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Simple Photo Widget

Simple Photo Widget for PC and MAC

Is a Productivity game developed by Life Simple. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Simple to use home screen widgets to display your favorite photos with three layout options and support pages that are multiple.

You can use photo widgets to:
💡Display your family photo collection in home screen
💡Access your Barcode quickly
💡Simply have fun

Display a single photo or multiple ones in home screen widgets
Supports Treemap, Uniform, and Hexagon layout for multiple photos
Supports manual or automatic paging and animated page transition

If you find the app useful, please leave us a review. Your feedback are important. Email us directly for any relevant questions and suggestion.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Simple Photo Widget.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Simple Photo Widget for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I love this app,but when i shut down my phone and open it again the photo's dissapear so i need to make it all over again,tht's only the mistake that i need you to fix it or try to fix it😊♥️. Thankee,
This is by far the best photo widget I've been looking for. My only suggestion is to add frame size. Like square or 3*4. Apart from that, this app is perfect.
Works perfectly. Use it to put a picture of my gf on only one of my home screens. Loads kinda slow the first time though.
Easy to set up but on my tablet, if the screen turns off the widget stays stuck, does not auto to next or with tap have to reset it.
I really reall like this app!!!! It works very well, you just have to learn how to use it. The only complaint I have is you can change the app icons. Other than that, I highly suggest it.
Okay first of all I got this for my phone to make a theme as an android user. This fit my liking alot! Minus the fact that you can't customize it after you've already chose to do something :(( Over all I give this a 4.5/5 but I cant since it isn't an option but I absolutely love this app!
THIS IS AMAZING THE BEST WIDGET APP EVER, I really like that it has rounded corners. BUT the only problem is that you can only add 1 widget :( I really hope in the future that you can add more that 1 widget :>
For me it's 5 star, you just have to know how to use it .Over all it's a very good app,there's no adds, and let's you adjust the opacity, placementt, size, and the corners
Works perfect with my phone. Clean shuffling through the pictures, and overall just a cool thing for android phones.
Great app, I use it to display the cover of my current reading book... Just two things I would like it to have... Option to open an app when clicking on the image and the option to select a folder to display instead of one specific image
it can make round edges in the photo widget, also looks just like ios widgets. if you can could you add the feature to name the widgets just like ios ones? very nice, keep it up.
It works for awhile then after a couple days it says can't load image so please fix this and I will update my review once I see it has changed
Aaaa only can say to the simple photo widget is so awesome and i have a lot of enjoyment and this app is so easy to use and everything
It is a really nice app...but I could not add more than one widget ...even if I have space on the screen it just allows only one widget on the entire phone ....plz help
Works good for me. Pictures might not show up how you want them to because of how big there are but besides that you should get it. Makes it look like your Samsung got the ios update
Great app and very simple, unfortunately the pictures crash daily. I've dealt with 5 crashes where multiple pictures crash and I've only had the app for 3 days. If this is fixed it will be 5 stars.
Works as advertised without issue, would love more shapes templates and all that's to be added but it's great!
This app is great , simply great. I checked other apps but they won't work for my phone . But this one did! It's pretty good .
So easy to use I was able to customize my phone. Works perfect for Android there are no ads. I've been wanting to customize ever since everyone with iOS got a new update and were able to put photos on there homescreens I'm very satisfied.
Hello, I've used this for about 2 months or something, but today, I updated it and the app stop working. The photo won't shows up even if I tried many times. Please fix it and I'm sorry that I have to uninstall it... If you fixed it, I'll install it again...thank you
This app lacks very much......I installed it few months ago....earlier it was very good....but now whenever I try changing some settings in the homescree the photo turns grey....Nd I have to delete the app, install it again Nd again set the photo....otherwise the app is functional.....if this is repaired quickly then I'll give a better rating
It is great but when I long press it and click simple photo widget I click some 10 photos but only 1 save. Please I really wanted my screen to be beautiful. Plsssss...
just realized that after the last update, the picture i use isn't shown in good quality anymore even though it's an hd photo. they look pixelated now :/
A great one but i wanted to have more widgets since there's not enough and i wanna make my home screen organized.
I love it, i use it all the time! You dont even need to click the widget app itself to make something up, you can just hide the app from your home screen and control the settings through the widget you set itself. Its very easily to use and i like the features
Its a great app and I love it! But I think what would be cool is if you/you guys could add like a calendar thing that you could customize! Like it show like the actual date of whatever day it was! But you dont have to! ^^
simple and easy to use. i wanted to personalize my android phone homescreen to look like ios 14 without installing any ios launcher and somehow this app helped me to achieve it plus another app to change icons. thank u!
