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Sheriff of Mahjong: Paar-Match

Sheriff of Mahjong: Paar-Match for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by G5 Entertainment located at Birger Jarlsgatan 18, Stockholm 114 34, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.
Swap and match tiles on thousands of puzzling pair matching levels to collect resources and use powerful boosters to bring a destroyed town that is western to life!

Travel back in time in Sheriff of Mahjong! A frontier that is struggling in a faraway and beautiful corner of the Old West needs your help to be brought back to its former glory. Play thousands of tile matching levels, meet charismatic characters, follow the storyline that is suspenseful help transform this resilient town into the pride of the Wild West while tackling matching games!

This new mahjong solitaire game is a unique and epic combination of city building and classic tile pairing, tied together with a storyline full of twists and turns and the free spirits and hardscrabble realities of the Wild West. You’re a builder that is talented responded to a Help Wanted ad in Colinstown, a troubled outpost in the Old West. Help the determined citizens revive their community after devastating attacks by the Butler Gang, who may be bankrolled by the tycoon that is corrupt Pierce. Reconstruct an town that is impressive of Wild West legends, become the new mayor of Colinstown and thwart the evil machinations of the outlaws to ensure that fortune favors your citizens once again! On your way to prosperity, collect achievements and get special tools, such as the Dice booster (which gets you out of a situation that is difficult, the Dynamite booster (which blows up multiple pairs of tiles) and many other innovative features that can enhance your gameplay experience!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable purchases that are in-app your device settings.

PLAY through a unique combination of tile matching and city building in one game
GO on an adventure filled with the history and tales of the Wild West
MEET townspeople, cowboys, miners, bankers, outlaws and bounty hunters on your way to prosperity
MASTER thousands of free marjong that is immersive majong, majhong, mah-jongg, mah jongg or mahjongg levels – these are the popular ways to misspell “mahjong”
WIELD incredible boosters and power-up combos, designed for matching games
UNLOCK a variety of beautiful buildings and town landmarks to rebuild and upgrade
FOLLOW your friends’ progress with the innovative built-in social network

Game available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Sheriff of Mahjong: Paar-Match.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Sheriff of Mahjong: Paar-Match for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Hi i love this game but for the last week or so it keep freezing and wont load is there anything i can do as if i reinstall it i will lose all my progress
Resolved Thank you 4-13-21 The reason i'm giving only two stars is because I wanted to take advantage of one of the "sales" on the gems. I purchased the 80 pack for the 40 price, but my game was only credited for 40. This isn't the first time this has happened. Normally I wouldn't bother saying anything, but I don't have a lot of money to just be ignoring the shortage. Other than that, I love this game. If this problem is straightened out I'll be back to give you 5 stars.
Game play is good but could be better if it was easier to get gems say by earning them as you can with gold and coin.
Just installed today Feb. 27th, 2021. Since I started playing I haven't been able to put it down. So far I love this game. I haven't had to purchase anything. I really hope that doesn't change. It's really fun.
I have always liked mahjong games..I have played them for years! This is the first one in story form that I have ever played, and am enjoying it . The graphics are great!
The concept of the game and gameplay is good. Giving 3 stars instead of 5 because I don't want to play the same level for days before I win the level. I don't mind playing a level over several times I do mind playing a level over and over for days. I am uninstalling game. There are mahjong games that are more fair in the gameplay
Super fun and more challenging than I thought! Then you get to the higher levels and the game makes you lose on purpose cuz there are no other options. I'm the person that plays games for free, but I've used up all my gems and I can't pass this level to get more. Very frustrating. 😐
Some levels are too difficult for young players, causing frustration when attempting multiple times! Some people felt that there wasn't nearly enough energy to begin to accomplish the task before them! It was enjoyed for the most part by mature audiences!
So far it has been great fun. I am a new player so can't give a five yet. After I've player a dozen or more levels, I'll be able to give a more accurate rating. Thanks for this opportunity.
So far, so good--I'm finishing levels instead of having to replay them. Might suggest having a variety of pictures on the last pair of tiles. I'm getting a bit sick of the sherriff.
It take huge amount of data buy 2 gb of data and in two days have to buy again only play on wi fi when it is available
Really enjoy the game so far. I like the fact the levels are not timed. I wish the tiles were just a little larger. I wear glasses and the zoom doesn't always make it larger but if the pics on tiles were just a little bigger it would be better :-)
It's good, but might become monotonous! if you could have a few changes to the game, as in the demo, where build bridge etc.,
I can't remember when/if I ever saw an ad in game. Love mahjong games in general, and this one is no exception. Plenty of energy to play the various levels. Updated regularly.
Wish I could have turned off the music right away. Took several steps before I could access Options. Don't like that it glorifies guns.
Nice game. Good way to pass the time. I like that the storyline doesn't cloud the plot of the game. I just started playing this game & I really appreciate the tutorials as I go along. Nice version of Mahjongg.
