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SAY NAMASTE Video Conferencing

SAY NAMASTE Video Conferencing for PC and MAC

Is a Communication game developed by Inscripts. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Say Namaste is an easy to use and secure video conferencing app. Use Say Namaste app to easily create a new meeting or join an existing meeting.

Use Say Namaste app to start or join easily a video call whether it is between 2 individuals or a multiple.
- You can use Say Namaste for 1:1 conversations as well as group video and audio conference.
- Supports upto 50 participants in one call- also say namaste has features such as screensharing. Now easily share your screen using your desktop/laptop and the shared screen can be used by all participants right here in the app.
- Have great video meetings with Say Namaste! The app supports as rich media chat and messaging that allows you to have conversations that are instantaneous a text mode.
- Easily share files in the video meeting itself using the file functionality that is sharing of Namaste. This feature allows you to share documents, PDFs, presentations, images, video files and a lot more during the video conference itself amongst all participants.

Say Namaste is a audio that is secure video conferencing app designed for productive meetings or catchups among corporate teams, friends or family members. It's developed by Inscripts - a ongoing company headquartered in Mumbai, India and in the business of creating world class communication products for over 10+ years.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the SAY NAMASTE Video Conferencing.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download SAY NAMASTE Video Conferencing for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Very nice app to use its easy to use also no email no phone no. is required to use this app I rate it 5 stars thats why
Will give 3 stars just because its an indian. But lots of improvements is needed. I used my 2 phones to check this app. ISSUES - 1) my both phones video was on but my phone 1 had black screen. I wasnt able to see. 2)then after closing meeting and again connecting... i switched video off from my phone 2 but it was still showing in my phone1. IMPROVEMEMTS - 1) need HD video conferencing. 2) need to mute/unmute participants. 3) need screen sharing. Tips - make something innovative. Not just copy.
I am giving 3 stars because the quality of camera is very bad the photo is blur but its nice because it is an indian app . It should have screen presentation and even we should see the video while chatting I prefer you to use this app instead of using zooms :-)
It was a really bad app, we cannot share screen, annotation and many more are not there which were in zoom. Please improve this so that more people will use this app.
We need option like cisco webex to call or call me or dial to conference, etc. This works only with smartphone and not with landline, especially those who wants to join audio. Good initiative. Congratulations ๐ŸŽŠ We are becoming super power, and our apps or gadgets should be on par with global standards or even above that. This needs to match more with global standards in every aspects.
If you really stand in market then you need to lot of work in your bug. Some time video showing and same moment its was not showing. Switching issue. Meeting schedule should be there. User can provide password for meeting. Etc but above feature is mandatory..
Worst app of the decade..this app can be used as a benchmark to rate other bad apps ...screen hangs up...icons don't respond...sound breaks up even when mobile network have good signal strength...
UPDATE: App is not working at all -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- Super easy and simple to create a meeting and share OR join. No nonsense and simple design. Has a chat box for parallel communication including Pic and File sharing. Not possible to see multiple people on a screen. Wish they could make that possible. Cannot access old meetings and files.
It's a very good app and I request all Indians to download it and quit other foreign apps like zoom. Also some improvements are needed like their must be white screen sharing and other sharing options and other important controls for the host to have a control over the activities of other participants as in India most of the people are using it for teaching.
Very nice app and a very good approach. But the things everyone needs are: 1) Screen Sharing option in both android and windows. 2) Free member limit must be 100, time limit-2 hrs. If required try costing... But don't decrease the limits. Especially in India 3) A user friendly application for windows I hope this excellent team takes my advices to consideration. PEACE.
See personally this app needs lots n lots of improvement, there are so many bugs in the app and needs rectification so as to compete or represent India with this app to world stage especially China's app Zoom. And I request Google Play Store to stay committed with the Indian apps and make no biasing when it comes to compete with the Chinese app. The cowardly acts of Google against promoting Indian apps would not be appreciated once they accept the app officialy. Thank you...
