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RoadCam for PC and MAC

Is a Auto And Vehicles game developed by derek.gao. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
RoadCam is a management that is professional for car DVR, proveides friendly operation interface and practical functions.
1.Smooth real-time previewing, automaticlly manage mobile networks to ensure thatthe network and devices are online at the same time.
2.Timeline file management, support deleting and downloading files.
3.Support video trimming and compressing.
4.Automatically detect GPS information from the video and synchronize GPS tracks on the map.
5.Community function allows users to show themselves,and share up to social network such as Wechat, Weibo, QQ, Facebook, Twitter.
6.Support automatic identification of multiple languages.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the RoadCam.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download RoadCam for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I just need to download the video, why need to access my phone and location details? App doesn't indicate if they are uploading the video to the net. Only advantage of this app is allow me to download the video from my cam.
Demands permission to make and receive telephone calls and use the front and rear camera before it allows you to use it. When you accept, it's EXTREMELY slow to connect to your camera. Given the privacy concerns I have, I gave up and uninstalled it. Useless and dangerous.
I can connect to my Akaso V50x but I cannot transfer files to my cellphone. The app is really laggy so I would say it's borderline unusable for taking pictures and videos. It asks too many permissions, why does it need permission to make calls?, beats me, but without that it does not work at all.
Very cheap useless garbage. After i bought a no name made in china dash cam i was asked to install this app to connect to my cam... Useless to say, i was able to connect it once but it disconnected in less than 30 seconds, after that all connections fail, due to "unstable network connection" between dash cam and my phone which were literally less than 10 inches apart. No video review, no video transfer and no connection possible.I do not recommend this app or any dash cam that asks you for this.
Pure unadulterated pos! The delevoper needs a sever beating for this trash app. Cant see the bottom of the screen on my android car radio. Totally useless! Can never retrieve footage cause if never connects to the DVR
Cant register app to use on my cell. Won't send me code to register. Nobody will answer me to help. Cant use it at all. The only reason I bought the dashcam was to use with app. What a waste. I could have gotten a cheaper version. Wish there was a zero star option
This app is functional, after trying to register I gave up. Moved the car away from the in house WiFi and got my phone, Samsung A5, to connect to the camera as a WiFi device. Happy now....
App doesn't record also not compatible with Android carplay, no landscape orientation. No option to autostart, THIS PRODUCT NOT MADE FOR THE ROAD.
GPS has to be on to start, or it crashes. when it did finally connect it crashed the wholev cam and I had to use reset to shut it off and all buttons were dead. mostly the app will not connect at all when it should but the phone WiFi connects to cam Ok. at this point I don't know if it is the cam or the app or both but what nightmare. O stars!
There is no way I will allow any excessive permissions for this kind of app. Why do this simple application won't launch without Phone Call permissions ? This is a scam app that may or may not work, but certainly will steal your info. Don't use it !
Connected WiFi with S8. Selected to view full screen per on screen instructions, app couldn't use full screen with S8. Therefore no view of camera. Selected Record, no recording done. Waste of driver attention using this app. No Value to this app at all, better to just use the dash cam on its own.
its okay. initially didnt connect but after turning off wifi it got through. broken english everywhere edit (boosted ratings so they won't delete this) been using for almost a month, this app is garbage. its so frustrating and unintuitive to get my videos to my phone. they have so many useless features such as community sharing so the world could see your videos. it's easier for me to share my videos to the world than for me to download my own video. garbage
Will NOT connect to phone website doesnt load no reply from submitting questions. Last hope before returning item to seller is help from this review. I will be more than happy to rewrite it if resolved. Fingers crossed
I just bought a dashcam that suggested to use this app. All the settings are in Chinese and it I don't see many options. Without the apt the DVR is pretty useless. I don't speak or read Chinese.
This app only works when it wants. I'm using this app with an Akaso V50x, on a tablet and an LG G8 phone. It doesn't show up with the G8 and the tablet shows it as delayed and scrambled. It's completely useless.
Very basic. Can't change the zoom or angle . The only thing you can change as the resolution video or photo. transfer rate is ridiculously slow and you have to keep the phone plugged in because it takes so long the battery will go dead. if you have a video more than about six or eight minutes it may or may not work depending on many different factors
I have reflecting glas issue which makes video capture use less even I change the camera at different places on my dashboard but unfortunately its same and no zoom at the app helps..do you have any suggestions
This App does not allow you to get the code to register it. Error message of "Insufficient Balance" whenever you try to get the code for registration. That is on a phone with free calls & texts included. Without the code it is impossible to access the settings & videos on the DashCam.