Relaxing game. I really like the western theme. So far so good. I haven't neeeded to spend real money
I love playing. But since 1/06/21 the game want let me play. As soon as I start to play it kicks me out. I had finally built up my numbers to play a while and I had over 400 points for the christmas round and only 2 days left. Everything was built up finally so I could play awhile but now it keeps kicking me out. Ive reset my phone and optimized my apps but nothing is working. Plz help I realy do love playing this game. Thanks
I haven't been playing long, but so far I love the storyline, quests and side quests are great, characters are cute, great collectibles, but I'm only level 8, so a more in depth review will be coming. So far, there isn't anything I don't like...
I like this game. However, it is annoying to be losing a level 10+ times when trying to gather tickets for a limited time event.
Game keeps crashing. Yesterday after each advert. Today crashed 5 times before I even played a game. Half way through my 4th or 5th game its crashed again. I'm crashing out
I like mahjong so that's a plus but I haven't figured out what everything is for. I'm very early into the game. Very tired of match 3 games, so this is a nice change.
Great Mahjong Game! I've play many different online Mahjong games but this is the first one with goals to work towards and have a storyline with it.
Fun game BUT.... I had over 81 folders that contained over 1900 pictures from g5. They were thumbnails from every game they offer. Not cool deleting game because of this
Not much of a storyline, this game says you've got bad guys to deal with, but find a can of spam, first. The excuses to do another round of tiles are boring by level 3.
This game is Fantastic! It has a great story line. It has hard as well as easy games. It has prizes to find and intrigue. I am very happy.
I just started this and so far its been fun. Its quite easy so far but theres a lot of things to collect which keeps it interesting, although they are kind of confusing
Was working great and I loved playing but now as of yesterday evening, I can no longer get the game to open. This really sucks.
So far it is a cute game. Only been playing about 20 minutes... hardly enough time to really give it a thorough review. I have not encountered any bugs so far. It is fun, but I can see how it could get a bit boring and repetative. I will update my review once I have played for a month or so. 🙃
Like the game, how the jobs are setup and the gain in hardness to complete are great..for me at least
Love it, but need other ways to get energy without having to always paying for it. Would play longer if could get more energy. Because if you can't get though one you can't get any then you have to wait for it to build up by then anyone can get bored with it.
1st g5 game have played. Just started playing, but I like it alot so far. Will post something more about game at a later date. After I have played it a little more.
Sheriff of Mahjong froze! I'm on level 23 and I just completed a chinese house level, and the game quit working. Can't tap or move any icons. Cannot play game!
Fun game. Levels aren't that bad to pass. The only drawback that I can see is, there are too many quests to work on all at once. I currently have 5 to work on, and I just started playing today.
Lots of fun, I wish it had more directions during first play, but really enjoy the game, wish the tile layers were a bit more visible.
Just don't understand the point of this game....I see or find no rules or how to play & you play & use up all your $$ & can't get ahead yet they tell you what games to play????? VERY confusing, guess they just want you to spend money on the game, really not sure!
Most of the time I find it relaxing. Sometimes it is frustrating to need a combining agent and not able to beat a level to get it. You could use a tab for all collections that are ready to combine.
Really like the game but it tells me ive broken the daily login chain and starts me over. I play EVERYDAY how does the chain get broken? For this reason I give 3 stars
So frustrated!!!! Takes 14 tries to pass one game at level 5 buildings, but when I try to get free crystals, the ads won't load (the Jeep ad lately) I love the game concept and the story, but this is supposed to be fun and relaxing ☹☹☹☹
I think the game is fun and a neat concept to put a new spin mahjong. I only gave 4 stars because it doesn't do a very good job distinguishing between layers of tiles. It would be nice to have tiles that aren't valid moves shaded a bit darker so that legal moves can be easily picked out at a glance especially since the game rewards speed.
This is a very unique game that is set in California in the 1800s. It's a little like a fun history lesson. The only thing that I would suggest is winning more than just one crystal at a time, especially since they are useful in the game.
I was enjoying this game, until I bought a "Safe of Crystals" for $49.99 and after I exited the game and logged back in later the same day, the 550 crystals I bought were gone. UPDATE: Support resolved the issue, thanks for the replacement crystals. I really like the game, but will no longer make in app purchases.
Lovely game, very engrossing. I love the tile theme. The extras are very helpful too. A great majomg game.
Not a bad game. Goes up in levels pretty fast. As each level it gets a little tougher. It makes it challenging. Only thing I would change is add maybe something different. To much like playing Jewels of Rome only its with tiles and not a a match a match 3.
Love this game! Brings a different take to playing Mahjongg. Just started playing and I really enjoy the back store and the challenges.
I like the pictures on the tiles, they don't all look the same as some others I have played. Visually this is a much better game for me. I can tell the difference between tiles without much effort allowing me to concentrate on the game. I have a much better experience playing with this format. I don't understand how restoring the town works yet with the circus. I don't seem to be gathering enough of some of the items I need for the circus. Hopefully I will figure it out soon! This game is fun!
Beautifully detailed game. Gorgeous graphics. Fun and entertaining storyline. I love to play all types of mahjong and this is a new twist on an old favorite.
