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Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Race against opponents, and stack up all the floorboards you'll grab on the way!
If you're clever sufficient, get free from the way in which and develop bridges and just take shortcuts to arrive at the range that is finish everyone!

Cheating has never been therefore stylish!

Simple game play with easy and efficient to understand settings.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Shortcut Run.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Shortcut Run for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I'm leaving a review because I'm sick of people leaving bad ones, yes it's a game with adds, it's a fast paced game with very easy swipe left or right controls. Not bad at all would give 5 stars but anyone looking through to see a review should know the 1 star reviews are mostly bull end.
It is not that fun when you first play it because it's very very glitchy and when you go back on it when you turn it off and then go back on it starts getting very glitchy so I recommend this game as three stars because how it's so glitchy
I like the game, really fun but pretty laggy. My device is pretty good but when I play this game, somehow it doesn't sense my finger when I try to move around. Overall, good game!
Awful experience. You play for 5 seconds and the watch ads for 30 seconds and more. Not built for actual user satisfaction but only to generate money. Typical voodoo app, I regret giving them a second chance.
Uninstalled after playing it the first time. Horrible controls. Voodoo If you're gonna post annoying and long ads. Make sure they atleast work and are not buggy. Games by you guys feel like shopping at Dollar tree.
The game is very easy to win everytime. Needs online or change the algorithms so things are different.
I play the game with internet connection turned off in the event that ads lag the game. Regardless the game lagged more than hell!! Not to mention the movement is super delayed! This doesn't even compare to the crazy rubberbanding of the computers! I've played some pretty terrible games from ads. The main differnece is that some ads looked and a disaster and do play. This game looked decent in comparison so I expected it to be alright, but it's an absolute dumpster fire.
As with almost every single game I've tried from this company oversimplified and full of ads. That pairs with bots that are very easy to beat. The game is over in about 20 seconds. Same track over and over and over again every 20 seconds. In terms of a game, it's a cash grab.
It's lags like hell and screen sensitivity is too low the game suddenly get exited also so I didn't like it
Absolute garbage that should never be allowed to pollute your phones storage. This is an attempt to make as much ad revenue as possible on a game with almost no development. It disgusts me. The ads are longer than the game play most of the time >:(
2 star because the game was well made and it's interesting. -3 star because there is no leaderboard, no mini tournament, and no world chat. Leaderboard could be in total amount push and amount 1st place or 15x. Tournament that happen every certain amount of hours and you can play and compete. Keep getting 1st place every stage and get better rewards. Chat is to meet other players, it's good to make new friends. Also have a lobby were we chan chill, not the playing mode screen.
2.5 out of ten. Good intresting game play but it can be glitchy upon first opening. The ads can be annoying as well, and crash the game on occasion
Its alright. Lol mine glitches where after I watched a video for +1500 coins, if I just spam the button, I dont even have to watch the video it just instantly gives me the coins. So I got all the characters in like 2 minutes.
The game is fun but there is to many ads. Also this game is super laggy. Please fix this game and maybe I'll play it.
Some levels lag making it hard to play. The controls to go left and right can not work sometimes. This game should be online. There should be more things we can buy with coins. And last but not least there is an excessive amount of ads after each level. 2 out of 5 for these reasons.
Gets repetitive really really fast. I'm pretty sure I've been playing against bots as I win every match and the only sort of replay value is getting different costumes.
its ok. nothing great, gets boring quick as there never seems to be any real competition. wish I didnt get an ad if I didnt choose to watch an ad to get more rewards. seems I get an ad no matter my choice
Ads are more optimized than the app. Don't install the "game" it doesn't work. You don't need even five minutes in to find out that it's a laggy inoperable mess.
Somehow adds are not showing fun game... Would really loved it with realtime players I instead of bots
There's a tirck/Glich to complete the game in seconds. After the player has scored first position it can go back and collect as many more woods as it wants to ans then complete the final stage which will then result in more coins... Hope it gets fixed soon Until then everyone take advantage of this feature πŸ˜‚ Otherwise overall amazing game ❀️
Ad every level, I thought I'd try it because it looked simple and fun. It is, but everyone is right there is an ad every level! You might as well just click the watch video for the extra coins. Not worth the frustration being that each level is typically shorter than the ads themselves. Do an ad every 3 or 4 levels.
No one is talking about this.... Its obvious this game was just created for ad revenue. They only made this for quick cash, they dont really care about it. This is why no one is answering ur cries of less ads bc if anything they want to add more ads. The steering on this game also sucks. You cant even stay on the path without falling off and losing paths because of how bad the steering is. Had this game downloaded for 5 mins. The ads this game put out about it being the most adictive game fake.
In an in-game ad I saw, this game looked interesting. After playing it for 20 minutes I do like the fun yet simple concept, but my positive comments stop there. A massive thing missing is sound! No sound? You are offered to watch an ad for more coins but even if you decline you still have to watch an ad, so how does that make sense? Appears robot players may be passed off as real ones at times. One ad wouldn't even let me exit out. Very few game options. Potential, yes, but a ways to go!