When I tried to create a new meeting it didnot.. Work... I checked..... It showed Something went terribly wrong... It needs to be fixed.... It needs a file sharing option... Then the app needs to have on screen content viewing option together with user.. And a marker to guide the other users so that the first user can direct the others what content they should focus on .... I think that would be a major change... An the security layer.. Could be. Voice identification..... By saying Namaste...
This is splendourous work to give for the nation. Always remember that "The journey of M miles also starts with single step, that is step ahead" Rating 5 star as encouragement, and hoping that you will fix some minor issues.
6 critical bugs are there which needs to be fixed on priority basis.PFB--- 1.video sharing has problem, it gets stopped in between 2.Echo problem during starting meeting 3.Meeting code should be copied when users join the meeting, not user friendly 4.During video call when we chat, video should also be visible 5.Right swipping on the Say Namaste [when mobile is in locked state], it doesn't remove 6.On the mobile dashboard screen, clicking on its notification doesn't navigate the user to app.
It shows good performance only in 1:1 video calling. But if you think about meeting or class among 4-5 students, it is worse than any other video calling app. Even, you'll have to face sound problem, the sound of speaker performs at very low level. Still now, I'll suggest Zoom for you.
Really very good app for virtual meeting , audio , video quality is really awesome ...And the most Importantly -- MADE IN INDIA ..... I want to suggest that ....Increase Member capacity ...More than 100 ....Also add some more features like ..White Board ( for School /College / Coaching Classes ) ...Pdf / Image / Charts ... sharing Options on App ...to make it more useful ...Inside Graphics are very Simple but Attractive ....but if possible increase the smoothness to look more attractive..
Very user friendly & good UI. More features are required to compete with Zoom & Microsoft. Hopefully, it's developed further ..soon. Good luck!
Experience is good but try to make it more attractive. I think a better background colour other than grey would be better. Also the text at the bottom, "powered by Inscripts " and other options should be hidden and the login screen should be cleaner.
Really got excited that the app is india made. But it lacked quality,so underdeveloped! I had started the meeting ,but we were unable to connect via vedio. Firstly the audio was good,but as we gona more and more the audio experience was like we are on a mountain where only echo rules.So accordingly it needs development, i surely believe we will be having the best ,not good, indian app for meetings .
It allows to chat via text messages on during an ongoing video call. Also, it allows to share documents, PDFs, presentations, images, video files and a lot more during the video conference itself amongst all the members.
Most lagging app. There is much more to do in thin app . We cannot swithch off the video and audio it lags. I think it is usefull to others.
Congratulations for this initiative. No doubt India is heading towards Atamnirbhar Bharat. But ,many things need to be improved. Screens of all are not visible. Even host is not able to see the screens of the present one. Moreover no option to come out of go back .....
Congratulations... Vocal for Local. I would suggest to make it more relavant by enabling it capacity to add atleast 300 participants in a same call. Another one is to rename it. Though its has a good name but shorter name will be more impressive.
App seems to be good but as said by previous reviewers needs lots of improvements to compete to Zoom or any other VC apps available. Using this kind of app is the need of the hour so fast changes and updates are required by the developers.
App is good . It has scope to become an Indian alternative to other foreign apps but some issues I faced in using this app. Creating or joining meeting it taking much time to load and in chat section their is no option of camera , can't delete chat,app interface should become much better. Finally congratulations for developing this app
Needs more development. Such as 1. The participants should be able to see all other participants all at once. 2. The app should allow taking screenshot. 3. Camera toggle is buggy. If closed once, it does not opens. We have to leave and join meeting again. 4. After clicking on invite link, the app should not ask for the meeting password. Everything else is great. Stable on slow connections. Lovely.
Excellent App secure & easy!! Well done! App does not have recording capability and saw the reason on your FAQ. But please reconsider - at least the ability for the host to record locally on their windows pc. A lot of us run study groups and we audio record the sessions for students. Only reason I would need to use the free zoom version (reluctantly) as they allow recording.