It's a very fun game, but I think the dice should be available at least once a day, very frustrating looking every game
Playing both Mahjongg and match 3 jewels versions. Easy enough to be relaxing, challenging enough to be interesting, until you hit the paywall where you pay to play.
I like this game. I play a lot of different games on my tablet. This game is a nice way to relax, solve some Mahjong tile games and help to restore this town. It gives you a sense of accomplishment!
So far so good I'm hoping it won't become impossible to finish levels tho, if I have to play a board more than 3 times I tend to get bored.
Fun game at first, but then it gets impossible to pass levels without using multiple tools, forcing you to buy in order to play. Don't understand why they call this a casual game, it's not relaxing to fail multiple times every time you try a level.
I love this game! The reason I gave only 4 stars is because I feel we should earn more "power" with each win. I would play for hours if it didn't take so much to play a scene but only get little reward in return. However, because I like it so much, I have actually purchased power ups 😊
Fun game with a challenging progression. More than just Mahjong. Set in the old west makes it somewhat unique
It's good so far, and I like the graphics. I will change my stars depending on how it goes later on in the game.
Gameplay-wise, this game is a really solid experience. It's well-crafted and the combination of mahjong, following a storyline, and rebuilding a town is super addictive. The artwork and overall aesthetic is also really nicely done. The one thing that really bothers me about the game are all the alcohol and drug references. I know it's historically accurate, but it feels out of place in an E-rated game, which are supposed to be suitable for kids.
Only played it for a while but really like the game love mahjong don't find it hard loads quick some games don't but so far enjoying it
Fun, but it could have more jewels when you win. Maybe not each time, but when you finish a level at least
I really like the game but wish I could by the shuffles and stuff with coins too. Diamonds are hard to come by Game has recently been kicking me out. A bit annoying.
Instructions went by too fast! Hard to figure out which item to use to help?? After a minute or so, for newer players, it would be helpful if an arrow would point to which item to assist.
I love mahjong and also having to do the village is a really good thing as it gives it a bit of a story
Thank you for your response. I do not have the money to buy anything, which makes it harder to go forward. When I do win, the items go into "inventory" that I have to pay for in rubies that I have earned or have to buy. I spend a lot of time looking at ads to get some items that really don't help that much. I really enjoy playing this game but I find it overwhelmingly stressful.
I love this game ,it has everything a western town should have,an u should make more games like this one ,western like,keep up the great work .
This is my favorite game but it keeps crashing - like 5 times in 10 minutes. Contacted Customer Service twice with no results. They asked for a screen shot. (How am I supposed to know when it will crash & how do I get a screen shot of the crash?) I am uninstalling it now. Sad, too, because it's a fun game.
The variety of layouts in Sheriff of Mahjong keeps me on my toes! It might be even more exciting to see natural disasters happen and see how the townsfolk handles it- who knows there might be hidden treasures in what they find while cleaning up!
So far the game is easy to play and no ads. Would have given a five stars, but I have to play longer before I learn if things change.
I enjoy this game. Helps me relax while I'm rebuilding a small town. But it's not easy to invite my FB friends to play with me. I don't have any on google. So it's just me.
I like this game but wish the dice/scramble feature didn't require so many jewels. I think each puzzle should have 1 or 2 free scrambles before having to buy and use jewels. Another way to make more fun would be to make each scramble cost 1 jewel instead of 10. I know you want revenue for the game but the cost is too much. I love playing but have to stop due to cost. Great game.
The game is fun, but a bit confusing when you hop around the town so much. Can you fix it where the story doesnt slow down play time so much? Thank you.
This is an 'okay' game. I don't like that you have to use energy to play levels. The adventure is okay and the collections are on the interesting side. A nice twist to a mahjongg game, evened out on the bad side by use of energy like a seek and find game (which G5 is known for)
This game is addictive and so much fun, before you know it time passes fast. Anyway try it you will love it.
Its a fun game. You seem to get what you need at every quest. As long as you are good at mahjong youll do great.
I ABSOLUTELY love Mahjong but to add the way you play the game,I think that it makes for a fun and interesting experience.
Great game combining two of my favorites, mahjong and the old west. Good pastime the is a clean family style game.This is good for all ages, free of the violence, drugs, and sex of most modern games.
A suggestion, when using the Boosters like show a match or back one move etc. , how about a clarification because I have wasted several playing on my Android phone. Also icon on my phone has a number over the icon that keeps increasing, its 10 now. What is this? I have looked thru app and cant find anything. Please tell me what the number refers to.
I like this game you get to play mahjong and rebuild a town,. Plus find things in the town and meet people.
Very fun and active, however commercial I thought was a bit different. I am new to the game but excited to see how it progresses.
Very frustrating to repeatedly play the same level and continually lose. I have played several mahjong games and they won't let you lose by putting 6 or more of the same tile so you can pick the wrong one and not know it. Not fun at all.
This is such a fun game. It's just like being in the old west, it's great. I just started playing the game and I think I will continue playing
I really like the game, i love mahjong games and comment completing quests to build the town. The only thing that bothers me is the win to loss ratio. Sometimes i all my energy and never win one board it's very frustrating.