This is really a good game my daughter like it very much even i also like this game but one thing my daughter doesn't like is that this game has so much ads πŸ’
Really annoying game ! The ads sucks! After each games ads will be waiting which ends after 30 seconds it's so annoying it sucks the fun I hate ads so annoying. PLEASE do NOT install this app I REPEAT do NOT install this app.
Finished collecting everything in an hour. I finished 2nd 3 times. It's not difficult to finish. Too many ads and if you watch the ads you finish the game even faster
This is very very very poor ge because it's control is not good and the.speed of the cartoon is ver very slow than other players . I don't like this game very very poor
Like every crapy voodo game, it should be fun in theory but in proctice it gets incredibly boring after a few minutes. This is likely because there is no competitiveness. You are only playing against the stupidest of AI and it shows. This is super evident in the map design because you can tell the no effort went into the map design, resulting in basic and simple maps, yet the other "players" don't take advantage of it.
Overall I try this game and it is fun but annoying. The ads after every level is just sucks the fun out of this game. The shop isn't even a thing and coim collecting is pointless. This also have offline game with bots and not real people so there is no competition at all. Also no music or nothing at all. Simply vibrations on the phone. I do like how you jump, bounce off the platform, and grab the edge is cool. But please make this game not beta and fully fix it for all of us.
Gameplay is meh, you're not actually playing against other people, rather you're playing AIs made to look like other people. The difficulty is extremely low.
Good game😘 but, sometimes it is out of control, and it sometimes hangs my phone 😠😠 that's why I've given 4 stars
Basically an ad disguised as a game. The game gives you a 30 unskipable ad each second. I don't know who would rate this a 5 star.
Ads....ads....ads.....ads....ads I want to play a game, not watching 30 second of ads in just 10 seconds of gameplay. Absolute garbage, this is why you never believe every game that appears in the ads.
It's a very fun game but it's very laggy so I fell always I thought its a good game but I hate It because of the lag... Change that!?! So it's suitable for 2 stars
As usual with voodoo, incredibly anti-gdpr practices (can't play unless you agree to all the tracking and sharing of personal data they want) and fake multiplayer. Its a shame because its a fun concept
Not good. I would rather play trap bubble bunny on repeat for the rest of my life then play one more second so last go into detail on way this is SO BAD. Was the art made from a first grader? Really I don't even know about 3d molting but I could still make something better. Next the maps are HORRIBLE it's the same thing but reskined. There is a ad for every other breath you take and there is NOTHING that says we DON'T care about the game only the money then well... THE WHOLE GAME.
The game is fun and has a good concept the developers should flesh it out more and it could become as popular as subway surfers if they do it right just add multi-player sell skins to make some extra cash to help develop the game and make some difficult courses and this game could be a hit
This game is super addicting. It's a time waster for sure. You race against time trial ghosts of other players instead of live players. Aside from that, it's awesome. I just wish that when you purchase the non add version, you get 0 ads for the game.
This is a fun game, but I always start out in last place. And let me tell you I do NOT like it. It is a fun game ya, but I would love it to change. Listen I have been sitting on my toilet for a long time rating games and none have been five stars, BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE THAT FUN. I am sorry but you need to change it right NOW OK, I have not even won FYI
Ads everywhere. The "online" part is fake. You can knock off everyone and then run back and forth to keep collecting more points. If u wanna waste ur time then sure but look somewhere else cuz little effort was put into this game.
It is so annoying because when you get on it don't turn itself you have to turn it and I'm like used to it to be like it tunes it's selfthat so that is why I gave it a one star also go check out the game stare run it's way better and rilly fun😍
This game is truly great! You can unlock skin's and win coin's in each level! Each level are a lititle bit harder! I really hope you guy's all enjoy this game as much as I do. Have a gerat day. Also creator of this game thank you so much for making this game. I really love this.
Controls are bad. Could be fun. More ads than gameplay. Devs sold out before finishing what could have been a great game, unfortunate.
Where is the game?? I won my first 4 rounds so easy and there's only bots no real players and after all of that you're forced to watch an ad after every round! WASTING TIME!!!
Bad game.... Graphics are a bit simple and I know that it's hard to make games... but seriously I could make a better game on scratch. Also there are ads after every level! Even if you die.... If you're looking for a waste of time then go ahead... press install... sorry if its harsh..
Haha funny and nice game. Found a bug where if you hit the finish line first with less wooden plates and run around your way back to the track you can infinitely collect more plates and get 15x points each time. Nice 2 days with this app. Got pretty addictive. Uninstalling. Good work dev! Wish it had multiplayer!
