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RTMNU Pariksha

RTMNU Pariksha for PC and MAC

Is a Education game developed by Promarc Software Pvt Ltd. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Official app of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University for online examinations.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the RTMNU Pariksha.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download RTMNU Pariksha for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
poor ot is not working pathetically developed app. i will definitely fail using this app for exams. there are muktiple complications in this aap how to list it down i dont know. i regret there is no option for 0 star or -0 if it would have been there i would have done tht. i mean students are bizi playing app app rather than studying, political science students are getting science questions to solve. shame on people those who have developed the app. i am still not able to see my other subjects.
Worst app....I can't login...it shows invalid password/username... Being the best university but their IT cell is full of illiterates... It takes too much time to login and here in kashmir we r using 2g internet how we can take our exams....Worst App
The worst app I have used till date. It is of no use and just waste of time and waste of money as well. University had taken the worst decision by giving the company to make this app. The company has also not paid much attention on making the app better... This is just a disgrace to the name of RTMNU. They should have tested the app to Handel this much load. While having exam if the app is failing then it is a big loss to the students.
Worst app. Even after giving correct user ID and password the app tells wrong user ID and password. Take more time to load the mcq page. Even worst than nagpur University. The best replacement is the Google form where no issue alter.
Can't login again....the OTP is not coming even though the required login info is entered correctly...the time table displayed yesterday was wrong on the app😐😑😑 The mock test is still for the Science stream, no paper pattern... Could give this app & the whole damn RTMNU a zero rating at this point😕😑
This application give the timing of exam from the login time but sometime after login paper starts late (due to server down) and thus I am not getting the exact 1 hour duration and I am unable attempt all the question cause of timing and it suddenly close(dissapear) without alert and by that time I am not even press submit button. And there is no way to conform weather the question I attempted are saved or not.
AWFUL APP. Clicked on submit option. It didn't work. I don't know if my exam has been submitted or not . There's no way to confirm it. Even the helplines aren't helpful enough. Looks like I'm going to know my fate on the marksheet directly. I might see myself marked absent for the exam that I couldn't submit. All because of this useless app and ingorant University.
Worst And Terrible App. It Takes 20 to 30 mins to login, this Is the worst app that I have ever use. Most horrible experience, login problem arises exactly at the time of exam,no one help you,each and everytime it shows "something went wrong".If by mistake it gets log in then this app could not find the MCQs,This App sucks
F*** to RTMNU Pariksha app Server. At moment all students are trying to login and the server facing high load issue, due to this not able to login. Showing different errors: "something went wrong", and some time showing "No Exam Schedule" And now buffering. We are 30mins late already.
Horrible experience 🤮 Not able to give my exam on 16th oct and 19th oct (Both days).. even after continously trying several times(from 3.15 pm till 5.45 pm). Very disappointed with the service provided by app developer.. RTMNU is playing with our future by developing such useless app for such important examination's whose result's can make or break someone's career.
I was having problem logging in. It kept saying "device changed. cannot proceed exam." THOSE WHO ARE HAVING TROUBLE LOGGING IN- please uninstall the app that you currently have downloaded. It is the old version which circulated on whatsapp. and install from this page of google platstore. They updated app. No hassle of OTP. just simple log in. All the best for exam. Will update rating based on how exam goes. 3 stars for now
Worst app ever!!!! I m really frustrated by this..there is no use of mock test which is given in this app...exam dates are near and still they don't have any solutions for this... Many of students faces problems today as their exams are starts today but the exam time is ended and exam had not started yet....
Lot more should be improved. App doesn't even work. Mock test is irrelevant, it has nothing to do with our streams. All other options are only for show case purpose. App continues to show error all the time while operating.
While clicking on get opt we are getting otp but it is showing something get wrong. Please look at issue.
Worst Terrible app! Really annoying. The app will take 15-20 min to login....n then more 5-10 min to start the exam. Once the exam is started you are able to solve the complete paper in the alloted time. But then you are not able to submit the paper! Even if you have completed your paper before time you still have to wait until the timer doesn't runs out. The paper is auto-submited when the timer runs out and screen goes black white and yet no alert msg is there. The app is simply inefficient.
total garbage app.Thay take exam like its a joke.On putting id password it shows you things like 'something went wrong','invalid ID','MCQ not scheduled',etc.Online exam by rtmnu is unfortunaltely a very sorry attempt.This app is a total waste of time.I am giving one star extra because the app does the job atlast after so many attempts and I too gave my exam on this app.
