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Riddle Master

Riddle Master for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Ruby Game Studio located at TGB-2 Alanı, İnci Binası, No:172/67 Erzene Mahallesi, Ege Üniversitesi Kampüsü, 35100, Bornova / İZMİR. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Riddle master is the most addictive free puzzle that is tricky which challenge and test your mind and iq.

It is a free game that you can have mini word search games, mind games, brain games, tricky puzzles, and mini hidden object games.

While Solving and enjoying your riddles, challenge and exercise your mind & brain.

Can you solve all riddles without any help!? So Challenge yourself and your brain!

• Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers
• Find the words that are hidden objects.
• Easy and simple but tricky riddles.
• Download this game that is funny free.
• Tons of riddles with the word that is find.
• Addictive and fun game experience.
• Great exercise for the brain and mind.
• Simple and highly addictive game play.
• Great time pass with Brain Teasers.

Get READY for challenging Riddles, and be the RIDDLE MASTER!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Riddle Master.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Riddle Master for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The game is half fun, with the exception of the stupid hint button that floats across your screen every 10 seconds. I'll find an item, and end up clicking on it just as the stupid clue button floats across, and I'm forced to watch an ad, or restart. It's happened enough that I've deleted the game out of frustration.
So awesome game because it makes your brain smart and helps you find hard clues and and my mother and me enjoy this hard clues
We need to get rid awful games like this, they use suggestive ads to target a specific demographic to get a quick buck and it's completely shameful. Please, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.
Really fun to play, it tests your mind! I love it snd i totally recommend it to anyone who loves a good brain tester!
Too many frequent ads. Spoil the fun. Guessed the hints immediately yet says wrong answer and asks us to watch ads for hints. And voila!!! Same hint which we already decoded. D*mb app by greedy app developers.
Very very nice brain freshing game.👍 I liked it too much and never get bore. But i gave four star because i think that the hint option should come more regular. But, yes really sujjest this game to you.
loved the game. but... too many ads. i played just for 2 or 3 games, ads kept comming after every game. sometimes... ads should be placed on a proper timing during the game. as usual, if ads kept comming up at the begining of the game, id uninstall them right away. too bad tho, because i enjoyed playing it. its just those damn ads.
Game was quite fun to begin with, even with the amount of ads. But then you start getting the same puzzles which is repetitive and boring. Even worse there is now a floating hint icon that gets in the way and if you accidently touch it you have to watch an entire ad, I just want to solve the riddles without hints
I loved the game but as you reach stage 19, the riddles were repeating. Only that the order of questions were scrambled, but still the same.
The ads are constant. Can't even get through one level without 2 ads. Its so frustrating, and makes you not want to play. And the game isn't working nearly £3 to stop them.
Starts great but quickly becomes repetitive, same levels over and over, got sick of the ads so paid for ad free but then this annoying balloon floats around your screen and if u tap it by accident u get more ads. 😡
This game is so frustrating.There are too many ads and even the clue also need to watch an ads.I doesnt care about to watch ads just for 5 sec or 15 sec but in this game have 30 sec of ads.I hope you fix this game
Yet another game that you spend more time watching the ads between levels than actually playing. Also that balloon thing to give an ad hint is extremely distracting and annoying. Its more than enough with the hint button on the bottom.
Get rid of the floating hint. Nothing but an extremely annoying distraction. I refuse to change my rating until that piece of @$%^ is gone.
I loved playing the first few levels so much that I purchased the No Ads with my Google Rewards store money. I'm glad I didn't use my debit card. It was a waste of money. I get an ad after each section I complete in the levels. Love the concept, but hate I wasted the money for something I'm not getting.
This app is amazing , easy to understand and it runs smoothly as well .I'd recommend it to any of my family members
I give this game three stars because everytime I lose to the level the hint will just show up and it's annoying me. and also it's confusing
Too much ads, a hint button pops up in the middle of screen and moves around the screen that's distrubs and doesn't let you concentrate.
this a very dirty game adds time some some thing insteusting but actually very dirty every time show ads so is equal to Corona
way too many ads. better games have way less ads. they pop up 3 to 5 times per level. more a wast of time than fun
So that's how they get 3 plus rating. My 1 star rating could not be seen after couple of hours. WONDER? Silly questions with silly, odd answers, just so we cannot correctly answer and they could show hints after an ad. Seems like a scheme and not actually an authentic gaming game. SHAME.
ads are too long, seems like I'm doing the same levels over and over. Also some ads that pop up are inappropriate for children.