I had no way to click out of the ad once it stopped playing. Terrible terrible. Gameplay was so short and I couldn't even
This game sucks. The controls are so hard to use, and even if you are the greatest gamer of all time you would still lose. And the add, the game is litrely the opposite of the add. In the add you can clearly see that the person in the add is having a perfectly good time using the controls. Also in the add the person is gust not thinking smart he or she ceeps going of the edge without anuff blocks. The game glitches soo soo much. And why do you start in last place but others start in first place.
This game is very lagging and I had a very hard experience playing this game and trying to figure out with way the runner is going to turn was very challenging. And the ads were longer than the actual game itself.
One and a half stars... You say u don't want to watch an ad and u have too. Now that doesn't make since. Otherwise it's a great game πŸ‘Œ
Too easy and all I played against were bots. I will make sure I comment on every ad I see how terrible this game is. It has a cool concept and could be great... but you made me hope you die of AIDS while playing...
Awful. Horrible. Dont even waste your time. - Runs at 5 Frames a second - at the end you have the option to watch an ad if you want extra coins. That would be fine if they didnt force you to still watch an ad even if you choose to not watch the extra ad. So you can either watch an ad and get coins or watch an ad and get nothing. Either way I hope you love ads because this game is overflowing with them. - Is it even online players? I highly doubt it. - Just stay away from Voodoo games
A very single minded experience. I played easily 100 games and came in first around 99 of them. The simplest game, just mining for ad revenue. Entertained me until I unlocked on the skins. Not bad, not good
The yell in the ads are just annoying (i dont know if it is in the actual game) so please add that out for the sake of everyone's sanity.
It's great. I wish the sensitivity would be improved so the flow in controlling the character will not be breaking
it's a enjoyable game. I have played more games but all the games are irritating on after some levels. but this is liked.
To simple to win. No end goal for rewards. In game money is not used for anything other then looks. Not playing agenst real people. Easy win: run to the end do not worry about having alot of bricks. Once you win you can backtrack to get all the bricks you want/need to hit higest point value.
Unrepresentative and boring . The skins are mainly white males, clear lack of equal representation as there is only a few female skins and people of colour are near to none. Furthermore the game lacks skins in general. I have collected all the skins and I only played it a bit over the last 2 or 3 days. This also now renders the coin system useless.
I have gotten all the characters, and with no ads all in a couple of hour's, I really want you to create more challenge's as there is not much to work up too. One thing I could think of is challenge character's that you earn for certain achievements, as well as being able to go back to older maps or servers(if this is an online game) I hope I did not offend you and I think your game is great......
This could have been a good and popular game but the developers are very lazy. They are not interested in excellence and development. I wish I was a developer, I would buy this game and make amazing improvements on it. This game has no sound, the only sound that comes out of the game is the ad. Nice concept but not challenging. Levels keep repeating itself. There still many dumb things about the game. It needs improvement!
I am so good I love the game because it's the best I just barely started and I already won twice I love that you can just cut everyone with boards onto the islands when you win with all of your boards you get a lot of coins if you have so much boards to make it to different islands it'll say x 5 or something and then you get 500 coins and that's why I got I love this game thank you for letting me play it play it everyone
I admit it feels like those cheap games with as little effort as possible, and I'm subtly creeped out by the silence, but I have to give it to them, this one's actually unique. Premise is simple, yet actually challenging in a way I'd like to see polished by someone more capable. Control is slightly rough, perhaps if turning was based on where you touch, instead of based on the gesture you make, it would be smoother, devs. It has the common issue of too many ads but that's par for this dev.
Absolute trash, don't waste your time. Jam packed with ads you can choose not to watch an ad at the end but literally without fail you will get on every single time and most are 30second unskippable. Can't understand why you would want someone to not play your game so badly. Good way to kill off customers.
I like the game but when I opened it a few days ago it did not have the regular thing that shows up a.k.a the picture of your character but when I opened it it had a picture of the sea and you having 100 coins when I had a million and when I deleted it and install it again when my phone died and I charged it and turned on my phone it had the pic of the sea I suggest you do something about this immediately for the love of God fix it this is not a mother talking it's a conserd 10 year old
Its really really fun but i would like some changes first of all can you put the part were we can change themes and, secodly put parts that we can change the color of our planks couse i dont like the color of my plank its always green but, still its fun,just put those changes and put more characters to unlok and, not only until 15x when we win, can you please put it in 19x and not only coins put bills too!!! okay, thats all the suggestions okay but,still really i love this game amazing Game omg
Games entertaining but ads everywhere! I enjoyed the game at first but I have now found out that at the end of a match you have the option to continue or watch an ad for 3x the coins... If you choose to not watch the ad and just continue you still get a 30 second ad... Your better off taking the extra coins since you have to watch it anyway. would be a regular game of mine if the development team wasn't so greedy and just made use want to get the extra coins for skins or to unlock a course
Fun game but ad after ad after ad. Triple your money by watching an ad, choose to not triple your money and guess what we will play an ad anyway, I'm out.