This app is just 'ok' it would be better if i could access the recordings without it having to be on and connected to it
Well...it works ok with MT011 dual cam. BUT!! Very VERY aggressive permission demands which don't make sense. I will *only* run the app in Airplane (+WiFi) mode, and *only* for downloads from DVR when needed. Otherwise, I leave all permissions and "background mobile use" as DENIED. I mean seriously dude... think of your host country and realize it's 2020 - NOBODY is giving you access to their PHONE just to download a DVR video. That's just rude. >:-/
App couldn't connect to camera after update, it keep popping out camera busy while it is not. Please help to fit it
Phone is connected to my dashcam but the app does not recognise that, it keeps asking me to connect. MT003 makers recomnend this app! I have asked the app author for guidance but no reply. I have now connected my phone to the camera. I know that often you have to turn the phone data connection off but what I did not realise is that the GPS location must be switched on. It now connects straight away.
It works fine for me I'm using an elinz 2k FHD 2 channel touch screen dash cam the only problem I had was connecting the camera to my phone through WIFI I didn't know I had to click on the WIFI symbol on the touch screen I finally worked it out it doesn't say anything in the instruction manual about that all good now working very well...
seriously needs further development. why can I not download directly to my gallery from the AP? why do you have to reboot each time you connect to this wifi? why does the edit feature only allow 15 sec of edit? I should be able to share directly from the app to Facebook or email.
Does work with Samsung J3 but not Samsung J6. It seems a problem with the app that does not connect to the WIFI even if found by the phone. I am pending a reply from the developer of this app. Not a good experience so far.
Can not register, app won't send me a CODE for registration. Can't connect to internet while connected to DVR because it is recognized as wifi connection but without internet.
Works ok with my Pard NV007..BUT..if the phone is used horizontal, the app doesn't go with it, it stays vertical. It could do with working to the phone's orientation.. Also, when starting the app, it goes direct to record mode, it could do with starting and NOT recording until Record button pressed. Get these sorted and I'll up the stars.
Didnt work for me. I can see what camera see but. Not save video or picture. And stop working all the time
Works but I dislike that the vehicle has to be ON and connected by car wifi in order to view recordings. Will give 5 stars If you can fix this issue (or have an option) to where I can view recordings/live view without being connected.
App connects to the dashcam and can control starting/stopping video, but app cannot access the list of files for videos or photos. So no way to download/share photos from the dashcam using this app. Without that feature it is not of much use.
I would love to give a good review on this app... If only it would open. I've not even managed to get passed pressing the icon in my apps tray, you press it and nothing happens. The joys of forking out money for a half decent camera inly for it to be foiled by a sub-par application. If anyone knows how on earth to get this b*stard to actually open please do let the rest of us know. Mobile: Pixel XL
First , I had a problem to register and login. It was given me "network error"message. Lack of help section. Took a while to figure out how to download videos to my phone as process is a bit different from downloading photos. I do not like that it requires certain permissions that seem unnecessary for what it suppose to do. In general, it should have help and instructions section. Certain permissions should be cut, wifi can be better as it lags on fast motion.
Connected to dash cam ok but required permission to modify system settings or it would not run. I will not give an app like this so much power. The extra money spent for a WiFi is a waste.
Works great on Pie and with a Junsun DVR. Sometimes you need to reopen the app because it fails to retrieve filed. That could be a DVR issue but the app itself is amazing and easy to use. Dont know why people are having so many probs. Just read your DVR manual as not all cams are compatible.
Tried the the app with Pixel 3a phone and Akaso V50 camera. Was able to connect the camera, but the app is so laggy that it impossible to use. I lowered the camera resolution hoping that it would improve the performance, but no luck. I give it 3 stars for the developers effort to create an app that works with 3rd party cameras, but there is no much else to say about this app.
App wanted permissions to access more of phone then ever should be needed to interact with a dash cam and will not run without them allowed. Uninstalled in 1st 5min
This app is straight garbage. Doesnt work with the camera at all. Keeps telling me to connect to WiFi. I connect the WiFi and it still cant find it. What a joke. 200 dollar camera with an app worth less that a penny. Don't waste your time with this. Buy a better camera from a different manufacturer or find a better app that works.