Graphics are great..good game for people who just wanna casually play a puzzle once in a while..however, its obviously a little rigged. No reason why someone has to spend saved 500+ energy and only solve around 3 puzzles..and forget even doing the monthly special ones and think you are going to complete them without spending. Just a warning..not knocking the game, just beware if you are a diehard player that doesn't want to spend.
I am enjoying the game. It is fun. But i need to stop downloading games based on ads. The ad showed playing mahjong and rescuing a girl. The entire game is only mahjong no rescuing. Bummer. I need to start ignoring ads for games.
So far I'm enjoying the game being a fan of mahjong. Good story line just only issue I have is I wish the boards would be bigger without using zoom.
It takes FAR too long for energy to restore, unless you want to pay for it. Almost everything you want to do requires paying for it. It's a fun game if you have a tidy savings account to pay for everything in the game.
I love the concept and storyline I just wish it were easier to have shuffle added randonmy to the inventory instead of other items which ar not as usefull if they can be used at all.
Really interesting and different. I wish the tiles didn't have to be matched so fast, I have depth perception issues and can't match as fast as the game needs.
I like the game but your inventory is usless if you can't use them. That makes me wonder if its all about money...
I love playing this game it's a lot of fun every time I play it a new level opens up and it makes me want to do it more and more and more I love this game never found a game like this one I'd like to find new levels it's awesome
Love the music, building the town as you go. Just have trouble with the depth of tiles, recognizing what is able to be picked up.
Too many stories or helping people at one time u cant keep up..otherwise it is fun and helps pass the time.
It is ridiculous to have to play a game over 6 times before it lets you win the item you are searching for
I enjoy mahjong games & this one is fun looking for items. I sometimes think navigating the story is a little difficult but I'm not giving up on it.
pretty straight forward, sorta confused as to the combine action for stuf but I am guessing one must be a certain level to do it and I am only at level 4 the ratings here are funky to get the stars marked on gameplay and graphics...they don't respond well
Just started playing an hour or so ago and I can't put it down. I know there will be a down side somewhere, I just have not found it yet. So far, no ads.
I have enjoyed playing Sheriff of Majong. It is Majong with a western build it up theme. Similar to the search and find games like hidden objects but completing quests through playing Majong levels. Very fun game so far!
Just recently started playing... But loving the game so far! There are a lot of quests and it seems to get a little confusing trying to follow quests for the same character... And to know which should be completed before other...
I enjoy this game. It's casual, so you aren't working to a time frame. However, in the last few weeks, each time I finish a game, the whole game shuts down, so at times, you lose your rewards. Also, you cannot fill out the profile.
My mind works in slow mode, i love this game because i can go at my pace and still get stuff. i don't feel like i have been punished for being slow. other games make me do the same thing over and over, and i end up deleting it. thnx for this game, for me it is a keeper.
Edit: I'm a pretty high level, played numerous quests and have never rec'd any crystals as part of the reward. Although I do enjoy this game, it's quite sad how nearly impossible it is to acquire crystals without purchasing. You only get 1 each time you level up, which is insulting, and these are needed to purchase the better tools. Contests to win crystals are no consolation either.
This a fun game, it certainly fills my day. Keep up with giving us different games. It certainly does keep me busy for an hour or two. Keep giving us different games it is good to play and it is better than doing housework. Thank you.
The concept of the game and gameplay is good. Giving 3 stars instead of 5 because I don't want to play the same level for days before I win the level. I don't mind playing a level over several times I do mind playing a level over and over for days
Great mahjong game, I find the screen quite busy and I would like the option to enlarge the map. I also find that the game during play doesn't respond as well as other games to my stylus (galaxy tab s7), which I find frustrating.
It's all right game but sometimes it's too slow when I go to tap on the tiles it doesn't register or I'm going to fast for it I don't know if you can fix this or if it has something to do with my phone thank you
Great game, some times it's hard to distinguish between the green apples and the green bottles when they are in the same game. I am going to un install this game because every time I play this game, it knocks me out of the game after 3 or 4 games. This is why you all only get 1 star. This was a good game.
I have just started playing, so far so good. It is a different kind of game, mahjong and town building game. I like it.
Good game, nice graphics, but when you have one puzzle that has to be repeated several times because of having no moves, then have to use all the specialties just to pass one board, is highly annoying, uninstalled because I hate games that make people have to do this, just as bad as candy crush, spend or don't get anywhere
Love the game but trying to update onto new phone and it won't let me go to settings so that I can login to my profile I've already established. I won't start over so if unable to login under already established profile the I will just delete the game.
I think it would be pretty cool if the characters actually spoke and the animals made noises and stuff like that like they read the stories to you their little quote thing or spoke to you periodically make it more humanistic
It is good game, but some of the tasks have too many steps. It is also very annoying to clear most of tiles to find out there are no more matches
This game is fun, but as soon as the easter event is entered into the game it keeps kicking me out! I was past the level where I was earning chests and I uninstalled the game thinking it was my phone, it's doing it again at the same point after installing it again!