This app has several issues like Log in problems, since yesterday's update, I cannot log in. It shows invalid credentials. I have no trust at all. My 1st paper is on 13th still the issues are not resolved.
This is Inadequate application, Mock isn't working properly, we Undergraduate student already aware of MCQ pattern and this kind of interface. Most importantly, question of Mock Test is not even related to our relevant field. Please provide us question bank so that atleast we students will get idea how prepare for examination
What about loading time? My paper started at 4.15 pm. Even after repeated login this app took too much time to load. I didn't see my subject name until i confirmed it. And why this app take 15-20 min. For submission. It's not our handsets fault we can watch IPL match at given speed but can't run this app. How shamelessly you promote your app in such a way. You should try better to improve it.
What should I write ? I don't have a words to describe how frustrated I am. These people have made so many updates till date but why didn't they solve one common problem that For Mock test , there is only science questions which appears every time I open it. Don't we have our own field and subject preference ! Please solve this issues as soon as possible cause exams are just near end.
Awful app. I think this app is made only for checking the patience ability of students. This app is not made for examination. It is just a worse app i ever seen..
Ridiculous, Hopeless app ever I was trying for the exam since 9:30 am , it couldn't even log me into the app. After loggen in at 12:30 pm after 3 hours it shows exam is over !!!
Most horrible experience, login problem arises exactly at the time of exam,no one help you,help desk nos.busy.after connecting they spent ur time, every time different person receive calls, everyone enquires roll no password login id name etc,but after that they end the call without solutions,in this way when I was logged in, only 30 seconds remaining, I could not solve a single question, I again called to help desk,beg for time extension, but the help desk incharge replied, dont be oversmart,
Worst app ever..! I have never seen such a worst app in my life. I have submitted my paper successfully. But still I have to give that paper twice..
App proper not login problem,paper loading problem,paper submit problem, very bad app not working ...
Edit: This is the most ridiculous app i have ever seen in my life. To be honest, it is not even an app, it is a bug which you were unable to fix. Student got tired by reporting innumerable numbers of bugs and issues. Did you guys learnt coding from UP board or Whatsapp university? I gave my exam today, no problem occured during the exam but when i submitted the exam, it started buffering for around 20 minutes and then everything went blank,Then it took around 1 hour to get submitted everything.
Due to technical error i was not able to submit my paper, may i knw will it be automatically submitted. As i am opening the app in the right corner a new option is come up "sync your exam data"
See we appreciate that you want to conduct exams ...but if you have the money atleast use that and bring an actually qualified team which can improve the app it looks like an kid has made this app..the help option is for namesake.. mock test is absolutely rubbish not related to the profession...please get some help and improve the app before the exams undergo or else it will be really frustrating for the student's....
Apne chintu ko thoda padhao aur kaho phir app banaye. Had bakwas app kuch bhi nai hota. Doesn't login, unexpected error messages all the time and no option for mock tests. Please remove this app totally waste of space on my phone. I don't understand who has given this app 5 stars. Itni bhi mehnat nai kri ki screenshots ache daal de app mein. Had h
I will be honest here it was a good initiative on RTMNU's behalf but this "Pariksha" app is utterly useless and buggy. This app has created more problems that it has solved - constant worry whether exam has been submitted or not, questions have wrong language and option choices are not displayed. The exam timings are useless as the RTMNU officials start the exam whenever they see fit. I appreciate the effort they took but this app is not it. A futile effort to grade the final semester students.
It's been 4 days, I had given 2 papers and not even one synced. I called the helpline and they said that the problem is on my end and not theirs. They said there must be my network issue or my device is falulty. They aren't considering my problem as a problem.
Bakwaas app .Total Waste of Time. Exam is not start on Time. Student unable login.It alway show something went worng.About 3 hr take to submit paper. There is no way to conform that paper is submitted. And most IMP things is that people placed to talk with student in emergency dont have sense how to talk with student.
