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SenRan Sakura

SenRan Sakura for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by iClubJoy Co., ltd. located at http://iclubjoy.com. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
SenRan Sakura is an card online game this is certainly idle. The story took place within the Sengoku period in Japan. Everything changed when the prohibited book Metsu: Bansenshūkai re-appeared in this world. The ninja forces which have been concealed at night started to scramble for this. This world is doomed if the powerful clans got this guide. A lot more than 100 cards, 5 courses and 6 Shikigami forces await! Fascinating gameplays and product that is many permit you to take pleasure in the research!

Japanese Type - special Japanese ukiyo-e style
Idle & Auto-fight - Enjoy the game while consuming, resting and dreaming
Historical Heroes - a huge selection of historic characters help you begin your own personal legend
Beautiful songs - conventional Japanese musical instrument provides a pleasing environment
Strategic Combats - combat your battles strategically with different shikigami forces
Immersive Experience - Adorable figures to interact with
Endless Passion - socialize and help each other for the planet peace

If you would like our game, or have suggestions and feedbacks, kindly feel free to contact us.
Official Website:http://www.iclubjoy.com/srsakura

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the SenRan Sakura.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I should already have more than 3 five star hero earth type and get the reward for hero event, but when I check why my point is still 2/3 from the goal? Can you check how many I got 5 star earth type for hero event? This bug make me wasted my alliance coins. Please fix it. I already messaged the customer service but sometimes I can't post my messages, fix it too.
was interested because the sprites are kinda similar to sdorica, but eh.... the ui is so bad. need dupes to max a character. game is kinda p2w but is expected since it's an idle game. there's also no story so yeah...
Everytime I summon, the screen does nothing.no animation just the background design. Nothing to click to move out from the summon page or event summon page. Pls fix this
I dont understand why people are saying this is pay to win, Ive had more pulls without putting money into it than other games if not most of them. Ive been steadly progressing just fine. Its an idle game and it plays like one, but the drop rate is amazing. Its been fair for me and Im super picky when it comes to any Idle games. I hate AFK arena if that tells you anyhting, I enjoy this one.
It's kinda disappointing after today update, the developer make a new rule some kind of paywall. It was a fun game, but now it's getting less fun.
Saw the game on an Ad and thought I might wanna give it a shot and downloaded it. The download started as soon as I open the app but the problem is it gets stuck after a short time around 20-30mb of files downloaded. My connection is okay. I tried other apps and my connection is fast. If you can help me with this problem I'll rewrite this review as soon as possible.
Ok, i was giving this a 5 star but actually i have a problem with the app closing on its own when i just open the app for a minute. Idk if it was my phone or the app. I already check my phone it doesnt have any problem so i think its the app. And i've try uninstall and download it again but it doesnt work. Please fix it, i really love this game.
Works on wifi but does not work on mobile network (5g or 4g) galaxy z fold 2. Will just try to load and give a network error. Wifi works fine. My phone net is faster then my wifi. Not sure the issue. Other then that, entertaining game.
New Players wont get any advantage, even if you spent 2K USD. Cause the GM messed up by giving 2000M souls to experienced players, and never tried to compensate to new players. If you're new players, forget about it. Play other games, you wont be able to compete againts older player in the game.
I enjoy it for two months and thats enough I ten star my hero i quitted so boring and no fun at all when yiu achieve your goal in this game so it is a garbage.
Not only you copied your own game, it still has the same glitches, the game is half translated, and the game is heavily pay to win! Do not play or support this game at all! This company only cares about earning your money!
Hello! I enjoyed this game for days after installing it. it really is a fun game and I like it. But I only give it 4 star because i encountered a problem. It is when I play the game for a few minutes, the game lagged and it crashes the game even though my internet connection is good and that is annoying. I hope you can fix it because i really like this game. Thank you
This game is nice only thing is when clear a map u cant go back to the same map to play to lvl up or get item... i found it abit stupid!! Can u update a patch that can play back the same map after clearing it???? Cos it damn stupid cant play back the same map to lvl up or what.. die die must move forward when ur lvl not high enough to clear the next map.... stupid!!!!