This game is the best and most exciting game of mahjong that I've ever played, the story line is brilliant and the graphics are amazing, if I want to take a break from it then I can and I'll be able to get back into where I left off when I left the game. The sheriff, she's gorgeous, if all the sheriffs were like her, well the crime rate would go down I'm sure. I spend hours on this game, I'm now 70 years old but playing this game makes me feel younger and G5 games are on to a winner with this.
Pros: Beautiful graphics, clean gameplay. Cons: CONSTANTLY stops working. I've lost hundreds of energy by being mid game when it suddenly stops working. It also takes a lot of energy on the higher levels that are far too difficult. Mahjong ought to be relaxing, not frustrating.
This game is great and very addictive. Also expensive to play. Could do with getting more gems on each level to help out love to watch the town grow as you play thanks for this game loved each level
Really like g5 games this one included it's very relaxing but I have an issue now with only one tile lighting up then the game goes off so I can't play this one anymore could you fix this for me please as this is why I can only give it 4 stars
Playing this G5 game l will go on record saying that it is very addictive. I can't wait to get to the next puzzle, and the strategy Is very delightful, I haven't been teased before now. The graphics are very clear. What a awesome game.
Decent mahjong game. Doesn't really require money spent unless you're wanting to speed through events, or run out of gems to buy help items. But most of the time, you don't need the items.
It's been one of the most fascinating mahjong games I've actually played and up until the moment I downloaded it I honestly had about 4, maybe 5 different mahjong games on my 'mobile device', don't judge me 😓 I just really enjoy these mahjong games at least the "virtual ones" bcuz my grandmother and uncles get a bit rowdy whilst "playing" it🙈🙊🙉😏but in my opinion it's worth it 💪😏👍9.9 out of 10 to me
Love this game. Graphics are great. Like the scenery. Game is well set up. Only one thing, when you leave the game for a week, you have to start at the beginning. Why can't you start where you left off.
Really love the game, but everything is SO expensive. There are helpful tip, etc. I believe G5 could make a lot of money even if they cut the prices.
I love the game Mahjong from years ago. The Wild West/Mahjong colaboration is Genius! Lots of fun to play this style of a game where you can also seek & find items. Kudos to the inventors!!!!!
Good game No purchase problems Pop ups not an issue as they are only offers. Not a pay to play. Great job guys!!😊😊
Your game sucks, the tutorial is too long, and forces you to use one of each your bonuses. I was on just the fourth puzzle and already its unsolvable without using the bonus items. Just a few minutes of play and I see there will soon be a need to spend money. You can take this game and shove it. Greed will only get you to one place, go there.
Thank you for your response. I do not have the money to buy anything, which makes it harder to go forward. When I do win, the items go into "inventory" that I have to pay for in rubies that I have earned or have to buy. I spend a lot of time looking at ads to get some items that really don't help that much. I really enjoy playing this game but I find it overwhelmingly stressful. As of today, 01/24/2021, nothing has changed! All my hard work when I finally get items I need, 98% go to inventory
Enjoyable. I like that it is not timed. I can pick up the game and play for 5-10 minutes. The goal is not to clear the board, but rather to clear specific tiles, so there's a bit more strategy and planning required.
I love the combination of mahjong games with the building and restoring Arnold west town. Perfect way to destress after a day at the office.
Although it takes a while to load when you first start playing it really is a fun game! I would definitely suggest this game for anybody that likes to build things and these types of games to definitely download! It's a lot of fun
Really like this one. It's a lot of fun. But I had to uninstall. The tiles are just too small for an already small screen. It's killing my eyes. Sorry.
This game is super fun and even though I'm really good at it, its so fixed that there is absolutely no way to win. Unless you don't mind losing 20 rounds in a row, you would have to spend at LEAST $100 week to get anywhere. Their Xmas rounds are even worse. If you win in another area, you only get part of what you need in the Xmas zone. It would cost even more if you wanted to play that. Its such a rip, I have never seen a game this bad. Again, fun but absurd. Don't bother.
I love this game and i will give it a better rating when the glitches and bugs are fixed. It often clises right in the middle of games and i lose all progress very frustrating plz fix.
It is another version of Majong, not exactly sure of tge purpose yet. However, it keeps a space filler when waiting for an appointment
I love mahjonng and i am enjoying this so far, however, could you possibly change the colour of the books on the tiles in the schoolhouse please? The books are almost the same colour as the tile and it makes it hard to remove tiles quickly in a sequence as i have to stare at them a bit longer to notice the number on the tile. Maybe have red books or something? 📚🙂
Love this game, it's relaxing and makes me wanna open a book on the wild west.. I can't put this game down...
No game here. When I open the app there is just advertising for other games and then a page saying "updates being added". There is no actual game.
Everytime I finish a level or task the game crashes and takes me back to my phone screen. Its kind of annoying to have to keep opening the game and starting over everytime it crashes.