After the login process Time table section isn't open and sample questions isn't open its like a "BINOD"...... so plese keep improve the app... after sometime app is closed automatically... Exams 1st day app dosen't work login process.... sad for students......
For login there are so many bugs and after this horrible process paper did not submit after submitting. It takes all your time and then also you got stuck for long time and then also paper did not get submit.so much horrible experience.
We cannot login after thousands attempts. Whenever we try to login, it gives message "SOMETGING WENT WRONG". They do not deserve a single star.
Worst app ever, I think its better to do suicide rather than giving exam on this app. Because it is not at all working and for exam of one hour we need to waste our 5 hours and after that also exam doesn't get submit. I think university should have spend a bit on designing a proper app with all the features which works properly without any interruption. Worst app
Not accepting my credentials,,, always said something went wrong although it sending me OTP on my registered mobile number...after receiving OTP it's not get started and if started but not submitted.....worst app just hopeless ....
Worst app the mock test question are based on chemistry biology which are not even my subjects in bsc. Some mcq didn't contain question only options are given how can wo answer such question which didn't contain an question only answer onptions are give and some question had same options. If you wanted to take exam then take it properly or don't take it
The app does not login quickly during daytime. You have to make at least three attempts. As evening nears login is quicker. The mock test option does not open. My exam is slated for day after and the time table option still shows 'coming soon'. 😐
Worst experience ever, when I want to login it shows something went wrong. And the OTP is not sended by the server. When I tap on submit button there is no confirmation. I don't know that my paper is submitted or not☹️
The worst app ever . As university you have to make the best app possible but this is worst app ever . This consume so much time and not starting exam,not submitting on time.because of this things its creating mental pressure on students . Improve the quality of app.
One can't login properly. Says something went wrong. Why did you took the responsibility if you can't deliver? This is a train wreck of an app. This app can't even do basic functions such as allowing user to login and submit the paper, and this was its primary job. Can't even do that. Shameful, even rtmnu just shifts blame on others.
Worst worst worst app ever created no surprise it was done in partnership with nagpur University...loading issue, otp issue, server issue, portal issue, some students are facing a re-exam even after they appeared and submitted because of your technical difficulties! the mock test have issues come on! just one thing left is the name atleast....ATLEAST!!!! Students were expecting a good name of the app...what do we get PARIKSHA APP!! What is this?? An 8th std lower English exam corporation school?
Awful app. Nothing works properly. Unable to login with the details provided. The mock test had glitches in it as well. I can only imagine what is going to happen in our final exam. I hope the university knows that it is a question of our future.
Very extraordinary app, once you use you'll see the graphics are awesome, also the latency isn't seen while using the app, not a single bugs, as we received new update everything just seems perfect, we need more apps like this in India for the new REVOLUTION. Loved it!
This app is very annoying and pathetic Every single day m.not able to login for examination the exam time is 11:30 and didn't starts on time today is my exam n m writing this review that there is no support from university alll the numbers are out of coverage RTMNU employees are very much disgusting as well as University they made a nonsense app like themselves Poor quality poor quantity# uneducated RTMNU staff # Ghatiya University# pathetic examination rules# playing with students carrier
At first the app was very tedious many students suffered mental stress due to this app. But after the update on 14 th October 2020 it is working fine now despite of the fact what is was made for it is not doing proctored assessment now.
The notification of successful submission of exam paper must be sent to registered phone or email of examinee, alongwith the flash message sent currently. Also, solved paper alongwith question paper must be sent to email of examinee. This will doubly ensure examinee with proof of successful exam submission and also address matter of RTI available to examinee under normal circumstances. Alternatively, the submitted answer paper may be saved in printable format on App on examinee's device.
Worst app ever. So many flaws. Unable to start the exam. Unable to click on options. Seems like this app made in a great hurry. Thank God that i am able update review about this app,just by looking at how this app works,i was unsure that i could be able to write the comment.
Time should start when you click on start exam and enter the exam page. But NO here when you login time starts there only this is awful app after removing the proctoring, app is running smooth. It gets started quickly and after completing exam submits in no time. Audio-video collection was the biggest problem bcoz of which both students and app was facing issues, after removing it app is working fine. I request developers to keep this update as it is. Remove proctoring.