Can't rate how it plays because I won't play this. **‼️IMPOSSIBLE TO OPEN THIS APP WITHOUT SHARING PERSONAL DATA FOR MARKETING/ADVERTISING - without knowing up front whether this can be reversed immediately in the game's settings, or will take a lot of time contacting a list of marketing partners‼️**. This tells me the dev is a greedy control freak with no integrity, and likely dishonest too. I'm out of here.
worst experience i never played any game like this.. adds icons are coming in front of yhe game screen and making distrubance.
I advise turning off any WiFi or data off before you even begin to play. I played one level, yes ONE LEVEL and I got an ad. Game is OK overall but come level 13 it's the same scenes with much of the same questions. I carried on regardless then come level 26 it's like you're back to the exact same as you were level 1. It's OK to pass a half hour or so.
Okay I played one level which one is the real boy three ads popped up go back and get the s*** right then I will play your game.
The game could be fun but the floating help icon getting in the way and constant ads makes this game almost unplayable. I also noticed that you never respond to peoples reviews which shows that you don't care.
Wish I could give it zero stars. It's entirely too many ads which makes game play nearly impossible. I paid the $2.99 for the ad free version, but nothing has changed. I still have ads. I'm not talking about watching ads for rewards but ads in the middle of the level. I feel cheated and I want my money back.
I played the same 6 riddles over and over. I even brought the $2.99 no adds. So after level 56 I uninstalled it. Wasn't any fun. I knew all the answers.
It's good but...it is making my phone to go like crazy,as in it's making my phone to hang.But it's amazing and good
There are so many ads that I couldn't even play the game. It is very boring because there are adds in the game Yogya Verma India
The ads are too long that's why I am able to uninstall this game other was the hint button was floating that I hate please do some upgradeness or get solution that's why people uninstall this app😣 Kindly focus on it😐
This is so nice this no diserve 3 stars but the reason to giving 3 stars is that ..... Jo level aap play kar chunke hai wahi level wapis aa jata hai but this is amazing
Could you please stop showing adds. It's not helping your game. Instead that we can be calm in your game you'll just giving us headaches with a lot of adds.
It's a fun game and not one of those that you get stuck on without any hints. so far I like it a lot it's a good way to pass time.
after each level an ad has to play. I watched each ad getting more and more frustrated, until I discovered that if you wait a few seconds you can skip the wait time.
Good concept but along with all the other reviews, it's repetitive after stage 10. Also some of the answers are a bit random! I played for a few days to pass the time but un installed at about round 14.
I didnt liked this game because of so many ads they are frustrating... And also after 10 or 15 lvls this game repeats the same level wch are litterally boringgg...
Deleted the game due to the annoying flying hint button, Devs want you to keep pressing it and annoy you into doing it.
This game only has 21 levels.. After that it just repeats the same levels with shuffled questions. Thats is. Game is interesting but ads after every 10-15 seconds are very disturbing.
It's interesting for a bit but it's just repeating the same group of pictures and mostly asking you to find the same things with the odd new question each round. Far, far too many adds. Rather than an add at the end of each level, there's adds after every item that you find. 90% of your time is watching adds
I hate that little hint icon floating around. If I wanted a hint I could push the button at the bottom. This is why I got one star and I deleted the app about 30 seconds after I got it.
This is a fairly entertaining game but has EXCESSIVELY too many ads. I would understand an ad between levels, but it also shows 2-3 ads in the middle of levels. Additionally, since I was having fun, I made the purchase to remove ads, but the app had no changes even after waiting and restarting the app. Was still showing just as many ads.
If you don't alow them to collect your details and personal info for them and some dodgy partners the have you can't even start the game, don't download.
hi this is a horrible game do not download it you don't even get to scan anything you just click items and it will tell you if you're wrong or you're right and then it literally give so many ads in between everything you click do not download this app it is a waste of your storage it is very rigged
I installed and forget and after few hours i opening it's not responding,when i come to playstore to report it's showing update😡😡😡
I have given this app three stars . Because I have two reasons 1st one is that because the hint thing keeps troubling me , when I try to find. Means it keeps forcing me to take a hint whenever I don't want one or need one . And the second one is that it is very hard to find some things . So I need to skip that part as it takes time. Otherwise everything is fine and excellent in the app it is something new for me. Can the people who made the game' riddle master ' fix these 2 things ?
I saw alot of adverts on this game and decided to try it out but I was very disappointed with the result.The game couldn't even open!I tried putting on airplane mode and opening the up and it still didn't work. Uninstalling
To many ads but i love it.its to hard but its okay this is the best game ever i will give 5 stars but not the ads
I love this game,but now,not so much anymore.All the levels are fun,but after level 20 the levels started reapeting over and over again. Which really bores me.While I'm playing,the screen suddenly goes all black!Pl fix it!More levels!!Normal screen.