I'm sure someone from G5 will come say how wrong I am, but this IS a pay to play game. I expect to need to shuffle tiles in a Mahjong game but when you have to do it 9 times to complete a board that's just plain greed. I tried just redoing the boards to see if I could do them without paying for dice to reshuffle. I went methodically through all of the boards I had needed dice for and after 10 tries per board and no success it convinced me it's a typical G5 game, pay to play :o (
Interesting twist on Majong format. Simple enough for Elementary age children. Builds readings skills and problem solving.
This is a long term ,I'm loving it.and the price of the boosters. The boasters are reasonable priced, also the game is no pushing you to buy.great game
I really do enjoy the game it is challenging however there is Never Enough crystals to get anything to help you out and I refuse to pay cash for any items it's a free game it should be free via advertising or whatever
Having problems at the moment. Game not loading. I enjoy this game, but I haven't been able to play for 3 days. Starts to load then stops. I've reported it but no joy
I love to play mahjong. This adds more with the explanations its l.ike reading a book. Two great things mixed together ❤
Graphics Are Fabulous, Tiles Are Fun To Play, Storyline Is Awesome.....Only Beef I Have Is That You Cannot Shut Off The Music, Other Than That It's A Great Game.....!
Just started hope it does not stop like the other one I played. I had to stop. Then I seen this one thought I would try it. After played for a bit will reevaluate. Depends on if it freezes.
I really enjoy playing this game. Can you please make it a little easier to win a game without having to pay for extra things
Don't play this game unless you can afford to pay to get along in the the game because it is fixed that way, it is all for the money not to have fun on it. I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was enjoying this game, until I bought a "Safe of Crystals" for $49.99 and after I exited the game and logged back in later the same day, the 550 crystals I bought were gone. My game progress wasn't saved. A support ticket #1879970 was generated with a copy of my Google Play receipt. Several days now, still no recovered crystals. I want my money back now. I will never play another G5 game again.
Hard to log in when it tells me my email address is already in use and then won't let me log in to save game. Does it on all this company's games.
I love this game..Some Majha games are so hard or so small you can't play on your phone. So I am thrilled with this new one. Thank you
It was really fun to play until the building level 4. It is almost impossible to pass level 4 without using multiple items.
Having trouble with filling out profile for extra goodies. I think this may be the best Mahong game I have ever played!!
Fun so far. I hope I can play longer than the last 6 games I tried. I can't afford to play when I have to pay on every level. So far I've only had to pay once.
A few parts a little confusing. I thought it said I reached a new level but it seem I can't go forward without a purchase.
At first I gave this 5 stars, then into the game all you needed to do was open a REAL CHECKING ACCOUNT to continue on! It is just ridiculous how much actual money you would have to put into this game to keep playing it. Only play if you want to spend your own money!!!!!
They will not accept my email address. Claims it all ready exists. I have never played here before. Problem is not getting fixed. I like the game but current problem overrides the like.
I would like to be able to earn more free jewels plus it would be nice to be able to eaarn free power ups, also.
If you want to be frustrated to death losing every 7 out of 8 times, play this game. If you want to play a round with a "fixed" level two or three times one after the other with the same impossible chance to win with the same exact tiles and placement knowing you cannot win because they've fixed it so no matter what tile removal sequence you try leaves you with a match stuck on top of its counterpart, hoping the next round will be a new random level, play this game.
4stars only because I have been playing for a little while.But I do like it so far!! update how do you run out of tiles? the game ends? even when I don't make mistakes! .Got too hard. Uninstalled.
Too much losing. Is a cute game. But tired of losing 3 or 4 in a row and having to start over each time. U should be able to backtrack your steps without having to use a limited item to do so. Maybe I just suck at making. Uninstalling and off to find something else. Worth a try, for sure.
Nice game. I only give 4 stars to games as I do not believe any game is perfect. I do recommend this tho, as it is very relaxing while playing and toking.
So far I've played 10 min and you want me to rate... first I enjoy mahjong but your intruption is annoying and you need to put in a skip instruction for those of us who are not beginners
021921 - I have been enjoying it. However, I'd like to "BUY" "KEYS" or have another option to gather them to move forward. I am at game level #16 and the game is becoming too difficult for me to use. I ha e found no pattern to it. I will be uninstalling it soon as I can't gather enough keys to open Gift Boxes to gather needed inventory.
Interesting game! It looks a bit complicated, but guides you through everything. I don't understand the scoring yet and boosters, but I'm sure I'll catch on as time goes by. I was actually going to quit early on, but after 20 levels, I realize that would have been a bad hasty move. I'll stick it out for now and see how the story progresses.
Very enjoyable so far. Not hard, I like that. If the game is too demanding...I'm done. I like to play games that are fun and a no brainer.
Love this game, but noticed after 32 levels, I only have 3 diamonds. I also play your pyramids of mahjong. I'm on level 26 and have 38 diamonds. Suppose to receive one after each level up, but they don't register. Other than that, like the game.
Pros: The game itself is fun. Good graphics & an enjoyable storyline. I like that i dont have to deal with commercials interrupting the game or levels before you can proceed. Cons: you have to complete too many levels for each task to continue about the game. The more tasks solved, the more progress in the game but at 6 levels per task, the game becomes a little boring. If this was reduced to 3 or 4 levels per task, it would boost progress which would in turn create more enjoyment with the game.