Yes, it did great. But please add a rectangular shaped widget and not make it smaller next time,, I really want ti try an Ios style without anything draining my battery. But other than that its a great app and I totally reccomend it. :)
Every time I turn my phone off the images dissappear and I can't find them in my phone Please fix this asap
Looks great but I wish the center touch would open Gallery with the current picture in full screen...
Really good app, I didn't expected it to be that perfect. If you wanna install it... GO AHEAD YOU WON'T REGRET
I love it! I've been looking for an app like wigitsmith for Android and couldn't find one that looked nice! I'm so happy you guys!
"your launcher does not support widget pinning" i already have some other widget apps set... So i know its not my phone making the problem..
The app is so good whoever i have to go and redo everything everyday cuz the photo never stays on after i turn off my phone
The app is good, it's just whenever I shut down my phone or turn it off, the pictures disappears and it's frustrating and time consuming to put in each of the pictures again, pls fix this
Easy to use, let's me use all my pictures, I love it, not a single ad. But! It keeps taking my photos of and saying no available image. I can put it back one but doing that every three days is annoying. Please fix, I am considering uninstalling.
the only app I could find that would actually let me connect an app to the widget. I dont lik that you have to click twice just to get to your app, but you sorta get used to it
It's good but I only can add 1 widget per time so that kinda ruins the mood... If that can be fixed I'm sure it's a 5/5
Before the the update it was perfect, I was able to shape the widget in a rectangular form and now it's impossible, it was better before, please fix this
It worked for a couple hours then I could not see any of my images this is trash and they need to fix this bug NOW!
Its a nice app, but everytime I close my phone and open it after a minute/seconds closing my phone. The picture just fade away and the pic will not show on the home screen
Out of many available image widgets, this works best for me! What I seem to love most is the rounded corners, but the interface isn't exactly friendly for new users and may take time to get an understanding of. The cropping of the images is a hassle, as you can't adjust it much, but I'd still prefer this app over others.
Omg!! Apart from a bug when the photo won't appear properly after I've used an app in landscape mode, this is just what I wanted. I've only been putting one photo at a time though, so I dunno if the slides and multiple photos functionalities work well
Love It! I've tried so many other widget apps and this is the only one that has gave me what I've been looking for, this app doesn't need any changes and is the best widget app ever
Actually turned out good but after restarting your phone the pictures are gone but appeared after a few minutes.
1. Not simple. Too many features I dont need. I downloaded this bc it claims to be SIMPLE. IT ISNT 2. I just want one photo on my screen. This app is very misleading and confusing
I love this app so much and the way you can customize it is so nice it makes my phone feel brand new. I totally recommend it:)
it was good before the update...im stressed because of the widget. like they put the pictures too small or too big, i know its according to image size but pls make a setting where you can change the size?. :)
Was so close to getting 5 stars- but the photos won't automatically update. You think the interval option would have to do with how often it automatically changes to the next photo- nope. Does nothing. It just stays on the same photo until I manually go into settings and hit update. If it can not display a slideshow, it is useless.
Many bugs to be fixed but... I love the feature where I can round corners. It's the reason why I got this app. Please work more on loading the photos and making sure all the features work.
I love this app. It get simpler as you toggle around with the settings. Thank you for creating such an easy app!!
i really enjoy the app it's easy to work with and has very useful costumenation it's really great the only downfall part of it is also the reson why i rated it 4 stars is because after putting the widgets like after a day or two the picture won't load and i will have to reput it even tho the image is still in my gallery and it gets annoying to have to change it so often :/
a little difficult to use but i got the hang of it but i really like this app and i love how my backround looks with these. i was sad when i coudlnt add photo widgets on my android but this app cured that thankfully 🤩
The app is great everything about is really good aside from one thing which is i cant swipe down to see my notifications ig my finger is on the widget which is really annoying, and np other widget blocks me from doing that (samsung s9)
I really love this app,i recommend this.it makes my phone so Aesthetic.good job to those who made this app.make more app like this because theres no ads and yeah.its BREATH TAKING!!😱Amazing!!!😊
Would have gave it a 5 star the app was working great but after a few weeks of putting the widgets it showed a grey file and I had to redo the widgets and it began to happen alot and I kept on having to put it again
Nice app a 5 star that's what you need but this is not what I was looking for but my review still stands💥
like it can make a thing to let the user edit the photo buy them is more better.And after update the picture is a little blur.Hope can update on this.