Just need to come up with support of webinar mode and must support at least 500 members. With no time limit and 500 members it can go boom. Also like chat end to end encrypted video conferencing should also be end to end encrypted like zoom. All else is good try to include background noise cancellation .....
A simple & user friendly UI. I think it's really good for the first version. I am sure that developers will work towards adding more features and improvements in subsequent releases. But to start with (especially to promote indian apps and reduce down dependence on foreign apps) this is really good. Kudos to developers..... Keep it up....
Was vocal for supporting Indian app. Brushed aside opinions for zoom Microsoft teams etc. Insisted on this app. Lost it. The first bugs were evident. End call did not work I was not able to switch off video.. none of the buttons worked. Passed out a meeting ID and if you get disconnected the ID becomes invalid. The only pros of this act is that you need not login. Hopes to improve this and I would be installing it once again.
Never showed participants video, participant left and rejoined but old participant never removed in the meeting. Biggest of all my camera and voice was still working even when meeting was ended. Huge security threat. Got to delete the app. Will change the reviews once it gets better. Keep me in the beta testing list. Want this one to succeed.
Most useless app.. probably created in hurry by L1 bidder. Creators should first have experience at Zoom ... When they are making an alternative to any Chinese app, they should make it better not like this kachra app where you can't automatically join, can't enter your own scheduled meeting unless you go through the same link. Software doesn't recognise the existing WiFi (even though it was downloded by the same working WiFi). There are no featires like whiteboard etc (not accessible). More.....
Video not very clear while teaching. Once you minimize, the meeting ends. No file sharing. No option to block uninvited guests. High speed internet requirements. Frequent voice disconnection even while talking with participants. Needs to improve a lot. P. S. Just for the sake of using an Indian app, we can't stop all our works. I will install again after few days to check if it's usable.
Great Work!!! Very good experience... But there's a small problem in screen sharing... When you share the screen, the size of screen remains same over all devices... Which makes the screen not visible on devices with small screen... It shows only part of it... Hope you fix it. Overall, it's a 5 ๐ŸŒŸ
As an Indian i do love this app and its very clear as well.. but the only problem is screen sharing. As in ZOOM app we used to see and talk to atleast 4 persons a time,but in this app we can only see 2 person at a time whereas we hear the voices of other people, but cant see them. Pkease fix this issue.. i am eagerly waiting fir the fixture.
Good effort overall !!! But it does not auto fill the meeting ID when clicked on the shared link( takes many retries) . Also voice quality is not consistent (sometimes it is clear else it has very low volume).I very much liked the UI, it is good. Waiting for all fixes, till then uninstalling it.
Greetings of the day, SAY NAMASTE Video Conferencing is a good application. It has few basic options. But, personally I feel the team must work on the looks of the application to make it attractive to the customers. And, you can add whiteboard option and screen sharing option. These changes could increase the usage of the application. Even schools and colleges can also use the application after the changes. Thank you.
I am not able to login even when I typed meeting id and code properly. It's coming join meeting and that's it. I think they should upgrade and solve this problem. Thank you
Nice aap but please join some features like personal chat, screen sharing and best video quality. Best indian app.
When i start meeting it is stopped .send report showing, but not sending nothing.To add more people at least 100 people for a meeting for 90minutes. We are proud for this indian app.
Its awesome, video and audio quality is excellent. Much better than Zoom and all. The best Video conferencing app.
Well the quality of video is well. But there are lots of features you need to add. Screen sharing option is must nowadays for any video conferencing app.
This is a very good app made by our country to replace other meeting platform. But it's a request to the team that please add the SCREEN SHARING feature in the app,and fix some bugs so that the app may run smoothly. Thanks to the whole team for this initiative.
There are lot of issue. Solve as well as frist.You have great opportunity to stand up now. Voice issue, screen sharing, host control, only one video on screen. Plz work on it.