Ok , a solid 4 for concept. I know this game has potential. Online, some new maps, maybe obstacles [hills, upper floors, gadgets, maybe you can lay mines so the person behind can't use your blocks). Just some ideas. But definitely needs to be playable amongst other people, keep up the work πŸ‘
Kind of fun. But you have to watch ads even if you don't want the bonus after every level. I would rather just pay $3-5 for a full game with no ads.
It's alright, it is hard to move around and control on mobile. It is a very fun game just please try to get rid of some of the ads.
This game is so good just restrict internet connection from it to remove ads and it's gonna be amazing πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Game is best. But there is small glitch that we will roam continuously without reaching destination while all the other participants have reached destination. Other than this the game is super
Would be a lot better if runs were longer, were able to play online, and DEFINITELY adding some type of audio to the game!! Overall, pretty interesting but levels are too short and of course they have ads
I love this game and all but there is so many adds. After every round,ADD,ADD,ADD,ADD,ADD, it so annoying if you are not an add lover dont recommend. If you love adds great this game is for you!
It's a fun little time waster that is fun and at point will get hard. Although the controls are a bit finicky it's still easy to get used to.
What a game, too easy tho. Needs to be pvp as well as hard mode. Also I have nothing to do with the $200k I have, already have all the skins. Fun, download it already and if you like it hopefully they have exciting updates ahead.
I couldnt even beat the first level not beacuse it was hard but because every second my frames drop to like 10 fps and couldnt do anything and at one point the screen went gray and i couldnt do anything on my phone not even restarting it so i had to let it Die instant delete do not reccomend
This is literally the most laggy mobile game I have ever played, I don't even have my data or wifi on and it freezes up from lag every 2 seconds I die before I can make the first turn, I would not recommend installing this game
This app is a scam. It's a game where every match you have to watch a 30 second ad video. There's no sound at all. This is a quick cash grab app. Do not install. All the opponents are bots. You can play this game with data and wifi turned off, and there won't be any ads but other than that it's a scam app. DO NOT INSTALL THIS.
I know people have to make their living but come on, there are games that do better without or few ads. Bots are the only thing you play against in this game and it so frustratingly easy. This type of game should be online. The game itself is pretty fun till you get hit by the ads though. Its not only this game but to all voodoo created games. Please Fix.😑
Waste of time to be honest, I would want to rate it 3 stars IF it hadn't had so much adds up to 30 seconds long! I recemed on NOT downloading this. Also the People you compete with are bots they purposly die, ATLEAST 1 person dies in each of my rounds. If the owners see my comment please fix this up, your very lazy and your wasting time in these rediculas games you make! Add some effort to your games. Also, many of my friends say adds are for you to easily get money which is rediculas.
I knew that this game is bad just because it is made by voodoo but anyways lets get into the problems.First of all there is no sound except the ads. Which bring me to the next problem ADS.When you finish you will get a multiplier option that cause an ad but.....YOU WILL GET AN AD ANYWAYS CAUSE WHY NOT!?!?!??!?! Lastly i have a good phone i can play CODM without lag.....SO WHY THE HECK IS IT SO LAGGY!?!?!?!??!Summary:DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT,UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE YOUR STORAGE AND TIME.
There is literally no way to play without Ads seriously you should really stop this i hate these ads seriously I hate them it's impossible to play without any ad so annoying you learned the lesson now don't put a bunch of ads in your games it sucks etc don't ask me to buy a game that has adds seriously man you have to stop this! I'm going to get some other games that has lesser ads! (Luckily I found some) have a good day with your other games that don't have ads! ;)
I don't like this game this game is too hard for all little kids and for me I hate this game now goodbye have a nice dayπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
The game is so fun but there is like a 30 second ad in between every level! It just ruins the experience and fun! Don't download you will hate it!
After 2 seconds of playing I have my first full screen ad. Then everytime you fall, a big full screen ad that you won't able to remove after 6 seconds. This is why apps like this doesn't work. You can shove your game in your... Drawer.
What's up with the lag and glitching stuff ? I cant even play the game. When i press start , the game will pause and glitch for no reason. I have turned off WIFI and mobile data and even turned on airplane mode. Unfortunately , its still lagging and glitching ALOT. Of course your game have a bug issue in it. So please fix it.
It is horrible I would not recommend it the quality is horrible of the game I've seen in the comments there's lots of ads it's hard to play and not like challenging heart but like it's actually physically hard can you play it's very sensitive when you touch it.
The game needs improvement I found a bug where you go over the finish line but don't win the next thing that is horrible is that sometimes you jump over the island you want to go on , there needs to be a dash button so you don't miss the place and also while you are steering it glitches and distracts you and you die -and why do I be last in line when the game starts I'm deleteing this game now
It is an awsome game! If you don't read the reviews first, you wouldn't know that you are supposed to go to the finish line, and you just wonder around! It is sooo slow running. Those are the only bad things. If they improve them, then it will be the best game ever! It is really hard to turn.