I paid to remove ads, then the developer decided to add a stupid balloon that keeps popping up and blocks the screen for you to watch another add in order to get a hint. Pos
Ay ay ay too much adverts. 🤦🏽‍♀️The game is nice, but you can't even enjoy it, after every click there comes an advert
It gave me the same questions over and over again wich was boring also when I first downloaded the app it would not let me pass the first level.
Decent game til it starts looping/repeating at Stage 13. I thought "maybe it just is the same pucture but diff questions. Ok or repeats 1x" - I continued on 4 more stages, all exactly the same as I played prior to stage 13. Devs, if the game is done at 12, say so and call it a short day OR on lvl 13 put "under construction" as you try to make more stages. Ads after each stage isn't as bad as other games to me.
it is tooo nice. I play this first time and l love it in every stage there are interesting questions . All guys try this i hope you all also love this game. Sometime questions were little difficult . But its too good
I cud deal with the ads but after stage 20 the same puzzles just run in a loop. I don't see the point. #Uninstalling
There are at least 5ads per level. It's constant. I was tolerating them, but when I went to play and the was now a floating parachute flying around your screen while you're playing so you'd ''accidently'' click on it, I could tolerate it anymore and I deleted the game. It is Ssssssoooo not worth the hassle!
This is mind blowing game. I like it. Its not so easy. It is a mind game. You play and see how it is. there was no problem in this game.
Turnoff mobile net and wifi, you can complete the game in 2 hours, as the game starts to repeat itself... Hint-Tap every part of screen if you could not find any.
Paid for it to remove the ads, then it just repeats the same levels over and over again! Total rip off and really pissed me off! Just to really rub salt into the wound a floating "hint" icon had now started appearing that screws up your view and just gets in the way! Don't waste your money folks, bored rigid after seeing the same levels time after time!
Just horrible bad bad bad awful bad just basest game ever just horrible just bad I could not even play the game because it glitch out on me it is bad.
The game was great until all pictires amd questions started repeating... I was patient enough to make it to level 51 hoping for new and interesting pictures... Now i'm just so pissed off.. I have to uninstall the game cause there's nothing left to play....
I hate this game. It is so bad. I couldn't play the game because it wasn't working. And the ads are too much. When I tried to play the game and it wasn't working, the ads were too much
Why isn't it opening? I don't even understand why I even have to rate at least one star when I don't know how the game works? Honestly, the one star is for fancy. This game I downloaded that I haven't played because its not working. Please do something about it until then I am uninstalling it.
It's very fun for when board but it gets boring after a while still recommend to those who like riddles
The parachute thing is more annoying than a fly buzzing in your face it gets in the way and blocks the game
Very bad game. The main reson I dont like it is because that hint icon floting in the middle of the screen. It always gets on the answer and even if you touch by acsident it takes you to some or the other ad. And also the ads are too long. I should have listened to the other comments
After every freaking question there is ad why like it makes it hard to play when ads pop up every five seconds. I'm going to uninstall because I just got so mad about the ads you have to watch ads after every question and when you need a hint it's ridiculous. You cant enjoy this game. Never get this game cause yall gonna hate it.
This game sucks i was playing it at 93 %and it is so slow and there is ad after ad. I do not recommend. I whould give it a 0 but I can't.so I am giving it 1.😡😠👺👹😈
Would give 0 stars if could👿😡. I actually started to like playing it...played stages 1,2,3, 4 too. After stage 4 ends, it's the same stage 4 again and again...Fully not recommendable. I warn you, please do not download this game, just want to earn money 💰, don't think even once that people should enjoy the game.
It was a great game at first...now I'm on stage 29 and I'm waiting for the different pictures and different questions. Not to mention the over satiation of ads. Please improve and relaunch. Is love to play a similar game with more substance and more play time.
That was the best game I have ever played amazing and brain confusing. Thanks for making such of kinda game.
In the first level you guess I clues. There were 4 ads. Completely spoils the flow of the game and would recommend that you rather then do the 30sec ads after a level. Too frustrating to play. Uninstalled.
3Stars for Designer It's good but too much Advertisement. So people lost their interest. Why their is so much Advertisement?? Work on it!! Cheers
This game sucks it makes it so hard to the point where you have to watch an ad. Im also giving this a bad rating because the game kept glitching and then it turned black and it was not my internet it was the game😔😔 I really liked this game at first but then it became violent. I dont know why this game sucks. And I wish they could have either made it easier or fixed the game. Anyone who is reading this I reapeat you should not download this game or do I cant really tell you what to do.
The question should be rephrased to touch the clue not who. The game had me touching the person for quite some time wondering why I'm wrong. My idea of what is strange and why is more accurate than the game's. It's a total waste of time because it's the same thing over and over I got bored.