Please make a facility to login and give a list of all our previous and upcoming meetings. Please try and change the opening page UI and make it more engaging
I am putting this after usage. 1. Moderator option is required. It causes chaos when u have to ask all participants to mute their mics. 2. The screen shared is not visible to many participants. 3. Most of the time only voice is heard with no video. 4. If someone gets disconnected and reconnects again, his name is shown twice. We had a meeting of 25 people. Due to network issue, dey disconnected and reconnected multiple times. At one point it showed some 100 participants name.
There should be a option that allows the users to enlarge his own video also..... And the other feature that it should have is of Screen Sharing.... video and audio quality are good
Decent start, a lot of feature parity between leading competition and this product is left to be desired.
Screen sharing option and document sharing options are not there. Now a days most of the video conference apps are used for teaching purposes, and for teaching the above options are must. If we try to check the chat, then only chat can be seen but not the person. Please see the team link app and develop that option also. No information about, how many persons can be connected, please enhance it to atleast 300 members. Please do it as early as possible. Thank you
This app needs much more development. When you start the app the app dosen't responds. When you go to switch off the video and audio then also the app lags. When you go to end the meeting the app will lag again. When first time I started the app I got MI bug second time the same and third time it luckily started but again lagging problem. Giving this app one star because without any star the post we cannot post any review or else I would not have given any star to this app. I request to fix this.
Nice app. But also need some improvement in video quality and also feature of screen share, board, personal chat in meeting and other many more features should be added
As a new app, it's quite well. But needs more development. The starting errors and old fashioned application theme must be fixed. There must be a recording feature, so that the user may be able to view the meeting decisions and other things again after the meeting if needed. Thank you.
I m very much impressed by the quality of video conferencing that the app ofers . However I have noticed few features in other apps that this app should also allow like share screen, additional settings for the host of the meeting but I m also happy to know that this app is made in India . Also suggesting other users to use this app as this is good. JAI HIND ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ
1. Need to give some fixed meeting id based on phone number 2. While you switch to give meeting app should be on allowed you to joined back same meeting 3. Allowed virtual backgrounds. 4. Share screen option would be nice...
Full support to this app as it is an Indian app, but frankly speaking there is a lot of things to be fixed to gain popularity and use it professionally. 1. Once I go to other screen to see code type half of it and go back to the screen the complete meeting code I typed got erased. I found it inconvinet. 2. Video clarity is good, but host options are really bad. 3. This video conferencing app is the most basic level tool, there is no screen sharing option kindly work on it ASAP. Good initiative
Please just read the suggestions mentioned: 1. Add Screen sharing option to it. 2. Let Host Control participants ( mute or unmute them ) 3. Change The Place Of ' END MEETING ' 4. Try To Show Atleast Four Participants on Screen at a time..And On Home Screen The video of person speaking should be shown... Hope You Like The Suggestions And Work On It!! Thanks
Audio quality is good,.....If the participants are more than 1, then video is continuously getting blocked or blackened for the participants.....plus it takes a lot of time to focus on the things....and lack of zoom feature degrades its overall quality as video conferencing app....plzz fix this asap...
Very very congratulations for the app. But I have following problems which I would like to share for further improvement 1. When third person join the meeting then host is not able to see any one 2. Host is not able to remove any person 3. During meeting the name of member is not visible to me( host) 4. I want to allow taking screenshot by members which is not permitted 5. Some time echo problem 6. Some time the name of member is still visible even though he left
There are a few issues that remain. Video quality is a concern. However, for what it's worth, this is an app I can see becoming popular very very soon.
Auto screen off issue. Cant share screen from mobile. Please solve these two issues. Improve fast so we can use earlier. Also add one time login id for. Set group meeting id till admine wants. Every time seprate id can make some one miss meeting.
I like this app but too many basic features are missing..like view multiple person at a time.. currently we can see only single person who is taking. If we get invention then by clicking on it we can go to the app but there we need to add seperate code manually which is not good.
Still lot of improvement should be done still good not best. Lot of changes should be done in browser also,mute in browser does not work.in mobile App when I host meeting ,by mistake If i come out,I cannot login again as host, I need to join as different user, that is so annoying, need to improve lot good initiative. We are always ready to support.