It is nice but when i put a single picture i cant crop it like a medium size but it keeps to go on a very small size and i cannot put plenty of pictures to my homescreen cuz it says pluggin/widget added
"your launcher does not support widget pinning" i already have some other widget apps set... So i know its not my phone making the problem.. Edit: Now its somehow working and is the only real play store app that gives you smooth ios 14 pic widgets :)
Honestly, this app was very decent at the beginning and it gave me lots of options but recently it's saying "No available image" and when I go to update it, nothing happens. They told me to put it on something with a battery usage so it would stop and when I did so, it still continued. Please fix this issue soon cause I really like this app!!
Very usefull. At first, i confused why all my photo not showing full, cropped. It's in the settings btw. Thank you very much for this best free photo widget.
really good, but if you could add the feature of tapping the image to open an app up instead of a menu that would be superb
Oys great i can do anything on here the two reasons why i gave it a four star is because one i think there are way to many adds poping up, second thete aren't that many formats to use as a placemat, other than that its still great.
It's actually good, but idk if my is not compatible with your app. I only can put one widget which is suck to me. And to find pictures are really hard, I have to go from folders to folders to choose. I just want to put more widgets
Duuude... i have this app for over like a year after the ios 14 update that iphones have. I have this app beacause i follow the trend wich putting widgets. And.... man the update. The reason i love this app beacause you can curve the sides even though on my oppo phone this app only has one widget. And umm.. if I could ask would you please put more than 8 widgets because I really like this app so I wanted to put more widgets on my homescreen but overall this is a good app and you should install.
Worked well to begin with and I was so impressed but all my photos I added didn't show up when I restarted the phone the next day? I was so disappointed though is there anything I did wrong?
Application is good. Need little more improvements. 1. When tap on the widget, it should be redirected to the gallery or album should be open. 2. Photos should be shown in full screen after resized the widget in it's maximum size. 3. Battery saver mode is needed. It is essential. Please update. Thanks!
I really love this app, the only problem I have is that with my Oppo I can't load more than one picture.
My homescreen setup is so beautiful and it wouldn't be the same without this app. Thank you for creating it ♡
Works well at first, but the icons eventually malfunction and you have to do everything again. Interface could definitely be improved too.
ive had this for a couple months now, and i have loved it all the way. but the thing is, ever since the update it shows grey and it wont show the widgets. i spent hours making my home screen look cool with this app, but the pictutes wont show now, please fix this, i dont want to uninstall. EDIT: i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it wouldnt show the original pictures that i want, they werent an option anymore. i had to re-download the pictures and that worked, still, please fix that
after recent update, all the photos became very pixelated and blurry even when i try to upload a hd picture. very frustrating, please fix this.
works great!! the only thing i would like too see added is a feature, where in center crop mode, you can choose what part of the picture you want to have. otherwise its great!!! <3
omg ive had this for like a few months now and i havent had any problems with it at all and since the ios came out this app is so great for android users, but what would be better is to put calenders and like stacks like widgetsmith . if your an andoird user you just have to get this app its too good :)
i would rate it a five but it doesn't show all my folders ,i have to screenshot the pic, which will take space, i wish i could use my gallery app with this
Photo selection sucks, it takes too long. Mine was loading for almost an hour and I still couldn't choose a photo. Shame tho, I wanted to try it.
I love this app! but when u restart youre phone, the photo will gone, but after maybe like one minute they will showed up again! So nothing is wrong with this app. Love it! 💝✨😚
A similar app wouldn't work on a new phone so I found and switched to this one to try. It does what I want it to do with no issues so far.
I went with a brown theme on my phone and Final look is perfectly splendid. The layout of the app is a little blah, but it is simplistic and to the point so I digress. I'm rating this app four Stars instead of five because it doesn't allow you the option to view your edited widget before creating it. I had to recreate my widget twice before I visually got the desired look and shape I was going for. Fix this and I'll change my rating to 5 stars.
Terrible It worked fine but after a few weeks the image didn't even load an just showed a gray file, would've gave a 5 if this didn't happen smh
Very simple and effective app. Quite versatile and with meaningful options (not too many so they are confusing and not too few that they are restrictive). App works smoothly and doesn't glitch. Really well developed and neatly designed app. I'm surprised it says 'contains ads' - i didn't see any
I really love this but please, please, please add a feature so we can crop into the image or like choose which parts of the picture show. It's such a good app but without that feature I can't use it.