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This is a good game and I like it but the ads are disgusting and constantly sexualize women. In the Santa ad both women had no clothes on and Santa had on pants. You disgust me and the fact that this is how you get people to play your game because you can't get people to play your game without being disgusting
Not for kids very bad don't download and waste your data very bad things in it clidrens will get bad very bad ....and always the hint options will flow in between and such a bad add
It's the worst because first of all it takes hours in the intro second of all this app is so slow and hangs and third of all it has too many ads PLEASE FIX THAT
Do not recommend. Half of the time "playing" is spent watching ads. Not just any ads, the worst most agravating kind.
They don't understand when they make the thing like the hint they they don't understand what they're doing like they would tell you to hit but then when you click on what it is it's not what it is like it makes no sense
Great idea but after about 10 levels they start to repeat themselves over and over with the same questions. I paid to remove the ads, as there are many many ads, because at first I was enjoying the game. But quickly realised it was waste of money. I would actually like my money back, but can't see that happening. Could be a brilliant game, but it's like the developer ran out of ideas and hoped no one would notice. Like copy and paste trying to up the word count in an essay. A big let down.
Ugh ads ads adssss and adss . Complete one question, ads, complete a level, ads want hints? ads. Want to skip level? ADSS. Can't there be like KEYS? It makes it unable to play. I dont know why do u all like to give us soo many ads?
Needs more pictures, i played over 40 levels it only has 10 pictures which repeat over and over and over....boring!!!
Like another reviewer has mentioned, there is a floating hint button. It's not needed. App collects unnecessary data and there are ads every 2 levels. Uninstalling.
I downloaded the game and it doesn't wanna play...I entered the game and it eventually got out and tried entering for like 9 times and it still gets out😤 totally useless ✊🏻
Good game but I dont like that you need to read clues sometimes I skip it and close the text. And to many adds. Game is a lot of fun
This Game Is Absolutely Horrible! I Wouldn't Lie And Put 5 Stars Saying It's Amazing Because It's Not. There's A Santa Ad And 2 Women Don't Have Clothes On! Not To Mention It Freezes And I Have To Reopen It. I Turn On Airoplane Mode And It Still Keeps Freezing And lagging. 1 Star, DO NOT Install This Horrendous Game. Uninstalling.😡 So Innapropriate So Don't Let Your Kid(s) Install This There's Too Much, Well Naked Bodies So Uninstall It Immediately!! Worst App EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
That stupid hint balloon blocking the screen every 2 seconds. If I want a hint I will press the hint button.
It's the worst game ever. I click on something that's a clue, it says it's wrong. Then you watch an ad to get a hint, and it's the exact same answer that you chose.
This game is fun except for that stupid hint balloon that keeps floating around constantly. It gets in the way of playing the game.
This game is super fun. But whwn you start to get ti a higher level ads start to pop up a lot. Other than that a great app it also has a bit glitching in it but i can get use to it because its just so fun to play. I definitely recommend this app. 💛💛💛💛
First of all there to many ads they are annoying second of all the hint the that floats around is annoying cause when I tap an answer the hint thing is right there so I end up tapping that and the game always freezes so its annoying I have get off the app butt the riddles are tricky so e ti es but p,ease fix the gliches
If you love 5 seconds of game play and then 30 seconds of ads, this game is for you! If you enjoy 5 minutes of game play of which 4 minutes are ads, then here is your game! If you like to play a game more than deal with ads, stay away from this game! Most obnoxious advertisement forcing game I've ever seen! So do not I REPEAT, DO NOT try this game! Tell everyone you know to avoid it! This is ridiculous!
Levels repeat and some of the clues don't make sense once I did figure them out. Kept me entertained for about 4 days.
Really good in the start, then there is not much levels left, they just repeat the same questions again and again
This app is not at all good, By the way it is not starting....The least star is one otherwise I shall give it 0... Waste of time and data...This app needs lots of improvement
The thing with this game is, you have to have patience. It is a very good game, but there are a lot of ads. After you beat the first 10 levels, those 10 levels do repeat themselves, but with some different questions. Which makes the game look repetitive and boring. But no; if you actually play through those 10 levels again, you get brand new levels and brand new pictures after, brand new questions. So it may start out looking pretty bad, but with a little patience, you will see a lot more!
There only 22 levels and they repeat so you can have the same level back to back It needs an update that has more levels
I'm giving this game 4 stars because I just started playing the game but I don't know if there is any problem but I love the game it's a team work game I love it I hope this helps you
Honestly, the hint icon floating around is why I hate this app. It's annoying. If you don't find what it's asking for in less than a second, you can't see the screen anymore.
Breif entertainment for 5 minutes. I totally understand the need for ads, but after every other move is just excessive. I was considering paying to remove the ads... Until I realised the levels were repeated so frequently. Not worth even downloading.