Average experience not too good or bad. Need to work more. Picture quality is low. Works very slow. Overall good.
Superb app.... works smoothly... but, I request the team to offer either screen sharing or whiteboard option on mobile also.....
Used for participants across the Netherlands. Works okay with less participants. Voice quality is okayish. Devs need to work on scaling of the product. Great potential.
Quite encouraging, but not satisfying all the necessities. Some major problems are 1. Improper screen sharing. 2. Lack of host controls. 3. Meeting is not dependent on the host.... If host leave meeting doesn't ends... And various other problems could be faced... I hope that the company would soon fix them out.
The App is good. But improve the camera and add some important features. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY ADD FEATURES like screen sharing, sharing whiteboard, running microphone and meeting in background, manage and view participants, make custom ID and password of the meeting by the user on their own, when a participant join a meeting, holding them in a waiting room and then giving option only to the host of allowing/denying participants which entered the meeting. And improve user interface. PLEASE.
This app is fantastic I like this app I have no problem with this app great job ๐Ÿ‘ it heped me a lot ๐Ÿคฉ wow!!
Had this app been up and with all features of zoom. Would have switched long ago. Be Indian buy Indian. Important features of screen sharing, muting, unmuting audiences and adding external audio locking the meeting etc are missing. These are important. Please work on these.
I was quite exited and was preparing to suggest others to switch from zoom to yhis app but what i recieved is just disappointments this app has a lot of problems with it. Few I observed are as below: 1:-It do not seek any permission from the person who created the room before allowing a person to enter the room. 2:-It took a long time for me to join the room in comparison to other. 3:-Meanwhile in the meeting the screen freezed. 4:-When I tried sharing a pdf file it again got freezed. A lot more
Need updates 1. Camera quality improve 2. Screenshare U can beat all the apps like zoom, google meet Well done ๐Ÿ‘
Appreciate Good start. But need to look immediately, 1. While 'start meeting' repeatedly it gives a error message as "auth token doesn't exist. Make sure you're login and have valid connection". This is a big starting trouble. 2. After many try's, entered but hangs. No option of "go back". Please solve. I am unable to start any meeting, so i could not review other options Thanks
Feedback 1Host can restrict participant through Guest room. 2Host can close meeting,after that no participant can continue meeting. 3 Schedule a future meeting or recurring meeting with SAME Meeting ID have to added. 4.Provide MUTE ALL (Audio/Video)button for Hosts 5.Screen Sharing restricted ONLY to hosts or to guest permitted by host. 6.WHITEBOARD has to be provided for online classes. 7.Setting menu is needed for Audio and Video settings as in other meeting Apps 8.Noise reduction in Audio..
Metting ID is of 11 digits however it only accept 10 digits which leads to error message ( invalid ID) and unable to login. Could you plz fix this issue. Today only I updated this app but issue is still not fixed.
Guys this is the worst video calling app. First of all there is no option to turn ' camera and mic always off ' when ever we join metting and 2 back press will end call. And it lag when u turn camera off button .๐Ÿ˜พ
This an excellent app, but I request the developers to add a new feature that is Schedule Meeting option, so that we the responsible citizens of India to ask my school administrators to schedule our online classes on Say Namaste app, and not use zoom app as SAY NAMASTE is an better app than it. Other than this this is an EXCELLENT APP.
Doesnโ€™t even work for a basic call. Tried creating a room several times and shared the code and ID but doesnโ€™t do anything.
1.Need to change the position of end / leave meeting option should be at the top bcoz while holding the mobile it may get touched, 2.Add the feature to share the pdf documents. 3. Add personal chat feature with host and parricipants. 4. Host controlling features (mute/unmute the participants audio) I hope you will be come back ๐Ÿ˜Š I will recomend to our team, thank you Make in India
First of all, I would like to say that it is a great initiative and I am very glad to see that it is built in India, #Made in India. But, It is having many issues and lacking in some functions and features and there are also many bugs to fix. So, its my request that please fix the bugs, add some functions. We are always here to support #swadeshi #swawlambi Bharat ,Jai Hind.