Why is it so laggy!? I cant even see where im going! And every time i move over just a tiny bit to get blocks i fall into the sea! Move, into the sea! Get blocks, into the sea! Not even moving, some how into the sea! And the ADDS! Dont even get me started with the adds! Im very dissapointed.
Would be fun if it had real online. But like every voodoo game its ad infested and all other players are bots with no pvp matchmaking
I didn't like it because you can't buy no skins and its useless playing it because if you play it you win coins but you cannot buy stuff
Possibly the most frustrating game I have ever played. If I swipe a tiny bit left, I end up in the sea. If I try to take a stack of blocks, I end up in the sea. If I do nothing, I somehow end up in the sea. This game has potential, sure, but the controls are TERRIBLE. I don't care about the adds, the controls are by far the worst thing in this game
I love this game the only thing you should change is that there are so many ads in the game but other than that this game is amazing I like the fun that's in it and plus they have a lot and lots a players. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰
This game is so bad lol. To anyone considering downloading Shortcut Run, like most of this companies games this app is not multiplayer like the developers want you to believe. They pretend it is, but in reality the game is so overloaded with advertising and poorly constructed code that this game being multiplayer is an impossibility. Want to play this game without watching ads while testing if the game is truly online or not? Turn on airplane mode, it's that simple.
The only thing challenging about this game is its laggy controls. You can't turn unless you anticipate where you want to be in the next 5 seconds because the delay is horrible. It's not my phone, and the ads make it lag worse. This company just makes bad games with good concepts. Like "if" it worked, "if" they didn't cram ads into every sphincter of the game, "if" they actually cared.. this would be a good game. But they dont. Voodoo is trash and needs to fall into bankruptcy.
This games controls are down the toilet the swipe me their to move is patty and when I try to get planks it teleport me in the middle of the water or behind.the mechanics are kinda cool like when you jump at the end of every brige but that's the only reason this rating is getting a 2 star
Very nice but when I was playing it for the very first time it was crashing so that's why I have given 4 stars well it's a good game for time pass.
This game is amazing! I don't get why everyone is giving this game 1 stars for stupid reasons. Unlike other games, this game has a few ads but I don't get unpaitence like others. Love how you added skins and a bunch of levels so It doesn't have to repeat. Love this game!!
Game is very nice. I love it but there are some problems. 1) something like a lag are appears on my 2GB ram phone. 2)Because of a lag controls have been slow. But also this game is nice. I love graphics. Too much fun playing this game. Me and my sister play this game daily. But i request to manage the problems.
STOP MAKING GAMES VOODOO! They all mainly suck now because you killed your OWN CONTENT THE GAME WITH ENDLESS ADS! Seriously knock it off with this. No reason there needs to be a 30 to 1:30 min add at the end of every level. It's no wonder you guys are losing SO MUCH RESPECT on Mobile gaming.
Just like every other game these guys make. Great idea, but ads just make it and awful experience. Bots are pretty bad too and online would make this game a massive hit, but still, ads ruin the game.
It is a amazing game the only thing is adds but it's good I would of gived it a five but just too many adds.
Don't install it. It's really hard to move around so I just die. I would like sound but overall the concept is great. I would like the controls to easier instead of swiping because for me it's really hard to control
This game is awesome a real time killer but still a game I could play on a regular basis. This game is great if you have good connection. I could compare this to animal warfare, they have something in common; a game you could play while you're bored or just a time killer! Even though it doesn't give you many instructions on how to play I was able to learn quickly. This is a great game.
Great concept but and would've been addicted to this if only the quality of the code written was better. Honestly a great addictive game let down seriously by super poor code. Deleting it. Would rather play an average game that works properly rather than a great game that works the way this game works. The only thing stopping me from giving this app one star is how addictiv the concept is
This game is easy to play and addictive. You have something special here. You can really get creative with the map design. Add more skins, a leader board system, a menu to track your wins/losses(etc), and achievements to earn.
My experience was really bad because this game pauses in between and we are then not able to control our charecter other are smooth like we can control our charecter and i wasn,t able to control the charecter it goes really fast and again and again it pauses in between so my experience was not nice πŸ™„πŸ˜‘
This game is awesome, I wasn't gonna play it cause of comments but I tried it, and ohh man it's fun. It's challenging too. I think some of y'all got slow phones or some. Running on the pixel 4a πŸ’ͺ🏿
It seemed like a nice game in the adds and I like the idea of it but I have downloaded it twice but it is so laggy.I always die within the first second of the game,it is really annoying,I have tried it in different places and multiple times yet it still it does the same thing.
Waste of time, always glitchy, too many adds, it's way to easy, the turning are horrible and so much more! Overall I would definitely not rate this app anything over 0 or 1 stars! You can download if you want but you most certainly will regret doing it.