Ridiculous game to play!! Fun at the beginning but now way too many ads. Now it floats so you accidentally click it. Some words are too small that you never find until you clcik ad hint. Now i need to look for a black bird that hint says "look closely at her hair but still I cannot find it in the blonde hairs.
THIS APP IS SO STUPID FIRST OF ALL THERE IS SO MANY ADDS SECOND OF ALL WHEN IT REACHES TO LEVEL 22 IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN this made me so mad so don't download this game it's just a waste of space I'm deleting this right now 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Interesting game BUT ADS TOO IRRITATING ADD SPOILING THE MOON AND INTEREST ON GAME That's why I am insta and install the game If anyone want to install this game be prepare for get too much of promoting ads.
It's a nice game I love it we should brain to play this game the first levels are easy than hard and harder that's why we should use our brain ☺
Stage 2: Click Toilet and Sword gets Crossed Off and Vice-versa Clicking on Sword. Clicked everything for Paper, Nothing. The Help Hint Bouncing Back and Forth every Couple Second was the Last Straw. Deleting!!
This game is good but in this the ads are very much frustrating that s why i ve given 2 star to it ugh!!the ads are too much irritating😤😠👿😒😤😠😒😒
I love this game,but now,not so much.All the levels are fun,but after level 20 the levels started reapeting over and over again. Which really bores me.While I'm playing,the screen suddenly goes all black!Pl fix it!More levels!!Normal screen.
Though the game a good time passer and I liked it enough to purchase the no ads version, it annoyingly flashes the hint ad button as well as has a flashing bright balloon hint ad button going all over the puzzle. The game went from fun to annoying so now I wish I had never tried the ad free. So be for warned ad free is still annoying.
If I could give you negative stars I would. There is entirely too many ads. I mean you it ask a question ad. Ask the next question. I haven't seen this many ads on any game. And its not like they're short no they are extremely long ads and most of the time there's 2. So I'm sorry but I'm going to Uninstall this game. WAY TOO MANY ADS. Its normal to have some after a level or something but no. Like serious game comes on ask like whos breaking out of jail., you answer the question then an ad.
to many ads still on stage 1 and already had multiple ads makes game not fun when having to watch 15 second ads every 10 seconds
A riddle game needs focus. With constant ramdom popups in the middle of riddle pictures for adds is the worst possible placement of adds. If someone wants to take hint they can do it from bottom of screen. But 8ts like the game inrupts litterly every 5 sec for "want hint?"
Horrible game when i get to the x-ray part the stupid x-ray dosent even work it just show the normal picture so i just go around tapping every where, Developers if your reading this please fix the bug that im talking about if you do i will leve a better review thanks
Great fun, game. Some answers obvious, some you have to think outside the box. But WAAAAY too many ads!!!
The game is fun until you cannot find the clue and the hints wont work so you get stuck until you find it after you were frusterated!
The word shoe is not in stage 3 even though it asks you to find it. Also there are way too many ads. After each level of the stage and anytime you have to lock your phone and then reopen it there's an ad. I watched an ad to use a hint and it never loaded to let me use the hint.
First of all the floating hint thing gets in my way when i am trying to click the answer so it makes me watch an ad, there is a hint thing at the bottom. Also when you finish the first level you already have an AD! I was installing this game th8nking it was goong to be fun but instead it has.It is terrifying companies make games this bad. Fix your game. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE SO FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved the game but after a few levels just kept repeating asking pretty much the same questions. If you have gone as far as you can then please just say so and give option to play again ...don't pretend you are going to higher levels by just repeating levels!
So when after each time you click there is always an ad. So when I need a clue/hint I have to want an ad to get it. And if you still need help you have to click it again but you have to watch an ad. And it will show the same clue/hint. So don't waste your time to watch so many ads. Because their is more ads then playing time. So please fix so I can play it.
THIS. GAME. TAKES. SO. LONG. TO. LOAD!!!And there are SOOOOOO many adds😠😡😠😡😠😡!But it is a good game.
The game is nowhere near what it was on the add i saw the add thinking man this looks like a cool game then i downloaded it its nothing like the video i didnt like the app.Every second an add just pops up and plays theres to many adds to the point that i cant even play
Way too much ads and the hint icon floating around is the worst part it seems to me that is not a game just an advertisement app after every riddle there is aad and there is about 6 to 7 riddle in 1 lvl don't download it waste of time data and storage
Very bad game I didn't like it as there is too much of ads and there's an item which is floating around and it does not let me to concentrate on this worse game so I deleted it.
Good was soso. The annoying thing is too much advertisement. Every 1 to 2 step then pop up ad. 1 stage total 10step. When come to finding word, i almost squeeze both my eyeball into my phone screen, damn small.