Best app and great initiative. I would like to say that in this digital era, it would be very useful for individual and corporate sector as well. As we know, the word NAMASTEY has gain popularity internationally, this app should be also. Say namaste team keep hardworking.
I was using it but faced lots of technical glitches. But I must tell you about one app called Namaste video conferencing app which is way better in terms of video and audio quality plus it connects 70 people at a time,no time duration limit. If anyone wants HD clear view then I would recommend to use Namaste.
Hi dear, installed and started using this app, as part of support Make In India but have to leave for the time being because 1. The video and audio quality is very very poor- Main reason for leaving 2. All participants can not be seen on one screen. 3. The sharing of screen is not smooth. Please improve it, we would like to use made in India product. Let us know in case you need any support from us, we are ready to provide that too for its success. Rating is 5 star just to support you guys not for the app
Nice application. But I would like to point out a few things that can be improved. First of all video quality is not at par, even when I am using it on wifi I am not really satisfied with the video quality. Some other features like screen sharing and others can also be added. This app can do great with only a few more efforts. We are here to support you. Since boycott movement is going on we need apps like this to replace chinese apps like zoom. Best wishes.
Its good but need options like share documents ,presentations ,and different files . Mute and unmute option should be there as well as raise hands . There is no user account creation Please see forward to this if you are making a competition to other apps in market most people want this otherwise people will rely on other aap only those who are giving such options .
Team Say Namaste. Wonderful Concept but need to fix a lot of things like 1. My voice echoes during the call. 2. Can Improve Video quality. 3. During screen sharing Unable to share video to audience from VLC media player or any other application. While screen sharing does nit detect other open apps which can be shared. 4. Work on the design and visual art aspect of the app. It impacts a person a lot. For example look how apple concentrates on the design of their products. Visual aesthetics.
Well the app is great but it needs to have some basic features like there is not power in hand of the host there is no waiting room like thing if you have the id password you can just hop into the meeting which i think can be very annoying for teachers as students love to disturb the class
As a india app I love this app. But this app needs a minimalistic logo and a good ui , minimum 8 person can share screen for video call, need a login database it will be fine with Google login need to store contact, feature like OBS studio where any one can share their screen with the meeting and a record feature. Then it's will be complate solution. โค๏ธ Love you developer love you india ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ
Better than any other confrancing app.vary user friendly app.only here is not screen share .must use one time
This app is better than any other meeting app in the world. Video and audio quality is very clear. There are lots of option like as screen sharing , white board sharing and all other for meetings and for online learning lecture. It is one of the best app .
Few suggestions as follows: 1. Please have an option for scheduling a meeting for a later date or time. 2. Please provide options such as screen sharing, pencil, ya marker tool etc. 3. Have a free and paid mode. 4. Update the complete details of the company who developed this app.
Please make it bug free 1) in between video conferencing after some time black screen occurs we could not able to see anyone except us, audio is fine during this bug, so fix this bug 2) Add more feature because in your app at one point of time we able to see only one person in video conferencing, so as to improve this add an option that I can see all faces with a single click, and also add an option, to see multiple faces with choice also. 3) Increase the limit of joining the people upto 10000
Needs lots of improvememts like, mute all, share screen size, screen control using other device, auto rotate, and others.... But its a good start, as an indian app. If all improvements are made, i will give 5 stars. i promise. and i will tell. my friemds also to download this app. Update : As promosed earlier, i have updated my ratings to 5 stars. Well done to the team's effort with the considerable amount of improvement.
Good app. Happy with this app. But we require or need some more features like share screen, whiteboard, lock meeting, admit option, and many others. But screen sharing is more important. So plz update this app and add the features mentioned above. Thank you
Very good app and good alternative to zoom. I would like to suggest addition of record meeting, share screen and authority of host to mute participants so it can be used in commercial activities like webinar talk shows.