OK but glitchey got all costumes in like 1 day.. If you don't like ads then play offline... Not online multiplayer it's definitely bots way simple... Gets old fast but have also played worse... Ppppppssss play in airplane mode no WiFi no data.... = no ads
Bad game. ads after every round. unpolished and unfinished. a pointless game. cookie cutter like all voodoo games
bad controls. doesn't respond the way it should. Go get something else. I gave up in the 3rd phase. (RUIM).
This game is not good. Its unique but that is the only good thing. Your person moves far to fast. Its lagy and you always start at the back. I think this game is bad. Do not downlode it. Its a waste of time😠😠😠😀😀😀
Just installed. Played about eight or ten rounds. Now I'm uninstalling. I really don't mind ads for free apps. But I can't stand apps that require a 30-second between each round that each lasts less time than that.
Single player game fraud. Makes you think you're playing with other players but you're not. Turn on aeroplane mode half way through and you'll see. Disgusting.
It could be a fun little time waster, however the levels are short and ended by an ad with every level. More so if you want the bonuses. Could be better if you didn't spend the same amount of time playing as you do waiting for ads.
I really love this game.. The game has good graphics and characters... It's fun and relaxing.. I love how u can pick which kind of character u want and that it is challenging and still easy.... I also like that u go to different roads.. and places woch ads another peek.
I like the game & will keep the game, down side can't change outfit, shop say coming soon, so you play build coins with nothing to buy, game gets boring without change! Will check back in a few weeks to see if there is a update, if so will change stars...
I like this game so much and this game is the best game ever when I show this to my friends they also love it but there is a one problem there is too many adds but that's no t a big dealπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š This is the best game I ever seen
1 star because this game has too many ads. And I can't make my person to stop walking. Make a easier mode. Start off with a Tutorial and then a easier level. So listen please when I tell you this, make the game easier so it won't be raging and racing, because I tried to make myself in control, but I can't.
I love it soooo much is so nice to play it's satisfying that the vibrating on the phone it's like whoa thank you for making this game it's awesome
Played two round coming in first place both times got hit with advertising that said 30 seconds but was clearly longer. They I went back to Google Play noticed developer Voodoo known better as TOXIC company. This studio over does advertising in every game sucking the fun out of games they develop. Ignorant developers don't listen as it's clear they are greedy.
Obviously it's absolutely terrible, shouldn't even need to read the reviews to see that, but I installed and played this just so I could give it 1 star for having the most annoying advertisement I have ever seen in my entire life. If I were your boss and you showed me that ad for approval, I would have fired you on the spot. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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I like this game but it is too hard to control!! I accidentally crossed then cannot turn back maybe try putting a joystick so it can be a little easy to control
Way too many ads... minimize the ads and the review will improve.. also,the game will become a more enjoyable game as well.
I liked the obsticals because they made the game harder but they were only in every few levels. It is very glichy unless you turn your WiFi off. it is so simple that it can get boring very quickly but if you like games with incredibly simple concepts you might really like this game. In conclusion I am giving this game three stars because it is only okay not good but also not bad.
I did a 5 star so people wanting to just see 5 start can see this the game has 30 sec ads per win and the players are bots and the game doesn't have any sounds and music the ads are 78% different than the game and the bots walk in the center Only the center the game is simply trash if you want to download it then do it but its just a wast of time
Gameplay is smooth, needs work on the being able to customize your character. Last but not least, when finishing a run and are given the option for x3 rewards by watching an AD with no skips until its done, does NOT actually triple your earnings from the said run. I was at 28.3k and tripled 4.5k, when I should have been at 41.8k I was at 31.8k
You Find Blocks on the path To build your way Over the water to get farther and When You can get times to get more money Hope you like it
This is a good game would be better if you could use your coins, had less ads, and if you can change your skin. Overall its a great game. I have no complaints.
The forced ads last longer than the fake multiplayer races (turn on airplane mode and mysteriously race against other players...). Not worth anyone's time. Tried voodoo again, this reinforces that they are the worst when it comes to monetizing with excessive ads.
The game is a good concept but the controls are horrible, there is a 15 to 30 second add after every single round and it is extremely lagging sure my device isn't the best but it is a real issue when Minecraft runs much faster than a game this simple over all I do not recommend it to anyone.
Wow. I got a free Google Play Gift card at FreePlayPrizes. Com Thanks Google! Two stars. Reason: Way too many ads! The other players are robots practically. Why isn't it an online game? The ads are getting up. I do like the way you can scam the app. (Not telling) But I hate the ads. U gave this a two star review because of the ads. Everytime I finish a round there's an ad. Ridiculous. I would give this game a three star, but no. It's just got too many ads
It's OK. Seems like the game isn't finished though. What's the point of collecting coins if you can't spend them?
OMG! This app is so amazing. I give it five stars because it's just so fun I went on the time and you get so many coins but I'm going to give it actually four stars I was going to give us five but it doesn't really give you that money token and when you try to buy the clothes too much money that's why I almost gave it five stars.