I had a great experience playing this game, until usami vs usami never ending fight on the path of underworld.. I can't quit or restart that part.. I cam't win or lose, server has been restart but the path to underworld aren't please help me. I'am on server 101 right now. Thx
This is the only game I play that doesn't give vip points. Unless you top-up, you will only be vip 0 forever. First top-up at $0.99 doesn't give much. All games guarantee a 5* or a legendary hero for every 10x summon, this doesn't. Too hard to get resources (both sr & ssr hero shards in Pray, and in others). Budo matching is too uneven, Ghost Boss, Mamori is way too strong even for beginners! No way to bind guest account to email, facebook or twitter or other accounts.
Great game. Nice events also. My suggestion would be to throw freebies from time to time as you really need to top up in the later part to get higher BR. Still 5 star for me. Cheers! Edit: This game sucks. Plain and simple
Awesome game, definetly not a pay to win, I just recently play and I'm enjoying it so far, they are very generous with diamonds which is one of the best thing about this games and I would recommend it to anyone from free to play player to pay to win player since this game is also generous with its special offers and such
I do enjoy it. Its still a developing game so give it some time. Hoping for new events And new heroes
Thanks for the iClubJoy who has been making up this game. This game is fun for me, as usual for the Idle Game, Tavern, Fusion, Gambling (Summonings lol), etc.. The graphic is great as well... But I just got 1 problem only : 1. I counted 12 secs before starting the battle (Adventure Mode), it takes a bit long to me as an impatient man, lol.. Make it at least 5 secs, it will be great.. 2. Make it more comfortable and keep doing the best for the result...
i've played many idle rpg games like ML Adventure, AFK Arena, Idle Heroes to name a few. most of them after a certain stage, you can't pass no matter how hard you try even if you're a F2P player or you cash in a little. but this game, oh boy let me tell you it's one of the best if not THE best idle rpg games out there in the Play Store. i've been playing this game for months without putting a SINGLE cent in it and i can still be the top 50 in the sever. how? it just takes a little bit of luck ;)
Love this game. Nice graphic, great gameplay. Very, very generous to give a lot of freebies, including several free SRs. The gacha rate is pretty good, if you compare it with other similar games.
Well this game f2p but need time to be strong.. I give 4 star because this game bored only single player and no multiple team play.. log in do quest then log out zzz that all I do everyday to collect diamond log in reward and etc.
Nerf healing amount of usami sadamitsu, abe no seimei, oichi. The healing amount is too OP. fix rate of stun of date masamune, its to low when it said 75% (mine 7star). Reduce boss difficulty at conquest, and shogun, its far too OoOOOP. Fix it fast dev, i hate it when there is so much chars but people only use abe, usami, and oichi. Thats suck !
Quite friendly to f2p player, there's also exchange hero event so you don't have to worrying about gacha-ing continuously. I have gotten 2 SSR hero from it even if I have to sacrificed 2 5 star hero, worth it really, because it also include 2 equipment, 3 stars I think. The downside... Well, it take quite a time to level up, but it is idle so I have no complain. There's almost diamonds everywhere and not really stingy. Good game. Well for now.
You can play every other idle game on the play store and they all are almost the same thing. This game has very similar functions compared to a zombie idle game that I've played before. They're just gonna recycle this whole idle gacha thing under different titles, in other words it's just a cash grab.
Almost Perfect. There's just this sudden lag/freeze that slightly ruins the game. I need to restart the game to make it stable again, but no big deal. I hope there would be more perks for being one of the first people to play this game!
Gameplay and Characters is rather nice But very boring , no actually events that we can actually play , almost everything is Auto-Fighting . Events and rewards is all very P2W like. Sended a Msg through SenRan Sakura FB page for Feedback and Dint even get a RESPONSE , make it looks like the Dev dont even care about feedback and just want to make it a P2W game . Game has so much room for Improvement *EDIT* : Better Events and more Attentive to Feedbacks Game still can improve , alot of Potential
Its great idling game with smooth graphics. Had paid a little to appreciate efforts from devs. But recently the chances of getting 5 stars heroes had been lowered. More contents should be introduced for daily interactions instead of repeating everything the same to make it like a routine. Anyway, still a great and recommendable game.