You lose more than you win, and even when using power ups you still lose. Very frustrating. The other Mahjong game G5 has is much much better
Fun, story line is pretty cool. Entertaining. Seems good for adults and children who can read and understand objectives and learn to complete tasks. 👍🏼👍🏼
Love all mahjong games, so this one is a good one for inexperienced players. I have no problems with these puzzles. I will be happy when it starts to become more complicated but I know that all new games need to start fairly easy.
I love this game, but instead of going to different places to play, have the first 3 levels in one place, then move on to the next.
FUN so far - just downloaded it so only on level 4 right now - enjoying it so far except the mandatory usage of helps - I know how to play - don't need the tutorial (should make that optional)
I'm not a fan of mahjong, but I swear I saw a add for the same story game but match 3. However, I can't find it. Did you make a game like that, with the same town and characters? I rather play that.
I have issue with the colours would be better for people like me if tiles were a little darker and then lighter for the ones that match.
This game has got to be the best and most exciting game of mahjong that I've ever played, the story line is brilliant and the graphics are amazing, if I want to take a break from it then I can and I'll be able to get back into where I left off when I left the game.
This game is better than all those jewel games. They are hard to match up. A suggestion would be to shade the underneath tiles like other Majong games.
I really liked this game untill it started crashing. It started crashing right after I paid money. Go figure. I uninstalled and re installed, nothing. It would not start. I guess you got my money. Not good
Seems nice so far. Wish there wasn't the goal at the beginning of each level considering it's the same, maybe that'll change, but the level complete thing is also too long.
Very good game however I wish the game wouldn't have the rotate function very hard to play because I am blind in left eye and disabled in right eye and holding the tablet gets tiring because I have to hold tablet about 1 foot from my eye. Still really like this game
Intresting and fun, awards are good lets you play longer. overall a good diverson from the normal mahjong games I have played in the past.
So far, so good. The graphics are great and the storyline is enjoyable. It's challenging but not insanely difficult.
I love this game. I have always enjoyed playing this but I really like games that allow you to remodle an by putting them together was perfect. I love that it doesn't take a large amount of star or whatever to do something. It is a very relaxing game to enjoy at your own pace. Love 💘😻💜 it!!!!!
I really have no idea what I'm doing but I'm tapping away following directions and having fun. Hopefully I'll understand it as I play longer. Nice game.
Very good, except you need more icons to find before you can move to the tiles. And you need different tiles, a bigger challenge.
As a beginner i see the addition of game perfect for brain memory thank you you are the reason why i exercise my brain daily with brain power
Starts out nice but then you end up playing same levels for days unless you spend real money!!!! Also too many ads about other g5 games!! Bye
I am hooked. The only problem I have is getting friend's. This game is so relaxing and is a big stress reliever for me.
It's a fun game because there's more than one objective to clear the board! I really enjoy it and encourage others to try it!
I enjoyed this game so much , l have it downloaded on two separate tablets. I love Mahjong, and using it in a story is even MORE fun !
Great game, easy to follow what is needed. No issues encountered and so addictive. Thanks Dec Team for creating a great game
I like this game, but I knocked I took off a star because it keeps crashing. In the middle of the game, it causes me to lose items. If it keeps crashing I will delete it.
For the last few days my game will NOT load!! This is my favorite game and I have spent plenty of money on it to get this far and have it NOT load. I hope that this can be resolved soon!! Rebooting has done nothing in the way of help!!
Love this game very entertaining and fun can't wait to get everything built. Thank you for a fun mahjong game finally.
Good game play but in-app purchases are spendy and are probably necessary to finish certain quests, unless you want to play for many hours a day. This game is also a power hog. Plug in if you can!
I love this game. Addictive and completely free. I could play all day, however i can not save or update my game and support doesn't help one bit.
Some of the stack outs are very hard to see. The perspective is off. Not enough contrast in the boarders.
It's an interesting game. Still trying to get over the repetitive action of this app. I would probably make it more clear as to what you need to acquire to build any area
Just started playing, so far so good. One issue, there are too many things going on to keep track of where you are and what you're supposed to do. It does get confusing.
Fun at beginning but later levels just keep losing. Energy used up too fast then. Played higher levels long time and still lost. Challenging, but I play for story and fun; not to feel defeated so often. Used level ups and did not notice any better scoring or wins.
I've loved mahjong for many years. I love that G5 has created a quest driven mahjong that makes this classic game fresh and fun to play!
Only been playing a short time, but so far this game is a blast! If you like Mahjong, it's pretty easy at the beginning levels. We'll see how it goes from here....
I have just started playing and so far the experience has been great. Loads of fun and I like the idea of playing mahjong and getting to build the cute western town.
Like mahjong but would like to choice my own renovation choices. Also collections are nice. Wonderful graphics.
Love the game, keeps me interested, does not cost me a lot money allowing me to relax and enjoy the game. Thank you.