I like the game but when I opened it a few days ago it did not have the regular thing that shows up a.k.a the picture of your character but when I opened it it had a picture of the sea and you having 100 coins when I had a million and when I deleted it and install it again when my phone died and I charged it and turned on my phone it had the pic of the sea I suggest you do something about this immediately and the levels have the same difficulty this kind of laziness is unacceptable
Please notice me! This game is really adictting I already have 120.939 Money's, And I'm on stage 115, You can even look. I promise. Just make the shop unlockable. Please, and notice me. ;)
This game is so funny. Not too easy.but easy.I like this game .But it quite annoying.No music only Vibration. After each level some AD's will come .That is quite annoying for me.....
Time killer ... once you get all the skins, its pointless to play. You're playing against Bots and maybe 4 or 5 words. Nothing exciting ...
come on, we all know that you can't do anything for free, but this game isn't that good to do a add after any and everything! REALLY not that good. Can't put up with so many adds, I don't usually write reviews, but you should just call this thing "Run between the adds".
I would give 5 star to this game. This game is awesome. But I have a problem. I have unlocked all the outfits in day 2. I wish this game would had more things to unlock. Or maybe more features. Or else this game is awesome
Kind of pissed off..... After 1 level the commercials start in ...... granted but it's just a black screen that locks me out of the game. I tried resetting same result. If you select the black screen it starts effecing the phone so I turned it off. What kinda scam are you getting players to install in their phones.
The game does not have much...its boring when playing because there's not sound, it's like doing the same thing over and over again. There's nothing new, no upgrades or anything. You cant even use the money you make. They can do better even for the graphics.
I give it a one star because it has way too many ads for one for two like four at four years ago there was a controller you would touch the screen and now 2020 you have to move it with your fingers and it's not really fair cuz it makes you go bigger wobbly and also the players are robots and it's just really stupid and it isn't how the game when you see the ad it isn't like that and I don't understand it
Thia game has some awesome potentials but. You need to stop lying about it being online and start making it actually online
It gets to predictable after a while like all these game. I've also noticed that it's a little bit bias towards men's jobs instead of woman's. There are alot more male characters than females and its quite annoying how many times I've wanted another female character but gotten a male. I've unintalled it as it bores me
Pro tip: if you wanna enjoy ad free use airplane mode before you open the app. These games are stupid but fun for a short period.
The whole game is just about ads doesn't care about the game only money your company is dogshit your games aren't fun
Why do I keep installing VOODOO games, they're all cash grabs with such interesting ideas but the poorest of greedy executions that could be fun if they put effort into them but they dont. Game is obviously full of bots, they hardly even try to hide it, levels are painfully short and just on a whole other level of easy, dont even waste your time with yet another trashy ad ridden cash grab from your buddy ol' pals at VOODOO. Also, please at least change your style of design it's always the same.
Pretty cool concept, I like it. Would be even better if you could use the in game money to buy upgrades that weren't just cosmetic
Each short level is followed by a 30 second ad that is longer than the level. There's no other people playing it's all bots. That or I ran into a string of the dumbest people on the planet. Tried to make me give them my email for some reason, which was weird and shifty. Been filling my ad space for months, I hope this was worth it for you, all you've made me do is hate your product.
This is an okay game, I turn on airplane mode and there is no ads. But when I make an big shortcut, like 25, it's too laggy for me to turn in time on the wavy track and I lose😭
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This game is the worst I've played . Developers work on this . Otherwise the level people has pulled you guys up they can easily push you down . Ads and the game has very low sensi ;( . Work on these developers . Or else you know :/
"Harder than you think" in the ads. I finished the game without losses at lv132(no ads watched). Its a good child's game but i'm so far into the game, still looking for the "harder than you think" part. Stupid easy game
Good game but can't control I am swiping right player is not going right!!Fix this bug!!Anyway 1 star for controls,graphics but game Is fun!!
Fun concept but gets very boring and very repetitive after a while, it feels almost too easy to play. Also why isn't there multiplayer? It would make the game so much better.
Quite a good game concept but very bad execution. Should have been a lot better and definitely a lot harder. Lastly make ads pop up after some time not just after every level
Voodoo is literally the worst. Every one of their games is unplayably laggy. That's 100%. It's unbearable. Every once in a great while I try another one out and I'm reminded why I left long ago as my blood pressure rises because of the awful game I just wasted my time in.
Love the premise of the game, seems fun especially if you could do private lobby's for multilayer with friends, but my God is it glitchy, I turn him one way and he goes the opposite, and you aks if I want an ad to stay alive or for more money and when I reply no you give me an ad anyway. The controls are horrendous.
build your way and jump to the edges but one thing that there's ads so turn airplane mode on so its kinda fun but the rest is just good and stuff but there's no online but you need the mod menu for installing online thats the fun part! have a good time!
I like the game it's FUN but too many ads I don't like the that's a bug that they need to fix I don't know why they're doing IT😰
Well the reason why I gave it a 2 is because it's so I mean REALLY laggy on my phone but way better on my mom's phone I kept falling into the water. And I just tried it for a day now. So can you please make it less laggier? So for I'm deleting this app.
