall it.
Just what I needed...It aptly gives what I'm looking for when I analyse my instagram account...Extremely easy to use and understand...The best one out of all used till date...Highly recommended...
Froud app...installed to see working paid for weekly subscription....still 5 days to go i cancelled subsrition.....if i paid for ur service for week then why u stop giving service.just used for 2 days....i didnt find usefullness...even though if it is working app i could find in remaining 5 days for which i paid already.
Its been great Very thorough and informative Updates me everytime I have been unfollowed and/or blocked I could recommend a better App for this purpose....
What a nice app, finding out who has been following you is easy thanks to this great application of Reports Analyzer that I just found on the play store.
Yeah, it maybe uptight, wanting to know who checking your account and what not. But I like it. This app clean af too. Some features ain't free, and I paid for the premium features, they were worth it I guess, however I feel the app would gain more attention if the features weren't as limited.