It works for about a day and then I have to redo the pictures. They completely disappear. I still have the photos on my device, the widget just keeps clearing itself.
This app is genuinely good, I was a little worried about ppl saying it turns grey but I haven't had any problems yet! The only flaw I see is that on my phone it's always 2:2 and then you use the sliders to change it, sometimes the picture doesn't fit and look weird but I still highly recommend
Not gunna lie. This thing is actually really good! It's got tons of options and I'd most definitely recommend it! It also has tutorials on how to use the app. Amazing work!!!
Clean, straightforward, and free! (at least from just downloading it now hahah). Most of the reviews here says it isn't compatible with their device, mine works just fine (Also, I'm using nova launcher with it). So I say, download it first and see it for yourself... because this app is really clean!
I really love this app. This App make my Phone actively,lighty and beautiful. Before when i don't know this app my phone is like lonely,even i put some lightly wallpaper it doesn't change,it's still lonely/dark and my friend suggested me this app and i try it,and now my phone is actively/lightly beautiful ❤️💛
The photos are shown well, but I have a problem. When I set a photo widget and try to add another, it says that it's already added and I can't add more, can you fix this? Btw the device I'm using is Oppo RealMe C2, if that info helps
The app is good, but the sometimes the widgets randomly just show a grey file and I have to redo it. I'll update my review if it gets fixed.
Honestly the best widget app I've used, the only reason I'm giving it 2 stars is because After 2-3 days the images suddenly disappear for no reason even tho i still have them saved, That brings me to point two You can't delete the pictures that you've set as a widget from your gallery.
Such a great and easy app to use! Its easy to use and I didn't need to use a tutorial to learm to use it. Thanks for making such a great app. This needs more downloads.
This app is really good. I just have proboems sometimes the widget doesn't update and you have to manually tap to dwitch to the next photo. And can I suggest a feature to have an option to scan folders with .nomedia files? I'd like to put pictures in widgets that don't clog up the stock gallery.
Great app, I use it to display the cover of my current reading book... Developer pays attention to suggestions when updating the app
Nice app and you can choose different layouts for grouos of photos. Main issue i have is I can only add one widget. It womt let me create a seconds which is a shame since thats whats advertised in the images of the app description
Works really well only issue is just a few times it will suddenly stop showing some of the widgets but it seems to be not often
Its good but if it centers the photo and if you could add the date and time on the widget, it would be much better
It's nice but when I tried removing the widget and clicking and draging it, it just wouldn't delete so now it's just stuck on my phone screen and I even deleted the app!! The widget still didn't go away
Great app. My only gripe is when you have the option to change the app to something else. It takes me forever to find any given app because they're not listed in alphabetical order. Can you make this an option?
I like this app, but I found out that the displayed pictures quality is lower/slightly blurrer than the actual pictures. Even my phone's built-in picture widget (with, obviously, a lot less customization options) displays the pictures in their original quality. That's about the only bad thing about this app... But, sadly, this matters to me 'cos my pictures are HD and I want to see them in their original quality.😔
It's awesome for phone customisation. But I have a problem. My widgets went grey and it says "please enable additonal support for screen rotation". How do I fix this problem? Please help!!
Best app ever since i am a fan of Harry Potter. I can make my home screen so cool. My first reaction was Wow it works cause I just saw it only work on iphone apparently not. I like the app
Some have said you cannot select photos from Gallery, but I have no problem doing this & I have an Android. Great app & so many options. I love it!
When i delete the app the widgets all of them disappear which is obvious it will but there are storage issues occurring so please can u make it like after deleting the app the widgets dont disappear otherwise the app is incredible
It's good but maybe not the best. It has some issues with the photo disappearing. Like right after you put it, it just goes boom. But it's still kind of good, it doesn't contain any ads. It explains how to use it. It's kinda hard to find the photo tho.
i really like the app. it's so good and very creative. i really recommend you to download it, this helps me to decorate my phone. thank you for making this app ❤️❤️
Amazing but I got a question. How do you enable additional support for screen rotation? Please help me...
Why dosent it show all of my photo albums and even for the ones it shows not all the pictures are there? I was really hoping this would be better seeing upon so many people recommending it.
This one is my favorite one so far from the one's that I've downloaded, the reason why I'm only giving it 3 starts is because sometimes the widgets just dissapears for no reason even if I didn't even deleted the image that I setted in that widget/followed the steps to stop it from dissapearing. If this bug is fixed I will for sure will give it a 5 ⭐.