The hint kept on loading so long and there no paper in that jail it is nowhere be found i try to press tge hint it doesn't work at and the settings is horrible because nobody don't know why you guys put type language and that is all you on there 's no music no fun in it do better than and im not a karen i am black a n###a i was gonna give you guys 0 stars but you can't that and now goodbye and have great day .😬😧😤😥😣😈😈😷✊👏good bye do not get this game until they fix all thee way goodbye👎
Great if you enjoy playing the same game over and over again. Though they do break the boredom by letting you watch a gazillion adverts, not just before or after, but DURING gameplay!
4/5. One star away to being one of the best mobile games I've played. The only flaw that is keeping me from giving all 5 stars is: that after a couple of levels, the game will freeze which'll require me to close the app and reopen it. It's becoming frequent. Please fix.
The levels keep on repeating!! I thought it'll give me new levels after some time but it's only given me the same pictures and puzzles over and over!! I even paid for an ad free purchase!!!! If only I can give a zero rating!!! Hate this app!!!
I like this game but it has some stupid questions.i guess, not trying to be rude whoever made the game, a lot of other people will say this 2 but the game is just so weird I guess so ,I give the rate a 3😇😇😇
Unplayable with the amount of ads to start with. At least give the first level ad free. Always happy to pay for ad removal, but not when i can't decide if I like the game or not.
Decent game, for what it is. However there's only 22 levels, before they repeat. Mostly you spend time dodging the hint (ad) button.
I understand ads. I get that they help the developer... but there becomes a point where they are just way too intrusive. The amount of ads for this type of game completely take away from the enjoyment. Each level has 7 stages. Virtually every stage has an ad, as well as an ad between each level. The "riddles" are decent. They are a combination of finding clues, hidden words, hidden pictures, and "find something strange," which is looking for an odd photo. However, due to the style of the cartoons, spotting that strange thing can be quite difficult at times as it's unclear as to what actually is strange. Would definitely give 3 or 4 stars if it wasn't for the constant bombardment of ads.
I used to love this game,but now,not so much.All the levels are fun,but after level 20 the levels started reapeting over and over again. Which really bores me.While I'm playing,the screen suddenly goes all black!Watch a 30 sec ad?Just f hint?!Pl fix it!More levels!!Short ads.
It's good... But after the first 4 levels it gets pretty monotonous... Same pictures and scenarios even mostly the same questions. Would be better if the questions at least changed between each time you play the same picture.
Enjoyed it at first but when i got to level 23 or 24 the level is the same as the level from the beginning so as the next other levels . It's like answering them over again it's just that the level number is different but the riddle is the same so is the answers.
I download this game two days ago,after that my phone gonna hang and also it damage my battery,so i give 1 star,even i don't want to give any star for this rubbish game.
Downloaded yesterday and uninstalling today. Way too many ads and levels just repeat themselves. Could've been a good app if more levels added.
way way way to many ads. hint light bulb is very annoying. should be able to turn phone sideways.......
-Says they added more levels but they're still the same. Soooooo many ads that it became ridiculous to even wait, the questions are very simple and all the levels are repeated. The game has a good idea and its fun until level 10, after that it like playing the same levels over and over with so many ads in between. I don't know how this game has any 5 stars, they must all have just started the game because at first its great.
So far so good. The I Spy puzzles are well thought out. And it seems reasonable hard. Which is what i was looking for after a recent bout of Hard To Lose games. Unfortunately it seems a bit Ad happy. Combined that with an annoying button that flys around the screen begging you to click for a cheep hint..... Side note.. it's own ad seemed a lot more inappropriate than the game actual is. Sooooo click bait.....
Not only an add when you find an object, but if you don't find it fast enough you'll be getting an add. Really!?!
That stupid lightbulb floating around isn't helping. Several times I did not want to press it, but I did because it's stupid
Because it can make ur brain clear and u will get good at this game I mean by clear is that anything that is on ur mind like u angry or sad the app with make u happy and it is very interesting ♥️ but the worst part is that there is a lot of ads
Its so awesome, i was looking for games that will keep my satisfied when there is no wifi, and this was deffinitly worth it!
This game always hangs ..Other games are ok than this game😤and..I can't log in cuz I saw a black screen..😐
First few levels are good. Had to turn off WiFi because the amount of ads is ridiculous.! After level 20 the levels are all repeats though so uninstalling.
I get that ofc they're trying to make money off this app but the ads are unbearable. You're no longer able to even experience the game because it is so obscured by the ridiculous amount of ads. Almost after every other stage!