This app isn't compatible in one of my device, even this app is continuously crashing whenever I try to give mock test. I don't think we should expect for improvement in this application. Worst app!! :/ Get it rectified ASAP.
Mock test ? No , its just a test to show students that exam based on MCQ pattern , thats it. Help option just for showcase, Time table shows coming soon ,but the exam has been started. Tell students to recharge the phone , unless they don't get the otp msg .
Worst app ever.... It takes more time to log in and submit than to solve the paper.... It took 2 hrs to submit the paper.... Total waste of time.... 😡😡 Don't make such apps in future... 😏😏 I wish play store could have ZERO rating option....
This app is worst. first they Gave us a fake mock test. And when the exam dates were gone they gave us Admit card with user and password, which when i used to give mock test, giving me msg that my device has changed you cannot proceed for exam? What the hell!
Out of 3 papers, only 1 paper was submitted successfully, another 2 shows in synk. Still trying to synk it but app response is very poor. I have never seen this type of poor app in my life. To be honest this is worst 👎 app I have seen in my life. I hope you will focus on this matter and come with better options and gives us proper results.
Doesn't work properly. All our opted subjects are wrong. Mock test have only 8/50 questions of commerce. Not even compulsory subjects have been put up properly. Economics is missing. Very poor performance.
The RTMNU has provided the admit cards on 28/09/2020 and closed the links for mock test on 27/09/2020 .I am facing an issue as the display message says error now what should we suppose to do if we face the same problem during the actual exam .RTMNU must take note of it and should extend the date for mock test so that students must be acquainted with the app.
Can't even login even after and update the worst app ever had &I am not even from RTMNU University even though I downloaded this app for my friend for giving it rating how could someone just make this are it's not even beneficial for anybody is not even working in and it's not even doing anything is the worst worst worst.
Such a wonderful update . All the glitches have vanished like someone has done magic on the app. This will surely ensure smooth conduct of the exams.
This App is well designed for proctoring exam. But when it comes to basic things like Login, Starting exam, Submitting exam this app sucks . This proves invigilation is more important than exam. Please improve your app and then conduct examination. Around 10k Engineering Students have submitted fees around ₹2.5k. Utilize this money for improving the app. If the app was not working properly, how could you jump to the decision of conducting exams. This is perfect example of mismanagement.
Best app ever, very user friendly with only 3 options and for such basic interface they update regularly, amazing. Sometimes( like every two hours) you need to uninstall and install again before this "one of kind app" works but who cares, not RTMNU at least. I wish I could give them more stars right in their face.
Worst app ever! First there's an error while downloading, no option of mock test, that help option is just for showcase, it helps us with nothing! There are a lot of bugs! Seems like rtmnu just borrowed a fossil and painted it with rust !!! There is no guarantee whether this app will work properly during exams, because it is already not working properly. Worst app ever. Even worse than rtmnu.
The most pathetic app i have ever used...looks like rtmnu doesnt have money to make a good app...cause they have eaten all the money of the students in the form of fees given by us to them...Better improve this app and schedules of the exams also.There is no specific timing for the exam.It starts when it wants to get started..And most important i dont feel like giving exams at all ..Its really annoying.What the hell is goin on ??
This app sucks very much. It take 10-15 minutes to login and sometimes you can't even login .. After login you start exam , this app take all your exam time to start exam. You can't solve exam in this app.
Worst app. Even number registered with university. When m trying to login for mock test it show device changed and same time get otp.. But, can't login. Only harassment try to solve issue as soon as possible
My exam time was 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. My exam was started at 2:10 Pm. I got only 20 minutes to solve my paper. This app becomes frustrating day by day.
Worst experience ever... It takes almost 20 to 25 minutes for login .and even after exam we cant submit our paper properly .it takes such a long time to submit ..
Worst app ever! First there's an error while downloading, no option of mock test, that help option is just for showcase, it helps us with nothing! There are a lot of bugs! Seems like rtmnu just borrowed a fossil and painted it with rust!!! There is no guarantee whether this app will work properly during exams, because it is already not working properly. Worst app ever. Even worse than rtmnu.