Really mice and simple! Two enhancements i would like. (1) Select folder as image source. (2) Combine in a single app with Gallery.
Its good but when ever I restart my phone the widgets are gone and i have to redo them fix that prob and ill give it 5 stars
Pretty easy to use, and it doesn't have any weird glitches that are a huge problem. It is hard to access some images, but I simply get around this by screen shotting the photo I want to use. A nice app.
Randomly stopped working after a couple of days with a cryptic message "Please enable additional support for screen rotation". 🤷‍♂️
At first I didn't know how to do it but then it had videos of how to do it and I gave it a five. I recommend this app because my lil sister is using it and her tablet look beautiful with pictures in the tablet.
Wow so amazing it works this app so amazing it's easy for me to use five star because it's a good app and it doesn't have any lag or something thank God I found a good app I used too much on it and it's really nice I hope you read this And this is a helpful app for widget thank you so much and bye 🤗
THANK U SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP! I love it... I downloaded it today and rn not I don't have any problems.... The best thing is that it's not like many other apps where u aren't allowed to make more than one photo widgets... Thanks again🤍🤍
Brilliant app and great addition to homescreen doesnt drain battery or slow up phone, a few issues is searching for photos could be easier and would be good if there was shadow effect for around the widget to add depth to it . Sometimes images appear to have a black line at the bottom too . Overall anAwesome app.
OMG thank you so much!! This app is so cool 🤩👍 My homescreen looks so clean and awesome. It's free, doesn't have annoying ads, and it's easy to use. Thank you so much developers!!! Although, I wish there were more features and more widgets 'cause 8 widgets are still not enough for me 😅
Its really nice, I just wish that every once in a while the widgets don't disappear because it makes me really disappointed on how I take so much time and effort to arrange the widgets and they end up disappearing. I hope you guys can fix this, all in all, its a really good app.
I love this app so much! It's the best photo widget out there because of all the different customizations you can make to the widget. Would definitely recommend!
Amazing layout it makes it so easy to find and create beautiful decoration for your home screen. Definitely recommended to anyone!
Horrible App. The Widget is fine and that's what I like about it but at random times, the picture I input never comes back. This is utterly stupid. Do not reccomend.
This app is good but the widgets disappear for no reason? and it takes to much battery power on my phone anyways it's good.
awesome app i love my new home screen that i customized my self...its a super easy app and definitely recommend
The best widget so far. I've been using this for months and I really like it. With the new update, you can personalise the widget name 🌞
Definitely one of the better photo widgets, and it's the only one I've found that can round edges of photos! BUT my only complaint is that it doesn't center the photo. If the photo widgets isn't exactly the same as the widget, it'll only shop the top corner of the photo which is so weird??? Even the standard gallery widget centers the photo properly.
This app is immaculate👌🏽 the quality for the pictures is outstanding and for multipul pictures absolutly astronomical🙏🏽
it's a really good app it works well doesn't glitch or anything it works really well with me but I don't know about other people
Would love to use it, but the app takes forever to load all of my images, so I can't choose a photo. We should be able to be directed to our native Gallery App and choose from there.
Not really impressed with this widget. My picture frame that came with my J7 2016 was so much better. That one, you could click on the photo, and it would open up to the picture, and easily scroll to the next one in the album. This one doesn't even do that.
I love how it looks but your not able to add photos from.ypur gallery...only from the files app. So you need to download photos into your files. Unfortunately on Android the files app uploads them to the cloud so they disappear after awhile and you have to start all over again. This app would be perfect If you could chose the photos in your gallery.
Everytime I restart my phone the widget keep loading, even it say it will come back to normal.. i wait until 24 hour still loading pls fix it..
For now after using I'm this app it's perfect really easy to menage and I just like it. I really recommend
Anything but simple, But exactly what i needed, with so many options. Since i can manually switch the photos, i can even save on screen space as opposed to having several widgeta for different QR codoes. This thing is great!
It's really a great app. I first had no clue how to use it since I'm not that type of person to understand every instructions or directions but I kept using it and I got the hang of it. I wish I could show my screenshot on how I did it. I really love it. I recommend. ✌🏽😗❤️
Please... Not more updates.... The new update took off all my pictures just leave your app the way it is
The app itself is good and all but when I try to find my pictures I've downloaded from pinterest I never find them(i do but it takes time scrolling till I find the right one). I find this really annoying cause I dont wanna pimp up my phone for three hours. But overall it's a good app it's easy to use and looks really good!