Nice concept. Too many ads. I have to use for a while before I decide I need to buy it but currently the ads disturb me
This game is bad every 2 seconds a hint button pops up and the game play is nothing like the add it is just spot the differences
Was an alright game but the hint bubble is really annoying interfering with gameplay, but the levels repeat after level 20
So much ad and same background repeated everytime...it becomes so annoying because of that ad button flying everywhere in screen which is even more distracting
This is a fun game however you have to be very specific with your clicks for it to register fortunately that doesn't seem to be any repercussions for miss clicking
I have downloaded this game just now and I am gonna delete this game because one picture is fully black(colourless), the other side is coloured but it's background is colourless. Graphics are good but as I have said that somewhere it is colored and somewhere not.
I like your game, not your ads. I literally cannot launch this app without it crashing immediately, no opportunity to even start playing--unless I put my phone on airplane-mode. I really have no problem with ads on a free game, whether just in general, or to provide progression while playing. In this case, however, I am pretty damn sure the only reason my game was crashing in the first place is because YOU HAVE A BUGGY ADVERTISMENT SYSTEM 😡 Get your house in order, damn.
To be honest this game does not even deser a single star cuz when I open the app it literally say "Riddle Master Keeps Stopping" so idk what to do I have no choice but to uninstall the app.
The game is fun but the ads are not fun while playing. For just the first level of game, there was four ads which is so bad in play. Please find out on your game to slov this ads.
Levels are repeated and soooooo many ads! Like tons of ads!!! Got bored and sick of this game pretty quick. It had the potential to be good, but riddles are poorly designed/repeated and again.... so, so, soooooo many ads. Don't waste your time downloading
I could fully enjoy the game because of the annoying adds. I lost patience and uninstalled the game sorry! ......
Honestly I agree with everyone about ads and repetition so I don't need to go into that, there are glitches here and there but one thing I would say that I haven't noticed in the comments is: why can't you zoom in more? I'm using a standard phone and have great vision, but this got annoying fast. When you were pretty sure whatever was a clue but you couldn't zoom in close enough to easily read, say, the "China" ticket in the pocket, at the largest option? Seriously sucks.
This app is too slow and controls are too bad. Even hints are not working and can't even skip the levels without watching ads. Uninstalled this app.
😠😠😠👎👎👎😡😡😡worst game ever i have downloaded. Flood of adds for a simple hint and adds run for at least 1 to 2 minutes 💆💆. For the developer🖕🖕🖕🖕
Amazing Gameplay! I really love it, but it does start to repeat levels after a little while.... Thats my only problem. ADD MORE LEVELS!!
Game is good and have interesting stage level , but there is one problem ads. After every question there is one ad, thatsvwhy this is very irritating. Can't complete one stage without 10 ads. Very irritating....😒😒😒😒😒
i mean its good but csn u get rid of some ads like dude whats ur problem ;-; i wish you never make games with that much ads again like u need help and GET RID OF THIS MUCH ADS SOME PEOPLE JUST UGH
Good but too many ads. I don't mind ads. I understand the reason but I have played 5 minutes and will now delete as there are too many of them. I would play for much longer and watch more ads eventually if I could press the screen more than once without seeing one.
Way to many ads. Spent more time seeing ads then the actually playing the game. You cant even solve 1 clue before an ads popping up. And the ads are 30sec long usually and you close the ad only to see another ad.
I was really enjoying the game because it was interesting and unique until I got to stage 11 and the questions/answers started repeating themselves! I don't know why you would make a game that repeats things over and over in different stages (levels) but it got extremely boring!
this game is horibble. It wouldnt even open, then when it finally did i got and ad once i got in. This is an absolute waste of space. do NOT download this game
Aweful! Started with all the adverts, so put it on flight mode, then the words were too small (unless you have a microscope) and they don't explain why certain questions are asked. Eg: What is strange about this picture.....zoom in..... Lit lave lamp under water??? Nope.....scuba man with arm bands?? Nooooo. Oh yes, alien creature under the sea!! Once I got to question 20, I took it off flight mode in the hope if would upgrade, but nope another round of the same questions!!! Avoid!!!
Its a very bad game just too much games this game owner needs money from ads its not good for the peolpe.total waste of time 😡😡😠
Seemd really fun at first, enough so that I actually paid to go ad free. So why am i rating it so low? It turns out the game is only 11 levels. Sure you can keep going higher, but it's the same 11 levels that just keep repeating over and over, with only one clue different each time. Very disappointed.
Loved this game initially, but after every task there's an advert!! This gets really irritating and tedious especially when it's the same advert over and over!! Un-installed which is such a shame as I loved the achual game itself. It's just pure greed to have that amount of adverts in!!
This game deserves 0 stars. It's a visual puzzle game and your view is constantly being obstructed by an AD button that moves across the screen. On top of that some answers cannot be selected unless you watch an AD to get a hint.
I enjoyed this game so I paid for no ads.. until around level 12 where the pictures started to cycle and the questions were the same. I thought this might have been a one off but every level was the same thing.