I love match 3 games and this one is the best. It has a story line which makes the game more enjoyable. Bored and want to past the time then this is the game. Thank you
A intriguing plot, sterling graphics and interesting characters keeps pulling you deeper into the game. Be careful, time will fly by and you'll wonder why you can't stop playing. Some of the colors are a little dazzling, but not enough to detract from play. A real winner.
I love playing this game but when I go to load it up at the start of the game it starts to load then quits and goes back to the home screen. I was playing earlier and now I can't even get back on and I'm in the middle of an event. Please fix this problem and I will give a rating of 5 stars. This is the 2nd day that I can't get on and play. Very frustrating.
Frustrating that I don't know what the gold coins are for, but I like building the town and finding the needed items.
Fun game, good story, hard to see the layers of the tiles at times, wish you could go back and do the tutorial over to have the special buttons explained again
It is easy to see the tiles for someone with bad eyesight. The game graphics and story are cute and fun.
Great story driven game! Can be challenging, but still fun and keeps my attention. I love the music, theme, and art. Wonderful!!
Cute characters so far. Game play easy enough so far. Depends how easy matches continue to be and how easy (expensive!) help items become.
A suggestion, when using the Boosters like show a match or back one move etc. , how about a clarification because I have wasted several playing on my Android phone.
I could really like this game. But I know nobody that plays this game. Consequently I'm getting penalized because I can't finish filling out my G-5 friends. I guess I quit. Thats too bad cause I was liking this game
Controls are easy, the gameplay is clear, and the graphics are wonderful, overall very addictive game.
Just started playing this game and I'm enjoying alot. I've always loved mahjong games, its nice to have a story along with it. Keep up the good work :))
I like this version of this story as mahjong. I liked the graphics & the time setting, & the story line better because I feel like I'm winning these levels. One thing that discouraged me on the other version of this was that after every level ( win or lose), there was a do you like this level? Asked. Seriously, too many times. If I didn't like it, I'd stop playing.
The game itself is enjoyable but the pop ups begging for money are annoying. If a player chooses to buy items it's very clear where to go, but the constant begging for money is getting on my nerves. I know the mantra of these "free" games is to turn players into payers but all the begging has me about to delete the game. Would be much better with fewer pop ups.
Better than plain mahjong! Love the harmonica music and guitar. Wish it had lil more action in the middle of games.
Just started game so giving 3 stars. So far game is entertaining and enjoyable. Story breaks up the levels just enough to get eyes to refocus.
Basically set up that you need to spend money to progress. You can complete levels on multiple tries, but set up so they want you to watch the ads to get crystals or buy the crystals directly from their store. Money grab...
It's the best mahjong game I've ever played and I have played slot of them and they bore me after a while but this doesn't. Combining two games in one is GENIUS!!!
Although I do enjoy this game, it's quite sad how nearly impossible it is to acquire crystals without purchasing. You only get 1 each time you level up, which is insulting, and these are needed to purchase the better tools. Contests to win crystals are no consolation either. Please figure a way to be more rewarding, you would retain more players I think.
I like this game. I played one time before but ddidnt get very far and i didnt understand it. So i am here to try it again. I do try to play alot of games trying to find one i would like to stay with to the end. I hope i have found it.
I think the game is just fine e for now. It's a fast past game n a memory game as well. Great for older persons, young adults n children.
Just started the game. Still not super far into it. It reminds me of seeker notes in the way it's structured to unlocking different places. Takes with different items. So far there is not a move count. So that's nice, it does use energy so I can see these becoming a problem soon. As you level up it won't replenish so quickly as it takes more to level up. But I would recommend to anyone right now.
Because, it set up that you have to go their way. Then they freezes you. I think it's not fair because, you actually; have No Other options. Wasted time.
This is the first Mahjong game I have played on my mobile phone. I wanted to play another type of game than I usually play I am enjoying the storyline as well as the fact I can develop the ranch. The graphics are excellent.
I have always loved playing mahjong and now that I can play an interactive game where I get to build a town, etc. by playing mahjong instead of one of those stupid matching games I'm in heaven.
Loading problems, it worked yesterday. Today it won't load. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Only works when opening it from playstore after reinstall. Fix this, I like the game
Fun game. Enjoyable and relaxing. Only problem is that it is quite addictive. I have spent a few hours today just playing the game. Really enjoying it 😉.
So far, Im loving it. The graphics are spot on and colorful. I love that the characters present themselves and tells you a little bit about what has happened to their homes or place of business which allows you to take in more and more details of the storyline. And the gameplay of mahjong makes it relaxing and yet, at the same time, it can be difficult. However, adding boosts and other things to help you out on the more challenging levels is quite a bonus but, its a pretty good game.
I've been having a fun time on this adventurous game. The various tasks and stories keeps me going to know what's next.
This is very very good I just started so is still easy. Hope I can get how to play before it becomes too hard. Lol
Awesome and addicting game!☺ After the defeat of the gang and brought to justice? Open the town to invite more people everywhere for a big shin dig. Aka, party. And then continue building the town to your liking. That's my suggestion.