This is a great replacement for the picture widget that shipped with my phone. I just wish I could clock on the current picture and open it in a photo gallery. Super frustrating. I would also like to point it at a device folder and just display everything there so that it new pics are added they are also automatically added to the slideshow
Why 2⭐?yes, it does work. But every time I reebot or shut down my phone all of the widgets disappear, which is frustrating, please fix it then I'll give the app 5 stars😃
BEST Photo Widget Ever! I just to say a huge thank you to the app developers; you guys are amazing! I can't believe this app is free! You can choose any photo(s) you want and then edit it to have transitions, change the opacity, the size, etc. There are so many cool features on this app and there are no ads! I have recommended it to everyone. It's my most used/favorite app. Seriously cannot rave about this app enough. Having gifs as widgets would be nice, but the app is already perfect as it is!
People say this app is good but sadly I can't use it; it never shows my gallery so I can't choose an image to make the widget. Would be nice if this was fixed soon.
super, easy to use, a lot of functions also for linking to other software, found 1 bug though. When auto-rotating the phone, the home screen usually stays unrotated, the widget tries to rotate with it and fails.
This is a really good app! BUT whenever my phone updates or I want to adjust my pictures the photo disappears!!! It is so frustrating since I also have to look for them from folder to folder just to put them on my screen again. Please fix this!!!!!
This app is amazing I have been looking for a while to find a widget app with round corners and this has it, when I restart my phone it takes 1 second for all my widgets to load, while other apps just completely remove the widget when you restart, I really recommend this app I really can't see any propplems with it 10/10 app. 🤠👍
Its super easy to use and very helpful. I used to costumize my phone. There is one issue the widgets shrink randomly when I'm not on my phone i can double click to open setting then update without changing anything and it'll fix it but its kind of annoying. If the devs can just fix that its a definitely worthy of 5 stars.
This reply is for "Sneha Ghosh" the answer of your question is the photo that you choice for you home screen have to be on gallery as well . If you delete the photo than try to change the settings of the photo at home screen . It will turn grey 😇 Thank you ❤️😊
I think this is the best among the photo widget apps. We can get all free unlike other apps🥱. It's a very good app. Keep going 🤗.I wish you could add more some new features soon. Anyway, I like this app so much ✋😌
I've been searching for a good android widget app for a while finally found this it works great, can costumize the pictures you put in widgets the shape and size of the widget you can even put multiple pictures at the same time at the same widget and that's quality belive me, download this app in your phone right now and you won't be disappointed
The app is great. There is an option to not show photos that are deleted, could there be a way to recover the ones that have been deleted through that app?
I love this app, but when reboot phone it cant refresh the photo on my xiaomi poco x3 nfc. Hope there will be update to fix this soon then i'll give 5 star
App is great, when I switched to android this really made me feel like I had my iphone again, a small thing though, when you adjust say the corner radius, you can't tell how much the % is at until you let go of the adjustment, so it'd be nice if you could.make it to where the % will follow as your finger moves the adjustment line, also, when I try to make a widget from the app, it crashes my home screen, but you cna still do it if you use your actual phone to activate the widget.
The best there is, really turns around the home screen feel. Only comment is that photos get pixilated.
This was acually exactly what I was looking for, you can add pictures to your home screen and you can link apps with them. I would suggest that the app let you crop your photos before using it. But other than that this app is great!
Okay app shows you how to do it but when you pick a picture it only showed me old ones and I tried everything I can screen shot it, sent it to myself etc. But nothings working
The app is very good working for me and has alot of features I like it but if you can add an option to add video widgets that's will be great
The app is great! Only gave it 4 stars cause it would be great if they could make a feature where you can have a video as a widget and hold down on it to play it
When I reset my phone one picture never loaded, I had to insert it back again, other then that I really like this app. Especially the rounded corners option.
Just installed this, and so far I really like it on my Moto Z4. I don't like ads which so far I haven't seen many of, and I would pay a small fee not to see ads. Please consider making a paid ad free version. This allows me to put a photo shortcut of my license plate tag on my desktop so that when I register at a hotel I don't have to try to remember what my license plate number is.