You'll hit a massive PAYWALL after Nightmare 3 which is after just 2 days of playing, greedy developer will have stop you from progressing for months, FYI I'm vip 3 currently but its still not enough to push you far in this game, AVOID like a plague, you've been warned, biggest mistake of my life is to throw money on this sorry excuse for a game.
It keeps disconnecting even when I have good internet connection. The game went full pay to win and no longer able to claim 5 stars hero after accumulating 1k points in summons that it needs to be VIP 3 to claim it and forced to top up. I could've recommended this better than any afk games but meh, the events are for paying players. Edit: made it 5 stars for the fast update and heard the opinion of players
Theres only a few game that gives you thousand diamonds for free, this game is one of those. Developer of this game is super generous. THOUSANDS diamond for free. Summoning rate is really good, and they constantly give a lot of event. In one week, you can have 3 to 5 event. They give you free item for each event. Fabulous.
Definitely P2W game. It's hard just to get 5* heroes from 10 times Advance scroll. In the beginning of playing. Once up to twice of 10 Advance Scroll pulling would get 1 or 2 heroes of 5*. Now.... Even in the 6th of 10 times Advance Scroll pulling, I haven't got a single hero of 5*. And it's getting boring. Can't do much without paying. Will stop playing soon as I get another interesting game and not P2W game, and I will remember iClubJoy for sure.
Ok now im VIP 2 and play almost 1 month. There is no story, only repeatable 10 stages. There is no character background. You are only WATCHING, you are NOT playing, everything is AUTO! Some witch / mage char that can heal is IMBALANCE, the amount of healing is insane that you are sure of lose when facing such opponent. You cant claim lvl 50 and 55 free gifts because some PAYING player already lv 50 at day 1 server open. my advice is : DONT THROW MONEY ON THIS GAME ! you will regret it later !
i really like the game, characters and concept. the problem now is why my game is always exiting. its like crashing. while on gameplay, sometime if i use my new summoned hero or the enemy has a new hero, my app do exit. i did buy for vip to try a lot more but because of this crashing i cannot enjoy the game. please need some help.
i play it sometimes because i have a lot of games that i almost forgot this one,if you could make a huge reformation on this game such as heroes pleasing appearances and more animated skills and graphic improvements in gameplay and buttons additional heroe factions like light and dark heroes are best among these forest heroes,shadow heroes,fortress heroes,and fire heroes.this is only my opinion,just like as ive played idle heroes thats far way better than this one.
Hello! I Really enjoy this game! But I've experienced log in error connections or server connections which made me always go back to the title screen, I don't have any problems with it at first, but just today I can't log in using my google acc. Which has my main acc. I tried fb and it worked just fine. I'm still bummed about my main acc. Not working now that I made huge progress there :( pls help me! I really love this game! Thank you.
The game is great and very entertaining! If you plan carefully and take advantage of events efficiently you can quickly build up your heroes even as a f2p player but the packs are cheap as well. I have one suggestion though, this would be a pretty big update if ever but I hope we can get a proper character art portrait like the ones in the official fb page and during the waiting screens for the heroes and read their stories/lores there! I think that would be a very nice addition to the game!
Best gacha game I played. You can get high level enough without using real money. But a small amount of top up won't hurt - to help the developers of this game.
Too bad I had to uninstall even though I liked it. After the recent update, the game won't let me login. It just freezes at loading screen. Several 9stars and 3 10star heroes wasted.
It could have been 5 stars. I loved the design, the mechanics and the game characters, but the game constantly freezes, crash, and hangs in my phone and it interrepts the hype I have in the game.