Not nice I see something in the ad and when I install, it's not that... Atleast tell 'Not in game footage' like they give in candy crush.. Candy crush is the best!
I like the game a lot but you have to fix have to fix the hint button and the skip button but the game idea is really creative and that's all and again please fix the problem I said thank you
I love this game so far but the only thing is that it's to many ads pls fix then I will give it 5 star thank you have a good day.
This is not a good game 😡 It's because there are way to many ads and it always kicks me out I can't get through one game without getting kicked out i never get to play this game because of that I am definitely deleting this game it is very annoying to me and I press the answer and it presses the other option I don't like this game not one bit 😾 plz try and fix that because I would rate it 5 star rate if you fix that so many things to fix because the game is 💯 percent bad.
This game is very repetitive, it's good for a couple levels then it repeats them again and again, it says a few different stuff, but sometimes it keeps repeating. Anyhooo
It is terribly laggy even when you have nothing other installed you go to click on the answer to the question sometimes doesn't even work you even get an ad every time you beat 1 answer I recommend getting something else for riddles
Is fun at the first but the lights is so annoying for me i can't even focus to play if i want to help i will press myself no need that light to fly here fly there and is repeat after all is so unfun with repeat Please correction all don't ignore if you ignore you were the loser cause you don't change your mine with other advice
Game was good until level 10, when you literally just repeat the same first 10 levels again. Same questions everything. Not to mention adds everytime you get an answer right is a bit extreme I get it for hints and at the end of a level but damn I had to watch 8 adds just to pass a level (each star only takes maybe a minute) so you're spending more time add watching then you are in actual gameplay and I wouldn't pay for a game that just repeats levels
I wish I could rate five stars! But it laggs SO much I can't even go to the HOME PAGE! Fix this problem or Millions of people will uninstall this game. It's a great game apart from that so well done, I guess?
The game is terrible I do an ad for hint and it doesn't work is so annoying I could literally smash my phone right now that's how annoying it is
While fun, the insane amount of ads is ridiculous. I don't mind watching them, but every five seconds is a little much. Can't even use airplane mode to stop them.
This seemed fun and interesting in the beginning and I even paid the $2.99 to remove the ads. Now I wish I would have saved my money. There are only a handful of pictures that are cycled through constantly which would be fine if they asked different questions. They ask pretty much the same things over and over and over. Rarely they will ask you to find something different. Not worth it at all.
I understand that ads are needed for revenue to support the app, but the sheer volume of ads is ridiculous. You can't complete one stage of a level without 2 ads, that can't be skipped.
I love the game a lot. I'm 62yrs. old, it's a little tricky, for me some times, but I always, figure It out. Thank you for such a wonderful and fun game to play. I appreciate you. Be Safe. Billie Stewart. 10 22 2020. 🥰
it's fun I guess but there are WAY too many ads... like 5/6 per level and there's this hint thing that floats all over your screen if you take even a little too long tryign to find the answer to the question
I just install dis game needed to wait so long of time. I think you need to fix it if you don't fix it now l will uninstall now!😡😡😮😤😠!气死人!
I hate this game.It took so long to download then it doesn't even work.And I only gave it 1 star so that I could give my opinion about this game.First it told me I need to delete a few apps to get it so I did then it doesn't want to open.Wich means I deleted the apps for nothing.😤😡😡😡
Repeats from level 23. DO NOT buy the ad free option because you end up trying to close the ads that happen because of the stupid hints star ship!
Really frustrating. After 10 levels I decided to purchase the ad free as I was really enjoying it however the levels are now just repeating, even the same clues and answers. Feel like I have been ripped off
Fun at first, if you can get past the annoying screen distractions, but after the levels start repeating it's just boring. Make more levels!
game is nice but sometimes the hidden words are too smaller that we cant see with our naked eyes......
I liked the visual illution of this game . But it's not an offline game . When I play this game offline and then close this app all my played series get revised and next time I have to play the same level again and again . Please take out a solution for this problem .
This is one of the worst games I've played...it has so many adds and the controls so not operate property 🙄🙄 Its waste of time and net
Its nice but somthing this game have a problem its not good and its lag i hate this game is lag i dont like all my game is lag i hate this. Im sorry but its nice but i hate its lag please check it. I have a game its not lag and so good i'll very love this but Riddle Master is wierd its lag and not good. Im so sorry its nice but wierd and all my games is not lag its beautiful and cool. So i give 1 star becouse i dont like this but i said is nice its good but lag its wierd sorry. Thank you and bye
It is not fulfilling ,,what is showed in ads,, this game is fake because it tell lie in the ads and try to grab attention....fake
Honestly at my stage there's just the same two people 🤣 This game has inappropriate Adds don't let children download it has bad quality there's no use downloading this App,I hope this helps others.😠