At first it was really cool n decent but after couples of days suddenly the images disappear- Please fix that
Ngl, this is legit one of the most reliable apps you can get. I'm really satisfied with the end results.💯😌👍 My wallpaper ain't looking blank no more😆💯💯👍
The games fun but it's not accurate. It would be better if the bottles could give you more details. It would be cool to actually be able to tie and twist the fabric however you want instead of the game randomly picking one. Also everyone you go to dye the fabric no matter how much dye you use, there's still white in the final product. And it just doesn't look preety. There should be an option or something to get rid of the white. The last thing it to many adds. Evertime I go wash there's an add.
The photos worked just fine however one day they just stopped working and don't show the picture and just a gray symbol. I can't just delete them all since I had a lot of widgets. I don't know what to do my home screen took a long time to make.
Pictures crash daily and I have to readjust them for them to go back to normal kind of annoying otherwise would be 5 stars.
For some reason they wont fit in the space on my homescreen, even though there is a lot of space left
10\10 totally recommend, i am not using an iphone so its hard to do it. This app made it easier, it took me 2 hours to edit but maybe because i was downloading some other apps, i think it would only take you 1 hour to customize. My tablet is now blue theme thank you!!
I cannot believe this app is free, no ads. Everything looks tidy easy to use and my phone looking clean af, not to mention it doesn't need to load or anything when you open your phone. I'm actually so happy with this app. Thank you the creators for making such an awesome app!
it's great but the interval timer for photos doesn't work. the photos won't change after I set it up. :(
I love this idea. Im on Android and always wanted to have the widgets like the iPhone but I didn't want an iPhone. Thank you
I'm using a Oppo A5s model, i like the rounded corners on the photo and it works like ios14 yet it days that my launcher does not support widget pinning? What do i do? I hope you can help me fix this.
This is soo awesome! It actually works (many other custom widget maker apps didn't) and you can choose to bring you to an app? 5 stars.
Great app, but please fix center crop only thing keeping this from a 5 star rating. The rounded edges are great and keeping photo transparency is exactly what I was looking for but if only center crop actually did what it was supposed to it would be a perfect no frills attached photo widget
It was horrible because it only let me watch a tutorial not actually get the thing. It didn't let me do 0/5 stats.
So far this app is the best for me now, but still I hope you'll add a feature where we can add gifs. Please, consider this idea 😊
It's a good app, yes, but after hours of runnin the second transition doesn't show the pictures anymore. It's just loading but no picture. I had to re-add my pictures again and update for the pics to transition again smoothly. It's kinda annoying to do it every time this happen.
Every time I hit the plus button it causes my system UI to crash. My phone is fully updated so it is nothing on LG's side.
1. Pls provide us various size for the widgets not only 2x2 i know we can resize them by drag them on the homescreen but in my case that would make the shape ugly and the pics not cropped properly 2. When i chose multiple picture for the treemap shape, all the pictures always put randomly instead of orderly, i mean like when i clicked the 1st picture it should've been the 1st pic too on the widget and then the 2nd pic too and so on but that's not the case for this app, pls fix this.
Theres lots of options for the widgets and its simple to use. Though finding the images were quite a challenge at first but you'll get used to it later on.
I can't get this app to load more than 6 pictures. Looking at the sample photos, it is possible, but I have no idea how. It would be nice if this app was more user friendly.
Its very cool, and it works well. The reason I downloaded it was so that I could get rounded edges on my widgets and it was easy to do that :)
This app is so good!!!I have always been so mad that I have an android phone and I can't download iOS 14,but this app is just like iOS 14 but on android.i am so grateful for this app
after this new update, it got worst! first it was fine but after some days, i cannot update my widget infact i have to remove the existing one from the homescreen and create a new one. but now after the new update it got worst! i cannot resize the widget, infact if i resize it, the picture gets crops off, i tried changing the setting from Auto crop to centre crop and all ..still the same, won't let me adjust in changing the size of my widget. Get this problem right please or else 1 star from me.
Bruh when ever i want to make a photo bigger the square is just way above the picture totally time wasting
Does what it says and works well. I'd like to see an option to save custom widget settings as default, so I don't have to set them individually each time. Thanks!
Simple and effective as hell. Love how android had this a long time ago and so i've been using this for ages.
This is such a good app. I recommend this app its so great and any bad reviews is just lies because this makes your phone look like an iPhone if you don't have 1
Could have a little extra functionality, but it's simple, effective, does what it claims to do. Free and I haven't seen any ads.
First of all it was a good app, the widget were so cool and nice I loved it. I spent hours doing everything and then after the update every widget went grey the I thought it was my phone so I did it again it went grey all and every single widget I had. I hope you can fix this because I loved my screen with the photos and everything but sadly it doesn't work.