The controls are really nice I mean they don't have controls when they are awful on 2020 or on 4 years ago while you move the controls, by taping the screen or stuff's like that I give it five star while it told me to rate it but only on play store, I rate it 4 stars, I was about to fall in the water but I have complete the level, or not I'm almost there but too many people complete levels like 1000.00k or 9999999999999999, only Epic players maybe high levels then me. This is the best.
Ad aftet ad, even if I choose not to watch one Just honestly, stop making these games. It's obvious no effort is put into these as your ads for these pollute YouTube ads. If you're gonna make a game, don't be lazy about it
First time reviewing a game. This game gives 30 second ads after EVERYTHING, you spend more time in ads then playing. Don't support this business model. Zero stars mane.
When the ad runs after the race the game crashes. Which is sad, I really enjoyed the game, but I'm not going to reload it after every single race because of advertising glitches.
I tend to play voodoo games. I really like this game BUT.....1.waaaaay too many ads after every play 2. I have opened up all of the characters. There's no more reward after this. What's the use in earning so much money and nothing to do with it. It's useless. There's no other interesting achievements or challenges. I really like it so I keep playing... but soon I am sure I'll grow bored and move on. You really should develop good game more.
Two stars. Reason: Way too many ads! The other players are robots practically. Why isn't it an online game? The ads are getting up. I do like the way you can scam the app. (Not telling) But I hate the ads. U gave this a two star review because of the ads. Everytime I finish a round there's an ad. Ridiculous. I would give this game a three star, but no. It's just got too many ads that I don't want to regulate by putting so much money into. I still have the app just because I like it.
Terrible the game lags every 2 second and the graphics is really bad! You literally cannot play this game because of how much it lags. You just see frozen screen for most of the time! Uninstalled it within the first 5 minutes
The game is glitchy as frick. If I had bad epilepsy I would be sueing you right now. I can't play one round without it lagging. It would probably be better if you fixed this. I'm sorry but I can't play it with how laggy it is.
It's fun and all but it is sooooooo slow. It's so laggy, too many ads, and it's just rlly slow. Yes two spots for saying it's rlly slow cuz it's so slow it hurts
I mean it's not a bad game, one thing is I'm always the last person of all of the bots that are in front of me which means I almost always lose, the second thing is of course the graphics. They need to fix their graphics a little bit, just ate sliver. The third thing is is that the background is just water and the whole setting is just terrible they need a better background.
Like every single other voodoo game its riddled with adds, turn on airplane mode and the adds will stop completely. A good game for a long flight or when you have no service, 2 stars because voodoo is greedy to a saddening degree and the game isn't actually pvp. You always play against bots.
The game is freaking trash that ads are longer than the freaking levels that that's that's just bad and the thing is the game isn't Fun short if it was a little longer I'll give it like a 3 I I just don't like the game
This is the game that I would be happy to recommend to my grandchildren as well, because there is no incitement to violence in it. Not an easy game. it takes a lot of dexterity to control our player. It also doesn’t hurt to have a good sense of direction so we can properly estimate the right direction and not drown in the water. I reward the game with five stars.
All though in the add for this game it is actually really fast and there is no possible way to stay on the path when u need to collect bricks or woodplanks. It is sorta fun playing but I have had this game for 3 years and I still can't control my character.
Ad fest disguised as a game. There's no sound, no challenge, and bare minimum graphics. After every 15 second run you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. The concept is cool, but I can't help feeling like it's a beta version that was released too early. Maybe the devs hope to generate some ad revenue?
I tried to play 3 times but could never control the direction my guy ran so always lost. This is not the case with many other games I've played so i don't think this one is user error.. Definitely not fun
This game is fun...i love it People who r saying it has so much ads u guys are stupid just close you data/wifi so there will be no ads
Fun game, but way to many ads!!!! For every 30 seconds of game you play there's about a minute worth of ads. It takes away any enjoyment, uninstalling.
It is very addictive and fun to play but the only thing wrong with it is how many ads there are and if you win a game it says get three times more coins if you watch an ad but if you say no then it makes you watch an ad anyway after every game there is an ad no matter what place you come in but overall it's quite good
Really fun game!!I always play it when ever I am sad or under alot of pressure.And for those ho say there r loads of ads then just don't leave ur net on...β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€πŸ”΄πŸŸ πŸŸ‘πŸŸ’πŸ”΅πŸŸ£βšͺπŸŸ₯🟧🟨🟩🟦πŸŸͺ🟫⬜
I hate this game here is a list why 1. It's way to glitchy 2. The controls I cant even control the character if you could add a joy stick I'll rate it 2 stars 3. Too many ads I have to turn my internet off to play proper if you stop the ads I'll rate 4 stars and if you make it better fps I'll rate 5 So theres a list why I hate it