I too don't really understand why many people rated this game so bad and said this game is p2w. I'm F2P here and i think this game is great! I really recommend this game! The gacha rate for 5 stars hero are good! At my first day playing this i already got the highest ranked 5 star hero! A UR! Now on my fourth day playing already got the second one! In total now i already got around 15 or more 5 star hero! This game is really generous with giving gems for new players, i got already more than 25k.
Love this game ,very generous, but lately I am stuck in the loading screen, I already reinstalled it 3 times and it's just a hassle to do that again please fix this
i hv played many other idle games before and the one before i try this game is ML Adv. if i hv to make comparison between them , the only positive thing in this game is art and effect . this game less F2P friendly and more money oriented . in the game i played before this one i didnt make any purchase and in early phase they give a lot of rewards . u can enjoy without buy anything. in this game even in early phase u will stuck oftenly . they give lack in everything . F2P cant enjoy to fullest
I do really like and love the game due to its amazing contents and quality but something's missing, it is the change server button which you don't have to quit and restart the game just to go on different account on different servers please have this option button so that we don't have to quit and waste time waiting til the loading bar is full
This is the only idle game in the market that has NO WAY TO RESET HERO LEVELS. That's right, you'll be forced to spend because you cannot progress when you realize they don't have a level reset mechanic in this game. Doh! Also, as many reviewers have commented, the game crashes a lot. I've never played it without crashing in the next 5 minutes. Avoid this like the plague. Stick with Idle Heroes, AFK Arena, or Ode to Heroes.
As long as you know what you are doing, f2p is possible. Maybe pay like usd 0.99 will make the game slightly easier if you find yourself lazy. It's manageable if you plan it right
The game is really nice . Strategy and luck. The only con i saw is that you need to be a vip to claim the free 5star hero when you fill the 1k energy bar when adv summoning. Should atleast give that for free. Its so hard to fill just for 1 5star hero . Im not bitter , im a vip . Just saying :)
I top up for this game until VIP 7. lately they release a new patch with position update, and i bought it, but it give no daily merit point. I complain to google after that they ban me immediately. It's kind of game that release a new server every couple of days, and with totally same game play like idle heroes though
This is an amazing game! It will be more amazing if u make a Chess game cuz there are a lot of beautiful character.
Alright, after for so long time that I already quitted the game. I'll rate this app now. Nerfing a hero because he is so powerful just to satisfy a whining player that build a wrong hero is not good at all. After you built that hero spending money and time on it, that is so wrong. This is a good game but. It's not just me, many players already quitted because of this. Now if you play and spend your most time on it. What would you feel if that dev of the game you play will nerf your best hero?
One of the more repetitive games I've played. It gets to a point where playing this game is more like a chore than enjoyment. It certainly lacks balance and contents.
I do like the in-game rewards, however, this game is not recommended for free players, as many others games, priority goes to those paying, obviously, such as extra chance in any arena, storyline or any thing thats purchase for more chance. Another is servers, way to many, which is many players jump to old server to new one. Animations and sound effect kinda dull, chance to get a decent heroes, SR, SSR or UR is super slim, expensive upgrade with too little resourses, and everything is limited.
Returning gamer here. Only few players now and the game just became heavily pay to win. The fun in game events before became pay events now.lol
Updated my review since my last review's issue has been addressed, and kudos to Developers for always trying to attend the issue/problem of the game that the players encounters and always compensating for maintenence of server. The thing that bothers me for now is what's the use of the artifacts? Do I need to level my char to a certain level to equip it? Or just need to put it in my inventory so that I can get the effect? I think that need some info in in-game. Welp anyways so far so good.
Game is darn slow. After reaching a certain level, they'll block you from playing certain parts of the game till you gather enough exp and reach a higher level. So there's really nothing you can play except to go in click and collect exp. Very boring...
I really do love the game but there is o e thing that annoyed me. Why isnt ther a reset button for heroes i need the golds and souls i want to extract them in my other heroes without sacrificing them in the altars huhu
How much quota do I waste for this game, going in and out of the game just to check the network. the network that was good is bad when downloading the resource update.