Hi Interval is very short, add more time, like 1 hour, 2 and more hours. If tap to open, becomes one step, it will be very good (one tap to open an app, without necessary to tap again on app icon) Thanks
It worked really well for about a day and now the photos aren't loading and only shows a small bit or none because of what I'm guessing is a glitch,please try fix this because it's great other than that
It stays and has great customization! It only loads sometimes after a long time.. and u have to keep the photos on your device.
I tried using the app and it didn't work but now the grid photo icon is permanently stuck to my phone screen and won't go away. i don't know what to do or how to get rid of it.
I like it but after a few weeks, my pictures that I set as widget covers get deleted and I have to fix them
Love this app, but pictures constantly disappear and reappear. I have done all the battery fixes. Not using the app currently until fixed. . I keep checking reviews to see if this known issue is fixed, but it hasn't been fixed yet in over a year of this issue.
This is the great that u can use to set up your home screen like an ios 14 style, u can multiple the widget, why thou people give the developer some bad feedback?
Great app, i downloaded in past similar apps and they were never as simple as this, if you want your android to be more aesthetically pleasing this is under recommend app section.
Okay this is one of the best apps out there but the widgets keeps disappearing from the home screen. The app works fine, everything is amazing but these widgets has to stop ghosting on me!
I love the link app feature!!!! Ummm is it possible to only tap once, then the linked app opens? The edit widgets will be done inside the app instead... also, please include support for 1×1 size, and gif that would be a really fun addition 😊😊😊 thank you
This app is litterly the best I love it so much and it's the easiest way, the other ways to make widgets take so long but this one is the best👍💯
Super buggy. I only had it for a little while but it was so frustrating. It wouldnt even let me add any pics.
This app is amazing at first it was all ghostly done and everything cz I put it o 15 but then I put it on 100 and it was perfect THANKS
The best photo widget app that I have found! It's pretty simple to use, and you can add any picture and size to your screen. Totally recommend!
This is the best picture widget. I would have given 5 stars except for a problem. Widget glitches when transitioning between images. You can see your phone wallpaper as it loads the next image creating a blank space
I've been using this app for months, but this fast dew days the app is lagging so much the photo widgets that I put on my phone is just always loading and after it load it will just gonna dissapear even if I restart my phone it's just doing it again and again.Please fix it
This is a great replacement for the picture widget that shipped with my phone. I just wish I could click on the current picture and open the current photo in a photo viewing app like Gallery. Super frustrating. I thought specifying an app to open would automatically display the current photo. But it doesn't. I would also like to point it at a device folder and just display everything there so that as new pics are added they are also automatically added to the slideshow.
It said it contains Ads but so far I didn't see any Ads or any option to remove Ads in-app. It works well. I like it.
Love the experianve and tutorials, i thought this was a scam but no! I love the app and i really rate it a 5/5 no scamming or anything defintetly for android/samsung
This is amazing tho I want you guys to add a feature that can add multiple pgoto widgets separately so my page can each have a photo widget :>
Been using this for awhile. It really looks like the iphone widgets! This widget is useful because I don't change themes often now. I just tweek a little widget and my home screen is new! Thank you, developers for this! Keep it up. Maybe improve the widget when linked to an app that every time we click it, it opens to the app instantly.
Okay it might be difficult to figure out at first but when I say this is amazing it is I love the widgets they maybe cropped but you tap on it move it to the size you want and its generally great
Just like the others. Once you delete the app as on of your recently used apps the images disappears. It's frustrating;;
hey, please can you let me know how to fix the lag on my photos they're not loading, an i have a greg box. i spent hours on my personalized experience and it has gone to waste. please can you fix the bug, immediately.
When I read the other reviews I got skeptical but im using it on Android and the pictures don't disappear after restarting my phone so I love that and this app really met my expectations ❤❤❤
its frustrating to have to deal with putting all the pictures back because it disappears after rebooting my phone, but i can live with that. but after the most recent update, it doesnt show up at all even after setting up the pictures over and over again. please fix this.
Great for putting pics on your home screen. Simple as that.❕I was having trouble getting pics to fit correctly sometimes but overall it's great. 👍
I just got the app and each time I tried to press plus (I have a diffrent phone setup) It would say Unfortuantly home has stopped working. I really hope I can use this app in any further updates but please try to test it out because I'd like to give your app a better star rating!