Wish i could give zero rating to this app. This app isnt a solution rather a problem in students life. Some students are able to login before the scheduled time and for others ot wont let us logon at all. It would crash intermittently and change the exam schedule even without notifying. The helpline numbers wont connect. even in 2020 rtmnu is struggling to develop an app with basic functionality. worst
best app ever created...it motivates students to patiently wait for long time even for a small activity like clicking on submit button...it helps is building up frustration in students mind which can be helpful for someone...This app is the live example of how you can devise new ways of harrasing students even when everything seems to go right it suddenly stops working...I am very happy as it easily consumes 4-5 hrs for simple activity like logging in..It is a great app for killing time.
Very very awful app... During the time of examination it shows a problem regarding login, submit and even sometimes start exam... Very basal level of work... I students are just frustrated with this app.. Loading problems in this app is the main issue it literally loads for hours.. Wat u want to check RTMNU? student's knowledge or our patience..... Worst app ever.. No option is given but if there was an option to give less than 1 star.. Yes I will do..
Worst app ....... showing no exam when I click to start exam even when my exam time has started.......... giving different time on University timetable and different on application timetable
It doesn't works properly. My opted subjects are wrong, It showing the same subjet in every date. Don't want to give even 1 🌟. Full of bugs.
i am not able to login in this app... Its showing... Device has been changed, cant proceed for exam. i haven't changed my mobile and mobile number. Most of the students are facing same problem. University need to look into this matter on priority.
Pathetic experience. Today was my first paper and I failed to appear due to this buggy app. Tried and tried but no success. Logged in once, but the 'Start Exam' feature not responded. Even the helpline numbers are not working, they put their mobile on 'Hum jawaab nahi denewale' mode. @PromarcSoftwares - get some heavy servers to manage such applications or else leave it. @RTMNU, please make a note of it. I FAILED TO APPEAR FOR FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING.
Not upto the mark. 1. Needs extreme level of optimization. 2. Server response time is high even after having 10 mbps of net speed. 3. Need to use good Ui theme 4. Ux is not as it should be. 5. Proctoring system is not working properly and becomes the main reason of app failure. 6. Takes 6-7 hours to complete 1 hour of exam.(mainly login and submitting taking longer time)
Worst app ever......First you will have problem with login then you will have problem to start exam....Login once is not enough you have to login everytime you open the app and if it fails to login you have to download it multiple times.....such a worst app I have ever downloaded.
Worst app ever i tried to login but it doesn't allow me to login and then took more time to login . When i tried to give my exam i can't enter the exam and it started and i can't give my exam . My one year is just wasted because of this app .
Worst app ever seen, I want to ask University, If you dont have the capability to maintain this kind of system., so why are you playing with students future. Stopped all stupid activities of app and make it simple is the only solution. Think about it.
This is not Exam app it's a BUG. Irrelevant Mock test no option to choose stream. Timer keep resetting after leaving app every time. We are more concerned about the exam as we do not use that login features. No guidelines provided about the app.
Logging in the app is stressful it shows 'something went wrong' even when about to start the exam it does not let the user to access the question paper when clicked the button start exam. It let me 5 mins late so i just got 55 mins to solve the paper so who is responsible for this loss?? No confirmation is recieved after the exam ended. Can't tell for sure if the paper is submited or not. Pls make the login process and starting of exam smooth and provide a prompt after the paper is submitted.
Rtmnu.... Do you really think this app make up to the list.? Worst app 😑 while logging user faces a lot of problems. No confidence while giving exam because we don't even know whether it gonna work or not... Submination of paper after the clock stikes to end, no option for submit the question paper. भविष्य ख़तरे मैं है.
While I am logging in by using I'd and password it shows that the device is changed and you can't login. But I haven't changed my device and mobile number. It should be fixed properly
App is not working.plz do something about it today I had a exam but I was not able to login, and it took more than half of the time of exam, it's just too much no extra time was given and because of all this can't even focus on exam.... Plz fix it... Just do something about it.
Very low quality of app. The paper not start on given schedule, and shown error message. If there is half star then I give the half star. Very hopeless app 😤😤😤