If it need to give a tough competition to zoom then it will have to improve a lot. As i know, the meeting id is automatically expired after 24 hours . There is no custome option to change the passward of meeting . And lot more I request team to improve it a lot so that it can trend more than zoom.
The best part about this app is that it doesn't need you to create an account to start or join a meeting. But it needs more features to be competitive among apps like Jio Meet, Cisco Webex, Google Meet etc
I Do not see any means of setting up a future meeting on a fixed date and time and then send the invite to attendees with that information. Not all meetings can be held in the 24 hour window that the link is active. This would be a major improvement and leg up on ZOOM.
It needs very much improvement. 1. It need to add share screen option 2. It need to add record meeting option 3. It need to add option of admit or deny entry when any person is joining
I could not find the screen sharing or share presentatio, pdf option It does not have controls like host, co-host who can control the meeting.. If there is host for the meeting, that person can mute all if ther is disturbance, noice. So there need to be mute all, unmute all function. There should be controls such as putoff video of participants in the event when some one is not following guideline. You can make this app a great success with more succh business enabeling professional features
Many feature which are required for a proper office meeting and discussion are available like chat and share images and media along with video calling. Although one problem is that it takes some time after everyone has joined to see and hear other people, most people leave the conference by then, I'm sure it will be fixed soon and that time I shall rate it 5.
Great app but you have to make improvements i)Interface was not good can be better like sign in and get more .I just added my name and its done perhaps it was super easy but others app ask you to sign in and you can get everything you need to do a meeting whether it is screen sharing or video quality or chat or sharing files .Please make these improvements and add background effects as other android meeting apps does not have it
Sir please add screen share option to make it useful for school and College students and also fix connectivity issues . 1. When we connect to the meeting other people can not see my face . 2. Some time app did not response when just we add to the meeting . Sir please fix these issues then this app is very good . And I recommend all people who searching for meeting apps please try this app . This is very good app . Thank you #Madeinindia
Hi I am facing an issue audio issue while connecting other participates and also I am not able to find any option to schedule meeting for future. Please provide this option if not provided till now very important feature still missing from this app and web application
Love this app, you can replace zoom and meet app. Best of luck Fix the share button UI, Device name : Samsung A30 Issue:- when i clicked share button then a popup appear with meeting id and password and below this share button not properly visible
First of all congratulations to the team but need a lot of work to be done It was echoing a lot , screen of all members were not visible, no permission by host , screen sharing, whiteboard sharing are required. If you want to replace zoom. It's a golden opportunity for the team . We are ready to support you all.
need to have option in the settings to test your audio/video quality and ability to switch to an external(USB) device when using PC/Laptop. does not give the ability to create a meeting in advance with the date and time and send link to the participants in advance. I have not tried this app yet. will try this evening and if it does not go well, will switch to Google meet or Cisco WebEx. Appears to be a good start, but needs lot more work.
The app is good ๐Ÿ‘, but still requires lot of amendments, it should have white board option where multiple people can write with different colours, also by pressing back couple of times, the app exits. So, please rectify that, instead of double back button feature to close the app, something else can be done.
Please improve following features:- 1)no Video Recording 2)No audio/video testing 3)App hangs up in between and meeting doesn't start again 4)No 'Mute all and Unmute All' 5)No 'Allow join before host' 6)App unavailable for PC/Laptop 7) Participants unable to see each other 8)No 'Remove' participants option Please do the needful and add these features. We are compelled to use Zoom and want to come out of it as soon as possible. Please help us. Also,please release its PC version.
It no where gives option on the main screen to customise the settings. Meeting starts directly. No option to pre plan meeting and send the link to required participants. In such case it can not be relied upon for formal meetings. Host controls should be visible on main screen itself. Overall, a good thing as First Step, but to combat market giants like Google meet, MS Team, Skype and Zoom......there is lot more to do.. actually a huge amount of hardwork is required